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Motorola ROKR E8 review

 Review: August 2008  

Last updated April 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The ROKR series is Motorola's answer to Sony Ericsson's Walkman range, and is intended primarily as a music phone.



Like the Samsung Soul and the LG Venus, the E8 features virtual touch-sensitive buttons, and menus that adapt to the function that you are currently using: phone, music player or imaging mode. This gives the phone a sleek minimalist appearance that definitely lends an edge when it comes to looks. The use of a haptic (i.e. vibration) touchscreen gives positive feedback to the on-screen menus, and makes the phone easy to use. Combining this with the FastScroll navigation wheel lets you use the music player functions with ease.

The phone is slim too, and weighs in at 106g, which is slightly heavier than average, but gives the phone a bit more "body", making it sit nicely in the hand.

The E8 majors in music, so lets take a look at what it can do. As we've already commented, the music player is very easy to use, with the combination of context-sensitive touchscreen controls and the FastScroll navigation wheel. You can easily create playlists on the go, whilst listening to music, and organising your music and playlists is very easy with a drag-and-drop user interface. The phone is compatible with Windows Media Player 11, and Motorola have provided access to over 200 online music stores if you want to download music directly to your phone. An FM radio is also built into the phone. Audio quality is good and the music player supports all the common digital formats. Naturally, the E8 supports stereo Bluetooth headsets, and the use of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack means that you can connect your own headphones.

But perhaps the most exceptional feature of the E8 is its enormous memory capacity - up to 6 GB. The inbuilt memory is huge, at 2 Gbytes, and you can add a 4 Gbyte memory card if your music collection is big enough! This will give you enough storage for 1,500 MP3 tracks (more if compressed.) Motorola seem to have really over-delivered on memory, and we very much welcome this. Compare the 2GB of onboard memory with the pathetic 12 Mbytes of the Sony Ericsson W580i, or the paltry 30 Mbytes of the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.

The ROKR E8 certainly delivers when it comes to music. It also includes most other essential features: a 2 megapixel camera with zoom but no flash, a video camera, a web browser, and email. The camera isn't brilliant, but remember that this is intended as a music phone. The E9 seems to work well as a phone too, with good reception and clear call quality. Motorola's CrystalTalk™ technology helps to improve voice clarity by reducing background noise. We'd also like to point out that the battery life is excellent too, despite the slimness of the phone.

We weren't expecting to be blown away by the ROKR E8, but in fact we're very impressed. Motorola have delivered a mid-range music phone that can easily hold its own against mid-range phones from the other manufacturers. It comes with exceptional storage capacity and delivers an innovative new user interface without any obvious glitches. Compared with similarly priced offerings from Sony Ericsson (W580i) and Nokia (5310 XpressMusic) we think that the ROKR E8 is the clear winner. Highly recommended!

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Motorola ROKR E8 features include:

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Motorola ROKR E8 user reviews

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Average rating from 73 reviews:

Reviewed by Lola from England on 6th Oct 2011
I've had this phone for three/four years now and it's lasted me through a lot, orange juice and water spillages, dropped it in the toilet - on the concrete floor numerous times. Only these last few months has it started to play up, delete messages and warp incoming messages - the speaker is broke so I'm on the look out for a phone as I think it's had it day. My friend had a motorola too and her's lasted her a while, I think they are pretty longlasting phones - well mine has been. The prediciting messaging, it predicts your words for you based on those you've used - it has a memory for this, which is excellent, combined with the calendar reminder system, excellent storage capacity and room for up to 200 songs and more - makes for an egggcellent phone

Reviewed by brandon badree from trinidad and tobago on 19th Jun 2011
its a bit slow , but the music rocks

Reviewed by Diego Sago from Philippines on 28th May 2010
well, at first they say motorola has weak parts but when i bought this phone i'm so speechless and impressed the motorokr E8 proved that the music,style and uniqueness can be in one phone...but i think the screen is too small for a phone like this but in two words...very impressive!

Reviewed by Alex from Toronto from Canada on 15th May 2010
I love my phone, because i modded it: Modding the phone allows you to accelerate the processor to 500mhtz, give you custom programs, and give you virtually any feel you like to the interface: my top two are the blackberry style with a sidebar, and the mac/os feel... My suggestion for anyone carrying the phone is to do this: Google "ROKR E8 Superguide" available at modmymoto.com THEN MOD your phone with a super package such as "Nik_Stallion_Pro++ By Nikhil Dhayatkar a.k.a Nikhil007" available at mmus.us If you put in the 3/4 hours of effort in following the tedious step by step work. You will turn your phone from 1 star to an easy 5 star phone.

Reviewed by Cameron from Canada on 10th May 2010
I hate this phone. Have had it for a year and a half and the charger port won't work. There are no firmware or software updates for it, though there should be because the phone is slow as hell. Super glichy too, sometimes the screen won't dim even if I put the hold switch on, so if I don't restart the phone the screen will stay on and the battery will die within a few hours. Save yourself the hatred and stress and get a better, less gimicky phone.

Reviewed by Curran from UK on 6th Dec 2009
Value for money if you're not paying more than 15 quid a month for a good looking contract. Camera isn't up to mark, keypad feels frozen when it's cold outside, battery will last on average 4 days. The worst thing is that it's surprsingly slow and unresponsive. However, it's stylish, easy to hold and has some handy features. Don't buy if you're going to end up paying more than 15 quid a month.

Reviewed by james from usa on 8th Nov 2009
this phone down right sucks... i bought this phoen in january, had to get a replacement phone cause the charger port stopped working.. and now my phone stopped vibrating, slower than a fat man running, and the texting is the worst thing ever. DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by Vinci from India on 26th Sep 2009
Outstanding design. Superb messaging. Cool technology on the keypad. Clear voice. Absolutely great music capabilities. but, Flimsy USB port cover; totally unnecessary if the port was designed well. Pathetic 3.5 jack cover. Sad internet speed. Camera not the best. BUT As an unit for phone + music for the serious user, very highly recommendable.

Reviewed by Sasa from UK on 27th Aug 2009
I bought this phone earlier this year, and despite some good features, I am very disappointed with it and want rid of it. The best thing for me about the phone is the look, very nice sexy design. But there are too many problems, it can be very sluggish sometimes, very annoying when you're are simply trying to make a phone call. The predicitive text mode is extremely bad, fails to pick up the common word for a key combination. The camera is also poor, although viewing pictures is quite good as the zoom function is nice. Also the scroll wheel is useless and I dont even use it. I thought Motorola might have as last made a decent phone, I was wrong.

Reviewed by kalli from USA on 7th Aug 2009
I have a love hate relationship with this phone. Sure its a nice cool looking phone, but the phone is sooooo slow, the ringers are way too quite i never hear my phone, and my speaker just went out and I've only had this phone for 2 weeks....so now my phone can just be on vibrate. LAME. Oh yeah...and its very hard to text at any fast pace on this phone...and when I press the 4..it for some reason presses the 7. Totally annoying.

Reviewed by Abhinay from India on 3rd Aug 2009
Hello All, I'm not at all satisfied with customare care center of motorola,i'd used this motorola rokr e8 phone bt i faced some problem then give it to care center and they are not at all responding properly..so i'm no satisfied with this. Thanks, Abhinay

Reviewed by unlock Motorola from USA on 20th Jul 2009
Hi, Well Motorola mobile phone introduce very latest and very important handsets for their customers by which they can easily play a good and important role while using this type of handset.

Reviewed by Terri from uk on 16th Jun 2009
i've just brought the phone and its bad ! it doesnt have the 2GB it says, the music wont play its so slow :( i bearly used it in th last three days dissapointed !

Reviewed by joe from uk on 6th Jun 2009
Hi, i personally think this phone is awesome and i love it. It has so many cool features and im very happy with it, had it almost a year now. PS: for those people having trouble connecting it to your pc you have to go to CONNECTIONS->USB SETTING->MEMORY CARD Hope this helps =)

Reviewed by satish from india on 6th Jun 2009
Hi, I buy this handset two months back and the handset impressed me. but I have a major problem with this handset. I am unable to connect this handset with my Pc and unable to use it as modem. What can i do plz suggest satishdubey2304@gmail.com

Reviewed by Issa from Philippines on 3rd Jun 2009
I don't know why, but my Motorokr E8 won't connect with my PC thru USB connection although my SUB cable is new. Connection used is Memory Card at Settings. I am disappointed since I haven't used it much.

Reviewed by R from UK on 23rd May 2009
camera says 2 megapixel..but when compared to another it looks like its vga..very very very very slow..you expect it to go straight to messages for example but upon clicking you have to wait a good 2 mins..and when a message comes through it has a habit of becoming even more slower and then the message comes through twice..which doubles the time..but amazing with music..the headphones flap i have taken off due to it being lost on numerous occasions..but you can drop this phone like 100 times n it probs wont break..jus gets scratched on tha sides..battery is okay..can last you full school/work day..the body and style of phone can wow anyone though..most people say to me 'wow its like a james bond phone'..hope this helps..

Reviewed by g from england on 30th Apr 2009
this phone gives me no end of hassle! terrible for texting on or generally getting around. it is ridiculously heavy and large which makes it uneasy to carry around and work with. very dissapointed

Reviewed by Crip Kev from London on 29th Apr 2009
This phone rocks... can't fault it in anyway. 100% like no other i've ever used. Every other phone out there looks like the next phone and does nothing special... they're all either Iphone copycats, Blackberry Copycats and then the rest which are all the standard flips, candybars, sliders with a tweak here and there to try and diffrentiate etc. This Morphing tech on the otherhand is just ingenious from Motorola. Now i gotta say the camera is pants when pics are taken in the dark and the the video ain't any better. However in good lighting it is definitely good enough no matter what anyone say's. It gets the job done... check the reviews with picture samples and judge for yourself. Now i don't mean reviews by people who never show any pic samples and just expect u to take their negative conclusions for granted. Always look at the pic samples if available... definitely not the best but they are good enough for anything u want (in good lighting). The video is not great but is also very acceptable. Music rocks... no need to waste time here... it's banging. Mine even comes with the external speakers u can connect to the phone and the sound output is unbelieveable (Orange UK include this in the package...at least when I got it in summer 2008) Texting on the phone is a breeze... fast and responsive. Don't know how to say it but everything just works flawlessly. My phone has been flashed with a non carrier software so it's Original Motorola software as the phone was meant to be. I know most moans come from those on T-Mobile in the US but hey... tough luck and blame it on ur carrier for adding all their B.S in-house software like Orange do in the UK.Go to www.mmus.us and download the proper software and tools for flashing your phone. U can then add new themes/Skins, apps, MPKG installer etc... Anyways what can I say... the E8 Rokr's!

Reviewed by Moheen Chowdhury from Bangladesh on 28th Apr 2009
It's just AWESOME...... just cool and over class phone i had ever seen. It is so much easy to use and it's display is so uncommon.....i just like it.....

Reviewed by Douglas MacRae from SCOTLAND U.K on 19th Apr 2009
It is first class phone for me . And it is easy to use The camera is 1st class.

Reviewed by ashley from us on 15th Apr 2009
i personally hate this phone, it has so many problems and it makes me insane!!!! not a good phone for anyone who will be txting!!!!!

Reviewed by Sydney from USA on 2nd Apr 2009
I am currently using the Motorola ROKR e8 and I am highly impressed. While it is thin it has an outstanding battery life. Reception is great, and the music is incredible. Motorola Manufacturers really hit it out of the park with this one.

Reviewed by jas from united states on 1st Apr 2009
i think the phone is ok but the only thing i dont like is the vibrating touch it gets relly annoying at times like really.

Reviewed by Jason Bastow from UK on 17th Mar 2009
I have had this phone for about 6 months, Its a very good phone. I haven't had any real problems with except it freezes now and again and the clock doesnt keep time to well!!! Other than that its been great. The battery is very good and it sounds great. The key pad could be better as you have to touch the buttons quite hard but not a big problem. I Would recommend it but it wouldnt be my first choice again. I am looking to get a Nokia N95 or Sony C905 next

Reviewed by Buf from United Kingdom on 22nd Feb 2009
Love this phone, best i've ever used. Really nice feel in the hand, amazing storage, buttons a bit unusual to get use to but after a week i was there. No problems connecting to pc and i use linux. Ten out of ten

Reviewed by osbert from indonesia on 22nd Feb 2009
when i first buy it i was very happy about it. ti have outstanding music quality in speakers/headphone but at the default speaker it was still better than other phone but not in volume. than a week past i talk in my heart "damn this phone is sucks it very slow" but after i know how to flash it the phone is very fast and increase it sound quality (maybe). hey and its very rare in my country so it was an eye catching for many people. then i say in my heart again "damn this phone is the best music phone ever!" (compare with the price). the key is very unique and need time to get use to it but it was great it simulate the real key! motorola rocks. and hey the memory it support SDHC up to 16gb but theoretically it can holds up to 32gb ! nice !

Reviewed by Paul from United Kingdom on 20th Feb 2009
This is probably one of the best phones I have ever owned and for the price I got it for, just amazing! If you like your music phones, this one is perfect for you. The only critism I have of the ROKR is the cover on the headphone jack. It is prone to coming of and the paint has started to peel on mine so I am probably going to get another cover. However, still a very good mobile from Motorola.

Reviewed by Melvin from United Kingdom on 16th Feb 2009
I love this phone, it is so easy to use and the music quality is briliant! 2GB is certainly value for money! Best phone I've ever bought!

Reviewed by Niyaz from India on 11th Feb 2009
phone sucks, because their r lots of problem in the phone charging issue,speaker issue,mike issue waste of money, not connecting to PC & the motorola galary people not ready to exchange or repair it and just 6 month old cell, Never use Motorola in life

Reviewed by Dennis from Brazil on 10th Feb 2009
Well i have the motorola e8 cellphone for a year and it is realy slow, and i think that it takes to long to turn on, and no game is compatible with it, it realy sucks, dont by it

Reviewed by rokkr from bd on 5th Feb 2009
very stylish

Reviewed by Ray from Singapore on 2nd Feb 2009
If you're not a fan of having just one device to amalgamate the functions of a cellphone and walkman, and a Linux-based platform, then DON'T buy this. I was really happy while ordering it as it seemed like the perfect phone for me; I'm a minimalist. I don't believe in doing too many things with one device (there's a UNIX philosophy "do one thing and do it well"), so not having WiFi or 3G makes no difference. After all, I don't need to be online 24/7 as I'd rather spend most of the hours in reality. With all that said, however, the software stack is horrible with regards to performance. Functionality-wise, it falls just above average. Every now and then you'll be greeted with the most annoying of glitches. I've read reviews regarding the slow UI before the purchase, but I thought it was just the typical reaction from commoners used to Nokia handsets. My, was I wrong. Once, I toggled the lock button and plugged in the USB. After I was done, unplugged it, I noticed that it was no longer locked while the button was still in the lock position. I had to restart the phone for locking to work again. Another time, the UI just gave up while I was scrolling and the scroller jammed as well. Again, I had to switch it off and on. Not the least annoying, but it looks like the software gets confused regularly as to whether a button has been pressed. I say that because the top-right menu button and the "#" key are the slowest to respond. Now, these may all be one-time incidents or a fault with just my set, but from other reviews I can clearly see that there's nothing beautiful about the UI unless you MOD it. I will keep this phone for the following reasons: 1) Less bulk; no more carrying of a music player. 2) Linux-based platform; I can mod it when I want. 3) Sleek design; unlike Sony's and Motorola's. 4) The scroller is unique; cooler than the ZN5's. Because of the above 4 points, I can live with the sub-par UI performance. Cosmetically, though, the ROKR E8 from Motorola beats almost all other phone in its category. I even gave a pass on the ZN5 because the E8 doesn't as much like an Apple-inspired device. While more expensive, if you're not like me and don't bother about those plus points but want a phone with a similar profile: Sony Ericsson's G900

Reviewed by James from Wales, UK on 30th Jan 2009
Should you buy the Rokr E8? Yes. I have been looking for a music phone for a while and there are countless to choose from. I purchased the Rokr form the Motorola online store as I could not find any store, street or online which sold it sim free. It arrived in about 4 days and ever since then it has been impressing the hell out of me. The sound quality with headphones is amazing. Truly special. The Haptic Keypad is lovely to use and the phone is chock full of customisable functions and features. Call quality is excellent. Clear and crisp. The music player is very easy to use and the camera actually takes decent snaps and video too. It's miles better than my old phone and I'm getting jealous glances from everyone who sees me with it. The Haptic keypad freaks everyone out and I've had many enquiries as to where to get the Rokr from. It seems to be a real rarity this handset,..no one seems to own one. I can't think why? If you are after a solid phone which oozes class, looks like something from Blade Runner and plays music with brilliantly, look no further. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Tim from Ireland on 26th Jan 2009
Class phone. love the way the quiet option in the music player is actually quiet compared with other phones

Reviewed by Salman from India on 24th Jan 2009
Cool look Great music awsome feel

Reviewed by Alan from Tajikistan on 6th Jan 2009
In simple word history for this phone.

Reviewed by Lucas from Mexico on 5th Jan 2009
This phone is great!

Reviewed by jessica from tx on 7th Dec 2008
i have this phone but i think is awesome but its slow at times but every one that i know likes it the cool thing is that the music in the rokr sounds great not like some other phones;)

Reviewed by Ben 10 from America on 4th Dec 2008
so... lets begin... it looks ok a little brickish, my uncle has this he likes it he got it free :-) BUY IT!! or get it freee!

Reviewed by the master from england on 24th Nov 2008
ive always used motorolas from the e398 up to the z6.on a phone you need a good mp3 interface,the e8 is awesome,loud,2gb memory means you can upload as many songs as you see fit.put in a 4gb card and the skys the limit.the sound quality is well clear,the user interface is easy to use,the switching keyboard which switches from mp3 to caller mode makes life so easy and i love the haptic buzz of the keys.it makes this fone stand out.battery life is good,i luv the style of the fone,its ot everything i need in a fone.recommend 2 everybody.

Reviewed by Jon from UK on 19th Nov 2008
I've had this phone for a short while now and i've found using the ROKR E8 an uncomfortable experience. Despite all of the good features such as 2gb internal memory and a decent camera, I feel the phone has been let down by its size. When holding the phone, unless you have large hands and fingers, after a while it becomes uncomfortable to use as you have to keep stretching your fingers across the buttons. Although if people do not find this as a problem then I would recommend buying it because its a very stylish phone with some good features and even though some people say the screen is too small, I think that it would suffice in the long term even though the buttons may get on your nerves after only being hafl touch and half actual buttons. But overal still a very good phone.

Reviewed by David from UK on 17th Nov 2008
Had to send this phone back when we couldnt switch off the annoying vibrate/buzz every time you press a key. Am I the only person who would like to be able to send a text message without making a noise?

Reviewed by Ian Lim from Philippines on 6th Nov 2008
Hey guys! i bought a phone that is totally awsome and ROCKS! is the MOTOROLA ROKR E8, i bought this phone 5 days ago, i can say "DAMN, its cool" the sound is so perfect, especially when you're using stereo headset... and, and, all features is good, thanks to MOTOROLA, i found my dream music phone.

Reviewed by Jo Santriguez from Spain on 4th Nov 2008
This phone is pretty call - all friends of mine all think its very cool as it is not yet popular. However, i find texting with it really annoying as it's like half touch and half button - i dont like that and i make mistake a lot. Camera isnt so great either, compared to V8 or U9. Rather have an LG any day, but still this phone is nice.

Reviewed by Miranda Christophnickoff from Russiiia on 2nd Nov 2008
hellol this is an amazing phone much better than the sony errricsssonms happy bidding!

Reviewed by Nagarajan from India on 1st Nov 2008
This phone has very fantastic slim shape wonderful music, 2GB internal memory is very useful.... Very impressive keypads..Amazing E8

Reviewed by mr funny from spain on 19th Oct 2008
this phone is so cool i one it and the keys light up very bright and looks good

Reviewed by Lucile from France on 16th Oct 2008
I can't find any bad things to say about this phone except the medium picture quality...otherwise this phone is amazing, lots of useful shortcuts for making calls and great for playing music. Also very resistant, I dropped my phone in the sea and I haven't noticed any technical problems!! I highly recommend this phone, and all my friends are crazy about the morphing keypad

Reviewed by Proudpinoy from Philippines on 14th Oct 2008
Guys and gals, my phone can't play ALL the music stored in my microSD card continuously (the way it does to ALL the songs stored in phone memory. Playlist accept only songs stored in my phone. Mine has no BASS BOOST ,too!Is this how it is or my phone has a problem? Thanks in advance.

Reviewed by Glenn from England on 27th Sep 2008
Rubbish phone

Reviewed by Aravind from India on 11th Sep 2008
Hi all, Am a neutral reviewer!!! I was planning to buy a mobile with good music and my selection came down to 2 mobiles, they were nokia5610 and MOTO ROKR E8. And finally bought MOTO ROKR E8, And people now i say "AM TRULY SATISFIED". Those features that impressed me: 1) First of all the MUSIC, I ll say that the term crystal clarity can be defined hereafter by the music of ROKR E8 (In headphones). But, the volume is only normal in open speakers. 2) Before buying the mobile i was too much worried about the screen size, but now i dont feel the restraints of a small screen. When an good quality video is converted to proper resolution (3gp) the clarity overcomes the small screen size. Few videos are better in my mobile than telecasted by my local TV channel (LOL :P). Am oversatisfied with the screen quality. 3) Next the, KEYPAD. Its brilliant, on pressing the keys it gives a vibration which causes the senasation of pressing a real key. If u switch off the mobile and then press u can feel it, it ll be so hard, perhaps u ll smile in astonishment. :) And with the scroll i can easily move from song number 1 to some 70 or 80 with ease (and withiin secs). 4) 2GB MEMORY. Its memory is sufficient to store a lot of songs and even films (good quality compressed takes about 300mb). And it is expandable upto 4GB.(But i haven't :P, 2 gb is sufficient for me now) 5) In few websites processor speed is said to be 500mhz+. 6) Camera: Good. Thanks MOTOROLA. Concluding: MOTO ROKR E8 = IMBA MOBILE. :P

Reviewed by kealii from usa on 10th Sep 2008
the phone sucks, because it can't sink to a mac or a pc. lose money

Reply by Christina from USA on 4th Oct 2008
the Rokr DOES SYNC to a PC.... maybe it's Operator Error

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 4th Sep 2008
Had the phone for a couple of weeks now, all in I'm impressed. Sound quality for calls and music is great. Battery life is good considering I have mine set to check emails every hour (recovering blackberry addict). Keyboard is responsive when you get used to the spacing between the keys. Mine is an unlocked, unbranded phone and works perfectly with an 8GB micro sd card. Even better, when I bought it the guy in the store told me about a promotion that motorola had on, get guitar hero 3 free!!! Unfortunately the offer has now finished but if you bought one in the last couple of weeks check out motogift.com to see if you can still claim.

Reviewed by Bear from UK on 29th Aug 2008
Brilliant phone, better than the stream of rubbish that SE and Nokia are churning out at the moment. Build quality is outstanding, it does the basics(talking and texting) very well, and it has the fastest file transfer(PC to phone) that I have ever used. Plugged in my Sienheissers listened to the Dropkick Murphys at full holler with NO distortion whatsoever. Ok it only has a smallish screen and doesn't vibrate and ring similtaneously, but is it really a big deal? And who cares that the camera is only 2 meg? I'm not a happy slapper or a chav, so a camera on a phone is irrelevant to me.

Reviewed by John from UK on 27th Aug 2008
A friend of mine has this phone, for which i had the pleasure of using. It is SUPERB! The sound quality is amazing, the build quality is amazing, and the call quality and reception are top notch......all the things that all my Sony Ericssons have been absolutely lousy at. What a welcome change. Moto here i come. In fact i'm buying it next Thursday.

Reviewed by Sam from United Kingdom on 25th Aug 2008
If you want you phone to make a statement, Get a motorola ROKR p.s. yea every phones have drawbacks and this one as well for e.g. no 3G and flash lite, but otherwise it is a supermodel when it comes to phones;)

Reviewed by allan from england on 20th Aug 2008

Reviewed by m from scotland on 20th Aug 2008
its rubbish dont buy it. the screen is way too small!!!!!

Reviewed by Alan from Wales on 18th Aug 2008
Screen is a little small but managable. Not entirely sure about the haptics technology? Don't seem to be able to turn it off! Any pointers? Overall i am very happy with this upgrade although i do feel motorola should have stepped it up a gear or two. 3G for faster web browsing would have been nice but then i am nit picking. Menus tend to drag a little but that has been the moto way ever since i started using the original rzr. If you don't want too many toys with the posibility for things to keep going wrong then get this phone. I had the Iphone and sent it back then had the Samsung tocco. Yeah sent that back too.. These phones try to do too much and just can't cope. Back to trusty moto. Camera has no flash but then if ya want good pics get a dedicated camera for less than 100. Music player is fairly straight forward when paired with media player 11. Just drag and drop. On board is 2GB and you can add 4GB card so plenty of memory. Enough for 3000 songs or more if compressed at the correct rate. A cool feature is the talking phone. A stephen hawking sound alike will read you your texts if you want. The scroll wheel is very easy to use. Overall i am very happy with this upgrade and hats off to moto for another solidly built mobile.

Reviewed by Rulz from England on 18th Aug 2008
Very Nice

Reviewed by Wayne K from U.K. on 16th Aug 2008
nokia 5310 is cheaper, and better smaller, classic nokia interface with excellent music player and sound quality, also has a 3.5 mil jack on the top and a decent sized screen with a higher resolution and more colours, dedicated music buttons that function in all menus case rested? oh and eduardo, good play there, good play

Reviewed by Bobby from Scotland on 10th Aug 2008
Had one of these for a few days now and I am loving it. Tried a V8 earlier this year but gave up on it due to the pathetic battery life and memory. This phone solves both those problems and some. Menu is the best I have seen on any Motorola although can be a bit slow, how on earth do the "keys" feel like they move when clearly they dont? Touch keypad that you actually have to press is amazing and works perfectly once you get used to it. This is essentially a pretty basic phone that happens to do the basics brilliantly. Call quality is outstanding and texting is a breeze. It looks great, has enough features to keep me happy and feels built to last. I would not hesitate to recommend this phone for someone who does not need all the bells and whistles of say, a Nokia N series,i.e. phones which constantly freeze and crash!

Reviewed by Eduardo from USA on 7th Aug 2008
Mr.Unknown is right it's a great phone and here in the U.S when someone calls an inanimate object a he there either crazy or dumb

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 7th Aug 2008
Not every user of this website has English as a first language, and we should all be tolerant of minor grammatical errors.

Reviewed by bilal from Saudi arabia on 29th Jul 2008
this mobile shape is fine but screen is small which is not suitable with mobile set, other vise it is good looking

Reviewed by Ash Freeman from England on 23rd Jul 2008
Looks good feels good and works good!I love everything about this phone from the sound quality on calls to the ease of use on the menus!the only gripe i have is the battery doesn't seem to last very long!(Or is it because i am used to a sony ericcson W810i that lasted 5 days?)

Reviewed by Simon from UK on 21st Jul 2008
I was using an advance version for a few days - it had a few bugs but worked well enough to test. The phone part is great, clear sound & a strong signal. Easy to navigate phone book etc. The camera is mediocre, not bad but at 2mp it's never going to be great. Music sounded good and the standard jack socket at the top is a great idea. I found navigating the music to be a simple idea poorly executed which may have been sorted by the final release. Generally this had the potential to be a very good music phone that could also take quick snapshots.

Reviewed by unknown from england on 17th Jul 2008
Anthony from croatia... it is not a HE... Stop moaning... this is one of the nicest phones on the market at the moment.!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nikhil Skariah from India on 16th Jul 2008
Music is the special feature of this phone.there is great clarity when we hear music through the headset.Also,scroll feature of the phone makes it easy to use.Above all 2GB internal memory and expandable upto 6GB rates this phone superior above all.only problem is battery life is maximum 2 days(music+camera).i wish it would have been little more.

Reviewed by Neil from USA on 11th Jul 2008
Very nice design. The music and camera features are easy to use, the screen is vibrant, you can use it as an fm radio... and the mp3 player works without the sim card (you can use this as your mp3 player even after you don't want to use it as your phone anymore). My only complaint is that my particular phone keeps trying to sync with t-mobile.com and its keeps doing it every couple of hours which is taking away from my battery life... i'm working with tmobile right now to correct that problem.

Reviewed by Verbushitel Steiner from Urmam on 8th Jul 2008
Small screen. Utter waste. Am taking back.

Reviewed by jochen rindt from UK on 8th Jul 2008
this phone is a load of rubish the absolute pits

Reviewed by anthony from croatia on 5th Jul 2008
This cell phone is junk. He is ugly, slow and (in Croatia) very expensive!

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