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Motorola T720i review

 Review: August 2003  


In a nutshell: The Motorola T720i adds a plug-in digital camera to the popular Motorola T720. Not bad when first released, the T720i now looks very dated. The display is mediocre, the memory poor, and there is no cable for transferring photos to a computer - only infra-red or EMS to transfer images.


Motorola T720i features include:

  • Plug-in digital camera
  • WAP 1.2.1, GPRS
  • E-mail (POP3 compatible)
  • EMS (add graphics, animations & sounds to messages)
  • Colour display (4096 colours, 120 x 160 pixels, 8 lines of text) plus external display
  • Downloadable Java™ games
  • Polyphonic ringtones (32 preset & 32 downloadable)
  • Ringtone composer
  • Interchangeable covers
  • Voice recorder
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Phone book (500 names)
  • Fax / data capability
  • Optional speakerphone
  • Downloadable wallpaper & screensavers
  • Predictive text messaging (iTAP)
  • Clock, calendar, calculator
  • Size: 90 x 48 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 101g
  • Battery standby: up to 165 hours
  • Battery talktime: up to 4.5 hours
  • Vibration alert
  • Dual band

Motorola T720i user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by Akshay Thakrar from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
This Phone Is So Super Mad Cool!!!

Reviewed by nilo from UK on 9th Dec 2009
ilike the cell phone,faddish appearance/fine performance

Reviewed by macauleys from UK on 20th Feb 2009
its grate

Reviewed by Paddy from UK on 4th Jul 2008
This phone is rubish, it was good for its time though

Reviewed by boss from UK on 11th Jan 2008
ive had this phone for 4 yrs now and its still workin same as day i bought it, wots ur problem.

Reviewed by haza k from UK on 20th Dec 2007
i hate it got it off my dad october 2007,it dosen't play music and its got a bad camera

Reviewed by Al Robb from UK on 16th Nov 2007
Buying any phone from Motorola is not to be considered. I've had 2, the V50 & the 720i.It is impossible to find them on Motorola's site to get back up from them. They seem to forget the phones after they're more than 18 months old! So I've forgotten them, & gone to Nokia.

Reviewed by Frank Bridge from UK on 13th Sep 2007
Had this phone now for over 4 years and it keeps making calls and receives them too. Haven't worked out yet the camera bitty but hopefully it will keep doing more of the same for many years.

Reviewed by shaik khaled from UK on 18th May 2007
that a cool phone i love it

Reviewed by pradeep from india from UK on 30th Mar 2007
the worst phone i ever had. just rubbish.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 23rd Dec 2006
what a hunk of junk!!! do not, i repeat, do not get this phone! i payed £20 on orange for this...thing. It's useless! camera disconnects itself all the time, why does it have a detachable camera, why doesnt it have a built in one?? very, very, very disappointed!

Reviewed by shunudu from UK on 25th Nov 2006
infact motorola t720i is very optimastic and very durable i like the model and the type of the phone i have one but dont have the camera and also the head phone which worries me a lot

Reviewed by vicky lomas from UK on 8th Jan 2006
i got this fone years ago when it 1st come out, so 2b honest camera fones were only just starting out really. This is my most expensive fone purchase. i liked the style, its looks quite smart (4 the businessman) but is quite big. the camera REALLY isnt anything briliant. Look 4ward,"squint" n there u ge an idea of what it is like.i was ment to get 3 months free internet, i had the fone 4 2 years n all them were free, which was quite good. i defiantly wouldnt suggest u pay for the fone, but quite memorable. Not sure if i was unfortunate or not, but i parted with it dwn the toilet, and it wasnt able to fix :(

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
I've been unfortunate to have owned this heap of junk for nearly a year, and I can say with confidence that it's the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune to own. The camera attracted me to the phone in the first place and that's completely worthless. Half the time you can barely tell what the picture is supposed to be. Better to take a pencil and sketch book with you instead. Apart from the camera, the software is appalling. It freezes, it crashes, it takes ages to power up, the menu was designed by a complete moron. The build quality of the phone is poor, and overall the phone is a complete joke. I'm surprised that it's still available to buy. It should never have even been put on the market.

Reviewed by George from UK on 19th Aug 2004
It's an OK sort of phone, but nothing special. Pictures are cruddy, battery life lousy and it sometimes freezes on me when I'm working the menu. Support from Motorola is non-existent. I wish I'd never bought this phone. Don't make the same mistake, stick with a Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

Reviewed by Morgan from UK on 17th Aug 2004
This is actually a pretty good phone. Nice colour screen although the camera is rubbish and doesn't even stay on properly. But it's a beautiful looking phone, has loads of storage for texts which I like, has good games and does all the basics well. It's hard to get now and not that cheap, so I can't recommend it, but it's not as bad as the reviews here make it out to be. So there!

Reviewed by mark c from UK on 14th Apr 2004
total rubbish 2 x faulty handsets, takes 36 seconds just to turn on, only holds 10 incoming texts,accidently press the button on the side and it changes ring tone...only if yer desperate !

Reviewed by Akshay thakrar from uk on 6th Apr 2004
This phone is fantastick better then the motorola t720 it's outstanding.It has a super coulur screen.

Reviewed by Cara from England on 5th Apr 2004
I have had the fone for neally a year.The picture quality is rubbish and the camera doesn't always work.The programing of the fone is extremly bad, some functions do not work or does the wrong thing at the wrong time.I would not recomend the fone to anyone and if a friend was buying a fone i would warn them not to get a 'MOTOROLA'for sure.

Reviewed by Adam Waddington from England on 4th Apr 2004
The T720i is an Ok phone, it does the basics well, but i must say i thought the picture quality was poor, plus, when i try to charge it, it goes hey-wire. Anyway as i sed it Ok but not the best. I NEED SOME HELP !!! CAN NEBODY RECOMMEND A STYLISH, GOOD LOOKIN, WELL MADE PHONE. (PRICE AROUND 90-125 POUNDS) ADAM_WADDINGTON@HOTMAIL.COM - 4 NE SUGGESTIONS

Reviewed by sam from UK on 1st Apr 2004
i got this phone last may and iv hated it!! It has so many faults with it-iv found my battery to be not so good, txting is v.slow. u cant hear the ring tones. Sometimes when u try to charge it, nothing happens. I have also found it is prone to crashing on many an occasion! i am counting the days till i get my upgrade! At first when i got the phone i thought it looked quite cool but its not!-the casing is all plasticky and creaks when u open it. I would not reccomend this phone to anyone. I'm on my 3rd one at the moment due to the problems iv incurred with it!!

Reviewed by Princess from England on 24th Mar 2004
I've had this phone since September and i can honestly say that it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The price is a bit high for what it does, and the camera is reely rubbish and keeps falling off but i bought it for style and so i could keep in contact with my mates. Down points: Expensive, rubbish camera, poor quality pics, not enough message memory space (can only store 10). Good points: Good games, stores sent messages (upto 80 so u can see what you've sent the night before when you were drunk!) looks gorgeous, ringtones are cool, loads of great functions, displays time and date on the front of it, can change colours on the background and coz it's a flip phone, you dont dial peoples numbers accidently and waste tonnes of credit. By the way, that idiot who bought one for his 9 yr old that button doesnt take you onto the net, its a volume button and you can only access the web through the menu button! It must be a pretty decent phone, i had it stolen :-( never mind though! Need a decent camera phone now any suggestions?? xx

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 23rd Mar 2004
The worst phone I have EVER owned. There is nothing intuitive about the user interphase at all. The build quality is awful, people keep asking me what the creeking is when I ring them, answer the cheep nasty plastic hindge. My only + point is its a work number and I never wasted any money on it.

Reviewed by Donna Louise from England on 20th Mar 2004
i love the reviws, but i like this phone i got this phone last Nov, and i like it i dn't ave the camera that the only down side 2 this phone it should be built-in, but apart from that it good i will only change it for a camera phone!

Reviewed by VICTORIA from UK on 19th Mar 2004

Reviewed by Damien from England on 18th Mar 2004
After having a v50 I should have known not to but another motorola but being a dedicated follower of fashion I bought the one I though looked best at the time, but boy was I sorry.

Reviewed by DAZ from ENGLAND on 16th Mar 2004

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 16th Mar 2004
Wish I'd never bought it. Can't wait to upgrade to something else, but not definitely NOT a Motorola.

Reviewed by Jam-007 from England on 15th Mar 2004
Im Glad I bought the fone (sept 2003) before reading the reviews. Ive had no problems with the phone and use it often. Reading the reviews I,d say that you need to keep the fone a while before you can review it. Its like all those people that claim that PSII is better than X-Box caus they have always had PSII. Ive had Nokia and Moto and guess what Moto is better value for the money. You can get a phone for £30.00 that is 100% reliable, but hey grab some Bling !!! Buy the Moto its a cool phone.

Reviewed by laura woodward from leeds west yorkshire on 1st Mar 2004
I bought this for my 9 year old daughter for christmas paying 180.00 with camera on pay as you go t mobile, setting it up was a nightmare, the book with instructuions is a complete waste of time, tells you nothing, and I dont know anybody with one of these phones(make no wounder.)My daughter had 20.00 credit on christmas morning, after having the phone for app 2 hours she had 40p credit,not even phoning or texting anyone, she had pressed the right hand button which took her on to the internet,I told her not to press this button again.(she is a 9 year old child, with a christmas presant, she should not have to be told this) As for the camera she took a photo of me and her dad, I had to ask her what she had been taking photos of as I couldnt make out the picture (she was gutted). She also asked me to download a game of a site she saw in the paper I looked it over and it cost her 4.50p to download, so I did this for her and the money was deducted from her credit and we are still waiting for the game to come 2 weeks later,I have now ordered another phone mentioning no makes, for my daughter with a built in camera ect,at another price of 199.00, and I will have this phone for myself, as I only use this for emergencys only, I will not be using the camera or anything else on it. Anybody thinking of getting this phone please think again, it is a load of rubbish, and that is from a 9 year old child, who now adays knows everything, and also her 36 year old mother.

Reviewed by Tarrah from England on 29th Feb 2004
Thankyou Charles for reassuring me that my phone will still work if dropped in water!Been lookin on the internet on what to do and now I know! Want to go back to a nokia, this phone p* me off a large majority of the time!

Reviewed by paul from england on 21st Feb 2004
all i can say is this fone is gr8!!! 8-) the only prob is i dont no where 2 get a cam 4 it! 8-(

Reviewed by Martin Camp from UK on 20th Feb 2004
This phone is rubbish. It has so many faults it would take to long to list. Also support is rubbish as well. All I can do is wait for my contract to run out and get a decent phone. I will never go for a deal with a supplier again. DONT BUY OR GO ON CONTRACT WITH THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by samwan from England on 19th Feb 2004
First of all, can I say I really enjoyed reading the reviews - very amusing. What can I say about this phone. Lets start by telling you all about the problems. Its total RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!! I have had my phone for 11 Months and am counting the days when I can get rid of it and my contract and get a Nokia 7200. Bad points 1. It won't charge half the time 2. It turns itself off in mid conversation 3. The text messaging is a nightmare. 4. When I do eventually send a message it arrives the next day. 5. The reception is poor 6. The calendar doesn't work and the alarms never go off until after the event. 7. I don't use the camera because its of such poor quality 8. I've been told by T-Mobile that I can't have games and photos at the same time. 9. Mislead by advertising telling me it was a camera phone as well as the ability to download games. 10.Have problems with downloading java games 11.Ring tones are too quiet Good points 1. Cute animations 2. attractive phone I WILL NEVER BUY A MOTOROLA AGAIN. I WILL ALWAYS STICK WITH NOKIA IN THE FUTURE. :NOTE TO MOTOROLA: RECALL THIS PHONE ITS BLOODY AWFUL.

Reviewed by Matthew from UK on 27th Jan 2004
I like the phone it\'s self but it is king of poor if you are like me. if you like storing your pictures as wallpapers you can not do that and there is a little menu on your screen that makes you not see your wallpaper but other whys it good

Reviewed by poppit from UK on 26th Jan 2004
Very bad phone. Creaks all the time. Battery - needs charging everyday even though not used much. Don't even mention the camera - you can't even recognise WHAT THE PICTURE ACTUALLY IS. Manual is useless - took me days to find the ringtone menu. Spontaneous power offs are unacceptable especially in the middle of a call and it takes AGES to power up again. Only good points are looks and games which are good because of the large buttons. Thats it. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!

Reviewed by Eva from UK on 23rd Jan 2004
I bought this phone second-hand and I love it except for things that Motorola could fix. The iTap system is different from Nokia's but at least I don't have to put less common words into a dictionary to have them recognised, which makes this phone better that the Nokia I had previously. I can enter any word I want as long as I pay attention to the alternative words the iTap system provides. Advice: just type and watch what is being selected to ensure you select the right word. Its Easy! This phone has so many features, that a better manual would have bumped up its score but most worryingly (and this may be true of all clamshells) the build quality is not very good. Looks nice but plasticky, and the silver fininsh on the casing wears very easily. A pain as the phone looks older than it is with rubbed corners. Moreover, please Motorola increase the amount of memory for storing SMS messages PLEASE!!! And more juice time please! 3 days isn't enough for me. Overall, only 3/5 - could do better.

Reviewed by Mandy from England on 23rd Jan 2004
I have had this phone now for one week. I hate the text messaging it is doing my head in. The itap is total crap, there are no delivery reports so you can never be sure if your message has been sent. I can only send messages to people in my phone book, if I type in a phone number is says address not recognised. I want to go back to Nokia my 3510 was so much better. The camera on this phone is poor quality. I would like to give this phone 0 ratings.

Reviewed by lesley from uk on 22nd Jan 2004
i think that its an OK phone but it keeps turning itself off and its driving me crazy!!! never mind im getting the nokia 3200 soon.

Reviewed by alex symonds from UK on 19th Jan 2004
im so confused. some are saying its god awful, others are sayin its brilliant. i was gonna get this fone but im not sure i will now. the good reviews make it sound really godd but the bad reviews are just depressing. a fone that can get a rating of 1 star and 5 stars isnt right so theres definately something wrong! dunno wot 2 do now, ill probably get a nokia instead, although i did want a flip fone. thanx 4 all the reviews, even though they did jus confuse me, alex ;o)

Reviewed by Dan from England on 18th Jan 2004
This phone is quite a good phone it has loads of stuff u can do on it eg wap games pics but one of the things that does let it down is the camera because it is nowhere near the quality of some of the others on the market. But it is easy to use and it has polyphonic ringtones and other cool stuff and it is not as bad as most people are making it out.

Reviewed by Jeepin247 from USA on 17th Jan 2004
This has by far got to be the worst phone I have owned. Within a week, I had to swap it out due to the common screen blank problems. The second handset was not much better either, having battery charging problems 1 week after recieving it!! The color screen has got to be the cheapest LCD I have seen in a while. The camera is not good for anything but throwing at my cats, and the rediculous itap feature was enough to make me bounce this phone off the waal, before I ebayed it. Motorola really needs to stop outsourcing their developing to 3rd world countries, and really sit down and think if they want to compete or not. Buyers all be for warned.

Reviewed by Jenny from UK on 16th Jan 2004
This mobile looks ok is layed out ok but the camera is awful thepicture is fuzzy and the picture compared to reality are 5 seconds apart, if your going to get this phone think again, or if you really have your heart set on it go for it just dont waste your money on the camera!

Reviewed by Kyle from england on 14th Jan 2004
I love this fone...the fonez menu is really cool n easy 2 use... i like dwnloading java games on2 it n its got a really nice feel 2 it, if u r gonna buy this fone i say do so but do not buy it for the camera as the picture is c### otherwise i luv it n its very user friendly.great phone!

Reviewed by Sophie from UK on 13th Jan 2004
I've had this phone for a couple of days after a couple of years owning a Nokia. I realised I made a big mistake and am now swapping it for another Nokia. In response to some people's queries about the fact that you can't view the sender of a text message, the people in the Vodafone shop told me it was a software problem with the Motorola and to send it back and get a Nokia. Good luck!

Reviewed by Ray from USA NYC on 6th Jan 2004
this is a really great phone! i love it! u can customize so much on this phone if you have a link cable to PC, u can change ringtones, wall paper, and even the open and close animation! it has very good reception! and the batteries can last me 2 days on stand by with a few mins of chatting once in a while. this phone also lets you change face plate without taking apart the phone like some new phones i know. the only problem i have with it is, the camera, i only wish it was better.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 4th Jan 2004
Hello, I bought this phone for my dad for christmas and it is rather good. The picture is great but lacks a bit in the polyphonic ringtones. The main big problem is that when uve downloaded a wallpaper you cant even see it. Theres a big banner across the screen showing the clock etc and a big cirlce thing below it for shortcuts. I dont think you can get rid of these but if anyone knows please help. my email is: danny_may86@hotmail.com if you go on http://wap.esato.com from your phone there is a few wallpapers for the T720i.

Reviewed by Cynthia from England on 2nd Jan 2004
Having had my phone for less than 12mths, I have hit a few problems with the T720I but have tried to ignore them, that was up until recently. My phone has decided not to want to charge and pops up the message "unable to charge" or just does not charge! I sent it off under the warranty to Motorola to receive a standard reply letter back, unable to fix it due to liquid comtamination. So I called their helpdesk to explain there was no way at all this phone had come in contact with any kind of liquid, that I am sure of. I was suggested to send it off for a further analyst which I did and received it back the following day, another standard letter undated saying the same thing, beyond repair due to liquid contamination. Do they have any proof of this, or is it just a way out for Motorola not to want to repair their phones???

Reviewed by D Jamieson from Scotland on 31st Dec 2003
Just taken delivery of this phone and I must say I was very wary as I had read the reviews on this site while waiting for delivery. I think the colour screen is excellent. The Itap predictive text is good. and the menu system is easy to use after the first hour. My only negative against the phone is the poor quality of ringtone. Ive heard far better polyphonics and with far more clarity. All in all id rate the phone 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Antonia from England on 26th Dec 2003
terrible. on my third replacement and still problems. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if u are thinking about getting one DON'T!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sam Guest from United Kingdom on 17th Dec 2003
There was me looking for a fashionable flip front phone with poly tones, camera (the fact that it is detatchable doesnt bother me), byt yeah it worked lovley for a few weeks... but now the screen refuses to display ANYTHING, i mean my phone works i can dial and recieve calls, text messages etc but the screen jsut lights up, both screens have the light on but NO TEXT. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please reply or add me to msn messenger or email me, SamGuest5@hotmail.com

Reviewed by John from Hull, England on 16th Dec 2003
I've got to agree with the majority of people on here. This phone is really poor. I can't be bothered to go into the details but the major problem we've had (I bought it for my girlfriend) is that after having it for a month it turned itself off and wouldnt turn back on again. We got a replacement.. one week and it went again. In this time the dog chewed up the receipt so I'm 179.99 out of pocket. Not to mention the £5 I spent on a java game that was deleted when the first phone went which O2 refused to refund. They wouldnt even let us keep the sim card! On top of this advertising this phone as a camera phone is a joke. The camera is beyond poor. I couldn't believe how bad the pictures were. I bought a bottom of the range digital camera from gadget shop for £20 and the picture was 1000 times better. Why couldnt they incorperate this technology in this phone?? (the attachment costs about 40 quid in the shops!). Another whinge, the menu system is a joke. After spending half an hour looking for the ring tones, I lost them again, took me another 20 minutes to find them again. The menus are simply appaling. I think the remaining faults have been covered but I would take heed of everyting people have said on here and not buy this phone. (ps wrote this at 4am so post may be a bit dodgy)

Reviewed by Shantelle from UK on 16th Dec 2003
What gets to me about this phone is the fact that in the text messaging options it has an option to view the sender (instead of the message)- but it actually doesn't work.

Reviewed by Charles from England on 12th Dec 2003
I bought this phone expecting great things. I had a motorola V50 previously which was perfect as it was so small but so much dust got inside the screen that I eventually couldn't read the display. My first impressions of the T720i were good. Sure, the free games were only mind-numbing demo versions and the screen did crash on a couple of occasions but I only use it for calls and SMS so that didn't bother me. The iTap was a vast improvement on the previous phone which had no predictive text. I'll admit that the punctuation is not straight forward but then I don't use this - my acquaintances have a natural ability to read 'ill' as 'I'll' through their familiarity with grammar. I also noted that lots of people asked me about ring tones / downloading ring tones / composing ring tones etc. Quite frankly if you are all that bothered about having your phone signal you with 'I saw the Sign' by that popular beat combo 'Ace of Base' then buy a Nokia – I set my phone to vib rate all the time anyway. When you plug the phone in for charge it does revert to ring instead of vibrate which I find quite useful as I find it difficult to detect the minimal tremors caused by a vibrating phone in the kitchen when I am in my living room. Incidentally, the vibrate is not as detectable as the V50 I had (it seems to vibrate at a higher frequency which 'smoothes' the effect) which is a shame as I sometimes miss calls whilst moving about. Unfortunately, I managed to drop the phone down the toilet after less than 3 months of ownership. The phone continued to work after I'd left it on the radiator for a while which I thought was quite good but I was disappointed with the manual as it didn't have a 'complete immersion in liquid' sub-section in the trouble-shooting guide - a surprising lack of forethought from a large company such as Motorola. The phone seemed to work without fault until I squashed it in a car door whilst it was in my pocket (the phone, not the car door). I first noticed that the screen had cracked when I tried to answer a call. At first I thought the screen was oozing the remainder of the Harpic that was helping the phone to stay fresh since its unplanned dunking - but no - it appeared that the screen was indeed cracked in a (pleasing to the eye it has to be said) star formation. I can only say that I'm pleased I had assigned my regularly used numbers to voice dial as I was able to continue to use the phone until a replacement arrived (as covered under my policy of clumsy-sod insurance). The replacement had a software upgrade which although provided no tangible benefit seems to have prevented me from dropping it in any toilet or any other container of liquid and I no longer feel the need to squash the phone in the door of my car. I can only assume that the software upgrade has fixed these faults. The replacement also had a more tactile black cover which is slightly vulcanised (rubbery, not Star Trek-like) which makes it easier not to drop. Again, I feel the software provided for this. I'm no programmer so hats off to the guys who do the number crunching! In summary, Motorola is the Linux to Nokia's Windows. I will try out Windows when they release a 'flip' version. I don’t know what I'm talking about either…

Reviewed by Wax3d butt3rflie3s from UK on 10th Dec 2003
Shame there isnt 0 stars, because that's what this phone deserves. *Poor8 is too good for this phone! I dont understand how some of you can say it good, its amazing, great and so on and so forth! The menus on it are c###, hard as hell to use compared to Nokia and many other brands, it can only hold 9 text messages..YES 9! Nokia hold like 160!!!! It took me literally 2 days to find where the alarm clock was, no joke, its like hidden away in another c### feature! Seriosly now, dont waste your money buying it, i've only had mine a few months, and already i'm going to buy a new phone like the samsung v200! Oh yes..the camera, well i dindt even bother wastin my money on that, bcoz the colour screen is pathetic! Adios *W.B*

Reviewed by kruelintent from England on 5th Dec 2003
One more problem. I have had it switching off on me and all that jazz but the latest one has only just happened to me. By the sounds of it most of you guys dont actually keep the phone long enough to experience this one. I have had the phone about 4/5 months and now the clock on the front mini screen has stopped updating. UNBELIEVABLE! If you flip the phone open and close it again then the clock is refreshed and up to date - of course that is when the screen works. As for picture quality, talk about let down.... Time to go beat living hell - and a new phone - out of the CarPhone Warehouse....

Reviewed by alisha from thamesmead-england on 2nd Dec 2003
if i r8 dis fone 4 it looks i giv it 10/10 i tink it kool it can change faces unlike uder fones (samsung) i bin readin wat ppl tink n it sounds like da moto is quite s*** but i tink i stil gona get it 4 xmas. i tink dis fone is 2 good 4 value it only £130 (w/out da camera) n £180 (w/camera). n.e.way i tink wen i get it ill get cova jus in case it f***s up ( " ,)

Reviewed by Stace from Uk on 30th Nov 2003
My boyfriend bought this phone and i ended up nicking it off him it was amazingly brilliant, the camera aint all that good but for just messing about snapping it's great and looks well smart!! wicked!!!

Reviewed by Hello Moto from England on 27th Nov 2003
Iv'e had this fone for afew months now and all I can say is that it is a VERY good fone, so cut the f#####g crap all of you, stop whinging, and make the most of it. The fone has never EVER cut out on me, and I havn't had any problems whatsoever alrite! I must admit the volume on the ringtones is pretty low as I have mist afew call which I am not b####y happy about, however this fone has all the functions you could wish for e.g. wap, downloadable games, picture messenging etc. Look at you all whine about your f######g fones, I mean c'mon think about the poor people in the world. They dont have anythiung like what we have so be f######n grateful you pile of c##p. A nice stylish fone is all I can say too, so get to the shops and get this fone. It is WORTHIT- and so am I. ;)

Reviewed by john from Ireland on 27th Nov 2003
I own a mobile phone shop and would just like to tell consumers that if motorola keep making rubbish like this their products should be banned from the shelves!I've sold about 6 of these phones and slowly but surely there all coming back to me one by one with similar problems Switching off,reception poor, and screen going blank after a while having to switch it on & off, for the screen to came back on !The camera quality is appaling and whoever designed the itap text input system should be shot with lumps of his own s**t ! To type the simpliest thing is made as difficult as possible using itap,so you have been warned do not buy this phone.

Reviewed by maddison from morcambe england on 22nd Nov 2003
it was really cool but the ring tones were rubbish. i was showing my mate megan the phone and she wanted to here my ring tones so i let her here them and she thought thay were rubbish as well! well next minute she asked me to take a picture of her and shall i tell you somthing the camra didnt even work! i was furiours! but apart from that it was cool. but i didnt no what to do because if the camra was ded and the ring tones were rubbish.oh yeah there is somthing else to tell you the buttens didnt even work so that is the last time im getting a motorola!

Reviewed by Dazz T from UK on 20th Nov 2003
Well... The phone is currently back at CarphoneWH for repair this is the 3rd time, this is also the third handset I've had... the fault,, it resets itself,,, screen goes blank.. and then it takes 30sec to come back on.. The first phone had this fault within the 1st 24hours, it was replaced by another brand new T720i... this lasted just over a month before encountering the error, It was sent off for a SW update??? that took 3 weeks,, had it back it was even worse,, I could not access the games or the Java products... So I had another ( replacement that was supposed to be fully tested ) that had the fault within the hour... The other problems on this phone are,, crap menu system, where yes and no buttons reverse... Crap ringtones, screen is easily marked, plastics are cheap and nasty... The software is SOOOOOOOOOO slow...... I want to swap it for a different phone... My old Nokia 3510 is totally reliable ( I'm using this at the moment ) easily outperforms the T720i when it comes to battery life, etc etc.. Good points good size screen and keyboard... thats about it.. Not recommended, Buy a Samsung or a Nokia instead...

Reviewed by Rickie from England on 19th Nov 2003
Wow, i bought this phone on my birthday with my birthday money, with a camera. I thought yes, i can show off to all my friends, i had some wicked games, and poly tones. But then, 50 days later, the screen just refuses to display anything, the light comes on but no picture, i have to leave the little button by the flip pressed for about an hour before it will come on..and then i have to hold it. ALL my other phones have been nokia's, and ive never had any problems with them.

Reviewed by chiz from bradford on 14th Nov 2003
what a pile of f****** s**** thats all i have to say

Reviewed by paka90 from uk on 11th Nov 2003
bought the phone on a thursday, set it up and left it charging. had a read of the reviews, not to promising but everyone has there opinion.put sim in on saturday to take out on its first road test.had a play with it while waiting for taxi.ring tones could be better and it crashed twice while texting,nice screen layout though , didnt use the camera but took it with me to try out.this is where it went tits up.put phone in POCKET and got in taxi,got to destination ,paid the man.the phone rang, opened it up. yes you have got it .ONE BROKEN SCREEN. THE SUPPLIERS TOLD ME NOT TO PUT IT IN MY POCKET.DUH!sorry but this does not win any brownie points.i have cancelled and sent it back. my next phone will have to be tougher.dont put it in your pocket.DONT YOU JUST LOVE EM.

Reviewed by jodi from wales on 3rd Nov 2003
ive only just got the fone and so far its ok. i would greatly appreciate help though. how do you get delivery reports?? also, i had the same problem as simmo. i cannot send mms's for some reason, and i cannot take the fone to a shop. help please

Reviewed by vinny from scotland on 31st Oct 2003
I have been reading the reviews of this phone and the complaints about the camera and its quality.I have to agree with most of you with the fact that the camera is pants,but my biggest complaint is with my phone constantly switching itself off.Its driving me NUTS!!!I have a couple of friends who's 720i does the same thing.Is it a design fault maybe,or are my friends and I alone with this problem???????????

Reviewed by Sarah O'Leary, 18 from York, England on 30th Oct 2003
Well, as with the majority of reviews on here, I feel there are both good and bad points about this phone. I bought this phone 2 months ago, and I'm pretty certain I'll go back to Nokia's after my contract runs out in September. To start with the bad news; 1)It does occassionally turn itself off/blank the screen for no reason and refuses to turn on again until you remove the battery and re-insert it which is annoying. 2) Battery life is pretty bad, only about 24 hours max. on full charge, and even less if you are using the internet on it, making calls, etc. 3)Very slow compared to Nokias... especially if you have a lot of messages or low memory (on the point of memory, that is also pretty appalling - Only enough space for about 2 games, which is a real shame) 4) Particularly feeble, and I think the flip cover will inevitably come off unless you are VERY careful with it. Not very hard wearing. 5) If you receive the camera attachment with the moto t720i the quality of the Photos are absolutely appalling - you can't even make out what they are meant to be half the time, and unless you have a good sense of humour theyre are very frustrating. 6) If you are going to move on from Nokias to this phone its quite difficult to get to grips with the texting, its very different to Nokias and a bit annoying. Similarly, the ringtone composer is completely unfathomable. It appears, unless you are a grade 8 music student with a lot of spare time, you will not be able to compose a ringtone at all (And generally, you'll need to make your own as the ringtones already composed are pretty rubbish.) 7) The thing that actually irritated me most, which although quite trivial is particularly annoying, is the fact that it doesn't have a character amount display in text messages, so you don't know how many messages you are sending, and therefore result in having to gradually delete characters (which is very frustrating and time-consuming) if you only intend to send one message. Yet despite this, there are some positive aspects of this phone (Thank God!): 1) It is incredibly attractive, therefore if its something you want just to show off then, believe me, it will attract a lot of attention because it is a gorgeous looking piece of technology. 2)The games are amazing, and some, for example, solitaire, compete with the graphics of that of a PC. Possibly worth the hassle merely for them if you spend a lot of time on them! 3) Large, clear screen which is very bright with a large choice of options to choose from. 4) VERY good reception nearly everywhere, which is helpful. 5) Loud, clear ringtones so you don't miss calls. 6) The fact it is a flip top is really helpful as it makes it compact, and, if you're like me, stops you accidently ringing the first person in your phone book while its in your pocket and wasting credit. 7) Loads of added features which makes it particularly attractive (Eg. Date grid/planner - Although on the contrary to this, the alarm does not work, It goes off hours after the set time for some reason, which I didnt really appreciate when I got up 3 hours late for work yesterday morning... Definately not trustworthy so I'd incest in an alarm clock instead!) In conclusion, a beautiful looking phone with some good features but if you're looking for a quality, durable and fast phone I'd avoid this one. I don't regret buying this one but given the choice I'd swap it back for a nokia anyday, put it that way!

Reviewed by Simmo from UK on 30th Oct 2003
To Steven.. The camera doesnt have a "night vision mode", or a flash so its better to use it in conditions when theres enough light. There is a setting, however, for light frequency, which you can change from 50hz to 60hz, but ive never used it so i dont know how effective it is. It all relates to the other reivews saying how rubbish the pictures are. They really aren't that bad!! If you want proper pictures, then buy a digital camera. You can get little ones that are smaller than phones and just as discreet. I don't know any1 who would buy a camera phone for professional photography. And if your just getting it to mess about with, then fine!, because you dont need excellent quality! So anyway, Steve, back to your question. No, im sorry to say it doesnt have any zoom either. I'll hopefully be putting up some more pictures on my website when i get round to taking some! If anyone else is interested, go to www.simmoswebsite.co.uk and under the shoutbox, click the link for the pictures!

Reviewed by Banxi from England on 28th Oct 2003
i agree that the manual is pretty rubbish, doesnt help very much and i do prefer the predicitve text on nokia phones..nut maybe i just need to get used to it. i still don't understand the whole sending pics thing. i took a photo, pressed send, and where it says ' to: ' i put in a mobile number and it didnt send...so next time i put an email address and it didnt work. am i meant to have the settings put in a certain way? can u only send to motorola phones? why cant i send to email address etc etc PLEASE HELP!! ps can u email from the phone without connecting to the net? please contact me ASAP! at maximus__decimus__meridius@hotmail.com or text me at 07753335315

Reviewed by Callum from England on 26th Oct 2003
ive had this fone for 3 weeks and its switched itself off and i cant get it back on again. after paying 179.99 you would think you would be getting a good fone. im swapping it for a nokia 3100 or something. the worst fone ive ever had!!!

Reviewed by Steven from Scotland on 26th Oct 2003
Hi Simmo,thank you very much for putting those pictures on your website. I have viewed them and they are really good. The only thing is that I want to know if the camera has night vision and zoom. Please get back to me on that. P.S my favourite picture was of the marmite and the mug but I printed all the pictures off and everyone thinks their superb. Thanks a bundle!!!!!

Reviewed by matt from uk on 23rd Oct 2003
This phone is apile of c!!p!!!!!!!!!! The camera is poo and the menu is just well c!!p!!! AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Clare from Bradford, UK on 21st Oct 2003
I have had this phone for almost 6 months now and i really can't see what everyone is making a fuss over! i have had no problems whatosever with my phone (ok so the camera is not brilliant but it was only a freebie and i was more interested in the rest of the phone so this doesnt really bother me to be honest!). the quality and clarity are excellent and if you want a fantastic camera phone then you would pick one with a built in camera anyway and not one that you have to plug in!! sorry to disappoint everyone that has moaned about it but i can't see anything worng with it and mine doesn't switch itself off (apart from the obvious when the battery is flat!!)

Reviewed by surfer3 from austria on 20th Oct 2003
The first reason i bought the phone was the look of it - the design is really nice it is cheaper than all of the actual samsung phones. the bad thing is that the camera isn't very good. i have a friend who is owning the samsung vh200. the samsung vh200 is too expensive just because it has a "better" cam which you don't actually need after a few hours of useless playing ;P you need to buy this phone if you like modern looking handys to mainly phone and message other people if you really need the cam (which i just understand if you are a spy freak) buy the samsung vh200.

Reviewed by Daniel from scotland on 19th Oct 2003
ive had the motorola for about 4 months now and it is an ok fone. the ringtones are good and its easy to use. the game is good although there is only one of them. the only downside is the camera but that wos the main reason i bought it. the picture quality is ok if uve got the right amount of light but otherwise they are terrible. they are quite dull pics and hard to make out. its easy to clip on the camera but is still quite annoing. overall it is an ok fone but i wouldnt reccomend it to anyone as the camera is a massive let down. i dont think the fone is worth the money an there is better camera fones for a much smaller price.

Reviewed by Kathryn from England on 14th Oct 2003
Worse phone I've had out of the 5 I've owned. SO slow!! Only had it just over a month and it has been back to Motorola twice to try and sort out the key board light, although after reading on here it seems that is just how it is. It goes off in semi light and as the letters aren't illuminated you can't see them. It's ok if you are in a dark cupboard or in the pitch black, but how often do you do that?? No...I'm aint happy as my partner and I both got the same one and they cost £160. Wish I stuck to Nokia.

Reviewed by JULIE LUND from ENGLAND on 10th Oct 2003

Reviewed by Simmo from UK on 8th Oct 2003
OK so maybe i was a little to excited in my last review. if you do want to see some evidence of the picture the phone can take when view on a pc, then you can go to www.simmoswebsite.co.uk. forget about the e-mailing me thing, i dont know why i put that. ok, so the ringtones are a little quite, but thats only a little problem. i know a good website where you can get good quality polyphonic ringtones for free (you only pay the cost of downloading them through WAP). Lets not forget that Moto GP is on this phone, and the graphics are pretty good for a phone game! I had a Nokia for a loooong time, and i was getting bored becayse EVERYONE else had one. so i thought it was time for a change so i decided to save up my pocket money and get it. The WAP feature is good because i have uploaded some photos to my website and downloaded them onto my phone and set them as my wallpaper, and now kelly brook and kirsty gallacher grace my phone when i look at it! The only rules for this is that you have to make the images a .gif which is really easy. I simply shrunk down some pictures i already had and uploaded them. Going back to what someone else said in a previous review, it is quite weird that if you have the phone set to "Vib and Ring" then it will vibrate first, then start ringing?? I dont know why Motorola has done this?! lol. I never used predictive text input on any phone that ive ever had, including nokias, because i thought it was all junk! I find its much more easy to just type in what you want!! One last thing, when I bought my phone it came with the camera free, and a free hand-free kit aswell, which was nice. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL THOSE LITTLE CHICKENS???? LOL never mind aye!

Reviewed by Simmo from UK on 7th Oct 2003
Im not going against all the people that don't like this phone, but i swear that all you need to do is get to know the phone. I know there is some down points like a creaky battery case and stuff like that, but it really is a good phone. And for everyone moaing about picture quality, obviously its not going to be a excellent quality because its only on a phone for flips sake!! It says in the manual that the picture size is bigger when viewed on a computer, which is true. Take a picture, send it to an e-mail address, and then when you recieve it, its about 320x130 pixels or something like that, which is pretty good. If you want to see some proof of this, go to my website http://www.simmoswebsite.co.uk/ and on there you can find some pictures that i have taken!! I am a quick learner with gadgets and things like this so it didnt take me long to learn all the features. All in all it is a good phone. Im so convinced that this is phone is actually good, that if anyone wants to send me an e-mail about what they think is wrong, i will try and help! my address is simmo@simmoswebsite.co.uk

Reviewed by Sam Haynes from England on 5th Oct 2003
Well well, what a pile of s**t this turned out to be. To think that I couldn't wait to get hold of this phone, now I wish I didn't even bother. Had I known it was this useless, I wouldn't have paid even a hundred pounds for it. Whoever thinks this is a good phone may need to see some other makes and models of phones first for comparison. How Motorola could let this phone out the factory in this dire condition is beyond me. First of all, the camera. What camera should be more appropriate! Its picture quality is worse than anything imaginable. How Motorola can display quality photos on it in adverts such as that on their websites is shocking - I'm considering lodging a complaint to The OFT for false advertising. If anyone does not have a camera, don't even pay £10 for it, it is absolutely s**t. In comparison to other camera phones, this is worse than s**t. The iTap system. What the hell? The idiot that invented the system must have been drunk when he did so! How can you justify 21 key presses for the word I'M. It takes 16 bloody key presses for an apostrophe, yet only a couple on the T9 system. iTap also struggles to match words when it's done a bit of text. For example, try getting the word RIGHT after you've done a couple of words before it. All it'll offer you is SIGHT. The iTap system is less than s**t, it doesn't even make full use of the star and hash keys. You know what, there are just so many faults with this s**t, it's making me angry how I could buy such s**t. Too bad I can't return it either. I need to go and cool off this temper. Motorola, the T720i is S**T!

Reviewed by Helen from Stoke, England on 3rd Oct 2003
I like this phone very well. It looks good and it works well. The only complaint I have is that composing correctly punctuated text messages is a little time-consuming. But then who does that apart from me anyway? The manual is written for people who know a little about what mobile phones do. So? I had an old Nokia before this phone. Now that was incredibly simple, but then it did not DO as much as this Motorola, so that makes perfect sense. It's a very good phone for those who aren't incredibly impatient and/or stupid.

Reviewed by Shreyas from leiceseter on 3rd Oct 2003
why are people moaning som much i have had this fone for 3 weeks and i love it first u might think I GOT RIPPED OF!!!! but them people r crazy the camera is a Tiny bit dissapointing because it not that clear SO ALL U COMPLAINERS STOP COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by kuz from england on 3rd Oct 2003
I think i made the biggest mistake of my life. the camera is horrible and smugy. when i looked in the argos catalog the phone looked brillient. the pictures looked good on it. when i bought it it was different. the colour screens is not even good enough. I topped this phone for £10 and i decided to download a game and a rington. £2.50 each it did not download {error} and a wast of £6.00 i really got mad and wanted to complain. They should make a new technology camera for this phone then i would be very happy. because i feel bad. the rest of the things are fine

Reviewed by Audrey from Scotland on 30th Sep 2003
For those who think this is a good phone - I query how long you have actually had it in your possession. I have had this for nearly a year now and it is the worst phone I have ever came across. Will be glad when my contract is up. Extremely slow. Completely useless. Text Messaging is awful, places new message on top of a current message in your inbox and the only way to see original message is to switch off and on again. Crashes and switches itself off when it gets bored. Left on/off button became redundant, eventually switched itself off & I couldn't get it back on. It's now in mobile hospital for repair. Do yourself a favour and don't purchase this. You will regret it.

Reviewed by JOHN from UK on 29th Sep 2003
The phone itself is very good, but my 4 year old girl can draw better pictures than the ones this camera phone takes.

Reviewed by Peter Pan from Never Never Land on 29th Sep 2003
I was jus reading the reviews that this phone has got and I cant understand the problem. I bought it last week in coventry and got the phone for free and only have to pay £20 for the contract a month. The camra is a bit sh*t/ took a picture of tinkerbell naked and it didn't come out as well as I would have liked it too. Anyway not a bad phone.

Reviewed by John from UK on 23rd Sep 2003
I woz really disapointed with the quality of this phone. I've had it for a while now and think the camera is rubbish. The picture quality is really poor. All in all I wouldn't recommend it!!!!

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 22nd Sep 2003
can someone tell me how to get it to ring and vibrate at the same time; not on vib and ring where it starts ringing 5 seconds after its started vibrating?

Reviewed by Bahati from Uk on 22nd Sep 2003
This phone is spectacular! First of all the ringtones; are played at a lovely low volume so that you dont get disturbed by people ringing you up. Secondly since the it takes you ages to fugure out how to work it, given the fact that an illiterate retard wrote the manual, you get to spend hours teaching yourself how to use your phone. What fun! And keeping inline with recent studies on the dangers of prolonged cellular use, the T720i has an automatic shutdown system that crashes...I mean de-activates, the phone to prevent you from harming yourself by being able to switch it own. Speaking of switching it on, all you need to do is press the red button and then you can nip down to Sainsbury's for some shopping and by the time you get back home it should be ready for use! I acquired very many new skills such while waitting for the phone to start and for that I am grateful. the large display obviously doesnt have sharp graphics, who needs brilliant picture resolution when you have so many innovative features on the phone like....( can I get back to you on that). In short if you're trying to break up with someone, but them this phone!

Reviewed by Bob The Knob from England on 18th Sep 2003
I have had various makes of employer-supplied mobile for a good few years now (I own a Sony CMD-J6, which I LOVE, 5*s), this is my first Motorola. The 720i was supplied to replace a faulty Siemens S35, and I am quite disapointed. Motorola's manual is APPALLING - it tells you how to turn a feature On, or Off, but gives no explaination of the feature itself! Like Fixed Dial - you have to work out for yourself what that means, no help in the book! Or the 'Chat' feature - a few lines to tell me what to press, but no info about what it is! Is it GPRS feature, a messaging feature, or WHAT? Do I need an account somewhere - the manual just ain't gonna tell me. The same with the graphics - again, the manual tells you how to have a picture as wallpaper, but no information is given as to whether or not you can copy your own pictures to the phone from a PC or PDA, or delete the default ones. Other things are not documented at all, like the Voice Memo feature - I only know it exists because other reviews mention it, but when I press the button on the side of the phone it just displays 'No Voice Names are stored in phonebook'! Ah-ha, I think, voice-actiated dialing then. I look it up in the Index, find the page & read "Voice dial a number stored in the phonebook: Press and release the voice key; and say the entry's name (in two seconds)" - THAT'S IT, all you get! No info whatsoever about how to make a phonebook entry a 'voice-activated' one, nor anything on the phonebook menu. Another feature that I may work out how to use one day, if I can be bothered. SMS - well, how can Motorola possibly justify an SMS system with no option to get delivery reciepts? It seems they're more concerned with playing about with pictures (MMS) - how many people will actually use that, when most of us have still got monochrome, or text-only phones? Plus, the predictive text system (iTAP) does not automatically insert inverted commas for you in words like "haven't" or "can't" when you press a punctuation key - the Siemens & Sony both do this and they are much older phones. The inverted comma is accessible in iTAP mode after 16 key presses! Yes, the phone does look good, normal ringtones are loud enough & it makes calls well enough - so if you want a fancy 'Star Trek' gadget that you can talk with, then fine. If you actually want a phone with well thought out & well documented features, then buy someting else.

Reviewed by Jan from USA on 12th Sep 2003
I cannot figure out how to use this camera attachment. I even called and they explained, but still does not work. Can anyone send me instructions? Please, please, please. thanks Jan speck91854@aol.com

Reviewed by Gary Davison from UK on 10th Sep 2003
I've got this as a company mobile and was expecting great things from it. Unfortunately it's an appallingly bad phone. The people that gave it 5 stars have obviously never used a nokia before, the menu system on the T720i is the worst I've ever used, worse than Siemens and Samsung menus I've used before. For such a big screen the graphics are rubbish, my Nokia 7250 is miles better despite being half the size. When making calls the body of the phone creaks. Whenever I plug the phone in to charge it comes out of vibrate into loud mode - why??? Basically what I'm saying is that if you've read this and other reviews of this phone and still go out and buy it anyway then you're a complete mug.

Reviewed by Gareth Richards from England on 7th Sep 2003
i think the phone is great and i cant see why loads of people are moaning, 5 out of 5 for me

Reviewed by Gatric from Afganistan on 7th Sep 2003
i think that this phone i very good. the camera isn't all that but work whens you are really close. But i prefer the Samsung S300

Reviewed by Bri from Scotland on 6th Sep 2003
I think this fone is brilliant. Its soo much more 'special' than nokias. Everyone has a nokia but this fone is brill it ismso brilliant. At first i didnt like the txting scheme but now if find it so easy and quick. o.k its not that loud when ringing but the sounds are great and ive neva missed a call. The game is brilliant.......a wee bit expensiv to getnew ones though. Its colourful and has an optional camera. Obviously pictures arent gonna be great but its just to snap and send not for an album. I give 10/10. Brill fone. Recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Dav from England on 6th Sep 2003
The phone is quite reasonable. It is very basic, the phone looks on style as being its main feature of selling, with is stunning looks and design. There are a few design flaws with this phone such as the battery cover, altough adding some paper into the battery compartment fixes that :P The phone is quite delicate, ie it wouldnt take too kindly being droped from a great hight as it might damage the shell. The interchangable covers are a waste of time unless it has already been pre done at manufactoring as it damages them easily with tiny marks. The menu layout is quite logical and easy to use, there are some things which have not been thought through like changing the speaker volume, you have to do that in call, unless that is a standered thing to have? heh. You can customsise the phone and its colours to a limeted approach, ie with colours. But i can not comment anymore on that as i have onlyed used the stored background images and not transfered any so i dont know how difficult that is todo. icons esp the front menu can be changed easily :) Sending SMS is easy select someone in your address book hit menu and select send message, although when you are half doing a message and shut the flip it doesnt store the message it discareds it so save it as draft :P it stores out going messages and oraganises them nicely. if you send a message with out storing the phone number, you will have a hard job of getting the number down unless you have it on paper in front of you, or goto the send status and write it down physically again. Phoning is easy, you goto the address book highlight a number and hit phone up button as well as the other ways. The phones bad points: Limeted number of address entrys.. 100 on the phone and 250 on the sim* ( depending on the sim card, this is also the same with SMS it stores SMS on teh sim not sure about out going ) Limeted amount of memory... esp program space, this means you can not install an addition J2ME emial client unless you can somehow find a good one with low mem utilization ( rare ) or can delete teh camera software if you dont use that function ( not sure how to do this ) Tendancy to crash.. on an imcomming SMS ifyou press some buttons at the same time the phone reboots its self. Battery: This is a curious one,,, since new my battery has lasted about 4.5 days with some use (108h) , ok this is better than my previous phone by so much by at least 25 hours ( Ericsson T18 max: 100h standbye, with use 70h) buttons: when creating sms messages when hitting the keys the phone sometimes fails to beep when you press a key this maybe due to it can not keep up with entys if you are going too fast. when the battery does start to run low boy the battery indicator is bizzare, although i havent had hte phone for long its had 3 charges since new :P so after a few cycles perhaps it will reach optimal performace. Recomended time for charging is not stated anywhere but to be safe give it about 24h min 6hours 4h there after approx the camera is ok, but it doesnt display pictures well due to its limeted colour range and resoultuon. The packaging didnt seem to appealing when i got it, as there was no secuirty tag. and the manaual is poor, it doesnt explain things carefully and misses features out and i am still baffled about some of them. and the last thing... the phone is quite slow, the CPU is slow.. it takes ages to boot up ready for use. obviosuly running of battery slows it down due to power managment, as when its plugged into teh mains the speed is increadable hehe. 3/5 stars for a newish generation phone esp from Nov 2002 due to its lacking of things and not very thought out issues. 4/5 stars for use as a generic just phone people and have something that is moden classy and stylish.. also for its lightness :) but becarefull, it does make some jellouse :P i think that covers everything :P hehehe

Reviewed by ashley from uk on 6th Sep 2003
i brought this phone on the 9th of augest and i has to be better then any pnone i have ever had it is 10 times better then my old samsung a100. all u peps who think its crap that is cause u dont no how to use it yet give it 3 weeks and ur all understand it, if u get rid of it ur not doin urself a favor 11/10 for the motorola t720i

Reviewed by Ice Dog from England on 5th Sep 2003
I've owned motorolas since the Startac. I've since owned a v3690, a v60 & a v66 followed by the t720i. I bought a samsung t100 after the v66 and regretted it after an hour hence ownership of the t720i. It's easy to use, has a good battery life. Comparing the T100 and the T720i shows how deficient samsung are when compared to motorola. The keyoard lay-out for samsung is designed for the small fingers of babies or anorexics, the ring-tones are so low you need to wear it around your neck so you won't miss a call and the battery life is pathetic. Where-as motorola's have sensibly laid out keys that anyone of any size can use, ringtones that can be heard with the 'phone in your pocket, and a battery life that puts the Samsung to shame. With a nod to nokia utilising changeable facias I always buy leather cases for my 'phones which preserves the life of the phone. I didn't buy the camera attachment for the 'phone (comments about it aren't favourable) as I'm waiting for for the v600 which has everything intergrated into a folding unit. My only bug-bear is the stubby aerial. Why does it still have an aerial? the "c" series doesn't have an aerial. The only thing left for me to say is well done motorola, another fine product, keep up the good work. P.S. Do you know what would be a good 'phone? a v600 without an aerial.

Reviewed by L from Hun on 27th Aug 2003
What's up with these m***? I cannot understand why they are complaining about this cell. Of course it is not as great as a Sharp Gx10i, but considering its price it is really good.Indeed! And one more thing! Don't compare it with any types of Nokia, cause they are made in a really different way, and they are done for other purposes.

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