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Motorola V1050 review

 Review: September 2005  

Last updated March 2006

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Motorola V1050 is an upgraded version of the V975/V980. It's a 3G clamshell phone with plenty of high-end features.


The V1050 offers everything that you would expect from a 3G phone: video calling & video content downloads, integrated mp3 player, integrated speakerphone, a very high quality display, and an expandable memory. The expandable memory is a very useful feature, enabling you to store content like video clips and MP3 tracks on a TransFlash card (up to 512 Mbytes), although you shouldn't expect to be able to store as much as a dedicated mp3 player.

There are two cameras on the V1050. The first points inwards and is used for video calling. The second faces outwards and is intended for taking pictures of people or scenes. The outward facing camera has 1.3 megapixels and an 8x digital zoom. A camera light is available for both still and video photography. The V1050's screen has been significantly upgraded, making it as good as any of its competitors. It's an exceptionally good screen, combined with an excellent camera.

The V1050 is a top-notch 3G phone, and the only thing missing is Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Instead, the V1050 relies on a USB connection. The only other downsides are its relatively high weight and poor battery life, although these are both average for a current generation 3G phone.

The V1050 competes directly with the LG U8330 and the Sony Ericsson V800. The Motorola has the highest quality display of the three, although it loses out on weight and battery life considerations. The Sony Ericsson also has the advantage of a Bluetooth wireless connection. Still, the Motorola is well worth consideration if you're looking for a high-performance 3G phone.

Motorola V1050 features include:

Motorola V1050 user reviews

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Average rating from 60 reviews:

Reviewed by hmfasmi from sri lanka on 14th Oct 2010
this is phone 3g very performence but computer usb charger not work this problem whats a reason

Reviewed by hmfasmi from sri lanka on 20th Apr 2010
this phone usb charger not work motorola L7 usb cgarger very performance but v1050 model phone very perfect but usb charger not work original usb charger charger enable have you all problem what is reson?

Reviewed by GEORGE LEVY from USA on 4th Jul 2008
You will be taken with the rubberized body, huge bright internal screen, and well designed keypad. You will be dismayed by the absence of user friendly features. For example, want to verify your speed dial contacts. No way to do it except manually go thru the entire phonebook. Want to see who is on voice dial? Forget it. The v1050 may be a nice internet tool, but is primitive as a cell phone.

Reviewed by Kriss from France on 10th Dec 2007
I had the phone since 2 years and it's a good phone... but i regret the missing bluetooth & infrared connectivity...

Reviewed by pig from usa on 6th Oct 2007
i had the phone for 6 weeks it worked ok util i droped it down the bog i wood not put my hand down to get it so i ended up flushing it down but i was on a contract with vodafone so i went back to the shop and got it agan but ween i got this one home the screen was cracked so i went back to the shop and got anuther one this one was ok for 4 weeks and a bit antil i lost it ...........no no no no no no no no no but most of it was my folt the phone was good but dident have blue tooth plus the batt life sucks

Reviewed by Joanne from Australia on 29th Sep 2007
well i think the phone looks great, it has a great camera/video, but it does not have blue tooth and i think if it did it would be great. And to the people who say that the phone sucks well i think..............U SUCK!!!!! To the people who would love to buy this phone go ahead coz its tha bomb wazzzzaaaaaaaaaa ciao xxx

Reviewed by jay from us on 23rd Jul 2007
no blue tooth, batt life sucks, reception sucks, cheap phone many better save a few more bucks and get what you really want. stay away from this model of motorola, i wish i read these reviews before purchasing.

Reviewed by Hi from Hi on 19th Jul 2007
There are much better phones out there. Consider them all before going for this one.

Reviewed by mSs AnOnYmOuSs from NEW ZEALAND on 7th Jul 2007
MOTOROLAS SUCK ALL TOGETHER!! ive got one of these and its dUm No bLuEtOoTh!

Reviewed by Jazz from RP on 15th Jun 2007
The only reason why I still have this phone is because of the videos of ny girlfriend stored in the phone memory which cannot be transfered to my Transflash card. We deserve Bluetooth, Motorola! And battery life sucks too albeit design and build quality is pretty perfect.. i STILL CANNOT FORGIVE YOU. If i found out a way to send those videos to my PC or Card, then this phone will be bin some elses hands.

Reviewed by dharo from peru on 31st May 2007

Reviewed by Robbie from England on 12th Apr 2007
I love it. The picture quality is class, the film playing is pixel perfect, and it fits in any pocket. What every one has against this phone, is just beyond me. I'm 17, I have had this phone for exactly 1 year now, And I still love it. Parents, this cheapy is a goody. It's an ideal present for your kids that are hinting for a mobile. Heavy? Go to the gym weaklings, you must be jelly in the bicep department for this to be considered heavy. If you pick up a razer, I have actually seen those get blown out of my girlfriend's hand. To each his own I guess, but seriously, it's not that heavy. Great little flip phone here. No dissapointment of any kind from me. Two thumbs way up, and 5 stars! No this is not my first phone. My first was a Nokia 6010. It was a decent little phone, but it is so expensive to get them to run in the UK, so I got this one. Great buy, plus I can swap sim cards when I go back to canada

Reviewed by Marsha from Ireland on 26th Mar 2007
Very heavy and bulky, not very user friendly, and the biggest disappointment of all is that whenever it feels like, the alarm doesn't go off!!! I have met a few more people who have the same problem. NO BLUETOOTH!! The reception is really bad too.

Reviewed by vannie from US on 17th Mar 2007
there is definately a good reason why this phone is cheap. has both disadvantages n disadvantages. k good things about it. - greeat wonderful loud speaker sounds like a radio - pretty good camera for a 1.3 mp - external pic caller id - ive dropped this thing 50 times but the screen is still awsome no scratches either - you can record video on memory card for as long as you like now the bad - too heavy - battery life sux - no real mp3 player you have to choose a song to play it n thats it. - the thing goes crazy on you if you use a different charger this includes even car chargers - recorded video quality kinda sux -no bluetooth def.. i had this fone for less than 5 months then slowly it started slacking while charging and finally the damn thing will not charge even with a new/different battery.. i got made fun of too cuz the thing is big so it was nicknamed a walkietalkie.. im dun with it now im gon try a moto z3 n if this one sux then bye bye motorola..

Reviewed by bishal chhettri from Nepal on 5th Mar 2007
So and So! It was the best 3G kind for an affordable price in my country.

Reviewed by Steve from New Zealand on 20th Feb 2007
This phone is aweful! At first glance it was great value for money but the predictive text is anything but predictable, unlike the far superior Nokias, and the MP3 player only plays one song then stops... it would be more useful if it just played them all one after the other. The phone is heavy, clunky and the camera lens is too hard to clean when it gets dust in it (which happens all the time). Connectivity is garbage, and the USB cable doesn't charge the phone... which since the battery is less than 5V and USB has 5V available by default is a very hard-to-figure ommission. And the reception? Its a joke... right in the central business district its fine, but get into the suburbs and it fades fast... and when 3G fades out it waits too long before switching to normal reception, so you lose calls when it really could just keep going... and yet I can't seem to turn off 3G to avoid this problem. Shame this rating system can't have NO stars... I won't buy another Motorola...

Reviewed by ivan from bulgaria on 9th Feb 2007
I think that the phone is cool extremely cool for its prise.Cool camera; very cool screen and awesom design.Well it vaven't blutooth but thr prise is cool.COOL PHONE *****

Reviewed by UNreaL from Ireland!! on 19th Jan 2007
Wat an unreal fone...hav mine 4 nearly 2 years and by far da best fone ever...no bt who cares ya jus reck da fone by filling it up wit stuff neway!!!! Buy this fone!! DEFO!!

Reviewed by Kayuga from Poland on 8th Dec 2006
OMG WTF! What's wrong with all those super LAME reviews... It's bad coz of no BT? LOL Or one star because built in memory is too small - please tell me it's just a joke! V1050 is a relly good phone, with basically all functions you might need. All used meterials are top class. Software also works pretty nice and smooth.

Reviewed by jjuliebolts from newzealand on 7th Dec 2006
this phone is bull sh** yea it has a great display and camera but trying to conect to your computer is a mission there is no bluetooth and it has a very cheap feel to it. If you want a good 3g phone dont go anywhere near this phone

Reviewed by leanne from england on 22nd Oct 2006
OMG!!! the best fone evr evry1 buy it!!!! it has good quality n im very happy with it!! im gna keep it 4 the next 4 years!!

Reviewed by Dean from South Africa on 8th Sep 2006
Dont listen to these dough bags! For the price this phone is excellent with a capital E! I think its the cheapest 3G phone there is. Only downside are the weight and battery life. Mine dies after 3 and a half hours of being used as a 3G modem. Mp3's are wickid and the picture quality is awesom! My last complaint is the the phone doesn't charge while its connected to the datacable. Ive imported 2 other cables, Mobile Action and a Gromada cable, and neither did the required. They charge the phone but put it in like standby mode so u cant charge and use it as a modem at the same time! Other than that this phone is really a good buy! 5 starts *****

Reviewed by Artful Dodger from UK on 23rd Jul 2006
Don't even think about buying this mobile. It suck so bad that everytime I lokk at it I feel like I am falling from bed.

Reviewed by adrian from ireland on 17th Jul 2006
pictures good. camera good. but its a disgrace for reception. what good is a phone if u cant send messages or talk to people? its the only phone ive ever come across whose reception bars disappear when you try to ring someone, then re-appear when u hang up. A rubbish phone, dont buy.

Reviewed by Leigh Ann from Eire on 9th Jul 2006
Gt it for 250 - worst fone ever! What a waste of my money! my game stoped workin n i turned of n bak on an EVERYTING was gon xcept my mp3s - an i can only stor 3 songs at a time! don even tink its sold nymor...bt i cud b rong...?

Reviewed by - from - on 2nd Jul 2006
crumbled like a cookie want a hint dont buy.

Reviewed by from ireland on 28th Jun 2006
this is a great phone the camera n mp3s r deadly but it needs bluetooth r infared

Reviewed by vannie from U.S.A on 15th Jun 2006
i have the motorola v1050 and just to try out i bought a 1 gig memory card for it WORKS PERFECT only issue i have seen sofar is if you try to save music videos on the card, playback freezes sometimes or pauses a couple of times otherwise everything else with the card size is fine.

Reviewed by Sandrock from Colombia on 26th May 2006
OMG..... No bluetooth...this phone is excellent except for a missing bluetooth or infrared conectivity

Reviewed by Shaun from England on 22nd May 2006
First impressions were good. Upgraded from the v500. 1.3 camera is on par with samsung d500. External light only effective if your really close to the subject. 3 minute video capture with a 32mb card is decent. Phone a little on the heavy side but it feels well constructed (unlike the v3x). Large display screen is not to shabby. Stores plenty of mp3s with an upgraded memory card. Thinking of expanding to 1gig but the man in the shop told me about other phones, mostly nokias, being brought back in cos the phone couldnt handle memory size that big. If anyone has a 1 gig card in their v1050 and had no problems, let us know. Lack of bluetooth is a letdown. I was one of those that read it had this feature when i first purchased it. Im not very keen on the fact that the battery cover muffles the speaker by covering 3 quaters of it up. Its not a bad phone but its not a great phone either. if your not bothered about the 3g, i would opt for the motorola v625. The screens smaller than the v1050 but the camera quality is roughly the same and it has bluetooth. I'll keep this model for a while untill motorola brings out an upgraded version of the v3x.

Reviewed by Richy Rich from England on 7th May 2006

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 26th Mar 2006
the fone is gud but it freezes sumtimes i must say it has a great camera but only in day time.. motorola u shud av put blutooth on it. i was exremly dissapointed with only 3 mins video recording and no voice recording :( other den dat its a great fone

Reviewed by anna from ireland on 11th Mar 2006
i think this fone is very good and easy to use but is very diffucult to find the mp3 player and connectivity where the usb cable is.

Reviewed by daniel from england on 21st Feb 2006
this phone is good, although it is big, chunky and the battery life is dreadful so if you like this phone, goe for the new motorola e1070

Reviewed by cool from ireland on 18th Feb 2006
this phone is cool. it has a good camera a good mp3 player and lots of memory. the memory card is cool. the videos are good as well. da only thing missin is bluetooth and infrared but u can get a bluetooth attatchment 4 it but its the best fone i ever had.

Reviewed by JH from SA on 12th Feb 2006

Reviewed by paulo from portugal on 5th Feb 2006
fantastic phone, u can put a trans flash card with 1 mb and listening a lot of mp3 musics charged by your pc... the video-call and the size... the disign... all is perfect... except tha bluetooth...

Reviewed by Mike from England on 1st Feb 2006
Although a P.A.Y.G user,I use Vodafone network, and use their site mainly to revue the phones, the V1050 looked good, good revues etc, and according to their site the phone had Bluetooth? Bought from Arg--, you know where, cheeper, but couldn't take it back !!! Digested the manual and oh look no Bluetooth, check back with Voda-- and yes still there, and got them to check with their people and yes I got them to change the discription, Motorola site directs you to a shop that says it's got and attachment to make it Bluetooth, bought on December30th arrived Jan Monday 31st and it wont pair up with Car Bluetooth or Sons Razor Phone !! 2 nice flashing lights though. Still at least I can take and make calls.

Reviewed by cara cheshire from england on 31st Jan 2006
I just love it! the screens just the right size and has a good picture! i would recommend it to anyone! buy it now!y

Reviewed by Mike from Scotland on 21st Jan 2006
I got this phone for 134, and if you exclude conectivite (as it is almost inexistant) this phone was worth it. As other people have mentioned this phone does have a bigger screen, and the transflash card is good for storing pic.s, video or music. However I think Motorola have put little effort into this phone unlike the v3x, and it sometimes seems like they try to make things more complex than is nessesary.

Reviewed by Jack from America on 20th Jan 2006
I have had this phone for 2 months now and i am very happy with it. The only problem is theres no bluetooth or infa-red but otherwise the best phone i have ever owned!

Reviewed by sameed from pakistan on 5th Jan 2006
i thought this fone would be great.first i was satisfied cuz the camera was 1.3 megapixels and the sound was also good but no infrared and no bluetooth.what is the use of this mobile.just a piece of junk.usb connectivity is good but i expected more at this price range.so i sold it and bought the amazing nokia 6680.

Reviewed by Kieran from United Kingdow on 23rd Dec 2005
i got dis fone a few weeks bak and i must say im really dissapointed. the camera is ace but it has no bluetooth or even infa red and wen i got it it was 210 from vodafone its not worth its money and i would avoid this fone. if u r spendin about 200 on a fone then either get the sony k750 or the samsung d500

Reviewed by Enviato from Ireland on 17th Dec 2005
This phone is an excellent phone.But motorola could have done better.There isn't Infra-Red or Bluetooth.

Reviewed by JulieG from UK on 2nd Dec 2005
Mmmm. Felt mixed about this phone. It didn't help that I bought the duff one that obviously had fallen down the back off a filing cabinet several times before it actually made its way to the sales counter!!!! Mine had such terrible signal strength that I couldn't use it for calls, but that appears to be a one off glitch. That said - onto the phone itself........ A heavy little thing - quite weighty and clumpy really. Don't like the keypad which feels like running your fingers over a slatted bridge on water (try it - you'll see what I mean). Good screen size though and the camera quality is extremely good in the main - although some piccies taken indoors at night had an irritating blue hazing around the edges. Not overly impressed with the video quality which was fuzzy. Sleek looking bit of kit though - very attractive. Camera has both exterior and interior view which is very useful. I have to summarize though by not actually recommending this phone, despite its good points. Why? It's very expensive for what you actually get - you can get better quality phones (Samsung in particular) for less, with more functions and much better quality piccies and menu screens. As catwalk gorgeous as this phone looks, it is overprized and, to be honest, just mutton dressed as lamb.

Reviewed by fabiz from Holland on 18th Nov 2005
This a very good mobile phone. It screen quality is the best I've ever seen! It only the Bluetooth and infrared that is missing. But you must buy this phone! I have one aswell. Nut does someone knows how to record only sound? I haven't figuert out yet!

Reviewed by Rob from Ireland on 4th Nov 2005
Rubbish battery. Rubbish reception. Heavy. good features are the only reason to buy. A gadget of a fone.

Reviewed by Declan from Ireland on 19th Oct 2005
I got this on Vodafone in Ireland having used Nokia for at least 5 years. I printed out a few photos having used the camera on this phone, quality was reasonable. The screen is very clear. The only thing that I'm unhappy with is the battery life, I have to charge it every day or two, compared with the nokia I had before. Overall, the quality is good and I'll keep it for a few years (all going well)

Reviewed by aurelien from france on 18th Oct 2005
I think this fone has all the good kualities and is very cheap only 29euro !! but it is not worth a 5 cose fives should be kept for the best of the best

Reviewed by alan from England on 17th Oct 2005
Yes its true to say this phone has plenty of spec,pros in favour,very good quality screen good feel and weight to phone (not light and flimsy)down load quality of vidio that you pay for is very good.1.3meg picture camera used on best setting also very good,video record in my opinion is above average.other issues phone does take a little getting used to as with any new phone and is soon mastered.A couple of little things I must mention, battery life I do hope Moterola read this and take on board that this phone really must have the option to install a more powerful battery for longer life,as you would expect from a phone like this a good phone needs a good battery!Only other glitch from time to time does tend to freeze,but i over come this problem by taking the battery out and putting straight back in nothing is lost and all is well.

Reviewed by Piet from Holland on 3rd Oct 2005
I think this is one of the best phones there is. There are so much functions on it.I think it's a incredibly beautiful phone. So that's wy I think it's worth 5 stars.

Reviewed by pamela from UK on 17th Sep 2005
only bad thing I say is, it has no bluetooth but the usb cable supplied allows me to upload what I need to the phone. I uploaded some 3gp movies to the transflash card and enjoyed watching them in bed. Video quality is excellent, and mp3 sound is great thru the headphones I for one am very happy with it.

Reviewed by mark from england on 16th Sep 2005
This fone has gt all the top noch equipment like a 1.3 megapixel camera and 8x digital zoom, but wheres the bluetooth and infrared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by mark from UK on 16th Sep 2005
This phone comes out with all the good stuff like, 1.3 megapixel camera and its 8x digital zoom. But wheres the infrared and the bluetooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Declan Bailey from Ireland on 9th Sep 2005
Great handset,very clear screen,good camera,battery you'll need to watch when it get low,it tends to run out very fast.No bluetooth or infa-red is a draw back.Video call quailty is good.Good package for the price.

Reviewed by Steve from England on 8th Sep 2005
fantastic phone!! free browsing on vodafone live makes it even better, the only downside is the fact the phone does have built in Bluetooth connection, but apart from that it is a must. Well worth the money.

Reviewed by Steve Morris from UK on 8th Sep 2005
Fantastic phone, a must if you can afford it. The only downside is no built in bluetooth connection which is a big surprise. Recommend getting it.

Reviewed by Ash from England on 6th Sep 2005
This phone is the ultimate phone. It has EVERYTHING. I you have the money and you want to buy a phone, get this Motorola! (( ; ) (

Reviewed by ELATUCCI from - on 25th Sep 2005

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