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Motorola V547 review

 Review: March 2005  

Last updated July 2005


In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with video camera, MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth.


The Motorola V547 is an updated version of the V500 clamshell camera phone, and is in fact almost identical to the Motorola V550.

Physically, the V547 looks very similar to the V500 and V550. They're all silver clamshells with the same external dimensions and the same screens and near-identical keypads. The V547 is around 10g lighter than the V550. The V547 builds on the strengths of the V500 by adding video capture and improving the battery life. The V550 has an excellent 65k colour display, MP3 ringtones, a speakerphone and quad band.

It's a good mid-range clamshell phone. The main shortcoming is the lack of user memory (just 5 Mbytes), but since video clips are short and there is no MP3 player (only MP3 ringtones), memory is not crucial. Several users have reported problems with battery life and with charging. There are also reliability problems with this phone, in particular freezing or switching off during calls or whilst using the menu. These are relatively rare occurences.

Motorola V547 features include:

  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom
  • Video capture, playback and download
  • Internal display: TFT 65,536 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: monochrome (inverse), 96 x 32 pixels
  • Voice activated dialling
  • In-built handsfree speaker phone
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS 5.0, MMS, email
  • Polyphonic ringtones & MP3 ringtones
  • MOTOMIXER™ (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Java™ games (embedded & downloadable)
  • Phonebook (1000 entries)
  • Personal organiser features
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10, EDGE (high speed data transfer)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth™, USB
  • Quad-band
  • Size: 89 x 49 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 114g
  • Talktime: up to 425 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 235 hours

Motorola V547 user reviews

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Average rating from 145 reviews:

Reviewed by sipho mhlambi from sauth africa on 6th Apr 2013
lavely 100% more

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 18th Oct 2009
I've had this phone for quite a while and it is rubish, people who say it is for making phone calls are stupid. You can't even here the person on the other end of the line! I is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by francesca from UK on 6th Aug 2009
i've had this phone going on 4 years now and have never had a problem with it. the battery usually lasts me about three days without turning it off, and using texts daily. although when i first got it the buttons on the outside did give me a small problem, however, you can lock them!!! go to settings, security (2nd from the bottom : /) and then the first option is phone lock!! you stick in any four digit number and close the phone! easy as. the camera is still a good quality, it has plenty of picture storage although i do think the time it takes to save a video clip is a bit odd, it's not uusable by any means. as i've already said i've had this phone for four years now, and the number of times that i've dropped it is ridiculous! the only problem i have after this is that straight after i've dropped it, if i open the phone the screens blank for a few seconds, but then it's fine. despite all of the accidents it's still fairly scratch free! i love the key pad and you d on't have to use a stupid amount of force to put in a number, and it's not crouded like other phones i've seen. good range of tones, although it's not an mp3 player, it's a phone to be used as a phone with added perks

Reviewed by Jenna W from UK on 6th Jul 2009
I had that phone for a little over 4 years. I have dropped it on cement, tile, carpet, wood, laminate... and it took almost 3 years to actually finally break. Even before it broke, my family got an upgrade and after trying the new phone I went back to the motorola because it was so much better. I have only used that motorola phone up until just a few weeks ago, using my family's phones as they all slowly began to break. I wish that phone still worked because it was and still is my favorite phone.

Reviewed by mary from UK on 26th May 2009
got this phone since 4 years, no problem.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 5th May 2009
Good in its day, but that day was so long ago. Nowadays virtually every modern phone is superior

Reviewed by margret from UK on 19th Apr 2009

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 10th Apr 2009
I am not really all that into technology so when I bought my phone three years ago I did a lot of research to find what I wanted most of the add ons hold no interest, I really just wanted a phone. I love it it is perfect for me I can take a photo if I need to ie as evidence but not for high quality and get onto internet (which was not a feature I was looking for) price was reasonable. No problems at all

Reviewed by Derek H from UK on 28th Sep 2008
Had the phone for about 18mths, simple to use, good camera and sturdy shell. Drawbacks are poor battery life (even on standby) and its eratic charging.

Reviewed by Khalid Parvez from UK on 3rd Aug 2008
It is a very good mobile phone having many facilities and ease of operation as long as it is working ok but as it starts giving problems then it is the worst mobile phone. My phone offered its first problem that was whenever writing a SMS or saving a name, it hangs on every third letter, then I have to switch it off and wait for 2 minutes when it automatically switches on. Motorola sets have such type of problems in software. These problems some time are removed by Re-loading the software.

Reviewed by tom from UK on 22nd Mar 2008
just bought it but can't use bluetooth properly

Reviewed by joshua from UK on 2nd Jan 2008
i think this phone is the best selling phone ever in my life

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 29th Dec 2007
After 3 months of ownership: In a Call: The speaker doesn't produce any sound and so it is impossible to hold a conversation. Battery: Battery life is OK, but not great. Texting: Once you manage to work out how to change the settings it is relatively simple to use. Camera: Quite good, but it's a phone camera so do not expect digital camera quality. Lens accumulates dirt quite easily as it is embedded without a protection screen. Memory: Enough for a couple of mp3 ringtones, and will hold a few pictures and videos until you get chance to move them to another device. Bluetooth: Does its job, has a relatively low limit on transfer size. My opinion: Unfortunately it seems I had the one phone which had problems, the main one being unable to hear the other end of a conversation, the main function of a phone! Aside from that I quite like it. As long as you aren't looking for a phone with technological brilliance and a million side functions this should serve you well. Just remember to keep the guarantee/warranty in case of any major issues.

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 8th Nov 2007
i have this phone and its so reliable i love it.

Reviewed by Simone from UK on 9th Oct 2007
I have had this phone since Jan 05 and I hate it! The predictive text is rubbish. The bluetooth can not see any other devices and it did not come with a data cable. When I later bought the recommended cable, it didn't work. Two years down the track and I still can't find a way to get my photos or data off the blasted thing.

Reviewed by will from UK on 25th Aug 2007
i bought one last january and my first impression was excellent. However i unfortunatly dropped it and the screen went blank, this was my first warning of things starting to go wrong! A few months later the phone would no longer charge, it was then that i sent it back to get fixed. This seemed to work for about a month and then it broke again! Also when browising on the internet the download speed is extremely poor. This added to the small 5mb memory and the phone is not worth having! I would not reccomend this phone to anybody and have later upgraded to a k750i by sony ericsson.

Reviewed by cookie plum from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
RUBBISH, ive had this phone for 2 years now so i know how this TOY works RUBBISH RUBBSH RUBBISH i pled to you, do not buy

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 20th Aug 2007
I got this mobile passed down to me and it is BRILLIANT! the camera quality is great. its easy to use and is small enough for your pocket. BUY IT!!

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 6th May 2007
I have the above phone which I love but I have recently downloaded some ringtones from the internet and as soon as they are transfered to my phone a padlock appears at the side of each ringtone which means I cannot pass them on to my friends via bluetooth, does anybody have any idea how I can unlock them and get rid of the padlocks plz. Thanx Sue

Reviewed by aleksandar from UK on 29th Apr 2007
its great phone ok

Reviewed by nishal from UK on 18th Apr 2007
the phone is nt that bad but when i plug in my usb it can not pick it up

Reviewed by dhanmattie samaroo from UK on 16th Apr 2007
well this phone is the best i ever purchase since my other phone i would recommend this phone to any who is looking to purchase a cell phone

Reviewed by M. Seulall - Guyana S.A. from UK on 10th Apr 2007
I enjoy using my motorola v 547 cell phone, I have my phone over 3 years without any problem I recommended that you use the motorola V547

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 9th Apr 2007
This is a good first phone with lots of features including camera and video it is fun to have good design i like it alot

Reviewed by Christian from UK on 24th Mar 2007
Well, considering i payed 1NOK for it, it's ok, but nothing more. The camera is ok, sound-quality on mp3-ringtones is terrible, and i've had it in service 1 time for not recharging, i'm still having problems with the charging and the data-transfer, the power-cable and data-cable's connection are terrible. And, the most annoying part: The iTap service in the sms-system doesn't even let you add words to the dictionary! I would definitely NOT recommend this phone to anyone who's looking for quality and a user-friendly phone.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 11th Mar 2007
This phone is fairly good but its takes hours to charge. I would recomend it for a 'childs first phone'. All in all it is not such a good phone because i can't get bluetooth to work and it text messaging system is poor and that's not just wit me.

Reviewed by gettabug from UK on 12th Feb 2007
my friend hates it but i love it although it could do without the stick on the top

Reviewed by phil j from UK on 24th Nov 2006
I bought my phone in April 2006. This is a phone I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. The on screen operation was repaired in September 2006 and now will not connect to the 02 top up credit centre. The phone regularily resets the volume of its own accord to silent resulting in missed calls This is my second AND LAST Motorola phone AS MY PREVIOUS V220 has to be repaired as well.

Reviewed by kate..hampshire from UK on 4th Oct 2006
I have had this phone for over a year and at first i was really happy with it. Then it stared going mute for weeks at a time, could not hear anyone when they were on the phone and vice versa....this continued to happen on/off for a few months....it also has a habit of not turning on, yesturday as one of the examples it took me 45 minutes to get the phone on because it kept turning itself off, each time it said either my battery was wrong or the sim card wasnt in which is pants because it was all correct.there also isnt alot of memory and the outer shell on the front cracks really easily so my advice is stay well clear! i have a new phone on order and it isnt motorola!

Reviewed by Jenbob Jones from UK on 2nd Aug 2006
The phone is terrible! I hate it! Well.. its fine if you just want to phone and text people but i know a few people with the same phone and they all have the same problems 1) when you first get it sometimes your messages dont send but it soon sorts itself out although my friends still hasnt sorted out 2) for around 3 months i couldnt hear people when i phoned them or they phoned so i had to put it on loudspeaker which was very frustrating and i soon found out this was happening to my friends boyfriends phone. Also when i first bought the phone it wouldnt charge properlly and my phone would continously turn itself off and on although this soon sorted when i bought a new charger. The photo quality is also awful! I find it very difficult to get the right lighting conditions to take photographs and most of them turn out very blurry. Battery life is poor and the phone gets scratched very easily. It has lasted me since February 05 but I am finally fed up with it, the back is all scracthed and a huge chunk out of the front of the phone has fallen off so I will be glad to get a new phone.

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 28th Jul 2006
this fone is poooor, to say the least. At the moment its not even turning on, despite the fact its fully charged. Also the charger only works 10% of the time and changes style, e.g from silent to loud at the most random of times. silly! think carefully when buying.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 22nd Apr 2006
IF you can pick one up for a good price (say £30 to £50) it'll make a nice companion. Good as a phone, easy to text, and even has a reasonable camera. However its 5MB of memory is really not enough these days and if mates bluetooth stuff to you it just won't fit on.. Battery life quite good, decent sound from the ringtones, so overall pretty good but you can do better nowadays if getting a new phone...

Reviewed by nena from UK on 20th Apr 2006
hi @ all!! from Italy so i can't speak good english!!!THAT'S THE GREATEST PHONE OF ALL PHONES!!it's my realy best friend!!!

Reviewed by deej from UK on 24th Mar 2006
Added to my review elsewhere, this thing is now almost always incredibly quiet when making calls, which means that I have to use speaker for virtually every call - handy when in company, eh? It has also taken to going to 'enter PIN' mode when charging, which means that unless I watch it regularly, charge doesn't happen. And signal is getting worse. I've now given up ever being able to send pictures on it. The only good thing about this 'phone' is that every new day is a day nearer being able to change it.

Reviewed by shola from UK on 18th Mar 2006
dis fone id reli good every fing is good cameron video recording mp3 ringtones r bascially an mp3 player the only thing bad is the voicr recordin talk about rubbish boi 1. min dat all ya get

Reviewed by alison taylor from UK on 3rd Mar 2006
i have owned my v547 for over 6months and found it fab! very good clear pix from camera,good ringtones and easy 2 download stuff! hold loads of pix in memory and is an A1 fone.

Reviewed by jordan from UK on 8th Dec 2005
the sound recording is useless (most motorola makes are wen it cums 2 sound recording)the video lasts for quite a while but isn't very clear and the sound is all muffeled, its quite chunky and if its in ur pocket u can't fit anything else in. but its not all bad. the bluetooth is gr8 but my friends can't bluetooth me sum of their ringtones coz my phone isn't compatiable.it's a good colour screen, the photo quality is gud, but its a pain in the butt when my phone changes its ring style on its own, e.g. its in my pocket and it changes to lound in stead of silent. but all together its quite good 3/5. i wana compare it 2 da ne motorola pebl, it looks beta,i so want dat phone instead

Reviewed by Alison taylor from UK on 25th Nov 2005
i have owned my 547 for a month now,and found it A1,it has a good camera,taking clear pictues,and a good quality video.the ringtones are really fab and as ive had quite alot of different mobiles,this one up 2 now has been the best,very good **********

Reviewed by Andrew R from UK on 22nd Nov 2005
I've had one since March 05 and would honestly not recommend it. It has been back to the manufacturers on 4 separate occasions - sometimes for the same problem. On the positive side the phone looks good, is fairly easy to use and adopts a similar menu system to Nokia. The negatives are too numerous, but mainly poor battery life, low memory capacity for downloads and poor reliability. Please choose carefully........

Reviewed by alan from wrexham u.k on 17th Nov 2005
couldn't decide between the motorola or nec 411i,decided on motorla with a little aprehension as i had had a motorola some years ago and had nothing but trouble with it. I'm pleased to say that this can't be said of the 547, it has a modern look and loads of features,i would recommend this phone.

Reviewed by hayli from england on 13th Nov 2005
a very good fone but i really want to know how the IMing works. i also think it needs more memory, but all in all a good fone. xxx

Reviewed by connor from u,k on 11th Nov 2005
it is the best phone ever and is a really nice phone it has good feutures and games it has really good ringtones on it

Reviewed by GEORGE from ENGLAND on 9th Nov 2005

Reviewed by ells from england on 6th Nov 2005
i got this phone about a week or two ago and it's great! it's got all the basic things a phone could could have and more! the video is really good because it films for aaagggeeesss! i havnt even managed to film for the whole time yet because it lasts so long! overall i think this is a fabtastic phone and i would recomend it to anyone! also the battery lasts for ages i once had it on for around 40 hours without turning it off!

Reviewed by tom tom from England on 1st Nov 2005
it is a excellent Phone but the weight lets it down, if motorola make it a bit less heavy it would be da ultimate phone the camera quality could be better the ringtones are mint basicaly the phone is gr8.

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 30th Oct 2005
I really like my Motorola V547. It's got lots of really handy features, considering it's not too expensive! Good: Has camera and video

Reviewed by YONNIESTEP from UK on 30th Oct 2005

Reviewed by nena from italy on 28th Oct 2005
the best mobilphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by neil from england on 27th Oct 2005
i got this phone earlier this year an its gr8 the camera is crisp it says it has no mp3 player but suprise it can hold 2 full songs and use them as ringtones its well made an hasnt let me down yet tip:if u want hip hop trutones on 02 go to music sites choose rock then choose trutones then goto artists a to z then scroll down to trutones home an there you go hip hop trutones

Reviewed by Carla from UK on 20th Oct 2005
This phone is rubbish!!!!!!! iv had it since jan 2005 and yesturday it finally packed in . it still turns on but none of the buttons work once it is on it just comes up with the ringing styles on what ever button u press. another thing that happens is if u touch the shell at all the ringing styles ring up to the loud setting for some resson? i had no problems for the 1st 3 months but after that it went all downhill.i would have to keep holding the charger untill it finally started charging. my friend has also had this problem. so overall this phone doesnt even get a 1 in my books coz iv only had it 10 months they should at least last 12.

Reviewed by Deepak Tailor from England on 18th Oct 2005
Brilliant Phone!! Am well pleased with the phone, great ftures, battery life and genrally a great phone

Reviewed by Michael from Scotland on 18th Oct 2005
This phone is great it has exactly what I wanted but the only bad thing about it is when you are taking a video it is fuzzy and dosen't last for long but all in all it is a great phone

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 15th Oct 2005
I used to ave a nokia 3410 (Rubbish-but with some good features) and i thought i would get a new phone. looking around i saw the motorola v547 or sony ericsson t630. After a while of looking around i got the v547 for £99.99 from O2.This phone is AMAZING if u like simple flip phones then i would RECOMMMEND this, the camera is good but the video is a bit fuzzy but forgiveable. The memory space isnt really a big issue for me as i probaly wont use it all up anyway.GREAT features eg. MP3 ringtones(very nice), Polyphonic ringtones. OUTSTANDING phone for the price. A MUST BUY!!!! for anyone that has had/getting a basic flip phone.

Reviewed by Mark McElwee from N.Ireland on 13th Oct 2005
This phone is total junk and not even worth me wasting time on it.The sooner my upgrade comes the better!!!

Reviewed by LEWIS from united kingdom on 11th Oct 2005
this phone is rubbish the battery is poor when you charge it says unable to charge and the memorys too small it cant hold alot of pictures and videos.

Reviewed by 4RV1N from uk on 9th Oct 2005
since i got it in march i have loved this phone. the phone is great and it has lots of things you can mess around with that'll keep you entertained. the only drawback is the video- it cant take moving videos too good eg. i did a video on my freind riding his bike and it just blurred then froze. the memory isnt too good either

Reviewed by la from Australia on 6th Oct 2005
Good phone. Camera is ok, similar to that of the v500. The video camera isnt very good quality. I'm not sure about the design, I dont think its very nice. 'Skin' function is good though.

Reviewed by lee from england on 29th Sep 2005
This phone has everything a phone could need exept for MEMORY the memory only lets you have about 13 videos and aroun 5 pics its useless do not buy!!!!!!

Reviewed by amy from england on 24th Sep 2005
my dad has got this fone its mint !! wel only bin on it bout twice but so much better than his old one. Its wel stylish mint ringtones n ok camera. I would recomend it !!!

Reviewed by Claire Rooney from N.Ireland on 23rd Sep 2005
I was really excited when I got this phone, my mate had an older motorola, and I thought id give the newer version a go. I was a nokia girl up untill then, and was looking forward to a flip phone that looked stylish, and promised wonderful things. From day one it wouldnt accept messages or calls when its charging, thats after you've fiddled with the lead for ages to get it to charge. If your lucky enough to recieve a call, the phone then tells you its "Unable to charge" I run my own business and would be on the phone quite alot which could excuse the batterys life. But when Im looking through for numbers or trying to send a text, I'll get a "please wait" on the screen, or else its 10 words behind the message Im sending, and you have to wait on it catching up with you before you can send it. The camera on it is very good, but I wasnt impressed with the videos. It took ages to store a clip after it was taken. The sound is allright, providing you dont hit silent while its in your bag or coat, never found out if there was a way to lock it, and prevent it happening. This phone has been such a cause of frustration to me, I cant wait untill my upgrade to get a new one. Ive actually went out and bought a new phone untill I can upgrade in March. Its ok if your not a serious phone user, or you like to just make and recieve calls, but for all the promises it made, im sooo dissapointed. My nokia was so much more reliable. The bluetooth is rubbish, it turns itself off, it freezes and says "Insert sim" its soo slow and I cant get the voice recorder on loud speaker I will not be buying another Motorola again, sort it out!!

Reviewed by Diane from England on 20th Sep 2005
Absolutely RUBBISH. Do not buy this phone. I'm sorry I ever bought it, I knew deep down I should have gone for a Nokia again, but I wanted the bluetooth that came with it. This phone is very temperamental - it takes ages to charge, you can't use it until its charged enough, it runs down quickly. It switches itself off, switches off when you close the shell too quickly after a call or text, will not receive calls or texts while its charging and will not even switch on sometimes.

Reviewed by becca from england on 18th Sep 2005
its a good phone and the camera and video are pretty good quality. one problem that i have had is that when ppl call me, i cannot hear them, i dunno whether other ppl are having this problem aswell or whether it is just me. i have taken it back to the shop that i got it from but it is still the same. apart from this, it is a good fone and recommend it to someone who is looking or a reliable and simple phone.

Reviewed by Deej from UK on 15th Sep 2005
Where do I start? The setings DO change when the phone isn't being used, the case scratches easily, there's no backlight when the phone is being used, battery runs down very quickly and takes forver to charge, the Bluetooth was so useless I put it in a drawer & forgot about it, calls are obviously not the most important function of this phone, texting is cumbrsome and I still haven't found a way to delete numbers from the phone book. If talking is down your list of priorities I suppose this will be fine, but if you're one of the dying breed who believe that the main function of a phone is to make phone calls, look elsewhere. I can't wait until I can change it.

Reviewed by Vicky from England on 11th Sep 2005
This phone is like sooo cool! It has everything a phone needs a more! And doesn't have all the silly extra junk. It just has all the sensible things!! BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD!!!

Reviewed by Chris from England on 10th Sep 2005
The phone would be perfect if it had a card slot, and you could look the side buttons! Apart from that, bloody good phone!!

Reviewed by Mike Alpha from UK on 10th Sep 2005
I don't know which phone Andy had, but it wasn't the V547! The buttons on the side of the shell DO NOT function when the shell is closed (the phone "beeps but the settings do not change). I'm a bit peculiar as I actually use my phone to COMMUNICATE and I am not interested in the many gimmicks that are fitted these days to amuse the children! If I want to take pictures, I use a camera - this phone does what it is supposed to do.

Reviewed by Tracy from UK on 9th Sep 2005
This phone, when you get used to the layout and menu and how the phone operates is excellent. The only problem I'm having right now is the charge on the battery doesn't seem to last very long. The camera works great, the videos are little jumpy, but for a mid range camera phone it's very good. Ideal for people who have had Motorolas before.

Reviewed by Vixa from England on 9th Sep 2005
I've had this phone for months and its great! I love it, it's camera ability, speaker phone, everything! If you want an the greatest phone on the planet, dont get a nokia, get this one!!! :D

Reviewed by Andy Cunningham from England on 1st Sep 2005
This seemed like a decent enough phone but it has one major design fault for which I sent it back within a week. There are buttons on the side, which are not lockable and which can switch the phone into silent mode while it's in your pocket. Then you start missing calls because there's no ringtone or vibrate alert. Also, there's no way to reconfigure silent mode to have a ringtone/vibrate, and no way to disable silent mode. During the week I tried using this phone, I missed about one third of calls I received.

Reviewed by Hak from London on 17th Aug 2005
i am about to buy this phone and it looks great. I am really looking forward to buying this because one of my friends has it and it i outstanding. I really think that the people that have given it 1-3 out of 5 for it are sad. If you want a great phone... ...BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!:-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)!!!

Reviewed by SANDY from UK on 9th Aug 2005
I notice a lot of peoples reviews on this phone have been given 4/5 stars. In my opinion, I would give it none, butI have to give it (1) since there is no zero. It is probably the most useless phone on the market.I buy a phone on average of every six months, I havent enough fingers to let you know how many I have had, but experiance, of phones I do have.Please save yourself a lot of trouble and sore heads, this phone is utterly a non starter. There are too many faults to mention,the video,camera and recption and ringtones are all rubbish. I,ve had better on an old nokia 3510i. AVOID THIS NIGHTMARE. 0/5

Reviewed by robert slater from u.k on 5th Aug 2005
i think this phone is brilliant, i got it at christmas instead of my nokia 3510i, the camera is very good and colourful (much better then nokia cameras) the video is good and it has bluetooth!!!! :)

Reviewed by flora from U.K on 31st Jul 2005
My m8 has dis fone nd i want it!! its got rele gd screen nd camera! its rele simple to use aswel wen i 1st looked at it i thght it was guna b mega complicated but i found my way around it rele easily! da only prob dat i found was tht its rele slow wen u txt but id beable 2 live wid dat!! BUY IT! ITS GR8!

Reviewed by Rick N from U.K on 28th Jul 2005
I've had this phone for about two weeks, so I might experience problems yet, but I am very happy with this phone at the moment and I can't see any major faults with it, just a few tiny niggles. Pros -lots of features (camera, video, Bluetooth etc) -looks quite stylish -keypad is big and easy to use (for those with big thumbs) -if lighting conditions are right, camera produces decent pictures -call quality is very clear Cons -memory is a bit on the small side -Bluetooth is hard to figure out at first, also when it is activated, it only gives other devices 30 seconds to find you -camera has a habit of making people's faces orange if in direct light, thus making me look like David Dickenson So, to sum up, for £100 this phone is more than worth it. From the cons listed, only the memory is my major gripe, the others are only a bit awkward. You'd expect small flaws for the price, and if you bought a Nokia for £100, you wouldn't get the features.

Reviewed by stevie lordie from England on 24th Jul 2005

Reviewed by pretty_hypa from UK on 21st Jul 2005
THIS IS A BRILLANT PHONE!!!!!!!!! The picture quality is brillant, the video picture quality is great anybody who wants a brillant phone i suggest go and buy a new MOTOROLA V547. it is a sexy ladies phone but if a man wants one then thats brilliant.

Reviewed by mike from england on 20th Jul 2005
good phone,amazing,fav,terific,o2 gave it me 4 £30,datz wicked,thy are giving it away cuz its so bad lol

Reviewed by David from Bolton, England on 13th Jul 2005
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! This is the best phone I have ever had! The camera is excellent, the video isn't the best but it's actually got video which is more than most others! Bluetooth is excellent! For those asking "how do you connect with another phone" (because I had difficulty at first) well the answer is that you only connect when you send photos/tones etc. To do this, turn on your bluetooth (for Motorola users: Main menu, settings, connection, Bluetooth Link, setup, at which point you can give yourself a name, select power to "on" and press "find me") To send items to the other bluetooth phone, go onto the item you want to send (e.g. a picture) select the options, either move to transfer it off your phone, or copy to copy it off, then either the device name or "SEARCH FOR NEW DEVICES". It's really easy when you know how - would reccomend this fabulous phone to anyone!

Reviewed by Emma from England on 13th Jul 2005
I have had this phone for 4 months and i have had nothing but trouble. The phone keeps cutting me off in the middle of calls. I have sent it back (via O2) for repair and have had 2 replacement handsets, all of which have started to do the same after a week or so use. O2 won't give me an alternative handset so i am stuck with this one for 8 more months. Maybe i can't get on with flip phones but i won't be getting one again!

Reviewed by mel from UK on 13th Jul 2005
At first i thought that the phone was quite good, i mean that it had quite a lot of features and the camera was clear, and for £100 it seemed like a bargain. However, i have had it for two months now and i would not recommend it. It locks up whenever there is no signal, flashes white and doesn't let you do anything. It has buttons on the side which can press themselves and change to silent without you knowing. It is also very bulky so it takes up a lot of space in your bag. The battery doesn't stay charged - i have to recharge it everyday because it goes flat so quickly. Also it will no longer let me write anything into it, it locks up when i am typing a message or a phonebook entry and will not let me do anything unless i take the battery out, i can't even turn it off. I would definitely not recommend this phone unless you want a lot of trouble and aggrivation followed by arguments with staff when you try to cahnge it. I definitely didn't think that it was any good!

Reviewed by Ash from England on 11th Jul 2005
Hi just got the 547 free with O2's pay&go reward scheme. Tho I tried to look for the best phone for the money (£100), I finally came to the Nokia 6020 and the V547. After half an hour wandering around the shop like a lost soul, i finally chose the 547 after asking the sales advisor. And after looking at the 6020 review i'm glad i did. Alot of the reviews for the 6020 were about bad picture & camera quality. But it comes down to personal prefence. The only drawback for the 547, like many people here, is the memory (tho the 6020 had even less). Otherwise (for the money), its a great fone.

Reviewed by darko from croatia on 9th Jul 2005
i“ve got this phone 4 a month now and i couldn“t be more impressed, esspecially by the quality of mp3 and outstanding screeb resolution. The only thing that's not as exellent as other features is a poor memory,

Reviewed by Laco from Slovakia on 7th Jul 2005
This phone is perfect, I am going to buy it for my sister, but the disadvantage is lack of memory. If phone had slot for memory cards (TransFlash used in other Motorola phones) it will be much better and I will have no claims. Display lights very bright, that is good, what is a little discomfort, is battery daily charging. Original package has to contain more capacity battery. phone is perfect for cool V shape and EDGE support (very useful for us when connecting to the internet in holiday travel or in hostels without internet conncetion)

Reviewed by Laura from England on 25th Jun 2005
this fone is alrite, it is quite easy 2 use apart from the bluetooth which can b confusing the camera quality is satisfactory, although u get quite a lot of light shining on faces, i know nobody really answers questions when u submit them on here...but please please please if any1 knows the best way 2 get rid of this then let me know..please!!! truly appreciated...!! apart from all that, a pretty decent fone i'd say!

Reviewed by robert slater from england on 24th Jun 2005
i got this phone for my birthday and i think it is great the memory isn't that high but it is good enough for me as i am only 15, the camera qulaity is very good aswell and i like the fact tht you can do videos too.i would recommended this phone to anyone who likes simple stylish flip pohnes.

Reviewed by Alex from South Africa on 17th Jun 2005
It is a great phone, but not having memory card slot is rubbish.6mb isn't that bad though....camera is good,efficient bluetooth, and quite a big screen. I upgraded from a nokia 3510i which i didn't like having 2 much. much happier with my V457!

Reviewed by Adam Selley from United Kingdom on 12th Jun 2005
I am in love with htis phone, had a major uupgrade from a very very old phone (4years old) and it just meets all my needs, £99.99 on the o2 site!! with free blue tooth HS850 headset which people arre buying on e-bay for 30-40 quid, plus 300 freet exts a month its great, so yea, beutiful phone woooo x

Reviewed by Laura from England on 11th Jun 2005
this is a good fone! i fink good 4 the price although the memory is not great and sometimes the pictures are just way 2 bright with light shining all over faces!! does any1 know how 2 stop this?

Reviewed by Dann from England, Hinckley on 7th Jun 2005
When i first got this phone it was a huge improvement from my Panasonic GD87, which is lame phone, the looks of it for a start are real nice... the menus, are a little confusing as so is the bluetooth... U GO TO PHONEBOOK, THEN PRESS TOP MIDDLE BUTTON, PHONEBOOK OPTIONS, THEN SEND AT BOTTOM to connect to other phones. But apart from that one thing, i love the phone, i love the camera, i love the video recorder... A very good phone to buy, well recommended!

Reviewed by Ralph from Poland on 6th Jun 2005
Ok ... so .. At first glance i was happy to own such a modern phone. However it not so good that i have expected. THe lack of additional memory card, radio, Irda is very unpleasant. I even got problems with connecting to the Internet, it always busy...maybe it's because of poor configuration. The camera picture quality isn't so good, I've seen much beter.... There is big problem with sunlight...the camera is very aware of that. Next, i've got problems with connecting this phone to comp via USB....there is no possibility in connection...apart from Bluetooth and Synch.ALl in all ... i'm happy to have this phone..but 3/5

Reviewed by Leonardo from England on 4th Jun 2005
A really great phone, great picture quality and easy to use! at first thought, i thought it was a bit bulky and not very nice looking but seeing it close and using it, its a perfect phone!!!!

Reviewed by jo from uk on 3rd Jun 2005
i just got this fone a few days ago 4 £99.99 at the O2 shop and 4 £4.99 i got a mint sim card which if u top up £10 a month u get 300 free txts or u can mix dem wit free mms msgs. dis fone is wkd an i got £20 credit free from the O2 ppl for going 2 the shop steada buyin it online!! ders nt much more i cud ask 4 in a fone - camera video bluetooth free credit free txts n loadz more xxx

Reviewed by Nikki from England on 2nd Jun 2005
i have this phone currently and i think it is great! it doesnt have alot of storage space but its really good and easy to use. The camera quality is good and the quality of picture is amazing. Id recommend this phone

Reviewed by Will from England on 2nd Jun 2005
I already had a motorola v300 and decided to upgrade to this phone because it was on offer. The phone was nice and everything how i expected it except the camera. The camera was worse than my v300 and the video was extremely poor compared to other phones i have seen. I took it back 6 minutes after buying it (REALLY!) and i don't recoment any-one to buy this!

Reviewed by biggsy from uk on 30th May 2005
the phone is excellent the camera quality is excellent, the phone is so easy to use and looks and feels great, the only problem is that it doesnt have much memory and no infra red port :( but an excellent phone you really should bye one!!

Reviewed by phillip from england on 27th May 2005
i think this phone is a great phone to hav it has evry thing u need and is realible and easy to work ,out how to use it. it is a shame that the phone dosent hav an infrared port but it has got bluetooth which i suppose makes up for it overtall the fone is great and easyiest to use out of all the phonbes i hav ever had.how do u fet the movies and that off the phone.

Reviewed by Jess from England on 22nd May 2005
This phone is absaloulty wiked!! i got it yesterday and i love it and i cant get off it!! it has wiked ringtones and it has video recorder and camera o and bluetooth (wotever tht is) i mean wot mor culd u wnt) it ist the best lookin camera ive eva seen but wot is? i love the style of it and it just fits perfectly in2 ur pocket, and its not bulvkey like your usual nokia fone wich isnt even flip! i love this fone and wuld recomend it 2 ne1 coz its so FAB best fone ive eva had and ive had 4 fones!! neway hope ive helped Jess xXx

Reviewed by Lynne from Scotland on 22nd May 2005
Got this phone as a free upgrade with my O2 contract. Great wee phone,the camera is better than my Samsung E700 and it has a lot more features. The only thing is that the phone has an 'instant messaging' function that is not yet supported by O2.

Reviewed by Rich Gwilliam from UK on 22nd May 2005
To begin with, I liked this phone, it came with some fairly funky ringtones, the camera was nice and clear, and it's a nice, chunky phone for people who don't like the tiny things that get lost down the sofa (the keypad is particularly nice). Then I realised that a lot of things I'd taken for granted having switched from a Sony Ericsson, were simply not there; you can't download ringtones from your computer, you can't leave notes on your "desktop", it's difficult (if possible, I never managed it) to move the wonderful hi-def pictures off your phone. The Motorola website, as opposed to SonyEricsson's beautiful repository of free stuff and helpful information, is simply geared towards flogging you more tat. The clincher was that there's no keylock. I bought a clamshell phone to avoid hitting keys in my pocket, since I keep forgetting to hit keylock. On the v547, however, there IS no keylock, and there's several buttons on the outside that keep getting hit; in particular, it's very easy to switch your phone to "silent" without realising it. I missed loads of calls that way. The sheer quantity of little niggles forced me to switch back to my old, knackered but still beautiful sony ericsson t610. This is quite a nice phone if you have very basic needs, but if you want anything more advanced, I say steer clear. I'm not impressed at all.

Reviewed by Sarah Nicholson from Uk on 22nd May 2005
I got this Phone a few days ago, having previously had the motorola V525 i was expecting it to be the same quality but i found the camera is much better,sharper. The Video is good but if you wanted to video something you might as well have a video camera after all this is meant to be a phone for calling people!! Overall im pleased with this phone dispite not being able to send an e-mail because it comes up with setup umcomplete :$

Motorola V547 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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