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Motorola V360 review

 Review: December 2005  


In a nutshell: The Motorola V360 is an excellent mid-range camera phone, and one of Motorola's best offerings.


Although the camera is only VGA resolution, that's as much as you can expect for this price, and it does have a video recording and playback capability too.

The MP3 player is very good, and with the 64 Mbyte TransFlash™ memory card provided, you can store 15 or more audio tracks. Alternatively, this is plenty of memory for storing pictures and videos, and the high quality display is perfect for viewing images. The main display has 262,000 colours and a high resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. This is one of the best displays in its class - only the Panasonic VS6 or Sharp GX25 can beat it. The external display is greyscale and shows a clock together with network & caller information.

The V360 comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as USB, so transferring MP3s, games and pictures is easy. Other nice features include an integrated handsfree speakerphone, picture caller ID (so you can see who's calling you) and fast internet access via EDGE.

The V360 is a great phone and excellent value for money.

Motorola V360 features include:

  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom and light
  • Video camera (MPEG4 format)
  • MP3 player
  • Internal display: TFT, 262k colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: 96 x 80 pixels, greyscale
  • Handsfree speaker phone
  • Picture caller ID
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Messaging: EMS 5.0, MMS
  • iTap™ predictive text
  • 24-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • Picture phonebook
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes plus TransFlash™ memory card
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth®, USB
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10, EDGE
  • Triband
  • Size: 90 x 47 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 104g
  • Talktime: 220 - 450 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 240 hours

Motorola V360 user reviews

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Average rating from 167 reviews:

Reviewed by Nelly from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
Ths phone s hard 2 brak.nd it lst a lng tym.ths 4one s the best bt it is slow whn u hav a memory card

Reviewed by Refaat from UK on 27th Jun 2011
Motorola is a perfect company for mobiles all over the world.

Reviewed by Ariful Alam Khan from UK on 22nd Nov 2010
I have been using this phone for 4 years without changing any parts and I am more than satisfied. It is best within its price, stylish, handy, light and good network. I hope I can use it 4 years more.

Reviewed by Al from UK on 21st Aug 2010
The Motorola V360 is a all around great phone for everyday use and then some! It is a rugged quality and reliable phone in which I do not want to trade up to a new phone, (even for free).

Reviewed by gaz1990 from UK on 11th Nov 2009
ive unlocked my v360 so i can use my orange sim in it when i phone orange to top up with 450 i cant navigate the automated answering machine because it keeps trying to dial instead of choose an option

Reviewed by JINZO from UK on 14th Jul 2009
This phone does not conect to the internet very well it keeps on logging off every 2 minutes. IT SUCKS AND I HATE IT

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 5th Jul 2009
I think its a great phone,got what u need,but its rather fat.Also the 1 time startd chargin it and then aftr 3 hours it was flat again!But its the best fone iv seen from motorola in quite a while!

Reviewed by francis from UK on 25th Mar 2009
i love my motorola v360 it is a good product

Reviewed by GIDEON JOSHUA KOTZEN from UK on 5th Mar 2009
I am South Africa I AM DEAF. I wear hearing aid & the hand free phone is helping me to hear & also TEXT sms .It is the best in the world . It got everything in it more than any phone & get very cheap.It is the best ever I think it is 5 stars(outstanding)

Reviewed by shubham from UK on 19th Jan 2009
You can mod this phone... visit modmymotocom yuetblogblogspotcom motohellcom this phone giver u every thing

Reviewed by Goro from UK on 14th Jan 2009
Had this phone for about 4 years in which it gave me excellent service. The high resolution of the internal display screen is something i was pleasantly suprised with, and i've noticed that many more expensive phones lack such a good display. The camera is also fairly good, although the video leaves something to be desired. The overall layout and key size is another area in which this phone excelled for me. By modern standards it is fairly heavy, but i recommend it as a reliable and aesthetically pleasing mobile

Reviewed by taariq arend from UK on 20th Nov 2008
i love it still after 4 years going strong!!

Reviewed by James from UK on 16th Sep 2008
It sends txts and makes / recieves calls great, but the camera is of limited quality, and the mp3 player won't play files more than about 1M ... which makes it a little useless. It's advertised as coming with the USB functionality to connect to your computer. Don't believe it. You need to buy the drivers & their tools to do so.

Reviewed by Crystal from UK on 24th Aug 2008
I'v had this phone since it first came out all that time ago and it has been a brilliant phone in that time, the only downside to it is the lack of space and camera capability but for its price what can you expect. This phone, like many other motorola's is in my eyes virtually indestructable! the only reason im hunting for a new one now is my v360 is scratched to pieces and backless, through my own fault of course and although it survived the go kart incident, bathtub and bein throw out along a motorway now to me it doesnt look as sleek as it once did. May it rest in peace.

Reviewed by Candice Perie from UK on 23rd Jul 2008
I have recently received a Motorola v360 cell phone and have no idea how to send sms's, or delete messages or change ring tones and sms message tones!!! Please can you help me???/

Reviewed by ruairi mcaleavy from UK on 20th Jul 2008
music storage space very disappointing slow blue tooth tough rating 5/10

Reviewed by Rajat from UK on 20th Jun 2008
From USA ( NEW YORK ) Out standing performance phone . Like Rated "R" superstar phone . Integrated bluetooth technology helps to connect better and connect internet . I am the fan of my T-MOBILE MOTO V360 . Thanks

Reviewed by Rajat from UK on 15th Jun 2008
This is very excellent phone with flap point screen . Integrated wireless technology of bluetooth makes it easy to use and connect to any other phone with bluetooth .

Reviewed by nina from UK on 11th Jun 2008
i have this phone. it looks greate. and smart.

Reviewed by Amylaura from UK on 27th May 2008
well i've had this phone for almost three years now and it hasn't failed me once. It's just your bog-standard mobile with the basics-camera,video,mp3 and bluetooth, and although the bluetooth isn't the best, it's good enough. What i can complain about it is it hasn't got alot of memory at all. I could only store one song on it and about 30 pictures. I'm just yuor typical teenager and i drop my phone alot! and this phone has never died once when i've dropped it and it is very hard to get scratched, which is good :) The thing i don't like about it is, the video doesn't record for long at all, 40-50 seconds the most in one recording, and the photo quality isn't too good. But apart from that, if you're looking for a cheap, decent phone, go for this coz it's never failed me! sod all the fancy phones go for a good trustworthy one. :)

Reviewed by andor from UK on 25th May 2008
When I put memory card into cardslot to load onto pc, the pc does not recognise it. The photos look good on the tiny phone screen, but I'd love to get them full size! Also, the alarm only works sometimes. Not reliable. Caused me a lot of bother till I started using my old phone for mornings. The phone functions are fine, but as a camera and alarm it is useless. It was a birthday present, and I could pitch it away to hell.

Reviewed by Me from UK on 29th Apr 2008
I find the phone is very good, but there is very little support. I have been trying to be able to access my phone under linux for a wile now, but cam't find anything that will point me in the right direction to solve my little problem. I feal lost.

Reviewed by Natasha C from UK on 7th Apr 2008
best phone ever and durable cos i've dropped mine quite a few times

Reviewed by Kimme from UK on 12th Mar 2008
i love this phone and ive had it for 3 yrs, but recently things have started to go wrong. just a tip: wen u get this phone, buy a battery and NOT a memory card (screws up phone) anyway, luv its good features

Reviewed by katrina from UK on 5th Jan 2008
I have had my phone for 3 years and its fantastic...the only down fall is that i didnt come with a memory card, so without a memory card you cant have a lot of full songs.But apart from that its really good. I have dropped my phone that many times and its still going..still original just like i brought it from argos for 60 ...It has all the fearures you need... I would highly reccomend it.

Reviewed by Dont you just love pie? from UK on 27th Dec 2007
I have had this phone for 1.5 years and it still works perfecto. its an awesome phone for its price. i got it for 60 from argos and i was really impressed. sure it has a bit of a rubish camera but its got bluetooth, mp3 video recorder, a 262k screen, video recorder, and really good games, ok only 1 is good but that will keep u ocupied for a wile. GET THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 26th Dec 2007
this fone just keeps going and going! ive had it for a few years now tho i have just got a new mobile (nokia n73, on 3 contract) my V360, ive dropped in puddles for hours, thrown it, kicked it, beaten it senceless, erased everytihng, crashed it, screwed up connections (it now turns off if u squeeze the screen/keypad connection) burned it, covered it with stickers, sat on it, headbutted it, slept ontop of it countless times, messed around with the circuitry, fitted new vibration motor, and alot more that my sleep deprived mind cant think of right now, and good god, its still going, only thing i need to do is top it up and away i go!! i advise it for any1 who really puts their mobile through its paces, or someone who just wants a good working reliable fone... or both! its gunna start saying 'I'll be back' next time i put it in a box to forget about it!!

Reviewed by - from UK on 23rd Dec 2007
I hate the fact that u can't delete some of the setting. It meant that i can't get the mms setting. Also the phone broke six chargers in two months. I'm not impressed with it

Reviewed by ionut from UK on 17th Dec 2007
the best mobile [phione i ever had.perfect

Reviewed by Viv Akhil from UK on 17th Nov 2007
I was given as a Birthday present. I think I am very lucky to get this Mobile phone, it slim and neat.I am still learning its features. I will learn to know more of it as I go along. I recomend to anybody who wants to have a light good phone

Reviewed by mshp from UK on 28th Oct 2007
this fones camera is wiked, buh da video camera dnt record long u cnt put sum songs on cuz is currupted ova all is aii u no

Reviewed by Black Knight from UK on 24th Sep 2007
Ex-cell-ant. This phone is very robust and does what it says on the box very well. I dropped it in 4 foot of lake water and having retrieved it I stripped it down and put it in the baking sun to dry off. Now it works better than before :)

Reviewed by Z.A uzer from UK on 24th Sep 2007
the memory card went (eternally) corrupt on mine and a couple other people as well... BUT, this is an excellent phone all-round, games look especially great on it. my only reall complaint is that literally 8/10 people,including me have it. oh yeah, Opera Mini is fantastic on this, hell i'm using the app from my V360 to type this review Lol... peaz

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 18th Sep 2007
i had the motorola v360 for a year and i LOVED it. it took the gretest pictures and i used to send my pictures to the computer and they came out so clear!!!! i loved my phone and i miss it.

Reviewed by neolurza from UK on 14th Sep 2007
I love this phone very much.1'st thing that made like tihs phone is it design.for me it's very stylish.

Reviewed by Nicholas from UK on 13th Sep 2007
This phone is very good and i have it so i like it but the video dosent last for long but who cares it is still brilliant and plus the camera is very clear so this moblle phone is amazing so you should get it !!!! Come on people go and buy it now and it could be a very fashonible phone (it all rwady is ) but could be even more

Reviewed by >:( from UK on 9th Sep 2007
I HATED THIS PHONE I would give it a -1,000,000 It broke in a month. It wouldn't charge

Reviewed by Dammy Adisa from UK on 7th Sep 2007
I am quite impressed with this phone it has all the features that i actually need but there is just one problem am not fully happy with that is the battery life,its just too short, i can hardly surf the internet and when surfing the next thing i know is the battery is low.In conclusion its a good phone.

Reviewed by Victoria from UK on 28th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for about 4 days and I think it's overall pretty good, though there are some small issues. The cam is pretty good for the price of the phone ( 100 canadian dollars) and the image quality is excellent. The MP3 is pretty good, though nothing compared to the ipod of course. The cons would probably be: -I couldn't find the motomixer -I don't really like the design of the back cover(but who can see it anyways) -You can't delete the stuff it first comes with -the outside screen is a bit plain Pros: -Good Mp3 player and easy to use -pretty good image and sound quality -Good camera and video cam for the price -Easy to use -Excellent design -Easy to navigate and find features -No major problems yet -Does about everything it promises -Great price! So overall, an excellent phone. Buy it for sure!

Reviewed by John from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
i owned one of them phone for just over a year before upgrading to the V3x it is an excellent phone and if i did not need to get a new number i would certainly still be using it

Reviewed by marksk3 from UK on 8th Aug 2007
The best value for money mobile I've ever owned.loaded with features and with a 512mb memory card this cost 70.Both my wife and I both use one and have no hesitation in recommending it.

Reviewed by Janet from UK on 1st Aug 2007
I find this phone very reliable and covers most of the things that you need on a phone. I got this as a present and was really impressed with the phone.

Reviewed by lauren murphy from UK on 2nd Jul 2007
hi i have your phone the motorola v360 in the colour green and i really do love this phone, its been one of my best phones and i would love to get my hands on another one.

Reviewed by HS-R from UK on 25th Jun 2007
this phone really brillant!! but i use for one year now i will change to nk66233

Reviewed by nitesh basnet from UK on 25th Jun 2007
i got it for nepali Rs8300 and for that price i think its a great deal.Although it doesn't record video for so long ,its mp3 is great overall i'll give it 4 out of 5

Reviewed by palkesh from UK on 25th Jun 2007
this is very bad phone ,because i can't read memory card normaly,there is not any fancation to read memory card like file maneger

Reviewed by Trudy from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
I ahev the green v360 and it is awesome. very impressive and everything u want to on a phone, everyone should have one! from sexy Trudy Portsmouth xxxx i love craig

Reviewed by slf from UK on 8th Jun 2007
nice phone with good size memory for photo's etc..bluetooth plus more However on orange network once it gets to One bar battery - it very loadly beeps every 5 mins for what seems like an age! very annoying

Reviewed by Hannah Montana from UK on 6th Apr 2007
Hello everbody!!! This is mi Hannah Montana you love mi Motorola V360 it is beatiful and ay live my Motorola V360 it is the best mobile. Good bye!!!

Reviewed by ips from UK on 20th Mar 2007

Reviewed by schmidi from UK on 10th Mar 2007
this handy is very good i jumped into teh swimming pool of my friend with it but it was not dead now it works like the moment i had bought it

Reviewed by megan from UK on 9th Mar 2007
i love this phone sooo much! i got it for $99 and it has practically everything u would need in a phone! i mean, my friends have all got these expensive flash looking phones but honestly, this phone is much better quality and seems to have more on it like MP3 and stuff like that. some people would think that a phone that cheap would be pretty bad but it is so surprisingly kewl i am proud to admitt how much i paid for it! lets face it, its hard to find a deal like that these days :P

Reviewed by Reen Khan from UK on 27th Feb 2007
This is a krap phone! ....

Reviewed by caroline from UK on 27th Feb 2007
i got this phone about a year ago and it drives me crazy!The battery is the biggest thing, it lasts a day then starts bleeping because it thinks its low, however, if you put it on silent or vibrate so you cant hear the oh so irritating blip beep sound it will last for another 2 days without charging!!but you have to charge it because having it on silent constantly is not practacle! The other thing is that when u write a message it will write it then you go to send it and it deletes it saying there is no space in the memory if it just told you before you could errase some messages, but the fact that sometimes it will hold 120 then some other days only 50 means its always guess work when it decides its full!apart from those things its ok but it is just a very irritating phone!

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 17th Feb 2007
Bought this phone over a year ago. My problems started almost immediately, hen the battery life as between 12-15 hours. Have presevered with it, but recently gave in and bought a new OEM battery. Believe it or not, I still have the same problems! Phone fully charged in the morning, hardly used at all during the day, and by evening down to low battery alarm. Also was sold to me as having voice reminder/memo. No sign of that at all.

Reviewed by Luiza from UK on 14th Feb 2007
This phone is my first ever mobile and i love it. i couldnt ever go without it! but there are some down sides. the video capture lasts like 17 seconds at the most, and the memory isnt very good. also you cant delete the ringtones and stuff that came with it. it is a smart phone really, its a reasonable size and its nice looking. the screen quality is good and it comes wiv a memory card which can be found in the back of the phone by the battery. it is quite heavy for a phone but is good - it has bluetooth and a reasonably good camera which can take some excellent photos!! i would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone!! and its only 70 - great price for a great phone!!

Reviewed by perc from UK on 14th Feb 2007
the best phone on the market for 50 and under.has everything on it such as camera,video,music and even the ability to drag .jar files onto the memory card, which many phones cant do.screan is excelent and big.vodafone live is FREE to look at the latest sport. C'MON ENDLAND

Reviewed by Organic from UK on 12th Feb 2007
Mobile phone is great... You can mod it how you want with such a few tools... If you want to flash it and somenting goes wrong you have the bootloader i a special part of the memory that can't be erased & you can save you mobile phone in minutes... You can turn mono sound into stereo... Increse the power of the amplyfier to the max, then the sound is extremly good and the bass... thumbs up for this motorola... all new motorolas you can't mod that easily because the modding tools aren't yet deweloped for them and they won't be that easily... v360 is a open book... @ desmond flash it because that happens to some motorolas v360 that the come without mp3 codec... @ Jerramy you can delete everything on the phone... only the bootloader can't be toucht If you wana know how to do this...www.motox.us

Reviewed by Desmond from UK on 2nd Feb 2007
can someone tell me how do i put my mp3s on the phone? ( i would give it 5 stars but i cant figure out how to use the mp3 player) :(

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 1st Feb 2007

Reviewed by michael from UK on 30th Jan 2007
im just replying 2 Kitsune that was asking how u set the clock on the external display to be analogue. u go 2: menu - settings - personalise - home screen - clock - analogue

Reviewed by Jerramy from UK on 5th Jan 2007
can i just say that i got this phone even after reading many negative comments and not many of them are true. I heard: Screen time on front is too small to read. well.. not really, the time on it is bigger than it is inside the phone Video length is too short. its set to 7 seconds, you can go into settings and make it record for like 2 mins maximum. Its only sendable as an MMS message for up to 7 seconds so records like that so videos may be sent. Simply go my media: videos: videos setup: videos length The songs already on the mp3 can not be delted however they use up so little memory who cares. I got a 1GB memory stick anyway. In fact i love this phone, it took me a while finding everything but now i cant find many cons about it at all. The size is good as are all the features. For 60 at argos its great

Reviewed by phone buyer from UK on 26th Dec 2006
Althoug this phone is pretty pleasant to look at, it comes with its downfalls: terrible memory, can only store like 2 tracks and 1 photo at a time. In my opinion this phone is not worth 79.99 so do not waste your money.

Reviewed by tom h (14) from UK on 26th Dec 2006
great price though i couldent fine how to send stuff using bluetooth but i soon founng out buy copeing it then so on good camera is very good and clear memery is quite good and an enother anoying thing is my phone is GREEN ( looks lke a bogey)but i do like green all in all its a great phone with everything it comes with good buy!!!!

Reviewed by nathaniel bhardwaj from UK on 9th Dec 2006
is it me or is the flip realy weak!!!!!!!!!! please tell me if you think it is ????????? other than that its realy good priced at only 59.99 from argos today

Reviewed by harmey from australia on 20th Jun 2006
this phone has just about as much as u would want in a phone but u cant delete the stuff the factory puts on and the video dosent record for very long but still is an impressive phone

Reviewed by jord118 from uk on 17th Jun 2006
Hey rusty logan the same thing happened 2 me with the files corrupted but still this is an amazing phone i just wish it had infra red aswell as blutooth, but still not complaining this is an exellant fone 4 70 and vodafone live rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by frog from scotland on 14th Jun 2006
my review is very plain im really happy with the fone for the price i paid for it 75 from argos and got an additional mp3 player with it so 5 stars on that subject however scotland being scotland i came home from the pub pished one night i dropped my fone in the back field in the morning i found the fone minus the back battery cover a long search to no avail anyway a long extensive search through different fone calls to various mobile parts dealers im still arseless for my mobile so a big boo on the spare part subject henceforth if rusty logans gonna damp his in the bin any chance of gettin the back?im open to any suggestions

Reviewed by AnThOnY from South africa on 12th Jun 2006
if Celloholic chick is reding this then you sound really hot and cool (im 12)... but now about the phone. its a really cool phone that has anything you could want and it is better than the razor (trust me i had one) this phone is basicaly the best phone you could ask for at the cheap price of only R650!!!!! (south african rands) P.S can someone please tell me where i can find the momory card inside the box

Reviewed by Rusty Logan from uk on 9th Jun 2006
After reading all your comments I decided to buy this phone but kow I regreat it. First of all I couldn't switch it on so I come back to the shop and I still asked for onother v360v. I bought a 512mb memory card. The first day every thing was fine but now 2 out of 3 times I try to open the music files it says that the files are currupted. I need to switch off the phone again and see if the next time I'll be luky. I tried the memory card in my pc and it works perfectelly so the problems seems to be the phone. I am very disapointed because I bought this phone because of its mp3. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Any idea or suggestion? I am about to damp it in the bin!

Reviewed by Dara from Ireland on 8th Jun 2006
This Is The Best Fone I ever Had It Has Everything You Could Want In A Fone Bluetooth,Video Capture,Camera And All The Rest Its A Very! Good Fone And If Your Thinking Of Getting A New Fone Get This!!!!!.

Reviewed by Fookinell from Malaysia on 8th Jun 2006
I just bought the phone. Love it. For the price that I am paying, I happy with the functionality that comes with it. It doesn't have all the latest bells & whistles but enough to make me happy. My advice is to look at the functionality that the phone offers in relative to its price. If you want more than it offers, fork out the extra cash and get the latest phone available.

Reviewed by Mark from Australia on 7th Jun 2006
This phone is amazing for the price $99 aud Features abound( great screen ),(pretty fair mp3 player) Good battery life ,Bluetooth

Reviewed by Mbgenius from Croatia on 3rd Jun 2006
This phone i AWFUL!!I hate it!It has got this poor VGA camera and more poorer menu!I hate!The only thing is god for this mobile is a design.

Reviewed by dani bentley from uk on 2nd Jun 2006
this is a fantastic phone!! i luv the fact its got a usb port and its so easy to transfer music pics and videos to and from the computer. its stylish and the camara and sound features are awesome. i had some trouble with putting a photo to a contact aswell but it didnt take long for me to find out you have to store the picture you wish to use to the phone and also the contact. ultimately this is definately the best phone i've ever had!!!

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 30th May 2006
For someone looking for a bluetooth compatible flip phone this is an excellent buy. I get reception where my old 'sony ericsson t630' would not. The sound clarity and dialing speed is also good. Howveer I agree with one chap here who found that the mp3 playing element is pretty dire. I only get mono sound at low quality, even with highquality headphones through a minijack - so dont think of buying one as a replacement for your Ipod. Decent screen, and camera. and a very good phone!!

Reviewed by Celloholic Chick from Australia on 28th May 2006
I've had the phone 4 about a month and i am so pleazed with it. it has fantastic features for those who said that the camera is junk i disagree becoz what can u expect ditital camera quality IF U WANT DIDITAL CAMERA GO BUY A DIDITAL CAMERA the video camera is great considering it's a phone, the ringtones are awesome plus u can down load songs for your ringtone for free if u cut the song you down load it via bluetooth so you can have ultra cool ring tones like L.O.V.E by ashly simpson. The Phisical aperance is super coz its silver the in colour even better 2 tone its very compact and light. The Price is outstanding for a phone with those cool features and the ultra cool aperance guess the price 99 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont listen to the horrible reviews coz i have had no trouble at all with this phone if you like the Motorola Razors features but don't have enough money this is the phone to get plus i think its better than the Motorola Razor becoz its way cheaper an d cooler although i would like to know how to use da Mp3 player but hey iv got my ipod.

Reviewed by Celloholic girl from Australia on 27th May 2006
i got this fone about a month ago now and havent had any problems. this fone is the best fone ever i would say it's better than the Razor it's features a great and any one who can't work out how to put the fone in the analog form i here to help go to settings (bottem right hand corner)go to personalise home screen then you'll see clock settings. there you go and i figured that out and im only 11. back to the topic Great features the camera is awsome but i think the video camera could be better and iv managed to donload free songs well parts of songs for ring tones via bluetooth i no have an awesome ringtone free to cost and anyone can do that easy. the phisical apperance is awesome i wanted a cheapish phone and a get it this phone is only $99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anyone who says this fone is horrible r bozos and obiously don't no how to use it I recomend buying this becoz of its phisical aperance and features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Reviewed by Mark from New Zealand on 24th May 2006
Great phone so far. Has many features found in a lot of higher priced phones. Great sound quality, display, physical appearance. Even has little rubber stoppers to cushion the clam when closing. I would've liked some stereo headphones included - very hard to find in New Zealand (had to get em from america). An external colour display would've been good too. But all in all an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Charlotte from England on 22nd May 2006
It's a very useful phone with lots of highpoints. It is quite a medium phone with a big brain mostly. I like the way the V360 is very light subjecting to the size.

Reviewed by Soph from Australia on 21st May 2006
Well, I think it's pretty good. You can't really expect Bluetooth or Infared for the price, now can you? If you want infared get a more expensive phone. That said, my old phone (MOTO V360) had infared, and I could never get it to work anyway. My two (and only) problems are the battery life, which is NOT good, and the amount of heat it kicks out, especially during calls. I have not tried uploading Java games onto the phone with the USB cable yet, but if I got it to work on my old phone in the same way, I'm sure I can on this one! And I have to tell those who have said the phone only comes with 2mb of memory - it doesn't, it comes with 16mb (well, 17 and a bit mb's, actually). All told, I'm pleased with the phone - it looks the biz! IT WAS $99!!

Reviewed by hayley from uk on 21st May 2006
i'd give it 4.5/5 all of u who cant seem to figure it out have you even thought to look at a user manual? I havent needed it yet as i thought the phone extremely easy to use and brilliant for its mp3, and cam. I'm only 14 and managed to have the phone working in about 2 hours. The mp3 player is in file-sounds for all of you who couldnt find it (and btw that was in the manual as well!) and the external display can be set to clock face by settings, personalise, home screen and changin clock to analogue.overall the phone is great it lost its half point from me only because the video capture is a short length of time and you cant get it in pink;) lol but its still a brill we phone

Reviewed by maddsta from australia on 21st May 2006
heya dudes and dudettes!!!!!!!!! me mum bought me dis fone a couple of days ago. i tink its awesum all around!!!!!! its cam is allright- but hey dis is a fone not a digital cam- so if ur goin round complainin about it- WHERES UR HEAD??? GO BUY A DIGITAL CAM OR SOMTHIN CUS DIS A V. GOOD FONE!!!!!!!! the screen quality is pretty good, and the design is nice....although da people who make dis phone should make it more colurful.......anyway......... its light.....fits in r school blazer pocket v. nicely....especially when ur not supposed 2 hav fones @ skool......and ur teachers cant go through ur blazer!!!!! spesh if u wear it everywere...........anyway.....bak on trak........um deres no real problem wif dis fone......cept i still think u should hav more colour......oh- and dont forget 2 buy a mock when u hav a fone....trust me there really good- spesh if u r rough wif ur fone......and theyre so cute, nd when they get dirty, can put em in da wash!!!!!!! anyway (sorry 4 sayin dat so much) i hav 2 g2g becus im busy cus i hav 2 sms me friend. c ya guys!!!!!!! PS- if u buy dis fone u r a v. smart person!!!!!!!

Reviewed by DCUK from England on 19th May 2006
Ive read the reviews the other users have posted, I looked at the good and the bad points and found that the good outwayed the bad so I bought one... This has to be the best 75 ive spent, I needed a phone for work my v500 died and I wanted another flip phone, Ive had no problems with this phone in any way, the only thing i had trouble with was finding anywhere in the instructions about the mp3 player, I even wrang vodafone and they said its not got one, even though its printed on the box they still denied it had one, I eventually wrang motorola direct and they helped me in 10 mins to get it goin and its great, I love it, for 75 its worth every penny. As for the analog clock problem ppl have been having the internal clock needs to be analog not digital, then the external one will be analog...

Reviewed by jayasanka from Sri Lanka on 19th May 2006
When u are finding for a clamshell phone with better performence to a better price u should choos this phone. The biggest advantage is external memory. it can upgrade to 512MB. MP3 player work excellent. Screen is sharp enough and bright. Main disadvatage is absent of FM tuner. Another thing to say there is no voice recorder( but can add voice to MMS). The doual mode of the phone, while conected to a computer helps to store files as a normal flash drive.(but little slow). camera quality is average. But night mode is excellent than othere sonyericssion k700, nokia 6600 and other phones at this price range. Another thing to say the phone is charging via USB. Buy this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by blackshadow from UK on 18th May 2006
I had the mp3 player and it was hard to use, have you tried simply draging the file and putting it on the mp3 player. If you have installed the driver download the new Media Player and synchronise the mp3 files. Hope this helps, tell me if it does. Only one problem I need to find out how to transfer games from PC to phone... I have the games I just don't know how... if someone helps me I will send them some games. Thanks! By the way great phone :D

Reviewed by Heather from Australia on 16th May 2006
This phone is one of the best! however can someone help in figuring out how to use the mp3 player? i cant do it!?

Reviewed by JJ from Ireland on 16th May 2006
All I can say is that this is the best phone I've had. I usually replace my phone every three months or so. Not this time. Amazing value, it looks the business in two tone silver, good camera, great battery. I dumped my old mp3 player and I'm using my phone instead full time. I can't think of a single flaw. A totally amazing phone.

Reviewed by aimee from scotland on 13th May 2006
i was looking on this website aster my phone broke down on me. I found this phione, and i saw that LOADS of people had rated it with either 4 or 5 stars, and that it was brilliant, so i bought one, and now i am reviewing myself, i cant think of aything else that i can say about it, because every one else has said everything there is to say about it

Reviewed by Phil from England on 12th May 2006
This phone is absolutly amazing. As the person before me I got a free MP3 player with this phone and sold it off for 20 easily (just asked a random person down the market lol). When i got it home it worked like a charm. It regestred in about 5 minuites automaticly. Absolutly love the phone. It is a real reccommended buy. However it is a little un user friendly compared to Samsung. Also the Vodaphone custumer survices are pretty pants. I have had a upgrade from the V220 and well all I can say is vodaphone has made a massive improvement. It can easily beat Sony Err... But I would prefer a Samsung D series but still im more then happy with this phone. The only problem is im a show off and silver phones look the best right? And this one only comes in black! Oh well ive got to learn. Thanks Motorola. Vodaphone... you get a thankyou when you become as good as orange.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 12th May 2006
Blackshadow if you would like to know how to use your phone ask your younger brother the way you want because as I understand he knows and you are not asking him. By the way execelent phone motorola. Only down side is its a little big and quite thick for other phones with the same specifications and a better network. If I where you I wouldn't buy this and I would get the Samsung E330e.

Reviewed by Goitsemang from South Africa on 8th May 2006
The phone is very cool, coz it has some cool staff that a young lady like me will enjoy camera, video recording, mp3, memory card, Internet. And for the price its really shocking. Try it and love it!

Reviewed by blackshadow from UK on 8th May 2006
I got this phone only for 75 with a free mp3 player. Overall, I am very pleased with this phone and rate it 5 stars and I have not had any problems with it. I had used this website to make my choice on this phone and I am glad everyone is pleased with it. I have the V360v (made for vodaphone). Vodaphone services stink! This is the only bad point as well as no infer-red but, not a problem. One thing, how do you set the photo to the contact I try it and it comes up with an error message.

Reviewed by Josh from Canadda on 7th May 2006
this phone it outstanding because of all the features.

Reviewed by jake from china on 7th May 2006
this fone is soo cool i recommend everybody to buy it!! i can listen to my music and take cool photos its ony cheap so buy it

Reviewed by Reina from US on 5th May 2006
i don't care what anyone says about this phone...it's by far one of the best phones that t-mobile has come out with. i mean it's got everything you'll ever need: calculator, mp3, camera, video camera, hifi ringtones, etc., etc., etc. I had purchased the phone a few days before my 21st birthday in january. it was stolen about 4 days ago from my job and i already have my replacement. although it's not originally the blue colored one, i'm still happy with it...it's silver and gray and still does everything my original one did. when asurion sent my replacement it only took 4 days and they sent me a brand new one; not refurbished. There were absolutely no scratches or anything. everyone in my family absolutely loves this phone and uses more often than i do...and they each have their own phones...

Reviewed by Ali Atas from LONDON on 3rd May 2006
i got this phone for only 75! The phone came with a 64Mb memory card. I phone is quite hard to figure out and understand. However, once you get used to it, it will be a great phone and also, it has a good camerca (VGA) The olnly thing that this phone lacks is infared and i think not anyone uses this feature to send and receive things. When i first got the phone i didnt know how to save an appointment on it. And is anyone here doesnt know i shall tell. Enter the calendar and click the menu botton to save and appointment. As i said its a very hard phone to use and understand but it has veryg good features! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR V360 as i DID!

Reviewed by luci from UK on 3rd May 2006
kitt bluetooth

Reviewed by ryan from england on 25th Apr 2006
this fone is excellent i was first looking into buying the 975 but it had terrible remarks so i bought this fone for just 75 thats a bargain there is just 1 lil problem tho the memory isnt the best for storing everything in

Reviewed by dennis from uk on 22nd Apr 2006
I have just got this phone it looked good on paper bluetooth,mp3 etc.But i am dissapointed with it.the quality of the phone is cheap and tacky.I have never seen it in any shops, until argos had it on special offer.Bought it took it home (you cant try it out before you it).And have hated it ever since.

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