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Motorola V220 review

 Review: October 2004  


In a nutshell: The V220 is an entry-level camera phone.


Cost-savings start with the colour screen, which is small and uses STN technology rather than TFT, making it less bright and crisp. The camera is very poor quality and tends to take fuzzy dark images. Other areas where Motorola have economised are in the reduced memory, no Bluetooth, no quad band, no infra-red.

There are some reports of hardware failures amongst our user reviews (below) but not so many to indicate any kind of systematic design or manufacturing defect. We suspect that Motorola have used cheap components to save costs and so the V220 may be more susceptible to damage than some other phones.

On the positive side, the V220 is smaller and lighter than the other Motorola clamshells, so could be a good choice for someone who does not need the more advanced features. We do like the curvaceous silver design, and the V220 is still a well-specified phone, with a digital camera, MP3 ringtones, handsfree speaker, USB connection for transferring pictures to a computer, and triband, and is a good choice when the budget is tight.

Motorola V220 features include:

  • Integrated VGA digital camera (640 x 480 pixels), digital zoom
  • Colour screen (STN)
  • Polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
  • MOTOMIXER™ (Remixable MIDI ringer software)
  • Java™ games - Hungry Fish & OptItOut, plus downloadable games
  • SMS / EMS / MMS
  • Predictive text input (iTap)
  • Built-in handsfree speaker
  • Picture phone book
  • Connectivity: Mini USB
  • Internal Memory: 1.8 Mbytes
  • WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10
  • Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Size: 86 x 44 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Talktime: 5 hours
  • Battery standby: 9.5 days

Motorola V220 user reviews

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Average rating from 363 reviews:

Reviewed by kevin from UK on 25th Jul 2010
not bad

Reviewed by Judy from UK on 27th Apr 2010
Someone gave me this as my first phone and I have tried others but have always come back to this model. It's basic and I don't use it for photos as I have a good camera. I love it for it's simplicity - the keypad is easy to read and the instructions are obvious. You can't accidentally dial someone while it's in your bag, and unlike some phones, some people have actually commented that they like the look of mine - even though it's been on the market for ages now. My very first one did pack up on me after years of use - the screen just decided to go blank one day, but the next two I bought have had no problems at all - they broke owing to my having accidents with them. I am just about to search the net for my fourth !

Reviewed by Leah from UK on 15th Nov 2009
This is my first mobile and it's not that bad! About it being 'susceptible to damage' well it was my sisters phone before it was mine and has been broken and fallen apart so many times that if it were any other phone it wouldn't be working, but - apart from a few scratches - it's the perfect starter phone. On the downside the camera is truly TERRIBLE! Not one picture I've taken so far so turned out right or even without looking like one of those pictures you're meant to 'look past' but you can never see it really. It's very cute and hasn't broken, frozen, crashed or had to be fixed at all. Personally, I've always had GREAT reception with it and have actually never been able to call someone with it! Another dowside is that it might be small in length but it is EXTREMELY thick. I don't take it to school because it just makes a big buldge in one side of my blazer! Overall a great first phone, an acceptable phone a couple of years ago, but now it's a flip brick. (Or at least that's my nickname for it ;) )

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 28th Aug 2009
Had this phone for 6 years and only now considering changing it (because the charger socket has gone a bit wobbly). Excellent phone - I hope the next one is as good.

Reviewed by Jim Welch from UK on 4th Jun 2009
I really thought highly of Motorola products until I took it in for repairs. The part I needed was unavailable in the country of Thailand where I work as a missionary/pastor and live. Now I'm forced to by a competitor but this time I'll do my homework and make sure that repairs can be made without having to buy a new one. So my review although a little bias; Great phone just make sure you live in a country where you can get repairs!!

Reviewed by lauren from UK on 18th Mar 2009
i used to have this phone. it was good to have and i liked it but it is a bit old and the pixels are very low.

Reviewed by Chazley from UK on 6th Feb 2009
It's great and sure the cameras not great and the screens kinda fuzzy but u love it any way.However i do recommend download games cos the ones on it arent great

Reviewed by Tomas Fowles from UK on 3rd Feb 2009
screen is tiny but text is big very. slow phone and quite bulky cant fit pocket. cam picture is bad but very low mp 0.3 i think. my advice buy a Samsung j700

Reviewed by Lauren from UK on 29th Dec 2008
If you want a seriously rubbish phone, don't buy this. It doesn't even live up to being rubbish. It's well below rubbish. There is no word to describe how **** this phone really is. After a day of getting it I realised how ****** the phone is.

Reviewed by Tracy from UK on 30th Nov 2008
Quite a solid phone, bought nearly 4 year ago and working perfectly still, not so good quality pics and not enough room for video taking but is fine for kids.Worse thing is the lack of memory and the pre installed stuff cannot be deleted.Shame but I still love this phone even though it is now my sons.Very sturdy as my very hyperactive son has it and he left it up a tree for 4 days in rain and freezing weather and it still worked. There are sometimes it crashes but you just turn it on and off to make it work again.

Reviewed by TS from UK on 29th Oct 2008
This was my first phone, great little thing that was simple and basic. It had a battery life of about three days which I thought was ok but my current phone lasts for about a week and a half. But anyway it's got a camera of something like 0.5 megapixals. But if you want a nice cheap phone that's the one to go for. The one thing I missed on it was bluetooth

Reviewed by MRS BINNS BINNS from UK on 14th Oct 2008

Reviewed by Michael J. Rolph from UK on 7th Oct 2008
All round a good phone, pretty basic but is good for texting and calling with easy to read and press buttons. Screen probably a bit small but with a simplistic interface it is easy to navigate around. Camera is ok, not too great if you like taking lots of pictures. Had it for a good few years and had not too many defects and so it is fairly reliable, especially with a great battery life. Without bluetooth, a decent camera, and a lack of other fairly standard features, it is a good starting phone, wouldn't recommend if you've had much experience with top end phones. GOOD POINTS: Easy to use, lightweight, user friendly, long battery life, reliable, fairly robust, value for money BAD POINTS: Small screen, lack of features, not great camera, can't store a lot of stuff, not uniquely excitng. WOULD RECOMMEND TO: begginer phone users, those who want a simple and reliable phone, with some amount of modern style, perhaps youngsters who are getting thier first phone, or the edlerly, with a simplistic design. WOULD'NT RECOMMEND TO: to those who use thier phone a lot, used to upmarket models, like a lot of music and pictures, like good style and lots of functionality and utilities.

Reviewed by Benelayus from UK on 6th Oct 2008
I/ve been using thes 'phones for a good few years, and, whatever else they are, they've served me very well, given the low price I paid for them. If you're looking for a phone which has all the "bells & wWhistles" or to make a fashion statement, then the V200 is not for you. Or if you're seeking to impress folk you don't know, with a 'phone you bought on credit, once again, the V20's not for you. One of the more useful things about this 'phone is its built in camera. When I've been travelling round about, I take a picture of where I've started my journey, and this means that I can ask for directions how to get back there. OK, low definition perhaps, but I don't expect my digital camera to make a decent cup of coffee either. On the other hand, if you're looking fo a 'phonr which doesn't cost a fortune, and works as well as most of it's vintage, then the V220 is a reasonable buy.

Reviewed by Tommo from UK on 1st Oct 2008
My phone is a nightmare. I have had two new screens which are expensive because they come complete with speaker. I have had my phone three years and am on my fouth battery. When this packs up I will NOT be looking for another.

Reviewed by m saad habib from UK on 22nd Sep 2008
its good phone with poor resolution camera.and i havent found its driver yet

Reviewed by Chazley from UK on 13th Sep 2008
Absolutely grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. no faults whatsoever its grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

Reviewed by rw from UK on 10th Aug 2008
this phone is indestructible!!! i have dropped it on roads, thown it, it has hit the ceiling, hit the floor again. all that happens is the back falls off and sometimes the battery falls out. you just put it back in and switch it back on - it always works again!! i think ive had it for about 2 1/2 years - the only thing that is now starting to happen is that it isnt holding its battery long. i want to get another battery, though - its cheaper, and I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

Reviewed by Omar from UK on 8th Aug 2008
One shortcoming is that it cant play a fuul song but only chorus.

Reviewed by Ray Ward from UK on 26th Jun 2008
Reasonably happy with this phone. Light usage for phone and text only (on pay-as you-go. Dropped once (on grass) and screen is now unreadable. Cannot recommend.

Reviewed by phil from UK on 24th Jun 2008
ive had this phone for ages and it was reasonably priced when i got it. The camera is appalling and the screens arent exactly big. After several years of not looking after it well it finally stopped working and will not charge up at all although i suspect the problem is only the battery.

Reviewed by mel from UK on 29th May 2008
my v220 is not the best, but it was when i first got it. but after 2 years it keeps blanking on me, an going back to the home screen. how silly.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 16th May 2008
hmm mixed feeling about this phone. aesthetically, its a bit plain, scratches easily and when folded is a bit chunky for my liking. ive had it for about 6 months - one of the keys is broken but i put that down to overuse. it is very basic, camera leaves much to be desired etc but to start with its not too bad. signal is the best of all my familys phones, but after a few months the battery life became really bad - like a day at most. got the battery changed and its a bit better, but it does insist on crashing all the time. great for a cheap phone that you wont need for more than a few months, but otherwise dont bother. distinctly mediocre.

Reviewed by OZZA from UK on 16th May 2008
Have just bought a V220....LOOKS GREAT...though it is an old model..i like it

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 1st Apr 2008
it is i rubbish phone dont buy it whatever you do trust me i have one

Reviewed by Lotty from UK on 25th Mar 2008
I Love My Phone. Can U get it 2 connect up 2 the computer? E-mail me on mad_chicken_goes_wild_21@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by Izan from UK on 24th Mar 2008
This phone in my opinion is quite reliable. It has simple fetures so its quite boring.

Reviewed by allan from UK on 3rd Mar 2008
I got my phone in 2007, unlocked for $CAN 100. I have my Canadian SIM card as a Fido prepaid. It puts me on the Rogers network for $10 month. I buy foreign SIM cards when I travel. I'm going to Germany in April. I have choices of cards with plans for outgoing calls to Canada from about 12 cents a minute and free incoming calls. I agree that the camera is poor, but I already have a 6 megapixel Pentax, so why would I need a camera phone anyway? Excellent stand by time on the battery. I would like a few more standard rings though.

Reviewed by Alfie from UK on 2nd Mar 2008
Great little phone. Definitely recommend

Reviewed by Gabby from UK on 24th Feb 2008
I have this phone and it has survived 3 falls into a sink full of water.

Reviewed by ...***... from UK on 21st Feb 2008
Great phone for people who don't have much experience with phones. Simple, easy to use, great look.

Reviewed by Sioned from UK on 20th Feb 2008
When I had the phone I loved it. But now I've had more up-to-date ones, I don't think so much of it. Makes a great first phone.

Reviewed by rachel maturi from UK on 17th Feb 2008
hate it it is crubbbish and doesnt lsrt at all

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 12th Feb 2008
I have to charge it daily if I make even a 10 minute call. It's a nightmare because if you haven't charged it in the last day and someone calls you the phone is likely to die on you.

Reviewed by motorola v220 review from UK on 3rd Feb 2008
hi i am reviewing my v220 phone i can not tell you much about it but i got it in 2005 it looks very good outstanding even and i love the sliver this was my ferst ever phone so it was very good at the time and i can not find eney bad bits on it at all.

Reviewed by NATALI3_x from UK on 2nd Feb 2008
I got this phone for my birthday when I was 10 and I loved it! Now I hate it and I love the sony erricson phones especially the w580i I really like the pink one :P. I really hate the motorola v220 it was my first phone and it's got a rubbish camera it's just sooo boring no walkman or anything. It also takes a long time until you get your texts :@. I really want to sell it and put the money towards my new one but I don't know how much the phone would be to sell. Any ideas??

Reviewed by retep from UK on 31st Jan 2008

Reviewed by -x-gorgeous-x- from UK on 26th Jan 2008
I have this phone and there are many down features, for example, if I just leave my phone in my bag for five minuets, it switches itself off and won't let me turn it on again until I put it on charge!!! Also, the pictures I take are fuzzy and the light is always wrong. The ringtones are bad, but at least the sound is good quality. However, I'm not recieving any of my texts until at least a day after they were sent! Grrrr...

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 25th Jan 2008
Internet on this device is useless, you can´t use it on such a small screen with no touchscreen.

Reviewed by jess mowat from UK on 10th Jan 2008
i got this phone when i was about 12. i havent had any problems as such but i would just like to say that at the price it is, you could probably find a much better phone. the camera is poor, but the keys are easy to use and the screen is clear. xx

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 8th Jan 2008
I've had this phone for nearly 3 years now and I love it. It's realiable and hardwearing. It even sat in a bag that was inadventantly full of water for over 2 hours and still worked perfectly when it dried out. It's only now that the battery has started to fail and no longer holds its charge for very long. A great phone. I wish it was still made.

Reviewed by felicity from UK on 30th Dec 2007
I dropped my V220 and it then became unreliable switching off intermittently so I abandoned it for the equivalent : W375. Unfortunately this has a different programme and is much harder to text with . The predictive text has no memory to speak of so I am always redialling common names - even my own it doesn't remember . Also it will not go to the end of the list for each letter if you hold down the key but you have to laboriously repeat the key till it reaches the end. I would go back to my V220 except that if as you say it has poor quality materials it would again not cope with any rough handling.

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 27th Dec 2007
This phone is good. I have had it for three years and no problems so far. I am getting the new Sony Ericsson S500i.

Reviewed by aj x from UK on 23rd Dec 2007
OMG. My motorola v22o didnt have an mp3 player. you couldnt even get any ringtones to work on it. There is no bluetooth so you cant transfer files form the mobile onto the computer. The digital camera is RUBBISH quality. Another small flaw is the messages. it doesnt tell you when you text how many pages you are currently taking up and you have to always change the mode of the type of way you want to text. When you first get it you'll be like wow but after 2-3 months it'll get boring.

Reviewed by myphoneisbusted from UK on 23rd Dec 2007
this phone sucks! the cam is brokin nd the screen broke

Reviewed by bangwazoo from UK on 13th Dec 2007
this phone has lasted me two years, and it only broke when i put a screw in the charging hole.. heads up 4 other ppl out there, thats not a good idea. the camera broke after bout a year and a half, but it weren't that good anyway overall, a good phone 4 wat i use it 4, txtin.

Reviewed by Lucy Anderson from UK on 3rd Dec 2007
I have had this phone for a magnificent two hole years, and it has not let me down once. It is very strong, as i have dropped it millions of times, and it is still in good condition. Though i must say that the camera is not superb, the colours are wierd. The battery life poor, it says 9.5 days, but it can only stay alive for five days without charge. Overall, the phone is amazing and has wicked blue lights and the flip style is cool. If you ever need a temparay phone, i reccomend you BUY THIS! (though i had it for two years, my dad thinks phones are a waste of money, but i am now upgrading to the wicked sony ericsson w600i!)

Reviewed by LizzyBeth from UK on 1st Dec 2007
Thid phone was rubbish. It only worked for a month and even then it needed to be charged every night. The games are boring and wap is easy to access for little children. It is a phone that shouldn't be bought unless just wanted for basic texts and phone calls.

Reviewed by annabelle bench-elphick from UK on 30th Nov 2007
this phone is so rubbish ,that within a week the cam broke.i would not recomend it to anyone

Reviewed by dno from UK on 26th Nov 2007
they shud add blutooth and more memory. otherwise gd fone

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 25th Nov 2007
This phone is ****. Screen cracked 1 week after purchase. Got a replacement phone. Keypad stopped working after 5 days. Tried another replacement phone. The aerial fell off so, the signal went so I was unable to recieve or send, text messages or calls. Eventually, gave up on the phone and I bought a Sony Ericsson K510i. The camera facility is less than average. The display shows them as being too dark, or too light. Seriously, unimpressed.

Reviewed by Paul Vanier from UK on 23rd Nov 2007
I think its an excellent phone.Good quality sound, 4 x zoom camera.Very easy to unlock with software when you want to move with a different carrier. The camera definition is acceptable but its not a 2.3 mega pixel like most newer cam phone of today.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 22nd Nov 2007
I have bough many phone during my professional price. The Motorola v220 is one that gave me the most satisfaction.It have excellent sound quality, a killer speaker phone.The camera is not to compare with the newest 1.3 mega pixel high price PDA phone. The 640 x 480 image quality is similar to older 1990s Desktop computers but is more than descent enough for a tiny phone like the Motorola v220.With a 4x zoom camera, it have equivalent strength to many early 2003 digital cameras. My profession requir me to make frequent travel inside north America.At that time I was with cingular but many states in the middle west doesnt quarenty reception with that provider.I love my moto v220 so much that I didnt want to buy a different phone for local provider. I needed then to unlock it but Cingular was reticent to give me an unlocking code.I can understand their decision, I was for more than 3 years in contract with them and always a good payer.After insistence, one costumer service agent suggest me to get a Cingular unlocking code card on Ebay. This cards are often provided my big cellular company like Cingular, Tmobiles and they have the logo of those companies.So it's perfectly legals because they are sold by those very same companies. My only regret was to purchase those unlocking cards for $35 on Ebay,because I discovered that Motorola V220 was very easy to unlock with a software and regular usb cable(include with the phone)if you want to do it yourself.If you don't have that cable, it is sold less than $5 dollars at any electronic stores.Furthermore the unlocking code for the v220 is all over the internet for free and you don't need any cable Without doubt in mind, I recommend that phone because if its price versus qualities.

Reviewed by Josh Golding from UK on 17th Nov 2007
i got it as my first phone and it has been alright. for a first phone it was fabulous but the camera quality isnt good at all. it was a blow that they didnt pet an mp3 player in it cause im a music lover. good for a first phone and alright overall.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 7th Nov 2007
I've had the V229 for 2 years and I'm very satisfied with it. Simple, basic phone.

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 3rd Nov 2007
Good phone, but the camera is not the best! It tends to have a whitesh shade to the picture.Apart from that it is reliable, I would recommend if this is your first phone!

Reviewed by someone from UK on 24th Oct 2007
i love this phone. ive had it for nearly 3 years and its never failed. i just want something with a bit more on it like a better camera or an mp3. can anyone sujest a better one. samsung preferably/????

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 13th Oct 2007
I think the phone is great. I love it to pieces i use it all the time because its so easy to use. But there is just one thing i haven't worked out how to do it is change the ringtone for a text message and a diffrent tone for a call if someone who has this phone and can do that i would be extremly greatful if they would tell me using this site. thank - you Hannah.

Reviewed by PhoneMan from UK on 10th Oct 2007
Good, small phone with average camera for the price. Didn't bother getting USB and software (About £14.) It ended up breaking for no apparent reson, can't be bothered to get it fixed because I want to get a better phone and I got it cheap anyway.

Reviewed by Dale from UK on 8th Oct 2007
i hate it!!! a terribly small screen that is impossible to see. and a very dodgy camera. good if you dont use a phone much. better off getting a v3 or even better a v3i

Reviewed by Jen from UK on 8th Oct 2007
A really lovely phone - I have had this phone for nearly 2 years and I have never had any problems with it. The camera isnt great but all the other features are fab! I love it!

Reviewed by Natasha from UK on 29th Sep 2007
This is definately a phone for people who hate having to use one. The battery barely lasts long enough to allow you to leave the charger at home even for a very short holiday, so conserving pwer is important. It's clumpy, slippery, heavy, and takes far too long too turn on and off, and the photos are usually bad quality. However, for the price, the colour screen, camera, games, ringtones, ability to personalise, and internet connection, this is not a totally horrendous phone. I've had this phone for years and so far has been dependable, but i would swap it in a second if i could find a slimmer, lighter, better one for a similar price.

Reviewed by GCSE STUDENT from UK on 12th Sep 2007
I owned this phone for a year and in that time the battery depleated enormously. It now turns off if the battery is full Camera is fuzzy

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 12th Sep 2007
I had this phone for 10 months with no problems, a few knocks and scratches here and there, but otherwise, it was OK. It wasn't until i dropped it that the screen went black and it stopped working for about a day or two, and then it shuddered back to life. It was a terrible phone, but i regret buying Motorola phones and i wish I'd never done it!

Reviewed by Jacob from UK on 10th Sep 2007
It's not a bad little phone. Trouble I have is that I can't hear it when it rings even on the loudest setting. The only way to download the photos is to text them to your own e-amil address. You can only buy the cable from Motorola for about £30 and I don't think there's any software. It's good but not for what I paid for it.

Reviewed by bazzza from UK on 9th Sep 2007
compact phone, battery very good,camera average although mine has ceased to work.the phone often works where other phones fail to work because of poor reception.Apart from the camera being inoperative it's a good mobile.

Reviewed by darren from UK on 31st Aug 2007
i bought a motorola v220 10 months ago and until recently had no problems with it but what i will say is the battery dont last very long before it needs recharging, 24hours in my case poor phone do not buy if you have any sense

Reviewed by A from UK on 30th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for two years. Not once has it broken and it still works as good as when I first bought it. The camera may not be brilliant, but then if you've got a brain, you'll know to read the specs first, before you buy it. You know what you're getting yourself. I have no problems with the camera because I don't rely on the phone's camera, I bought a digital camera and you should do the same if all you're going to do is moan about the phone's camera. This phone was cheap and it was supposed to be for those people who didn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on something they weren't going to use often. If you think yourself above that, then go ahead and buy a £200 phone but don't complain when that does what every phone will one day do: break. The screen has never gone white/black/grey for me and the phone it always fast. I can dial numbers quickly and type a text with no problems. If you're the sort of person that doesn't want to buy an MP3 player and you w ant to rely on the phone for music, then don't buy this phone. You can see the memory on the phone before you buy it, which is why you have the internet. At the most, I've managed to fit 5 full-length songs onto it and I won't complain because I had the brains to buy an iPod too so I always have my music. Don't just buy a phone then complain about it. Use your heads and the internet to find out information about it before you hand your money over.

Reviewed by Ruby from UK on 17th Aug 2007
I love this phone ive had it forf a long time and it has caused no problems so i would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by Lizzie from UK on 16th Aug 2007
This was my old phone. I had it for 2 years and it done me no good. The speakerphone wasn't loud and it occasionally freezed. When i wanted to play a game, it would start very slow so your pushing the buttons like mad. It is a rubbish phone.

Reviewed by bill from UK on 16th Aug 2007
i hate this phone, pic quality v. poor, messaging bad as i sometimes dont recieve the messages people send me, freezes loads of times and always has bad signal, nomatter where i am i dont advise you to buy it, but thats my opinion

Reviewed by John from UK on 7th Aug 2007
Not a bad phone for my needs - however, the snub aerial is a problem in that the screw thread has gone so it's "blu-tacked" at the moment but to be honest I don't know what function it performs as the phone works without the aerial anyway! Also the camera has sudddenly stopped working - select it and the screen goes blank and then goes back to the menu. If you just want a phone that sends and receives text & calls then it's a great buy.

Reviewed by Sandy from UK on 1st Aug 2007
rubbish rubbish rubbish! mine turns itself off!!! NAFF phone dont buy. like i said its toooooo rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Tinkerbell from UK on 31st Jul 2007
I bought this phone ages ago, and I have now completely gone off it. The camera quality is very bad, and it doesn't have all the aspects of some of the more advanced motorola phones. Bluetooth, infrared, and video recordin are all non-available. Mine mucked up recently and has started blacking out everytime i try to go on to one of the areas in the setting section. I am searching fr a new one, possibly the Nokia 5200, Samsung Z400, SGH E520, or E70 on Samsung too. They are all slidy mobile phones and i think although they will be in a higher prvce budget that the Motorola V220, I think you will get a lot more for your money. For those people who will use the phone mainly for just making calls, texting and communicating, this would be okay. But for me, who would like Bluetooth/infrared so that i can transfer pictures, it is really unhelpful. For anyone willing to pay slightly more for a phone that you will get a lot more out of, the definetly lookeslewhere. If you si mply want to communicate, it can be quite a compact clamshell for just that purppose.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 25th Jul 2007
it is rubbish do not get it EVER!!!!! i hate itttt i will neva get another phone like this one .

Reviewed by ashley from UK on 25th Jul 2007
I got this phone yesterdi n im luvin it! This phone is small!! n light weight but not ideal for people who think it's a bluetooth video redording phone! This is my first camera phone n i luv it! go n buy it now.

Reviewed by Beckah from UK on 24th Jul 2007
I got my Motorola for christmas and shortly after recieving it, it crashed if i selected some applications. I exchanged it for another one. After recieving my second Motorola V220 it crashed again. I had to take it back to swap it 3 times in total. I still have it 2 years on. I dont use it. i cannot make calls as the screen just blanks out. I cannot recieve calls. When i recieve text messages they always come through hours or sometimes even days late! the only thing i can do is text! This is a slow phone! Do not buy it!

Reviewed by John from UK on 22nd Jul 2007
i had this phone for about a year or just over. but after 6 months it started turning off by itself. whenever i flipped it up it turned off which was really anoying and the battery lasted 1 day. the screen is small. you might aswell not have a camera because its so rubbish and theres no bluetuth or even picture messaging. i've got a sony ericsson w810 i now an dits much better.

Reviewed by alex from UK on 22nd Jul 2007
this phone is a waste of money it freezes up and the screen goed blank and now i cant see anything on the screen my friend had the same problem with this phone after awhile the screen goes blank or good

Reviewed by Christine from UK on 20th Jul 2007
this phone is absolutely awful. whenever you go on personalize it freezes, blacks out and then looses total signal and you have to start the phone up again. Texts take ages to write and the phone is slow and constantly freezes. Do not buy this phone as you will regret it!

Reviewed by thomas from UK on 17th Jul 2007
great phone buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Unknown from UK on 15th Jul 2007
This phone is ok. I don't no if this is just my phone but the signal is poor. It says video but I don't know how you make them I don't even think you can. Which is abit annoying. If you are just after a reasonable, basic, colour screen, camera phone. This is for you!!

Reviewed by John from UK on 8th Jul 2007
iv had one for about a year. it was only £30 so i thought it was a good price since it had a cmera and stuff. but iv just ordered another phone because it always turns off by itself, the camera is terrible and its got about 1 mb of memory. IM TELLING YOU DONT BUY IT!!

Reviewed by Rhiannon from UK on 8th Jul 2007
This phone can be good, unless you have the same problem as me. I tried to switch my phone on, but the screen was completely blank apart from it was illuminated a bit at the top. I can't do anything with it, no texting, phoning etc. because I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING ON IT! IT IS SO FRUSTRATING! I can tell the phone is on because when it's closed, there's a little screen that shows the time, how much signal and battery it has etc., and that's on. But I can't do anything else. Also this phone has no Bluetooth, infrared, a bad camera, no video recording facilities, quite bad signal (though that might be due to where I live), and not so great a battery life. Also it has quite a limited message Inbox and Outbox, and when they are full you can't send or recieve texts, so you have to delete pretty much everything in your Inbox and Outbox. Not good if you need to send a text in a hurry. Ok if you want a phone for basic needs and have a tight budget but if you're looking for a mo re high-tech phone and have more money to spend, I would recommend going somewhere else =]

Reviewed by James from UK on 1st Jul 2007
If your looking for a cheap phone that deos what you need with a standard camera then go for it. But be aware of the certain problems due to it freezing and turning off permanently, deleting memory and loosing picture.. I personaly think this phone is very poor due to the fact i have had it replaced 4 times.. which is ridiculas and you can now get better looking phones for cheaper now. I could rant all day! Motorala should take this one off the market...

Reviewed by anonymos from UK on 1st Jul 2007
this phone would be an ideal first phone. it was my first phone, i then moved on to the razr, and nw im planning on getting the w810i, however at the moment, im using it as a replacment. It is user freinly but with a dull screen and motorla, wheres video capture and the mp camrea!! the camrea is nothing in comparison to the v3, and some of the later motorola models but its a good bargin and doesnt have any major faults!! If you are on a budjet and are looking for a fun little phone (with great games inc photo funpack!) i reccomend it.

Reviewed by ??????????????????????????????? from UK on 22nd Jun 2007
this is the rubbishest fone dat i hav eva come across, it does not have bluetooth, video recording or n e thin gd! if u want some decent advice then don't buy it! I thought that i was getting an upgrade but i am deeply disspointed! I have had it a while now but it does not hav half of da stuff dat i wanted. it is only £25 and i hate it! DON'T BUY IT, IT WILL BREAK ON YOU BEWARNED!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Green Lung from UK on 15th Jun 2007
My daughter had a pink one of these. The pink is the only thing still working : The camera died, reception is terrible and the battery short lived. They've got the pink thing working though, so if that's all you're bothered about - like my daughter - it'll give you several minutes of satisfaction.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 15th Jun 2007
ummm... well I got my Motorola V220 last birthday, and I found it got very boring very quickly. Not only its lack of a video camera or bluetooth, I found it scratched easily. It is fine for a phone for someone who just wants to make calls on it, but it is very old. Its ok... I suppose. Its a mediocre phone.

Reviewed by dre from UK on 14th Jun 2007
had this phone and i thought it was cute and small, very handy but this phone lacks features. The camera really really sucks, no infra red and blue tooth, the speaker play soft...in all just a horrible phone. The only thing i liked was the size and i found it really easy to browse through. So i'm done with it and motorola phones. Sony ericsson for me

Reviewed by candy from UK on 9th Jun 2007
Hi there this phone was not very good. really bad camera and no bluetooth.You can buy it now for about £20,shows how good it is!!!!

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 6th Jun 2007
This phone is Utter rubbish! Just writing about it gets me mad! As for features; wait a minute; it doesn't have any! This is phone is a waste of time, money and space. Had it less than a year and it has been pure heartache. The receiver died and that was the end of the stupid,cheap, worthless piece of refuse.

Reviewed by Aimee from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
I bought this phone, as i was on a tight budget. I have dropped it many times and although the case falls off the phone (or screen has not broken). It has so far been a good phone, and even though the camera is poor quality i can still capture memories. I have the black one, but they are both small and very attractive.

Reviewed by G from UK on 3rd Jun 2007
h8 this fone sooooooooo much....it soooooo rubish (cant swear :|)....has nothing on it...the camera is sooo fuzzy, hasn't got quad-band, hasn't got bluetooth, hasn't gt video, scratches easily, the paint can come of even if a baby holds it! overall i h8 this fone soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Reviewed by fatass from UK on 26th May 2007
what a phone a colour screen! wow! what could be better? Nothing. i showe it off to all of my tard friends. The camera is spiffing with zoom. i can even see my tard face in the silver casing aswell. buy it now! you will love it and maybe you may make love to it i do.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 24th May 2007
I have this phone. If you are looking to purchase your first or second phone, this is a good choise. Although it doesnt have blue tooth or infa red, it is still a good phone. Its light, stylish and has some good features. Althoguh the camera isnt the best, it still produces ok photos. You can edit these photos on one of the java games. All in all, i think this is fab phone for people who are looking to buy their first mobile.

Reviewed by liam from UK on 23rd May 2007
i think this phone is good and bad because the bad side is that it dosent have bluetooth,infer red and the photos it takes are a bit blury but the good side is that it is light,it has a small usb slot and its not a complicated phone,there are other good things about this phone and the list gose on

Reviewed by #NAME? from UK on 20th May 2007
Scratchy Dark Pictures.. Bad reception Small, Fuzzy Screen Quite heavy... & Chunky. Not upto date with any latest technology.

Reviewed by klara from UK on 11th May 2007
this phone was good a couple of years ago but now it is a bit dated looking and it has not got blue tooth or it is not able to play videos and the camera is rubbish and it always blanks out!!!!!!

Reviewed by Mrs M. Davies from UK on 10th May 2007
the phone works ok and the camera.but i have necer been able to download photos onto my computer, so if that's important to you don't buy this one.

Motorola V220 "handy hints"

Submitted by becca from USA on 13th May 2005
look, i just want to say where you ALL CAN SEE that there IS, i repeat THERE IS a way to have multiple numbers or phonebook entries UNDER ONE NAME. PRIMARY CONTACTS. find that in the settings, and then when you're in the phone book, you just hit left or right to see the different numbers. i have 3 different work numbers in my phone, ALL UNDER ONE NAME. it doesn't say my company's name 3 times. only once. this is on all of the v series phones. i am SICK of reading about people complaining about this when it says in the manual how to change it!

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