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Motorola V3 review

 Review: October 2004  

Last updated September 2007

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The RAZR V3 was the original superslim phone, and is still a great-looking handset.

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The Motorola RAZR V3 was one of the most talked-about phones of 2004 and is still a real head turner. Why? Because it's the thinnest phone currently available in the UK. There are others that come close, but at 13.9 mm it's dramatically thinner than your average mobile measuring 20 mm or more. And it's a clamshell, so when you open it up it gets even thinner!

Motorola are clearly very conscious of the look of this phone - it's not thin by accident. A huge amount of attention to detail has been put into its design, from the beautiful anodized aluminium finish, to the unique precision cut keypad that looks good and helps to shave some extra millimetres off the V3's vital statistics. The phone is striking to look at, apart from the "thinness factor".

The use of metal alloys in the construction of the V3 sets it apart from the plastic used in so many phones. It looks and feels like a very high quality phone. The keypad deserves some discussion. It has a revolutionary precision-cut design, with the numerals chemically-etched to keep the pad flat. It feels different to other keypads but is not a problem to use. In the dark, the whole keypad lights up with a blue glow giving a very cool effect.

Despite its size, the V3 is a well featured phone, although not as fully featured as others in its price range. Let's start with the display. The external screen is a full colour screen, but nothing out of the ordinary. It displays useful information like incoming calls, battery life and signal strength. Inside however is a fantastic 262,000 colour TFT display that is comparable to the display used in the excellent Samsung D500.

The V3 also comes with a digital camera, video playback (but not recording), full Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity, polyphonic ringtones (including MP3 ringtones), Java games, a speakerphone and quad-band capability for global roaming. The phone has been designed to be practical as well as beautiful, and is easy to use with intuitive menus, similar to the Motorola V600. The aluminium alloy case is not only lightweight, but strong too, and should survive everyday bumps and scratches.

The V3 is a great phone, designed primarily for its looks, but with a pretty good specification too. As always with this type of phone, the functionality is reduced because of the phone's size, but it has a reasonably good feature set. When first released at the end of 2004, the V3 was expensive and exclusive, but now the price is more reasonable and it has become a very popular phone. The new RAZR 2 V8 moves the technology forward to 2007.

Motorola V3 features include:

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Motorola V3 user reviews

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Average rating from 797 reviews:

Reviewed by Peter Swales from UK on 28th Sep 2012
I have resurrected my V3 despite having a Nokia C3 smartphone, which I am not very carried away with despite its up-to-date features.
Its looks, material used and features still meet my needs today'
Everything about the V3 is superb, it cannot be faulted.
Peter Swales

Reviewed by mathew leckie from britain on 10th Aug 2012
this is a great phone its good for texting and its small enough to stick in your sailing jacket

Reviewed by Kit W from USA on 18th Apr 2012
I bought this phone from Carphone Warehouse while I was still living in the UK. I got the upgrade version which included the ability to record video. I can't remember what the other upgrades were. I bought it SIM free and unlocked. I make use of Motorola Phone Tools to back up the phone which I highly recommend doing. There is plenty of space for videos, pictures and music too. I often wonder if I'm the only person in the USA who has the Dr Who ring tone LOL.

Reviewed by zhao from liverpool on 25th Dec 2011
bad phone

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 8th Aug 2011
good phones

Reviewed by Madigan from UK on 7th Aug 2011
I have had this phone for about 6 years now and im soon to get a new phone, and I will really miss it! It has lasted without a problem even now I just want a more modern phone. Its a shame it didnt take memory cards though. Or hold MP3 music files I recommend this phone if you want a phone that is really easy to use.

Reviewed by john from UK on 16th Apr 2011
my one keeps switching off

Reviewed by David B from UK on 17th Dec 2010
The V3 is IMHO the best phone I have ever had. I bought mine new and unlocked at Lidl. Unlike many phones this one will not waste your money by redialling, surfing or voice-mailing from your pocket. Unfortunately the V3 was stolen from my car whilst I was having a catnap. Main drawback with the phone is that it is hopeless if it gets wet. I know this because I dropped mine in my boat bilge (the phone fell out of my shirt pocket when I bent down). Fortunately it was only rainwater but even though I pulled out the phone in a split second and dried it with a towel it crackled for over a day. Anyway after having had several other newer phones which I haven't liked I'm going back to a V3 (NOT the V3i whose "large external screen" is easily broken - guess how I know?) The V3 can however be waterproofed temporarily with a prophylactic. I did this when crossing The Solent in a small inflatable. The sea was a bit choppy that day and it was a very wet crossing. As yet I ha ve not found the perfect phone but the V3 comes close. Unfortunately now that just about everyone has standardised on mini USB the goalposts are being moved again to Micro-USB, duh! Mini-USB for ever I say!

Reviewed by Reece Dewick from UK on 7th Sep 2010
F'ing AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 1st Sep 2010
The motorola v3 is a very good phone.I had no difficulties with it and many people still thinks it has no video recording well it does.You can find it in the video menu.Go down to the end of the list and you’ll see [New Video].The motorola v3 three is indeed a stylish phone but do not get it if you want a phone with alot of memory.

Reviewed by justin beiber from UK on 27th Aug 2010
The motorola is a good phone

Reviewed by Esayas Yohannes from UK on 18th Aug 2010
HI everybody i have Motorola vr3 cell phone but , it stops while i am in conversation while the battery is full. what would be the reason please help ! Thanx .

Reviewed by jimbo from UK on 12th Aug 2010
I had the phone 3 days and somehow broke the exterior screen,got that fixed and 1 day later the battery blew,am now waiting for next thing to go wrong £30 repairs so far

Reviewed by walltoall from UK on 13th Jul 2010
I've owned four V3s and three of them are still in use. This a mobile phone not a teeenagers Hi-fi station. It makes calls, sends texts with a choice not only of predictive but two languages ready to go. Mine is on English English and French French and the predictive keeps me on my toes especially with two and three letter words. The phone fits in the tiniest pockets of my gilets, has a short lanyard which allows me to hook it onto rings on my clothing so I can't drop it or lose it. It is very funny about batteries and when one stops recharging a replacement can be £30. But in six years, we have only bought three replacement batteries one of them a genuine motorola which always lasts the longest and takes the best charge. The V3 has to be good because a. Motorola discontinued it b. replacements cost about £60 on the open market, or £40 for stolen ones.

Reviewed by C Holt from UK on 12th Jun 2010
Had this phone for around five years now,replaced the battery twice and I will replace it with another one when it dies,I have dropped it from around six foot up a couple of times put it back together and it still works,best phone I ever had,never let me down.

Reviewed by Jacktone from UK on 27th Apr 2010
I have been using this phone since 1998 hence the problem i have noticed is that battery lasts not more than 3 days and secondly internet is not accessible.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 19th Apr 2010
I have had a Motorola V3 for about 4 years, and recently thought it was time to upgrade to newer technology - so I purchased a Nokia...and wished I hadn't! I had become used to the user-friendly Motorola, and wanted it back - and I still have it. I would recommend this mobile to anyone wanting a simple, no frills, user-friendly phone - and there is still a market for such phones in 2010.

Reviewed by bill from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
i remember this phone, i had one, must be 5 years now, its old now but brill back then, nice to read peoples views on it

Reviewed by Robbie Caan from UK on 17th Jan 2010
In terms of style its still the best looking phone out there. But the rest is absolutly rusbbish. The worst Battery life I have come across.Camera is pretty rubbish compared to whats out there and its keypad is pretty weak.1 star and thats only for the style.

Reviewed by Gecko from UK on 24th Nov 2009
If you want a phone simply for show.This is it!Its still as of 2009 the sexiest phone ever.But in terms of features its terrible.Camera isn't all that.Its keypad is difficult and the worse part is the battery life.It has the worse battery life phone I have come across.My phone would die in 2 minutes if I had used it outside after being fully charged.

Reviewed by Mustafa from UK on 25th Sep 2009
i really like this phone it is cool for kids actually!>..............

Reviewed by Karolina from UK on 28th Aug 2009
I am very dissapointed and think that my V3 is a piece of junk!!! I can't wait to get a new fone as I want to just throw this fone out the window!!! It dosen't even have enough memory for one song!!! and it dosent have music player or video camera!!! I regret buying dis fone!!!

Reviewed by Razia from UK on 26th Aug 2009
I wouldn't recommend it - can ONLY store 25 messages!!! That is pretty bad for a phone..

Reviewed by Unhappy from UK on 18th Aug 2009
phone sucks - don't buy

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th Aug 2009
Well... I have had this phone for lemmme think... 3 years now and to be honest, it's alright (lasts a long time anyway) the day i got it, i managed to drop it down my stairs and it didnt even have a chip but when I dropped it on a concrete floor, it got a small chip, but it still worked fine. The memory is rubbish tho, I have a total of 6 mp3 things that last a measly 15 seconds long each and i cant bluetooth any more! It lets you have 20 msgs before it tells you that your inbox is full and I can have say, 20 contacts on my sim card and then it starts saving them to the phone. Plus, there is no place for a memory card so you cant get more mmry. The camera is bad and so is the video. The voice recorder lets you record for a minute and no longer. yay. The only reason i got it~ wait for my pathetic excuse~ was because all my friends had one. but I still like it. I recomend not to bother, buy 1 of the more recent phones like the LG Cookie. I haven't had the LG cookie yet b ut my birthday is coming up soon so hopefully...

Reviewed by Euan Broderick from UK on 27th Jul 2009
Absolute hunk of junk DON'T EVEN THINK OF BUYING IT, the memory is terrible, there aren't any good features and the camera is USELESS. just another piece of japanese rubbish

Reviewed by mas from UK on 26th Jul 2009
this phone is rubbish it looks great but its totally a peice of junk if your looking for a good phone dont get this one the LG cookie is a fantastic phone its camera and video is much better

Reviewed by K from UK on 3rd Jun 2009
I've had this phone for about 3 or 4 years now and it is only recently that it is beginning to slow down (i.e. texts don't always get sent when it tells me they have) which I think is rather impressive. Unfortunately I will have to find a new phone now, but I loved this model a lot, battery life was good, loved how slim it was and the key pad, and over the years it has withstood me dropping it countless times. The only flaw I would say is the camera and video, not great quality. If you want a nice basic phone that is pretty hardy, get this.

Reviewed by L from UK on 24th May 2009
I have the Lilac verson of this phone and when I first got this phone I got loads of attention,but I soon realised this phone was totally useles. I could only store 1 song, but I really liked the fact that when you close the phone while taking a picture you can take a picture while looking at the mini screen. It looks really cute and sleek =) I wouldn't recomend this phone, unless you want a really hot and attractive one. =D

Reviewed by Ethan from UK on 21st May 2009
I don't think the phone is great. the internet connection is rubbish I don't think anyone should get this rubbish phone

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 13th May 2009
Great little phone but after using it in Spain it failed to find my UK network again. Moved back to Nokia!

Reviewed by zara from UK on 11th May 2009
camera quality is not good

Reviewed by Holly from UK on 3rd May 2009
Yes I know this phone is old but I still love it! Its really easy to use, looks great and it DOES had video! I can record vids, im not sure why people say it cant. Texting is so easy and enjoyable on this phone, and its so reliable, im loving it!

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 11th Apr 2009
I think its a great phone ( AT TIMES )

Reviewed by james from UK on 11th Apr 2009
its good but when i sent a song from my old phone to my memory card i cant find it on the motorola v3 :'( someone help me

Reviewed by Lewis from UK on 10th Apr 2009
A very nice phone, that if any one had a choice to have the phone they would buy it. But thats only my opinion! Lewis Fribbins

Reviewed by Nicki from UK on 4th Apr 2009
This is the best phone I have EVER had - I have now had it for nearly 4 years and it has never broken down or given me any trouble. My husband has had 4 different phones in the time I've had my Moto - and every single one has died. The Moto has awesome features and a gorgeous look - I def recommend everyone to buy one of these - I love it! Top work Motorola!

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 31st Mar 2009
I have had two of these phones and both have been outstanding. It only stores one song but i then brought a memory card. My phone now sony erricsson w880i only holds 3 songs without a memory card. Loved the phone and would honestly buy another one.

Reviewed by Emily Kate from UK on 20th Feb 2009
I've had this phone for since 2004 and it's only now feeling the wear and tear. It's been trodden on, dropped in puddles, used as a football by an unruly teenager and is still in one piece! The screen is intact as is the keypad and camera. I'm pleased with the use I've had out of it. But now it has truly shaken off its mortal coil; the horse broke it. :( an outstanding phone and i'm as pleased as punch with it

Reviewed by leah from UK on 17th Feb 2009
READ THIS, I HAVE GOOD VIEWS! me and my sisters friend were going to swap phones , he had the motorola razor, i had a samsung .. after we swapped it he told me all the bad points .. can hold one song , had no memory card slot . is there a point in this phone ? i would say it was a good phone , if you used it for texts & calls , if you use a phone for texts , calls , music & pictures ; then i would buy a phone with memory and mega - pixels ! my opinion anyway .

Reviewed by KILLA from UK on 4th Feb 2009
the low memory make the whole phoe a waste of money

Reviewed by Salem from UK on 4th Feb 2009
I have th v3 now for almost 4 years and the phone is perfect

Reviewed by Phil Dennis from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
I think the V3 is a design classic. It looks and feels great. Sadly, not long after the warranty ran out, mine developed a terminal fault. The battery discharges after ony a few hours (even if it was switched off!) I replaced the battery - not cheap at £20 - and it still runs out spectacularly fast. Basically a mobile with a few hours battery life is nort worth having, so I'm reluctantly going to have to lob it and get something else. Maybe I just got a duff one. :(

Reviewed by s delane from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
have had a motorola for years, but now the phone needs replacing and the only mobile i will have is another motorola, its the best, easy to use and such a good looking phone- love it

Reviewed by Joseph. C. Camilleri from UK on 15th Jan 2009
I had a V3 and lost it. I tried many others since then. But I am afraid to have to say that I never had a phone that was so clear anywhere you go. The signal is so clear that you never ever hear the noise. Secondly it needs the simplest steps to call or sms anyone. And that is what you primarily buy a mobile phone for. Thirdly the keyboard always works first time. Anyway it is extremely easy and reliable. Camera and music and all the rest of it, buy the V3i. Better still buy one of many others that have loads of staff - more often than not - they are jack of all trades, masters of none.

Reviewed by lisa from UK on 9th Jan 2009
this phone is the worst one i have ever had,so where do i start with the problems. well firstly the battery on last a day and theat even if u are not using the phone,there is not enough memory to store 1 ringtone,video or picture.u cant delete the screensavers,and ringtones which are already on there.the internet doesnt work properly and i cant use the usb cable on my computer.except or that the only good thing about this phone is it looks stylish its light but bulky. trust me this is not the best fone to get ever... !

Reviewed by Andre' from UK on 22nd Dec 2008
I bought my Motorola V3 about a month ago & now i have to charge it every day somtimes twice a day. overall not a bad phone.

Reviewed by Betty from UK on 16th Dec 2008
I LOVED my V3 but accidently put it through the wash. A brilliant nice looking phone that's user friendly. I didn't want all the bells and whistles so was perfect for me. Will DEFINATLY be buying another one.

Reviewed by siobhon from UK on 16th Dec 2008
when i first bought it i thought wow this is amazing BUT OMGOSH. it has the worst memory, i cant store hardly any photos and cant delete the photos the motorola has already put on. it runs out of battery in a day. the black stuff comes of very easily, the screen cracks so easily and it basically starts looking awful. dont buy!

Reviewed by Lucy-x from UK on 12th Dec 2008
this phone is good and looks good but if you want lots of songs and storage DO NOT GET THIS PHONE i got it for that and ended up sending it back as there isn't even a memory card slot great phone though apart from that.

Reviewed by Software engineer from UK on 12th Dec 2008
The phone is fine, but don't bet on using it with Outlook, or backing it up, or anuthing with your PC. MPT simply doesn't work, unless you have the anceient versions of M$ software they support. And don't bet on Motorola support it is absolutely pointless, I spent 3 months going through hoops with them and then they just said I should contact the make of the syncronization software!!!!!! Motorola support sucks...

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 7th Dec 2008
i got this phone two years ago for christmas from my parents. at first i loved the phone as it had just come out and was one of the top of the range. but then things started to go wrong. the bluetooth wouldnt always show my name when people were looking for my bluetooth name, the SIM is hard to get out, it only saves few songs, it doesnt save many texts. i am now quite disappointed with this phone and if i look back i wudnt get it again.

Reviewed by keith Reeves from UK on 2nd Dec 2008
I have got a v3 but dust get in the sceen . it is a good phone. because it has a big sceen on it so you can see the display and it easy to use

Reviewed by steph from UK on 27th Nov 2008
not a good phone mine broke 1 year n 3days after i bought it - so just out of warrenty so i couldnt do anything about it it was an ok phone until then. terrible applications when it broke: - started randomly typing in letters and numbers - impossible to text or make a phone call - would not go on silent - changed to loud without me knowing about it - horrible when it would go off at school - phone would not turn off and would turn on when i turned it off - freezed a lot so not overall a good phone get a sony ericsson

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 23rd Nov 2008
Hi I have had this phone for 3 years now... it still works brilliantly! I am so clumsy, have dropped it down stairs loads of times nothing except a few scratches. Also, my phone did come with a video camera - was told by the guy in the shop that this can be unlocked on ALL v3s! the only annoyances are the memory (buy a v3i if you want music) and that it sometimes slows up and freezes). for the prices you can get one of these for now, nothing compares.

Reviewed by g.p. frost from UK on 21st Nov 2008
i have a razor /black. by motarola, its been my friend for 3 years, never a problem, just the battery getting tired, this is in use daily in yorkshire, is there anyone out there with a good battery. thanks to the manufacturer of this fab equipment.

Reviewed by Will from UK on 7th Nov 2008
I have had RAZRs for a few years now and I am on my 2nd RAZR, the first had all speakers die within 2 months, first to go was the external (speaker-phone speaker)then the other, but I have a hearing problem and they're always on the loudest setting, so I don't blame Motorolla. The second one is operating very nicely but I started to use it as a camera more often, (photos sent to my email, then deleted)and just today, found it basically out of memory. I cleared all pictures from the memory in MY STUFF-PICTURES and all the old phone numbers stored and it doesn't give back any more memory and I don't know how to fix that. Overall, I like it and would buy another.

Reviewed by Greg from UK on 28th Oct 2008
This is by far the worst phone I have ever had in my life. It provides nothing but misery at all times. I am at this exact moment trying to remove info from my V3 and install it on my new phone, but the V3 is so non-user-friendly in every way, that even doing this is agonizing. Please, for your own sanity, STAY AWAY FROM THE V3!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by jo from UK on 27th Oct 2008
my mate has one and he broke it by sitting on it.

Reviewed by Amy mc from UK on 23rd Oct 2008
i dont like this phone its rubish got no memory i can only have 1 song pics are rubish loved the colour though it was fab ! pink

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 19th Oct 2008
When i got the phone it was in perfect condition couldnt say a bad word about it but after a friend sendiong me a song the sound was lost. Even after being sent back there was still no sound wich dissapointed me. personaly i dont like it and would never buy another moterola phone after this one being so poor.

Reviewed by teen from UK on 19th Oct 2008
i had this but i could only fit a 9 second song on so beware,if you are looking for somethign reliable for files

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 15th Oct 2008
I have this phone right now. Had it for 2 years and it is great. I highly recomend it. I am now getting the sony ericsson C902. But i love the v3. The only problem is that the memory isn't good.

Reviewed by A from UK on 12th Oct 2008
it rubish

Reviewed by David B from UK on 9th Oct 2008
I bought my V3 at Lidl, must be a year or two ago now. Compared to my old second-hand Mars-bar style phones with Nicad batteries that needed charging every day it is in a completely different league. It does everything I want but has one major drawback, it is not splashproof/waterproof. (I discovered this when I bent down to remove leaves from the bilge of my boat). The phone fell out of my shirt pocket and landed in the water. Luckily just rainwater. Although I grabbed up the phone in a split second and dried it with a towel the phone became crackly and had to be dried out with a dehumidifier. I have been looking for a waterproof replacement for this phone but most of the "sportsmens phones" or "builders phones" look like something Fred Flintstone would use and aren't quad band etc.

Reviewed by Sabine from UK on 6th Oct 2008
I've depended on this phone for 3 years, and it's never messed me about! Ok there's literally nothing on it but its very handy if you're only texting. I'm getting the LG KF700 soon and I hope that it's as trusty as this one and beyond!

Reviewed by Judith Delissen from UK on 1st Oct 2008
I love my Motorola V3. I like its slim feel and it is easy to use. What do people want for the price they are today? So many want something for nothing.

Reviewed by H from UK on 25th Sep 2008
I own a V3. It is rubbish! within a month it was faulty and the web site I bought it from refused to replace the handset saying it was out of warranty... this was due to the fact that I sent two emails off regarding the problems with the phone to the technical department and then followed this by a phone call. I am now looking for a new phone and would recommend you do the same if you are seriously considering buying this phone. As it happens my son also had problems (the same sort.. turning itself off (after a full charge), low or no battery after being charged (using different chargers). The battery has been replaced so it is a handset fault rather than a charger or battery fault. I would not consider buying another motorola. It looks like I have to give this phone a star whether I want to or not.. I give this - 10.

Reviewed by chirs from london from UK on 12th Sep 2008
hey I say no to all those people saying it cant hold 1song because they have too many photos or to manny videos, ive got about 4 songs on min, you can flip it down and it will still keep playing the song thew the speakers, I PROMISE YOU, WHEN IT RINGS IN THE SUPERMARKET, YOU WONT BE INBARASSED TO PULL IT OUT AND ANSWER IT!

Reviewed by Mary from UK on 31st Aug 2008
I have this phone in the lilac version, and I am forever getting increasingly frustrated with it. It only has around 5,000 kb of memory and no room for a memory card. I am 12 years old and cannot afford to save up for a better one, so am stuck with possibly the world's worst phone. I find that the keys make marks on the screen, and the games are rubbish. the only good feature, in my opinion, is the ability to take self portraits by closing the phone in the photo viewfinder. The list at the top lies, it has no currency converter, and it can take video clips. AAARRRGGGHHH I HATE MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by milly from UK on 30th Aug 2008
a phone is only supposed to be used for contacts. what's this thing about music & videos-thats for MP3 players or camcorders people! but i particularly loved this phone,until i lost it, & it went off the market(sob!) it fits almost anywhere & had a long battery life. i miss it already

Reviewed by Phoneman from UK on 26th Aug 2008
A complete lemon of a phone, not fit for purpose. I had to give (YES, GIVE) mine away as I wanted to snap it in two.

Reviewed by Tatiiana from UK on 20th Aug 2008
this phone looks great but dont be fooled... i had it for 12 hours and then it snapped, i had only flipped it up! the camera is blurry memory is terrible DO NOT BUY its a skidmark on the underpants of motorola XP x

Reviewed by chloe from UK on 10th Aug 2008
Well i have had this phone for over a year now and i have had no problems. But it is rubbish no good memory or video so i am getting the sony ericsson k630. I think you should get a motorola v3i if you want one because it has better memory and it is still the same.

Reviewed by jenny from UK on 10th Aug 2008
its a really good phone BUT if u wnt more memory you i think have 2 buy it! i took the limeted amount of pics and vids in 2 days it wasnt that much like 20 30 or sumin. bad music so delete it and download your own. it has 5 alarms etc it is good but i was well dissapointed about the memory so just buy some more! you can send and recieve up to about 90 texts so thats not dat good but hey...

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 7th Aug 2008
Was a great idea at the time (november 2007) Biggest piece of junk ever made. Low memory and increadibly short batery life (1 day on standby). No motorola ever, long live Nokia!

Reviewed by kano from UK on 1st Aug 2008
i is good

Reviewed by minx from UK on 31st Jul 2008
had this phone for over a year, it looks wickd bt the memory for pics, messages nd tunes is rubbish. The front screen bit cracks easily but the inside screen is really good. apart from the front screen it is quite a strong phone coz it's survived living in my bag which is amazin. The battery wears down overtime and is crap but still love it coz it luks hot. Texting is wickd as well bdw.

Reviewed by Danny Sullivan from UK on 21st Jul 2008
Do NOT buy this phone !! It is extremely susceptible to moisture problems. This invalidates the warranty.

Reviewed by Anomymous from UK on 16th Jul 2008
At first i thought it wa amazing... but then realized it has no features at all compared to half the other phones on the market. No video calls, Memory capacity is very low.

Reviewed by laura from UK on 14th Jul 2008
i hate my motorola v3 black razr

Reviewed by JC from London from UK on 12th Jul 2008
Had that phone for a while first on T-Mobile and then on Orange. I changed provider when I could not get a signal in my office with the phone, thinking that it was a network problem. It was the same problem with Orange, since I have used my old trusty Nokia and i get an excellent signal at the office. Therefore just for that I don't like the phone. Other than that it was an ok phone.

Reviewed by Beth H from UK on 8th Jul 2008
This phone is really bad! the camera is so bad that it is not even a megapixel! instead it is classed as a VGA camer. I can hold ONE song! As all my friends are playing through their hundreds of songs, i'm there repeating the same one! The bluetooth is really slow and one song will take around 30 minutes to send. There is no good technology on it apart from the predictive text tool is very efficient. Don't buy this phone unless all you want it for is because it is your fav colour and is good at predictive texting!

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 2nd Jul 2008
I bought my V3 second hand about three years ago and it's still going strong. The camera is pretty poor (especially when compared to new phones) but then I just wanted it because it was slim, light and well made. The battery life isn't very good and obviously after 4 years of use is getting worse. But all in all for a basic, reasonably good looking and cheap phone you can't go wrong with one of these.

Reviewed by maximus UK from UK on 29th Jun 2008
The phone is small and light but this is the only good thing about it. Its not easy to use, memory is tiny and loads of little annoying details

Reviewed by Some Guy from UK on 26th Jun 2008
I don't recomend this fphne 2 any 1st time phone buyers it's a waste of time

Reviewed by Thomas from UK on 25th Jun 2008
great hardware. but flawed by a horrible user interface. i brought my phone as i was getting increasingly imbarrised by my old nokia 3330. lets start with the case if you flip the phone open it has a nice solid feel. it is sturdy as i have dropped it on a marble floor. the screen is nice and big. the camera is junk as are most mobile cameras so. i wont hold this against it. the calls sound clear. but that is where the good things end. the phone takes way to long to start up. the battery guage only has 3 bars. even my old nokia had 4 bars.their is a small delay after you press the buttons to acces a menu. but the battery life is ok and it has good talktime

Reviewed by polo, nutini from UK on 25th Jun 2008
it's a stylish fone and has great mp3 features and radio.its a great way of connecting with your mates

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 18th Jun 2008
I had this phone for 3 years and loved it soo much (i have unfortunatly lost it now :() it was brilliant, and the only time it broke, was fixed in a matter of days (it kept turning its self off even thought it was fully charged) I loved it loads, it looked cool, sounded cool, was suoer slim and was easy to use. Would deffinaley reccomend to anyone. Oh, when it broke, i put it in for repair and it came back with a video camera on it :D Bonus!!

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 13th Jun 2008
at first i thought the phone was fantastic! - it looked fab and everything but after a while of using it it became apparent that its not all its cracked up to be. the camera on mine is a bit dodgy. although it is good that it has both video recorder and camera. it hasnt got enough memory i can only just store one song but then i can only take about 10 pictures or 4/5 videos. once and i still dont know why this happened but none of the buttons worked and volume control - which i couldnt change - kept coming up and the noise it makes when you press one of the side buttons kept playing - it was late at night and really annoyed my friends. in the end i had to take the battery out. i managed to fix it but i dont know how. but i like the look of the phone even though it scratches easily. this phone is very average. nothing spectacular about it what so ever ...

Reviewed by Adam Goodway from UK on 2nd Jun 2008
Yeah they was a good phone until my screen went BLANK and wont go back to the proper menu its just got a complete white screen. Good phone il give them that but i want my Motorola BACK.

Reviewed by Anisha from UK on 30th May 2008
This was my first mobile phone. My Dad used it but as he got another phone on contract, he gave it to me. I thought it would be really good at first, but it wasn't!! Quite dissapointing as the phone does not have MP3 player, camera quality is poor, doesn't have video recorder, doesn't have good games!! This piece of junk definately can't keep an 11 year old like me entertained!! The battery life is poor aswell! Wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone with good features. Would only recommend to those who just want a simple phone. My first and worst phone!!!! I really want another one and get rid of this rubbish!!

Reviewed by Hussain from UK on 30th May 2008
I got this phone today reading all the reviews it makes me think it is rubbish 5mb i mean you cant put one decent song on that and a vga camera today is very low quality plus no music player i mean this phone just gets worse and worse it really is rubbish wish i got a nokia 6100 would have been much better than this

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 22nd May 2008
This is the best phone i ever had

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 17th May 2008
I just bought one, and I must say, I do really like it. yea, sure, the internal memory isn't too big, but then, for mp3's I have a PSP and a mp3 player already (not to mention there is plenty of space in purse's anyway ) I replaced a very basic Nokia phone with this one, so either way it was a step up, but now I have what I find to be, the best looking phone made so far :)

Reviewed by Becca from UK on 16th May 2008
i Had This Phone Before, Now i Have Samsungs, i Got Up To Three VERY SMALL Songs On It At a Time, Like; 1mb, 2mb, 1mb, And Then about 10 Pictures. i Tried To Upload Some Onto The Computer But The Usb Connection Didn't Work. If You Want a Phone That Will Last And Will Call And Text Then This Is a Good Phone, Very Hardy, But Scratches Easily, i Dropped It a Countless Number Of Times, i Chucked It Aswell, And It Still Worked. Although My Friend Had The Pink Version And It Suddenly Stopped Working Due To a Software Problem. Has a Big Screen, The Buttons Aren't Very Easy To Press As They're Flat, But Are Very Big. Very Slim Phone, Looks Better Than It Actually Is. Didn't Really Like This Phone, Just Didn't Get On With It, Had It For a Few Months And Got Rid Of It. Now Have a Samsung E840 But I'm Getting a New Samsung, Hopefully U600. For Me, Samsungs Are Definately The Better Make And i Don't Plan On Going Back To Motorola. But As i Said, If You Want a Phone That Calls, Texts And Looks Impressive Then This Is Good.

Reviewed by JEAN from UK on 15th May 2008

Reviewed by adam from UK on 15th May 2008
this phone is terrible fullstop.

Reviewed by anarhy09 from UK on 12th May 2008
This phone takes better pictures than most phones with 2MP cameras.It doesn't take 1280x1024 or more , just 640x480 but they look very clear and very sharp and not deformed.If u want more music or stuff, buy a media player(ipod touch rullz). It is a great phone with aluminium body, very well made.It's not stupid proof so don't sit on it or trow it out the window or drive ur car over it... it won't make it.It it falls from your hand, it will survive and no pieces(like back cover and battery) will fly around like nokia.Take care of it and it a very good phone.Still is after 4 years from it release.Way better then its price competitors these days.

Reviewed by Shiv from UK on 9th May 2008
It is May 2008 and i am fed up with new phones with worthless features that i dont need. So i decided to buy something that a)was affordable b)good looking c)good reviews I decided to go for V3 Razr. I had trouble finding it as it has been discontinued in many places. Finally i managed to get a brand new black one. Let me tell you this phone is the best phone for its value. It is far better than many of the modern rubbish that is out there with thousands of pointless features and at ridiculously high prices. The phone looks good, user friendly (Unlike SE rubbish), build quality and all for £50. So for no nonsense mobile phone users who want something practical and stylish i recommend this phone.

Motorola V3 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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