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Motorola V525 review

 Review: July 2004  

Last updated March 2005


In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with camera, MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth.


The Motorola V525 has a very similar specification to the V600, although it lacks the video playback feature of the V600. Apart from that and the fact that the V525 is slightly heavier, there is little to choose between the two phones. The V525 is also virtually identical to the V500. However the V525 does have a number of reliability issues, including poor reception, software faults and manufacturing defects, as reported by our users below.

Motorola V525 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera
  • Internal display: 65,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: 2 lines of text with blue backlight
  • Downloadable polyphonic / MP3 ringtones
  • MotoMixer (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Java games: Stuntman & Monopoly, plus downloadable games
  • Downloadable wallpaper
  • Downloadable animated screensavers
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity & USB cable connectivity
  • E-mail
  • GPRS, WAP 2.0
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text (iTap)
  • Group SMS
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice-activated dialling
  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Picture phone book: up to 1000 entries
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes
  • User-customisable softkey functions, main menu and shortcuts
  • Vibration alert
  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Date and clock
  • Datebook with reminder alerts
  • PIM functionality
  • Quad band (900/1800/1900/850 MHz)
  • Size: 89 x 49 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 123g
  • Standby time: 120 - 200 hours
  • Talk time: 180 - 390 minutes

Motorola V525 user reviews

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Average rating from 149 reviews:

Reviewed by Miketom from Ghana on 21st Jul 2013
Its cool but just because of the video camara

Reviewed by Lui from UK on 14th Jul 2009
Got it in 2004, still works perfectly in 2009. Can't get much better than that.

Reviewed by Brian Mac from UK on 7th Jul 2009
This was the worst phone i ever bought ever. Where do you start. 1 the keypad is really unusable and hard to operate, 2. The software is awful how can motorola sell a phone that resets itself so often 3. the camera utterly useless 4. Speaker broke on mine after 9 months 4. External screen cracked while in my pocket WTF! 5. Predictive text is useless 6. It steals your numbers, when you first use it, it takes all your number off your sim and then cannot by put back onto your sim so when the phone dies you lost all your numbers... how anyone was allowed to sell such a useless piece of technology. Motorola are like french cars... stay well away.

Reviewed by haider from UK on 14th Feb 2009
i love it

Reviewed by chris in the uk from UK on 4th Dec 2008
me the wife and lucy across the road have a v525 each and we have had no trouble in the 4 years we have had them and we all got them s/h, lucy last weekend washed hers with her coat ( it was in the pocket )and 3 days of sitting on the radator dryed it out and its now working as good as ever

Reviewed by Bozo from UK on 5th Aug 2008
Really bad phone! Motorola is the worst phone company ever...even worse than siemens lol

Reviewed by pete from UK on 9th Jun 2008
This phone made me wanted to die. about 3 months in the battery started to last about 2 days. always froze on me, which i didnt think phones did, and the camera is like looking through a widow the someone vomited on. eventually i decided to donate it to some fish in the closest lake i saw.....

Reviewed by booby from UK on 10th Apr 2008
I love(d) it and when my new phone broke I went back to this phone. However, it's starting to break down and I can only hear people on calls if they are on speakerphone (and no I am not deaf), also I am having problems with sending txts.....

Reviewed by bob from UK on 28th Feb 2008
this fone is terrible, it has no space the camera is terrible dont get this!!!!

Reviewed by peter from UK on 17th Feb 2008
its a great phone and people should use it because it is reliable

Reviewed by Whizzy Hampshire, England from UK on 9th Sep 2007
I got my Motorola V525 about 4 years ago. It was then, and remains now, one of the nicest phones I have had. I never had any problems with it, including browsing the internet or playing (admittedly ordinary) games. Although I don't usually use my mobile for playing games or browsing the net (I do all that stuff on my PC), I obviously tried it all out. No problems with any of it. I have kept the phone as a spare PAYGo phone and have lent it to members of the family when they needed one and I also still use it from time to time as a change. It's still going strong and still not showing any problems. No problems with battery life, taking pics, bluetooth

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 30th Aug 2007
Same problems as everyone else! Lens has became dirty, the phone won;t charge properly unless wedged in a certain position and now i can't hear anyone who speaks to me! Other than that, it has served me nearly 4 years and have had no problems until of recent and was a good buy at the time and for a couple of years afterwards. Also i think the storage is ok and the layout i like. Very user friendly and i think the buttons are well layed out personally.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 18th Jul 2007
The best phone I ever had! 5 Stars!

Reviewed by craig from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
the phone is very poor, it cuts all the time. the bluetooth doesn't even work. i can't get the pictures onto the computer. when i try charging it up it says 'unable to charge'. wots the point in having a phone if u can't use it. the camera is very poor. pictures are all fuzzy. the games are not very good. it freezes all the time. i cant hear people on the phone, i have to put it on speaker to listen to them, which is really annoying. i have had this phone for three years and im about to go mad. i would never recommend this phone to anyone! FACT!

Reviewed by michael from UK on 26th May 2007
poor reception,poor battery,poor mobile.after 1 year u can throw it away.im gettin a new mobile maybe a samsung D900

Reviewed by Nuku from UK on 12th May 2007
I think that this is absolute junk because i got opne and it does'nt do everything it says it can 3 out of ten for me

Reviewed by eve from UK on 3rd May 2007
well for starters, this phone isnt the most good looking phone and it also doesnt have the most amazing memory, but i found it to be quite durable and was quite impressed at first with the camera and the fact that it has bluetooth (which didnt work at first). but down the line it did start letting me down with sudden crashes and low battery life....although i did enjoy the games. i wouldnt recommend this phone as there are much better ones on the market and it isnt very reliable.

Reviewed by ukezeka from UK on 9th Apr 2007
is mobil is the best of whorld

Reviewed by Jake from UK on 25th Mar 2007
Hey. His phone is second best one i have ever owned. I am still a Nokia lover, but still a great phone. Screens great, batt is good, durable. signal could be better, but works fine. Never had a problem, till i spilt water on it, but it still recovered. Reccomended for advanced users, its not a basic phone by any means!!

Reviewed by Ryan Preston from UK on 24th Mar 2007
I've had it for 4 years...never let me down. Although it does have some faults like not recognising outgoing calls e.g. "unrecognised number". But it looks awesome! And it's rare now, too!

Reviewed by nora bone from UK on 23rd Feb 2007
i fink dis fone is wel sound luk i have had it 4 2 yrs lyk n it kiks ass evn tho da f'n arial fel off lmfao ! its alryt 4 storin piccys n dat but is shyt 4 music n shyt reception !

Reviewed by jack from UK on 3rd Feb 2007
this phone is rubbish and ive had it for 3 years i cant afford another the voice recorder is too silent adn i has rubbish memory

Reviewed by johnny from UK on 31st Jan 2007
just one word : FANTASTIC

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 28th Jan 2007
Had the 525 about 2-3 years now, and its been mostly OK. Battery life has been good - lasts about a week if no-one calls, and 3 days with heavy use. Reliability has been excellent. No crashes, and it has survived a couple of drops. Keypad seems OK, but the side buttons are a menace. Its so easy to flip it into silent when you don't want to, and so awkward to set it back to loud (I'm old and deaf). The user manual was the worst I have ever seen. It just plugged Vodafone live, but didn't actually say how to use the phone. Camera has clagged up, but I may try cleaning it. Hope to not scratch the lens. Charger is awkward. Takes ages to recognise its on charge, and if you don't get the connector just right, it never will. Consequently when you plug it in you have to watch it for 20 secs to make sure it starts charging. Pleased with it when I got it, but looking to get something different now.

Reviewed by nicole from UK on 18th Jan 2007
excellent phone!great buy.lovely phone 5*****

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 22nd Dec 2006
i ahvehad this phone for 2 ears and it has never caused me any trouble but there are now slimer moer stylish phones on the market and it looks a bit big and bulky.... it doesnt have enought memory to hold 1 full mp3 song.

Reviewed by Motorola_Man from UK on 24th Nov 2006
At first I was very impressed with this phone, but after the third week of use, it released a dinosaur out of the screen. As you can guess, this was a great shock to me as I hadnt experienced a real live dinosaur in my house before. I lost 3 members of my family before we caught it. Overall, I would consider buying another motorola :)

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 13th Jul 2006
I luv this phone! i av had it 4 almost 3 years nd it hasnt had any technical problems! im only changing in cuz i wnt a walkman phone. I av ad no probs wiv this at all nd it is gr8 4 txtin. Only 1 fault rely nd dat is if u take a photo zoomed in as far as it will go nd save it da pic isnt very clear at all. No other problems luv it!

Reviewed by Imran khatib from UK on 14th May 2006
This fone i got was alrite but the thing is when u use the cameras the graphics r so rubbish if u would like to just txt and fone people its a good fone but for entertainment i would reccomend another fone!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Christopher from UK on 18th Apr 2006
Acceptable - Just! Full off software glitches and very slow. iTap takes a while to get used to. Games performane is poor, but bluetooth is a good adition that works well! I am dumping mine for a Nokia 6630

Reviewed by Soraya - Belfast from UK on 12th Jan 2006
This phone was my pride and joy for ages...and everything on it is wonderful really...the camera is really clear (you just need to wipe it occasionally) and the ringtones come through good and clear...hmm one tiny hitch...it's stealing my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i leave it on, it involuntarily dials this number and makes a call, the only reason i can tell it's doing this is because the making call phone icon is at the top of the screen, i've wasted soo much money from it doing this...it's infuriating...

Reviewed by gaurav india from UK on 6th Jan 2006
hey this phone is not that bad as u people think wat if its call acceptence is in the wrong side that is its uniqueness and its camera is better than even Nokia 6600 and except for short message space everything is quite good its bluetooth works absolutely fine and if u click find me and other is finding u will surely get connected and restart ur phone if u does not get bluetooth connected and if u have any problem with ir jus mail me Gauravcool87@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 10th Nov 2005
Aight i bought this phone a year ago. worst decision in my life. even old phones worked better. after a year i cannot charge it anymore:S what's going on?? somethimes i will get in charge mode but then it will suddenly say that it failed. the 4 way key menu is there while it is supposed to come up when u press the 4 way key in 1 way.... that is soo anoying. the phone scratches within a week and i had to bring this phone back 3 times because it had cam probs. still has but im not returning it cuz they charge me 60 euros for the free warranty &@#*0*^! the phone keeps freezing and the battery runs out pretty fast. it swallod 3mb of my memory mysticly cuz i dunno where it went. not even by browsing its files. you cannot hear the phone when it rings and when it's in your pocket and ur sitting in the class one of the side keys goes off and makes a loud noise. and then i have no phone for a week *Q^#@(^!. it really is a piece of junk and i advice you not to buy this phone. buy a nokia instead. they r ugly but reliable :> this thing is just rubbish.

Reviewed by sarah 04/11/2005 from UK on 4th Nov 2005
I have this phone 10 months now and have had no problems with it good phone it's a bit outdated now as new motorolla looks really cool :)

Reviewed by bex from UK on 25th Oct 2005
if the areal breaks off DONT shove a peice of metal coat hanger down were the areal was you may get a bit of signal at 1st but then the signal will go completly. if you hadnt guessed the areal broke really easily on mine but other than that it seems to b ok

Reviewed by patrick from UK on 1st Aug 2005
dis fone iz the worst fone iv ever looked at dont buy it!!!!it noks me sick!!!!!

Reviewed by ami from UK on 26th Jul 2005
this is the worst phone that i have ever had. it turns its self onto loud and then onto silent. bluetooth doesnt work. it the screen just turn white, and then wont do any thing. it will then start ringing and vibratin for no reason and even when you turn the phone off it will carry on until you remove the battery its self. to make maters and my dad had had to get vodafone to send me FOUR replacement. i had a samsung for almost 2 years and i never had a problem with it, i even use it still when im waiting for my new replacement to arrive. my contract is up at the end of month, however my dad is trying to see if i can update it now because he has had quite enough of it. and just to add my freind has the model below and hers also does the same thing. so all in all motarolla phones are not what you want to be spending yoor money on. and if i could have given it 0 stars i would of.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 24th Jul 2005
Got my V525 Sept 04, still love it. Does everything I want, clear sound, easy to use, nice screen, the only things that annoy me are the buttons on the side,keep pressing them when I don't want to, apart from that, GREAT phone.

Reviewed by April from UK on 19th Jul 2005
I hate it .... the little rubber thingy that supposed to connect the phone when you open the shell has never worked and I have to walk around with a pin all the time so that I can release it ... hate it hate it hate it ......

Reviewed by bobby from UK on 18th Jun 2005
It's absolute rubbish u must not get this fone. I think the ideal fone for every1 is the v620. That is a gr8 fone!!!!

Reviewed by natalie from UK on 8th Jun 2005
I got my v525 on orange and thought it wold be great. It's average i admit, but it's overly expensive for something of it's standard. The worst aspect is the cameras. Some photos come out blurry and you can't use hardly any for wallpaper. The games and motomixer are good but recording sound is rubbish and you can't use it as ringtones. Plus after about 6 months one of my keys became difficult and is hard to use in text messages. good phone if you're not fussy but it's not good value for money

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 30th May 2005
This phone is brilliant it has everything i want on it the only part i miss is video on it that would have been brill! Excellent phone reccomend to ever a young person or adult.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th May 2005
I had this phone for less than a year and unfortunately somebody stole it, When i had this phone i thought it was great the camera was good, also i could save alot of photos on to it and the battery lasted a while. Overall this phone is great & worth buying. I'm hoping to get a another phone which has video record, im looking to get the motorola V550, if anyone has any phones they can suggest which has video capture, please e-mail me at yapwellar@hotmail.com.

Reviewed by shazz from England on 8th Apr 2005
Xcellent phone!! best i've had upto now

Reviewed by Serlina from England on 7th Apr 2005
Now come on... this phone is smart but dodgy wat r u lookin for in a phone? somethin that is easy and compact to carry with somethin that lightens the load... like carryin a little digital camera in ur pocket which even video records...WELL THIS ISNT WAT UR LOOKIN FOR!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kitty from UK on 6th Apr 2005
I got this phone almost a year ago and at first was throughly pleased with it, i couldn't stop showing it off. Then within a few months it kept crashing on me! I never realised phones could do that! More recently however i'm unable to hear somebody talk when they phone! Nothing! So if i want to speak i have to have it on loud speaker!! Great when your on the train to your boyfriend!! I would advise people to save their money for a better phone! I'm getting a new one, prob a Samsung so goodbye moto!

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 5th Apr 2005
I was so excited when I first got this phone, I couldn't beleive i had as cool phone for once (b4 had a siemens a55 and a sagem enough said). At first this phone to me was gr8 it had a camera very cool games and real tones, but 3 months into my ownership it started freezing or just turning its self off, camera was ok wen first saw pic that I just taken but wen stored it turned all fuzzy and had to delete many good pics, also inbox gets full very quickly and bluetooth doesn't seem to work. Phone good in looks but lacking the necessacity to be an outstanding phone. Hoping to get a nokia 6230 next or a nokia 7260 but can't decide which is best any ideas???

Reviewed by John from England on 3rd Apr 2005
I hate this phone so much that i threw it on the ground in bad temper. I have had this phone for about a year, and it was a year too long. The camera is rubbish, the phone freezes (mainly when playing a game), but my big problem was the battery. The charge only lasted for about two days, and this was only after having the phone a couple of months. This was the factor that was to be the demise of the phone, because when it cut out in the middle of a call, after suggesting that there were two bars of battery. I seen red. And buy the way. The only reason i gave it one star, is because i didn't have the option to give no stars

Reviewed by CB1991 from England on 31st Mar 2005
This phone has the worst key pad ever and I mean it, it is highly frustrating to use and isn't even very clear. The camera is awful, applications are complex and could be made so much easier for the less experienced phone user. Basically I hate this phone and wouldn't recomend it to anyone and I wish that half my family hadn't bought it thinking it was 'fantastic.'

Reviewed by Rutland from UK on 29th Mar 2005
Not a review as such but more an observation on other reviews. Agree the buttons are a nightmare, they always turn my phone to silent which doesnt make an acknowledgment noise so you don't know until you find umpteen missed calls. The reviewers who say the camera gets worse with time is quite simple to answer. The lens on these cameras is very small and gets coated with, dare I say it, your own skin, or dust if you prefer. Thus they become fuzzy. ust need wiping with the corner of a tissue and it will be as bright as new again.

Reviewed by laura from england on 28th Mar 2005
ive had this phone for over a year now an when i first got it it seemed really good and the camera was pretty good, but now the picture quality is awful, the pictures seem to move an go v blury a few seconds after iv taken it! i dont kno how to download mp3s cos i didnt think you could. Does this fone seem left handed to anyone? cos the calling buttons seem in the wrong place!

Reviewed by Heidi from England on 27th Mar 2005
To Laura Chapman, England, you need a Bluetooth adaptor for the pc to transfer pictures. Overall I have found this phone to be very reliable and good, I have had it for nearly 14 months now and have had no problems. It has been dropped multiple times onto a concrete floor (I am rather clumsy) and it still works perfectly. I am looking to replace it, only because I want a new toy and a Motorola would come into the equation, although I think I will go back to a Nokia merely for the amount of extra games that are available.

Reviewed by Laura Chapman from England on 26th Mar 2005
This phone is good but its more for work then play, and i can't find a way to put the pictures i've taken onto the copmuter! Can anyone help???

Reviewed by rosewhite from uk on 26th Mar 2005
Have just got a second hand Sharpe GX20 as I am being driven mad by my V525 and since my contracts not up for another 5 months I decided to swap my sim card over to the second hand Shape. Think I have been lucky compared to some owners, had no freezing up on me, however Bluetooth doesnt work, impossible to send MSM messages, buttons on the side are a menace, forever knocking them and having silent switched to loud (embarressing at best), battery life not wonderful although Ive had worse, and camara quality terrible - like many other reviewers it started off not bad, but seems to have got fuzzier as time has gone on. However, reception on this phone is good - I can get a reception with this even when others on the same network can cannot, another redeeming quality is its looks and the colour screen is nice. The mp3s, and ringtones are good - but I never have found a way to change my text alerts - using downloaded sounds - maybe Im just thick, but Ive never had this problem with any of the Nokia's that Ive owned. Dissapointing that my sms inbox can only take 50 or so texts as well. Predictive text is okay, but am finding texting on the sharpe alot easier and have only had it a few hours!! I wouldnt buy another Motorola after this - will see how the Shape goes and then its back to Nokia for me when its time for an upgrade. Would'nt really recommend this phone to anyone thinking about getting it, has a few good qualities but I think the faults outweigh those. If I had to rate it 1-10, I would only give it a 2!

Reviewed by Tony from England on 25th Mar 2005
Well i'll agree with the rest below. My first ever phone away from nokia and my first flip phone. although it seemed good with the large screen and the game monopoly (yes i bought it becaus of that) it didn't live up to it's standard. Slow, crashes, ear volume isn't always loud, i have to fiddle about with it to get it to charge. Definately bot recomended. I'm going back to Nokia and have bought the 6230. Read those reviews.

Reviewed by Cam from aus on 24th Mar 2005
Ok first of all this phone is quite slow... and for some reason i cant hear a word that comes out of the callers mouth.. it is so quiet without the headset and speaker put on... it sucks i mean who wants to put the speaker on to hear soemone when everyone else can hear what you aswel. and who wants to keep that dam headset on them all day... the V525 does have a great camera though and i looks good. but come on a phones main purpose is talking to others and this phone lacks that HARDCORE...

Reviewed by hay from aus on 12th Mar 2005
This fone is gr8!!! ive had it ages and no probs. looks gr8 feels real comfortable and has exl features. Camera GREAT! screen fab qual, games exl

Reviewed by kez from england on 10th Mar 2005
is fone iz kl i've had no probs wit it and i think its a gd fone 2 get

Reviewed by ashleigh from uk on 8th Mar 2005
i have a his phone and it is great but the bluetooth does not seem to work

Reviewed by dazzar from ENGLAND on 8th Mar 2005
I have had this phone for a year and found no problems with it, it charged every time and the battery lasted for a long while. The only problem i found was when you used the voice activated dialing it would dial the wrong person.

Reviewed by polly from england on 3rd Mar 2005
i loved this phone when i first got it lved the style the ring tones the text storage is brilliant and the phone capacity is more than enough. i'd had no problems with it at all in the 8 or so months that ive had it until about 2 weeks ago i went to put it on charge and it just would not charge ive been trying every day since then but its just not happening now the battery is completely dead so i ant even turn it on. thing is i cant tell whether its the charger or the phone thats broken!! ive had to use my battered old 8310 since the v525 been out of action and it doesnt even work!! Blue tooth is non existent on my phone it just wont connect.

Reviewed by Lee from wales on 1st Mar 2005
i bought this phone last october paided around 130 for the mobile started off yeh great. next day i plug the charger in as it says above it would not charge had to "fiddle" round with the charger to get it to work. THE NEXT DAY I BOUGHT THE PHONE! the quality of this mobile is disgusting! its cheap, tacky, fat and ugly. i got recommended this phone by someone in a vodafone shop "not mentioning names" he claimed it was the best phone around amazing graphics with camera, awesome ring tones,multi txt messaging the usual stuff u get with a modern mobile. right now my camera pictures are fuzzy. the phone crashes when typing texts out. it wont send texts and yes i do have credit! it send 1 message but dont send another. what else hmmm.... oh yes cannot change the main ring tone very embarresing walking in the middle of a shopping center with your mates having a laugh all of a sudden HELO MOTO spot light on yoo! i dont like to be center of attention but come on you might as well we ar a pair of your grand dads old pants on ur head with milk bottle glasses aint a good mobile i would never ever buy a moto-rola again absolutly disgusting for the price and quality disgusting! also might i add extremely slow to my command example texting! im half way through a text and the mobile is still on the first few words. in a call the mobile freezes cant hear anything wont disconnect then it swtiches its self off and wont come back on. this is the worste mobile you could ever even dream of! plus i still complain about the ring tone pain in da a*#!

Reviewed by niclas from uk on 28th Feb 2005
Not gonna go into details, every bad thing that has already been said (and other things) are completely true. Do NOT buy this phone, it is absolutely dire. "Hello moto"? No no no definately goodbye, forever.

Reviewed by Mateo from Croatia on 27th Feb 2005
I dont konw what is happening to yours phones but my v525 is excelent!!!Nice camera everything working fine!!!Except the sms storage for incoming sms is small but everything else is excelent. I have it 8 months. And i have the problem with charching but i gave the phone on service and they fixed it:NO OTHER PROBLEMS!!<<<<<<<<

Reviewed by Somebody from UK on 24th Feb 2005
Absolute garbage. I HATE this phone. Rubbish ringtones, rubbish menus, rubbish picture quality, volume changes itself at random, crashes at regular intervals and dont even get me started on Motorolas PC620 tools! Buttons all backwards etc... etc... would never touch another MOTO again. Good ridance!

Reviewed by catherine williams from north wales on 22nd Feb 2005
I loved this phone when I first got it and stil do.. although I have had one problem with it which was the I couldn't hear anybody when I rang them or if they rung me so I had to send it off to be fixed and it took ages!!! The picture quality is quite good though and the colour is amazing! especially on the games.. and its really easy to text people. I'm not bored of it yet. but the blue tooth doesn't work very well which isn't very good...

Reviewed by Olly from Edinburgh, Scotland on 21st Feb 2005
Have had the V525 for over a year now... Overall a good phone, with sexy styling and the best method of texting that I have ever come across. Some serious issues with it though: the Bluetooth is NOT full Bluetooth - ie it works with headsets and SOME other phones, but doesn't communicate with all phones or any computer. The outbox jams up and crashes the phone every time you try to access it, and the storage capacity is poor. The camera lens gets very dirty very easily, and the pictures are not actually that good quality. The whole phone quite often just freezes, requiring the battery to be removed before it can be restarted. The charger is very delicate and the phone will only charged if wedged in a certain position. Hope this helps.

Reviewed by shahid from UK on 21st Feb 2005
Dis is sooooo rubbish trust me every1 it will mess up after u buy it after 6months BOOM ur fone fin!!!

Reviewed by Greg from U.K on 18th Feb 2005
Up to now the 525 is 5* plus for me. I have owned several models of PAYG phones from the best to the rest and this one so far is one of the best. All models of all things have their problems, if you get a bad one it is obvious that your feedback will be negative, but one bad one will not mean another if you persist. This colour screen is great and the reception is fantastic from land lines to all different service providers that I am in contact with mobile numbers, even in underground car parks!

Reviewed by george from england on 18th Feb 2005
hi i hav had this fone since it came out!!for the fist couple of weeks it was excellent but then it kept on freezin wen i was tryin 2 send txts nd yesterday i dropped it in a little puddle on the grass bi accident ouch so now i mite get it fixed or upgrade

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 17th Feb 2005
Having read the other reviews I am wondering if they have been unlucky, or I have been lucky with this phone. It has not, in over a year of service, frozen or crashed requiring the battery to be removed; the software has not been difficult to understand or bug ridden; the phone has not changed it's volume or gradually dropped to a whisper and reception has been better than three different Nokias and two Samsungs. I can get a signal whilst most others can not, on the same network. It does what it's meant to do, act as a phone and in this respect it works well. Battery life is good (another complaint which I can't understand) 8 days on standby as well as a good 2 hours talking/ringing before it needs charging, ten times better than my wife's Sharp. As to the scratching of the phone I find a 10 case means that the phone is in the same condition in which it was bought. Overall my phone has been consistently good with no problems and not only would I recommend it to friends but when I need to upgrade I will almost certainly buy another Motorola.

Reviewed by Mally from England on 16th Feb 2005
Had this phone for a year now. Have had a few problems with it like the screensaver not working.Other than that i LOVE the phone it is easy to use and very stylish.I would recomend this phone to anyone.Cheers Mally....

Reviewed by landon from england on 12th Feb 2005
simply outstanding!the best phone i have ever seen in my life.amazing camera,bluetooth,mp3,quadband...its got everything.

Reviewed by patric from uk on 10th Feb 2005
hi have had it for a while now, its fine and works very well, with good battry life, it does freeze sometimes but not for long. easy to use and text with.scratches easily, probably wouldnt get another one but so far its been reliable and has loud ring tones which is good and clear screen.

Reviewed by Glenn from Ireland on 9th Feb 2005
this phone is ok if your in a business but when your not its useless. the signal on it is very poor. i thought that it was broke when i couldnt hear anyone on the other side of it, so i took it to a mobile shop and the manager said that there was nothing wrong with it, its just not a good mobile phone

Reviewed by Markie from Scotland on 8th Feb 2005
This is the fisrt and last time I will ever but a Motorola phone... This phone changes volume when in your pocket, turns its self off on a regular basis and freeze's at least once a day. Ive had it back to Motorola (postage at my expense) and they say its sorted... NO ITS NOT... Its still does everything Ive said above... DONT BUY THIS PHONE... Im back using my old Nokia till my contract expires and as usual trusty old nokia still keeps on going... I guess my new phone will def be a NOKIA!!

Reviewed by lucie from england on 8th Feb 2005
At first i loved this phone but then started to hate it. The picture quality seemed to get worst when at first i thought it had the best around! The good things about this phone is that its quite easy to use and the graphics on the games (although i hardly ever played them) where excellent! The reason im gettin rid of it now is because i've had it 11 months and within 3 it was badly sratched and looked about a year old! Also, if you have a lot of texts, or like keeping more than 60 messages, then this ISNT the phone for you. It has quite a low memory i think and sometimes it just cuts out and switched itself off whilst im doing something! its a good phone all in all but just has a few faults!

Reviewed by BECCI from PONTYPRIDD on 6th Feb 2005

Reviewed by Paul from Romania on 2nd Feb 2005
Three hours ago I got a Sharp GX20 . But before that about 4 months I had a V525 . The phone is extraordinary and I can' think of a number of phones in any price range larger than the number of my fingers ,better than this one . It's easy to use , looks very nice , excelent contact point , simple menu and the picture quality is more than reasonable. I'd reccomand it to anyone ! (and for those who wonder , yes , we do have phones in romania , we have TV's and cable and we don't live in trees). Buy one !

Reviewed by Hussman from England on 1st Feb 2005
The V525 is hardly 'fiddly' Timothy (31st Jan 05'), it's a quality little phone, easy to use, looks good........ Ain't you got nuttin' better to do than sit there texting all day ?? Not a student by any chance are you ??

Reviewed by timothy from england on 31st Jan 2005
fiddly to use and poor text set up i would rather go for sony ericsson k700i a much better phone

Reviewed by Darryl S from UK on 27th Jan 2005
If there was a rating of -10 this phone would get it. Had three replacement phones all had different problems. First and last motorola I buy.

Reviewed by david tyler from england on 26th Jan 2005
When i first got it i thought it was cool but then soon found out its not as great as i first thought!!! Hard to use, cameras not all that, battery life sucks, stay well clear & dont bother getting this phone!!!!

Reviewed by kelly from uk on 22nd Jan 2005
I have had the v525 for a year now, when i first got the phone it was great and i was really pleased but after a couple of months it seemed to go faulty, it randomly switches itself off, i could leave it sitting on the table switched on and when i return half hour later to get it, its turned off!! If your txt msg is sorta long it always runs into two messages! the battery goes dead quite quick and it takes about a year to get into the pictures. Although i think the camera is good compared to some phones, also the layout and style of the phone. If your going to buy, id look else where unless you wanna see for yourself! Im getting a new phone next week anyway and reading another review- it does NOT have a radio (wish it did)

Reviewed by Simon Scholey from England on 21st Jan 2005
I've had quite a few phones now and this has to be easily the most disappointing one I've owned. I've had mine for just over a year now. When I first got this it was really good having a camera and MP3 ringtones etc. After just a few months I was on the phone to Motorola reporting a number of problems with it. They said I should send it back but they couldn't guarantee that they would be able to keep all my numbers etc. I didn't have a way of backing them up so I didn't bother sending it back. Good points about the phone: Makes phone calls Sends normal text messages MP3 ringtones Looks quite good Bluetooth The mirror on the back so you can aim the camera right Cut and paste when writing messages Bad points about the phone: Heavy Ariel sticks out Slippery The alarm doesn't always switch the phone on Some of your words disappear when writing messages Can't send MMS messages with it (facility there but they never arrive) Buttons on the side are badly placed/hard to use Rubbish games! Battery life is pathetic Very slow when writing text messages Using cut and paste slows the writing down even more In summary: Its not an awful phone, but its not far off it! I will never buy a Motorola again.

Reviewed by linda from uk on 20th Jan 2005
Dont bother wiv it. I bought it 2nd hand and glad i did!!! The battery takes for ever to charge,and then while its charging the light stays on it! Once charged ,it can stay on 3bars then plumpet right down to 1 bar.Reception is a joke at times too. Its scratching easily,and when texing a msg the phone has frozen up on me loads.The multi media album section you try to activate and it comes up fatal error.Ive taken back to the store and they say its a fault with my handset,but my freinds is exactly the same and she bought hers new. Wouldnt bother with a motorola again,

Reviewed by lisa from uk on 20th Jan 2005
Reading the last review i beg to differ the motorola does NOT have a radio!!! It is a nice little phone.I find problems linking bluetooth to the pc,and the camera could be alot better. Ringtones at mo im finding , are only available via downloading,(3 a time !) as tried to send from pc but with no luck. The case is scratching easily too. Sometimes i also find (whether it being a flip phone)The reception is not what i call brilliant.Ive had it 5months but is now thinking of buying the sharp GX15,as my son has one and it seems alot better.

Reviewed by from on 16th Jan 2005
I think the Motorola V525 is quite good as a frend I know bought 1 the other day. Camera is excellent!!!!!!!!!!! The fone even has a built in radio! All in all, this fone is amazin cos u can change the covers on it! Go 4 it!

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 15th Jan 2005
Had the phone a year now and first one was faulty but was replaced free of charge, then next 1 lasted 11 months then ear piece went faulty, all fixed by vodafone free of charge!!! Reception pick up is very good and the phone has a lot of features for its age, when i bought mine it was simpily the best in the price range, okay newer phones are better but it copes very well against the rest, still a good phone!!!

Reviewed by Anders from England on 14th Jan 2005
Reasonable Phone Firstly I got this phone because I like the blue and silver styling but also because it seemed a good phone and came with a damn good deal from Vodafone. The camera was great but is now in the shadow of newer phones, the sms system is pretty good and the bluetooth works well with a headset but thats about it. I think Vodafone have monkeyed around with it a bit, including horrendously shortening the number of characters one can put in a single text message but giving no indication until after sending that your message has spilled over into a second message. The battery life is a joke, firstly with it being way too short - coupleof days max with average use plus the battery meter can stay on 3 bars for 2 days before plummeting to empty in the space of a couple of hours standby. Then theres times when it gets confused (especially regarding GPRS) and you experience button lag and basically nothing happening. Charging is a nightmare, when you eventually get it to start charging, the exterior screen sometimes stays on all the time or sometimes even the main screen when the phone is closed. Recently when trying to access my sms outbox, the phone turns itself off which it does of its own accord pretty often anyway. However the 5MB memory is pretty good for phones like it as are the mp3 ring tones which are one of its few saving graces. Overall, a disappointing phone with one or two redeeming features (mp3 ringtones, bluetooth, looks) which has sort of put me off motorola now.

Reviewed by ravi from england on 12th Jan 2005
dis fone iz sooo cool!!i got it the oda day and its da best!iv had like six fones but dis one beats em al!!u have to get!!believe me

Reviewed by Sara from England on 11th Jan 2005
I got this phone back in March last year on the Vodafone contract and found it to be an excellent phone. The picture quality isn't as good as some phones, but the features make up for it. Especially the truetones which the phone is able to support. All in all, a great phone!

Reviewed by Edd from UK on 10th Jan 2005
Probably the worst phone on the market today. Its huge, heavy and incredibly difficult to use. If you flick through the menu too fast it crashes, meaning the battery has to be disconnected to allow the phone to reboot - which becomes suprisingly embarissing. Be prepared for the buttons on the side of the phone to press themselves in your pocket, and change your ring setting from SILENT to LOUD. Was is really a great idea to have the loud option directly after silent? At least if the phone decided to change itself from silent to vibrate who would get a bit of notice before the Simpsons theme tune blares out at your next board meeting!! Overall this phone is riddled with faults and bugs. Thats probably why Motorola replaced it so quickly. Avoid this phone like the plague.

Reviewed by hello from englang on 9th Jan 2005

Reviewed by mobile phone expert john roberts from England on 9th Jan 2005
i think that this phone is one of the most easiest phonews to use.I am a chief executer of a phone generator factory and i say that this phone is absolutely outstandig!!the camera quality is excellent and the phone itself lokks very stylish.its quite quick for a motorola which is another good feature.overall this phone is excellent.BUY IT!!

Reviewed by Jodie from England on 8th Jan 2005
I at first was attracted to the V500 because of the excellent deals available. However, in was in high demand and so I made do with the Motorola V525. When I used it I found everything eaasy to use, the buttons, the camera, the ringtones, the internet and the predictive text. It's main features were excellent quality and was worth spending more. The camera is a very clear and I have had no problems with it yet, there is alot of memory available compared to the V200 and so you can enjoy using the camera for at lest 5 months without deleting any pictures or moving them onto your computer (with a usb sold seperatley). The battery life, amazingly, stayed for a while even when the phone wasn't in use for a few days. The charger which came with the phone is stylish and less bulky than other motorola chargers. The internet is superbly cheap and quick and easy to use. Of course there are the odd packages which cost a pund but they inform you brfore you try it. The colour screen has a high resoulution pointing out every detail on a wallpaper or a picture that you've taken. The sound is excellent, the phone itself is v.v. stylish and is what you would want for a camera phone used for the average person who uses txts, and the internet for catching up on news, wheather, gossip or sport. I hope I have been a help and so I hope you consider this phone as yours

Reviewed by Lisa from UK on 8th Jan 2005
i ad dis wen it first come out!At first i was ova d moon wiv it!! it was gd! den after a few weeks i got bored! ye d camera quality is brilliant n d zoom is useful but d fact dat usin d camera wud make d batry go down from full 2 2 bars-after chargin!!! and dat it kept frezin on me like everyday was pretty frustratin, i cudnt go through d menu or even set a alarm on wiv out it freezin! whoeva thinkin bout buyin dis fne i wudnt!!

Reviewed by Brendan from Ireland on 3rd Jan 2005
If you need a phone for business purposes or any kind of grown up activity STAY AWAY from the 525. Battery is terrible, software is completely clumsy and see all comments from Mike below. A bad purchase - I'm going back to Nokia. I'm losing business at this stage because of this damn phone!

Reviewed by meeeez from uk on 2nd Jan 2005
this phone is not built very well if you go throught the menu to fast it freezes plus its a bit too bit when in pocket so if i was you look around for anther phone

Reviewed by Caoimhe from Ireland on 21st Dec 2004
Got this phone for my birthday in March and it is still working perfectly!!!! It looks cool too!!

Motorola V525 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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