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Motorola V300 review

 Review: July 2004  

Last updated March 2005


In a nutshell: The Motorola V300 is a decently featured mid-range camera phone.


It comes with the benefit of voice dialling, an integrated handsfree speaker and a picture phonebook. However, what lets the V300 down badly is its very high weight (123g), low memory and unreliable software - read the user comments below for a flavour of these. The V300 has now been replaced by the E550.

Motorola V300 features include:

  • Integrated digital camera
  • Internal display: 65,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • External display: 2 lines of text with blue backlight
  • Downloadable polyphonic / MP3 ringtones
  • MotoMixer (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Java games: Stuntman & Monopoly, plus downloadable games
  • Downloadable wallpaper
  • Downloadable animated screensavers
  • USB cable connectivity
  • E-mail
  • GPRS, WAP 2.0
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text (iTap)
  • Group SMS
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice-activated dialling
  • Integrated hands-free speakerphone
  • Picture phone book: up to 1000 entries
  • Memory: 5 Mbytes
  • User-customisable softkey functions, main menu and shortcuts
  • Vibration alert
  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Date and clock
  • Datebook with reminder alerts
  • PIM functionality
  • Tri band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Size: 89 x 49 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 123g
  • Standby time: up to 200 hours
  • Talk time: up to 390 minutes

Motorola V300 user reviews

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Average rating from 151 reviews:

Reviewed by Jon Gibb from UK on 10th Jun 2010
Bought this phone in 2004 and was pleased with it AT FIRST. Now it cannot send picture messages or emails despite help from TMobile technical support and a new sim card and reconfiguring all the settings. I have dozens of pictures to transfer and it dont have bluetooth either. Phone also turns itself off for no reason and constantly freezes up. Have now replaced it with Samsung Toco Lite. Wont ever buy Motorola again.

Reviewed by james from UK on 7th Aug 2008
Back in its time this phone was stylish and very practical compared to its rivals. It also turned out to be very reliable,I used it for over 4 years on its original battery.

Reviewed by motorola from UK on 21st Jun 2008
this phone sucks!!!

Reviewed by Karl Davis from UK on 18th Jan 2008
I've had my V300 for a good 4 years now and it has been very reliable for me. I've NEVER had problems with the speaker/volume dropping, nor signal strength. In fact I don't think I have had any of the problems that others have mentioned here. However, in the time I've had it, I have missed not being able to take videos, but that's only a small issue. Of late, the speaker has stopped working, so I have to rely on the load speaker for any calls. But for me, that ain't many, as I text more than anything. Apart from that, my only gripe is that over time the camera lens gets really grotty so your pics become really grainy. This is solved by using a (spectacle) lens cleaner and a cotton bud - use one end to clean and other to dry it. Even so, have found that long term the pictures aren't as good as they once were. But don't forget, I've had this phone for over 4 YEARS !! Time for a new phone me thinks... am now getting the sleek Motorola V70

Reviewed by evan from UK on 14th Jan 2008
i have had alot of cell phones. Up to like 15 in 5 years. Every phone i have had breaks except this one. Its a great phone. good camera, screen, speaker. Everything is amazing about it. EXCEPT- the charger is like messed up and hard to charge.

Reviewed by ali from UK on 19th Sep 2007
it is nice

Reviewed by Janet from UK on 31st Aug 2007
The Motorola v300 is a rubbish phoe it has no mp3 player and cannot store songs and the memory erases and the screen flashes alot!

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 9th Aug 2007
Just one year old and the ear speaker has broken, have to use speaker phone to have a conversation. Doesn't look like i'm the only one to have this problem...might try my luck taking it back to the shop for repairs. Other than this (rather fundamental) problem, its ok. Predictive text is a bit rubbish and my old Sony mobile was much better made (still works better than the motorola even though its close to 7 years old!)

Reviewed by harish from UK on 26th Jul 2007
i love so much moto i have bought a new moto mainia recentally if u send me software of moto v300 i shall be very thankful to you bye bye

Reviewed by Lorna from UK on 16th Jun 2007
I've had my Motorola V300 for 3 years now and I'm getting a new phone in August - the only reason for that is is that my phone is starting to slow down etc. But I think a phone lasting without battery change for 3 years is pretty good don't you. No, it may not have a video, MP3 or bluetooth but it is an old phone. Don't knock it! It's really easy to use, the camera is fine, and the sound is great! It also looks really good too, it may be heavy compared to ones like the Sony Ericsson w880i but it hardly strains in your pocket/handbag does it?! Come on! It's a really sturdy thing, I've dropped mine in the bath once and it's still working, I've dropped it on the pavement etc.. Still works with only a few minor scratches! I totally love my morotola v300 and I'm going to be sad to see it go. All you people who are giving it a poor review are probably used to really high-tech phones but whatever, that's your view. Lorna

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
Ear piece speaker broken, 6 of my friends have the same problem. I think they designed the speaker to attach to the housing and the the board so it pops right off after about 6 months.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 12th May 2007
I Have Been The Owner Of This Phone For Around 3 Years. It WAs My First. The Best Part Of This Phone Is The Signal. Other Than That, The Phone Lacks Many Things. In Comparison To The Other Phones Surrounding It, This Phone Has Failed. The Software Is Unreliable Because Mine Began From The Begining. The Strip Inside Tends To Be The First Thing To Go Bad.(Don't Ask Why I Kept It For So Long)At Least The Camera Ent That Bad And It LAsted THis Long Before It Joins The Retired Home.

Reviewed by george from UK on 25th Apr 2007
I bought my V300 in July 2004 after my T190 that lasted for two years. I was after a “clam” style phone with a nice screen, MP3 and USB connectivity. I am happy with my phone for these reasons: (1) it has a nice screen, (2) it plays MP3s well, (3) it connects to my computer, and (4) it has voice activated dialling. I am not so happy for these reasons: (1) the purpose of a “clam” style phone is defeated when buttons on the side get pressed during travel, (2) the software is slow with a minimum one-second response time or no response at all (keypad issue?), (3) the camera quality is so grainy photos taken generally give you an idea of what the subject is, and (4) the recharge connections are poor. Presently it cannot be charged – “Unable to charge” – just like my T190. Both phones lasted for two years but I expected five years especially from a mid-range phone with a mid-range price $520 AU (price without accessorie s). It might be time to go with a different brand, one that lasts more than two years.

Reviewed by Parsifal, Australia from UK on 14th Apr 2007
I have read the reviews and so many report the same problem I am encountering, i.e. no sound from the earpiece. I too have to leave it on speakerphone. Surely Motorola recognize some sort of pattern emerging!? Picture quality is very poor. I was given this phone by a relative after I trod on my Sony Ericsson. The latter was also annoying as the re-charger pins never properly connected resulting in endless tweaking in order to get it to engage. This problem occurred on two new phones! Both phone models as useful as chocolate teapots.

Reviewed by MICHAELA from UK on 13th Mar 2007

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
Gr8 phone wen i got it but just needed a change, wouldnt recomend it now but was gr8!!!

Reviewed by Joey from UK on 21st Feb 2007
The Moto V300 is a good phone apart from the fact that it has no wireless connectivity what so ever. It came as a disapointment as it lacks severely in many areas and the software is very unreliable. however, the v300 has good signal and a clear camera. so if u r into multimedia, then this aint the phone for you

Reviewed by Lorna from UK on 8th Feb 2007
Reading the rest of your views, I think you're saying it's worse than it actually is, they're not really that bad. My picture quality is pretty good and the sound quality is excellent on my little V300. I'm 13 too, I got my first phone (the v300) about 2.5 years ago to start secondary school with. Yes, I was amazed with it to start off with but after a year or so, yes it did start to get boring when I realised everyone had a video phone with bluetooth. But that's not judging on my experiences of the phone, because it's quality is very good. But I still have it now as my phone and it's working fine for me - I'm not particularly bothered about what others think and all these new phones with touch sensitive screens don't necessarily work better either. I'm thinking of changing it soon because it's starting to slow after a few years, but what do you expect? I'd say that was pretty good going for a phone! Yeh, so people are down-grading it because it's a pretty old and unfashionable phone soon but when I got it everyone was so jealous of me. And you know.. Even the LG Chocolate will go out of fashion. Lorna

Reviewed by Tai from UK on 14th Jan 2007
the motorola keeps on freezing esp when i play a downloaded game, it lacks infra-red or blue tooth, so i cant send or receive files to my friends, it's bulky so i really cant conceal it in a pocket...in short, dont buy it, there are MUCH better phone out there!!

Reviewed by basit from UK on 8th Jan 2007
my mobile moto v300 did not have bluetooth connectivity, the mobile is good but it has antina which is problem to cary, and low memory. but its a nice mobile not bad..

Reviewed by james from UK on 18th Dec 2006
hello I got this phone in dec 2004.I loved it when I got it and it was very cheap at 120 euro but after 2 months it broke,I sent it back to o2 and got it fixed,and of course all my contacts and pictures were deleted.It kept breaking so I had to send it back 8 times.Eventually o2 gave me a moto v360 which is an ok fone. I say go for sony they rock

Reviewed by anthony from UK on 11th Dec 2006
Hello i got my phone like three years ago the fist one i had was fine till the screen went out. then i got another then the dumb thing wont pick up a dignal think this one through. there is so many better phones dont get this one anthony Chicago IL USA

Reviewed by Someone from UK on 18th Jun 2006
Is there really a picture phonebook coz i cant find it lol

Reviewed by Ime not telling you my Name from UK on 3rd Jun 2006
Hi i have been looking at this phone and its not that good if you want a phone with blue tooth and video recording because it doest have those thing i would recomend the motorola e550 which is the next version up from this phone i got mine for Ł60 if you are thinking of buying this phone go on the site bellow for a review site on it www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/motorola-e550.htm

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 16th Apr 2006
Recieved this phone Xmas 2005, all I can say is outstanding. Excellent Signal Bluetooth Streaming Videos Etc Great Phone!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 30th Dec 2005
I have had this phone for close to 2 years, and in this 2 years I have always had a problem with it dropping calls due to low signal. The low signal strength was mentioned to me when I bought it but this is horrible! The housing wore out around the antenna so the antenna falls out, made a new antenna with larger threads to fix the problem. Since the new antenna was solid steel also helped the signal strength. Had a problem with dirt getting in the phone so I found myself always cleaning it, sound is very quiet, I upgraded speakers in the phone to louder ones. Just recently when cleaning the phones internals with a tissue the connector for the antenna broke off and now I get no signal. I also did a self fix with a pair of wires and the aux antenna plug which increased the signal strength again. The reason the phone was never sent back for repairs and or replacement was because I would be expected to pay for a loner phone and wait a month to get it back... theres no way I will be without my phone! verall this phone works well enough, but has stressed me out enough, I plan to purchase a sony w900I in the near future to replace this one.

Reviewed by carl mchugh from UK on 6th Dec 2005
this fone has been my best ever!! ive had it for 2 year and it has bearly let me down! ok, it doeesnt have bluetooth or infered but if u want a good reliable fone what is easy to use buy the v300!.....shabba!!

Reviewed by Ken Elrick from UK on 6th Sep 2005
In a word; RUBBISH. This mobile phone is complete junk. It freezes, you have to take out the battery to restart it regularly, its slow, annoying, it should never have been released onto the market. While I'm on my rant about it, can some of the reviewers prints some decent English instead of Ali G type comments? For Gods sake speak English!

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 31st Aug 2005
well this phone is soooooo rubbish!! when i first got it i was so excited and as soon as i got it home and got it working i was really disappointed. picture quality is rubbish and the speaker on my phone does not work! i have to put all my conversations on loudspeaker so evry1 can here my convo's. i WOULD NOTTTTT tell anybody to buy this phone ot any other motorollas!!

Reviewed by JEBC from UK on 16th Aug 2005
I must say, that I liked the external screen this phone has, the colors are great, and the big internal screen is very interesting... but something I couldnt believe from motorola is that, this phone has the most awful keypad I'd ever seen. It looks more like a toy than a phone!! Do not buy this phone, its just a waist of time and surely money!!!

Reviewed by mo from UK on 15th Aug 2005
bad parts on mobile it freezes often AND charging this phone is a pain in the neck (charger doesnt go in phone with me anyway.) the phone is also a bit bulky and the camara gets dirty eaisly and is hard to clean good parts the camara is ok when not dirty it has a decent amount of memory for me anyway (5mb is ALOT for me ) the sound is ok

Reviewed by sylvia from UK on 14th Aug 2005
i had this phone for my birthday last year i thought that it was a good phone but ater a few months it started to eat my creadit, frezze, and go wrong i would not recomed it to anyone

Reviewed by jo from UK on 9th Aug 2005
dont waste your money this has to be one of the most frustrating phones going it has an anoying beeping every 10 minutes, it freezes all the time, i could have quite happily thrown it out of the window many times, motorolas are rubbish i have a nokia now and they are brilliant

Reviewed by jess from UK on 5th Aug 2005
the phones really good but when recording sounds the sound is really quite + this cup keeps appearing on the screen and i looked in the manual and don't know why its there

Reviewed by Joseph Baines from UK on 24th Jul 2005
2 problems with the phone 1- The charger doesn't connect without painstaiking fidgeting - sometimes I would just give up after 10 minutes 2- And this is the problem everyone with this whone will have eventually- You can't hear anyone! They can hear you, but you will have to use the speaker phone! All the other features are good... too bad it's actually supposed to be a PHONE!

Reviewed by Melissa from UK on 8th Jul 2005
I bought this phone in November 2004 and it has to be the most annoying phone - its always crashing, the battery is useless, the charger you get with it breaks within a month. Since I dropped it, the speaker on it makes it almost impossible to hear peoples voices and I've resorted to full text messaging or stealing my friends phones. Dont waste your time, dont buy this phone its rubbish!

Reviewed by ThE_mOnKeY from UK on 1st Jul 2005
ive had this phone for 6 months now. i thought it was gr8 when i 1st got it but now its boring. all my m8s have got new phones with video n built in mp3. this phone has no bluetooth, no video and camera is quite poor. this phone has sync but i dont no how to use it.

Reviewed by tara parry from england on 27th Jun 2005
this phone is the best phone around. i love it i will never change it. it is excellant quallity and has a gr8 signil. no matta were i am my phone calls come straight thru. hope u all buy it and it has an amazing price.

Reviewed by cat from uk on 26th Jun 2005
When I first got this phone I thought it was really good but that was over a year ago now and at the moment I just find it really boring! All my mates have been getting new phones and they are so much better than the v300, it takes loads of photos but after a while it takes about five minuets to actually look at the photos that you have taken which is annoying. If you are planning to get this phone I would think it through!

Reviewed by Ivy from UK on 25th Jun 2005
I got my Motorola V300 for Xmas, it was my dream fone! when i gt it i fot 'dis is the best fone ever' bt as time went by, I didn't think it was that gr8 anymore, becoz most of my friends fones r alot cooler!they have bluetooth n infared! I was so jealous! bt i still like my little blue fone n I wud recommend it to younger people eg teenegers, becoz it is easy to use, but it can b annoying becoz it doesn'y have a video recorder!

Reviewed by jay from USA on 22nd Jun 2005
This phone is horrible. I am on my second one. WHY? because it cannot receive a decent signal. Signal strength is just fine in my area, my old samsung never had any problems. With the V300 I am lucky to get two signal bars. Normally I only have 1 bar which fluctuates up to two bars or down to no bars and the call will drop. This happens indoors or outdoors it dosent matter. T Mobile wont give me a different replacement phone. They will keep offering me a replacement V300 model which is useless. Dont waste your time with this phone

Reviewed by bobby from england on 18th Jun 2005
this fone is rubbish. it always freezes and i can never use it as signal is bad. dont buy it. if u want a gud fone buy the v620 i have that at the minute and it is gr8!!!

Reviewed by Jessie from USA on 15th Jun 2005
I had my phone for about 6 months and i hate it! it never has good recption. no good ringtones and i paid $300 for it.itwas my first phone and i wish it would have worked out better. i am now saving my money up for a nokia 3220. alot od my friends have that kind of phone and they love it. good luck!

Reviewed by Enrique from Argentina on 13th Jun 2005
I won't give you a review, that's too subjective. I will give you some specs and data so you draw your own conclusions. Inteface: awkward and amazingly slow. Time from the click of a button to seeing some result: between one sec (for number keys) to three secs (almost every other function like picking up a call, switching to speaker mode or selecting a contact). Phone book: limited, incredibly slow to browse and full of arbitrary (and important) limitations. Battery life: one to two days of moderate use. Bugs: full of. For example, can't charge when battery is exhausted, need to unplug and replug a few times and wait ten minutes to turn on the phone. It also freezes every few days. It's not my unit, I tried a few of them. Software: unbeliveably slow, takes HOURS to sync under 100 contacts. Parses the information in the wrong places and can't decently handle multiple phones per contact. Camera: decent nut with limitations in the handling of images. Size: large and heavy. Looks: cool. Sound quality: regular. Speakerphone: too noisy to use in a car, decent otherwise. Signal quality: very poor. Now, do what you please. If you are looking for some suffering and long hours of troubleshooting for even the most basic functions in exchange for a cool look, this phone is a go.

Reviewed by Glen from United Kingdom on 3rd Jun 2005
I have had my phone for a couple of years now and still regret buying it and being forced into it by such a greedy sales woman and strongly hate the displaye and how it switches from different pictures and how the picture quality which is the only good thing can not be placed as your backgroung in the right size. This phone is a no go and i am considering moving with sony ericsson because of phone size (smaller!) and also the reviews. Do not Buy!

Reviewed by claude lachapelle from canada on 3rd Jun 2005
It is very hard to listen to the person talking to you on the phone, even if at hi, some time the top screen is blue and no number, I need to remove the battery for a few secs and put it back in and re start the phone. and more.... My hold Nokia was better.

Reviewed by jonny from england on 3rd Jun 2005
ive had this fone 4 jst unda a year n wen i got it i fort it waz well gd but den da camera quality started goin bad, weneva i get a call i ave 2 put it on 2 speaka so dat every1 in da whole shop can hear ma dad goin mad at me! this fone also weighs a dam ton! im gettin a new fone in a cupple of weeks so ne1 hu wants 2 buy it needs dere hed checkin!

Reviewed by Will from England on 2nd Jun 2005
I have had my v300 for more than 6 months now and i've found it's getting very boring. When I first got it i thought the camera was superb compared to my old siemens mc60 but then my m8 got the same phone and i realised mine was a load of rubbish. If u set the camera to 640x480 it rarely saves the picture in that format or if u use 4x zoom the pictures don't save anything like when u snap your shot. I can recomend you buy this if u want a decent cheap camera phone but if you get annoyed with tiny problems that build up to u disliking the phone and wanting a new one, don't bother! and don't come back to motorola because they are all the same

Reviewed by Bisma from USA on 1st Jun 2005
I like this phone, but sometimes when I am on the camera mode, the screen goes off, then on , and then it just goes to the main screen. I really didnot like that , because all my gud pics get lost. Overall, its a good phone though, except that part.

Reviewed by Suzie from England on 1st Jun 2005
Hi i have only had this fone a bit over a week but its gr8 the camera quality is gr8 , games gr8 everythin it also looks reli gd. The one thing that annoys me is that it duznt haff bluetooth but i get my pics thru t-mobile!. Im 13 jst n this was my present n its gr8 u can change the light fitting and the things u cn put in txts r gr8!! i totally recommend this fone, ive had a fone 4 a few yrs now n this fone is gr8 u cn make ringtones n the volume is ssooooo loud!! i totally agree with chanel! everyone writing these reviews are probably realy old n wrk 4 hi-tech companys so this fone looks rubbish buts its reli gd!!! i reli recommend u buy it!!

Reviewed by Megan from England on 30th May 2005
I have rated this phone 3 stars because when i had it, the screen froze quite a lot. The Camera is pretty good but sometimes it doesnt adjust to the light. The screen is a reasonable size and nearly always get a good Signal.

Reviewed by chaz from U.K on 30th May 2005
had this phone for a couple of months and bored of it already. Thought it was cool wen i got it but now i wish i would of waited n bought a better quality fone its hard to hear even on loud and very small inbox capacity mine has gone down to 16 which i think is terrible compared to other phones in the 40's and 50's for the same amount of money. If you are going to buy this phone for a phone and nothing else then i can't see nothing wrong with it but if ur buying because you want a camera etc then don't there are much better phones on the market

Reviewed by JLUIAN ALFORD from U.K. on 26th May 2005

Reviewed by JeN! from EnGlAnD! on 21st May 2005
I got this fone a year ago and at the time it was very cool to have 'coz it was a flip-up fone. Now, ther are much better camera fones that u can buy for the same price but for better quality. I've just bought a Nokia 6630 which is way better and it has a video.

Reviewed by sarah from america on 20th May 2005
i fink this fone is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad u cant do anything on it do not by it! the pictures are goog quality if the lense os clean. but when people ring me or i ring them i have to put it on loud speaker because the ear piece is broken and you cannot hear anything out of it. SERIOUS DNT GET IT LOL!

Reviewed by latoya from uk on 17th May 2005
i have had this phone for 2 years now and it is not very good. at first i loved this phone. it has a great camera and that but the internet has stopped working and it locks the phone when i press the internet button. trust me if your thinkin of gettin this phone then dont!!!

Reviewed by chanel from Canada on 15th May 2005
this phone is amazing ive had no problems with it at all and ive had it for around a year ..great display sooo many features and not too expensive perfect phone for teens i dont know what all you people are talking about problems but the only reason there is soo many pple saying this phone is bad because pple who r happy wit ther phone dont usually post (except me) haha the only reason most pple do is cuz they want to complain dont be fooled there are soo many more pple happy with this phone

Reviewed by Emma from England on 11th May 2005
Just got rid of my V300 which i'd had for over a year. Wish I'd got rid of it sooner. Only discovered that it wipes everything on the phone if you remove the sim card after I had 70 messages stored in the phone and needed to remove the sim card, then lost the lot of them. Also is very hard to hear the phone ringing even when on loud. Have also had problems with the screen going blank for no reason.

Reviewed by Talbot from United Kingdom on 11th May 2005
I've had this phone for 15 months now. My first camera phone & the photos are reasonably sharp. However, for about the past 3 months I've been unable to hear anything through the ear-piece (similar to many other reviewers). Also, the battery life is 72 hours at most - even if no calls are made. Usually have to charge every 48 hours. Time for a new phone...

Reviewed by Stuart from England on 3rd May 2005
I bought this phone less than a year ago. It was fine for the first few months...but then... 1- the sound in the earpiece is all but gone now(so i have to use the spkr phone) 2- today for no reason the phone says "INVALID BATTERY". it wont go away;ive reset my phone,turned it off, took the battery in/out.This was the original battery. I'm angry and i've seen the same problem on the net. DONT BUY THIS PHONE!! This is a cut and paste job of someone further down. I have had EXACTLY the same experiences, with the battery and loss of earpiece speaker.

Reviewed by tomo from uk on 25th Apr 2005
this is a very bad phone it crashes on me all the time and it doesn't start up again for ages. i shudnt hav bort it , i wasted alot of my birthday money my frend daniel has the same probblem

Reviewed by louise from london england on 20th Apr 2005
diz phone iz rubbish i hate it dont eva buy it!!!! to hear ppl u need to put dem on loud speaker which makes u look like a fool on da train n wen u switch sim cardz it wipes everytin off da phone i can wait to get rid of diz dum phone

Reviewed by Will from UK on 18th Apr 2005
My gosh where do i start. Ok i reeeeeeeeeeaally do have to stress how awful the ear speaker is, really bad, i now have to use the speaker to hear who is calling me and sound a fool when i say 'shout shout i cant hear you!!!' picture quality is decent but by all means not fantastic. The v300 suprisingly doesnt crash much, but when it does it looses all the things you've downloaded off the web onto your phone. So dont get too many ringtones, chances are they'll be gone in a month! looks good though, bit chunky but nice and smooth, i use the ear phone cover to clean the camera lens, which i think is a top idea. The external buttons do make a loud noise but arnt THAT annoying unlike the speaker... Maybe being harsh with a 1 star but, they havnt cracked it with this phone!

Reviewed by Alan from England on 16th Apr 2005
If you just want to leave this phone on your desk in a room with no background noise, rather than put it in your pocket or handbag, then the v300 is just the one for you. It's bristling with up to the minute features and looks great. But if you take it with you anywhere then before long it'll switch from the ring type you selected to silent when its amazing external buttons get touched accidentally. And believe me they do! Really handy for not getting all those calls from people you didn't want to talk to anyway, along with everyone else. You know when it's not switched to silent because whenever the buttons get pressed in your pocket it makes a ridiculous warbling sound that cant be switched off unless you actually choose silent manually - great for attracting attention to yourself if that's your thing. If you are lucky enough to hear it ringing then go somewhere very quiet or be prepared to walk round with one finger in your spare ear like some sort of idiot because the earpiece volume is feeble. Easily the most annoying bit of kit I've ever come across - I cant wait to end my contract and get rid of it.

Reviewed by mush from UK on 16th Apr 2005
The Motorola V300 is an amazing phone, the possibilities on it are unwinding!!! The camera is soooooo clear and i love having the zoom!!!!!!! The ringtones are wicked, I use them to wake up in the morning with the alarm!!!! The games are fun, and having pictures of my friends in the address book is really useful!This phone is soooooo wickkked!!!

Reviewed by olivia from United Kingdom on 7th Apr 2005
i think this is the best phone in the world,the camera is great,you can email on it and its got cool ringtones and games its soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Charlotte from Wales on 5th Apr 2005
I have had this fone for over a year now and it has been great! It has only ever crashed once and that was partly my fault *cough, cough* lol. It takes great pics and it has a massive memory to store them in i have well over 100 and havent even taken half of the memory up! But now my camera is all messed up and i cant take pics in the sunlight so i cant take them outside and only inside with the curtains shut and the light on. It is really easy to use and i would definatly reccomend it.

Reviewed by Justin S from Canada on 5th Apr 2005
Well, I really like the phone. Hot look, nice & portable. Good features and qualities. But ALL of the things that count most, are junk. I can't hear ANYTHING out of the earpiece now, I am stuck using my speaker phone. The side buttons cause the damn thing to change styles all of the time. And it freezes & crashes every once and a while. Not to mention the loudest most annoying ringtones at the loudest setting, are still too quiet to hear in like a restaurant or on a bus. Not to mention the vibration alert is barely noticable and isn't consistent in vibe & ring mode. Tomorrow I am going to take it back as a defect for an exchange. If the new phone is the same, Motorola will hear it from me. I have been a Motorola customer for 6 years now, this is my 5th different model from them and not ONE has been error free. I have each model's software upgraded at least once, and each model replaced at least twice, and still NOTHING but problems. I have never even come close to a problem with a Nokia.

Reviewed by Maxy from Wales, U.k on 5th Apr 2005
I just bought the V300, its the most amazing phone I've ever had (trust me I've had alot of phones!!) the camera is clear and the screen is the perfect size, nice and big, it looks great and is great. The design is original and different. Don't listen to the idiots who say this phone isn't very good, there probably jealous because they don't have one, or just because it doesn't have a video recorder think its not good enough for them!! Take my advice and buy this phone!! Its a great price b.t.w!!!!

Reviewed by Clare -Lou from UK on 29th Mar 2005
I love this phone!.. fair enough iv only had it a short while but so far its proved reliable and good to the eye. It has everything id need plus more and i like the fact i can see whos calling me..literally with the picture phone book. Shame its not got bluetooth and cant make videos but that can be expected as its not an expensive phone. If people want more out of a phone then they should spend more. I get good pictures by using my camera on this phone but if i want better ones then id use my digicam. This phone is good to look at - its easy to just put it my pocket to take out with me! If i get scratches on the cover il just buy a new one. I would deffinatly recommend this phone and my family and friends like it.

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 28th Mar 2005
When i first got this phone i thought it was great, i could always get a good signal whereever i was, i thought the camera was great and you have loadz of room to store your pictures and text messaging is quick and easy..but then it got annoying the phone scratches realy easly the ringtones get on your nerves after a while and it just got boring..but then it started to realy go wrong the screen would go blank and i wouldn't even beable to turn it off, i would have 2 take the battery out.Then not too long ago one day it went blank and i took th battery out and when i turned it on agen i had notised all my pictures had dissapeared i was realy confused about this and thought id wait a while to see if they would come back...but they have never returned this made me very angry and upset as i had alot of memories in them pictures..also now whenever i take a picture it will look ok..untill i save it and then it will look fuzzy and unclear this realy annoys me as i can hardly ever ge t a decent picture..I DONT THINK THIS PHONE IS WORTH BUYING!!!!!!

Reviewed by Zo from Canada on 24th Mar 2005
I bought this phone less than a year ago. It was fine for the first few months...but then... 1- the sound in the earpiece is all but gone now(so i have to use the spkr phone) 2- today for no reason the phone says "INVALID BATTERY". it wont go away;ive reset my phone,turned it off, took the battery in/out.This was the original battery. I'm angry and i've seen the same problem on the net. DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by Wes from USA on 22nd Mar 2005
Well, a month ago I'd have given this phone three stars -discounts for poor phonebook synchronization software and addressbook indexing scheme. But now, ... now I get "Invalid Battery". I've tried a new Motorola battery, cleaning contacts, leaving the battery out overnigt. Nothing seems to help. The older Motorola units lasted forever. The newer units don't seem to hold up so well.

Reviewed by Grace from wales on 21st Mar 2005
Found this phone really poor! As soon as i got it i had problems! texts wouldnt send my voicemail didnt work! the phone cover scratches really easily! I havnt even had it a year yet and im saving up for a new one! I really wouldnt reccomend this phone x x x x x x x x x x x

Reviewed by Becky from England on 20th Mar 2005
Good phone. Don't know why peopel say it is hard to charge never had a problem with it. Had it for a year and i have found that it has always been reliarable. there are phones with better gadgets but not many are as stylish and easy to use. Love it but is in need of more entertainment eg a mp3 or radio xxxx

Reviewed by Jessica Brown from England on 19th Mar 2005
When i first had this phone i thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. It looks cool butn after a couple of months it really started to get on my nerves. i have two charge it twice a day. it turns it self off and randomly plays my ringtones. its good to start off with, but then gets plain annoying

Reviewed by gercaro from Ireland on 19th Mar 2005
This phone is good to look has a user friendly interface, but has the worse reception of any phone I have ever had. The camera is really good for a mobile much better than the Sony Eircisson T630. It has lovely features, such being able to decide what to use the soft keys for and the joystick. The speaker phone is more of a gimmick than a usable feature, it could be likened to having bad reception. having used it for less than 3 months I had to send if off for repair due to the bad reception and started using my old Sony Eircisson T310 which is Brilliant. Tomorrow I am off to buy another Sony Eircisson again and I think I will wait a while before giving motorola another go.

Reviewed by Josué Morales from Guatemala on 17th Mar 2005
DONT'T BUY IT... this phone SUCKS... After 3 week of using it you get a lot of troubles charging it... the charger give too much trouble. I like the way it looks and the pictures are clear but, nothing of that matters if cannot have it chaged up... that has happen to me on 2 other different models of Motorola. IT'S SUCH A PAIN WHEN YOU WANT TO CHARGE IT.

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 17th Mar 2005
iv had my motorola v300 4 a year now n i think its really gd, its only crashed on me once n i dont think its slow at all, the internet works perfectly - as long as u keep ur t-mobile sim card in n is very useful as i can read my hotmail emails wen im out! the button on the side wich changes the sound can get annoying but there is a way to stop this! if u lock ur fone (go to security, then phone lock, then lock now) n enter ur code, n if u dont have a code then the default is 1210 (u can change this code later) this stops u accidently making it beep or change sound styles, the only downside to doing this is wen someone rings u, u have to enter ur unlock code before u can answer the fone! but apart from all that its a great fone all round! BUY IT!

Reviewed by rach from uk on 9th Mar 2005
pretty good phone, recently changed my phone to nokia 6820 on another network so couldnt use this but the nokia sucked big and i ended up gettin v300 chipped so i could have it bac. i luv my v300 camera is gr8 and games are fun.

Reviewed by Jordan from England on 6th Mar 2005
I wrote a review before, but i want to add to it. I have had a V300 for about two months now and i have discovered a few more features from when i first got it. I have fun on Motomixer and mixing my own ringtones. The Camera is fantastic like always, Games are great, especially on a long journey. Battery charge lasts forever, smashing MP3 ringtones, alarm clock, voice recorder EVERYTHING ABOUT THE V300 = 100%

Reviewed by saz from uk on 1st Mar 2005
i couldnt talk 2 ne1 on it unless it woz on loud speaker! dont buy it it sux!

Reviewed by richard from england on 23rd Feb 2005
i bought this phone in september, the camera was good quality at first, and after a month it was bad quality and it frezes wehn you take pictures sometimes. bought it on t-mobile signal was absolutely rubbish, went on tesco what has got better coverage and is cheaper. now that i have had this phone a couple of months twice in one week when i turned the phone off and left it over night the blue backlight stayed on and ran the battery down, and the phone won't turn on, you have to take the battery out and put it back in to turn the phone on again. i would not buy this phone!!!!! had a nokia 3310 for a year before it started playin up. the v300 started playin gup after the first month DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kirsty from uk on 22nd Feb 2005
i think this fone is great it was my first eva camera fone and the piccies were faband it seemed to hold millions the games on it were very good too. overall i think it is an amazing flip fone and would recommend it to any1

Reviewed by Happy Hippo from Uk on 19th Feb 2005
Bloody fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Craig Bell from england on 17th Feb 2005
when i first got the phone i couldnt wait to use the camera and its amazing the zooms great!! the one downfall is the weight! still i would give it 90% of 100%

Reviewed by pidge from england on 17th Feb 2005
when i first bought this fone i thought it woz great. then it started playin up. it froze after i took pictures, the side buttons are a pain in the arse, predictive text is terrible, but the worst part is the charger that takes 5 minutes b4 fitting in and starting the charging. dont buy this fone

Reviewed by Cassandra from UK on 14th Feb 2005
I was happy when I first got it but it started playing up after a few days. I couldn`t send or receive messages for a while, it just froze. Its also bulky and makes a persistent and annoying sound especially when there is no network. I should have stuck to my Nokia considering the amount that I paid

Reviewed by martha from uk on 13th Feb 2005
I have wanted this phone for ages and my conclusion is that this phone has excellent quality camera super games and brilliant screen I would recommend this phone thoughroughly

Reviewed by Jordan R from England on 9th Feb 2005
I Have Had This Phone For A Few Days And It's Camera Quality Is Fantastic! Even On Zoom In. Ring tones are fab. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT - 100% GREAT

Reviewed by Tim from USA on 9th Feb 2005
Worst cell phone ever. Was a fun gadget at first, but then it began spontaneously turning the volume off so that you could not hear your callers. Sometimes you can turn it back up sometimes you can't. The missed call and pending message indicators are always wrong about the number of calls missed or the number of messages pending. Charger fittings are a terrible design and do not fit well. Shows answered calles as "missed" after you hang up. Ring spontaneously resets to silent.

Reviewed by martha from uk on 31st Jan 2005
I have wanted this phone for a while, and I am not at all disapointed. It is resonably light, snazzy, and easy to use(after a while!) The screen is very bright, and it offers a great range of ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers. It has a brilliant quality camera which you can zoom out or in and adjust the brightness. The games are stuntman and monopoly, and are quite good and fun to play on a long journey. I have not had the chance to go on t zones but have heard nothing but good reviews! I would recommened this phone highly it is very reliable.

Reviewed by Mark from Canada on 26th Jan 2005
I truly enjoy my phone. I love all the features and use most of them on a daily basis. The only problem that I've ever had with it was after a buddy of mine spilled his vodka caesar on it and it shut off. :P I was able to dry it up and clean it out and haven't had a problem with it since.

Reviewed by graham dobbs from uk on 20th Jan 2005
looks nice if you can get it to work!!! had mine replaced twice in nine months first( replaced after 7 months) one switched itself off and wouldnt make a call . second one you couldnt hear anything unless you put it on speaker phone this one worked fine for all of 3 months then had it replaced again then sold it wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone as its totally unreliable your better off with 2 cups and a length of string . this was my first and certainly the last motorola i will own

Reviewed by Ads from UK on 12th Jan 2005
Absolutely awful fone - looks Ok and would be alright if the thing worked all the time - it switches itself off, side buttons are a pain and after 2 months (which I'm seeing is quite a respectable time according to other reviews) you can no longer hear callers unless you have them on speaker. It's the 2nd Motorola I have bought that has let me down. It will definately be the last - Just bought the entirely better looking Nokia 6170 and keeping my fingers crossed I don't go through it all again with that - waste of time...shame there isn't a 0 star rating...

Reviewed by Bobby from england on 9th Jan 2005
I change my mind about this fone i send a review in on the 14th august 2004 the wallpaper from the camera is rubbish but apart from that its cool.(buy the siemens m65 it rocks!!).

Reviewed by joseph desire job from middlesborough england on 3rd Jan 2005
i thought this phone was excellent when i got it, but now i find it to be too bulky. i would buy a samsung e600 if i were you.

Reviewed by naomi from england on 3rd Jan 2005
the motorolla v300 is an overall good phone with excellent camera qualities , but the only downside to the phone is that it only holds 9 text messages in the inbox before it gets full

Reviewed by Bex from UK on 21st Dec 2004
the fone is orite i supose but it always freezes and the buttons on the side which change the ring mode bug and i can't always hear my fone go off and the vibrate mode isnt very strong. the camera is quite good and you have plenty of space to write a message (450 characters) which alot of other fones dont have. if i was able to turn back time and choose another fone then i would. id advise you not to buy it!!!

Reviewed by Dave Vickers from U.K. on 17th Dec 2004
I bought this phone when my contract renewed, and chose to pay extra for the V300 over the other 'free' phones - what a mistake!! The phone froze (blank screens) on me after 2 weeks, so I returned it to Motorola for repair. After 3 weeks it returned, one day later it did the same. Returned it again and it came back after 'software upgrade'. Two days later same fault. Returned it again with nasty letter, 5 weeks later it returned (new camera and software) and appears to be OK. Meanwhile I had to buy another phone to use, so got the cheapest Sagem (which still works perfectly). The side buttons are most irritating as many times it has switched to silent in my pocket and I missed important calls - I'm thinking of opening it up and disabling the buttons! At the same time I bought this, I got a Sony T610 for my girlfriend, which is one of the best phones I have tried, and was still working perfectly when it was stolen last week! I had no hesitation to buy another T610 to replace it! I know which manufacturer I will go for next time! All in all, I would say don't buy a V300, there are much better phones around for the same price.

Motorola V300 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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