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Motorola V500 review

 Review: July 2004  

Last updated March 2005

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A clamshell phone with camera, MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth.


In terms of functionality, there is very little to choose between the Motorola V500, V525 and V600, except that the V600 has a video playback facility. All three phones include a digital camera, MP3 ringtones and quad band global roaming. The exterior shapes of the three phones are similar, but with subtle styling differences. The V500 appears to be mostly free from the reliability problems that have plagued the V600.

Motorola V500 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera
  • Internal display: 65,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: 2 lines of text with blue backlight
  • Downloadable polyphonic / MP3 ringtones
  • MotoMixer (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Java games: Stuntman & Monopoly, plus downloadable games
  • Downloadable wallpaper
  • Downloadable animated screensavers
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity & USB cable connectivity
  • E-mail
  • GPRS, WAP 2.0
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text (iTap)
  • Group SMS
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice-activated dialling
  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Picture phone book: up to 1000 entries
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes
  • User-customisable softkey functions, main menu and shortcuts
  • Vibration alert
  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Date and clock
  • Datebook with reminder alerts
  • PIM functionality
  • Quad band (900/1800/1900/850 MHz)
  • Size: 89 x 49 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 123g
  • Standby time: 120 - 200 hours
  • Talk time: 180 - 390 minutes

Motorola V500 user reviews

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Average rating from 160 reviews:

Reviewed by missytroll@outlook.com from england on 24th May 2014
how to find an instruction manual so i can use the email funciton on my motorola v500 orange payg phone. dont understand the technolgogy

Reviewed by JAMES from UK on 31st Oct 2013
Bought this phone second-hand in 2011. Very impressed by styling, display (both inner and outer. Call quality is good and speaker is quite loud. Good choice of ringtones and wallpapers and very easy to change ring styles (vibrate with ring, vibrate only, ring only, etc.)Camera is adequate for phone of this type, good contacts storage. Like the "Quick Dial" feature on it (3 programmable numbers). Easy to change battery and good battery life.

Reviewed by JAMES SMITH from UK on 17th Aug 2011
I recently bought this phone second-hand, on Orange. I like the large screen on the inside and find that the screen on the outside is just the righ size and displays the clock, battery strengthand signal strength. It also alerts me to missed calls and messages. I like the fact that you can personalise the home screen and also the ringtone, message alert tone and the overall style with which you want it to alert you to messages and calls. The menu is really good in the way it is laid out and the display is very easy to read. The only slight hings are the camera, but It doesn't bother me all that much, as I have a camrea already. The only other thing is the inability to show either the phone or SIM memory, but once again, It deose allow me to see whta momeory my contacts are in.

Reviewed by Alexa from UK on 4th Jul 2011
I have had this phone for nearly 8 years now and never regretted buying it once. I did have a speaker problem once but a sharp whack against my knee fixed it and it never recurred. It still works beautifully despite having been dropped many times and scratched up in my bag. I only have to charge it twice a week even now and the only recent problem is that it loses signal while its charging. Absolutely love it lol. Very easy to use and the only downside it its lack of memory card which means I have to regularly dump all my photos to computer.

Reviewed by ... from UK on 13th May 2011
browser is not working on my V500 i dont know what to do pls help me!

Reviewed by Ellen from UK on 8th May 2011
I have had a PAYG Motorola V500 for many years but for the last few years I have not been able to leave the phone on because the money just leaks out. If I put 5 on the phone and leave it on for an hour I can lose nearly 4 just by leaving the phone on stand by. If anyone has an answer to this problem I would be interested to hear it.

Reviewed by leaanne from UK on 18th Feb 2011

Reviewed by Charlee from UK on 15th Oct 2010
Had this phone 6 years now and it still works very well with an excellent battery life. I only charge it once a week even now. Biggest downfall in my opinion is the stupid side buttons (not smart at all, they change ringer levels etc and cause missed calls all the time if the phone is in your pocket or bag. There doesn't seem to be a way of locking them to prevent it either. If Motorola sorted this out I would give it a full 5 star rating for a basic phone it's great.

Reviewed by JOE INGRAM from UK on 7th Jun 2008
It is the best phone you can get!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tails from UK on 4th Jun 2008
I love this phone! I am 11 years old and the phone used to be my mums. I found it really simple! It's such an easy phone to understand. I don't seem to have any problems with it!

Reviewed by John Wainwright from UK on 11th Apr 2008
I have the V500 given to me to replace my aged Nokia, and find it a very good phone. I have battled a bit with it due to having no user guide. But , withstanding that I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed by Kimberley from UK on 5th Feb 2008
I have had this phone for 3 years now, in general I'd have to say that it has had a good run. Although at times I have experienced loss of the speaker so that when in a call I could not hear what the other person is saying. The camera is average with no flash and there's no way to take pictures off the phone. More recently the ariel thing has become loose and fallen off completely meaning that I can't get signal anywhere! I never had MP3 music anyway. Not that anyone would buy it now- it is really old! Looks like i time for a new phone.

Reviewed by Cindy from UK on 9th Nov 2007
This phone is good and reliable but the only problem is that it dosent have video.

Reviewed by KAMAL from UK on 24th Oct 2007

Reviewed by jane from UK on 22nd Oct 2007
it is the best thing that has ever happened to me

Reviewed by Scott from UK on 5th Aug 2007
i have two of these phone but there alright. the side buttons on one dont work. the camera is way to bright on one of them which makes it impossible to take pictures. also it turns itself off all the time. im glad i dnt have to deal with that anymore. bluetooth and the mp3 are great on the phone.

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 26th Jul 2007
i think this is a great fone da bst i hv eva gt i reccomend this fone to anybdy !BUY IT! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jen. from UK on 11th Jul 2007
This phone is awful. It's so fat you can't put it in your pockatch. The camera is is rubbish and theres nothing on it. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by Cat from UK on 27th Jun 2007
I have had this phone since Christmas 2004 and have finally decided to upgrade. I needed my phone for the following things, to make calls, to text people, to take pictures, make videos, alarm clock. This phone is good if you want something simple and affordable. It has always been reliable and easy to use i also love the fact that you can lock your phone so other people can't go looking through it. I feel a bit of loyalty to this phone because i have had it for so long and it has served me well but to be honest with all of these new updated phones coming out now it feels slightly dated. I do have a few issues with this phone. For one you can only record videos up to about 30 seconds long and they also take up a lot of memory. The recorder only plays back through the ear piece so you can't play music and stuff to your friends. I have a lot of photo's on my phone which take a long time to scroll through now because i have so many. When you type a text message it doesn't tell you when you have gone over the word limit. Bluetooth isn't very good either, don't get me wrong it works, but only after you press the "find me" button which can be annoying. If you are looking for a phone with loads of gadgets then this isn't for you, but if you want something simple with basic features such as a camera and video then go for it.

Reviewed by Lou from UK on 9th Jun 2007
It is quite a chunky model but a good design. I had several software faults with mine, which meant having it wiped twice and me losing my data. This annoyed me greatly. I have recently bought another motorola and have no faults with it, leaving me to conclude that the Motorola V500 is a dodgy model. I therefore would not reccommend it.

Reviewed by Teemu from UK on 8th Jun 2007
Good but writing should be easier.

Reviewed by delma from UK on 25th Apr 2007
the v500 is considerably a good phone.However of late mine has a problem with the earpiece,outer display and its not charging.What could be the problem

Reviewed by Ifan from UK on 18th Apr 2007
The Motorola V500 is quite good but not the best phone i've used. It's better than some phones though. For example it's better than the Nokia 6610i. The camera quality is good, it's got bluetooth and it's got quite good games. I wouldn't really recommend this phone to anyone but it's OK. If you're thinking of buying this phone well maybe you should buy another phone.

Reviewed by Jizzbomb:-) from UK on 27th Mar 2007
Before i got my v500 i had a nokia 6230i and it would be rather harsh of me to compare these two fones bcoz the nokia is miles ahead.However,i quite like the v500 despite its dated design,inadequate memory,complicated menus etc.One thing i absolutely hate is the way it starts switching off/freezing everytime i get freebies from other fones via bluetooth.And the battery life is quite terrible.Sometimes i have to charge it twice a day!!!But overall i think this is quite a good fone.......

Reviewed by ryl from UK on 25th Feb 2007
damn fone...cnt use the bluetooth =(

Reviewed by moto from UK on 20th Feb 2007
the softwear is not good

Reviewed by Edward from UK on 17th Feb 2007
got the phone from an uncle from swizz.it worked for 2 months the earpiece died on me and no tech could repair it coz the spares are not available easily.but its a good phone big up!

Reviewed by MATT from UK on 6th Feb 2007
I loved this fone and the features however a video camera would have been nice After a year however the earphone stopped working and the only way to make calls was with the speaker on, not very private at all. Other than that it was a great fone

Reviewed by scott from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
I hate my phone, been in the shop twice in 6 months, both times for 6 weeks. still won't charge properly, very temper mental. I you get really mad and shove the cord right in there and hold it, then it will charge, not good for more than a second anyway. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kadey from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
no good. the aerial has fallen out about 3 times in the past 8 months, being stuck back in every time. when i charge it the profile always goes to loud (so i can't charge it with it on and overnight), it has a small memory and inbox, and sometimes freezes, and completely turns off. the internet connection isn't great either. the phone doesn't save the text you're writing when it decides to turn off either. it takes ages to catch up with me when i'm texting, and the red phone is too close to the 1 button, therefore making it way too easy to delete the entirety of the text i just wrote! not good and wouldn't recommend! i much prefer nokia

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 24th Nov 2006
I found this phone to be pretty good overall but the main let down being the design of the charger where it plugs into the phone itself. This is rubbish to be brutally honest, and every time i go to charge my phone i have to spend about 20 minutes waggling the charger in the phone to actually enable it to charge whilst balancing it on something. This has driven me almost to the point of insanity this evening hence why i am here writing this. thanks for your time.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 31st Aug 2006
Iv had this phone for about 2 years nearly now, and ive had no MAJOR problems. The screen has been scratched by the buttons on the inside which was a dissopointment. Also, after a couple of months, a few of the common buttons would not work with the first try. Overall this phone is a decent phone

Reviewed by mini monster from UK on 29th Aug 2006
the phone is rubbish the camera on mine is gone and my bluetooth is is damaged so now i cannot send stuff from my pc to the mobile.other down sides not enough memory,bad ringtones i am sick of mine i am chuckiny it in the bin it is rruubbiisshh!!!

Reviewed by Queen Elizabeth from UK on 13th Aug 2006
i, the queen find this phone to my dislike. It is most unexeptable the speaker phone dies not work i have to pushit right to my ear now my ear hurts this phone is rubbish!

Reviewed by H from UK on 26th Jun 2006
this phone was good when i got it, but within 1 year everything kept going wrong. the battery needs charging every 1-2 days, when people call me i cant hear anything even though the volume is on full, the phone keeps crashing, displaying a white screen then resetting, when the phone is closed the display keeps disappearing, it doesnt keep up with you when you are typing a text message, and the ringing style keeps switching between loud, silent and vibrate when i dont even touch it! don't buy it!!!

Reviewed by l from UK on 25th May 2006
the phone is ok, but the camera cant always pick up the colours. when i text it cant keep up with me. plus the memory isnt very big. the good thing is that it doesnt break that easily.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 2nd May 2006
A great phone, strong and robust with a stunning, sharp and crisp screen. i have dropped mine endless times and it still works perfect. Lots of features-and very reliable.

Reviewed by helooooooooooooo from UK on 5th Feb 2006
wow what a good phone it has blue tooth it can play mp3's it has great games it has a very clear screen. only one downfall THE MEMORY!! it can only hold about 1 mb of songs or pictures does anyone know if you can get more memory?!?!?!?!?

Reviewed by hello from UK on 25th Jan 2006
it is a goood phone but it needs more memory, does anyone know if you can get more memory?

Reviewed by JaMiE LyNn DoUeY from UK on 5th Jan 2006

Reviewed by Shaz from UK on 19th Dec 2005
Had this phone for almost 1 year now and still reasonably happy. The battery life is getting shorter but I have had no other problems. The only feature I dont like is the vibrate and ring feature. The phone vibrates so long before it rings that the caller has rung off!

Reviewed by scott from UK on 4th Dec 2005
ive had this phone for 7 months and it is of a good quality. The camera is good and just about works in dimsy light which is good cos on most camera phones, the picture is unclear in the dark. The phone would look sleeker without the quite big ariel and the only problem ive had with the v500 is that the ariel became loose and i eventually scrapped it, this seems to happen on most motorola phones as i had a v220 before and the ariel came lose on that to. One of the phones main features is bluetooth and i find this a great feature to have. so genearlly this phone is not the best but definatly not the worst. 6/10

Reviewed by Mux from UK on 30th Oct 2005
I can only comment at this moment in time but I've had my v500 for 10 months now and I have had no problems with it apart from the '1' key which might mispress once every 10 times. Casing is robust, I've dropped it a bunch of times and it's fine. Pics are ok, sms messaging is easy to use. It's light, friendly, easy to use. Not sure what people are going on about with earpiece malfunction etc, maybe I've just been lucky. Overall this has been a great phone for me. I've got to a point now where I am looking for something new, 10 months is a long time in mobile phone terms!!!

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 25th Oct 2005
Had the V500 for almost a year now & i havent had any major problems. bluetooth plays up every now & again & the camera quality could be better but other than that its great. perfect size for fitting in your pocket & its not to heavy either. its good quality & a good price. and it doesent smash when you drop it - like those nokia's do!!! i highly recommend it!!

Reviewed by tootsy_fruitsy from UK on 24th Oct 2005
i have had this phone now for nearly 1 yr and i still think its reasonably good and value for money.my only major complaints and yep they are biggie's- is that the phone ringer is not very loud(even on highest volume)..so if its stuck in your hanbag or your out in a busy place with lotsa noise, u wouldn't hear someone calling u.(iv'e also missed calls due to it being upstairs in my bedroom while i'm downstairs). it also doesn't appear to ring for very long. so by the time youv'e heard it, raced to find your mob..its already gone to answerphone. but i'm not too fussed by this anyway as most important peeps ring my landline. if a txt/call has come through that u havent seen it will alert u with a beep once a min for god knows how long. useful feature to some, highly agitating to others. also if the side buttons are nudged accidently by something as it often is in my handbag full of god knows how much cr*p, it can cause the style setting to change to soft, then back again and so on..annoying.same sometimes if its in my pocket. the camera could be a little better, but its still good enough, plenty of memory space for pics/games. all in all a nice little smart looking phone thats easy to make calls with, txt (which is my main use) and the batt life lasts a fair few days before i have to charge up. the games are cool aswell.many a times iv'e been stuck on a bus in traffic playing stuntman or monopoly. rach

Reviewed by kelechi from UK on 18th Sep 2005
very good thanks for you'r care also yopu'r concern

Reviewed by Seeker from UK on 14th Sep 2005
Avoid thsi phone at all costs! It has an absolutely terrible record of failures, particularly with the ear piece microphone. Orange shop confirms that this phone gives them more trouble than any other and they send back more of them than other makes. Also Motorola has a lousy (UK) customer service attitude. After four failures I expected abject apologies and an offer of a free upgrade but all I got was more of the same. Left very bad vibes.

Reviewed by Mary Thomas from UK on 8th Sep 2005
I reviewed this phone before and gave it 5 stars whilst stipulating that if I had any problems, then everyone would know about it........well guess what.....heres my moan. I have owned the Motorola V500 since March having upgraded from old faithful Motorola 3788 after donkeys years :) I accidentally trashed my first Motorola V500 after falling off my cycle (this would never have killed my 3788) and i was replaced by Orange for a phenomenal fee of #60 and also telling me I had no option but take out insurance. Now, the speaker in the earpiece has gone and I contacted orange. It is not my fault that the earpiece has gone but they have sent me a replacement and a #15.00 charge! #15 CHARGE!!! IT WASNT MY FAULT!!! I understand the MV500 suffers from earpiece failure so therefore it was up them to do something about it for NOTHING!!! Guess who now will not upgrade at the end of contract, but will ditch it and find another phone WITHOUT EAR PIECE PROBLEMS. GET THE EARPIECE SORTED MOTOROLA!!!!!

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 22nd Aug 2005
Upgraded to this phone a year ago, 3 replacement handsets, 1 repair (which took over 1 month with Carphone Warehouse)and yet again i am expirencing more problems with current handset. Battery life average. Would not recommend, am now looking for a different make of phone.

Reviewed by Rach from UK on 18th Aug 2005
I have had this phone for just over 12 months now. I think that the quality of it now is far less than it should be as the silver design on the front is coming off and I can no longer hear the caller unless I put it on speakerphone which is awkward if I'm in a shop! The screen often goes white and the phone switches itself off sometimes. The camera quality is better than I've seen on some phones but it isn't perfect as the zoom can make pictures distorted. I think that the battery life is terrible as its sometimes only a day when I have to recharge it. The buttons on the side which change the volume are annoying when the phone is in a small pocket as sometimes the phone can switch itself onto a quiet profile so I don't receive phonecalls. All in all I think this phone was a good purchase in the beginning but now it lets me down too often!

Reviewed by Alfas from UK on 31st Jul 2005
I wish I never bought it. I never imagined that phone can be this bad. Smart buttons seems to be not smart, but totaly stupid. They will swich your ring randomly while phone is inpocet. A lot of missed calls because of that. Connectivity to computer almost 0. The software you get with phone usless. Battery life time missarable. It has 5mb of RAM, but you can store only 25 SMS messages. I can not even sell it. Because nobody buys it even for 1/10 of price I paid. I had to come back to my old phone even the batter is almost dead and it is 5 years old. It still works way much better. Motorola V500 is a terrible phone.

Reviewed by micheal scottson from UK on 10th Jul 2005
ive had the v500 for a month and so far nothing has gone wrong and im more than happy with it. the camera is brilliant unlike the v220!! the screen is good quality and txts send quickly and easily. the only thing is on the box it came in it said the battery life lasted up to a week but mine only lasts a day!i like the cool modern design and it feels like a good substancial phone which does not scratch easily. i would give this phone 8/10

Reviewed by zach from UK on 7th Jul 2005
the only problem i had with this phone was the control pad and i am sorry that it happens with a lot of motorola phones but this one is bad. Sorry

Reviewed by candy g from london on 3rd May 2005
This phone is not bad. The style is smart but a little chunky. It would have been better if they made the phone covers easier to remove and change. I do have to say though that the speaker stopped working on it after two weeks of having the phone. Which i think is a big problem with the company because ive had three other Motorola's and they have all done the same thing after only a short while of using them. This is why after this phone Im not going to buy any more of this certain make.

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 2nd May 2005
I really wish i never bought this stupid phone. It does my head in! First of all, the smart keys on the side have stopped working - i have no idea why. The phone randomly switches itself off, which is extremely annoying when you're half way through a txt so have to go back and write it again. Battery life is rubbish, sometimes mine only lasts one day! It doesn't tell you when you are over 1 txt msg so you get charged double or even triple if you write over 2 pages, therefore i had to work it out for myself. When i'm writing a txt the phone can't keep up with me so i'm literally sitting waiting for it to catch up then i have to go back and correct my mistakes. i wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Pobin from England on 2nd May 2005
When I got this fone last June it was absolutely fantastic. Since then so many things have gone wrong. The memory has gone down and down, and deleted all my pics, ringtones and messages. I now have no memory and can't receive texts. The good things are the screen quality and the bluetooth, shame about the camera and the no video player. To be honest I preferred my Nokia 3310 - much more reliable.

Reviewed by Sugababe from England on 2nd May 2005
This fone is absolutely brilliant its a perfect shape and has got a got solid casing on it. the camera is the best camera i have ever had on a mobile phone its simply brilliant. the screen colour is very visible and clear and its just brilliant its the best fone ive ever had. i most definately reccomend it to anyone one out there who is stuck on which fone to buy - its exccellent!

Reviewed by stefan howarth from england on 1st May 2005
i have had this phone for about 2 months now and i love it. the camra isnt as good as the new modles coming out but its still good. i love the mp3 ringtones. this phone is great and a must have

Reviewed by tommy from uk on 1st May 2005
this fone is amazing only 1 let down though which is the battery life, ineed to charge my fone up evwery 3 days, but other than that i would recmmend this fone to every1 bi bi

Reviewed by Matthew Freestone from U.K. on 27th Apr 2005
As an update to my other review posted (M Freestone) I would like to say that I am still very impressed with this fone. On 24/04/2005 my younger bro dropped his V500 down the toilet god knows what he was doing and he brought the fone to me as I was fearing the worst. I left it to dry for a day taking the battery cover, sim and battery out of the fone and left them to dry. After 24 hours drying out the fone works apart from the camera, the 2 screens work and all is well so far. The fone may be heavy but reassures good build quality no cheap feel not like some Nokias or Sony Ericcons. I have come across a website that tells you how to create your own Mp3 ringtones and how to transfer games to your fone and upgrade the V500 to a V600 for Video play back through a data cable and software with tutorials on how to do it. http://www.motomodders.net Free registration and access to downloads i also came across a website that had 400 java games for this fone but website doesn't exist some dont work only tried a few Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorow, Rainbow Six 3, Prince of Persia Sands Of Time and XIII work and are good. I have the software to make mp3 ringtones and for sending games from pc through data cable have to make the software point jad files to java files (the games) if any one is interested and wants the software which is free but hard to find email me matt_160@hotmail.com PS When deciding to get a data cable try http://www.mobilefun.co.uk as they have the official genuine motorola data cable for 8.95 Dont spend 30 for the datacable and Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) as I downloaded it for free so if any 1 wants it email me and I'll send it either as attachement or through MSN no justifying paying over the odds for software that should of come with the fone. Still the best fone I have ever had up to now will glady buy another motorola at some point in the future.

Reviewed by Matt Williams from UK on 25th Apr 2005
The phone has some good features, screen is excellent and the GPRS is very fast, Was let down greatly by the side buttons which change the ringtone style. Using the security->locking trick works but then missed calls don't get reported properly. There's better out there for the money.

Reviewed by Christopher Reid from Scotland, UK on 22nd Apr 2005
For the year and a half that i have had this phone, i have enjoyed every minute! I have had no problems or complaints with it except from the non-video playback. Im getting a new phone (Nokia 7200) and i will be sad to see this go. I loved using this phone and it is VERY durable! It has been great for little snapshots and things and has seemed to hold massive amounts of pictures of various things. After my 7200 i will definatly buy another phone from Motorola. Another thing that has seemed to develop, is the battery life seems to shorten after a while, but im not exactly careful with phones! Hehe! Also i recommend a Bluetooth dongle for your PC, as you can upload your photos, Very useful!! lol And the Bluetooth on the actual phone is a very nice feature too! Anyway, If you are looking for a fast and sleek phone that handles your every needs, buy the Motorola V500.

Reviewed by sARAH from SCOTLAND on 21st Apr 2005
I have had this phone for almost 4 months and have had no problems what so ever. The battery needs charged every 4 days, and the camera is reasonbly good. The only problem with the camera is the pixellisation on the screen on some dark photos, but not really a problem. It downloads games/wallpapers/tones etc quickly, and the Internet on Orange is free! Also I only have 3p texts! The messages are rather slow though, it can't keep up when I'm texting, but thats only when I've only got one bar of battery left, so its understandable. I wanted a change from Nokia and I am very happy. I know people who have had the V500 for just over a year, and have had no problems at all! Now I'm just looking for software to put my photos on my computer! Great phone!

Reviewed by jonny b from uk on 20th Apr 2005
its got bluetooth and a gd quality camera and gd games its gr8 and it neva breaks down 4 me

Reviewed by Leah from England on 17th Apr 2005
first of all thank you 'm freestone'for telling how to lock the phone so that you cannot change the settings while it is in ur bag etc! Ive had my phone for a year and am about to upgrade to the LGU8138 hopefully next month. The v500 is a nice looking phone both the case of it and the menus as the colours are really vibrant but it keeps crashing and freezing lots and the text cannot keep up atall. Many times ive had missed calls but have never heard the phone ring/vibrate or seen it flashing. Also the smart key in the middle doesnt always reacto so for example when your in the outbox and try and click delete, you end up re-sending it. Apart from that its a nice little phone!

Reviewed by sam f from england on 16th Apr 2005
this fone is amazing! O.K it's not the best camera in the world or the sound isn't brilliant but no fones perfect i'd give it 9/10

Reviewed by Saxman from England on 12th Apr 2005
i have had this phone for about a day now, it is overall exceptional! and i would recommend it to anyone. I was thinking of getting a sony ericsson T630 however the memory was awful and the screen ain't much better as for the camera well.... lets not go there! i read the reviews about this phone and i though i would go for it i have had no troubles! i am getting it unlocked tomorrow so i can put my o2 sim in as i bought it from the link for 79.99 theres no doubt about it this phone is quality and motorola have done a brilliant job. (one thing i haven't tested is the blutooth but looks promising) people who have been saying that the phone is heavy are you mad it's not! it's just right and overall this was the best phone i could have got and i was glad i didn't get the T630. In the long run i will be buying from motorola again! superb job guys!

Reviewed by Stig. H from U.K - Bedfordshire on 12th Apr 2005
I fink this is a good phone for just messin around with but after 3 monthes i had a problem where when people call u, u hav to put it on loud speaker to hear anythin. On orange this phone has free internet, not sure about uver networks, and has an ok download speed. The camera is poor as the zoom isnt a zoom it just widens the image on screen. Bluetooth is good but, 4 all those people who dont know how to, to send stuff you have to use the menu of the file and then copy to find and not search for devices. Juest warning those people who want to keep all there images and ringtones on there phone that if u want to keep them u cant send the phone of for repair when the headpiece breaks. I have done this 3 times and have had to upload my stuff to comp via bluetooth.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 11th Apr 2005
Had this phone for around 6 months now. All in all it is an alright phone. The camera gets a bit poor but cleaning the lens with a cotton bud usually clears it up a bit. The shutter speed on the camera is extremely slow. If you take a photo and move too quickly it becomes distorted. It crashes quite a lot, white screen then resets itself. My main problem with the phone is this: WHO SET THE BUTTONS ON THE SIDE TO CHANGE THE PROFILE! The amount of calls I have missed because the phone has been in my pocket and changed itself to silent! Extremely irritating! Before this phone I had a Panasonic GD87, an older phone but far better! I am now changing to an LG 8130 on 3. I will see how that goes then write a review.

Reviewed by flo from uk on 8th Apr 2005
A great phone which I was given at Christmas, the only (small) drawback is that it is a bit heavy. The screen provides an excellent picture, the camera is fast and easy to use with clear photos which I have even downloaded by email - the quality is good enough for me! The ringtones are great and I have downloaded loads of games which the kids enjoy as well as me! Cant fault it re reliability and looks but I will be buying a new phone soon as I want a video facility and also a smaller lighter phone cos this one is ruining my jeans! PS Also use the phone's alarm (and snooze facility) instead of my clock and to date I have never slept through it!

Reviewed by nathan w from crosby on 7th Apr 2005
me and me girlfriend hannah h share dis fone and it is proper boss but sometimes the alarm goes off wen it isnt set

Reviewed by sarah from leicester on 7th Apr 2005
i have had this phone for about 12 months now when i first got the phone i had nothing but trouble i had to send it to be repaired 2 times within 2 months of having it!! the screen kept flashing white and there was nothing you could do to over come this problem i tried turning it off then on again but it still flashed a white screen.The bluetooth is rubbish it wont let me pick other people up yet they can pick me up the camera is really poor even if u change the settings.

Reviewed by Rob Mitchell from UK on 1st Apr 2005
I was going to write about this phone much earlier on, but I decided to keep the phone for a few months before reviewing it. It's been 4 months since I recieved the phone on Christmas day, and it's had no problems what-so-ever so far. Great display which is very crisp, good camera quality (although you might need to clean the lense occasionally. Easily done, though, just use a tissue or something), nicely layed out keypad and the phone is very easy to navigate. I've also downloaded a couple of games onto the phone using it's fast internet connection, and so far so good with those, too. The sound quality is cool aswell (with MP3 support) and the Bluetooth works every time. The only thing that really annoys me about the phone is the phone charger itself. The battery life is generally good (although playing a game can sometimes drain it), but the charger is so poorly made that it can sit in the phone and just not charge it up. It can be really frustrating sometimes. It loses 1 star purely for that. Otherwise, though, the phone is totally solid. I've had no complaints with it so far (aside from the charger...) and I really recommend it. Great price, too.

Reviewed by bailey from england on 26th Mar 2005
hiya i had this phone and i think it was gr8 but now the novelty has really worn off because i want a video phone as all my friends have and i havent and it has an extremely speedy internet and the camera quality is 6/10 but you cant watch videos off the internet which is a bit stupid ok bye xx

Reviewed by Jacki from UK on 25th Mar 2005
Well, at the moment my phone is sitting in a repair shop! I received the V500 3 months ago as a birthday present, and apart from the battery needing to be charged every couple of days, I was very happy with it. Then I suddenly kept missing calls, and eventually discovered this was because the ring volume had gone really quiet. Checked all the settings, definitely set on loud with volume turned right the way up, but could only hear it ringing when I held it close to my ear! Not much use when it's usually in my pocket or bag. Argos sent it off to be fixed 2 weeks ago, still no sign of getting it back, so off to argue with the manager tomorrow! I wish I'd stuck to the Samsung S300 which I had before.

Reviewed by Rach from uk on 25th Mar 2005
iv'e had this mobile now for approx 6 months after waiting for it to come down in price for quite some time. on the whole i'm quite pleased with it and iv'e had no major problems with it unlike the v220's which my children have(avoid at all costs). its quite stylish..the only let down appearence wise is the ariel. the camera quality is reasonably good, ring tones are really cool and unique and the free games average. texting on it is no probs what so ever. my only minor gripes is that even when on its loudest setting its still quiet(especially say compared to a nokia) i sometimes miss calls coming through, especially if the mob's in another room from me or stuck at the bottom of my handbag! talking of the latter that can sometimes cause the button on the side of the mob to press in(if something else has nudged it) and change its volume settings so be careful. if however u miss calls/txts or your battery is running low it does beep every min or so alerting u to that fact for some time. in one way thats handy but in another slightly annoying. i only need to recharge my mob every few days and it does fully charge pretty quick. even though this mob has now become increasingly popular i'd still recommend it to anyone.compared to some other cam mobs out there i won't mention it hasn't hastily dropped way down in its value stakes either.

Reviewed by claire from england on 24th Mar 2005
I think that this is a very good phone it gives you all the things you really need and extras to make it better!

Reviewed by kayla from grimsby on 24th Mar 2005
i got this phone in november 2004 at first i thought it was great but then after about a month or two when someone tried phoning me it wud cut out and then ring again put i could not answer it, and even when the person phoning had put the phone down my mobile wud still carry on ringing, pictures are ok but if you are in a certain lighting the picture goes all blurry and horrible.

Reviewed by M Freestone from U.K. on 20th Mar 2005
I brought this fone from my local choices video rental shop in June 2004 but the first 1 had to go back due to swicthing on and off. As with most things you can occur a faulty batch as I did and so got a new fone. Now its March 2005 thought I'd write a review for this fone. After mainly having Nokia fones from the Nokia 402 (5110) to 3210-3510i I decided to switch brand as every fone after the 3210 just kept freezin all the time and switching on and off. As sI have difficulty reading menus and text messages on fones I wanted one with a big screen and this fits the bill perfectly with the vibrant colours you see the screen in all weather conditions unlike the Nokia 3510i useless in bright sunny conditions. The buttons on the Motorola V500 are big and easy to use and has many useful features like Bluetooth. The camera is good but as there is many newer phones they can take better pictures but this one is good for all I'll ever use it for. I've read many reviews on here how the fone can change volume and beep when the fone is not in use in bag or pocket this is a design flaw as the side buttons can still be used when the fone is closed. There is a solution to stop this happening. GO TO SETTINGS- SCROLL DOWN TO SECURTIY- LOCK APPLICATION- THEN CHOSE SETTINGS Now when the fone is in vibrate mode as mine is then when the fone is closed it will not beep and will stay in vibrate mode. I have also read reviews where people cant recieve or send text messages and have to have orange sim updates. I had this same problem but its not the phone thats at fault but the sim card as the same thing happened to me on a Nokia 3310 on Orange. I think the reason this happens is if you leave the fone on all day and leave it switched on over night just like i do the sim card doesnt have time organise itself and if the sim card is left switched on all the time with out being powered off then the sim card will malfunction this is why you need sim updates. Another issue that need clearing why this fone cant be unlocked for free this is because Motorola unlike Nokia change the codes for removing the locks on the fones more often. You need to go to a shop or market stall to get them to unlock it as they have the hardware and software to do it where Nokia you can download a code generator that creates keys using your fones serial number and you can do it your self. This fone as it is can't play video clips and Motorola have the V550 and V545 models that come with the video play back. These newer models have the same spec as the V500 but with added video play back. There is no justifying replacing the V500 for a newer model as the V500 can be 'modified'. If you have a data cable you can download software to 'flex' the V500 to a V600 and this has the benefit of bringing up new menus that wern't accessible before and the feature of video playback. For other errors like freezing that can happen on some V500 you can flash the bios to a newer version that will stop this happening. Overall the Motorola V500 is a good fone that can have the features of a V600 when activated hope you find this useful.

Reviewed by Tom from Sheffield, UK on 18th Mar 2005
At first I had a Sagem myX-7 however the lack of bluetooth and the fact that it wasn't a flip phone soon left me wanting to change. I bought this phone very cheaply however the bluetooth didn't seem to work. A LITTLE TIP FOR ANYONE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM. I have to close my phone if I have activated my bluetooth to recieve something. The phone recogises the transfer and then I am able to open my phone again. A very slight inconvenience, and this was a really good change. I would reccomend this phone to anybody.

Reviewed by Sarah from liverpool on 15th Mar 2005
I have had this fone sice christmas and wen eva eny1 fone me i can't hear a word they r saying. Ihave traded it in for a samsungE800 and it is much beter!

Reviewed by Demon from UK on 11th Mar 2005
It's a snazzy fone with cool features such as imaging and picture messaging. With 65K colours it makes a colourful and smooth effect. The only slight downside to the fone is that you can't take videos, but the sharp imaging takes care of that. The motorola is a nice, simple fone that is easy to work with. The battery is good and the design is up to date with its sleek interior and its superb on the exterior. Another cool feature is the picture phone book in which (with a slight glance) you can see who is calling you.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 10th Mar 2005
I ordered this phone as a replacement for my faithful old Nokia as the latters' battery is just about finished. I was looking for a flip camera phone under 100, and the V500 fitted my requirements well. Overall I am very pleased with my new purchase after the first month. It's solidly built (no scratches when dropped, oops!) and personally I prefer the heavier feel. The battery seems to last around three days and the charger works fine, although it is fiddly to attach (you need to have it the right way around). The screen is a decent size and very clear. The ring is mostly loud enough to hear even if the phone is in your pocket, but not in busy areas (by a busy road for example). As some others have mentioned, the phone beeps you frequently if you miss a call or text but I found this a help where I had failed to hear the phone first time around. Texting works fine, although I found predictive was a little awkward and it doesn't always seem to offer commonly used abbreviatio ns ("gud" for example is missing). The camera is everything I'd expect from this price range, and a vast improvement on the V220 which my mate demonstrated for me. Colours are more vivid and the picture much clearer both indoors and out. However I found that pictures taken using maximum zoom tend to come out somewhat blurred. A downside perhaps is that Orange's tariff is a little higher than Virgin who I have been using (no free voicemail) and reception can be poor in some areas. But overall I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an economy camera phone.

Reviewed by Razvan Ciurez from Romania on 10th Mar 2005
I have this phone about 6 months and it's realy killing me. Have to repare 3 times.Good things: batery life (6 days), great display, great camera. Bad things (hang on tight): external display, software problems (slow, errors),keybord , speaker, case, charging problems, bluetooth is working with only few other fones... what can I say... I hate Motorola now... I hate Nokia too....I do not know what phone I am going to get..

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 8th Mar 2005
Have had this phone 6 months and it drives me nuts. I wanted a change from Nokia and have lived to regret it. The most frustrating thing for me is that it doesn't memorise new words into the dictionary and so I'm forever having to teach it new words (knackered being a classic example). And I text faster than it types so am constantly having to go back and change words home/good if/he etc. Drives me mad. The address book also winds me up (not being able to scroll up and down through 'A' and so you have to go through all the 'A's to get to Asset - you can't go to the end and scroll up). Am buying a 6230.....

Reviewed by abi xx from birmingham on 8th Mar 2005
this fne is shocking i hate it it turns off all the time and never responds properly.. i find it rely slow with texting and it sometimes dosent ring if u recieve calls and then tells you 10 minutes later u have recieved a call.. i dnt no anyone with this fone who hasnt complained about it ...its useless and a waist of time i tell everyone who has considered 2 get this fone not to it wil b a waist of money and u will probably find it comes with the same problems x x x x

Reviewed by mjthomas from united kingdom on 8th Mar 2005
I have read all the reviews on the Motorola V500 (because I found the time! :) and I note with interest the comments regarding the battery having to be charged after 1 day. I have just ordered the Motorola V500 and it arrived today. I have finally after much soul searching, replaced my m3788e - OK stop gasping please. For me, I require two things out of a mobile phone, 1. durabilty body wise..which the m3788e gave me - it was drop kicked, run over by my mountain bike, dropped anyway, run over by my car and it survived. 2. I want something I can feel in my hand. Size matters.......I like the weight - punier phones break easily if you drop and yes, I have friends who have dropped their phones and it was all over. Regarding the battery life, I think this is something that the motorola suffers from anyway. My m3788e started out by lasting two days and now after 5 years or whatever, it lasts for one day. As for the V500 switching itself off, after reading the various review s I find other peoples phones switch themselves off...from Samsung, to Ericson to Vodafone. The mobile phone technology is not yet perfect but looking at the way it has improved over the last few years (remember having to carry your battery with you??), it will get even better and it is already a long way there. We all like different things and some stick with the tried and tested, I can't wait to test run my motorola v500 and if there are any problems.....trust me.....they and everyone else will know about it.

Reviewed by donna marie from IRE on 6th Mar 2005

Reviewed by pippa from england on 6th Mar 2005
this phone will be the best phone to you for around 3mounths then you will get very anoyed with it trust my dad has it and hes very rarely gets frustrated and this phone did his head in so i very much recomend you the motorola V600 my dad had had it now for around a year and if you look after it properly then you can be garentied a great phone the camera is almost perfect and the graphics so if your looking for a good looking reliable phone then maybe spend a little more and get a V600 its a great phone!

Reviewed by spinko! from uk on 6th Mar 2005
ok sumats append wiv my phone, on the photos i made a new catagorie and not only did the fotos i put in there disapear entirely, but sum fotos i deleted weeks ago suddenly av reapeared! this fones just confusing!!!! wiv luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewed by Mark from England on 3rd Mar 2005
Got my V500 delivered on 01/03 and had no problems yet in fact i love it so far. Battery life seems ok but i did run it down to one bar after playing monopoly for 3 and a half hours. I just couldnt put it down. Love the look and feel of the phone. Some reviewers have considered the above average weight as a bad thing but i like the heavy feel of it. Light phones i think feel cheep. Good camera with 4x zoom and adjustable brightness. Love this phone so far.

Reviewed by mark from england on 2nd Mar 2005
had phone 4 a year great no problems at all battery good only probs with signal on orange due an upgrade but 2 what maby a V3 ???? great phone

Reviewed by Andy from England on 1st Mar 2005
I have owned 2 of these phones in 4 days. I originally bought 1 and at first it was great. Then i noticed when u take a picture the quality is fine but often when u come to view the photo when its saved it has become all pixillated. I therefore changed the phone hoping it was just a fault with that 1. The same problem occured with this phone. I have also had the phone turn itself off 4 times since iv owned it and the screen has a tendancy to freeze. I am now changing to a sony k700i AVOID

Reviewed by PWatkins from UK on 28th Feb 2005
What a naff phone. Will never have a Motorola again. Battery life is garbage. Font size on menus is garbage. Ear piece volume is so quiet as to be totally impractical. Ring tones change at will. Charging plug/socket arrangement is useless. All in all a huge diappointment and will be back on the straight and narrow with Nokia in the future. Paul

Reviewed by Tasha from England on 21st Feb 2005
I agree with Lee from England! I have every experienced every single problem/bad point that he has mentioned! I have had my fone now about 9 months and it is starting to go slow and experience them problems! Especially it crashing and it looking battered and worn. The battery is starting to die slowly. When i 1st bought it, i thought it was a really good fone, but now i think totally different! Another bad point i have got/am experiencing is that i am in the middle of trying 2 unlock my fone because it is on Orange and i want 2 use an o2 sim in it! I can not find how 2 do it anywer, well at least not for free! U have 2 pay which is stupid coz other network fones u can do it for free! My mate unlocked her nokia for free! I think that is really stupid! Also dont ever put an unlock code on ur camera if u want 2 take a pic and save it! Ul experience really bad problems, I DID! I went 2 take mine 2 an orange shop and then i realised the problem! I want 2 change my fone soon, it is doin my head in!

Reviewed by Danny from US on 16th Feb 2005
Well, to start this phone is a huge disapointment for me. It always freezes up and turns off by itself!! The battery life sucks! For it being motorola it's a disgrace that they made such a cheap ass phone!! The digital camera takes really crappy pictures. I had a nokia before this one and regret getting rid of it. Nokia is the way to go, anything right now except Motorola!! Oh did I mention that it always FREEZES UP???!

Reviewed by white_wolf from England on 16th Feb 2005
I have had no problems with this phone, the battery lasts from 4 days to a week which is quite good. The camera isn't the best quality I've ever seen but it isn't bad considering the price of the phone. The reception is ok but not brilliant, mine is on the orange network. I got it for my birthday last year which was about 8 months ago and I have dropped it, knocked it and squashed it but it is still in good condition and working perfectly. Only problems are: alot of ringtones are not compatible, if i switch to using numbers in sms then switch back to letters, the next time i open a new sms it starts off in numbers again which is a little annoying. overall a good phone.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 10th Feb 2005
This phone has good and bad points. Good Points: 1) High Quality Camera (at the highest resolution you will be able to store about 120 pictures on it's 5MB memory) 2) Good quality Games (comes with 2 games, Stuntman and Monopoly. Monopoly is very good at first but run's too slow (especially if you are using 5+ players)) 3) Quad Band - You will be able to use it in many countries. 4) Bluetooth - Allows you to connect wirelessly between other devices. 5) MP3 Tones - unlike most phones that only offer polyphonic tones, this phone has proper MP3 tones. 6) WAP & GPRS - Allows you to browse the network's internet, and can download pictures, games, and tones (though the'ye pretty expensive, and it runs slow) You can also mix tracks. Bad Points: 1) Battery life at first lasts about 2 days, then will go up to about 4 days, and after about 10 months of owning the phone the battery life will go back to about two days 2) Charger - The charger is the most fiddly charger ever. You have to have it in ust the right place to charge and it will often stop charging seconds after plugged in). 3) The ear piece will go really quiet after 7 months of owning, then you wont be able to hear your calls in busy areas. When closed the ring tone is not loud and will be hard to hear in busy areas. 4) The phone will switch itself off or crash on you occasionally. The only way to get it working is to remove the battery and to reinsert it again. 5) When you have a missed call or text message the phone will beep every few minutes (think it's 3) (this sound will become very annoying, especially when you're trying to sleep). This also happens with a low battery. but a different tone. 6) When the phone is in your pocket, the slightest movement will set off the profile button, and the phone will make a noise (get used to hearing this!) 7) The phone will sometimes not receive phone calls and text messages. 8) The phone looks nice at first but give it 8 months after its fallen out of your pocket 30 times, and itt will look pretty battered. Conclusion: To conclude this review this phone is OK, but will only last you 18 months (2 years tops before it dies on you) I have hads mine nearly 11 months but willl be upgrading at the end of my contrct period.

Reviewed by brad from england on 4th Feb 2005

Reviewed by a from peterborough on 3rd Feb 2005
i think thet the motorola v500 is rubbish thats because that when i go to activate my bluetooth it does not work i don't no what to do now but i advise anyone that buys this thone there waisten there money.

Motorola V500 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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