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Motorola V3XX review

 Review: January 2007  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The Motorola RAZR V3XX is the updated version of the RAZR V3X.

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It's an ultra-slim and lightweight 3G handset that comes in some funky designs (see photo on the left) and makes the V3X look fat and flabby.

But the V3XX isn't just about looks. It has a surprise up its sleeves - 3.5G technology! The V3XX introduces a new technology called HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) which enables data to be downloaded at speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps - that's 10x faster than conventional 3G - and has been dubbed 3.5G. This means that you can make maximum use of 3G network services, such as high resolution video calling at 15 frames per second, super-fast music downloading and streaming and live TV on your phone. The Motorola V3XX is the first UK handset to introduce this new technology, but there will be more released during 2007.

The V3XX includes two cameras: a 1.3 megapixel camera for still photography, and a VGA camera for video calling. This is a bit of a puzzle. The V3X had a 2 megapixel camera, so Motorola have taken a step backwards here. The camera really doesn't make the grade for a 3G phone costing as much as this. It's the phone's biggest letdown. The video camera on the other hand is excellent and supports high resolution (640 x 480 pixels) with a frame rate of 15 frames per second. The main display supports 256K colours and 240x320 resolution, which is the de facto standard for this class of phone in 2007.

As you'd expect the V3XX has full support for music playing. The stereo MP3 player supports the most common digital music formats (MP3, AAC & AAC+) and you can plug in either a USB headset or a wireless stereo Bluetooth headset (both optional extras). Sound quality is excellent. MP3 ringtones are also supported, with 64-voice polyphonic sound. The onboard memory is only 50 Mbytes, which is enough to store around 10 songs, but you can expand the memory using a microSD™ memory card. No memory card is supplied with the phone, but you can buy these relatively cheaply now, and the microSD™ format cards are available at up to 2 Gbytes.

The battery life of the V3XX has been improved compared with the V3X, although 3G phones are always challenged in this respect and never perform as well as 2G handsets. Bluetooth and USB connectivity is supported, and all the standard features that you'd expect from a modern phone (MMS, email, web browser, etc) are present. Of course, it was released in 2007 and doesn't have modern features such as GPS.

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Motorola V3XX features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video camera (640 x 480 pixels, 15 frames/second, MPEG4 format)
  • Main display: 256,000 colours, 320 x 240 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • External display: 64,000 colours
  • Stereo MP3 player (MP3/AAC/AAC+ formats)
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Java games
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
  • Phonebook (1,000 entries)
  • Memory: 50 Mbytes plus microSD™ memory card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, mini-USB
  • Fast downloads: HSDPA (3.6 Mbps), EDGE Class 10, GPRS Class 10
  • WAP 2.0/xHTML web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Size: 103 x 53 x 15mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Talktime: 175 minutes (120 minutes when video calling)
  • Battery standby: 305 hours

Motorola V3XX user reviews

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Average rating from 97 reviews:

Reviewed by Timothy from Indonesia on 13th Oct 2010
Great phone,,amazing design and still can catch up with recent phone

Reviewed by Johnson Akuoko from ghana on 30th Aug 2010
Its a nice phone but unfortunatelly the battery went dead only after three(3)days of purchase.

Reviewed by melz from CHCH New Zealand on 28th Apr 2010
I have no probs with the phone but with the man that sold it to me....I have no browser so I cannot experience the HSDPA. So anyone out there that can help would be great!! Other than that great phone!!

Reviewed by Matthew Brocklesby from United Kingdom on 4th Aug 2009

Reviewed by Maahadi from Malaysia on 1st Dec 2008
Nice looking phone..feels like an executive..but I got hang when browsing the internet and use it as a modem on a PC..why this happen?the connection not last for more than 5 minutes(average)..what i need to do is to pull back the battery and restart..i'm very irritate why the Motorola create this phone like this..

Reviewed by Brandon from New Zealand on 5th Nov 2008
I didn't find anything wrong with the battery. I actually thought that the battery life was pretty good. I dont use the multimedia features of the phone so i cant really comment. Predictive text is excellent! Does the job... even though the design is pretty dated, in my opinion it still looks pretty good! However, my phone had blown an IC after removing the battery without turning it off. My fault obviously, but still, i found it to be a bit fragile. Saying this, i don't think that i will but another Motorola.

Reviewed by Steph from United States on 18th Sep 2008
I'm just a typical phone user. The Motorola V3xx has worked fine for me. Only a few problems to report: I can confirm that the Battery Runs down quickly if you use the MP3 player a lot. A few more problems happened recently when I took a vacation to Middleboro, Maine near Martha's Vineyard. I had the phone's alarm set for 7:00 AM but at 3:30 AM twice. Leaving the phone on, this strange tone played for about 20 seconds and then the phone shut itself down. the phone still alarmed at it's correct time however. Once with airplane mode on and then airplane mode off. I can't seem to duplicate the problem in my home area so I suspect it's either 3G related or area related. My home network runs on EDGE. I came upon this page using Google, still searching for similar issues. Overall it's still a good phone.

Reviewed by Gregg from USA on 25th Aug 2008
I had a V3, it was a good phone. The V3xx contantly turns itself off, also it does not get a signal in places the V3 did (same cariier - ATT)

Reviewed by Tareq Darwish from Egypt on 24th Jun 2008
My MOTO V3XX is the third Motorola Cell I buy, Motorola RAZR Design one of the most beautiful things I ever seen regarding modern technology, Is there any way I can find the "Volume" specifications of this phone, e.g I want to pump up the volume. Thanks

Reviewed by Ryan from USA on 11th Jun 2008
All seems to work fine but very disappointing battery life. I do not seem to have any "problems" per se with the battery, it just needs charging every other day even when simply on standby. I should've researched the battery life before I purchased. Last Motorola I ever get. When I actually use the phone to talk it needs recharging every day. Very poor/

Reviewed by ibrahim from egypt on 9th Jun 2008
camera is bad &java only game

Reviewed by alex from Ireland on 4th Apr 2008
stupid phone will do only the americans , their networks are back years compared to ireland . going to get a nokia their more pratical and user friendly . better to text on.

Reviewed by Joe from USA on 3rd Feb 2008
One major flaw with this phone makes me dock it two full stars: When a ringer ID is used (a custom ring tone for, say, my wife), any text messages I get from that person trigger that custom ringtone. In other words, text messages from people with custom ringtones sound just like phone calls and cause me to dive for the phone and say Hello? Hello??? a couple times before taking a look and seeing it's just a dumb text message. I called AT&T about this. They said it's a feature. Thanks a lot, guys.

Reviewed by Charlie from USA on 14th Jan 2008
I've had this phone for 9 days and have had a ton of problems with it. It constantly turns on and off by itself, especially it the middle of calls. The battery goes down way too quick also.

Reviewed by THE TRUTH ABOUT IT from CANADA on 11th Jan 2008
The V3xx is a great move from it's older brothers (the older V3 models). it has a great camera and and super fast and crips video recording. i had this phone for 6 months and had practically no problems. one major proble i have (can't blame the phone for this) is the bands, their european and i'm in canada so it's a let down there. USA AND CANADA PPL NEED 850 and 1900 BANDS TO GET MAX PERFORMANCE IN YOUR COUNTRIES. i only have the 1900, but surprisingly the phone works great in most places. the receiver is really clear and loud. the speakerphone is loud even for music, it's no boombox so don't expect to hear in a very noisy background (put it close to ur ear and u'll hear well) one problem with the speakerphone is that when it's on and u close the flip, u get disconnected from your call. The phone is super fast,even for java programs there's barely any waiting for anything, everything loads fast. one great advantage about the phone is the ringtone HIGH PITCH IT'S LOUD!!!

Reviewed by Ross from United States on 1st Jan 2008
V3xx is a beautiful phone, like all RAZR's. Sleek, elegant, and I love the big keypad buttons. It FEELS expensive and like it's made to last. Like all Razr's, it is an incredible voice phone. At the end, that is the most important thing. Basic OS as delivered via AT&T is ok. The adress book is brain-dead on arrival. Motorola could learn something from LG here. My gripe? Often, you will have one contact with many different numbers to contact them with--home phones, pagers, business numbers. Sadly all RAZR's phonebooks are flat, one name to one number. So, what happens is you have the same name listed numerous times in your phone book. C'mon guys, you can do better. Nice music player, and bluetooth stereo headset support is super. I just one-upped my IPod equipped wife and son! Woohoo! I am told that a 2 GB micro SD expansion card is the maximum size. Bottom line? Thasa lot of music folks. Far more than I care to listen to in one setting. File system on phone is a bit rudimentary as well. There isn't a way to create your own files--again, a surprise on a high end phone. BTW. You can copy your iTunes and paste them into your SD card and they run great. Nice. Like all MP3's? Don't expect CD quality sound. Ain't gonna happen. The main screen is awesome. Makes me sick to look at others now. Sweet! Lately? My V3xx freezes solid when changing wallpaper. I haven't figured out why. Tech support at AT&T/Cingular has no idea--and since this phone was offered as an upgrade/replacement for a series of 3 V3 RAZR's, I can't get a replacement. So, anyway, I have to litterally pull the battery out, re-install and then turn the phone on to continue when this happens. This is my 4th RAZR (3 V3's before it). I am careful with my handsets. Never dropped, no liquid spills. Motorola seems to be having some serious quality control issues with RAZR's. I heard more RAZR's were made last year than any other cell phone. Perhaps I have just been unlucky and got the short end of production line tolerances? My son's V3 RAZR? He's beat the heck out of it and it has never faltered, hiccupped or done anything bad. Maybe I should take a lesson from him...

Reviewed by AJ from New Zealand on 28th Nov 2007
Update on number 2 phone, alas, still the same issues with connecting on 3G Broadband (HSDPA). The phone still locks up. I'm gonna try number 3 phone in a couple of days and see if third time lucky. I am beginning to think that it is a flaw in the phone hardware, software or firmware. Motorola reckon I am the first to report this issue, but I have found several forums on the internet that suggest otherwise.

Reviewed by AJ from New Zealand on 23rd Nov 2007
Brought the phone yesterday, and already getting it replaced tomorrow. The main reason for purchasing it was for the 3G Broadband. When that works its great, however in the last 24 hours the phone has locked up on me at least 6 times when I was accessing the internet either via 3G or GPRS, Blue Tooth or USB. So so far not so good. I'll let you know how number 2 goes.

Reviewed by shari from USA on 9th Nov 2007
This is my third Razr V3xx phone in 2 weeks. The display light will not turn off consistently, so consequently when it decides not to go off, it drains the battery. AT&T cannot help, and motorola cannot be reached at the number I was given. I'm turning it in and not buying Motorola, it has been the biggest pain.

Reviewed by y10 from Malaysia on 6th Nov 2007
I don't care other negative previews, I already own it, and I love it. Good performance/cost. It is stable and reliable. The best HP I ever have :).

Reviewed by Andres Nino from England on 2nd Nov 2007
Motorol should go out of business for good

Reviewed by ace from malaysia on 24th Oct 2007
love it.. but battery low so fast.

Reviewed by mwangi from kenya on 15th Oct 2007
this fone has got no radio...............

Reviewed by nadine from eygpt on 15th Oct 2007
it is fantastic

Reviewed by Ste from England on 28th Sep 2007
I got this phone really cheap £100 from Norwich & I was very skeptical after owning a v3x. but it has none of the problems my v3x had like turning off for no reason or short term battery life, even leaveing the bluetooth on for a long period didn't kill the battery. The only problem I have found so far is that the fron screen sometimes stays lit long after I have closed the phone, other times the light goes off at the correct time set. Other than that the phone performs better than most 2g phones & is definitely the best 3G phone I have owned. The signal is superb, the battery life is better & everything seems to be tweaked to improve performance. the only gripes I have is that it is a little unbalanced when texting & the camara is poor compared with the V3x. My phone is just the plane black case & it is a very unassuming phone considering the features. & I have to say I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade to 3G.

Reviewed by Jas from UK on 26th Sep 2007
Got the phone as soon as it was launched on contract. Must admit i was not sure i would get use to it but kept it anyway and i must say it was the right decision. Plenty of features but the only downfall for me was the battery life. By the end of my 12 months my battery would give me about 20 minutes of talktime before it switched off. Using the music player in the phone was a no-no for me as it would use battery life. Took me ages to find an in car charger for it as the fittings had changed from the previous models.

Reviewed by Fitt3 from Malaysia on 24th Sep 2007
Don't expect too much on this phone... The price quite reasonable compared to others with 3G HSDPA. Its a business phone. Try to maximise the usage by having a subcribed 3G lines and switch them into 3G modem. Is there any better ideas?

Reviewed by handoverfest from USA on 18th Sep 2007
I have the same problem as owen phillips. I get back reception while being in my office building or any building. The battery life on it is bad, 1:30 to 2 hrs talk time but lately is last for 30 minutes. I am sure I need a new battery but who wants to spend 50 US dollars on a battery. I might as well get a new phone and this time I will stay away from slim phones.

Reviewed by Yuhas from Malaysia on 10th Sep 2007
This is my second time writing. It's regarding MMS and GPRS usage. I thought it was happened to my unit only. But since Owen Philips (see below review) mentioned it. I might as well voice up mine. To use both functions, I have to switch off and on my unit before using them. Be it sending or receiving MMS, i would have to off and on my v3xx. Annoying isn't it... Yea, this could be due to network operator (H3G). but in 2 different countries? Another plus point for v3xx, is its Lock application function. This helps to prevent unwanted access/usage of applications (messages, internet, settings, etc) from others who might try to read your messages or adjusting your settings..

Reviewed by owen phillips from united kingdom on 7th Sep 2007
Phone looks fantatic, as do all the RAZR series. When working as specified, teh HSPDA is blisteringly fast. However,the battery life on mine is abysmal usually 20 hours on standby (without bluetooth enabled). If I make or recive a call, 32 -40 minutes of talking will discahrge the battery completely Phone also isnt good as picking up signals, especially indoors, and seems to have a problem with MMS Messages. This could be due to network operator (H3G). Camera is very poor - very blurred shots Wish I'd bought a Motorola MAXX

Reviewed by Yuhas from Malaysia on 4th Sep 2007
Design-wise, V3xx is the IT phone for styling and flaunting around. You can see it being used in many movies esp. US movies. Yup, it's amazing. Well, let me make it simple by listing the good and the bad. Let's start with the BAD news: Major FLAW, you CAN'T reject a call without opening the flip, thus answering the call. Another major flaw, you can't resize pictures for 'MMS-friendly' size. You'll be sending a very big MMS to other party which might irritate them especially if they're not using 3G. You can't control the bringhtness of the puny little external screen. Brightness level is in-sync with the internal screen's brightness control though somewhat dimmer than the latter. No recurrence alarm option. No notepad tool such as in the SonyEricssons. Can't create folders. Can't rename mp3 files. You can't copy sound files wherever you wanted: mp3 would go into Music folder and WAV and MID would ended up in Sounds folders. So I ended up with my full mp3 songs mixed up with my editted mp3 for ringtones. Opening the flip, the plastic edges made it looks a little cheap. A metal finish would be great. The BIGGEST disappointment is the battery life. Under normal usage, my BZ60 last s for 24 hours before it started giving Low Batt alert. If I clock in more talk time plus occasional use of camera, it would give you around 15 hours before running out of juice. A stylish phone is pointless with no juice... I got my V3xx from a friend with Planet 3 thingy. Maybe this Planet 3 package packed with low quality battery. I don't know... The Good news: Being black, aluminium keypad, blue color numbers and lines, I'd say it is one of the MOST stylish phones available on the planet. Big screen with nice font and crisp display pleased my eyes. Very good picture quality for a 1.3MP camera lens compared to some SE and Nokia with the same pixel counts. Good reception with good earpiece, mic and loudspeaker. The software has faster response compared to its predecessors. Verdict: Big in style, small in function. Suitable for people who seek stylish more than functions. I'd give 3 stars if not for the disgraced battery life. Would not feel bad nor hesitate to switch to other phone, compared to switching from my SE W550i to this V3xx.

Reviewed by Toby from New Zealand on 27th Aug 2007
I've upgraded from the V3 after looking at a bunch of the newer 3G phones (K800i, Nokia 6288) and in the end decided stick with it. Its thin, and has big buttons. That simple. I'm a big fingered 30 something business user so I guess that suites me fine. I think motorola designed one good phone that has one great feature - thinness - and they really haven't moved on. If they updated the design and improved the interface this would be a great phone. But don't get it if you want a camera phone etc. Thanks for the reviews.

Reviewed by belle from Philipppines on 20th Aug 2007
honestly, this phone isn't really that excellent.. of course, from the looks of it, it's so stylish and elegant. but the features aren't really that good. the camera's resolution is a bit low.. i can't use video call with my friends because obviously, not all of them have this phone, or rather a phone that enables video calling... about the 3.5g, of course it's nice. but practicality suggests that this feature isn't a big deal anymore because most of us would just download files from the internet using a pc, and just transfer these to the phone using bluetooth or usb cable... all in all, i think one can say that a phone is good if its camera is more developed, and its design is a bit unique and different from others, because one thing i have noticed about motorola phones is that they have nearly same appearance despite of their difference in features and unit... well, i like the motorokr e6 more than the v3xx... why? bcoz of its touchscreen, a 2MP camera, and elegant design...

Reviewed by Jan from Serbia on 19th Aug 2007
Phone is numero uno

Reviewed by alex from UK (england the best) on 10th Aug 2007
i love this phone i had the coice of v3i or this one but i payed for both and i think its alright but compared to the v3i its just not as good. I love everything about it even though the new downloadable stuff and everything still, nothing to the v3i!!!!! LOL wish you the best i am getting a motorizr z8 as i love your website so much! And then i will get the iphone by apple when it comes out in the uk! My cousin said that it is the best ever phone!!!!

Reviewed by SL from UK on 10th Aug 2007
I have owned 2 v3xx's in the past 3 months and am waiting for my third. Reason is that the phone has known issues with the charging circuit. Very tempermental, and not a reliable phone. I do not recomend this model. BTW, on the last exchange, I was told that when it happens again they will replace with a different model phone. That says something.

Reviewed by callum from england on 28th Jul 2007
i think this phone is not very good at all. Ive known alot of people who have this phone and the front display screen has cracked on everyone.And i think by putting a dragon on front just shows how desperate there are to sell them. They know theres very tough competition out there, with the smasung, nokia sony ericsson the three big ones and so far motorola in my eyes are nowhere near up to there standards!

Reviewed by Sir Sat from Spain on 27th Jul 2007
Sorry fellows but this mobile sucks! I waste my money and I'm trying to sell it.. The camera doesn't satisfy me and it's very expensive for the functions it has.

Reviewed by maria from united kingdom on 16th Jul 2007
this phone is average i had it 4 two weeks and it snapped i would not recommend it as well as the cam gets all foggy. and the phone 1s u have flipped up many times starts to break and get really loose! and the music does not sound very good because my music came out blury and fizzy? piontless phone 4 that kinda money!!

Reviewed by moin from pakistan on 12th Jul 2007
itz cool i like it so0o much

Reviewed by m from UK on 9th Jul 2007
it is a very good mobile

Reviewed by deathjoke from singapore on 28th Jun 2007
This Phone rawks!its music and video playing is simplyly outstanding.Best phone 2007!!

Reviewed by George from USA on 25th Jun 2007
I hate the software for this phone. The main menu has 9 items to choose from but you can not change them to something else, just re-arrange their location! You can not push a button to get a list of missed calls no matter how much you dig. All you get is a mix of all calls made, received, and missed. No filter for missed. Getting details on a call does not tell you if you called them or if they called you, so you can't tell if you need to return a call or not.

Reviewed by ella x from selsdon on 23rd Jun 2007
erm used to hve this fne..bit rubbish only gd fing if i had to say was that it tks ite piczz...erm..wuldnt neccesarliy reccomend dis..sfe x-1-x

Reviewed by Jerrod from USA on 19th Jun 2007
i have the v3xx and the rubber stoppers that protect the keypad from the earpiece keep falling out. ive tried going to cingular and they said i would have to go through insurance. which in their opinion it is physical damage so i would have to pay 50 dollars to get a new one. i am not about to pay 50 dollars for a rubber piece that small. i even tried motorola and they couldnt even do anything for me. if anybody knows how to get this fixed i would love to know. thanx jerrod

Reviewed by me from uk on 18th Jun 2007
this is the best phone in the world. don't buy it because it is mine!

Reviewed by jeska from england on 15th Jun 2007
i think this phone is amazing and i just luv the other motorola v3xx (colour pink ) i just have to have one

Reviewed by Mark Winfield from UK on 31st May 2007
I have had the phone two months and it is going back as I have had no end of problems with the phone shutting down when texting or even worse making or receiving phone calls. My network says there are no known issues with the phone but they would say that.

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 31st May 2007
my motorola v3xx is rubbish, ive had problem after problem with it, turning itself off, ringing by itself when nobody is calling, not being able to hear people when they call me and the charger they sent me never even worked!!!

Reviewed by james from Australia on 26th May 2007
A very good phone. My first Motorola and its proving to be excellent. Great battery life, great looks (keeps the vintage look), super slim for a 3G phone. If i had to be picky, it would have been better if it had incorperated a 2 megapixel camera over the 1.3, but the camera is actually quite good for 1.3 megapixels. I dont have any problems with the phone whatsoever and unlike other Motorola;s this phone doesnt lag at all. Highly Recommended--- I chose this over the LG Shine and im Proud ^^

Reviewed by jj from england on 25th May 2007
this phone is grate i havent got it any more the only poblems are the battey only lasts 15 hours and it dosent worck very good on o2 pay as you go and the phone dosent get on with me much but grate for others i payd £100 for it and bind it after 6 months

Reviewed by Jack from USA on 14th May 2007
Simply the best phone for web surfing. It's super fast with great HSDPA connectivity. I think, this is the best phone for reception as well as high speed connectivity. Processor is superfast.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 13th May 2007
very poor in low reception areas. Other than that a reasonable all round phone.

Reviewed by lucky from pakistan on 7th May 2007
its tooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood i love in it]

Reviewed by Tam from UK on 3rd May 2007
Don't get this phone constantly turns itself off. Three swaps and doing it again. Rubbish!!

Reviewed by hvabf from Philippines on 3rd May 2007
Bad for me... I got this phone last saturday and it shutdown when making a call... they try to upgrade it but doesn't work... now its time to replace it... damn phone... SE still the best!

Reviewed by unhappy in Illinois from usa on 27th Apr 2007
got the phone on Friday by Monday it would not turn on. I exchanged it and got another one. 5 days later that one does work. The screen isn't working. I just I'll have to take it back again.

Reviewed by JK from US on 25th Apr 2007
I love the phone. Great looks, great reception, and menus that can be customized. The version I have supports java games and applications (to do lists, shopping lists, etc.) and they run very fast on the phone. I'm using the phone as a mini PDA.

Reviewed by L.G.Roshan sanjeewa from Sri lanka on 24th Apr 2007
Best phone ever

Reviewed by Toulon from UK NN5 on 23rd Apr 2007
i love this fone - the features are excellent, the screen is bright - videos and photos are great - muffin

Reviewed by will from wales on 23rd Apr 2007

Reviewed by MR. T from england on 22nd Apr 2007
Had a V3 before this phone, and that was fan-tas-tic! ! ! This phone is brill and would highly recommend it to anyone, who's looking for a phone that looks good, easy to use, good quality camera, battery life better then V3. A* PHONE

Reviewed by tony from uk on 14th Apr 2007
Ihad this phone for one week, battery life one day, turned itself off frequently, rubbish, same symptons I had with the V500

Reviewed by Mika from USA on 12th Apr 2007
i just got a razr v3xx and its the awsomest phone ever. the screen is brite texting is awsome and pics and videos are clear and easy to take. i also got an awsome ringtone (wanna be a baller)

Reviewed by picki from uk on 10th Apr 2007
top phone battery lasts well upgrade from my v3i top dollar

Reviewed by LIAM from UK on 9th Apr 2007
Sick fone, got it on 3 with 75 mins and 500 texts, signal is amazing, i didnt liek the menu but you change the skins and make te menu into a list layout. Battery is much betetr than that of Samsungs, i can use this for about 4 days. Camera is high quality considering its just a 1.3 mp. Very loud and clear ringtones. nice metallic look and feel to it, doesnt leave any fingerprints. Well worth the money.

Reviewed by ChrisD from England on 7th Apr 2007
Totally satisfied with this phone! Big improvement on the V3 and V3i, both of which I have owned, particularly so far as reception is concerned. With both the previous models I was unable to get a reliable signal in my living room. With the V3xx I have no problem at all. Also this is a beautifully made phone with quality materials. It is very slightly larger than the V3 but you would have to put them side by side to notice the difference. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by iIts great from china on 7th Apr 2007
[ F A N A BB Y D OO S E YY ]

Reviewed by kim from england on 5th Apr 2007
i love this phone it has got everything so their !!!!!!!!

Reviewed by honeyluv from M.K on 4th Apr 2007
this is typical of Motorola......IT'S RUBBISH!!!!

Reviewed by mike from canada on 4th Apr 2007
The V3xx is a great looking phone with it's impressive features. the only downside to it is it's reception it's extremely poor i lose signal in places that the V3 would have full reception. Now that's dissapointing if an older model can out do the newer model. I bought this phone becuz i wanted something that was louder than the V3 and so it was louder but it lost connection the network ever so often

Reviewed by felix from kenya on 31st Mar 2007
outstandig.for example the mp3, memory,battrey

Reviewed by Unknown from Private on 29th Mar 2007
This is by far the worst fone in the world. I got it 2 weeks ago first day i charged it up and turn it on add 20 contacts and it says memory full next day get a new one guess what after charging it i opened it but then i can't close it it is jammed. Number three, charge it up open it and the thing strats buzzing and won't stop. By this time i can tell you i wasn't happy and three strikes and your out of here. I took it back and they say because of your troble we will give you a free upgrade, i agreed think that things can only get better but the can get a lot worse. I charged up the new Motorola maxx and when i opened it the whole top fell of i went back to the shop but they can't refund me because it is misuse. Well i was stuck with this junk so i smashed it with a hammer. What a great waste of $239 i should of just givien it the cancer council. I am gonna stick with good old Nokias as for you motorola you can stick it up yours.

Reviewed by Lance from U.K. on 26th Mar 2007
Love it!!! My previous phone was a basic Nokia brick with a black and white screen and no other features whatsoever- so comparing the V3xx to it is like comparing a Wright Flyer to a Concorde. (or a ZX81 Spectrum PC to a Dual-Core Pentium 4! Oops- giving my age away!) The only annoying feature (besides the fact that the browser on the 3 network seems to be a total waste of time) is that the "launch browser" button is directly under the "down arrow" button on the keypad. I keep pressing it by mistake whilst texting. It really could have done with being located somewhere else- or one should at least be able to de-activate/reassign it. If someone knows how to do this, let us all know woncha!!?

Reviewed by scott reddings from england on 21st Mar 2007
this phone is alright it ould have been better if you put a bit more style into it

Reviewed by rosa from england on 16th Mar 2007
rubbish never buy one the camera was auful and fuzzy

Reviewed by jord from uk on 14th Mar 2007
rocks my socks! looks good it is good! slim, good memory (v3 was rubbish)! alot better well improved from v3's highly recomended! the only let down is yes it slim but the buttons arnt attractive

Reviewed by mnmn from uk on 14th Mar 2007
it alright but could be better very slow

Reviewed by Ian from uk on 13th Mar 2007
Got this phone free on up-grade from O2 it is jet black with silver key pad and no dragon like pattern on the cover which i think is the best for looks. Very slim but well made, far better features than past V3's, i-mode is useful and camera is good but not the best on the market, the video is very good. You can add microSD which is alot cheaper than Sony memory cards, yes the phone design is the same as the original but lets face it, had it been released today we'd be all raving about it. Plus now with 3.5G great for video calling distant friends and family. Great Phone !

Reviewed by nasty welsh girl from llanberis on 12th Mar 2007
briliant fone realy trendy and fashionable

Reviewed by ddr2 from Greece on 10th Mar 2007
v3xx is a very good phone. Just great! Nothing in common with older motorola phones. Works fine, it is fast, slim, metallic with very good battery.

Reviewed by AJ from UK on 7th Mar 2007
Compared to my old Motorola: - Really slim so easy to carry. Nice, bright, clear screen. Good sized keypad - very easy to use. Very good battery life. Lots of other stuff (MP3, camera/video & Bluetooth), but still really good at the basics. The best mobile that I've had - would recommend it.

Reviewed by claudia from london on 4th Mar 2007
cool fone buy it

Reviewed by tae from england on 4th Mar 2007
i thing the phone is outstanding it like cool when you look at it and it is outstanding i think ever one sould have it so that why i am give it a 5 star becauseit is outstanding. people who are lookind for a phone get this one. it's all you can dream for.

Reviewed by jatinder from india on 1st Mar 2007
awesome phone

Reviewed by Nicole Dyson from England on 28th Feb 2007
this phoe is so cool is it ace baby

Reviewed by Crabisha from U.K on 25th Feb 2007
A fantastic phone, as it is not the type for work or information. Better for children than adults. More of a chance of it getting stolen.

Reviewed by amy smith from gbm on 25th Feb 2007
LOOKS WICKED!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mr e from ireland on 23rd Feb 2007
This is the best

Reviewed by eric from ireland on 21st Feb 2007
got this as an upgrade from 3 and its the worst phone i ever had. cant wait to go back to my 6680 i gave a friend. the reception/coverage is cat. the signal bars fluctuate like crazy. dropping calls and its very fustrating. was using it as a hsdpa modem with my xps laptop and it was also pretty cat, moving the v3 would most likely cause the connection to break. all in all, its too much hi tech gadgets for moto to squeeze into a slim clamshell device. also the C(ancel) key is directly above the red power down button, not good for sms...... cant wait to go back to a nokia!

Reviewed by sophie from england on 21st Feb 2007
it is bere gud

Reviewed by Cleave from England on 6th Feb 2007
This Phone is a very nice phone, but some sites are making the mistake of saying its the upgrade for the V3X. The RAZR Vmaxx or RAZR V6maxx as it is sometimes branded happens to be the upgraded V3X

Reviewed by MirrorMan from UK on 6th Feb 2007
I've waited very patiently for this phone to come available. For the last few years Iíve been very happy with my Sony Ericssonís (K700, K750i, W800i) but Iíve been disappointed with their selection of clam shell phones. They are all chunky and donít sit too comfortably in the hand. However, what Sony Ericsson lack for in stylish handsets, they make up for in sophisticated software and an operating system which is both advanced and very user friendly. For the last few years, Iíve wanted to own a RAZR handset, but have been put off by their basic software and lack of user friendly operating system. So when I heard late last year that they were bringing out the V3xx I was keen to get my hands on it. I had assumed that it would keep the stylish award winning design of the RAZR, but update the software and include a better operating system. I had mine sent out to me at the beginning of January when O2 launched the handset on their network. As expected when changing from Sony Ericsson to Motorola, there were a lot of things to get used to. Different menu settings, different ways to send text messages, and the predictive text was a bit of a headache trying to learn. Iím on O2, and they only offer the V3xx as part of their iMode service. Iím not sure if this shows off the phone to the best of its ability. Most of the iMode mobile browsing sites are not compatible with this handset yet, so I canít rate its 3G capabilities at the moment. One of the main reasons I wanted a clam shell phone is because I used to always get Ďhead-burní when chatting on my handsets in the past. All the Nokia and Sony Ericssonís Iíve had in the past hurt my head when I use them for more than 10mins at a time. The Motorola RAZR design puts its battery and antenna in the lower half of the phone Ė so that it is furthest away from your head and brain when you are making a call. Itís a simple concept, and Iíve found I can make a 40min phone call on the V3xx and not even get head buzz from it. Not microwaving my brain every time I make a call is a major point scorer for me. I love the shape and style of the phone. The screen is one of the biggest Iíve had on a handset and itís really clear to see in all lighting conditions. Overall, I wish I could run the Sony Ericsson operating system on this Motorola. The software on the phone seems very limited Ė or at least, it seems to restrict you from doing things that you are able to do on other handsets. For example, on Sony's you can chose to make your Bluetooth "Visible" or "Hide" at all times when it is powered on. On the Motorola, you have to select "Find Me" and this only makes the Bluetooth visible for 3 minutes. There are no other options to change this setting. The file system on the Motorola does not allow you to move photos or music files into your own created folders. The messaging service on my handset is frustrating, as texts come via SMS and multimedia comes through iMode and into a different inbox. As not all V3xx handsets are on the iMode service I canít make this a criticism of the phone. As far as making and receiving calls, this phone ticks the boxes and does what itís meant to do. In my book, if you want an MP3 player, get an iPod. If you want an excellent camera, go buy a Canon. What Iíve seen with the Sony Ericssonís is that they are trying to cram so much technology into their handsets that they become unstable and there are more things to go wrong on them. Having said that, by showing what mobile phones are capable of, Sony Ericsson are certainly setting the standard as to what a mobile handset should be capable of doing. Had this phone been released 18 months ago, it would have got 5 out of 5 stars. Sadly, Iím only able to give it 3 out of 5 stars (even though I really like the phone and am happy with it). Had the camera been on par with the 3m Mega Pixels of the Sony Ericssonís or had an operating system that was more user friendly then it would have scored more. Please Motorola; keep the design and just update the software!!

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 5th Feb 2007
This phone is stupid! Do NOT buy it! Its may say it has 50 mgbytes but i pluged it in my p.c and it says it didnt have enough storege space! Then my friend tryed 2 send me a song and the same thing happened! So i took it back and changed to t-mobile and got a new one and same thing happened! So i went to virgen and same thing. Dont get it!! get the motorola l7 its BRILLL

Reviewed by love it love it loveit !!!! from jkjijklj;p on 5th Feb 2007
this is the most gorjuss fone ever i meen good camrea good everything n a jus love the pattern my say is buy it buy it x

Reviewed by matthew from london, england on 5th Feb 2007
Just just got this phone on ebay and recived it today. it is a very good phone, looks like the v3 but has a funky pattern, it is charging right now and i haven't got to use it yet, but i cannot wait!!!

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