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Motorola MPx220 review

 Review: February 2006  

Last updated June 2006

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: A smartphone based on Windows Mobile™ software.



The Motorola MPx220 is an updated and much improved version of the MPx200 smartphone. Motorola have opted for Windows Mobile™ software to power their smartphones instead of the Symbian operating system used by Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The interface style of Windows Mobile™ is very much like Windows on a PC, so will be familiar to users. It is a graphically-based interface designed to be both user-friendly and to enable a range of powerful software to be used, including Pocket Internet Explorer® and Pocket Outlook®.

The MPx220 has a good range of features, including a 1.2 megapixel camera, video camera and MP3 player. It comes with an inbuilt memory of 32 Mbytes plus an expandable memory card slot, and has good connectivity via Bluetooth and USB. ActiveSync® PIM Synchronization with a PC is supported. These features go a long way to fixing the problems with the MPx200, and the MPx220 is a much better phone. It's lightweight for a smartphone and has the benefit of being quadband. However, the phone is very slow, has a tendency to freeze or shutdown, has an unfriendly menu and the camera is rather poor considering that it has a resolution of over one megapixel. Motorola/Microsoft need to work on the operating system before a truly successful smartphone is going to emerge.

Motorola MPx220 features include:

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Motorola MPx220 user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by km from uk on 4th Dec 2009
The review above is about right. It is a slow phone . Camera is poor. Menu is long winded. Speakerphone is poor Think motorola have gone for style. It is a little old fashioned but attractive.

Reviewed by shupaul from bangladesh on 23rd Apr 2009
it's just best.................

Reviewed by Marlene Toombs from USA on 1st Oct 2008
I have had my MPx 220 for about three months now and I really like it. The downfall I have is somethings are hard to figure out how to use and there is so many ways to connect and hell I just want to be able to use yahoo and can't figure that one out lol but anyway all in all it has met my needs. Good reception and everyone seems to have battery issues I do not have that trouble but I do have the issue of can't hardle hear when talking on it.

Reviewed by J C MOHAJAN from INDIA on 1st Sep 2008

Reviewed by David from Armenia on 14th Nov 2007
I want to say, that if you like a heavy and big Smartphone, so its your choose Moto MPx220. Phone is really desgined well, only the problem that frequently metts is the charger slope, which time by time is not working. Another bad side is that calling voice is in low level. From my individual use I can say that this phone is really good one and you are not becoming borried using it. Voice Display Keyboard Battaery Life is exellent.

Reviewed by Phil from New Zealand on 14th Sep 2007
Just purchased two and generously gave one to my wife. She loves hers. My phone however is gets pathetic coverage and poor battery life - sounds like I bought a bad apple but am able to get it replaced. I must say though that the Motorola is better equipped and nicer to handle than any Nokia I have owned.

Reviewed by john from new zealand on 4th Aug 2007
Having hastily sold my Mpx200 last year after owning for only a few weeks, due to battry life and poor reception, I eagerly bought the Mpx220 thinking things would be a whole lot better. Ouch not so. Firstly let me say the phone is lovely the operating system is great, and I have no complaints there. Its just the battery life issue. If I switch Blue tooth on it discharges too quickly. Last night I completed a charge, did not use the phone and 6 hours later I got the warning message, battery is low. If I could sort this problem out I would enjoy using it.

Reviewed by Sean from USA on 28th Jun 2007
The problem with this phone is it seems to be built for the computerphile. Your grandma would hate this phone but if you are reasonably intelligent and enjoy working on computers you will like this phone. The MPX220 is loaded with features and, more importantly, hasn't been locked down like many other phones. A major complaint on my last phone was the inability to use an MP3 file as my ring tone. Happily this is not a problem on this phone. I haven't experienced any of the charging or microphone issues mentioned here but I've only had the phone a month. I did purchase the 3 year warranty ($9 - a bargain) so if I do have any trouble I should be covered. Camera: Cell phone cameras ALWAYS suck. If you want a camera don't buy a cell phone instead. The problem with cameras in cell phones is mostly aperture-related. You cannot space the lens and CCD far enough apart to get a good picture. This is an superior phone and is an excellent choice for business. The international capabilities and the ability to sync to your PC is invaluable. Bluetooth functionality is great except for the inability to use voice commands. The MP3 player is nice for the traveler. As stated earlier, this phone is not made for less technical users but even a novice user would enjoy the capabilities of this phone with some reading and practice.

Reviewed by Robertses from England on 17th Jun 2007
My Wife and I bought an MPx220 each as we wanted compatible Windows Mobile Phones. We preordered these when they first hit the UK market on the basis that they were incredibly feature-packed. We also had an MPx200 which is an excellent phone just lacking in features. I wish we hadn't bothered. We were plagued with problems from day 1. Mostly we had charging problems. One of the phones would only charge from USB, not mains, then the USB charging stopped working. It went back and we got a replacement. That worked for a few weeks and then stopped charging, we took it back and were told that it wasn't covered because we had caused the damage due to fluid ingress. What a load of nonsense, there was no fluid ingress, the internal connector was sheared off due to the poor build quality. The sound was virtually non-existant and almost impossible to hear it ring. The bluetooth doesn't work properly and the camera is badly substandard despite it's features. This phone is a piece of junk and has put me off motorola for good. Their customer support helped in that respect too, as they were totally unsupportive. I've gone back to my faithful SPV E200. Don't get this phone it's apalling. Zero stars (if only!).

Reviewed by Annoyed from USA on 25th Apr 2007
I just bought this phone about 2 months ago on ebay. I like the phone, but recently had the microphone issue. I was able to "reset" it by turning the speaker phone feature on and then off again. I'm also having two other annoying problems... 1) T-Mobile's service coverage isn't as good as there map shows. 2) The phone doesn't charge well. I think this is due to the plugs and the way they connect. It charges best with my USB cable.

Reviewed by necmi from turkey on 28th Mar 2007
My worst buy in my life. We bouht 3 of them to have a pda-like phone size gadget. Camera sucks. Flash and picture taking are not synchronized so always dark. Soon after using it closed and needed a reset. After the reset bluetooth doesn't work. Should also say its sound output is very weak compared to any other brand. And finally in less than 7 months the microphone stopped working, no one hears me. My 2002 bought Siemens C55 still works fine. MOTOROLA HAS PRODUCED THE BIGGEST EVER JUNK. CONGRATULATIONS

Reviewed by Max from India on 20th Feb 2007
GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!1111 This mobile sucks to the last degree.

Reviewed by Denis from Australia on 13th Jul 2006
This has to be the worst phone I have ever displeasure of encountering. Being in the telecommunications industry I have come across a lot of poor efforts - but this one takes the cake. The phone's packaging is quite good and it "looks" OK but its operation is appalling. Most of the problems stem from the dodgy Windows Mobile OS. Its slow, it hangs and it is generally unstable ( hey - just like Windows Desktop!). Australian Carriers marketed it here for a short time and then withdrew it due to the barrage of complaints received. It is also unrelaible with one of our MPx220s failing totally shortly after reciept. Don't buy it - get a nice Symbian phone instead ;)

Reviewed by Robert from Antigua WI on 1st May 2006
I'm torn as to if to tell you get this phone. Motorola has so many flaws in the hardware and software on this phone. You must have the latest firmware or you can not hear anyone. Once thefirmware and software is working correctly and the hardware works it's actually a great phone. I have two. I had to send them to MOT to have them both reprogramed. That was not so bad when I was living in the USA, but now I live in Antigua and getting support on the phone is a nightmare. One of the two phones now has a microphone problem. No one can hear me on the MPX220. Why I don't know. If I use the headset or bluetooth headset it works. I called MOT and they say send it in. It's cost me more in postage then the cost of the phones. So to sum this up, Nice looking phone, great features, very unreliable. No longer being made but available on Ebay and other vendors. Best bet, get something else unless you have the patince to deal with MOT support.

Reviewed by Tishon Thomas from St, Kitts on 22nd Mar 2006
For most of you reveiwing this phone, you can't make a sound judgement in the first week or month, it takes time for it flaws to unfold. It looks great, and have great software, but it's the most money i've ever wasted. It has camera problem, sound problems, hangup problems and charging problems. I'm a computer programmer so i'm not the average user, the not charging problems are most annoying to me because it now remove the chance of me troubleshooting other problems. The way it work with outlook is great, but this pone needs to go back to the drawing board.

Reviewed by Sam Cox from USA on 10th Mar 2006
I bought this phone for its PDA like features and QUAD band capabilities. This is the WORST phone I have encoutered in my life so far. The problems, 1) WHen I am on the phone it automatically switches between "Normal" and "Headset" profile, even though I don't have any headset connected and Bluetooth is turned OFF. The audio keeps breaking during this process. 2) The reception is VERY BAD. 3) The Phone hangs and no keys work at that time. So I have to remove the battery to power it off. I had a Sony Ericsson phone which is smaller than this one, and it works GREAT. I am planning to buy a NOKIA and throw this phone in the DUMSTER(Where it belongs). I sent this phone to MOTOROLA Support, and they returned the phone WITHOUT Fixing the problem. My Verdict is, MOTOROLA PHONES SUCK, AND THEIR SUPPORT SUCKS EVEN MORE. At this rate this company would go out of business soon. So DON'T BUY MOTOROLA PHONES.

Reviewed by John from Azbekistan on 7th Mar 2006
This the cool`est Phone on the word but not 4 idiot.

Reviewed by Stevo!! from Scotland on 25th Feb 2006
If I could leave it with zero stars I would but thats not pssible! I got the phone last november and its back to motorola. Considering its only just going onto March thats pretty poor. The phone completely failed and when it comes back I think im going to sell the piece of junk! With all seriousness I bought the phone as i knew no one else had it so DO NOT BY THIS HANDSET!!!

Reviewed by Endo from Singapore on 22nd Feb 2006
You can't say it's a "Smart"phone because it's very slow and has blurry display. Yuck. Hate it and sold it last week.

Reviewed by Saeed from Chicago on 22nd Feb 2006
I am not sure what most of these people are talking about. MPX220 is a very nice phone and everything works just fine. The options on this phone are numerous and for me all of them works pretty good. Remember, this is a windows operationg system in a tiny enclosure. If you need a basic phone, then this is not for you. If you are technical and would love to use unmatched features (for the size) of this phone, then you will love it. After I upgraded the the phone with the new BIOS a few months ago, then the original two problems that I had with it (lock ups and Voice volume) went away completely. I love this phone and the things I can do with it.

Reviewed by blaise from USA on 29th Jan 2006
this is the worse phone on the planet!!!it's not even suppose to be on the market it needs to go back to the research center!!!!it has troubles getting the network,it's slowly and so many _-_-__---_-don't buy this junk!!!

Reviewed by ali from michigan on 21st Jan 2006
this is the worst phone ever, i have my thired replacement phone, the first phone keeps shuting off when i end calls even while its charged to the max, somtimes it takes forever to answer an incoming call which i end up missing anyways, the second one also does the samething and has even more problems, i get a no service in the bar's while there is a full signal and i can make phone calls. i just got my thired one god knows what problems this might have.

Reviewed by Jaymes from United States on 19th Jan 2006
I've had my MPx220 for just under a month now and I've been mentally kicking myself for choosing it ever since! I was attracted to it by the things I need most: a quad-band phone that'll work globally, a 1.2 megapixel camera with video/audio, 512 MB of removable memory, USB modem capability, Windows Media Player, and the '03 Windows internet browser. The Windows browser is great, by the way; it's really nice to be able to log on to MySpace, LiveJournal, eBay...just about any site you try! It's like having a tiny PDA. The lightweight little phone looks nice, too - kinda 60's retro with its chrome speaker face and blocky details. Beyond that, though, the phone sucks! The photos and video are so bad that the resolution on the camera may as well be just 640 x 480. No matter what camera setting I use, the pic's come out dark and hazy. The phone's volume (or lack of) is my biggest peeve, though. The phone HAS to be set on "Outdoor Mode" just to hear anything through the speakers or even the phone ringing. Worse, no one can hear you when you're talking to them! I bet every person on this page has a lot of experience with people saying "What - I can't hear you!" and "Are you standing next to a waterfall or something?". Having to shout to be heard gets annoying REAL fast. Plus, when the speaker volume is turned all the way up, the speaker gets really tinny and tends to vibrate to the point it's hard to understand what people are saying! Another gripe is the fact that the phone is about as user-friendly as a calculus book. Things that should be really easy to find like the alarm clock are buried several steps into menus (if you're looking for yours, open the Start menu, select Settings, select More, select Date and Time (which makes NO sense), then scroll down to the bottom where you'll find the alarm clock settings hiding from the world). More gripes: the clamshell is pretty hard to flip open with one hand, if you miss a call or get a message you won't know without manually checking the inside screen (no flashing light or anything), no way to combine ringing with vibrating (only one or the other), no page-scrolling buttons on the side (they only raise and lower the volume), three second delay when you're answering calls, crappy ring tones and displays...I could go on for quite a while. Suffice it to say, I'll be trading my phone in for something easier to use real soon. I just wish I'd seen this site before I wasted $200 on mine!

Reviewed by Clarissa from america on 11th Jan 2006
I got this phone for a birthday present and i was so excited until i found out that it was the biggest pile of junk. I sent it back that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont get this phone seriously, its junk!

Reviewed by zoiby from England on 11th Dec 2005
this is da best motorola out there it is simply the best

Reviewed by mustafa from holland on 8th Dec 2005
i buy this phone last week and it sucks.i buy it for 250.- euro....i mean it realy dont buy this phone.. i use now samsung d600,, this is the phone,dude mazzel

Reviewed by Jakub from UK on 29th Nov 2005
DO NOT BUY THIS HANDY!!!it sux...at first, i thought that it was cool n stylish, cos every1 said that the camera n stuff was really good. when i installed the software n plugged it into my comp, it didnt work...and it deffinetely has a big problem with charging. its very big, very uncomfy to use, yuo have to use a lot of force to open it (for a handy). The arrows are much too big, and the number keys are too small. it takes a very long time to turn on, sometimes it turned randomly off when i ended a call, even tho the battery was full. it is really heavy, and very complicated. ppl sent files over using bluetooth, then i had no idea where to find it, n when i found it in the 'flie menager' it still didnt open. the ifrared also didnt work. basically, this handy sux, do not buy it.

Reviewed by Dan Fritz from USA on 19th Nov 2005
This is a Windows Mobile Smartphone using the Windows CE operating system and Microsoft Activesync to sync with Microsoft Outlook on a PC or network. If you aren't a Pocket PC user or you have no experience with CE, then this phone will be a disaster for you unless you take the time to learn it. Like on a PC or a Pocket PC, apps don't shut down just becuase you stop using them. They stay running in the background until you shut them down manually. There are reasons why this is done, but if you don't manage the open apps, the processor will become overworked and either slow down or crash. The software includes an excellent task manager, but you have to use it! This is not a phone for someone who just wants to pick it up, make calls, snap a few pics, browse the web and then forget about the phone after closing the clam shell. Once you know what you're doing, you will find the Windows Mobile Smartphone software is extremely flexible and powerful. It can handle, display and manage enormous numbers of contacts and appointments (over 500 MB worth if you use a storage card). The processor is faster than most desktops were ten years ago. That 500 MB can also hold a lot of songs or pictures, it that's your thing. It's almost an ipod shuffle all by itself. There is a huge volume of third party software that no other clam shell type phone could ever handle. I have a dictionary in mine that uses more than 10 MB of storage. Anyway, I bought this phone about 8 months ago because I have been using a Pocket PC for years. I have not encountered a single problem with it, and I use almost every feature. For those of you with slow or locked up phones, use the system manager (The icon looks like a traffic light). True, there are some annoying aspects to the OS, like the alarm clock being burried in the menus, but there are excellent third party solutions to them like "Bluetooth Switch" and "EZ Alarm" that allow you to put shortcuts to those often used apps on a speed dial. Look at Handango.com. This is the only small, clam shell WM Smartphone on the market. Its a far better phone than a Treo or a Pocket PC phone edition, which may be better PDAs than phones. It fills the niche I was looking for, and it has done so flawlessly.

Reviewed by Roger from USA on 5th Nov 2005
I've had this phone for a month now. I've been up and down the front range of the Colorado Rockies; from Denver to New Mexico and the reception has been very good. The phone takes very good pictures (for a phone). I see people complaiing about the pic quality, but I thought the pics looked great for a phone. This is not an 8 Meg Pixel 1->5 thousand dollar camera, it's a phone. Maybe someday, phones will come close to the quality of high end digital cameras. Also, I've read about the volume. There is a setting for indoor and outdoor volume levels. If the phone is set to outdoor, it is plenty loud. Also, some ringtones will be louder than others. And, since this is a phone you can browse with ActivSync, you can also download whatever ringtones you want as .wav's. I think a lot of critical opinions come from lack of understanding (take some time to understand your phone) and over expectations. Sure, out of a million sold, there will be a few problem childs and infant mortality phones. Usually, it's the problem phones or problem customers that will take the time to write. How'bout the other 99% that are completely satisfied? I like the feature where I can charge the phone while it is plugged into the USB. Also, I like that it has the IR option. Also, the phone is just right to fit in your pocket. It does alsmost everything the larger PDA's can do without the bulk. As far as needing a Qwerty keyboard, well, if I'm going to be typing that much, I'll do it on a PC. For simple text messages or notes, the phone is is OK. I'm sure there are those who want to type /a lot/, and for them, there are virtual keyboards and a lot of other keyboard solutions. I was able to install some apps like the battery pack pro, 1-calc and smartphonenotes very easily over the USB connection. Also a wireless USB plug can be purchased for 20 bucks to sync up you phone without the cable. Well, I hope this phone last for several years. I was back at the store looking around, and to make a choice of phones again, I'd choose the same phone. TIP: It plays MP3's but also play whatever wavs in the ringtones dir. I haven't noticed the flip being weak. It looks and feels durable. I think the mini SD can go up to 512MB. Not bad for a phone. :-) After installing the additional storage, there will be additional battery drain. I'm not sure how much. Cons: On this phone, I think the battery conver could fit a little tighter.

Reviewed by Spiros from Greece on 29th Sep 2005
A pathetic phone. Its battery dis-charges so quickly and the menus are unfriendly. It also becomes unstable after a while and you have to delete all extra sms, pictures ets if you are going to be able to use it. In short: the worst coice I have ever made. I will go back to my V620

Reviewed by Pam Spencer from UK on 21st Sep 2005
Had this phone for 4 weeks and it decided that it wouldn't text anymore. Sent it to Motorola for repair under warranty, took them 5 weeks to decide to replace it after numerous phone calls and heated discussions! Replacement worked for approx 3 months and now will not read sim card, so is off for repair again! When it works it is a fairly good phone it has a few querks , there is a time delay on flip answer and the camera is not great. I think Motorola really do need to get their act together with this and improve on its general reliability as it would appear that I am not the only person who has had problems.

Reviewed by Anna from USA on 11th Sep 2005
where do i start? I bought it in february and it worked ok for about a month or so. Then it went all downhill. The windows freeze so often that answering calls became imposible. I couldnt answer a primary call and to add to that i couldnt switch to an incoming second call. It would just not do that or better yet, it would hang up on both people. The phone also has charging problems ( at least this one and that of my boyfriend), you put it on the bedside table to charge next thign you know, the phone is not charged, IT'S DEAD !!! It barely gets any signal... Then i replaced this phone with a newer version one ( supposedly better softwear that corrects all the problems). The problems with this one are even greater!!!! It doesnt work! Period! Moto and Windows are not ready to be on the market as one piece.... DO NOT BUY!!!! I'm in the process of lookign for a better smartphone. By the way, there is noting smart about this phone, it does NOT even perform the functions of the regular cell phone let alone any other ptions!

Reviewed by bob from england on 18th Aug 2005
i got this fone the other day. its amazing. every1 shuld b given this fone for free its amazing!!

Reviewed by Nicoli from Trinidad on 17th Aug 2005
Well i was looking for a smartphone and so i bought the mpx220. This has tons of features and Windows mobile makes it very easy to access. ActiveSync also is a very handy tool and really makes customizing you phone alot easier. However, one feature where this phone falls short in is the camera. The picture quality is far from what I expect from a 1.3 megapixel camera. Other than that...this is an excellent smart phone.

Reviewed by Rusty from UK on 9th Aug 2005
I've had the phone four months now. The operator has replaced it twice to try and fix the problems, without success. First the good point, it synchronises with Outlook very nicely via USB. Otherwise it's hopeless, keeps crashing regularly - almost once a day! UI is poor, response is slow, navigation a pain. No copy & paste makes sending e-mails or saving to contacts a real pain. No option to mark contacts, e-mails, or messages to selectively delete or copy them. There is a delay of a few seconds between pressing a button and the call being answered, before I got used to it I pressed the button again putting my caller on hold. Poor screen contrast and viewing angle. Flip screen is loose except when fully open or closed. Bluetooth headset auto-answers and the setting is not editable. Ring tones are sad to say the least and even on the loudest setting, can't be heard when the phone is in your pocket, unless you are in a quiet environment. Profiles don't work as the Phone|Sounds setting overrides the tones and alert types. The external LCD backlight delay is very short and cannot be set, so you can’t see the time/date/signal strength/battery state without pre ssing a button. The voice command interpreter cannot decipher my accent and it cannot be trained! Battery life is less than a day if you have the bluetooth turned on. A real waste of £70 my old Nokia 6600 was a far better 'smartphone' in every department except camera resolution.

Reviewed by Rasanjana Prince from Sri Lanka on 4th Aug 2005
This One is a very unreliable phone. The handset has failed twice after only 5 months of ownership and the warranty service provided sucks. The handset is also prone to freezing with a shutdown and re-boot required.

Reviewed by modams from UK on 25th Jul 2005
A awesome phone. At last I could replace my 6310i. Does everything and does it well

Reviewed by Josef from Vienna on 22nd Jul 2005
I am a bit disappointed on the mpx220. The camera pictures are 1280x960 but they all get a bit noise even in well illuminated places. It has a nice Calendar, but lacks a simple alarm-clock. Videos are very small in resolution and very short, I haven't found the options to change this yet. Also its a bit slow on incoming phone-calls, so it can take 1 second or 2 to get a fully functionally line (taking a call and immediately sayin "hello" or so rarely will reach the caller). Javagames hardly work on it. It calls Smartphone, but I miss a texteditor or even a wordpad. Yup and it has windows-related bugs like locking a file, even when the application is closed allready. One further mysterious problem was that I wasn't able to shoot another foto (out of memory) even when the memory was free, storage (I have 512MB additional storage) was booth nearly empty (except for 29 fotos - 4,27mb). It is still usefull as mp3 player, but I guess there are better mobiles out there.

Reviewed by james from uk on 18th Jul 2005
pile of junk do not buy!!

Reviewed by Hannah Watts from United Kingdom on 11th Jul 2005
This phone is wicked and outstanding .My aunt has it , it is really really cool.The camera is massive. It is wicked.

Reviewed by T. C. from US on 6th Jul 2005
Okay, I loved the mpx 200. So much so that when I saw the chance to get a MPx 220 on Ebay, I jumped on it. So far, I've noticed a few tiny quirks, but I think it's well on the way to being one of the smartest, coolest, most expandable phones I've ever used (trust me, I've been through MANY phones.) Get one. Now!

Reviewed by Martic from Poland on 2nd Jul 2005
Hi 4all. I bought that smartphon today... Is it amazing mobile? No... there is no words which I can use to tell You whan kind of fantastic Moto it is. I've got Moto V500 (which is also great phone) but MPx is like not from this planet ;D I'm soooo exiting. Camera: 1,3mpx great photos, of course mp3, internal memory 64 MB, fantastic Windows Software... and many other things which mades from mpx220 AMAZING phone that I've ever seen. You must get it Moto, 1000000% of satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks for reading;)

Reviewed by xxsexi gal xx from uk on 2nd Jul 2005
this phone looks sick and wicked on the outside

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