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Motorola V3X review

 Review: December 2005  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: The V3X is the 3G upgrade to the super-slim Motorola V3 RAZR.

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At 20mm it's not as thin as the V3 RAZR, but it looks very similar to the RAZR, although there's more plastic used in the build. It's a good-looking phone, designed to look good and turn heads. It's heavier than the RAZR, but not heavier than comparable 3G clamshell phones.

As well as looking good, the V3X has a much higher specification than the original V3. The new features include 3G functionality, including video calling, music and video downloads, and streamed TV. The camera has been upgraded from 0.3 to 2.0 megapixels and a video camera has been added, with a high resolution (640 x 480 pixels). There is also an MP3 player, supporting MP3, WMA and AAC+ formats.

Another new feature is speaker-independent voice recognition, making handsfree use very easy.

The memory has been upgraded to support a TransFlash memory card. Currently TransFlash cards are available at up to 512 Mbytes. This is enough to store around 150 MP3 songs. Bluetooth connectivity is supported, with support for stereo sound with the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Battery life is quite good compare with other 3G phones.

Problems with the V3X are the less than perfect audio quality, and the fact that there are unprotected camera buttons on the side of the phone. In common with other 3G phones battery life and network coverage are not as good as 2G phones. The V3X has now been superseded by the Motorola RAZR V3XX.

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Motorola V3X features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, LED flash and macro mode
  • VGA video camera (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Windows Media Player supports MP3, AAC+, MPEG4, WMV, WMA and Real Video/Audio files
  • Main display: TFT, 262,000 colours, 240 x 320 pixels
  • Speaker-independent voice recognition for handsfree use
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
  • 3D Games
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Memory: 62 Mbytes with TransFlash card (max 512 Mbytes)
  • WAP 2.0 browser, GPRS class 10
  • Size: 99 x 53 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Talktime: 131 minutes
  • Video calling: 90 minutes
  • Battery standby: 227 hours

Motorola V3X user reviews

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Average rating from 216 reviews:

Reviewed by Deji from UK on 13th Aug 2009
This is a damn nice phone. From the moment I got my hands on it a felt cool. It's easy to pack it with all my songs, pictures, video and go walkabouts while having my own soundtrack playing from my pocket. It's got great audio with a pretty good speaker hidden neatly at the back so I can actually hear it over the background noise of outside. It's got a 2.0 Megapixel camera. And this is pretty damn good for a phone. There are 300 camera's that only go up to 8 Megapixels anyway... Hey, wait... Did I say a 2.0 Megapixel camera? I'm mistaken, it has TWO 2.0 Megapixel Cameras... It glows up as if there was a firefly powering it and looks beautiful to say the least. Although, this is evidently a bit too much of a battery drain. The battery for this phone will run out quicker than some. But it's okay. I had it in frequent use for 3 days before it fully ran out. And it charges fast, so you'll be back on the go quickly. The buttons on the side are cool, but can get a bit annoying if you have bigger hands like me... They can be a little too easily pressed. There's even a screen on the front in case you want to use the camera to take a picture of yourself. It will show you on the front screen what the picture will look like. The quality isn't amazing, but it only has to show you some basic stuff, anyway. The phone has 3G, which means you can get alot of great features, especially if you are using the 3 mobile service. Oddly enough, people are using it as a modem for a computer and saying it doesn't work well, is slow and inefficient... I have a Wireless dongle from 3 and I can say that it's not the Phones fault, it's the provider! Unless you want THE ULTIMATE phone, this will suit you well. I personally use my phone as my own MP3 player, which it does perfectly for my needs.

Reviewed by shahzad mughal from UK on 27th Apr 2009
i used so many mobile but motorola v3x is the best though it is broken in to two parts but it is still working but i cant not see its secreen and canot hear phone calls, in the end it is best phone i ever used shahzad

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
I had this phone for over a year, it was sent back 3 times until I recieved a new one, once again it played up and failed again. Kept freezing for no reason, and on two phones it's unlikely im gonna get two bum phones. From experience I would not advise anybody to buy this phone unless thay want it to be in a box at a phone fixing company more than having it in their pocket. I don't understand why other people that have decided it is a good phone after two months should say ignore the bad reviews. If people like me have given it bad reviews it's not that we have a grudge against motorola we are just trying to give feedback! My word of advice would be go for a Nokia, most reliable phones on the market!

Reviewed by Gon from UK on 1st Jan 2009
I've had this phone for two years. It's small, medium weight, solid built (several drops and still fine), and two wonderful cameras. It's only 2mp, but considering the release (2005) is a bargain now (even the iPhone is also 2mp and no LED, not to mention the size). Near pictures when still are perfect in daylight (I quit using my camera with this phone indeed). However poor lit pics or far ones are not ok 'cause LED is not that bright. Besides, if you like videocalling, you'll amaze (second internal camera with VGA resolution how many ones are so now?). No radio but bluetooth and MP3 (though with miniUSB jack). So, if you're looking for something free or cheap, and expect from a phone but calling, videocalling and taking common pictures (even auto-timed pics that can be taken without holding the phone simply because it's a flip one and fixes well on a surface when opened), go for it without hesitation. I'm now trying to upgrade 'cause I love photography and long for a better pixel resolution in my phone (also proper flash). And believe me, I can hardly find any phone 5mp VGA-videocalling and pockety if not paying more than 300euros unlocked and still, not that well-built this one is. The motorola V3x is still an incredible handset.

Reviewed by Mel from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
my V3x razr has a very bad battery life and is easily broken. 2mp camera works good but most of my photos have come out with a green line trough them. not happy with this phone.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 11th Dec 2008
This is the worst phone i have ever had BAD BATTERY LIFE AND SOO BULKY,camera not clear as expecting dont buy it

Reviewed by NNIICCKK from UK on 9th Oct 2008

Reviewed by mike from UK on 25th Aug 2008
i like it.is just alright for me

Reviewed by ausim from UK on 18th Jul 2008
very good

Reviewed by touhidul from UK on 11th Jul 2008
I think this good

Reviewed by locksley henry from UK on 5th Jul 2008
i must say i was very impressed with my razr v3,and there was no other phone to me till i lost it,so i acquired a razr v3x.being an upgrade of the v3,i was excited bout all the cool new features i read about,but bwoy was i in for a nasty surprise.the first thing i noticed with the phone was how easily it cuts the ribbon that runs from the keypad up to the screen.the call quality compared to the v3 was awful. the damn thing just kept shutting on and off on its own even with a full battery,hell even when its charging.theres an annoyingly loud buzz than drowns out any audio whenever i try to video anything,battery and ribbon replaced with brand new ones,and its still a very crappy phone.the only plus id say about the phone is its 2 megapixel camera,which takes great photos,if u can ever get them transfered to ur pc,the phone just seems to stop communicating with software and pc altogether after a time.useful features are the music player,and the memory card which provi des more storage,and the non-slip coating on the covers. all in all a very disappointing phone,falling well below the v3.i think motorola in haste to put out something else rushed the design of this phone,especially where u might have to replace ribbons every 3 or 4 months,which is a waste of time and money.thumbs down for the v3x.

Reviewed by nick from UK on 11th Jun 2008
One of your features is wrong. Very wrong. The mobile has 58m internal memory. It can be upgraded. The memory card however, the micro sd card can be as big as 4g. I have a 2g and it has worked fine,(until i bricked my phone). You might want to do some research before your publish something. Also i think it is a bad phone. It is bulky, the paint on the outside scratches of, easily damaged e.t.c [Editor's reply: Thanks for your review. According to Motorola, the maximum size memory card compatible with the V3X is 512 MB. It may be that larger sizes will work, but that is at the user's risk.]

Reviewed by Dave Whyld from UK on 19th May 2008
Well i managed to find bluetooth after 3 days of searching and managed to send some good tunes, check out the "copy" part of bluetooth!!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 23rd Apr 2008
My V3x died last Sunday after being with me for nearly 2 years now. Over the period of time, I don't have any complain about this phone at all. It is practical, because I can do every mobile task with ease. I can't say its very stylish as it is very thick. But the phone had been very reliable. Not much to complain about. That is why for my replacement I went back to get a Motorola V9. Anyone who would want to buy an old V3x, I will totally recommend you to do it.

Reviewed by mariana from UK on 4th Mar 2008
the phone just decides to stop working. then the screen wont turn on and they refuse to refuse to replace it even though it has broken 3 times before. bluetooth=VERY BAD. camera is good though. video quality sucks.

Reviewed by Eugen, Ukraine from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
It's excellent phone. But it needs some tuning and modding. Motorola programmers seem to be really weird - they had deactivated many functions the modern handset must have. But they are there! Fortunately for us, users, there are Moto Fans, who research the Motorola phones possibilities. You just have to Google moto modding sites, you won't regret.

Reviewed by MB from UK on 24th Jan 2008
nice phone best i've had to date, only issue i have is the bluetooth was a big let down!

Reviewed by mr. disappointed bitterly... from UK on 24th Jan 2008
I just had enough tonight! This phone is officially the worst piece of !@#$ i have ever used. I hate it so much i threw it the other night and cracked the front screen (the cover screen) protector. Not only does it have tape to hold it together, its pealing like a reptile, but its not fresh new skin underneath (its ugly black plastic)! Everything freezes, alarm function is unreliable, it turns off whever it pleases, battery life sucks. In the past, random contacts and call out list, and just tonight my inbox all freeze! I thought to myself so far "ok, the phone is more useless than a beach towel for an Eskimo, and uglier than a plumber's crack, but at least i can still contact my people on it through voice or text". But NO!!! I cant even check my stupid inbox! I have 6 unread msgs atm...i have no idea who sent them or if they are urgent. All i can do is stare at the phone and daydream up all the ways im gonna hurt it as soon as i get a new phone. Im going to burn it after i smash it under my shoes! And its gonna feel soooo good!!!!!!!! Honestly, this is a phone that should be recalled internationally, and people should be given their money back. Iv been put off by Motorola because of the V3x, and i wont be buying them again. The list is seriously too long to list in the ways this phone is deficient. Im even more frustrated now with it, knowing that i want to snap it in half, but i cant cos it still has its call function operating (but only God knows when that will die on its as well!!!). DONT BUY. SAVE YOURSELF THOSE EXTRA COUPLE OF YEARS OF LIFE...ITS SERIOUSLY NOT WORTH THE STRESS AND FRUSTRATION...

Reviewed by Barnaby! from UK on 12th Jan 2008
This phone is bad it has no voice recorder, you can't have animated backgrounds, bad battery, and bad camera. The only good thing is the looks... I am getting a new Sony Erricson k800i

Reviewed by dustin baker(phone enginier) from UK on 3rd Jan 2008
i have built a lot of phones but not like this one it has every thing and every one who saysthe battery doesnt last long is crazy your battery must be messed up or something...i bought one for my son he loves it he has had it for 3 weeks and he has only charged it four times...what i am trying to say is that the battery does last long my son charged his only four times and it last him 3 weeks he probally charges it well 1 every 4 days thats all i have to say you should deahtenly buy this phone i mean this is a phone expert... i have been working on phones for 10 years and 4 months now and im 27...so i consider you buying this phoone than any other phone...buy this phone its awesome!!!!

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 16th Dec 2007
Well I'm absolutely astounded that this phone gets any stars whatsoever. What's wrong with it you may ask? Well I work in IT and can absolutely positively guarantee that this phone has technical and software design flaws. I'm not complaining because I got a lemon. I knew six people with this phone (as it was the hottest thing at that time) and five of them confirmed the problems that I found. If we experience the same problem, it has nothing to do with my phone specifically and has everything to do with the manufacturer. These are the problems confirmed by five of the six people I quizzed: 1) Calls drop out and hang up for no reason. Congratulations to all those gimmick hungry whingers out there who complain about any phone that doesn't offer every single possible addition piece of useless rubbish that no one ever uses. Judging by this phone, it appears that motorola is no so focused on featuring-up their phones that their functionality as a phone (ie... making calls) is no longer important. So often, I have a perfect clean connection to a landline and then all of a sudden, you're talking to a dead line and when you pull the phone away from your ear, the display simply shows your "homepage". It's as if the call was just disconnected and deleted for no logical reason. 2) The phone is suddenly on silent after being in your pocket. This can be explained. If you have your phone in jeans (eg), you sit down at a table and you start hearing beeping sounds from your pocket. This is because this phone has buttons on the left and right side and they are depressed when the phone is pushed up against another item in your pocket. As it turns you, if you hit the buttons on the left side, your ring mode will scroll between ring, vibrate, ring and vibe, and silent. So it's not uncommon for your phone to go into your pocket on ring and vibe and come out in silent mode. With missed calls. 3) The phone ... well.... goes onto some weird stand by mode. You pick up your phone, open it up and your are shown a white screen. A few seconds later, you get your homepage and then it starts attempting to connect to your network. How long has it been in this strange, and more importantly, unconnected mode for? 4) Freeze ups. Your phone is simply stuck. Go ahead - push all the buttons you want. Won't make any difference. The only way out of this is to disconnect the battery. This doesn't happen often, but probably more often that other phones. 5) Not a fault, but a poor decision by motorola: the battery life is pathetic. If not in use, it would probably last about two days or a little more. But once you make a 15 minute phone call or play a game on the train on the way to work, you're going to need a charger that evening. Strangely, this phone seems to be really good when you first get it. So I would ignore everyone who says taht they just got one and they love it. Initially, it seems to be a fantastic phone. But after a few months, you realise how it's actually one of the most unreliable and problematic phones in history. I've had my phone repaired under warranty (to fix the issues above that I reported to them) and they claimed to have done some sort of software fix and realignment of something or rather. But it didn't fix the problem. The best and most reliable aspect of the phone using it as a modem for your laptop. Just plug it in and push connect. Depending on the network, internet speed is pretty fast and very reliable. The menu is clumsy and at times, illogical. I will never ever buy a motorola again and several mobile phone stores i've been to recently have confirmed that a lot of customers complained about the V3 series of motorola phones and they no longer directly recommend motorola as a brand. Buy a nokia. I've been through just about every brand the nokia's always stand out as the easiest and most reliable phones.

Reviewed by Jesus from UK on 12th Nov 2007
Well i just recieved this phone as a gift and let me tell you it is by far one of the best phones that i have ever had. i am curently using it with at&t and it works great. i would highly recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Mike H from UK on 12th Nov 2007
For goodness sake, it's 2007 and they still can't come up with a friendly UI. Far too many keypresses required on an inconsistent number of smart buttons. Sometimes Back will work sometimes it won't. Sometimes you need the left smart button other times you need to centre click the frigging middle nav button. The MP3 player sucks! You can't even pause a podcast and make a call then resume... Battery life is unbelievable poor - brand new, and within 2 days it needs a recharge. Come on. Heck my old iMate SmartPhone2 was better than this.

Reviewed by Lucy B from UK on 10th Nov 2007
This phone is terrible! I've had it for the past 18 months and regretted it since I first saw it. Texting is a nightmare, the camera is useless and it just doesn't even compare to the Sony Ericsson K750i I had before. Don't buy it!

Reviewed by Peter Asige from UK on 1st Nov 2007
This phone has been my rock since I acquired it early this summer. It looks good and I like the weight and classy slim but chunky feel of it. With 62MB of memory I was able to take it on a tour of Europe and snap lots of good 2 megapixel photos besides a dozen videos of more than 4 minute duration : I would have taken much more if I'd known I had only used 20MB of its generous built in memory. Admittedly the battery wasn't going to allow me to use it as my main camera without having to constantly charge up. Before I finish talking about its excellent screen for viewing and taking pictures and videos let me say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a self timer even though it took me ages to figure out how to use it. As for the phones other abilities like comunicating across the airways all I can say is it does all that better than most and I never missed a call whilst roaming because of its loud ringtones and ample speakers. Of the exposed external buttons on each side only the camera caused any problems by taking a few dark pictures of the inside of my pocket but only a few and nothing like the the older V975. If I have any criticism of this phone it would be the the flashing blue light which is on and off all through charging which I had to cover with my hat when I slept. Its like a patrol car and the flexible transparent plastic cover over the actual screen which caused someone to think it was a touch screen. Bluetooth is powerful and if it had a radio it would be perfect. I also like the camera button but would have liked it to work without having to open the flip...I ask too much ,the outside screen used as a viewfinder! The keypad cursor button works great if you have a ladie's fingers but most men will find it too sensitive. One last thing [though there are many I have not mentioned] I loved the motorola V3x.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 1st Nov 2007
It's an amazing phone, but i've had it for 10 months now and i can't charge it, i've tried other motorlas with the same charger but nothing, and other chargers i've tried. Except for this, it's an amazing phone.

Reviewed by Sarah Jenkins from UK on 23rd Oct 2007
This is the most useless and annoying phone I have ever owned and it's just my luck that I'm committed to an 18 month contract before I can get a free upgrade! It switches itself on and off in the middle of doing thigs, the battery goes down if I actually use it as a phone to call people, I can write a text message go to send it and it vanishes having not been sent or stored so I have to write it all over again and this can happen a further 2 times before I actually get to send the message. The way it does predictive text is different to the universal way that all my other phones have done it so words which should be available have to be typed in and then it doesn't remember then for more than two days. An absolutely shambolic phone and I can't believe my bad luck that I've got to put up with it for 18 months. Thankfully only about 6 months left! It is not just isolated to my phone either, my mum has had the same phone and all the same problems, in fact she has had to have hers repaired twice through the faults on it. Mine decided to finally give up yesterday, after a phone call it just switched itself off and wouldn't come back on again, so all my phone numbers are now lost. Luckily I'm insured so lucky me I get a new version of , yes you got it, the SAME PHONE!

Reviewed by Colin Hunter from UK on 12th Oct 2007
I got this phone as an "UPGRADE" from vodafone from my Nokia 6230. It as about as big a heap of junk as I have ever had the misfortune to own! When I turn it on, it takes so long to "Boot" that I have almost forgotten what it was I wanted to call about! The "Voice recognition" software may make "handsfree use very easy" but only if you have a plummy home counties accent. If you live anywhere else FORGET IT! The battery life is pathetic due to its constant struggle to pick up a signal in anything but a strong signal area. My Nokia could be showing 3 bars when the V3x was saying "No Service". The predictive text is also a joke compared to the Nokia. After 2 weeks I threw it in a drawer and went back to my old faithful 6230.One thing I did like was the fact that the ring tones were decent (Ring Ring! Not silly tunes!) and VERY audible (Loud) unfortunately it could only ring if it had a signal and the battery wasn't flat! Another problem I had was that it corrupted my c omputer database (Which I had made by backing up the Nokia) so that all my contacts had their first and last names reversed. also multiple numbers under the same name were scrambled. Also couldn't get it to talk to the computer on bluetooth, only by usb, which had an advantage of charging the battery at the same time as it was buggrering up my records! Lastly, I would say to anyone who has a V3x and wants another one. Come to Shetland and give me a ring. IF YOU CAN GET A SIGNAL ON THE BLOODY THING!Pity therr's no "NO Stars" on the rating thingy!

Reviewed by jayne from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
i cant seem to send any information off my phone but i can recieve. that is the one problem that i see that this phone has.it is a sleek phone that really turns heads. i love it.

Reviewed by sophia from UK on 30th Sep 2007
I don't have this phone but my friend does and the camera on the v3x is amazing!

Reviewed by Emily;; from UK on 29th Sep 2007
Hii;; ii Have One Of These !! ii Love It Even Tho Dont use It No More :( I love the feature Of internal Picture Taking Because i Love Capturing Fun Moments With Friends And Actually Beein Able To See What im taking A Picture Of ! Very Good Flash too. Only Problem Is The Music Being A Young Teenager i Live For Music And Its Not very Loud And If It Is You Lose The Quailty Of The Song But Its Not Bad ! So Motorola Good Idea About Internal And Eternal Pictures ! ii Would Recommed To Anyone Who Doenst Ned Internet Or That Other Stuff Because Its sTILL 3G !

Reviewed by ikk from UK on 27th Sep 2007
wikid phone and soo cheap but speaker not too great

Reviewed by Jac from UK on 25th Sep 2007
I have had 9 replacement handsets within 12 months, some didnt last a week! everything from the number 5 button not working, to crackles & switching off, to frequently freezing requiring battery out for a restart! Argh love the features (although a bit too fat & have never used the 3g as never a signal on orange) but the reliability & build quality is absolutely dire! :(

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 5th Sep 2007
My V3X has been in for repair to the camera lens cover which started to lift, and it will be going back again as it has no video (screen is blank) so cant see if its on/off, contacts, sms etc. luckily its still under warranty (just) so I guess I will be without a phone for another few weeks. The side volume buttons are dodgey and the voice recognition is rubbish, it just doesn't work very well. All in all not a happy camper and as soon as my contact is up the phone will be into the rubbish tin and I will be going to a Nokia.

Reviewed by jac from UK on 28th Aug 2007
best phone ever

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 22nd Aug 2007
The Moto V3x, is a good phone for calling, playing games. But when you have to do SMS/txt it is quite hard to use, like chaning it to the mode so you can type whatever you want, the video camera is pretty blurry and unfocused and the movie doesn't move flowingly. But voice control is good and all. It's a snazzy design a little big compared to todays flips. A bit heavy as well. Although this phone is popular don't be fooled because it has more down side's then up.

Reviewed by na from UK on 18th Aug 2007
I really like the phone, feel it is convienient, easy to handle and looks great. i would personally recomend others to buy this phone as it has the features and the capability to outsmart others in the market!

Reviewed by rzan3 from UK on 16th Aug 2007
the phone is the best phone i have ever owned all its accessories are great and it has a bright camera light. although it does have a poor battery life but thats because its battery is half the size of my old phones. I struggle to get it in my pocket and out of there buy if i could i would give this phone a 20 star rating instead of five.

Reviewed by Kavin from UK on 15th Aug 2007
i also own this motorola V3x 3G phone, and yes i do have abit of a problem with the battery life and also with the speakers when i want to listen to MP3s. i have also had a problem with d handling of this fone, if my fone hits a wall even very softly, the screen goes blank. i guess this fone is not shock proof, but in a way i have become very careful when it comes to handling the V3x. i even have to tell my friends to handle the fone carefully to avoid the screen going blank when they are transferring files to and from my fone. All in all, i really love the motorola V3x as this is a very powerful mobile...and if i compare my fone with that of my friends, its the most powerful as i have a 2.0MP camera and a 512Mb memory card installed

Reviewed by Thommo from UK on 15th Aug 2007
This is my third 3g phone and the battery life is an absolute disgrace!! I would like to add that I know what I'm doing when charging Lithium ion batteries also. I have no other problem with the phone. As a matter of fact I absolutely love the look of it and all of it's functionality is great! I can get one to one and a half full days of minimal use if I'm lucky, and it gets to the point where you begin to get scared to use it if you're too far away from any charging point. I have even purchased the BC70 brand new extended life battery for it with no, or extremely minimal difference to the standard BC60! The other two 3g phones did not have this problem. They were LG phones, the best is the U880, and not too far behind in battery life is the U890. Looks and functionality on them is also great!!!! Bottom line, give me an LG 3g phone any day!!!! (and no I don't work for LG, just do your research on the net and you will find out that what I'm saying is true and correct)

Reviewed by fabian from UK on 12th Aug 2007
rubbish, would never buy another Motorola again. total waste of money, im still paying for it. total waste of time and money.

Reviewed by mazlum from UK on 5th Aug 2007
very good , but battery finishes 2 quickly and speakers aren't as loud as other normal phones are although volume is on maximum.

Reviewed by Max from UK on 2nd Aug 2007
To be honest, this phone is good when it works but I've had it for a year and it switches itself of far to often then it broke....freezing while texting, being really slow and eventually not switching on. Later I sent the phone to get repaired. It came back cleaner but still broken. Don't expect this phone to last.

Reviewed by Dana from UK on 28th Jul 2007
This phone is terrible. So buggy it's not funny. - The alarm doesn't go off if the battery is at < full battery - Alarm also doesn't go off if it's on the charger! - It will frequently crash (white-screen) and restart itself during normal use - Sometimes it emits a high-pitched buzzing sound from the speakers (this is particularly bad when watching a video) - The predictive text is AWFUL. There is no "add to dictionary", if you want to type in an unrecognised word that is made up of two recognised words, you can't, because the word in its entirety is not recognised, and the first word that comes up is NEVER the one you want e.g. I try to type in "..." and it comes out ".1." How ridiculous. THE WORST PART: - Today it's stopped letting me into the sms inbox. It says I have 10 unread messages, but when I try to open the inbox, I get chucked back to the main menu. I can't get back into the inbox until I delete the unread messages. However, as soon as a new message comes in, I'm locked out again. I would advise anyone against getting this phone. Arrgh. I kid you not.

Reviewed by Anon. from UK on 23rd Jul 2007
I have had this phone for a long time now, from about 8-11 months I think. Picture quality is very good, and the design throughout the phone is wonderfull. Texting is quick and easy, as is finding my way around the phone and getting to different settings and options. Bluetooth works well and I can get many songs on my phone fairly easily and quickly. However I can't record sounds and if I flip the phone and push it back on its hinge it squeeks- a little. But apart from that it gives a good run for its money.

Reviewed by Vicky from UK on 12th Jul 2007
This is without a doubt the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own. My husband had one and I though it looked good, what a joke!!! His packed in after about 3 months, now mine is on the blink. I have sent it back to the manufacturers as it kept freezing and switchin off. Now it is doing it again!!! It drives me mad and I HATE THIS PHONE!!! Two phones going wrong in the same family? Take the hint and don't waste your money I should never have strayed from Nokia!!!

Reviewed by Tupac Shakur from UK on 8th Jul 2007
i have had this phone .. the reception in heaven is not good!! I recieve TXT messages from my fans like after 2 hours! I'm Plannin to go back to my 3315!! Much better Reception!! The photo quallity is ok.. i took pics of my brotha Biggie.. Came out good. The 3g service is poor!!

Reviewed by selby wayne from UK on 5th Jul 2007
I hate the 3Minutes video recording but great realible phone.dissapointed with de speaker design.great phone

Reviewed by beth from UK on 23rd Jun 2007
it's a really good phone with great features and brill camera. I would advise you to buy it. I have dropped it loads of times on the road but it is still fine. Well worth the money!

Reviewed by dk from UK on 17th Jun 2007
alrit gud enuf signal video not dat gud

Reviewed by kat from UK on 17th Jun 2007

Reviewed by Kiara from UK on 15th Jun 2007
My phone is very annoying.Whenever i need my phone it's always low battery!the battery only stays for 3 days and thats it.It is very annoying to have to charge it every three days.

Reviewed by katie from UK on 13th Jun 2007
this is the worst phone i have ever ever had! i recommend if you want to waste a whole heaps of money, or be stuck on a cap for 2years with a piece of junk buy this phone, the battery only last about 2hours if it isn't on silent! and it make a very loud noise when doing NOTHING! also the charging input has broken twice and i have to pay 160 to fix. these phones have a string of problems and in now stuck with it for another year! Motorola phones are junk and always have been!

Reviewed by Brady from UK on 9th Jun 2007
An exellent phone.

Reviewed by dave manchester UK from UK on 8th Jun 2007
had phone now over a year and still like it very much,have put a bigger memory in it now a 256 card now i have no probs getting all my music and video files on the phone. cant wait for a new motorola to beat this phone it will have to be good ok thats all byeee

Reviewed by thet from UK on 7th Jun 2007
i love this phone im using it 4 almost 2 months.

Reviewed by wundress from UK on 5th Jun 2007
This is the worst phone I have ever had. It constantly crashes/freezes/switches itself off! The battery life is pretty poor although I suppose I have been used to the longer battery life of 2G phones. The zoom on the camera is useless and the picture quality isn't great in general. The problems with this phone got worse and worse especially after I tried to download a game from a secure site. Everyone I know who owns one of these phones has experienced similar problems.

Reviewed by David Moore from UK on 4th Jun 2007
If you come to the Motorola V3x from Nokia, you'll be suprised at how poor the software is - illogical menu structure, predictive typing etc. However, the real shock will be the appalling battery life. I get about 24 hours on standby. Looking at specs for other 'phones, they claim 300+ hours. Even allowing for exaggeration, that's an staggering difference. Apart from that, it works OK as a 'phone. Camera's reasonable for 2Mp - but nowhere as good as a 'real' camera - and you can browse the internet if you really have to.

Reviewed by rachmags from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
I'm not too bothered about the appearence of a phone so long as it does what it's meant to. But the problems i've had with the functionality of this phone are ridiculous! The user interface is appauling. Here are just a few of the problems that both myself and my cousin (who has the same phone) have faced: 1. The battery cover creaks when using the phone. (Okay, so people have suggested putting blu tack and tissue underneath but we shouldn't really have to do that to an extortionately priced 270 phone in the first place). 2. The battery has to be charged at least every day, even when not using it that often. 3. The predictive text messaging recognises hardly any words and hasn't got a 'spell word' function so you have to delete the whole thing if you want to put another word in. It also tries to include really obscure words in random places. 4. When using predictive messaging it's impossible to get the puncuation right, e.g. when you try to write 'i'd', it comes up as "i.d" with a full stop instead of a comma. No matter how many times I change it, the next time i go to write the same word it just reverts back to its nonsensical version. Grr! 5. The phone regularly switches itself off. There are times when i've been expecting somebody to call and wondered why they hadn't, upon looking at my phone it had completely switched off. This has happened so many times i can't remember and is EXTREMELY annoying. 6. When there is no signal the background picture disappears, the background also disappears everytime i charge the phone, both with the usb cable and normal charger. 7. There have been several ocassions when we've tried to get into the inbox and it has just exited us to the home screen, there was a period of about a week when my cousin could not use her messaging function at all. 8. Messages that I had written and thought i'd sent months earlier suddenly appear in my outbox and i have confused friends calling up to ask why i messaged them such a random thing! 9. The Bluetooth fuction doesn't work anymore. It simply says 'Unable to connect' everytime i try to send something. 10. The weird plasticky feeling front has started peeling off and looks basically s**t. 11. The alarm often doesn't go off, which has made me late for work a few times. Also if my phone battery dies in the night (which happens quite a lot due to the poor battery life!) there is no reserve power to set the alarm off, most new phones have this but oh no, not this piece of craap. 12. The phone makes a weird buzzing sound when its open and the charger makes an equally weird sound. Both irritating. Okay so, sorry about the rant! But really, DO NOT get this phone! I wish i could change mine but i still have 4 months of the contract left. I'm considering just buying a 20 cheap and cheerful until then, i honestly think it would work better than the V3X. And this isn't just me, every single person i have met who has been unfortunate enough to have this phone has had the same problems. the people who have given this phone a good review must have got the one and only good batch from Motorola! If you're still thinking of buying this phone after reading this then good luck! I would give this 0 stars if possible but 1 is the lowest so, pah.

Reviewed by Barnaby from UK on 1st Jun 2007
This phone is great! The only problem is that you can't have 3 numbers in one contact. I perfer my old sony ericcson v800.

Reviewed by morteza from UK on 1st Jun 2007
that is the best phone in 2006 . ilove it that is absolutely perfect phone and its camera is very well .

Reviewed by jedileen from UK on 27th May 2007
I hate the Motorola V3x. Do not DO NOT DO NOT buy it. It is absolutely a-w-f-u-l. Terrible Audio. Keeps switching off by itself and the best part is.... it uses the worst handover schemes known to mankind. Save your money. Don't buy it.

Reviewed by Chendu Shanmuganathan from UK on 22nd May 2007
Battery life battery life battery life!If motorola were able to make this thing last longer than half a day then it may be on to something. the features on this phone were ( and still are) quite marvellous but the appalling life and sometimes quality of signal made my relationship with this fat little phone somewhat fraught with danger (for the phone). It was pretty sturdy despite having been dropped life a depth charger several times and is only now after 18 months beginning to show its age and real signs of wear & tear. one thing that disappointed me was the extremely annoying habit of shutting down in the middle of typing an sms message. all in all it's worth its features but not the frustration of not having enough juice to carry out its basic functions even adequately. i'm desperate for the end of my contract and the light at the end of the tunnel....a sony ericsson hopefully!

Reviewed by Byron Gainger from UK on 9th May 2007
A useless piece of plastic. Bluetooth does not work, MMS does not work, phone drops out and because I bought the phone in Singapore, Motorola Australia does not want to know about it. I was under the impression that Motorola were a global organisation. My only recomendation would be to by a Motorola phone too use as a sinker for a fishing line based upon the non existant customer service that Motorola provides.

Reviewed by paul smith from UK on 2nd May 2007
my wife and i got a v3x each as upgrades more like down grades no end trubble , freezing , dropouts , corrupt phone book ent, short battery life , eratic vidio phone, to name a few.think twice before bying

Reviewed by I don't like this phone from UK on 30th Apr 2007
This phone is just like the v3, but even fatter and heavier.

Reviewed by abhijit from UK on 16th Apr 2007
i hav just got this phone and i think its awesome. i think the people who hav put bad reviews about this phone probably havent got it. but come on every phone has pros and cons. the only bad thing about this phone is the battery. but most 3g phones have ths prob. i am most pleased with its camera which takes better pics than my 4mp digital camera. i like the night mode and the light which are very useful. (this phones brilliant) i would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 27th Mar 2007
This is the worst phone I have ever owned. I sent it in for repair less than four weeks after buying it, with about 6 separate problems. It came back a few weeks later with some issues fixed. But within a week some of the "fixed" problems had returned. Thankfully a pickpocket stole the phone from me on the Shanghai subway last week. What a relief! I will be going back to Nokia...

Reviewed by bronwen from UK on 26th Mar 2007
the phone is good and lightweight but i have experienced so many problems such as now i cannot read my text messages or go into my outbox!! As well as a couple of week ago i could not access my sounds!!

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 14th Mar 2007
I bought this phone a few months ago. I thought it was ok but after a week i just didnt want it. It scratches easy and feels very big and bulky. The camera is ok but when you have the light on it makes photos look blue and funny and i dont like it also with the video recording the quality is very bad and things move so slow. Its got no voice recorder and that is very annoying and the whole phone creaks when you use it. The keypad doesnt stay lighted for even more than 2 seconds and i find it very annoying when i use it in the dark. The battery life is so poor i have to recharge it everyday and it only lasts for up to 14 hours and doesnt give me much talk time. The ringtones are too boring and too plain and you cant even get flip sounds. The iTap text is stupid and the volume button sound is so annoying and its embarrasing. I have taken this phone back to the shops. Now i am using the LG U890 and its more better than this. I hate the motorola V3X they should of never have made it. ps: LG U890 & Nokia 6288 is better than the motorola V3X

Reviewed by Wayne from UK on 8th Mar 2007
Works fine.HOWEVER much thicker than V3 and the coating on the phone makes it much more difficult to slide out of a jeans pocket. Going to change to the V3xx as the V3x is driving me crazy for this very simple reason. Motorola obviously had complaints when they brought back in the original form factor for the V3xx

Reviewed by alan from UK on 20th Feb 2007
good phone rubbish battery life, if you talk alot dont buy one

Reviewed by sk from UK on 8th Feb 2007
this phone is rubbish it does not have anything good in it

Reviewed by Tay from UK on 7th Feb 2007
all i can say, dat da V3x is betta than the rubbish people have written bout it. I have a pink v3x which is stunningly beautiful. The camera is o.k, but not the best, My battery stays full for up to 4 days, not 2 or 1, lyk people sed (just because they didnt charge it properly at first), doesnt creeak when u push buttons, nd u can put it on speakerphone, which doesnt give off n irritating sound, while ur in a call, trust me ive done it loads of tyms. Bluetooth quality is really good, screen resolution is fantastic!!! Dont believe da bad things people have written, because da v3x is nothing lyk dat! at least my one isnt!!!!

Reviewed by aamir from UK on 4th Feb 2007
this phone looks like a brick. any one with this phone will be ashamed to pull it out. it is useless and the bluetooth doesnt work poperly. it says that the phone can take mp3 and wma but it still doesnt take a few wma tracks.when u take a photo and zoom in it is bleury. the phone battery is useless u have to charge it everyday.when u have it in your pocket it sticks out.

Reviewed by bob-o from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
don't get this fone. it's ugly and da scren is 2 wide!!!

Reviewed by Graham Everett from UK on 31st Jan 2007
I cant believe these reviews can be so different?My battery has to charged every day, but thats the least of my problems.I can't edit a contact, it just looses the number. It constantly crashes leaving me with a black screen,it takes 5/6 goes before I'm up and running again by taking out the battery.

Reviewed by james ghhj from UK on 31st Jan 2007
they are the werst phones ever

Reviewed by Alex Collins from UK on 28th Jan 2007
This is a great phone! I really cannot find a real reason to complain about this phone, apart from battery life which as a heavy phone user is still about 2 days, the camera is decent and the memory is fantastic, the phone it self has big buttons so texting is easy! highly recommended

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 22nd Jan 2007
I hate this phone so much I cant tell you. To just find a phone number from your contact list requires a degree in quantum physics. I never thought I would yearn for my old Nokia 3300, but I tell you there is a lot to be said for a simple menu structure. The call quality is rubbish and its been back twice for a firmware upgrade. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to cancel my contract or upgrade to a Samsung d900 or similar. DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH PIECE OF JUNK. Quite possibly the worst phone ever sold!!

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 21st Jan 2007
I've had the v3x since christmas 2006 and Quiet frankly i think it is one of the worst phones ive ever had,firstly the ringtones are not loud enough(I couldn't even hear it at work in my pocket and missed 2 important calls!)and secondly it is not very user friendly at all, it's bulksish, the volume keys at the side are loose and wobbly and feel like they have been made out of paper!, it is a nightmare to send via bluetooth, the voice activated dialling is rubbish, the battery life is poor,the mp3 player is diabolical and you have to pay to play your own games! The v3x is very expensive for what it is. To anyone reading this wishing to buy the v3x trust me DON'T!!!

Reviewed by Howie from UK on 17th Jan 2007
This phone works very well does everything it says 'on the tin' BUT!!! The battery life is very limited and has to be re-charged every 1 to 2 days...no good at all!. A staff member at Carphone Warehouse admitted that this is a problem!!! I am now on my second replacement handset and the problem still persists so beware. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Reviewed by appy from UK on 16th Jan 2007
simply terrible, nothing works, it has a mind of its own.

Reviewed by amy_13 from UK on 11th Jan 2007
1 word BULKY!

Reviewed by beth from UK on 10th Jan 2007
Better than any other motorola phone I have had in the past, but still not perfect, I am sure motorola will get it right oneday. Battery life is poor and the fone often freezes on me. HOWEVER, the camera is really good, the memory on it is fab, downloading games is quick and simple, the line is clear when in use and I find it rather pretty! I have never had a phone where it has been absolutely 100% perfect and according to my needs. You get used to the short battery life and having to charge it every day and a half. Having said that, I find the battery to be fully charged within a couple of hours, which sort of makes up having to charge it so often.

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 9th Jan 2007
This phone although it looks like it has all the required features is actually a total load of rubbish, it is big and bulky, has a shocking battery life, slow when typing, and slows even more when running an application in the background. This phone is total waste of money rather spend your hard earned bucks on a phone that works.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 19th Dec 2006
this fone is amazing :D:D:D:D:D:D:D i recommened it 2 anyone wooooo!!

Reviewed by James from UK on 15th Dec 2006
I've had my V3X for 11 months now and have to say this phone has been outstanding(well...battery life aside) The phone is ideal with nice big keys and has a very clearly defined key pad at night.Granted it's alittle chunky but the build quality justifies that. All in all the V3X has never once let me down and that's really the biggest compliment you can pay.

Reviewed by Ralph O from UK on 12th Dec 2006
The Razr V3x is a wonderful phone compared to e' preccedin' models {v3 & v3i}. I bought man last week 'n' hv enjoyed usin it. If u lyk d fone, go ahead & buy it..4get d ppl dissin' it cuz it'z worth ur $$money$$* Imagine a 3G fone as slim as dt wit video calln 'n' streamin...hey! Get diz... ur missn' awt! G!

Reviewed by it from UK on 12th Dec 2006
i fine this phone good it has just like normale things

Reviewed by KILLA from UK on 6th Dec 2006
this is good but a bit rubbish when it come to txt coz u have to delete the whole thing if u make one mistake when ur txting ok brov listen this fone is kindda stupid coz the camera zooms proper but the prob is that the zoom is now clear like the other fones like k800i or w810 & w800 coz the 2 mega is very good coz its clear when u zoom in. let me tell u people this fone wuld be good if u buy or jack it coz its good for a slim style to be outstanding also i want to add the colour in the front is not good brov but the colour in main screen is outstanding but still this the u should get for ur girl friend coz is proper sick looking fone brov

Reviewed by morgy from UK on 24th Nov 2006
what a piece of junk.

Reviewed by Scott Edwards from UK on 16th Nov 2006
Not a bad phone really. Good pictures, easy to hold. You know it's in your pocket but not too obstrusive. battery life is very poor and it keeps crashing after taking photos. Great having the transflash facility. Always liked Motorola phones too but this has let me down a bit

Reviewed by nathan from UK on 16th Nov 2006
Bought this phone on contract in april this year, and I've had two replacments since then! Thats three phones in 7 months! Not to mention the second replacement, which I'm using now has broken too, so that will be three replacement phones in seven months (four in total). I'm a careful person that always looks after his things but I don't even think all the cotton wool on the planet could stop this phone from breaking!! The faults include non working buttons, not holding charge and the speaker breaking. I like the design of the phone, being a product designer I'm aware of form, aesthetics, etc, but I just can not believe how badly made this phone is! I wish it was better, I really do. Buy this phone, but only if you want to form a good relationship with your service providers faulty returns department!

Reviewed by Maneesh Prakash from UK on 7th Nov 2006
The Motorola V3x is such an abysmal example of a mobile phone that it very nearly destroyed my interest in the mobile phones. Over the past 10 years I have been through quite a few phones and this is by far the worst. Its sole redeeming feature is its aesthetic appeal which is undeniable. In this Motorola has been true to the whole ethos of the V series and even going back to the StarTac line (another abysmal phone) in that it’s a well marketed aesthetic handset that is about as useful as a telecommunications device as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Motorola user interfaces have always been about as awkward as Italian bureaucracy and in this the V3x is no different. I had expected this and was prepared to overlook it. What I am not prepared to do is overlook its total lack of features and persistent unreliability. The first handsets camera didn’t work and had to be swapped even before I managed to leave the shop. The camera is not entirely auto focusing and requires you to adjust it manually by the way of a physical switch depending on how far the object you are photographing is and failure to do this results in totally out of focus shots. Not to be used to photograph the loch ness monster or anything else requiring an in focus shot. Sometimes they just vanish of the phone. (Happened to a shot I really wanted to keep) The Bluetooth is not very functional as you can’t send photos using it and does not offer the full range to Bluetooth services. The alarm clock works sometimes, the phone also has a tendency to drop calls when you open to answer. Every now and then opening the phone will result in the phone software hanging with a blank screen. The caller id function takes a vacation when logging missed calls etc showing them as unknown. The off button repeatedly shows up the number 3 on the screen unless you are willing to target it will determined precision in which case the phone is prepared to shut down. I knew I had to bin the phone when I began to feel relief every time I was able to successfully answer a call. Sound quality is also rubbish. I suppose this could be a freak experience that I only have qualified for but a friend decided to purchase this phone despite my warnings and he now curses it to high heaven. He has switched back to his Sony Erickson and me to a Nokia 6280 which despite is bland design is an excellent phone. I recommend this phone will all thumbs up to people who don’t need to use it for anything else other than a fashion accessory. It does have one excellent feature. Its software allows the phone to act as a modem and allow surfing the web with only a mouse click when connected to a laptop and the Motorola software installed. This is quite a feat because with my previous 3g handset I had to manually enter the settings and it took determined effort to get it working. With a V3x an idiot could do it, which is perhaps what they call ‘elegant design’.

Reviewed by funky.buddha from UK on 23rd Oct 2006
I gave this phone 1 point as there are no minus points!! This is the worst phone I have had the misfortune to own!!! Please don't buy. I originally bought the phone in February, it was sent back to be repaired, it came back in the shop I,switched it on and it promptly died. I had a brand new phone in August and that has "died" it has gone back for repair. The bluetooth is rubbish, it keeps going to voicemail, the battery life is non existant, need I go on? THIS PHONE IS TOTALY UNRELIABLE ONLY BUY IF YOU ARE STUPID!!! IF IT WAS THE LAST PHONE ON THE PLANET I WOULD USE MORSE CODE.

Reviewed by nicholas watts kent from UK on 10th Oct 2006

Reviewed by james from UK on 6th Oct 2006
av had this phone for 2 months now and i am very impressed!! really stylish and high tech!!! but its heavy and bulky which spoils it, it shouldn't have becom a razr. but my sister has got the v3i and the v3x tops it by a long way!!!

Reviewed by HELEN VENABLES from READING BERKSHIRE from UK on 5th Oct 2006
The first 6 months of owning motorola v3x has been disapointing, firstly the battery life is poor, had to recharge every night despite not using it much throughout the day. Secondly the plastic window that sits over the camera lens started to lift because the glue softened during the hot weather. I would say is a design fault despite phone4u telling me that it was damaged and not covered under the warranty. Phone4u are not listening

Reviewed by jill from UK on 17th Aug 2006
Ive had this phone for about 6 months and well what can i say... its already been sent back for breaking and now its doing it again!! im sending it back for the new samsung d900. Motorola is disapointing because the concept of slim flip phones is a fantastic idea but the performance is weak and i wouldnt recomend it to anyone!! Poor speaker and disapointing overall. I would not recomend any of motorola phones.

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