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Motorola RAZR2 V8 review

 Review: September 2007  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Super-slim clamshell phone, with video camera, 2 megapixel camera, music player, 2 Gbyte memory & Bluetooth™.



After 3 years, the original Motorola RAZR is still in the shops, and that's a rare achievement in the mobile industry. The RAZR spawned various follow-ups, including a range of 3G phones, but now a new milestone has been reached with the launch of the RAZR 2 V8. The V8 is even thinner than the original RAZR, at just 11.9mm thick, and when opened it's astonishingly thin. Yet it's heavier than the original, which gives it a really substantial feel. Part of the reason for the heaviness is the use of stainless steel in the casing. The phone also uses premium materials such as chrome and chemically hardened glass. Although it looks similar to the RAZR, it feels more upmarket, like Nokia's premium 8800 Sirocco. The keypad is larger than that of the original RAZR, and the keys are more tactile too.

But the RAZR2 is not simply an upgraded RAZR phone - it is a quite unique device, as we will explain. One of the most striking features of the RAZR2 is the size of its external screen. It's an ultra-high resolution 2 inch display, which makes it the best external display in its class - possibly in any phone. It's also a touchscreen, making this phone the first of its kind. The touchscreen controls appear on the external screen, like the LG Prada or the iPhone, and are context-sensitive. For example, if the music player is on the touchscreen can be used to select tracks, etc, meaning that the phone can be used as a media player even with the clamshell closed. Other functionality is available through the external screen, such as reading and replying to text messages. This is a really nice concept. When not in use as a touchscreen, the external display shows information such as the date and time, or incoming calls.

The V8 is also the first commercially available Linux-based phone. Linux is an operating system used on computers (especially webservers and workstations) so putting it on a mobile phone isn't an obvious move. However, the result is a fast, responsive system that supports multitasking well (so you can play music whilst using other phone functions, for example). The phone has a slight tendency to freeze, but much less than Symbian phones.

Another new feature in the V8 is Motorola's new CrystalTalk technology. This is a mix of hardware and software improvements that are designed to enhance voice clarity and reduce background noise. Does it work? In a word, yes. The V8 offers call clarity that beats previous generations of Motorolas and puts it up there with the best from Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson.

The media player installed in the RAZR2 is Windows Media Player® 11, which is an excellent music player, with wide support for virtually all music formats. You can create and manage playlists from the phone, and synchronisation with a PC is simple. It's a shame that there's no radio though, and also the bundled headphones aren't the best on offer. The memory available is either 512 Mbytes or 2 Gbytes, depending on which version of the V8 you choose. It isn't expandable, so we'd recommend that you choose the 2 Gbyte version, as you won't be able to change your mind later!

The RAZR2 also has a camera and video recorder, but at just 2.0 megapixels and no flash the camera is at best average.

The V8 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2) with support for Bluetooth headsets, and also microUSB 2.0 connectivity, giving fast data connections with a PC.

Battery life is acceptable, although the big LCD displays do tend to eat power. Depending on how much you use the phone, you'll probably get between 1 and 3 days' use between charges.

Summing up, the RAZR2 V8 is a really interesting phone - far more than just a slimmed-down V3. The external touchscreen is a really nice concept, the CrystalTalk feature works well, and the media player is excellent. Connectivity is good and so is memory (provided that you choose the 2 Gbyte version). Just the battery life lets it down.

Motorola RAZR2 V8 features include:

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Can I use a 3G sin in this phone?

Asked by Stephen page from England on 26th Aug 2018
I want to buy this phone I have a a Nokia which is 3G can I swap Sims to motorola?

I cannot hear callers unless I put loudspeaker on. Any help or advice?

Asked by Colin from United Kingdom on 24th Feb 2018
Motorola Razr2 V8 Gold. When I open flip to answer calls I cannot hear callers. I have to turn loudspeaker on in order to hear them. All other sounds work on phone. Recently changed front screen, maybe disturbed something ? Any help or advice ?

Have the phone, but not on English.

Asked by shihtzugenie from USA on 10th Jun 2017
How do you switch it to English and not what it's in now.

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Motorola RAZR2 V8 user reviews

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Average rating from 208 reviews:

Reviewed by Buxie from Malaysia on 6th Nov 2016
Hey, was wondering. Found a few sites offering the whatsapp software for the razr2 v8. my only question is, is it worth me getting this phone. Its damn cheap now, I could buy it in a heartbeat. but i need whatsapp the most. just getting this and use this. love this phone man.

Reviewed by Martin from England on 14th Dec 2013
I don't need all the features offered by smart phones, and I hate touch screen keyboards so I decided to put the V8 I bought several years ago back into use. It's a great phone and does exactly what I want which is to make calls and send texts. It looks good, calls are clear with good volume and the keypad works well for me when texting as I have lost a lot of feeling in my fingertips. The only downside was the life of the standard 740mAh battery, but a higher capacity battery has largely eliminated the problem of recharging every couple of days. Only one other gripe and that's the "Hello Moto" tones that play every time the phne is switched on. All in all, an excellent phone for those who want comparative simplicity in this technological age.

Reviewed by jeremy from uk on 5th Jan 2012
I really love this phone, I haven't used it for a while tho, but now it won't stay on, even after a complete charge it turns itself off as soon as it finished loading the main screen while on the charger. If I take it off the charger, it won't turn on at all Anyone able to help me please!!?!/

Reply by Russ from Wales on 1st Mar 2012
This is a review site, not a page for technical support.

Reviewed by Kweku Quarbo from GHANA on 23rd Dec 2011
Itz quite an amazin phone buh itz battery consumption is too high!

Reviewed by Akshay from UK on 29th Aug 2011
Battery back up sucks. Over heating while browsing.

Reviewed by Reginald siya from UK on 25th Jun 2011
the moto rzre v8 is an exalent phone and i knw from experience i have had it for 3 years and it rocks

Reviewed by phil marrineur from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
i would recommend this phone to anyone i had one three years ago but it broke and came in half i never saw the phone in any shop and tried others even a blackberry i discovered from ebay they were for sale and bought one i sold the blackberry no other phone compares to the v8 in my opinion the big screen big buttons i just cant fault this phone you can keep all the latest i phone technilony etc

Reply by shihtzugenie from USA on 10th Jun 2017
I have this phone, but never used it because I don't how to switch it to English. Would you no?

Reviewed by DOREEN from UK on 11th Aug 2010

Reviewed by Fluffy from UK on 9th Aug 2010
I have had the V8 now for 2 years and i love it. Its the best phone ever for normal texting on. You dont have to use predictive texting which I hate it remembers all your favour words and your just scroll forward. I have tried other phones to text on they are all dire this is really superb and quick. It has few movements to in order to create, type and send a text its so easy. the screen is fantastic even in sunlight. It vibrates at 6 min intervals if you miss a message or text (it doesnt flash tho which is a downside), but its robust and is still looking new since the day i had it. I tried using the V9 and thort it was a load of junkto be honest. Stick with the V8 before they are obsolete. If you want a phone for texting and calls this is it. A shame they stopped making them, big mistake. ALL OTHER PHONES ARE AWFUL in comparison.

Reviewed by Ian Walker from UK on 20th Jul 2010
The best phone I have ever owned I have had the phone over 3 years. I have tried newer phones but always revert back to the V8 I am going to buy a second hand one so when this one fails I will still have a V8 to use.

Reviewed by Annie from UK on 14th Jul 2010
I love my Motorola RAZR2 V8 ! I have had this phone for 18 months and had no problems with it at all and it does everything I want it to. Battery life not brilliant but ok. I am really upset that I am just about to renew my contract and I can no longer get this phone with Orange and have been offered a Nokia - which I don't want!

Reviewed by bob marlie from UK on 25th Jun 2010
this phone is great but maybe in gold....n

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 7th May 2010
Worst phone I've ever owned. Generally works fine for 6 months or so, and then develops faults with the keypad behaving erratically. I'm on the 3rd V8 since October 2007, which has also had its keypad replaced once. It has not been exposed to moisture, it's not been used anywhere with high humidity. It's just a poorly designed phone. Battery life is acceptable, but not great. OS is hit and miss. Older versions are incredibly buggy (phone often crashed when hanging up). Managed to install the latest firmware from the Internet which fixed that but it's still a slow phone. Looks good, but that's about it. And it's heavy.

Reviewed by michael from UK on 1st Mar 2010
got my v8 off e-bay ,battery life not to good , but does it look and feel good ,NICE PHONE

Reviewed by Jess M from UK on 4th Jan 2010
i hate this phone, i had it for 15 months and the keypad went on it, and the battery life on it is absolutely shocking, i wouldnt recomend it at all

Reviewed by Lynda from UK on 23rd Oct 2009
Only problem - will not download photos onto my Laptop!!!

Reviewed by Andy T from UK on 15th Oct 2009
I have had my phone for a year now and considering how much glass is on view it still looks as good today as it did when it first arrived. Great to use, great to look at, well made, reliable, simple; clever and even the 2meg camera is okay. I hope that the RAZR2 continues for ever - though upgrade the camera once every couple of years! This is the best phone I have owned over the last 10 years. Oh and you can improve battery life!

Reviewed by kishore from UK on 9th Oct 2009
superb mobile except itz memory and battery life....but people who wants a sexy stuff around u just buy this one...music player is excellent...slim,sleek and style..that's moto V8...thanks motto...

Reviewed by Jimmy from UK on 1st Oct 2009
Phone worked ok for the first few months, looked good, touch screen worked fine(only for music player though), although the battery did keep draining after about 10 hours. Then things started to go wrong, keypad didn't respond whilst texting, causing words to be missed, random letters added, delete failing, and previous texts being added to the following text. This caused major confusion to anyone I texted, not helpful. Then it got worse, the outside button jammed, causing the phone to be stuck on vibrate and scrolling through any menu, meaning the phone was unusable, and battery lasted about 2 hours maximum. Took it to orange and they blamed it on water damage, although nothing had happened, and refused to replace my phone. Don't buy the phone, don't expect orange to help, I am cancelling my contract as soon as possible. Hope this helps any future customers, and would love to know if this happened to anyone else...

Reviewed by Jo from UK on 7th Aug 2009
Was given one, gave it back after a few weeks, bought a sony. It may have snazzy clever stuff but the basic functions aren't there. Battery (new) doesn't last a single day even with light use, and while it charges it is mostly disfunctional, and then it turns itself off when it has finished charging, so you can't use the alarm clock if you are charging overnight. With heavy use I'd assume you'd have to charge it several times a day. Might as well buy a fixed phone if it has to be plugged into the wall all the time. Buttons don't work properly making texting very difficult. You have to hit them hard several times. I'm sure it has clever features but I'm more interested in having a phone on which the core features work.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 31st Jul 2009
I got this phone this morning and obviously spent all day playing with it and it still has 100% Battery life! its a great phone and its nice how you can read your alerts and messages on the outside screen without having to flip it up. Very good phone and i would highly recommend.

Reviewed by Kittu from UK on 7th Jun 2009
When i first saw the commercial adv. of v8 i was truely impressed. Then i bought the v8 after reading the above review. And i must say it is amazing phone. I had been using nokia phones for year,those are nothing in comparison to v8. Those nokia sucks. V8 got the unique look and awsome features. I just love my v8. And i hate those people who dislike it n say it got the horrible battery , i think they need some help frm psychiatrist. :-D

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 22nd May 2009
I've owned motorola phones since the StarTac days. But the V8 is going to be the last mobile I buy from motorola. It had software issues from the beginning: - could not set it up to receive mms - could not program all the keys (from 0 to 9) for quick dialing - the exterior screen would fade in and out for hours when left unattended on a flat surface - pictures taken would simply disappear, leaving behind empty files Now, after just over a year that the screen completely died I decided I've had enough, so I tried to save all my contacts on my pc. Except it doesn't work. The software provided by motorola crashes every time I try to retrieve the phonebook. I could update the software on the pc, but not the phone's software, as it was "out of warranty" (?!!). Stay away from this product

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 29th Apr 2009
The best phone I have ever used. Brilliant. No faults

Reviewed by jimking from UK on 26th Apr 2009
pretty good and useable and ofcourse has a stunning looks but function is slow

Reviewed by missmalteser69 from UK on 28th Mar 2009
I dont like this phone. Its so annoying that it doesnt remember simple words in the predictive text so i have to keep retyping them. I thought i'd like a flip phone but this one is huge and its heavy but flimsy, back falls off all the time. Am selling it and getting a nokia. does look nice when closed but dont like using it.

Reviewed by Frank from UK on 25th Mar 2009
Battery is terrible, lasts 2 days! - video is pathetic

Reviewed by marrrtin from UK on 17th Mar 2009
i don't think it's that bad, alot better than the older razr in many ways. those who slag it off cant be all that bright for buying it in the first place, its nice to have a bit of weight to aphone to let you know that quality housing and been put on instead of the cheap nokia plastic. advantage with the two screens for the caller info and full touchscreen function. it's a phone what more do you want?

Reviewed by Kelly from UK on 16th Mar 2009
DONT BUY IT! The phone was given to me by my dad and i HATE it. It also does something different to what i want it to and because the keys are flat it is impossible to text with. Very basic things on it and the only possitive is that it has 3 touch buttons when the phone is closed and playing music and thats about it. Had the phone since July and desperatley want a new one

Reviewed by Luke from UK on 11th Mar 2009
Nearing the end of my 18 month contract with Orange now with this phone. I am still impressed with the quality feel of the phone and how easy it is to text. Few problems though, battery life isn't brilliant, and has got progressively worse. The features the phone has to offer aren't the best, but for call quality it offers is superb. This phone is great if all you need it for is to text and call, which i do. I have used the internet on the phone to go on Facebook and to read emails, which it was okay at doing.

Reviewed by MARIO from UK on 5th Mar 2009

Reviewed by Milan from UK on 1st Mar 2009
This phone is wicked! I love the external touch screen and I have had it for only 1 month and i am thinking of keeping it for a year or two. Battery life is not so good buy hey, every phone as something wrong with it! i would give it 5/5 for look, size and features! This phone is worth the buy, its good for the average working man and student. what you wating for..get this phone!

Reviewed by M Khan from UK on 27th Feb 2009
There are two things great about this phone: the looks and, well, the looks! They've got the basics wrong, which would be unbelievable, except that it happens with software! Phonebook and SMS are actually a step (or two) back on the v3. You can't add more than 4 numbers under one contact. It won't format the text on screen as you edit it when writing an SMS (which really does take some doing to get wrong in this day and age)! The scrolling flexibility is all gone - now its a never-ending hit on the Back, Up/Down and then Enter keys! But at least when you do hit Back it keeps you on the same message or contact - hit Back in the calls list and it pops you right back up to the top! We've all heard about the battery not being great - well, that's true! I think they suggest 7 hours talk time - more like 3. I text a lot - I don't think it'll have much juice left after about 50 texts. MP3. Browsing. Bluetooth. Camera. Yes, these are all there and they do work. But nothing out of the very ordinary. I think the Nokias and the Sony Ericssons are more advanced. But maybe, even here, the problem with the Razr2 V8 is its interface. You just have no flexibility, and Motorola certainly seem to have redefined the term "customise". The issues list in this regard is endless. But Hey! Its only software. Of course, these days, it is only software! Still, I like the way it looks.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 23rd Feb 2009
I love the shiny front on this phone is looks great, and also the fact that you can do a lot on the handset without opening it is a bonus. great job motorola

Reviewed by Adie B from UK on 12th Feb 2009
had mine for 6 months now as a business user and its been fine, this thing about battery life you can buy an upgraded battery on e bay for a couple of quid and it lasts for 2-3 days now on one charge.

Reviewed by BD from UK on 2nd Feb 2009
Very poor Battery, lasts 30 min and shuts off.

Reviewed by Rakesh from UK on 27th Jan 2009
motorazrV8 is very stylish phone

Reviewed by j burdett from UK on 20th Jan 2009
getting the phone to operate on vista is nigh on impossible what ever driver or soft ware i us it doesnt recognise the phoe and if it does and you try the transfer it doesnt connect to the phone to do it

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 19th Jan 2009
This phone looked great when I got it, however it turns out to be an expensive mistake. With a little use the phone gets mucky, it has a tendency to freeze, which means taking the battery out and re-booting, the bit covering the charger port fell apart after about two months, the buttons now work intermittently, the glass is now cracked (god knows how, I never dropped it), the battery life could be better. Could have bought something much better with my £170. It's now worth about a tenner.

Reviewed by Jude from UK on 18th Jan 2009
My Partner is now just returned phone No 3, after 3 days it again is not holding its charge. Nightmare phone. !!!!

Reviewed by agrrrr from UK on 11th Dec 2008
pay no attention to the people who said the phone was poor!! i got it for christmas and found it cool, slim, good features, and brilliant mp3. The people who think the phone is rubbish probably got it cheap and it was already broken! BUY THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by shahbaz from UK on 9th Dec 2008
hay guys i mfrom pakistan ur cell is great, but u plz make some thing like i phone in launch it in pakistan i just love motrola.but i have a problem i want to transfer my ewcorded calls in my pc but i m disappointed over all i love it giving it 5by 5

Reviewed by RabuKate from UK on 8th Dec 2008
Motorola razr2 V8 is one of the best phone what I have. I still have Nokia 8110, 6310i and Motorola MPX 200. But I want to explain one negative phenomen - battery life. For compare - colour displays have to eat more energy as old-style B/W displays. More using of color display and new features (bluetooth, movie, mp3) of phones means less battery life. And at this moment we use phones for more activities than few years back. It is my reason for low-life of battery. I give "her" five stars rating becouse it is love for first look! I am sorry for my english... RabuKate 8.12.2008

Reviewed by zhao luo from UK on 8th Dec 2008
bad phone

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 7th Dec 2008
I like this phone. I hated the fact it came with bundled Orange firmware but I have removed that. Over all, it's a decent phone. If you want a 5mp/8mp camera...get a digital camera. Wtiring a message is easy, calls are clear. My only complaint is battery life. It's not amazing, but you can cope with it. I did have the new Samsung Soul, but it was rubbish. It's slow, long winded and just annoying. This phone is a lot older, but it tops it over other brands! It's sleek, feels fantastic, and looks great. Buy it!

Reviewed by malc from UK on 6th Dec 2008
Have had a razr for four years nearly and without doubt it has been the best i could have chosen!With arthritic hands i can use the keypad easier than all the nokia samsung and others i have tried.THANKS I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANT A NEW ONE!

Reviewed by Nicholas Z. from UK on 16th Nov 2008
wost phone i ever had, i have so many problems with i wouldn't be able to list them all. The phone looks sweet donut get me wrong. for the first 2 months the phone work great, then it started to freeze up on me, so i sent it back. then the new one i got locked up my sim card and then when i was trying to unlock it, i locked the phone up on accident. then i got a new one, now the number 6 and 9 do not work. the screen in the front of the phone has dust all in side it. its a cool phone but it just has to many problems with it. Dont get it, get something elts like the Google G1 that looks like a GREAT phone.

Reviewed by PTW from UK on 1st Nov 2008
Had a KAZR and loved it and when Orange offered me a free upgrade they recommended this. It may just be the worst phone I've ever had. Seems to be lacking loads of features the KAZR had - ie you can't change the soft key functions, you have to do two, three, even four touches to do functions which only took one before (eg creating a new text message), it's nearly 50 per cent bigger (and therefore chunkier), if you take a picture and apply as your wallpaper it blows so large you can only see half the picture... etc etc etc etc etc. As far as I'm concerned Motorola have gone backwards with this one. And cos I was rushed into hospital I was three days late telling Orange I didn't like it, and they won't change it. Cheers Orange, and cheers Motorola. Never again....

Reviewed by David R from UK on 29th Oct 2008
Although this is a good looking phone, I'm on orange and I cant receive photos from certain networks, particularly T Mobile. The battery life is awful and I have to charge it every day (and yes I conditioned the battery when I first bought the phone). Also the ability to personalise the phone is very limited, eg I cant have a profile with a ringing call and silent messaging and I can't turn off the maximum of 20 entry in my call list. Not the best buy I've ever made.

Reviewed by Steve H from UK on 19th Oct 2008
Having had a V3 and V3i and been very happy with these my natural choice was to go for the V8 which has turned out to be a big big mistake. The phone looks good and is substantially built but that does not make up for the poor battery life so much so that I have had to buy a separate battery and charger. BUT the biggest problem that gives this phone 1 star is the very annoying sluggish navigation of some menus and none responsive keypad at times.This aspect is very hit and miss when texting and lets the phone down badly.This phone was not cheap and has put me off Motorola for life.

Reviewed by gaz from UK on 14th Oct 2008
great phone ,but how do you access your pictures on pc ?

Reviewed by j.L from UK on 4th Oct 2008
Phone is good but battery life isnt great. Lasts about 2 days.

Reviewed by nick from UK on 29th Sep 2008
Absolute rubbish!!!DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Bluetooth connectivity is rubbish! Phone constantly powers down & need to remove/replace battery to reboot. Battery,What battery? USB-Pah,Don't work. Recharge port in wrong place & difficult to get to with cover on. Navigating around this phone is a nightmare. Had this phone for three months now & I HATE IT!!!

Reviewed by Rebecca from UK on 23rd Sep 2008
I own a V8, an am extremely happy with it. The external touch screen is my fave feature. The speaker sound quality is good, battery life usually lasts 3 days, and the memory is good as i have the 2gb xx

Reviewed by cathrine from UK on 29th Aug 2008

Reviewed by Akram Golteb from UK on 8th Aug 2008
Phone is OK but the battery life & motorola cust service sucks. Low batt indicator sets off in less than a day of moderate use, mostly SMS. When Mororola Cust service people were asked about this was told that I just have to live with the short battery life because that it how it is. Well it wasn't mentioned in the manual or in it's features that battery life was less than a day so this means Motorola is in principle ripping people off.

Reviewed by Philippa from UK on 8th Aug 2008
Love the phone, but my bluetooth rarely works, the keys constantly stick and the battery life is awful. It's quite difficult to keep clean too, and it's frozen on my several times and I've had to pull the battery out, as switching it off had no effect. I still love it though!

Reviewed by Cheryl from UK on 2nd Aug 2008
What a piece of poo! I am on my second Razr2 V8 since October 2007. Both have demonstrated keypad problems (with one demonstrating both the keypad & voice command faults). Basicaly the key pads gradually became less reponsive to presses until eventually they made texting calling so frustrating that I have now given up and use my Treo instead! Get a Razr only if you want to be thoroughly frustrated!!

Reviewed by George from UK on 19th Jul 2008
this phone is a piece of rubbish to honest! ive had it for a couple of months now a nd i wish i would of just stayed with sony ericsson. the phone sometimes freezes and the buttons stop working. music is rubbish and some music doesnt even work on the phone! great... thanks motorola- oyuve made me waste money.

Reviewed by Charles from UK on 18th Jul 2008
I love it

Reviewed by laurence from UK on 17th Jul 2008
when i first got it i thought it was great, however after a few days i realized how poor the battery life is, having to recharge it like every day, now after 6 months the phone has completely broken and motorola will do nothing to repair it. Runs true with what everyone told me before i got it, that motorola's are the least reliable phones out there.

Reviewed by John from UK on 15th Jul 2008
Dont like that stupid bit of rubber you have to pull out to charge phone i pulled it right out never to be seen again ..........better now

Reviewed by hate it from UK on 12th Jul 2008
ok ive had my razr 2 since november 2007 and i have had 4 replacment phones and its now july 2008 and they were all cause of malfuntcions i suggest to anyone not to buy this phone its a piece of junk!!

Reviewed by Hassan from UK on 11th Jul 2008
I have had this phone for 6 months which replaced my old RAZR V3. My first impressions were good, extremely slimline and light, good quality and decent reception, good built in MP3 player. Almost immediately I realsied that the battery life is only about 2 days if you make a few calls a day which isn't great. Also recently the keypad has started playing up and the keys aren't as responsive as they were. It's become difficult to write simple texts, and i need to keep re-writing words as the wrong letters appear on screen. I wouldn't recommend this phone, go for a Samsung or Sony Ericsson instead.

Reviewed by Manjiri Barve from UK on 2nd Jul 2008
I have personally been a Motorola fan, and trust me, after using everything from the motoming, rockr, razr, L9, I've finally found this phone to be a true style statement with great functionality! This phone is for all the music buffs, who like to make the most of their long commute to work. Sync it with the snoop set and trust me, heads are sure to turn (& in awe and admiration).. Its bulkier than the other motorola phones but you eventually get used to it.. Also, each prob has a solution here! Initially i faced a problem connecting to my PC (connected only as a webcam and not a storage device), and then I realized its a mere setting i need to alter in the 'Connections' menu.. As simple as that! Packed with great features, solid style and oozing oomph, this phone is one great buy!

Reviewed by navee pawar from UK on 28th Jun 2008
i love this motot razar v8

Reviewed by Deepak from UK on 25th Jun 2008
A phone which is the best in its category and price band. The best in looks, clarity of voice and sound. Yes the camera does leave a bit to be desired though but then yet again in its category it does well. All in all a well put together phone.

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 11th Jun 2008
HAd 2 of these phones within a week. Battery awful, noisy keybad, poor battery cover but the worst problem is looking at the phone to check messages etc. only to find its turned itself off!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nikki from UK on 4th Jun 2008
This is an awful phone!!! the battery life is ridiculously short. it won't let me put my photos on my computer (not sure if thats just my computer or what), it shuts off really randomly. sometimes it goes on strike and won't turn on again for ages. my music has stopped working twice and it won't let me delete the files already on the phone but when i try to play them it tells me that they dont exist!! i havent figured out how to stop that yet. it just decided it was going to work again. the photo quality isnt very impressive. the side buttons are a bit annoyin (mainly because one of them fell off) the one thing that REALLLLY annoys me is the voice command thingy. it starts itself all the time when im just listning to music and then this stupid annoying voice comes on asking you something like... "did you say fred??" eeerg. also the headphones broke!!! trust me.. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!! the games are awful as im a girl and not a complete geek!!! it comes with foot ball and sodoku!! only good thing i can think to say is that i quite like the buttons and even though it is annoying to get used to and a lot of people have been mean about it i love the way it flips!! :P but im a bit odd. :D hmmm... anything else??? o yer the skinnyness is good as it can fit in my pockets really well. a problem i had with my old fat phone. thats all i can think of atm. overall.... DONT GET THE PHONE!!! COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Reviewed by Elisabeth Saunders from UK on 2nd Jun 2008
I love the look and sacrificed an up grade to another PDA phone to have this one ! My only grip is the battery - even when hardly used it lasts barely 2 days - not good - as the original could go over a week between charging - I am trying to find out from my service provider whether this is due to a faulty battery or just bad luck with phone as the blrb says up to 280 hours standby !

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 28th May 2008
* PLEASE READ * BEFORE YOU BUY. I was attracted to it's looks until i noticed many major flaws. The phone restarts itself daily. The camera is poor with no flash. There is no option for a memory card.The glossy front attracts fingerprints and i have to wipe every 5 minutes and even carry a cloth. The texting slows down when writing a long message. The phone looks HUGE when opened up - like an opened C.D case. I will be lucky if i get 20 hours on a fully charged battery which is terrible. I made a massive mistake buying this and it is going on ebay as we speak. I am now going back to my old trustworthy 6230i.

Reviewed by Ok but... from UK on 27th May 2008
Its features are average and yo u have to keep wiping prints off front. Try the moto u9 which i s smaller

Reviewed by rachel from UK on 27th May 2008
i prefer flip phones over slide phones cos they protect the screen and buttons. This phone does everything i want it to. Buy it if you want an up to date super-sleek phone!

Reviewed by Charlie from UK on 26th May 2008
The 2GB version does not seem available in stores as i had to settle for a 512MB version. After talking to Motorola they tell me the 2GB version is only available in the expensive luxury edition of the V8 which is 18ct gold plated and they also said 2GB is not available in the standard version.

Reviewed by UK from UK on 26th May 2008
I bought this after my krzr k1 glass cracked in my pocket...and it put me off motorola until the O2 shop said the glass on the front of the razr2 v8 had been improved and so far it seems fine...

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 25th May 2008
Nice but camera could be better

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 25th May 2008
Top phone. Smart and fast, easy menus. Looks and feels class. Well done Motorola.

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 24th May 2008
Amazing phone - i'm very pleased indeed. Although this is a thin phone it still has a strong build quality and in no way feels flimsy. The 2mp camera is clear and perfect for quick snaps. I like the external touch screen as you can change songs without having to open the phone. The main keypad is not touch which makes navigation and texting a breeze as the buttons are a good size. The call quality is excellent even in noisy areas. As for the battery life i get 2.5 to 3 days with moderate useage which i think is reasonable. Overall a really stylish and sleek phone that has the functionality and reliability to match is appearance - definitly recommended

Reviewed by Nikitha from UK on 24th May 2008
I have recently bought this particular mobile and let me tell you THIS IS AN AWESOME MOBILE. keeping aside its battery life all its features are just on top of the list. i use the phone 24*7 and the phone just runs out of battery. And coming to quality of the music it gives thats the best. Its clamshell is the best and you just fall in love with its gloss finish. The web access is not so bad but as days pass by it justs slows down. The best thing is that it can store around 2500 messages!!! which according to me is the best feature of this mobile. In a nutshell it is out of the world.

Reviewed by Scooby from UK on 24th May 2008
The phone is brilliant, slick, sleek and stylish let alone practical and affordable. How I ever managed without this phone before i shall never know.

Reviewed by Phil A from UK on 21st May 2008
First of all, I'm amazed at how many people who gave the phone 1 star just can't speak English - maybe that's why you've given it 1 star, you're too stupid to be able to work the phone. :P Anyways, on to my review: The good - the phone looks great, it has a good feel and the buttons are huge. The predictive text is the best I've ever used, and the message storage is just FANTASTIC! The bad - after 4 months of ownership one of the buttons has gone into an "occasionally working" mode - I can be typing a phone number or text and I have to watch what I'm typing like a hawk. The ear piece is also intermittent, about half of the time I can't hear anything. Also the phone occasionally turns itself off while it's in my pocket. I don't use the phone for listening to music - I have a MP3 player for that. I rarely use the phone as a camera - I have a decent digital camera for that. I often read and reply to texts using the outside screen, but sometimes the button thinks there is a "double click" so skips past the messages - as long as you setup your templates properly the outside screen answering is brilliant! If I hadn't had the few problems this phone would have received 5 stars, but because of the issues it has to get 3.

Reviewed by Ryan from UK on 20th May 2008
I bought the v8 a couple off weeks ago and it is fantastic.

Reviewed by robert cantin from UK on 19th May 2008
this is honestly the worst phone you can get your hands on it has a poor camera an easily crackible toch screen and has problems with its games switching on and off i am on no.6 and i am returning this one. DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by James from UK on 5th May 2008
I know a lot of people have had trouble with the battery life but i haven't. Although, on the box there is sticker that says "Actual phone now contains new extra capacity battery, making it 3mm thicker" i don't know if this is a new better battery than the original or if they all come with that. Anyways, the software is definutely difficult to get set up. and the phone does like to collect finger prints, but thats not a huge deal. it only has a 2mp camera, but i don't think its that bad. the screen hasn't gone orange either. the ratings here are either 5/5 or 1/5 mainly. i think there must be a lot of faulty ones, but the working ones are good. so other than the software, i don't have many complaints

Reviewed by satyajit from UK on 5th May 2008
there is no option of download themes

Reviewed by stephen from UK on 2nd May 2008
the review on the motorola v8 razr2 is wrong the phone is a choice of two these are one is a built and the other is a built in 2gb none have an expandable memory on them i bought one and i am not pleased as i have always trusted this review site and the phone isn't what i was lead to believe it was [Editor's reply: I think that you're referring to the expert review on our partner site. This review clearly states that "the memory available is either 512 Mbytes or 2 Gbytes, depending on which version of the V8 you choose. It isn't expandable, so we'd recommend that you choose the 2 Gbyte version, as you won't be able to change your mind later!" Sorry that you consider this to be in some way misleading.]

Reviewed by Leanne from UK on 26th Apr 2008
I love this phone but, it won't connect to the pc no matter what I do including downloading drivers from the development site to make windows work with the v8's linux, (on motorola phone tools) and the phone doesnt have a flash!! Oh dear. Still love it though and I'm keeping it. Despite having a much better phone before with optical zoom aswell! And not having wi-fi is also disadvantage :( Very pretty phone.

Reviewed by Vito Andolini from UK on 24th Apr 2008
I have had the Razr2 for a couple of weeks now, and I must say I am entirely satisfied with the phone. Its build quality is excellent, I'm loving the metal construction combined with hardened glass, it gives the phone a very manly feel. The call quality is superb, Motorola's crystal talk technology is definitely helpful in improving communication. MP3 Player is top notch, headphones are pretty good and the USB 2.0 connection works like a charm on my PC. Overall I highly recommend this phone for style conscious users who appreciate good call quality and a sturdy masculine feel.

Reviewed by james from UK on 24th Apr 2008
outstandind good phone for all ages

Reviewed by JM Cook from UK on 20th Apr 2008
Poor battery from the start now 3 months down the line I've had to ditch it in favour of my OLD Motorola v220 which is reliable and stays charged up. In fact my Razr now won't even switch on!!

Reviewed by Doug Mansfield from UK on 15th Apr 2008
I HATE this phone. It is slow, irritating, and very stupid.

Reviewed by Mikey from UK on 12th Apr 2008
Only had my phone a week, and like it more and more every day as I learn my way around the menu. All the moans about battery life are rubbish, so long as you do it right from day one ie: long full charge then run it flat. If you do that a few times, the battery activates properly and is ok for a few days normal use on one charge after that. Obviously if you video and listen for music for hours and hours it will probably be a different matter! Incidently the camera is pretty good as they go, and quite good enough for casual fun pics - if you want to take proffesional quality pix buy a camera! Love how it feels in my pocket - so thin and easy to get out, and doesnt get caught up. Im sure this phone is worth 5 stars, but because ive only had it a week im not really qualified to give it that. Oh sod it, it IS good - I will give it 5 stars! Flip phones may not be the trendy thing to some people, but I hate flimsy fragile sliders and the accidental calls from phones with open key pads. And ignore all the clowns saying this phone is rubbish, they are probably Nokia dealers or something. Its a great phone - if you like the look of it, buy it.

Reviewed by Clay from UK on 6th Apr 2008
This phone's the best they've made!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 4th Apr 2008
i hate the V8, can't get it to connect to my PC whatever i do..no clear info on the website, really toss phone

Reviewed by Risa-Ann from UK on 3rd Apr 2008
i just bought my motorola v 8 today and i love it.

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 30th Mar 2008
This phone has a great feel and shine to it; it feels like quality because of its stainless steel body and is quite sturdy. Its an amazing phone with many features and easy to use menus. You don't have to read the manual since it is intuitive. If you're a light user, the phone has reasonable battery life but if you're constantly using it for whatever reason, the battery life will run down in a day. I can't seem to preview the preloaded ringtones (I could on the first day) but for some reason, it no longer allows me. However I can still change the tone so it is only a minor problem. Other than that, for £114 its a quality buy with excellent call quality and loudspeaker! It can even read your messages for you.

Reviewed by Abueloeddie from UK on 29th Mar 2008
Replaced my 18 month old D&G Razr V3i with this latest bit of shiny kit from Motorola. I'm on an Orange tariff which provided a Broadband connection plus many "goodies" and the h/set comes "free". The BB connection gives me a free VoIP outgoing calls and over the time I've had this set up, I must have saved hundreds of pounds in land line and mobile calls. A really shiny black casing takes the eye and the Arial ( I think) font used for the text is superbly clear.The handset has a good quality 'feel' to it but is let down slightly when trying to open the flip, as it tends to slip. Boringly, I use a phone to make and take calls, nothing else. I don't need to send pictures nor do I need to listen to music, so I cannot comment on the audio or pictorial gadgets which proliferate the mobile phone market today. What I can say is that the sound entering my admittedly deaf old lug 'oles is as clear as the proverbial mountain stream! Well done Motorola techno. guys. When I get a chance I'll download a decent bit of classical music to act as a Ring tone but at the moment I'm putting up with a plain ordinary "Ring- Ring" . Loud enough for me. The Bluetooth connection to my in -car handsfree kit works immediately and connects seamlessly each and every time. One point I would take up with the initial reviewer. He goes on at great lengths about an "external touchscreen" and how the user can text whilst the flip is closed. I would really like to see a demonstration of this as the screen on the outside of my handset is of hardened glass, and no amount of touching or tapping will change the appearance or affect any changes on the screen. However the side mounted controls WILL make changes , but this is nothing new and certainly should not be described as a "touchscreen" My phone comes pre loaded with 'Orange' software which would seem to prevent the user from accessing the "home screen" According to the User Manual a single press of one key will bring up the home screen for personalisation.. Not so! I'll just have to get used to a digital readout for the clock and the far too tiny icons showing on the main screen, Referring back to the Orange Shop where I got it, produced nothing but absolute bafflement in all the resident "Clever clogs" "Try for a Flash up-grade from Motorola" was what I was left with. Oh well! Not for me! All in all a pleasant looking handset which makes and takes calls in an exemplary fashion. Good enough for another 18 months ( Especially at the tarrif rates)

Reviewed by John from UK on 28th Mar 2008
Excellent phone, I think im gonna stick with this for a long time! design is excellent, very elegant, super thin, great display, great music player, good camera (not excellent, but for the price is worth it). I never really liked motorola, but this one completely maked me change my mind, had this phone for 3 months, and i found it super easy and its really one of the best phones i had! I was used to change my phone every month... but this one im keeping it for a very long time, this is nothing compared to the old razr (motorola V3) I really dont know what use u'll give it, but if u r like me, only need to talk, text message, music, and perhaps some camera, I would totally recomend u!

Reviewed by And from UK on 20th Mar 2008
This phone is a good surprise from motorola. I had many others phones and among the midle-phones this one the best!

Reviewed by Tommo from UK on 19th Mar 2008
RAZR2 V8 Had an earlier Razr; lovely phone to handle, but it kept freezing, particularly with my photos. In the end I changed it for a Samsung D600. This has been a super phone a in all respects but yesterday my wife bought me a Razr2V8 for my birthday. The salesman at Carphone Warehouse was a bit nifty dealing with my question about freezing screens but we bought it anyway. It was on charge last night and when switching it on this morning I managed to read two Texts from O2 before the phone froze completely. Wouldn't even switch off. Manager at Carphone Warehouse said " but all phones freeze". Oh no they don't - but Motorola Razr phones do. So BEWARE, Moto still hasn't resolved this problem!! PS I got my money back, minus £10 for the O2 sub. I'll keep the Samsung.

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