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Motorola ROKR E1 review

 Review: November 2005  

Last updated November 2006


In a nutshell: The Motorola ROKR E1 is a joint development by Motorola and Apple and is the first mobile phone to support Apple's iTunes® system as used in the iPod.


The ROKR has been called the iPod phone, and it includes a number of features that make it a superb music player as well as a phone. The music player supports a range of formats, including MP3 and AAC, and the iTunes interface makes downloading tracks and creating playlists a breeze. This is definitely something that gives it an edge over other MP3 player phones. Downloading is not that quick - a 4 Mbyte MP3 track takes around 30 seconds to download. This is much slower than an iPod.

Music output is via 3D surround sound from twin speakers. You can also listen to music via the matching stereo headset supplied, however you cannot listen to music with a Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth is for voice calls only). Sound quality through the headphones is excellent and is pretty good via the speakers too.

The ROKR also has the full range of other features that you'd expect from a phone in this price range. These include a good 262k colour screen, a camera and a video recorder, although the camera is only VGA resolution (0.3 megapixels). A nice feature is the side lights that sync with music, ringtones and games and the vibration effects that sync with games and music. The "airplane" mode is also very handy, enabling you to access games and music during flights.

TransFlash memory cards can be used to expand the memory of the device. However, the phone has a limit of 100 music tracks, regardless of the memory available. This is a feature of the iTunes implementation. Once you've reached the limit of 100 songs, you have to delete some in order to download more. 100 tracks is a limit that will probably frustrate many users.

It's definitely a phone worthy of consideration if you're looking for a combined phone and MP3 player, but it's not the only choice by far. You could also look at the Sony Ericsson W800i, the Samsung D600, or a Nokia smartphone, such as the N91. Some of our user reviews have compared the ROKR with the older Motorola E398, and it's certainly true that the ROKR is basically an improved E398 with the addition of iTunes. It's evolutionary, not revolutionary, but the E398 was a good phone and the ROKR is too. Just not an outstanding one.

Motorola ROKR E1 features include:

  • iTunes® interface - make playlists
  • Music player: MIDI, MP3, WAV, and AAC formats
  • 3D surround sound (twin speakers)
  • Matching wired headset supplied
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Stereo polyphonic ringtones (MIDI, MP3, WAV, and AAC formats)
  • Side lights sync with games, ringtones, music and ambient sounds, plus vibration syncs with music and games
  • VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom
  • Video recording with full screen video playback
  • Display: TFT, 176 x 220 pixels, 262k colours
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS 5.0, MMS, instant messaging, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4)
  • Java games
  • Downloadable screensavers & themes
  • Picture caller ID & picture phonebook
  • Airplane mode: allows safe access to address book, games and music during flights
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (including data transfer, but not iTunes or music), USB
  • Expandable TransFlash™ memory card
  • WAP, GPRS class 10
  • Triband
  • Size: 108 x 46 x 20.5 mm
  • Weight: 107g
  • Talktime: up to 560 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 230 hours
  • Music time: 15 hours using wired headset or 6 hours using surround sound speakers

Motorola ROKR E1 user reviews

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Average rating from 180 reviews:

Reviewed by walid from UK on 9th Feb 2010
i think that the roker is a good phone to me it has with me 6 years

Reviewed by george from UK on 9th Jul 2009
this phone is really confusing when it comes the MMS. i have tried many different things as to changing the size of the pictures and it still wouldnt send. i have full signal and nothing seems to be working under the MMS texting. yes that includes videos and music. i dont know if anyone else is having this problem but this might be a problem that im only having. Also the Itunes is not really worth it on here since it takes ages to transfer songs from to your computer to the Rokr thanks to the usb 1 usage. but other than that its ok. the signal strength is pretty amazing i have to give it that but i just wish the MMS would work...

Reviewed by Bilal from UK on 10th Feb 2009
pa pa pa pa pa pa im lovin it very good phone its gud very gud b e a utiful

Reviewed by Loraine from UK on 29th Sep 2008
The very worst phone I have ever used. Oversensitive wheel, undersensitive keys, dire navigation, slow response. Large, clunky, hideous.

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 14th Aug 2008
ive had this mobile a while and yeah its deacent to have for a while but i wouldnt reccomend it the camera is awful, it turns off whenever, it freezes the buttons get messed up easily and its slow. the speakers are good but i cant even play music on it anymore, my volume button on the side doesnt work and its generally poor. dont buy it!

Reviewed by nertiL from UK on 20th May 2008

Reviewed by JOE from UK on 8th Feb 2008
This phone blows!!! nothing but a pain in the ass. Crashing, won't boot up, won't dial out. Itunes is always a pain, deleting the songs you want, having to reformat the memory card everytime you want to update the play list, waiting hours for the songs to transfer.

Reviewed by Vaskis from UK on 23rd Jan 2008
I think: This phone is the best what can I buy in Czech Republic with this price!!!! :)

Reviewed by danny from UK on 12th Dec 2007
ive got this phone and its the probably one of the best out in the uk, good music quality and excellent battery power

Reviewed by ?????? from UK on 23rd Nov 2007

Reviewed by connor from UK on 8th Nov 2007
this phone is awful its one of the worst phone ive eva own the camera was appaling the speakers say thay are surround sound but they are quiet and a bit life less there is no bass but u would expect that from a phone it is simple 2 use but i dont want simple i want a lot of things on it. the itunes is rubbish if u delete the songs it just goes thru the names of the songs without doing anything else. then it freezes every minite its fair 2 say the only good thing about this phone is its little neon light witch i think is quite funky lol apart from that dont buy it buy a walkman or ipone

Reviewed by Fiona Milligan from UK on 4th Nov 2007
This Phone Is The Worst Phone I Have Ever Had Do Not Buy This The Memory Is Rubbish People Cant Send You Songs Any More Than 5675kb The Battery Is Even More Rubbish The Only Good Thing About It Is Its Volume And iTunes I Have Had It For A Year Rally Big Let Down I Am Swtiching To The Lg Shine At Christmas

Reviewed by Aye Matee..=) from UK on 27th Aug 2007
This phone is a good enough fone if your a kind of person who isn't that up to date on features, sure it has a camera, video, iTunes, games etc, but the features are quite poor, when you have iTunes on the phone is very slow and can get on your nerves. Yes it has a good surround system, but now there is many more phones that I would reccomend. The good features with this fone is music, messages, settings and memory. I must admit the battery doesn't last that long either when you have the music on. The phone also freezes. Wouldn't reccomend it to a high tech person. X

Reviewed by abs from UK on 23rd Aug 2007
Itsss rubbishh! Keepss on crashin and messing upp! Deletess songss off the ipodd and isss all aroundddd a piece of junk!! It crashed bout two days ago and im unable to even switch it on!!!!!!! wat a jokke!!!!! U shud be payingg uss to avvv daaa pilee of junkk!! Iff i cud give it no stars then i defoo woood!! grrrrrrrrrrr_________i h8 itt!!

Reviewed by JoJo from UK on 20th Aug 2007
OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the phone for about 2 years and i love it! Battery life still going strong on the same battery! I have never had any problems with the screen freezing... i have dropped it about 20 times and there are no scratches or breaks...absolutely robust tough model. Its not cost me a penny in repairs or additions. Speakers are like nothing i have ever heard before (so clear) and about it only holdin 100 songs.... its a phone people what do you expect... if you want 1000 songs get an IPOD! Only quibble is the video recording is not very long but hay we cant have it all! If thats all to complain about im happy... and ill have it for another 3 years i think!!!!

Reviewed by grim_ripper from UK on 29th Jul 2007
had this phone about 6 months now its faired well and for a budget its a good all rounder phone tho its does crash from time to time and the fact the camera is appaling aswell shouldn't put u off, u ccan pick the up cheaply enough now that outweight the defects

Reviewed by Dany from UK on 24th Jul 2007
I love this it was my old phone and I want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pins are unstable.

Reviewed by Davina from London from UK on 22nd Jul 2007
this fone is absoutly RUBBISH....u enjoyed for te first weeks, then after you will need to replace it. Any time i try to enter text, save numbers or edit anything, it freezes for about an hour and even more at time...the good thing about it is NOTHING...

Reviewed by aaron from belfast from UK on 19th Jul 2007
this phone is one of the best i have ever had 2 years now. just one problem the chargers dont last long

Reviewed by Max from UK on 18th Jul 2007
I got my motorolain 2005, and i have to say that it isn't all i thought it would be. The music doesn't play so loud after awhile and it can be different to most other phones in the way of controlling. It often turns itself on if it get's slitely nocked. The camera is not at all good for pictures or video.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 15th Jul 2007
I bought this phone 2days ago with a unexpectedly good discount of 50%! :) But I have a little problem.., syncing my music with iTunes is not that seamless what they said.. I can't all the playlists I want onto the phone icon in the iTunes list, but there are some exceptions which is really weird, and annoying. Why can not I put any of my music onto that phone??? There must be a way to fix this, and so I don't give this 1 or 2 stars, I didn't lose hope yet. The other thing that theres a 100 track limit, but who cares, you can change your songs daily, why not? :) However, the phone is great, it has Bluetooth, stereo speakers which is kind of nice, USB cable to transfer anything (You need the program Motorola Phone Tools for file transfers, except music that works through iTunes), and good display, logical menus, and everything. What I found bad, is that I can't make new folders in the Pictures folder or in any other, so you can't really organize your files. So, if I wouldn't have to work out that iTunes syncing problem I would give 5 stars, because it's a good phone, and worths buying it. Daniel J.

Reviewed by Ben twentyman from UK on 30th Jun 2007
i found this phone very good and i recommend it if u buy it 2nd hand as you can get it for as cheap as £30 so i would recommend this phone for a price like that

Reviewed by Rajesh from UK on 27th Jun 2007
Truely a remarkable Phone

Reviewed by Luke Mills from UK on 24th Jun 2007
kwite a cool phone cuz its got itunes the only thing is that sometimes it freezes and the screen goes white if you take it out with you alot make sure you have a case because it slips out of you pocket 8/10

Reviewed by Nico from UK on 24th Jun 2007
I had this phone a long time ago. And since losing my Sony W810i. I went on Ebay and am buying this phone again but brand new. The camera is not the best, neither is the video capture. But it looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, has an excekllent speaker light, the best music phone, and allows you to enjoy customization to change it to your style. I can't wait untill it comes. Me and my Motorola ROKR back together again!

Reviewed by Borat from UK on 6th Jun 2007
i luv my e1 rokr but i think i droped it once and none of the buttons work except the hang up button

Reviewed by Gazza from UK on 5th Jun 2007
Nice phone, shame it is like a brick. Like it for its quality of extras

Reviewed by xxdaysxx from UK on 1st Jun 2007
the phone is disapointing. it freezes all the time which is so annoying. its camera is really bad . you need to recharge often. it chips so easyly which make it then look ugly! it is like a brick big beater of a phone.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 29th May 2007
Is a really great phone, hasn't let me down yet and ai have had it for 1 year, 8 months. wish the camera was slightly better but overall love the phone!!

Reviewed by clive from UK on 29th May 2007
worst fone ever

Reviewed by jimbo jones from UK on 25th May 2007
this phone is the dogs testicles. a timeless friend and companion, great memory for dirty videos or picture, the iTunes feature is also good for setting a mood when gettin freaky, alone. ***** rating. fabulous !!!

Reviewed by Will from UK on 24th May 2007
Brilliant fone had no problems with it amazing features and itunes is a bonus

Reviewed by coen lowe from UK on 23rd May 2007
it is a bit slow sometimes but usualy is a good phone and im happy with the itunes feature

Reviewed by pricey from UK on 20th May 2007
its n alrite phone, but ive got 1 rite now, and it is rubbish, iv smashed the screen on it from a silly knock wile i was on my bike, its got rubbish memory on the phone itself so ultimatly needs a memory card, camera is rubbish, video recordin lasts about 20 seconds per video, ive had a reli bad experience with mine.

Reviewed by will from UK on 20th May 2007
Worst phone ever! crashers, slow, rubbish! Also the charger slops working after a while and you have to balance it for it to charge. DO NOT BUY IT

Reviewed by rafe hawkins-hill from UK on 18th May 2007
this is da best phone ever!!!!!!

Reviewed by carolanne from UK on 17th May 2007
excellent phone i love this mobile it has everything and more, can u stil purcase this phone as i have not seen it on display lately at any phone shops

Reviewed by me from UK on 23rd Apr 2007

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 21st Apr 2007
Excellent phone. Yes it has its errors and problems...but i don't at all regret buying it. It is so good and looks so nice i can live with the flaws

Reviewed by M from UK on 14th Apr 2007
I am very happy with this phone. I don't use the iTunes function that much, however I did upload a few songs on it, just in case my iPod one day runs out of batteries. Speaking of batteries, when I call and textmessage alot, the phone easily goes out of battery fast. It is a shame how the guide book no where tells you how to have an mp3 as a ringtone instead of those lame standard ones. It took me a half a year to found out that it was even possible! The media functions such as camera isn't really that great quality. But it comes in handy when you don't have your digicam with you and you must take a snapshot. After reading a few other reviews, my phone never ever crashes. It's working great. I'm really happy with it, I wouldn't easily trade this one with a new one. It's just really easy to navigate through things.

Reviewed by Brandon Campo from UK on 10th Apr 2007
This phone iz rubbish one month and the speaker blew 4 no reason.u dissapointed me Motorola!

Reviewed by mm from UK on 11th Mar 2007
fone sucks!

Reviewed by danny wall from UK on 2nd Mar 2007
dis fone was good but i had a bit of trubal wid it at first but once i had it sorted out it was fine the music quality is wiked

Reviewed by Brandon Campo from UK on 27th Feb 2007
I like this phone

Reviewed by nima from UK on 22nd Feb 2007
very good

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 18th Feb 2007
overall the phone is ok,have had some few problems in the past bt now its gud so far......

Reviewed by rubina from UK on 29th Jan 2007
excellent phone had it for a year loved it. Bit dissapointed with the video quality and even though i dont have it now still dont know how to use tracks as ringtone. Music quality is excellent i do recommend this phone.

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 27th Jan 2007
I love my Motorola ROKR, my previous phone was a Motorola Razor and it just doesn't compare! Although it is very slow to download music onto the phone, it doesn't bother me as I can do other thing on the computer while waiting. I agree that the speakers are AMAZING, and te flashy lights and the rhythm lights are just a cute party-piece, but just think what this phone will be able to do in the future, as we know, this is only the E1-, it can only get better.

Reviewed by MORGAN from UK on 27th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Marcus from UK on 24th Jan 2007
i got this phone on FEB 9th last year and now i am forced to change it because it keeps stuffn up on me. randomly the fone freezes and goes all white so i have to take the bettery out and put it back in. i also didnt like the charger cable it never fitted in correctly. but i have to say if u like your music like me get this fone it may not last u long but u can store alot of ringtones and movies. for what i paid for it the camra is dojie and wen i go to take a video outside it goes all white like i am pointing it at the sun.

Reviewed by Was but no longer happy from UK on 20th Jan 2007
This phone was gr8 at first. great to use and gr8 to listen to music on, But now its just messed up compleatly it gets reali slow somtimes and the txt messages have got me going mental. Its freezing all the time when i try and send 1 and i am forced to take the bat out. the speakers r reali gd but this txt thing is a joke. this phone better not get any worse. Its sad aswell when you see this phone at first you realy do get excited seeing as it looks amazing and does work very well for the first few weeks or so, But when it messes up thats when it get's realy disapointing. If this phone get's any worse i think a simple complaint is going to get EXTREAMLY worse!!!!

Reviewed by Norris from UK on 15th Dec 2006
This phone is terrible, it has had to be replaced twice with bad software errors, i see i am not the only one with this problem

Reviewed by Cellphones and Gadgets from UK on 10th Dec 2006
it's a good phone from motorola, a good quality sounds...and has a standard headset jack, so you won't buy a jack converter anymore..

Reviewed by gigi from UK on 26th Nov 2006
its a very gd fone 4 the price but the camera is only VGA + u cnt send tunes from itunes :( apart from that its a very gd fone. + very gd sound quality

Reviewed by JB from UK on 23rd Nov 2006
Don't worry about iTunes 100 limit :D iTunes can be cracked and have more than 100 songs (mine has unlimited)! This is a phone to everyone who knows and likes to work with computers , because it is very moddablle ;)

Reviewed by rob from UK on 10th Aug 2006
I've had this since decenber and i'ts a brilliant phone. Good memory space. Only complante the amounte of memory when you take out the memory card. Apart from that no other complaintes.It's a phone for someone who likes a lot of memory on thier phone,and thier music. All in all an outstanding phone for all.

Reviewed by michelle from UK on 2nd Aug 2006
I have had this phone since November and only had 1 fault. This was that the phone screen was goin blank with a white light so i took it back to the shop and they gave me a brand new one. since then this phone has been AMAZING ! It's a must have! everyone who hates this phone it's either my luck or their bad luck. At the end of the day i am amazed with this phone, the quality and reliability is amazing. overall GREAT phone. struggling to choose a phone and considering this phone? get the motorola e1 rokr BEST phone ive had.

Reviewed by Steffanie from UK on 21st Jul 2006
I got this phone recently, and I guess I'm really happy to have it. So far, there are no problems. I love the music quality, the side lights. I guess I don't expect much - the thing with the VGA pictures..well, I wasn't really looking for a camera phone, more a phone I can listen to music with. I don't mind the 100 song limit either. I think it's fine. But if you're more of a camera freak/ipod or mp3 freak, don't buy the phone. xDD

Reviewed by weedonna from UK on 9th Jul 2006
this phone is absolutley fandabydozy i love it , i have had 3 phones this year and none of them come close to this one omg out of all the mobiles i have had (and trust me were talkin i change me phone every other month) this is by far the best i would recoment to any1 go and buy this phone , it has everything you need gd cam mp3's itunes the lot what more can u ask 4r? you can even set your mp3s as a message alert which isnt as comon as you think , everytym i gt a txt my mates r well impressed coz it playes my songs instead of a drab tune i love this phone and i got it just in time for my hols loadsa music to listen to in a long car journey exellent love it buy it buy it now ppl go hurry

Reviewed by Ronan from UK on 5th Jul 2006
This PHONE IS RUBBISH. I ave had it for about 3 mnths now and it is rubbish motorola are the worst phone manufactors EVER!!!!!!!!!!! all my freinds are getting nokia and sony erricson phones and i wish i had never had bought this one the camera...RUBBISH the video....RUBBISH the video is the worst you have to store the video you have recorded before veiwing it you cnt use i tunes as anything but listning to and it only has the capicity of 100 songs. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Reviewed by Bex from UK on 29th Jun 2006
I do like this phone, i got it for my birthday, and i thought it looked awesome, and the fact that it has itunes was wicked. The people who complain about it only having a limited 100 songs are the people who listen to any old rubbish, if anyone can name 100 awesome songs that they would listen to anytime, then tell me, but so far i found about 70 or 80 songs is plenty, n i still skip some of them! At the start i did have a few problems with it xcrashing, but it only did this about 3 times and it seems fine now, i've dropped it twice, and the screen hasn't scratched but some of the casing has dented but its unnoticiable. The guy who said he had problems with getting a signal might want to look at where he lives because that has nothing to do with the phone, its the network. Just worked out how to have songs as ringtones so thats a great feature, as long as you move your videos and photos to your memory card, you'll have enough space to do this. The themes features is great if you ever fancy a change of scenary. The screen quality is fantastic. The camera is good for a 0.3 megapixel and the video is alright. The best thing about the phone is the built-in speakers, most of my friends thought someone had turned on a radio when they heard it! The lights are pretty funky as well love the colours! The phone is really good value for money and as a combined itunes and phone its awesome!

Reviewed by Andrea from UK on 26th Jun 2006
READ THIS REVIEW ***I made a BIG mistake. I don't know why I decided to go for it. The body feels cheap and tacky and the camera is very poor. Video is also pixelated and "squarey". The iTunes interface is painfully slow, taking around 40 seconds for ONE song! And i cannot believe Motorola have used USB 1.1 technology! Not USB 2.0!! The joystick in the middle is not as responsive as it used to be either and the battery cover has been prone to coming loose. And i would love to know why Motorola have put the memory card slot under the battery of all places? very strange. I find reception is poor, wherever i am with 3 bars maximum, if im lucky. The battery also lasts 1-2 days, if that. The built in speakers don't even go loud in maximum volume. I have since sold it on and got a Sony Ericsson W810i which is MUCH better and the quality is outstanding. Think very carefully before going for this.

Reviewed by mitch from UK on 14th Jun 2006
Absolutly AMAZING! Yes the 50 song limit in Aus (100 in other countries) can be dissapointing but there are ways to get around this without loosing quality. People who can be bothered to tell others will write it but im not one of them people so im not. Otherwise its an all around good phone. People complain about the VGA camera (0.3MegaPixel) but it still takes amazing pics. And lets face it, a mobile IS NOT a camera, A CAMERA is a camera. Besides i have had 3 other VGA camera phones B4 and this one definatly beats them in quality, even though its the same MegaPixel. All up gr8 mobile for teenagers or people who consider their visual image important.

Reviewed by James Brown from UK on 16th May 2006
well where do i start! The phone has been dodgy ever since i bought it! its been in repair 3 times after continous failures e.g saying i had full signal but yet when i make a call or a text it wont send it! battery life is awefull, the memory card does not register in it, and tonight it wont even charge! overall i would say this is by far the worst phone I have ever bought and i will not be buying another motorola as i think they are stupidly unreliable!

Reviewed by lara from UK on 12th May 2006
this fone has gr8 tones n dat but dere aint no video recording so i iz gettin samsung d500 2moz tekin dis 1 bk coz i dun lyk it, but for all u ppl out dere dat lyk ya tones get dis 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by lush laura from UK on 11th May 2006
hey i got my fone 4 my bday n its propa gd. the music speakers are gr8 n da games r kwl. de onli problem i find with it iz de battery life, it seems 2 go quik n i end up charging it everyday. mayb dats cz im always listenin 2 my music bt o wel i cn live wi avin 2 charge it al the time. ppl sed de fone ent dat gd bt i fink its gr8 n so if i lyk it den tuf ima keep it lol! i was gna get de nokia 6111, bt wen i saw dis fne i fel in love wi it str8 away! overal a bril fne n i dnt wna av 2 gt a nu 1 lol

Reviewed by dannii from UK on 7th May 2006
i would'nt call this phone excellent but is avredge. For some reason the itunes wire wil not connect to my computer and i cannot put tunes on to my phone from time to time the phine goes blank and i have to wait several seconds to wait for it to come back on and the bluetooth does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Reviewed by yvonne from UK on 1st May 2006
think this phone is brilliant, 100 songs on ipod, camera is emough for what i want, would like to use more than just one song as mp3 ring tone but not worked that out yet, got this at a bargin price, my frien got w800i and paid a lot more for it and only difference was that had a radio, wanted this phone for ages and certainly not dissapointed with it.........

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 27th Apr 2006
Brill fone itunes r wikid wy dus evry1 say a 100 song limit is rubbish its more than you if u want more buy an Mp3 player. Ace fone reccomend it 2 any1

Reviewed by gurk from UK on 20th Apr 2006
omg- what a waste of money RUBBISH

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 27th Mar 2006
Thought this phone was fab to start with, great having Itunes on it. Then it started to crash, freeze and generally do other weird things. Had to take battery out to switch it off when it froze. In the end, i couldn't even type text in a message or save a number without it freezing. I'm currently waiting for a replacement phone as i sent mine back. Unfortuantely I have to have another E1 as this isn't a known fault! Pah, my dad had to send his back for the same reason, and I have read countless reviews from people who have had the same problem. I think I am going back to Nokia!!

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 21st Mar 2006
Look this phone is a E398. Ok i agree. the E398 was voted top mp3 phone fo the year by Cnet. So how come people are Critizizing it when it gets put back onto the market with BETTER FEATURES. Dont say its a waste of money eatheir its is great value. It also comew with 256 mb flash card. Thats worh 30 alone. So dont complain about the price. If you want a mp3 player capable of playing 5000 songs. Then a 120 phone is not going to dilver that is it. So go work in Mac Donalds and save some money up to buy a ipod instead of spending ur life on forums saying the Rokr is rubbish. Ben

Reviewed by adele from UK on 20th Mar 2006
i have only recently bought this fone, i thinks its quite good compared to some fones ive had!! the only problem i have is i cant get the itunes to work. ive tried everything and done wot it says but it dont seem 2 work!! i even foned o2 for help and no one got bak 2 me shamefull really!!! anyone who can help my email is adelelei@hotmail.co.uk

Reviewed by > I've given up on the software and USB cable supplied with the Z500 and from UK on 13th Mar 2006
I was looking for a new phone and was going to buy the nokia 6101 and when i found out it had been discontinued i had given up and was gona stay wid my NEC e616v but just as i was about to exit the store i saw the motorola ROKR for £70!!! i was shocked surely that cant be the right price but nope it was correct and i instantly bought it and am glad i did its amazing i love the rythem lights and sound quality is excelent everyone mones about the short memory but remember its only a phone!! if you want more go and buy an mp3 player lol the screens excelent! the only problems all resolve around the camera! the fact that it isnt megapixle and you cant record for long with video but if you aint bothered about that then this phones for you! im glad i got it!

Reviewed by Vaughn Burns from UK on 28th Feb 2006
This phone is quite good, the sound quality is brilliant, the only problem is that you can only have 100 maximum songs on it, the megapixel is not the best feature on this phone either but if you are like me and very rarely use a the camera on a phone then your ok. I dont think this phone is as good as the sony ericsson W800i or Sony ericsson W900i if your looking to have a brilliant camera on it as the W800i and W900i have an amazing 2.0 megapixel camera. So if your looking for a phone with a brilliant megapixel camera and want loads of songs on your phone then your better of getting the W800i which you can get approx. 125 songs on it or if you wanna get even MORE songs on your phone then the W900i is the phone for you which you can hold approx. 500 songs on it. Also look out for the sony ericsson W950i which comes out sometime between summer 2006 and christmas 2006 which will have a WHOPPING 4GB memory which you will be able to get around 4000 songs on the phone, YES!!! I SAID FOUR THOUSAND SONGS. I for one will be getting this phone only one problem... Sony have decided not to put a camera on this phone!!!!!! I have one question for people who say that sony ericsson have only got a better camera. Have you actually seen how much music you can get on it? as I said before in my review that sony ericsson W800i and W900i can pack a whole lot more music on the phone and thats just the music my friend has 125 songs on his W800i, 95 games lots of videos and pictures and he STILL has space for more stuff. If I could have got this phone when I got this phone I would have but where im on contact and I have only got a visa electron card I could only get a certain phone from the site I was on.

Reviewed by Alfique from Pakistan on 23rd Feb 2006
Excellent phone with ultimate features. The only drawback is the 0.3 mp camera. The battery life is awesome. Excellent music quality and a very good tft screen.

Reviewed by SE man now from england on 22nd Feb 2006
this phone is rubbish! how can you say it is better than the sony walman phone, because it 'looks better and can play itunes?'. sure on the computer itunes is good, and good with an ipod, but on this phone- why???? the only thing good about the phone is the stereo sound speakers. audio capacity is small. mp3s are barred at 100 songs, camera is vga (0.3 MP), menus are slow, and lots of crashes and other problems. i bought this phone thinking it was going to be good, but a week later returned it and got a w800 instead. the phone looks nice and shiny on the shelves, but its just another plasticy gimmick...

Reviewed by unhappy from uk on 19th Feb 2006
Sluggish, spongy operation, good speakers. CRASHES: I see another reviewer has reported on malfunction, error, software problem of this phone... mine locks up every time I attempt to enter text characters and resets or turns off and on.

Reviewed by alex from england on 18th Feb 2006
mint phone

Reviewed by bob from france on 18th Feb 2006
very good better than i thought

Reviewed by hello from on 17th Feb 2006
this phone is amazing it has everything u need it is better than the sony ericcson mp3 phone cos it looks better and u can put itunes on the motorola

Reviewed by Drew from Kenya on 16th Feb 2006
A small stylish and outstanding little phone from motorola

Reviewed by ben from australia on 15th Feb 2006
THis phone is great!! The I-Tunes is fntastic as well as the sound. The camera and colour screen is good, and bluetooth capability is a bonus. Very stylish, I think.

Reviewed by jo from england on 14th Feb 2006
i have had this phone for a few months now, and have had to have it replaced twice already, the sound quality is good, but the fact that the software on the phone keeps deleting the songs from my itunes, the bluetooth doesnt work, and every time it gets a call or a text message through, it freezes and switches itself off, meaning you cant make phone call or use it to communicate, which is what it is for. i have found it completely useless and would never reccomend it

Reviewed by Julie from England on 11th Feb 2006
I like this phone alot because its an excellent price for what you get

Reviewed by Lorna from England on 11th Feb 2006
I think this phone is the best phone ever! I love the i-tunes! and everything else about it i couldn't have picked a better phone so far it's working outstanding and im sure will for a long time!!!

Reviewed by jizzy bizzle from tha hood in senegal on 7th Feb 2006
ya man, dis ting is bangin. i got all me tunes on it so easy an it can hold so many like. it better dan me i pod like blod. if ur any one dats any one get dis now mon

Reviewed by kazza from Scotland on 5th Feb 2006
After a bad start with this phone it seems to be getting better. At first I couldnt get the Itunes to work, tried everything but my computer couldn't read it I finally formatted the memory card and that sems to do the trick. My only other gripe is that I seem unable to change my mp3 into ringtones, when i go into my media folder it is not picking on any of the music in the memory card. It is doing my head in. I upgraded to this phone from a D500, I fancied a change and didnt want to get the D600. I do like it and im sure that once I search the net for help on ringtones I will like it a lot better. Good for a change.

Reviewed by one dissapointed owner...... from UK on 5th Feb 2006
This phone does not deserve the ipod badge. Here is a short list: Pros: Good stereo speakers I-tunes Cons: Screen and menu system bad Camera only VGA resolution- terrible, really Tunes are incredibly slow transfer-takes ages!! Fiddly joystick 100 song limit despite card capacity- what is that all about??!! Very slow, errattic menu interface operation, especially when listening to music in the background. The stereo speakers and I-tunes are the saving grace. If i could have given 1 and a half i would have.. Alternative phones: Samsung D600, Sony Errcson K750i, Nokia 3250, or wait until the ROKR E2 is released- that should be a much better phone

Reviewed by Francis Holmer from England on 2nd Feb 2006
This is the worst phone in the world I couldn't find a worse phone if I tried. I am now wishing I got a D600, K750i or a 6230. Please Lord answer my prayers and get me a better phone

Reviewed by kyle from united states on 2nd Feb 2006
ok lets be real ok noone will ever listen to a 100 songs at once! i have an ipod mini and i have 5000 songs on it but i never listen to half of them!!!!! and all the talk about it sucking and stuff like thatTHEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!! this phone is great the features are amazing on this phone and the battery life is perfect!!!!! i havent found one problem with the phone at all what so ever and i have had it for a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jonny Blakeston from England on 1st Feb 2006
I have this phone and l think it is awsome. It is easy to use after a day and is comfortable to hold. Itunes is anther big plus!

Reviewed by Gemma from Cheshire/England on 30th Jan 2006
I think that its a good phone, but i really dont understand it! I get most of it but i just find it so hard to understand! It safes things to different parts of the fone, like the song i download go to the sounds pit and not onto the itunes bit!!! so confuseing!! cud fone tho!! :D x x x x Love gemma x x x x

Reviewed by Ashley from UK on 27th Jan 2006
An amazing phone. It does everything i want it to do and more. The guides are a little too vague though and a bit confusing. The sound quality is amazing and the itunes capabilities save spending extra money for an MP3 player. Rock on ROKR.

Reviewed by Katie russell from England on 26th Jan 2006

Reviewed by adam from uk on 26th Jan 2006
very good ++ it has good range on bluetooth better than a sharps gx25 and sonys k700 good space

Reviewed by JADE from united kingdon on 25th Jan 2006
the only thing i like on this phone is the i tunes.. and even then they were trouble uploading onto the phone, then when transfering pictures to computer it continuosly adds extra songs deleting the ones i selected! the camera is dissapointing.. the message capacity again dissapointing.. the phone is constantly running out of battery meaning that the i tunes feature can never actualy be used!! stupid stupid people that made this phone i neeeded a new phone and now i have wasted my money on a piece of junk !

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 21st Jan 2006
This is by far the worst phone I have ever had! There are several faults I have experienced such as the erratic crashing by turning itself on and off and the fact that on several occasions it has deleted all the iTunes off for no apparent reason! Takes a while to get used to but if you want it for the iPod features you would be much better off buying an iPod! The camera technology isn't very high quality either. The only good feature other than the iTunes is that it has a relatively long battery life! Wasn't enough for me to not cancel the contract though!

Reviewed by reece from england on 21st Jan 2006
it's a great phone but the i tunes are not that loud listening to it without headphones but can hold so many pics and vids but i would have a sony erricson walkman phone

Reviewed by Dave from England on 16th Jan 2006
The ROKR is a good size, excellent screen res and of course iTUNES :D also it has nice touches like the light responsive keypad ie when its daylight it stays off and at night it will come on [i initially spent ages trying to make it work, thought it was broke lol] and the rokr allows different vibration patterns which is cool too! only real letdown is that, no matter how big ur memory card, the phone only has 100 song capacity but tbh i have an ipod so its fine lol. All in all a brilliant phone at which im v v v v v pleased with. worth the money.

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