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Motorola RAZR2 V9 review

 Review: February 2008  

Last updated January 2009


In a nutshell: The Motorola RAZR2 V9 is almost exactly the same as the RAZR2 V8, except that it's a 3G version.


The RAZR2 V9 is about the same size as the original RAZR V3, and looks very much like the original. It's built from premium materials - stainless steel & chemically hardened glass - with a two-tone soft-touch housing, and looks and feels like a quality product. The RAZR2 is a much higher-spec phone than the original RAZR though. There have been some design improvements too - the flat keypad is nice and responsive - and the external screen is the largest of its kind and is touch-sensitive. The external touchscreen can be used to control the music player, and also to read and reply to text messages. When not in use as a touchscreen, the external display shows information such as the date and time, or incoming calls. It's a multi-tasking phone, so you can use the music player whilst accessing the other phone functions.

The V9's camera isn't that brilliant. At 2 megapixels and no flash, it's well below average for this class of phone. It supports low-resolution video recording plus 3G video calling. The music player on the other hand is great. The touchscreen controls enable the music player to be operated without having to open the phone, and there's full support for managing playlists on the go. The media player is Windows Media Player® 11, which supports virtually all music formats and enables easy synchronisation with a PC. The internal memory is limited to 45 Mbytes, which isn't very much for storing music, but the V9 can take microSD memory cards up to 2 Gbytes, which is enough to store around 500 tracks. There's full support for wireless Bluetooth headsets, and also microUSB 2.0 connectivity, for fast data transfers from a PC.

Another nice feature in the V9 that first appeared in the RAZR2 V8 is CrystalTalk™. This is a new technology that improves call quality by automatically adjusting the audio to take into account of background noise.

The only thing that we don't like about the V9 is the battery life. The V9 is a slimline phone with two large screens to power, and 3G too, so it isn't surprising to find that the battery runs down pretty quickly. If you're a heavy user, we'd have to say that this isn't the right phone for you. But if you can live with the battery, you'll find the RAZR2 V9 to be a very stylish and feature-rich mobile.

Motorola RAZR2 V9 features include:

  • 2.0 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video camera (176x144 pixels, 15 frames/second, MPEG4 format) plus 3G video calling
  • Internal display: 262,000 colours, 320 x 240 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • External display: 262,000 colours, 320 x 240 pixels (2 inches)
  • Music player (MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, AAC Enhanced, WAV, AMR NB, XMF, MIDI formats)
  • Hands-free speaker
  • CrystalTalk™
  • Automatic answer (headset or car kit needed)
  • Speaker independent voice recognition
  • Conference calling
  • Voice recorder
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, email (POP3/IMAP4/SMTP)
  • Pre-loaded games
  • Caller id with image
  • WAP, GPRS Class 12, EDGE Class 12
  • Opera web browser
  • Calculator, Alarm Clock, Wallpaper, Screensaver
  • Memory: 45 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (up to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
  • Quadband (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) plus 3G HSDPA 2100
  • Weight: 125g
  • Size: 103 x 53 x 13.3 mm
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 260 hours

Motorola RAZR2 V9 user reviews

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Average rating from 109 reviews:

Reviewed by sparrow from uk on 28th Jan 2013
The Motorola V9 is a fantastic quality machine. It looks good, feels good in the hand, easy to use and as for the battery life, well personally it has been fine for my needs. You will struggle to find a phone these days that has so much character. This is a beautiful little phone. Most phones these days are just plastic without the character and style of the V9. It also has a front touch screen for music and video use, unlike its predesesor the v8. Buy it and you will love it. There is just nothing out there with a bit of style and character like this phone except maybe the Benq Siemens EF81 which is very hard to come by now.

Reviewed by Albert from Australia on 22nd Jul 2011
i think this is an excellent phone, well designed and sleek.Some probs with battery life if ur a heavy user but overall it is a very nice nice thin phone with handy features. :)

Reviewed by umesh from india on 25th May 2011
is excellent phone i love this mobile phone .

Reviewed by maxine walton from UK on 7th Dec 2010
really struggling to get a connection with usb, trying to put photos on the phone to computer, help

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 21st Jun 2010
I am on my second V9 now and they have both been excellent. These phones are only for people who want to use a phone easily without any issues of pouches etc, can go in any pocket and very easy to uses. If you are into photo's or web access then this is not the phone for you. There is no other flip phone as good as this.

Reply by Carol from UK on 23rd Apr 2012
Hi Brian, My boss is also on his second! He has the Motorola Razr2 V9 and we are having problems turning of the pretext and also changing the ring tone. Would you be able to help us sort this out? Be most grateful if you could find the time to help. Regards, Carol

Reviewed by Pat from U.K. on 15th Jun 2010
I bought 2 at the same time, one for me, one for mum. She rarely used hers. Mine? Fine, no probs, reliable, easy to use, 2 days battery, sometimes 3. After 2 years, mine was a bit scratched and speaker full of dust etc, poor volume, so I swapped for hers. Which cannot get a signal at all in places where the other one regularly got 4-5 bars. So it looks like a quality issue with manufacture. Back at Motorola at the moment hoping for repair but if it turns out to be no good I'll have to migrate away from Moto as they have lost the plot developementwise.

Reviewed by mitch from australia on 28th Jan 2010
This phone really is a work of art. my phone is perfect - not one scratch on it - next g branded and works good watching live tv and sports.Music keys are great - battery life pretty good (2 days is good considering my old n96 got about 8 hours) and messageing is good although the keyboard is a little flat but ive gotten used to it - charges in about 6 -7 hours for a full charge and if i just put it on for half an hour ill get 5 hours out of it :D (heavy Usage) Fantastic phone - Motorola FTW!

Reviewed by Al from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
I don't know what everybody is complaining about. My V9 works perfectly, the signal on 3 Mobile is better than my Motorola V3x and my Sony ericsson K600i. In my house with my V3x i get about 2/3 bars of signal, with my V9 I get 5 bars. Moreover I use it a fairly moderate amount during the day and the battery copes just fine. It also came with tetris EPIC WIN! Excellent phone I love it!

Reviewed by terry collins from UK on 9th Jan 2010
very disapointed with this phone,been back twice for repair, and giving trouble right now,have gone back to using my old motorola v3 which still works perfectly

Reviewed by Michael from Australia on 24th Nov 2009
I have a motorazr v9 and as long as I only charge it when it is low it lasts me 4-7 days

Reviewed by williamus from uk on 9th Oct 2009
Mmmm...I've had this phone for 15 months, bought SIM free. Before that I had the V8, V3i, V3, etc. Just bought an iPhone 3Gs. I'll never go back to the Moto because the iPhone is amazing but I have to say the V9 is much underated phone. I'd say the HSDPA download is significantly quicker than the iPhone and the ability to sync with MP11 is IMHO an advantage over iTunes. The build quality of the V9 is outstanding and despite really heavy use it still looks new. Best phone I've ever had (until the iPhone). Maybe I've been lucky with getting "a good one". Battery life with 3G and applications is seriously limited, but so is the iPhone. Considering this phone is getting on for 2 years old I think it is outstanding.

Reviewed by Dylan from UK on 15th Sep 2009
it is a rubbish phone, i just got a new battery n it stills runs out of battery its low on brightness n it still runs out, thank god i got anew phone n i am using this as my second but i cant cuz its always looking for reception which is weird cuz my iphone is full of signal, i am on the 6th floor in the city centre, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE, iv had moto bfr all the razors, this is by far the worst, hoently i dont even know why they hav a touch screen infront cuz its totally usless n pointless.... this phone does not deserve a star, a phone is there to call text and so on, if it cant do that it does not deserve to be on mobile phone category, this device is beter used as a flash disk, a camera or a music player thats all... i get more battery life on aero plane mode.

Reviewed by Dei from Wales on 11th Sep 2009
1. It's a very good phone. 2. Its receiver is rubbish (one bar - person next to you (same network) 5 bars) so it's only OK in cities. 3. The battery is rubbish (no guarantee of 48 hrs).

Reviewed by Malcolm from England on 25th Aug 2009
This is utter rubbish. I have an old LG, about 5 years old pre generation and it does so much more than this. I wonder if a child developed this. If this is the best Motorola can do then they will go broke soon. The list is endless of what it cant do. It is for very simple people who dont have a clue how to use phones and dont want to use there brain.

Reviewed by ukpot from uk on 2nd Aug 2009
nice phone, battery no problem but losing signal ....dropping calls... save your money ,,,

Reviewed by Neville from UK on 25th Jun 2009
As far as the phone spec. goes I found it a good phone and didn't have any problems with battery life. However there were two issues which became so frsutrating that I ended up switching back to my old phone. The first was only minor - the touch screen lock was a bit fiddely. However the main problem was signal drop out. It was fine in strong signal areas butu as soon as you go to an area with a weaker signal it would cut out, yet my old K1 would have plenty of signal.

Reviewed by mee from UK on 24th Jun 2009
This phone has an amazingly clear camera even though its only mega pixels, also the music player is very good apart from it donsent play all formates thats about the only bad thing.

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 19th Jun 2009
Had this phone for 11 months due to contract. No signal. Turned off on its own. Deleted pictures. Delected messages. Deleted music. Deleted contacts. Less than a day of battery life. Fell apart constantly. No sound quality. Awful. Never NEVER NEVER buy this piece of junk!

Reviewed by Glenn from Cyprus on 19th Jun 2009
Same problems as everyone else....almost zero reception and poor battery life. It has become an expensive Sudoku machine!

Reviewed by John Freeman from England on 2nd Jun 2009
Had phone for a year, use around London strong reception, internet download superb, on vodaphone and sometimes notice weak reception out of town, put it down to vodaphone or eventually the phone, but for a few days swopped sim card with my wife on O2.. reception fine in areas where my sim not so good.. so perhaps not phone after all.. but do like motorola for easy use of functions.. just set up 2 Nokia N95 8b and 6600 for family members..so painful from start.. not like motorola..

Reviewed by John from USA on 29th May 2009
I have this phone for over a year with Cingular/ATT. The reception is very bad. Constant dropped calls inside the house. At the beginning I put the fault on the ATT 3G network and hope that it will be better as they improve the infrastructure with time but no such luck. The bad service remains the same to this day. Many trips to the stores and complaints to ATT without result. A few months ago the charger failed, the phone started to shut itself off during calls. Purchased a new battery and upgrading the SIM card did not help. So last week I downgraded to an LG "shine" phone and much happier with the cheaper phone. Stay away from this Moto junk V9.

Reviewed by Ryan Johnson from England on 29th May 2009
I had a Sony Ericsson k770i for a few weeks before the opportunity to have the v9 turned up. Before I had the k770i I had a Motorola SLVR L7 and had it for three years before I got another phone, the main reason being the time flew by with that phone. In comparison to the v9 the k770i has many advantages, first its dimensions fit better in a pocket and its USB connection is miles ahead of Motorola’s awkward and annoying system. Its message tones are better and the camera is far superior but these are perhaps trivial like buying a Ford Mondeo over a Jaguar XF because the blue oval comes with a better stereo. The v9 feels much better built, much tougher which it should as it weights a lot more, a third more than the k770i. But it also feels much better quality the k770i felt cheap, plasticy and disposable, with the v9 I have no fear of breaking it. Experience reassures this belief I once ran over my old SLVR L7 and it was un-harmed. It has other advantages too. Texting is much easier and it feels more stylish, the touch screen is a nice touch. It's perhaps a little old now compared to its competitors and it should be noted one of the main reasons I brought it is because for some old fashioned completely out of date reason I am a loyal customer to Motorola. The k770i was very tempting and I still fancy changing back a times but I never do.

Reviewed by pradip from india on 26th May 2009
I heard of the European Edition which offers a lot more, but I'm using the one available in Canada. If you're usually at a comp and use the phone often, you can charge it in a usb port and this may be a useful phone. I want the next phone I get to have the functionality of this phone and more. Its good points that I use: Bluetooth smarts: I use the earpiece daily to capture audio from school lectures, and use the headset during long bus rides or at anytime. The phone can play all compatible music/video on the earpiece; while an older LG over here would only play mp3 in stereo. It easily can pair with either device. General things: I use its Calendar and Alarm apps on a regular basis, as well as taking pictures or recording audio. People out there have written a few java apps that work well with this phone. Using it as a media phone is great- it plays all supported video/sound on both a bluetooth monophone earpiece or on a stereo headset. The media finder keeps the various music, sounds, and pictures organized, and the internal music player [not the additional java app] allows me to listen to music while doing non-audio things, like text messaging, taking a picture, or running an app. Its external screen shows the music playing, and the headset offers the same controls as the external screen. Occasionally, I have been able to read a new text message; but I don't have control over doing it on purpose. I am able to see recent callers and call one of them with the phone closed; providing I use a headset. I'd love to be able to play videos with the screen closed like the European ed offers. Design: Well, it's sleek. It was also dropped and bounced along concrete, and its protective edges and shock absorption saved the big display and prevented further damage. The not-so-smart things... Adding customized ringtones/alarms: Despite numerous re-encoding, or looking at v9-specific tunes, or even using Motorola's app, the phone is unable to recognize that there are other sounds available- it can only use what it originally had in Sounds or Music; no matter where the new tunes are. Modding my version of the phone or finding the right app to archive texts is difficult- every p2k app seems to crash or fail, and Motorola Phone Tools rarely has the outbox timestamp of when the message was sent; and its xml export doesn't offer the

Reviewed by scott agtely from usa on 24th May 2009
This phone sucks. its hard to read and there is no font adjustment. It comes with junk ringtones. How about a phone that works like a phone and spare the other rubbish. My samsung was a pleasure and this piece of junk is a punishment.I'll sell for $50!

Reviewed by damo from Australia on 13th May 2009
Makes for a great paper weight. As a phone its rubbish. Note to Motorola: its all well and good to make a pretty phone, but if you can't make or take calls on it due to the weak reception, then I would say that you aren't really providing an adequate product.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 11th May 2009
I don't understand some of the terrible reviews. I've had this phone for 6 months now with hardly any problems. A couple of times it's frozen on me but came straight back on. Music player is great, camera is good, good looking phone with great applications and loads of storage (I use it a lot as an MP3). This is the best phone I've had so far. LOVE IT!

Reviewed by Devon Brennan from usa on 28th Apr 2009
I am an average usage customer. My phone broke after I closed it. The inside piece that connects the top and bottom of phone just snapped off. ARRRG

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 17th Apr 2009
Had this phone repaired twice and still problematic. It has constant keypad issues. The first time it was sent off for the side keys not being responsive. Keypad worked for a while after repair, then the LCD developed these red lines throughout and the entire keypad died. So sent the phone off again, and upon picking the phone up discovered that it wouldn't even turn on, just whined. The people in the 3 store gave me a new one, although would rather have paid for a different model. So far no problems, but overall not a very good phone for heavy users, perfect for my grandparents though. Will not pay for another motorola again, never had problems with my previous Sony ericsons.

Reviewed by Matt from UK on 14th Apr 2009
I chose this phone on looks and an impressive display in the shop. I've had Sony Es for years and wanted a change - big mistake. Yep the music player is good. The camera, despite the above review, has been pretty good. But I have a Camera and an Ipod for that. What's wrong with mine is ability to use it as a phone. Reception is atrocious. Where any other phone has full reception, mine has no signal. It's been back twice, they tell me there is nothing wrong. Well if that's not wrong for a phone to have no reception - fine. In short, don't go for it, I know you want to but don't. It's been a nightmare. Stick with Sony or Nokia - I certainly will next time. Shame really cos it looks and feels amazing.

Reviewed by MEC from USA on 21st Mar 2009
I love my razr2. I have yet to find a slimmer phone out there. It is a pleasure to carry such a light slim phone. No problems with performance or battery life. I was told when I bought it to charge while off and the battery is good for 2 days. I have had the phone about 1 year so far. I hope Motorola keeps making razr phones.

Reviewed by jake from US on 19th Mar 2009
Horrible phone. Has definitely not stood the test of time. I bought it last June, and already the battery is shot. It doesn't last even 2 days anymore. Just last night I went to bed with what I thought was an almost full battery. I woke up and it was dead. Also there are times when I close the phone and if it snaps shut too hard it shuts off. Defiantly the last motorola phone I will ever buy. These phones are built to attract buyers but they are poor quality

Reviewed by ash from uk on 15th Mar 2009
Excellent phone with some really nice features. It may be a bit outdated now that touchscreens are the norm, but if you're on a budget, this phone is perfect. The clamshell model is also nice and helpful in protecting the buttons.

Reviewed by dania from ca on 11th Mar 2009
I heard of the European Edition which offers a lot more, but I'm using the one available in Canada. If you're usually at a comp and use the phone often, you can charge it in a usb port and this may be a useful phone. I want the next phone I get to have the functionality of this phone and more. Its good points that I use: Bluetooth smarts: I use the earpiece daily to capture audio from school lectures, and use the headset during long bus rides or at anytime. The phone can play all compatible music/video on the earpiece; while an older LG over here would only play mp3 in stereo. It easily can pair with either device. General things: I use its Calendar and Alarm apps on a regular basis, as well as taking pictures or recording audio. People out there have written a few java apps that work well with this phone. Using it as a media phone is great- it plays all supported video/sound on both a bluetooth monophone earpiece or on a stereo headset. The media finder keeps the various music, sounds, and pictures organized, and the internal music player [not the additional java app] allows me to listen to music while doing non-audio things, like text messaging, taking a picture, or running an app. Its external screen shows the music playing, and the headset offers the same controls as the external screen. Occasionally, I have been able to read a new text message; but I don't have control over doing it on purpose. I am able to see recent callers and call one of them with the phone closed; providing I use a headset. I'd love to be able to play videos with the screen closed like the European ed offers. Design: Well, it's sleek. It was also dropped and bounced along concrete, and its protective edges and shock absorption saved the big display and prevented further damage. The not-so-smart things... Adding customized ringtones/alarms: Despite numerous re-encoding, or looking at v9-specific tunes, or even using Motorola's app, the phone is unable to recognize that there are other sounds available- it can only use what it originally had in Sounds or Music; no matter where the new tunes are. Modding my version of the phone or finding the right app to archive texts is difficult- every p2k app seems to crash or fail, and Motorola Phone Tools rarely has the outbox timestamp of when the message was sent; and its xml export doesn't offer the best. A program had to be written so that the xml can better export and not be a mess.

Reviewed by Maria from Spain on 2nd Mar 2009
I have an RAZR2 on contract from Orange Spain. It is a very useless phone. Very complicated to set up in either English or Spanish. It took me a month to figure out how to change the ring tone since there is no direct conexion to the phone listing under 'ring tone' on the handset. The Spanish manual says to change the theme and offers help on page 84. Guess what - no mention of themes on page 84. The battery is always running out and it ticks annoyingly all the time. A small knock and the back falls off an the SIM card disconnects. Don't even start me on Orange Spain - they are the biggest crooks I've ever come across and that is saying something for Spain. When I complained about the phone at the shop where I bought it they called the police -- great service. The phone was set up with something called orange world on the front screen. If it was touched accidently it hooked into this and it cost 1 Euro each time - It has cost me a lot of euros and when I asked the orange people they could not help (or didn't want to). A friend eventually found out what was causing the problem and removed it from the front screen - another complicated manouevre. I cannot wait for the contract to run out so I can get rid of both the phone and Orange One star is too good for this rubbish

Reviewed by chank from uk on 1st Mar 2009
i have had this phs now and its good. but i think its egtting uglier by the day. xx

Reviewed by Brett from Australia on 12th Feb 2009
i have had this phone for just on 6 months and thought it was the best phone i had stumbled on for some time. i work by my phone an i have never had connection or talk issues and it worked first go every go when making a call. here is where the issue lies. *i had a problem with the charger being really difficult to plug in and to disconnect. trying to get it to fit was millimetre tight and when pulling out had to use force. not a great ripping force, but a gentle constant force to remove the charger. then all of a sudden the charging port came out of the phone connected to the cable. i am not aggressive with the phone, i treat it as careful as a laptop or any other peice of equipment not meant to be dropped or knocked about. i am not told by the Telstra guru here that the phone wont be covered under warranty or replaced as it is "abuse" to the handset. i wasnt swinging it over my head or throwing it around the place, i was charging it and removing the charger cable. i asked the guy at the shop to bring a new phone out and for he to try and plug in and remove the charger, and alas he nearly dislocated his shoulder pulling them apart, then tried it again and wiggled this thing like it a leaf on a tree to get it to seperate. all he could do then is so not you abused your phone. i loved the phone, but the warranty comeback on something that was an issue from day one is deplorable, that not i am paying for a handset that self destructed and am stuck with it now for 18 months. given this case i give it a thumbs down for service and repair on somehting that can be seen as a phone with not a mrak on the case or body anywahere, yet claim abuse and void warranty, very very poor.

Reviewed by john kevin from philippines on 30th Jan 2009
great phone nice features

Reviewed by lincszx from uk on 29th Jan 2009
This is the best phone bar none, good and clear when talking or easy to use texing, vgood camera and as for the music player i use it in my truck without head phones, it's that good.

Reviewed by Paul from uk on 25th Jan 2009
Great Phone Easy to use

Reviewed by squoolie from UK on 22nd Jan 2009
I've had this phone for a year and can't wait for my contract to end so that I can change to something else. Its rubbish, total pants, the worst phone I have ever had. I have always used Nokia phones in the past with no problems, but to be honest they were rather lacking in style. So, wanting to keep up with the Jones' (or my mates) decided to go for looks for a change. Well, this proved to be a huge mistake - just like some people its all looks and no personality. The battery life is dreadful - I am not a heavy user (I'm no teenager - approaching 50 so not big on texting/camera/music either)but even so, I am having to charge the phone TWICE a day!!! But I guess thats the least of the problems - the worse thing is the freezing. The phone freezes at random on a regular basis which is really frustrating when you're mid call or trying to make a call or text. I have to remove the battery and then re-insert it again several times before the phone comes back to life. Sometimes this is hours. Another annoyance is the screen turning a strange colour at random times, then going blank, then eventually returning to normal. In bed one night recently I wondered what on earth was happening when my bedroom was suddenly lit up with a repeated flashing blue light. It turned out to be my phone having one of its funny five minutes (or 30 minutes in this case). Signal is very poor too, I often struggle to get a signal in places where I never struggled with Nokias - my home, my office, my family and friends'homes. Texting is a nightmare too - I mentioned above that I'm not big on texting but I do need to text occasionally. Well, it was always slow to type a text anyway, but when the phone started showing complete double dutch instead of what I believed I was typing in, I got my teenage son to have a go to make sure it wasn't "my age"! He confirmed what I already knew .......the phone is poo. The same goes for any command you give it really, whether you want to go into messages, saving/deleting messages, clear the phone log, anything really, it is just SO SLOW! And finally, appearance. They say looks don't last, well in the case of this phone, it started to let itself go within a few months. The lovely shiny screen soon got scratched, the fingerprints and grease from holding it to your ear (and I'm not a dirty person, honest)look unattractive, and now the black rubber/plastic whatever it is on the back is peeling off. All in all, a truly horrible phone, don't get it.

Reviewed by lori from usa on 20th Jan 2009
a peice came out of the usb port, a little metal part..had it 45 days..not under warranty because of physicall damage..def a rip!

Reviewed by Christine from uk on 11th Jan 2009
I have had the v9 for nearly a year now, i do love it but..... it has gone wrong....... it wont pick up a signal, the battery wont hold a charge, I have to charge it twice a day and the touch screen only works one side now . so I have had to take it to be repaired which is a pain. Also I have found that because of the touch screen it goes on to web browser so easily with out me knowing. Then I am charged by vodafone. I now am using the V3i which I am reluctant to say is better.I have no truble at all with it.

Reviewed by Denise from Australia on 31st Dec 2008
I love my Motorola and battery is fine. COULD ANYONE PLEASE ADVISE if they are having a problem with HAIRLINE CRACKS on the top right hand side of their Motorola near the Smart Key. I have a friend who has developed hairline cracks and knows of another 4 people with the same problem. My phone is only 6 months old and it has not been dropped. It does not have a mark on it but has developed a hairline crack. Motorola are saying it voids the warranty because it has been damaged. I am about to take the matter further because I know that the phone has not been dropped!!! I recommend you check your phones on both sides and see if you have the same. It is very hard to pick up on the Black/Grey colour as is it very fine. Apparantly it just runs and gets worse. I am very disappointed as I absolutely love this phone. If it is a fault I think Motorolla should replace but unless more people speak up it wont happen.

Reviewed by N__* from UK on 27th Dec 2008
Given it 5 because it is outstanding. Battery life is fine, I get 3/4 days out of it aswell, but it is understandable, as rightly said below me, it is powering two screens. Touch screen is amazing, being able to read a text without opening the phone is a godsend, well done moto! Keypad - just like the V3i, sensitive but gorgeous, so not much of a learning curve. Calls - again being able to call someone throo the touchscreen with the headphone cable plugged in is legendery! 'Clear Talk' Feature clearly [get the pun?!] works and is fantastic! Cons? ... none that i can think of. Only the bluetooth on mine is very temperemental, but it could just be the phone i guess. Also, the games are demo's and thats quite annoying but its nothing i can't live with. To the people that use this as a MP3 player or digital camera, I'd say go and buy an ipod or a real camera, its a phone fgs! once again, fantastic phone, just like the V3i was and it was hard to part from that after 2 years, hope to get another 2 out of this. Long live motorola!

Reviewed by N__* from UK on 23rd Dec 2008
After reading all these reviews i was a little put off, but I'm glad i decided against them and brought it. Firstly, the images on all review websites don't do it justice, its gorgeous in the flesh, and is definitely eye-catching! As soon as i walked in Vodafone it caught my eye and wow, its looks certainly do it justice! Lots of reviews say about the media. I have an iTouch, why would i want a classy mp3 player? lets face it, nothings going to match up to an ipod, if your that bothered, go and get one of those!! The camera's great, if your not bothered about an 8mp camera. personally, i only use the camera occasionally, and it wont be something that I'll be constantly using. Its certainly slimline, and after owning a fantastic V3i for 2 years, i was reluctant to change. But the V9 has done a good job of standing in. I can once again, forget about it in my pocket, something i couldn't of done with a Renoir or C905. Right, down to the touchscreen. After eyeing up touchscreen phones for some time, such as the LG i must admit, i wasn't too bothered about one. Owning the iTouch makes having a touchscreen just sort of normal, and i certainly didn't want one on a phone, it just didn't feel right, plus all are MASSIVE and it seems the bigger or wider the phone the more problems. Well, Motorola have done it justice. The touchscreen is FANTASTIC!Very responsive and gorgeous! Sensitive, but thats what the smartkey is for, to lock the buttons. Its so easy and viewing pictures on the touchscreen is just so simple and a really nice effect! The touchscreen covers, Photos, Music & Video. Thats fine. Although i would have preffered messaging but still, i am not complaining! There are no downsides, and as for battery. When i first got it from the store, i had it on, taking pictures, music, videos and texting, i was doing this for 2 hours before i put it on its first charge. Those 2 hours, the battery was still 4 bars! I don't know what the problem is?! I'm sure it'll last, as I'm not one of those to leave a phone on overnight, just use it about 8 hours a day. Motorola have also excelled on the backlight, usually these drain your battery but, it lasts just for aslong as you need, and turns off, but you can still see the buttons, even in the dark! Incredible, especially when your only viewing a text or playing a game, well done Moto! Keypad - a joy to text on. Its soft, easy to use, and yes the send and backspace buttons are right next to each other in texting, but come on, you can live with that! Overall, I'd recommend this to my Nan, let alone anyone else! So easy to use, ticks the boxes for what you need, and o.k. so its not a media centre, but if your that desperate, go and buy a camera & ipod. Nowadays there cheaper than the big brand names like the Samsung Tocco and LG Renoir. I would say, if your someone in business, there would be no point buying one, go and join the blackberry crew, as thats there department. Motorola - you have another happy customer, long may this one live for 2 years when I'm faced with the dilemma of losing one of your fantastic products!

Reviewed by very annoyed from australia on 15th Dec 2008
Motorola will not repair the phone if there is water ingress; fair enough. Water ingress includes CONDENSATION FROM PERSPIRATION. This means that in a tropical climate the phone is unsuitable for the purpose for which it is generally intended; i.e. keep it in your pocket (in my case my trouser pocket) and perspire in the heat of the day. This is an immoral abrogation of Motorola's reasonable responsibility to its customer. Behaviour of this sort deserves the contempt of all members of the public. I urge all to demonstrate contempt by voting with their feet. 260 hours standby!!? Who the hell decided that? The tooth fairy lives. Long live the tooth fairy! So which Government watchdogs and overpaid agencies are responsible for ignoring dishonest claptrap lide this?

Reviewed by Phill from QLD on 10th Dec 2008
great phone but the battery is kinda bad but it's easy to get used to

Reviewed by liam from australia on 9th Dec 2008
this is the worst phone in the whole wide world. don't buy it. its a rip off.

Reviewed by trab from New Zealand on 4th Dec 2008
This would have to be the worse phone I've ever had! Battery life barely see me through the day, which given I only have reception seemingly half the time, means I miss calls, can't make calls and of course drop calls whilst in coverage areas I've never struggled with in the past using LG's and Sonys. As for the continual reminder vibraions that I've a message then time to reply and the cobination of thr send txt button above the back space button and predictive txt..... and your mates get some random txt's as a result!

Reviewed by James from Ireland on 2nd Dec 2008
Poor battery life means the phone was lasting until about 6pm each day after an overnight charge, not good enough....

Reviewed by simon from 3950 on 30th Nov 2008
the motorola v9 is the best i haven't had any problems with it at all i get about 2 day worth of battery life

Reviewed by Leonie from South Africa on 21st Nov 2008
The overall package looks really impressive... For the first few weeks and then the battery starts loosing power. Really not a recommended phone if you are a business person and need to make calls or receive data then your battery life is limited to less than a day. Great looking phone, not worth the money though.But if you're a sucker for carrying your charger everywhere go right ahead.

Reviewed by mike from uk on 17th Nov 2008
The moto's flip are really for the usa folks, for some reason they love flip/slide phones, some thing to do with cool factor based on that the D500 sells for 60£ in the US, due to its slide and mp3 playback+ speaker, but in the UK you'll be hard pressed even finding a D500 due to them being so old, my view: all the moto range of RAZR have been weak phones, if not battery life, display and gen/ standard fuctions, are weak, im not at all mad that the State side folks love the moto range, its easyer to make money selling motos to them, so if anyone in the UK got this phone for free on contract and wants to get rid of it sell it on ebay.com so the usa folks can view it you'll get about 200£ for the phone after fees and postage, UK retail is 170£ ish,

Reviewed by Mykyl from USA!!!!!! on 13th Nov 2008
Phone is cool, dual display and touch screen is nice. Bat live sucks! However, keep a charger around your work desk and home, no problems. Audio play is kick ass! Recommend phone, just note that pic quality is low and bat is horrible. Nav is decent.

Reviewed by RANG3RSBOY2K8 from Scotland on 3rd Nov 2008
i have this phone and i think it is pretty good.the camera is a bit rubbish and the battery life is TERRIBLE. Its easy to use but mine freezes sometimes. i am going to be a w880i instead. i advise people don't buy this phone

Reviewed by cool kid 681 from uk on 2nd Nov 2008
i have got this phone and thought it was awesoume but the problem is it freeses it brakes easily and when u try to charg the thing it turns on and wastes the battery u put in to it DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Jon from London on 31st Oct 2008
Damn, I was excited about getting, this but everyone moans so much, jesus what are you tryin to do with a phone? There's this thing that comes with them called a CHARGER! I charge my phone at night when i sleep and never worry, why would you be so lazy as to try and get a weeks worth out of it? At the end of the day, the phones camera, not amazing but you can take pictures of good reasonable quality, you want pictures to be amazing? Buy a camera, the sound during calls is excelent, thats what a phones for, and finally music function is good, even if it wasn't don't you have an Ipod or MP3? Phone isn't meant to be used every second of the day no wonder everyone breaks their batteries

Reviewed by nahay611 from saudi aribia on 27th Oct 2008
its lovely and aesy to use but need lettel improvment like navigaition system as same as nokia

Reviewed by Annie from Singapore on 22nd Oct 2008
Second to the opinion below me, the handphone always hangs, even only 3 months after buying it... the back casing can't even be opened lately and the paint come off.. not to mention the battery life is awfully short.. all i can say is, the design is enticing.. shiny, sleek, and all.. but i was quite disappointed with the overall functions...

Reviewed by RM from Malaysia on 20th Oct 2008
i love the colour,style and the looks but now i can't use my camera and mms even..i used once for mms but then i did not knw where's the thing dissapeared.i have to charge my phone for everyday even i use once or twice and chat not more than 5 minutes each.One more thing it always hang..but for me it still ok if i refer or send it to motorola..whatever i love it..make me look great when hold it!

Reviewed by Sadanand from india on 16th Oct 2008
Dear Sir,The design is excellent but you have to improve in camara and battery life.If you improve on these two thing definatelly your product will go like hot cake.

Reviewed by jim from england on 9th Oct 2008
2 things you need from a phone, good signal, reasonable battery life, the v9 has none of these.Battery runs out in less than one day and threes returns policey is not worth the paper its written on, do not bother

Reviewed by fodabone from UK on 7th Oct 2008
Voda have sent me a replacement V9, battery life is awful and needs charging sometimes daily. Audio quality is poor with lots of white noise and poor intelligibility. Looks great but it don't work as a phone!

Reviewed by vedant from india on 3rd Oct 2008
just bought the ferrari edition of this fone, and it isnt that good. battery life sucks, same wid da cam.but it makes up in style and form factor. brilliant user interface

Reviewed by RAVI from USA on 2nd Oct 2008
The moto V9 is a real good phone..The keypad volume can be controlled..u have to go to settings n then audoi..thr u have the option of controlling the key volume..

Reviewed by val from England on 28th Sep 2008
I'm completely with Lorne on this - some terrible foibles on this model. I loved my old stylish black V3, so when it finally died I got a V9 - I'm SO disappointed. It has a very annoying keypad clunk that can't be switched off; an infuriating beep to remind you that you have a message & which can't be switched off - when I went into Orange to ask for help, the assistant said 'I know, I had one and it drove me mad'; the back/send buttons seem to cross over; the customise profile function allows great introduction of own sounds etc but then sends the phone into disarray, I've had to 'factory reset' mine 3 times and have now given up on having an interesting profile on this phone; my screen cracked 3 weeks into my contract and took over a month to be repaired - then the repair company (Orange outsourced my phone repair) lost it, so I eventually got a new one after 6 weeks with all my data/profile lost.......etc,etc,blah,blah,blah!!!

Reviewed by Joe from England, UK on 22nd Sep 2008
I usually go for Sony Ericssons, but I fancied a change so i bought myself a V9, and i was actually very pleasently surprised. The camera is absolutely fantastic and takes brillaint pictures and i love the touch trip on the front screen that you can use to flick through music. It fits in your pocket well too as it is ultra ultra ultra thin. The only problem i had with it is the poor battery life.

Reviewed by Joe Young from England on 17th Sep 2008
Very poor reception in good areas keeps coming up searching for network. Battery life stinks even with 3G off , Flip a bit clummsy , Rattles when you open the phone up .

Reviewed by daniel from london on 14th Sep 2008
ok i like to say i love the v9 and the v8 i love i love i love it

Reviewed by Lorne from uk on 3rd Sep 2008
I was looking forward to using this phone but as with others im surprised at the very poor battery life and very poor signal locking. Why cant you put the predictive txt on permanently?, set recurrent alarms for specific days?, turn off/change the annoying keypad tones?/ delivery confirmation etc. The power socket is weak and you know the protective cover is going to fall off at some point. Also send and/ cancel/back buttons right beside each other - which genius thought that was a good idea?!?!Come back Sony Ericson all is forgiven.

Reviewed by zayan from maldives on 3rd Sep 2008
This phone is just perfect. it has a good enough camera, I mean having a big and more high quality one will just make the phone heavier and fatter. I have this phone, and it can support a micro SD card of 4GB. This phone has a power save feature. if you switch that on, it will save power up to about 3 to 5 days. but if there is continuous calling it may be 3 days and a half. but that's fine. comparing to others, that's over average battery life. 3G works in some service providers, Jeremy (the one from Australia) and it is mushy because of the range you are getting wherever you are IS LOW.

Reviewed by Jeremy from Australia on 29th Aug 2008
Just got the phone, put in the SIM card from my old company nokia phone, so not using 3G and its all mushy when I make calls :(

Reviewed by Louise from Canada on 24th Aug 2008
Love everything about it except the poor cam quality and having to take the battery out everytime to take out the memory card.

Reviewed by Julie from USA on 20th Aug 2008
Very cool phone!! I am a tall woman so I need a phone with larger keypad. This is a very pretty phone and superfast with the 3G. The music player is great as well. Only downfall is the short battery life.

Reviewed by mark from uk on 19th Aug 2008
cant access memory card on phone.. pics that are sent to me cant be saved ... this is the second one i have been sent ... touch screen is very irritating and accesses the live net in my pocket

Reviewed by levendis from Australia on 16th Aug 2008
Mann. I was looking forward to gettin one of these until i read like HALF of the reviews. Battery life, its supposed to be good. if you leave your bluetooth on, this reduces battery life, animated wallpapers, too. but this is the same for all phones. To turn off predictive text completely, this is done through the settings menu. It's processor is supposed to be faster than any of Nokia's N series or E series. I recommend having a minimal amount of things in your phones memory. store as much as possible on your memory card. the phone runs smoothly if it has alot of memory to play with... Just like a computer. What phone can break if it is made of stainless steal and chemically hardened glass, no way if most other phones are made of plastic!!!! look after it, its a work of art.

Reviewed by Nicholas from Namibia on 9th Aug 2008
I owned a V3i and I was always happy with it... and then I got my V9 and I just love this phone... sure the camera might suck and the battery life isn't that great (although a 3 day battery life is good enough for me) but the phone itself makes up for all its "mistakes" The apps are awesome and the bluetooth functions work like a bomb (running a parrot handsfree kit) all in all... its the nicest phone I have ever owned...

Reviewed by lindsay from scotland on 7th Aug 2008
Got my V9 couple of months ago. Having never owned a motorola wasn't too keen. The battery is terrible have to charge it everyday. There is a software problem when a ask for tools the games come up and when I text I get the wrong letters and number coming up. The cover for the charging point is about to fall off. Wish I never got it.

Reviewed by W.Blane from england on 3rd Aug 2008
Had four of these phones over six months . Touch key too sensitive for my big fingures. Work outside all day and the phones are just not tough enough to withstand outdoor use.Fortunately had the phone insured. Screen shatters very easily. Rubber guarding mains leed comes off very easily letting in dirt and water. and the black soon peels off to leave a scatched grey phone. Dont buy if you need an outside phone to withstand the weather and outdoor life!

Reviewed by abdi from england on 30th Jul 2008

Reviewed by Carolyne from Scotland on 27th Jul 2008
I'm on my 2nd one as the first keypad became sticky when texting, brought up the letter m when pressing the 1 key etc, texting took 3 times as long as I had to keep going back to rectify the mistakes, anyway O2 sent me out a 2nd one and I'm having the same problem all over again, can't wait till my contracts up on this one. Nice looking pnone though

Reviewed by james from south korea on 23rd Jul 2008
it was the worst phone i've ever had. 1) The video camera sucks 2) Battery life barely last 3 to 4 hours. 3) File collapses easily. 4) No great features. 5) Video sucks compared to Samsung, Lg, i-phone and nokia. Don't buy this phone, just because david beckham advertises for motorola. it suuuuuuuuuuuccckkss.

Reviewed by KAD from Scotland on 21st Jul 2008
In a word this phone is dreadful. What is the core functionality of a phone? Getting a reception and staying powered up. This phone does neither of these well. The battery life is a day when used normally - less if you are an intesive texter. It is also poor at getting a reception even in well covered areas where my Samsung worked fine. The actual functionality of the phone is OK although it does an irritating pause during typing of texts all the time. On top of all that, the connector for charging and USB cable snapped off mine last night and I am far from heavy handed! Back to Vodaphone with that one. As an asside, Vodafone weren't overly helpful with this either. When I went back originally to complain about battery life and reception the response I got was "Oh, I wouldn't have bought one of those" then "just turn off all the functionality like 3G". Not exactly helpful. I'm now using my old Samsung which is still great (Z540) which is fantastic considering its age while I look for an alternative.

Reviewed by alison from scotland on 28th Jun 2008
hi , never owned motorola mob until v9. must say so far i.m pleased with everything..except can someone tell me if there is a way to lock on to (secondarytext mode) predictor text or do i have to change over from primary each time i text? think i've tried all ways. maybe i'm missing something. thanks. x

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 20th Jun 2008
Okay, I must be honest with all of you, I didn't like the keyboard, everything else, Yea! It's a tradinal motorola mobile inside a clamshell design. It's amazing but not great! I still like it thou.

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 14th Jun 2008
Having previously owned an earlier version of the RAZR which died before its time, I was a little apprehensive about the V9's construction quality. Having used it for a couple of weeks, I am happy to say the V9 is reassuringly well made. It's pretty intuitive to use and all functions operate well. The voice commmand, however, does take time before responding to an instruction which makes its value a bit questionable. The HSDPA addition, however, is a big plus if accessing the net is important - a big jump in data transfer speed. Yes, overall, the downside is shorter battery life but that shouldn't put off prospective buyers who prefer a well made feature laden flip phone. One more thing, a reviewer stated that you are restricted to the RASR's in built ringtones. Wrong! You can load your own with ease.

Reviewed by a. from serbia on 14th Jun 2008
can someone tell me is it even possible to change the image on external display while phone is open? (that bluish Motorola logo, it's perfectly annoying and ugly :( )thanks!! and about the phone: super fast, perfect connection with pc, beautiful design!!! minus: delivery report & camera flash..

Reviewed by Bruce from UK on 13th Jun 2008
This was the first phone I bought because of the way it looks. Sure it looks great but there are some real problems. Battery life is 3-4 days with average use. Take some photos and its down to 1 or days. The software isn't great either. Writing texts - the send button is next to the delete button so I'm always sending incomplete/incorrect texts. Also the screen is big but the phone number font is so small you can't read them. Dissapointing.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 27th May 2008
I had problems with the battery on this phone. It was easy to use, although it was quite big and heavy to use for long periods. When I contacted Motorola they were great and very helpful, but I found the phone a bit useless and with no great features.

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 22nd May 2008
nice looking phone but the batery life is way below standard, aroung 5pm I usually have no battery life left.. Michael Bukowski

Reviewed by brian doyle from scotland on 19th May 2008
i recently got the razr2 v9 and some of the comments on this site bemuse me the phone is pure dead brilliant very sexy and as for the battery life thats what chargers are for and when you read the detail about the phone it runs a 512mhz processor not many phones do and if you noticed the battery it is a lithium battery not your usal battery back to the phone no faults yet mp3 player top class windows media 11 bring it on sony

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 9th May 2008
I'm on my 2nd V9i with the same fault. It is unable to lock onto a weak signal (anything below 3 bars). The screen says "searching for Network" and thats it. No texts in or out or phone calls. Other phones (V3i and V630i) work perfectly with the same simm and number. I do not recommend this phone for people living in weak signal areas until motorola sort this issue out.

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 9th May 2008
I'm on my 2nd V9i with the same fault. It is unable to lock onto a weak signal (anything below 3 bars). The screen says "searching for Network" and thats it. No texts in or out or phone calls. Other phones (V3i and V630i) work perfectly with the same simm and number. I do not recommend this phone for people living in weak signal areas until motorola sort this issue out.

Reviewed by Ben from Canada on 29th Apr 2008
As some of you might have complained about the battery has lasted very short. I had the same experience. But I was actually amazed. So yesterday my phone started showing the low battery signal 13 hours, as I use it for listening to music and make few occasional calls, this is pretty short. But when I was talking to my GF for over 45mins with the low battery signal on. I guess this has to be a faulty battery reading?

Reviewed by Paul from United Kingdom on 29th Apr 2008
Got one to replace my V3i, it's a nice phone fast start up etc, more features etc. But......... has a few niggles 1st the battery life very poor, 2nd is it now has a none standard USB connection, so I have to carry an adaptor lead or the one that came with the phone, 3rd you still have to take the back off to change the memory card (but at least you can use 4gb cards now!) There are many good points though, so don't let this put you off. You can pick them up cheap on e-bay as a lot of people have upgraded then decided that they don't like it.

Reviewed by Ben from Canada on 23rd Apr 2008
I just got this phone. I already fell in love with it. Its so good. This is the replacement for my V3x(which I loved as well). The software is easy for me to use, because it is similar to the V3x software. Other than being a fingerprint magnet, I don't have anything to complain about it.

Reviewed by lou from UK on 20th Apr 2008
I think it is motorollas' best ever... It's very thin and beautiful,eye catching too.. music quality is very pure though it needs to b a little bit higher. screen resolution is awesome and the colours are bright . both screens are brilliant.you can't regret buying it the only draw back is the battery life but again it is understandable because of the 3g and the 2 LARGE screens the software is very reliable ... I simply love it...it's the best mobile i've ever had..samsung e900 SEw850 nokia6300 v3 v3x lg u300 ..to name a few highly recommend it well done moto

Reviewed by Garry from UK on 19th Apr 2008
Took delivery of V9, guess what? None of the above actually works. Major connectivity issues using USB connection. My reccomendation? Don't bother.

Reviewed by David Heasman from uk on 17th Apr 2008
Great phone for style ,but to me the battery is rubbish, I wonder if motorola will make a better battery for this model in the future. I am not a great user but if I wanted to use a mobile a lot this phone would not be the one unless they can improve the battery

Reviewed by Jessica from USA on 17th Mar 2008
I bought the motorola v9 and i love.

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