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Motorola V550 review

 Review: January 2005  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with video camera, MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth.


The Motorola V550 is an updated version of the V500 clamshell camera phone, which was the most reliable of the trio of similar phones - the V500, V525 and V600. The V550 is exclusive to Vodafone.

So what's new in the V550? Physically, the V550 looks very similar to the V500. They're both silver clamshells with the same external dimensions and the same screens and near-identical keypads. The V550 has the same rather high weight as the V500: 123g. The only real differences are the addition of video capture and the slightly improved battery life.

Still, the V500 was a successful phone that received good user reviews, and the V550 builds on this basic model. The best features of the V550 are the excellent internal screen, the camera with video capture, MP3 ringtones, speakerphone and quad band. If you want more you should consider the V620, which has an upgraded screen. The V550 does have a tendency to freeze occasionally, but is a pretty robust phone apart from that.

Motorola V550 features include:

  • Internal display: 65k colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: 96 x 32 pixels (2 lines of text) with blue backlight
  • Digital camera: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), camera light, 4x digital zoom
  • Video capture, download and playback
  • Voice recorder
  • MP3 ringtones & polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable themes: animated screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones
  • MOTOMIXER™ (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, group SMS, mobile chat, instant messaging, email
  • Predictive text: iTap™
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth™ & cable
  • Voice-activated dialling
  • In-built hands-free speakerphone
  • Picture phonebook: up to 500 entries
  • Calculator and currency converter, date and clock, datebook with reminder alerts, PIM functionality
  • User-customisable softkey functions, main menu and shortcuts
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes
  • Quad band
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS
  • Size: 89 x 49 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 123g
  • Talktime: up to 7.5 hours
  • Battery standby: up to 240 hours

Motorola V550 user reviews

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Average rating from 160 reviews:

Reviewed by ben hanley from england on 24th Feb 2014
my first phone, was sick

Reviewed by alex from scotlannd on 9th Sep 2012
Still got my v550 one new battery, its been in paint, puddles, tile adhesive, drop off ladders , motorbike and its still going. wife got new android phone looks nice but never far from charger battery life on new phones just cant compare. Definitely value for what it cost many many years ago and its still used everyday. Stick your new fangled phones.

Reviewed by Nita from UK on 25th Jun 2010
I have a motorola V550 but it wont ring otherwise no problems

Reviewed by Don from UK on 29th Jul 2009
I find the Motorola V550 to be a very reliable phone indeed. I prefer the bulky type of phone as it helps to alert you if you are about to sit on it, the bulk promps you to remind you it's there. When I brought a slim-line phone I could sit down and not notice it but when it rang and I removed it from my back pocket I would find the phone with a broken screen. I also like the design of this type of phone. Another advantage of the bulky type of phone is: witch ever pocket it is in you will know it's there, you could pad yourself and you'll find it, with a slim-line phone it's very easy to miss it. That's my little review of the Motorola V550. Bring it back, I love this phone, I have one for use and I brought 2 off E**y mint con on stand-by that how much I love this phone. Thanks.

Reviewed by Noir from UK on 14th May 2009
Iv had this phone for over five years now and its still working strong! It could be thinner with much more memory, but for a basic phone it is a great value ofr money. Iv never had to have it repaired, however now in its old age, people somtimes find it difficult to connect with my phone - think its time for an update!

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 12th Mar 2009
Wow, this phone just keeps on going! My V550 has lasted 3-4 years at least, and yet it still works! There is the odd scratch on the casing, but it still does all the things it did when it was new. But it's apparently worth 94p according to Envirofone. Mazuma thinks it's worth 2! I won't trade it in though. What a purchase!

Reviewed by Tom Mc from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
I have had this phone for four years now and have found it to be very reliable and very robust. I am very careless with phones chucking them around onto concrete etc. and this phone has stood up to a lot of beating. One problem is the tiny memory.

Reviewed by Mateja from UK on 26th Mar 2008
i've had this phone for 3 yrs now, and I just luv it, but it's time to buy a new one....xD

Reviewed by ya mum from UK on 24th Mar 2008
ive got it and it pretty B O R ING

Reviewed by edin from UK on 18th Feb 2008
its a bad phone...

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 4th Jan 2008
I absolutely hate this phone XD can't wait for tomorrow so i can get my sony w200

Reviewed by Niall McKeon from UK on 26th Dec 2007
The phone is very good! I've had mine for 3years now and it is a great phone! I had changed the phone yesterday (I got an iPhone), but it was still a great phone! iPhone is better though, as I am using it right now to type this review! The V550 is very outdated by now,but the battery life is very good, with 2 days without a charge still going! Great job, Motorola!

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 21st Dec 2007
This phone is rubbish. The keys break the whole time and it randomly freezes!! DONT BUY IT!!!!

Reviewed by mike smith from UK on 28th Nov 2007
the phone is ok? but the camera is tereble and the vids when ever i play then back always wind forward so they really fast. RUBISH

Reviewed by karlos from UK on 21st Oct 2007
The best phone I had since my first, which was back in 1995. If you want a phone that is, well, just a phone, then get this. It does what it says on the tin. If you are one of these sad cases who thinks that 'life is your phone', well, go scr*w yourself, not over this phone, but just because you need to get a life, you two dimensional sad vaccous bozo.

Reviewed by Laltu Purokayet from UK on 22nd Sep 2007
That's very very nice Fone Hello moto, Motorola-V550

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 16th Sep 2007
This is the worst pkone I have ever had the displeasure and misfortune of owning! Memory: 5mb which is absolute pants Camera: worse than useless Camera Lens: Inadequate Vider Recording: Don't bother Bluetooth: Try pi*sing in the wind, you'll get more pleasure! Anyone who rates this phone as being of any use needs urgent psyciateric assistance!!!

Reviewed by wendy from UK on 3rd Sep 2007
bought as a gift for hubby and he loves it. its straight forward to use and once he found out how to make the video capture last longer it appealed even more.

Reviewed by L.E from UK on 14th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for a year and a half. I was hesitant to get it as I live a very outdoor lifestyle, working on farms and owning horses. It has certainly lived up to my expectations as i have lost count as to how many times I have dropped it on concrete or in puddles and it still comes out good as new. The video recording could be a bit longer and the quality slightly better but the fact that it has kept me (a 16 year old) amused for a year and a half without wanting a new one makes me think it is a an outstandingly robust and quality phone.

Reviewed by bobbean52 from UK on 27th Jul 2007
Paid 100 for it, and was VERY dissapointed. Within a few days it started breaking, the main problem being it wouldn't charge. Also, this seems to be spread across Motorola's entire range, but had extremely little internal memory (5.5mb), with no memory card slot.

Reviewed by nancy from UK on 24th Jun 2007
its a great phone. ive dropped it on the ground whacked it against the walls dropped it from my staircase and it hasn't damaged it 1 bit!! i was a bit annoyed when i found out you had to buy the bluetooth dongle but apart for that its great. ive had it for 3 years and is working fab. its a bit chunky and i wish it could hold more than the theme tune of pingu on its mp3. ive tried working it in japan but no can do. it said it was quad band?????wish camera was better. maybe it doesnt work in japan :S sometimes it has lines across the screen and it hangs but not often and its sar level is quite high. i can feel it frying my brain sometimes! the games are good... overall its a pretty good phone.

Reviewed by mazweni from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
pliz,your next version should have a memory card.

Reviewed by Shy Girl from UK on 21st Jun 2007
Hey guyz and galz, I also have my own V550...But I must say...It's battery does not last long...And its camera is NOT easy to clean...It has too LITTLE memory and it's camera effects doesn't satisfy me...But on the other hand...it's not a pretty bad phone 4 it's looks :p I just don't know 1 thing....where do I get my themes on this phone???...phew...at least im upgrading to a samsung D500...And that's a pretty cool phone...but plz if any ! can tell me where to get the V550's features I would be VERY gratfull Thanx. Shy Girl

Reviewed by purokayet from UK on 12th Jun 2007
is it very very sexy mobile phone I am love it

Reviewed by mahamud ahammed purokayet from UK on 23rd May 2007

Reviewed by shastri from UK on 29th Apr 2007
i own one and i love it . i only have a problem with is small memory capacity

Reviewed by Asha from UK on 15th Apr 2007
I have this phone for a while now and i find very reliable and user friendly.The only thing is that i wish the camera side was a little better.

Reviewed by x--sarah--x from UK on 28th Mar 2007
hello everyone xx well i got this phone about a year and a half ago and at the time when i bought it i was amazed with it and it seemed the perfect one if you know what i mean. It is a really nice and sleek design with some great features. To me it does not have a very good camera the photos are 9 times out of 10 blurry although the video camera is much better but then again has low time on it. The thing that i really hate about this moblile now is the lack of memory it can basically only store 2 full ength songs and a few pictures whihc is quite poor. It really depends what you are looking for in a phone from music to calls it is best for calling and texting the buttons are very easy to get to grips with. It has good games and you can easliy acess he internet from it and download them although it costs. Very rarely there is free things but when there is they are quite good. Somwtimes you get messages giving you a free ringtone and although you can pick out of god o ptions it actually does costyou asbout 1 pound and i dont know why but that uis a very good price for a ringtone. The internet does not cost you to go on unless you are searching somthing inparticular like google or buying so,thing you can browse the homepage and all the offers free of charge. The phone is easy to use and easy to flip up it has quite a loud volume range and voice speaker not so loud and not very long. It has a caledar and calculator etc where you can store and get alarms for important dates. The ringtones that come with it are not to bad and polyphinic. It lights up and has a screensaver etc which you can pick. When you forst get it it has all of the memopry and the pics and sounds dont take up any memory although you cannot delete themof your phine which somtimes gets quite annoying. Overall it is a nice little phone and depending on what you are looking for in a phone v gd or bad its quite simple so if you want one of he high tech latest phones its not the best thing for you. Hope this helped you and enjoy love you lots xxx sarah xxx age 13 west sussex oo i almost forgot it has an outstanding battery life the best feature on it will envr fail xxx

Reviewed by Heather from UK on 5th Feb 2007
I got this phone for my b'day last year, and its just started going wrong. The voice record has been c**p since we bought it, and since then the video and camera have got progressively worse. Now the bluetooth has gone wrong, and its a system error that wasn't there 3 weeks ago. At first I thought it was great, but after seeing my dads new samsung, I realised its c**p.

Reviewed by Rs from UK on 19th Dec 2006
Good phone, reliable, no dropped calls so far, bad memory, camera quality is not great, supports mp3 ringtones and has quad band which works well. I had charging problems with this phone but apart from that it's pretty good. Overall, a good buy

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 19th Dec 2006
I got the Motorola V550 In september of 2005. It's a good phone that can handle Mp3 and Records video even though the quality isn't great. The thing i really like about this phone is the Sound it produces witch is great. The annoying thing about this phone is that it doesn't like recharging, i had to bring it back and swap it for another of the same model as it just would'nt charge up. Also the memory is (Let's admit) pretty rubbish, but apart from the charging problem it's been reliable and never drops my calls, Overall it's a good buy

Reviewed by Paul Donly from UK on 10th May 2006
I have had this phone for over a year and it is terrible.It will not send Picture texts,video texts. The screen freezes.The sound quality is rubbish. It switches to silent when in your pocket.Had to have it replaced after 6 months as you had to keep removing and replacing the battery to get it to function. The new one did the same.You just cant depend on this phone.

Reviewed by daniel from UK on 16th Apr 2006
this is da best fone evr!!!! its got a great camera kose it has zoom n brightness.....n ppl who complain bout small memory r not countin how many photos n videos they hav....mine has the same amount of memory like anyone elses n i hav mor than 70 pictures and like 15 videos each 12 or 13 sekonds....its great!!! hav droped it quite a few times but it still fine..n so happy they put bluetooth on this fone...makes it even bettr!!! thanx motorola for makin a excellent fone 4 a good price....kan any1 tell me if this phone has one of those memory card thingyz for this phone...would apreciat it if some1 answered me....not complainin bout the memory...its just would be great if i did hav mor memory...if ther isnt...still happy wif this phone!!!thanx for everything guyz n i recomend it to every1 who wants a good lookin fone wif good features n a good price..cyas!!!

Reviewed by jamie pope from UK on 16th Apr 2006
i would like to say if your reviewing it and say the casmera dont work or it turns itself off when you make a call you must have a faulty phone my is brilliant it hass allways worked and this phone is a basic phone not a really high tech one it isnt ment to compeat with say a samsund d600 it is just a good basic cheap phone

Reviewed by johnny from UK on 10th Apr 2006
i think the phone is gd because the signal neaver gose and it is esey to use

Reviewed by Deal or no deal? from UK on 4th Apr 2006
This fone is amazin!! the camera is gr8 and da screen stays clean 4 ages!!

Reviewed by gemma from UK on 18th Mar 2006
this phone is rubbish i dont know how you can call it a phone!!!!!! the camra is rubbish the battery is worse and the back groung keeps on flicking!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE EVER I AM WARNING YOU IT IS JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kevin from UK on 23rd Feb 2006
Without doubt this is the worst phone I have ever had. For starters, the charging cycle is just dreadful. It takes hours. Also, it simply switches off for no reason whatsoever. The response time of the keys is simply awful. The screen is fine for graphic displays (like the menu) but awful for photographs. The side controls are always being activated while in your pocket. But the worst thing of all has to be the fact that it cuts off your call, even with full signal strength, approximately every 7 minutes. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. If you're looking for a great camera phone then go with Sharp (the GX30i is still one of the finest) or Sony Ericsson and avoid this one completely.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 18th Feb 2006
Had this phone now for 12 months and it is still great! had no problems at all with it. ok so the camera is not brilliant, but i knew that when i got it. Its been dropped quite a few times, covered in cement dust, and is still working like new!! Bluetooth is excellent. Always had Nokias up till this one. Intend to stay with Motorola now!

Reviewed by jamie pope again from UK on 16th Feb 2006
you can change the video settings so you can record up to 60 seconds it all depends if you think this fone is rubbish have a fiddle with the settings first and it isnt rubbish it's a very simple and easy fone to use

Reviewed by mark from UK on 25th Jan 2006
i got this fone five months ago and i dont think it is good. you can only video record for 9 seconds and i think thats poor. the cameras ok but the battery life is not good. i got a lg u8130 a couple of days ago and it can video record for as long as you like. try lg do not trust motorola.

Reviewed by jamie pope england from UK on 18th Jan 2006
this is a good phone all those people saying it has no memory and a bad camera shouldnt say that it it isnt a high spec phone it wasnt intended to be the best it is a good beginer phone that is very easy to use it has enough memory it you use the camera little but it dose have some glitches the charging port dose get fragil after a while and if there is no servise the phones restarts it self but it is a good first phone this was my first camera phone and i love it. it has 5.5 megabytes of memory and a 0.3 megapixle camera so it is good for beginers aqnd it is so simple to use there arnt any hidden menus and this phone is exculusive to vodafone. the sound recording is ment to work as you talk into the phone likle you having a convasation this applys to all of the v series i only found this out a bout a week ago and i got my phone in april.

Reviewed by Amy from Australia from UK on 14th Jan 2006
I have had this phone for about a month & i dont understand why it has so many bad reviews. Mine has been excellent, bluetooth, GPRS, camera all work really well. With the GPRS, you actually have to set it up with your network first... its not your phone when GPRS isnt available, It's your sim. Personally Im an accessories girl & this phone has wonderful accessories. I love the MP3 tones & all the different available sttings. For the price the camera is brilliant... the video cam isnt too crash hot but you cant expect everything. At first i didnt like the size but I like it now. For what it cost, the phone is excellent.. I would reccomend this phone to anyone wanting a good looking, reliable phone at a pretty decent price. Well done Motorola, finally an accesorised phone that doesnt cost a million bucks!

Reviewed by Matty from UK on 29th Dec 2005
i have 2 say this phone exceeds my expectations. i was given the motorola v535 for christmas but it was faulty .. and in a replacement i got this fone. . . i was bowled over by the sophistification of it compared 2 the other models below it. i would recommend this phone 2 sumbody who does not especially want the best phone . . but then again does wants something more then simple. its easy to use once you get the hang of it and has a reasonable camera . . although the image goes all jerky once i've saved it sometimes, even when i've kept the phone perfectly still. apart from that, the phone is flawless.

Reviewed by christian from UK on 28th Dec 2005
just one thing to say - with the video camera, go into it and press the menu button, then select videos setup and change video length to maximum. This will allow the video to record until there is no memory left, instead of the usual small amount of time. I love the rest of the phone, and hearing people complain about the video length was driving me crazy.

Reviewed by claire from UK on 26th Dec 2005
My friend got this phone as a replacement for her old one and she thought it was really cool I couldn't stand it! Far to bulky and makes the most annoying sound when signal comes or goes. She now HATES the phone and is desperate for a new one but her mum doesn't want her to because shes not had it for all that long.. DONT buy this awful phone!

Reviewed by Alex from New Zealand on 15th Dec 2005
my sister just got this phone yesterday and she thinks it great however i have issues with it. although it has great screen quality and such they could have made the video recording time much longer and the memory bigger. they could have also had a sound recorder so you could record music and use as ringtones and such(and im not talking about the voice recorder).

Reviewed by I luv my V550 from England on 9th Dec 2005
Very Very gd it is an outstanding phone

Reviewed by S.M from u.k on 6th Dec 2005
This is a decent phone, but nothing more. I bought my v550 about 2 months ago and i am starting to relize some poor features. 1, The video camera is extremely poor, and mine only lasts for about 30 seconds. 2, the memory is also very poor with only 5mb, so with about 30 txt messages, 20 photos and 4 videos that has just about filled it up. 3, the camera lens is very hard to clean and the camera is average. 4, this phone is extremly easy to scratch, which is very irritating. On the up side though, vodafone live is good, bluetooth is easy to use and the screen quality is good. Overall this phone is pretty good, but for the price, NOT WORTH IT.

Reviewed by tyler solo from UK on 21st Nov 2005
had the phone 1 week so far, still trying to get the settings right. finding the video to be a major problem, can anyone tell me how long on average it should record for, it keeps timing out at different times & is not consistant at all. it will vary from 38-1min 10 secs + or - without me pressing anything to cause it to stop.the manual does not give any times or advice to the problem. also finding pics & ferrari video impossible to remove from phone?

Reviewed by murphyjf from Ireland on 19th Nov 2005
I am disapointed with the phone having used an ancient sharp GX10 for the last few years. There are a few plus points, great battery life, nice clear text display and cool looks and sounds. On the downside...... a really poor camera, the lens is the size of a pin head and is very difficult to clean. The quality is quite grainy/blurred in any case. The side button controls aren't remotely intuitive and it is easy to change you ring settings inadvertantly. Also try riding a bike with the side button chirping at ya it knocks the inside of your pockets. The loud chrips cannot be turned off and the button is way too sensitive. Also what good in quad band with a 220volt only charger...hellllo motorola. Not the worst phone but could do better. Pity!

Reviewed by Jade from Australia on 14th Nov 2005
this phone is the best,i have read that some people dont like it but who cares i have had this phone for a while and it quite good!to me there is no flaws it is easy to use,some things might be a bit tricky(like the blue tooth) to use at the beging but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy! so thepeople that dont like it,heres some words for u,you didnt have to bye it if you dont like it!

Reviewed by george from england on 9th Nov 2005
its a wicked fone and u can change the video to 3 minuits

Reviewed by John from london england on 8th Nov 2005
i brought the v55o only just yesterday and so far im very happy with the functions on the phone .. however does anyone know if the predictive text can be turned off other then that the motorola v550 is an excellent phone

Reviewed by Mathwin G Derrick from uk on 6th Nov 2005
I think that the v550 is realy realy COOL!!! I am go ing to get one for my 10th birthday! I like the v620 but I think that the v550 is the BEST!!! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL!

Reviewed by Billy from on 31st Oct 2005
Why r so many people saying that this phone is so rubbish-its brill!!!!!!!!just cos u cant work it properly.if u keep moaning about the top breaking off-u shouldnt break it should u???????duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (umust hav really fat + clumsy hands!!!!!!!) any way get this phone + dont listen 2 the wingey people that WILL NOT STOP MOANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Becky Bamford from Wales on 30th Oct 2005
I got this fone 4 my birhday, and after a few weeks the buttons were realy dogegy. It would only stay on after id just charged 4 about 2 days and was very poor! I wouldnt reccomend dis fone 2 any 1!!! im much happier with my motorola V3!!! The motorola V3 is the best fone in the world!!! its outstandin!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by zoe from england on 29th Oct 2005
I've had this phone a while now. It looks great and has great camera and video quality. I've only had 1 problem with it, it turned its self off and lost signal. That was to do with the battery. As long as it is fully charged it is fine. I do not regret buying this phone.

Reviewed by Danny from england on 22nd Oct 2005
This phone is quite good but they could of made it a bit cheaper i suppose.I really miss recording sounds and playing on FREE games but its ok i recommend it for anyone who just wants a decent phone but not for someone who wants a top phone.

Reviewed by Karen Holland from Hampshire on 20th Oct 2005
Having had a V500 in the past and found it to be one of the best phones Ive had and did'nt think I could do better but when I upgraded to the V550 I realised that there was something better, its so user friendly and has great sound quality, and it doesnt matter where I go (unless Im in a cave or Tesco's)I allways get a good reception. there many "GOOD" phones on the market, but there are few that you could say "NOW THATS WORTH HAVING".

Reviewed by charlie burman from United Kingdom on 1st Oct 2005
This phone is the best 70 I have ever spent. The only ever phone that has come close to it was the motorola V3. This phone is better and I also know if I have it or not. With the Motorola V3 I don't know if I have it or not. THis phone is brillant all over.

Reviewed by Luke from Belgium on 30th Sep 2005
Just writing this review to compensate for all th idiots talking rubbish. It's a great phone if you take the time to explore its functions. Bluetooth works great for headsets, data must be transmitted by USB cable, also works great. It has a very handy organiser/calendar and alarm function that can be customised very easely, unlike what someone below me claims. It has little memory for pictures, and you can only store so many bad quality movies, yes, but that's not what you buy this phone for. This was a phone ment for people starting out: long battery life, easy navigation trough menu's. You'll have to lear hoz to work a lot of specifics tough, I'm still trying to copy SIM-stored contact info to another folder, and I fear I can't, big deal. Great phone, it's been reliable and dependale to me so far, and I find it easy to work with 9/10

Reviewed by jamie from england on 27th Sep 2005
i've already wrote a review of this phone, but that was before i really used the phone, ok now the camara good and the vidioes are quite good but with only 5 and a half megabytes of memory you can only record about 15 15 second videos and about 20 pictures. and most motorola phones have a lot of gliches and sometime they turn them selves off when there is no servise. the charging port is rather fragile, if this is your first camara phone it's great but if you want somthing with more memory i wouldn't get this phone

Reviewed by savana from england on 26th Sep 2005
its not the worst phone ever but theres better. I like the zoom on it because you can get really close in. but i dont understand how to do the bluetooth to work. the video capture is a bit blurry but its ok. the memorys a bit on the small side. on the whole its a weighted, cute silver phone. what really do you need a phone for? well ringing people! it lets you do that with an easily accible menu and other features. i'd give it a 7 out of 10. xxx

Reviewed by Rky from Ireland on 25th Sep 2005
To all those having problems relating to using bluetooth I would like to say this. READ THE MANUAL. Select the item you want to send go to the menu and select copy - go to (look for devices) and make sure the other phone or pc is in discovery mode (V.Important). Now back to the review. Ps. Yes you can have ring and vibrate on together (MANUAL) Have the v550 for almost a year now. Begining to hate it. 1. After connecting via blootooth the menu system slows to a crawl. 2. Reboots itself every now and then 3. Camera is blurry even after cleaning and you can't send 640x480 pics via mms or e-mail cos they get shrunk down to mms size 4. What's the whole point of the motomixer It's junk 5.Can't delete built in ringtones of sample video 6.Changing the contrast only works by setting it and then turn the fone off and on again. (Actually this usally solves a lot of my problems with this phone) 7. The Backlight function is a must as without it i can't even see the screen even in direct sunlight (Miss my nokia) 8. Some game functions don't work with the phone. end up in continual loop. 9. Headset had a battery life like a goldfish (charge 14hrs use 1 time for 5 min turned it off 2 hrs later battery dead. 10.magic button too sensitive when carrying keeps beeping when brushed against. Good points. ehhh ehhh. yea# mp3 ringtones (Not in the manual at time of purchase) bluetooth,screensize Going to get a new phone , Nokia or sony I think Rky@vodafone.ie

Reviewed by michelle from USA on 25th Sep 2005
i love this phone. i take a ton of pics and movies with it and have figured out how to put them on my pc with the usb data cable! it takes good clear pics and is quite handy. the screen is very vivid and clear which is good for my eyesight. I really really like it!

Reviewed by Shane from New Zealand on 21st Sep 2005
Well I purchased this phone today after reading reviews on here for the past few days. Had been looking to upgrade my old Nokia 5210, which was a good phone, but black and white screen and it was from the days of having to key in new phonebook entries for each number that one person has.. i.e. "john home..., john mobile...". Anyway, historically I have been a complete nokia freak. Love the menu, texting, everything so it was a big step to put my trust in a Motorola (having sold Motorola Startacs and knowing the problems they had with them back then etc). So, I have been playing with this phone all day, and have to say I absolutely love it. Yes, the menu is so very different to Nokia, the texting is completely different and it will prob take a while to get used to, but it's fun learning it. The bluetooth headset is crystal clear. Brilliant sound from the phone earpiece also. It feels sturdy, camera and video work a treat. No doubt I'll find things about it that bug me, but if anyone is reading this who is a Nokia fan and dares to try something different, I survived, and I'm sure you can too!

Reviewed by KILLA CAM from BIRMINGHAM on 16th Sep 2005

Reviewed by Nadia from UK on 9th Sep 2005
This phone should be taken off the market, i purchased it just under 3 months ago and have had 3 replacements since! I have had many a phone but this beats the lot for unreliable junk! BE WARNED, STAY WELL AWAY FROM THE V550!

Reviewed by John from Texas (yes, it's a country) on 8th Sep 2005
Very good quad mode phone. I changed to Cingular from Verizon at the same time, so I can't quantitatively say that the reception is not at good as my old V60. But, I find more places where my signal is weak or non-existent, than with my V60 on Verizon. I don't know whether to blame the phone or Cingular, for those drrop-outs, though from what I hear from others, I am leaning towards blaming Cingular. The camera does not have a cover over the lens, so you have to remember to clean the lens before each use of the camera. The phone also has the same cheesy battery gauge that they have always had. It appears to have 6 levels, but in fact, only has 3 levels. It drops down two bars at a time. It's not exactly a problem. It's just misleading. With the latest release of iSync, from Apple, the V550 will sync to the Apple address book and calendar, via Bluetooth. However, if you use Microsoft Entourage as for contacts and appointments, you will have to download OnSync, at http://www.onmadesoft.com/. You can choose to sync all contacts or just those in specific Entourage categories. If your Mac did not come with Bluetooth, I find that the D-Link Bluetooth USB adaptor works well for this purpose. One caution --- Don't delete a contact in OnSync that has a voice-dial sound attached. It will delete the contact entry on the phone, but the sound will stay out there in never-never-land. The only way to get rid of it is to either reset the phone and re-input all of your custom settings, ringtones, etc. or have the maintenance software to manually delete the sound. YOU MUST DELETE CONTACTS WITH VOICE-DIAL SOUNDS ATTACHED, FROM THE PHONE ONLY. The problem that this creates is that you cannot use a similar sound, without resetting the phone. So, if you change companies and you no longer call "Robert" and you delete "Robert" using OnSync and then later need to add another "Robert" you can't. If you delete the entry on the phone, this is not a problem. All in all, after some initial problems, created by inadequate information from Motorola, I must say that I am quite satisfied with the V550.

Reviewed by James from UK on 7th Sep 2005
This fone, when i got it was a really good deal. it came as an upgrade from my previous v525 and i was enticed by the prospect of video recording. however, if i had known of the simply pitiful memory that motorola have put in to this fone i would have instantly refused my contract upgrade deal and gone straight out and bought a different make such as a Nokia, for instance, which i know have far better memory, features, and most importantly, RELIABILITY. my fone has just randomly crashed on many occasions, and perhaps, most annoyingly, sometimes when i try to send a text, my signal will drop from full, to none, JUST as the text is sending!! also, the screen does not "react quickly", in a sense where if i go from looking a brightly coloured pic, to a dark pic, you can still see the image from the previous bright pic for at least 3 seconds over lapping the dark one!! Also, battery life is appauling :( Overall, an ok phone, but not a phone that is going to last long.

Reviewed by rachel from england on 4th Sep 2005
this is like the best phone i've ever had it has the best quality ive had in years EVERYBODY BUY IT!!!! ITS DA BEST! HELLO MOTO!!! :)

Reviewed by chpsauce from UK on 3rd Sep 2005
This is a good fone but the size is quite bulky.

Reviewed by sara from England on 31st Aug 2005
This fone is rubbish!if you want a good phone then you should go for the sharp gx25 or gx30i. The screens rubbish, the camera is and it broke down in less then a month.

Reviewed by BOB from ENGLAND on 30th Aug 2005

Reviewed by Laura from Twickenham on 28th Aug 2005
I am gong to get this phone for Christmas. One of my mates has it and she lets me use it all the time. It is the best phone ever. I had loads of rubbish phones in the past and i am really looking forward to get this phone.Is off the hook. BYE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by dominic skillicorn from united kingdom on 26th Aug 2005
Truly terrible, the Bluetooth wont work properly the memory is pathetic and the videos are blurry and annoying. And it just feels and looks cheap. Within 30 mins of the first time I switched it on it was on its way back to the shop for a refund. I will stick with my old Sagem MYV-65 thank you very much!

Reviewed by zoe from england on 21st Aug 2005
I just got this phone and it is great! When you first go to video mode it only films for 7 seconds, but if you go on video setup and change it from MMS to maximum it'll give you a minute recording time. It looks ace and is ace - give it a try!

Reviewed by ?????? from ?????? on 19th Aug 2005
looked good wen i got it but started to do nout e.g the flip used to be all straight n now its all twisted n the bluetooth hardly works but it might work 4 u

Reviewed by Marc Higgins from Ireland on 18th Aug 2005
Useless phone i will never own a motorola again, it crashes, looses signal, wont accept comands and just generally does what it feels like and not what you tell it !

Reviewed by Darina from England on 15th Aug 2005
I am going to be getting this phone for my birthday! I think its fab! One of my mates has it, and when ever I see her I ask to look at her phone and play around with it. It has a great camera, and looks wicked! You should defenatley get this phone, it has everything that someone would want.

Reviewed by Shaun from USA on 15th Aug 2005

Reviewed by Johnny from Portugal on 5th Aug 2005
Same phone than V545... The keypad only lights if there's not enough light in the environment. There's a light sensor in the right-upper part of the keypad. If there's enough light, the keypad's light doesn't work, to provide longer availability of battery. This is a great feature in a great phone! HELLO MOTO! :)

Reviewed by pasxalie from netherlands on 5th Aug 2005
The foon is excellent!! but i CAN'T film a long time!. Just 1 minutes that's nothing!! i wont a foon that's, filming for a hour.But a simply foon ( EXCELLENT!!!!!)

Reviewed by *C*h*L*o*E* from england on 3rd Aug 2005
One excellent phone! easy to use! great video/camera picture! Just great!

Reviewed by kermit from frogland on 3rd Aug 2005
simply the best phone I have ever had.

Reviewed by gwen from whales on 2nd Aug 2005
i just got this phone and it's the best.the camera's tops, the screen's great and the menu is really easy to navigate. have droped it on the floor on countless ocations and it still works. this phone should be made compulsory. BUY IT!

Reviewed by Dazzler1408 from United Kingdom on 24th Jul 2005
NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER: In Summer 2004 I got a Motorola V525, and Vodafone upgraded me to the V550 because of problems with my V525. The Motorola V550 is awful. It looks nice, and the features are good, but it has broken twice on me. It was switching off when I went online, so Vodafone gave me a new handset. This did the same. It kept switching off when I closed it, so Vodafone sent it off to be fixed. It came back and is now doing the usual thing of switching off when I connect to Vodafone Live!. I am presuming that random switch-offs are not a very attractive feature. Also the display brightness refuses to adjust. I am not at all happpy with this phone, and this Summer, only a year after having a Motorola, I am buying a Samsung E720, because I can't take chances with the reliability of my Motorola.

Reviewed by Leeya from England on 2nd Jul 2005
This phone is ok but some people think that all flippy phones are the best well there are quite a lot that are'nt and this phone is'nt good if you want a phone that has long battery life phone if you like spending to much time playing games then this phone is'nt good

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 30th Jun 2005
This phone has lots of nice features like the camera, video, downloadable games which all make it seem like a really good phone. And it would be, except there are just a few things that annoy me about it. Lots of people have said it has good battery time, but if I forget to charge mine overnight every night, it'll almost certainly run out the next day, which can be really annoying if you need to make a call. I've asked a few friends who own the V500 if they have this problem, and they've said no, and my model is meant to have better battery time than theirs! Another thing is that the video is quite poor. I know it isn't a 3G phone or anything, but I was expecting a little better quality and for it to film for longer than about 7 seconds. There has also been a few occasions where it has frozen or turned off itself, but luckily this has only happened a few times. On the plus side, the camera is much better than other phones like the Nokias (which nearly all seem to have considerly smaller screens) and produces sharp pictures which I've been able to send to my computer and print off. It also has good games and polyphonic tones. It is incredibly smooth and sleek looking, even nicer than the V500. All in all, the features are very good ideas but to me, a phone can have all the little extras it needs, but if it doesn't have basic things like good battery time then its fairly pointless. If Motorola could just do something about that then I would be much more pleased with it.

Reviewed by Hazel from England on 26th Jun 2005
I have had this phone for about 6 months now and it has been the BEST phone I have had. I have always had Nokias until my supplier sent me this by mistake, I am now glad they did. I give the Motorola V550 100%. It is an outstanding and stylish phone and I am proud to ahow it off, everyone who see's it wants to either buy it from me or swop it for their phone. NO WAY, it's mine.

Reviewed by Ray from Ireland on 25th Jun 2005
A very unreliable phone. The handset has failed twice after only 5 months of ownership and the warranty service provided sucks. The handset is also prone to freezing with a shutdown and re-boot required. A really bad phone.

Reviewed by Ray from UK on 25th Jun 2005
A very unreliable phone. After just 5 months of ownership I've needed 2 warranty repairs. And the warranty service is seriously lacking. I would not recommend this phone.

Reviewed by matt from england on 21st Jun 2005
this ffone is good not the best, top of the range but a good phone and the design is really good, the only problem that i have found is that the camera flickers when directed at a dark are, but brilliant for the money

Reviewed by missy moto from motoland on 21st Jun 2005
yo ma homies i gotz the v550 and it iz bangin u no wot im sayin takes da moto out a FANDABIDOZI m8 u gotta getz one man it is fi ne fi ne fi ne fffffffiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnreeeeeeeeeee am nearly attrackted to it but not qwite m8 ido not go dere if u no wot iz is sayin!!!!

Reviewed by Johners from Ireland on 20th Jun 2005
I'm undecided on this one- had it a couple of months but already things have started to fail on it! Battery life is no longer good. Camera doesn't always work. The biggest current problem is the sound can go on it altogether i.e. you'd be on a call and you can't hear the other person, then you can, but then they go again- eventhough I always push the volume up to 7. The phone was brand new and has never been dropped, flushed or abused in anyway! Despite all that I really like the phone, but its just not reliable. As a work phone, I'll just have to go back to Nokia. They are the only truely reliable handset. Shame, because I really like the look, feel and quality of the screen. Has anybody else had hassle with the sound on this phone- don't have the heart to bother sending it off to be repaired- not worth the wait!

Reviewed by Tom from England on 5th Jun 2005
This is phone is truly amazing! The camera is brilliant quality and the video is also brilliant. Anybody who says the bluetooth doesn't transfer data needs to get of their backside and read the manual. I have been sending pictures to my pc and other phones via bluetooth. This phone is an excellent phone. The weight is a little on the heavy side, but everything has a down side. I also love the way the phone can be customized. This really does deserve 10 / 10.

Reviewed by Davy H from Northern Ireland on 31st May 2005
I have had 4 of these motorola flip phones 1 v300,3 v500s and 1 v550. The V550 is a great little phone yea so it is a bit on the heavy side but i have found that the cameras on all these phones are not bad and I have read that users of these phones find that the short cut keys change their ring settings i to had this problem but guess what you can change these in your settings menu to function for other menus, also they complain about the phone beeping every minute to tell them that their battery is low or that they have missed a call again this can be turned of in your settings menu. Overall I find these fones very reliable and unlike the its older brother the v500 the speaker problem seems to have been sorted (for users of the v500 if speaker does stop working give it a couple of sharp taps on a table or kitchen worktop not too hard or you could break the screen. I done this to my previous v500s and it always brought my speaker back to life)I do recommend the v550 as a good every day mobile phone. thanks for reading and I hope it helps you make up your mind.

Reviewed by LiBsTa from Australia on 29th May 2005
I've had this phone for a month now and it is so GOOD!!! Anyone who says different sucks just coz they have bad luck with phones.camera is clear, video is GREAT but how do u make recordings ringtones??? forgot to right that in the driections didn't ya buddies. STILL A GREAT PHONE THOUGH!!!

Reviewed by dan from Portugal on 25th May 2005
This phone is quite good... Great price (much cheaper than nokia and with the same capabilities)Bluetooth works good... and yes.. you can transfer DATA with it! If you can't i sugest you get a decent adapter for the PC or read the manual -_- The ergonomics are quite good.. sound also.. quick call... just like any other phone.. the camera is within average.. JAVA games dont slow down as much as in some phones and the battery life is quite good. Many good features for a low cost. I can't see why there are people that say this is a bad phone -_-`. And yes.. i tested all the features. The 4 stars is for the average camera.. nothing more.

Motorola V550 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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