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Motorola MPx200 review

 Review: November 2003  

Last updated March 2006


In a nutshell: A clamshell smartphone based on Windows Mobile™ software.


Motorola have opted for Windows Mobile™ software to power their MPx200 smartphone instead of the Symbian operating system used by Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The interface style of Windows Mobile™ is very much like Windows on a PC, so will be familiar to users. It is a graphically-based interface designed to be both user-friendly and to enable a range of powerful software to be used.

The Motorola MPx200 packs in many features, including MP3 player, video playback, a large clear display (essential for running a Windows-based system), not to mention the pre-installed Windows software. This comprises Pocket Outlook® for accessing e-mail, Windows Media® Player for multimedia playback, Pocket Internet Explorer® for browsing the web and Activesync® for synchronising data with a PC. Anyone familiar with Windows on a PC will instantly feel at home with these applications. On the other hand, Apple users might best be advised to steer clear, if they want to synchronise their phone with their Mac!

However, there are a number of features missing from the MPx200 that are present in most other smartphones, most notably a camera and Bluetooth™. Integrated cameras are present now even in entry-level phones, so it's quite a surprise to see it missing from the MPx200. Similarly, a phone that has so obviously been designed to synchronise with a PC is just asking for a Bluetooth™ wireless connection. Still, the phone does have a USB connection in addition to infrared.

The internal memory of 10 Mbytes is reasonably generous, and can be expanded with memory cards.

Overall it could have been a good phone, but we have deducted marks for the lack of Bluetooth, terrible battery life, software bugs, poor reception and various reliability issues (see user comments below for a flavour of these). The Motorola MPx220 goes some way to fixing these problems.

Motorola MPx200 features include:

  • Powered by Windows Mobile™ software
  • Installed software: Pocket Outlook®, Windows Media® Player, Pocket Internet Explorer®, Activesync®, MSN Messenger®
  • Internal display: TFT colour, 176 x 200 pixels
  • External display: 2 lines
  • Video clip playback with sound
  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone
  • MP3 player
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Downloadable Themes: images, ringtones and sounds
  • Downloadable games (Solitaire embedded)
  • MMS (Picture / photo + text + sound)
  • Group SMS, Instant Messaging
  • Predictive text (T9)
  • E-mail
  • User-customisable main menu and shortcuts
  • Voice activated dialling
  • Phonebook
  • Connectivity: Mini USB / IRDA
  • Internal memory: Up to 10Mbytes
  • SD / MMC card slot
  • WAP 1.2.1
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband
  • Size: 89 x 48 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 118g
  • Talktime: up to 5 hours
  • Battery standby: 4 days

Motorola MPx200 user reviews

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Average rating from 120 reviews:

Reviewed by nitin from UK on 15th Apr 2009
this is full of joy

Reviewed by Nathan from UK on 7th May 2008
myne works to perection jus take care of it n it il do things better

Reviewed by Rashid from UK on 1st May 2008
Well it one the most durable phones i have ever used cos no matter how many times i make it fall it just does'nt brake but it quiet disappointing though that it does not have a camera or bluetooth and sometime mine does not record all the data for some missed calls

Reviewed by milind joshi pune from UK on 16th Apr 2008
i ve purchase mpx200 thro toi scheme it is working very well but i would like know that how to access contacts and message inbox on mobile if any boy can guide me for this? is it necessay to activate GPRS facility for above problems to be recover my email id is mesjoshi@rediffmail.com

Reviewed by nikhil from UK on 13th Nov 2007
i like this cell

Reviewed by EMRE from UK on 6th Jun 2007
Putting Microsoft stuff on this one is a very bad idea but hey, I suppose they were unable to put linux :) Came brand new to me but battery life is awful, like 9-10 hours. I keep charging all the time, really annoying. Other than battery it is a very nice compact little phone. It doesn't have bluetooth and that's definitely another minus. It doesn't have a camera but actually that's what I like about this one. I take my pics with a decent camera, not with a stupid camera phone. 4 stars from me..

Reviewed by fawi from UK on 1st May 2007
very nice cell

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 2nd Mar 2007

Reviewed by liutuks from UK on 6th Jun 2006

Reviewed by Kev from Wales Enland on 16th May 2006
I have had my MPX200 for three years. Amazing bit of kit. I got originally cos it was one phone without a camera. I have droped it in a river and went dead for sixe weeks. Left it in the holster whilst connected to my PC and one day it came bak to life. I dropped it endless times driven over it twice. My children have throw it and yet is still works and no bits missing. I ahve a 1 Gig memory card I use for calls, texts, emailing, playing music, surfing and games. The Reminder, calender, address book al syn ok with PC and vice versa. OK so it slows down a bit when battery gets low but all in all a dam good phone. I got a peeble lately and that is not as good despite its functions such as camera video and bluetooth.

Reviewed by Jo from Belgium on 14th May 2006
This is a good mobile considering it's probably the cheapest smartphone around. You can also extend the storage capacity by using SD-cards, which is a big plus! Just two big concerns my phone has (problems with this cellphone vary greatly, everyone seems to have different sort of problems with it): 1. Characters skip when you're entering a text message. For example, if you wanted to write 'hello' (i don't use T9) you would get something like 'ïellmm'. I could type blind on my old nokia and finish a text within 30 seconds, here i have to keep my eye on it constantly because you're never sure what the phone will do, and it takes me up to 4 minutes to write a standard text. 2. The battery life with normal usage (say 10 texts and a 5 minute phonecall a day) is 16 to 20 hours. That's ridiculous! i have to recharge every night, so if i go away for the weekend and i forget my charger, i won't be able to use my phone for 2 days. Other than these problems, this phone has everything i need and does its job well. but if i can find another cell with extendable memory & realtones for under 200$, i will make the switch.

Reviewed by BenN from UK on 17th Feb 2006
No bluetooth on a phone which is made to sync with a PC is unforgivable, and now-a-days it's hard to find a phone without a camera, so that's 2 features missing. As for Windows Mobile for Spartphones, it's got too many features for a phone and not enough for a PDA. It's stuck in the middle. Perhaps you could use it as a nice calendar though? Just don't bother. Find a newer version.

Reviewed by Marius from Romania on 12th Dec 2005
Absolutely terrible because of the battery. But it is not the only thing poor at this phone : also it crashes and it is reseting and a lot of other thig. One adive : DON'T BUY IT. I will not buy another motoroles in my all life, i swear.

Reviewed by MirzaNadeemBAig from Pakistan on 12th Dec 2005
I've bought this phone 2 months ago and it is excellent, no problems found for the moment, like this phone people are talking bad about it that it doesn’t have a camera or blue tooth but what they forget is that it was made in 2002 and they really didn’t cameras on their phones and blue tooth its relatively new so don’t be hating on this phone This is an excellent phone and has everything, , mp3 player, it's triband and it is packed full of features, only con is battery life

Reviewed by Paul from Australia on 7th Dec 2005
Well, that just confirms it. After a couple more weeks of use (read previous review below) the speaker has given in. I can no longer recieve phone calls. I haven't ever dropped the phone nor have I put it in water. There's hardly a scratch on it. I guess it's time to switch brands. Well, atleast it made it through it's warranty period by 2 months. Where'd I put my old v3688?

Reviewed by lou from UK on 19th Nov 2005
This is an old phone so I doubt anyone is going to read this. I had it about 2 years ago and it seemed really good when I got it cos you could play music watch videos and the windows smartphone thing seemed cool. The first problem i noticed wast the constant crashing and having to restart the phone by removing the battery. Secondly everytime I removed the battery all my text messages were deleted from all the folders. the crashing got worse and worse until it got to the point were the phone would no longer switch on and I haven used it since. This was after 3 months into my contract. Before it stopped working I was sent a replacement battery by orange to try and solve the battery life issue but that didn't work. Then when it stopped working they wouldn't replace it and said I had to take it up with motorola. Which is odd considering it was orange that sold me it but they refused to have anything to do with it!! Judging by the mixed reviews on this site I think some of these problems may be due to the software install by network operators. I had to us a 3yr old nokia for the rest of the year.....worked perfectly........did I mention that 2 of my friends got the same phone at the same time and had the same problems.

Reviewed by Paul from Australia on 17th Nov 2005
I've had Motorola phones for the past 10 years, and every time I I've got one I swear I'll never buy another one. But then the marketing gets me. At first impressions the MPX200 is an awesome phone, minus bluetooth/camera. However it quickly disappoints as a mobile accessory. Battery life is aweful, have to charge it every second day which is really bad for travelling. Applications crash - have to try and turn it off, when it doesn't you need to remove the battery. Changing the timeline when travelling locks it up - remove battery, restart, date is reset to 1.1.2003 which is a joke. And now my screen light is playing up, have to squeeze the screen to get it to illuminate. It does have it's good features though, syncing is great with outlook, the usb cable recharges (Take note engineers!!), clear audio / talk, and the screen is good. Things I can live with are it being a little slow. Having been a long time supporter of MOTOROLA, I don't think that I will purchase another phone from you guys. And you were meant to be the industry leaders? Paul

Reviewed by sergio from mexico on 16th Nov 2005
I've bougth this phone 3 months ago and it is excelent, no problems found for the moment.

Reviewed by esox from serbia on 13th Oct 2005
why dont u all buy battery of 1000 have done it and now the battery is lasting for 3 days had 1 day max before.with 5-10min calls per day for me the phone works good sometimes i have some bugz and need to restar but even nokia phones like 6600 have more bugz.it is normal for new phones.

Reviewed by Joop van boxel from The netherlands on 24th Sep 2005
Hey i have this phone for only one or two weeks and it already gots it problems... the first 2 days everything goes good. but after that i couldnt play MP3's on the background anymore... i tried lots of things but didnt work. so i did a master refresh (i dont recommend to do) so i did that and it only took 5 minutes or so. i typed my pin-code and i was logged in. i clicked on programs and i didnt saw ''file manneger'' anymore !!! file manneger is the hard disc ! where u can browse your images, video's, MP3's and more stuff. the base of this phone ! and it wasent there so as 4 or 5 other options... and now im writting this review. some off the features are good like: Very big screen! MP3 MP4 Internet and msn 10 MB standard storage Expandeable SD cards so if anybody wants to help me with my little problem !!! PLZ ADD THIS MSN OR EMAIL IT: rocksinner_joop@hotmail.com

Reviewed by raja from India on 23rd Sep 2005
hai ppls . this phone is not as wt u think , its Gr8 Phne wid Lot of feauters , am using 1gb MMC , i Loaded lot of movie clips, MP3 . also i loded sme Office application and it perform Beautiful For me Camera is unwanted , coz in INDIA cam ph is not allowed in college , more over the display is Gr8 . Bt only thing is the Battery life and Blue tooth The vid and mp3 are very much gr8 in Medioa player and It plays w/ot stuking , Only thing is tat , its sme wt slow when compared to other smart Phones ( Apart frm NOKIA) * the cost is Less - i got a new custom piece for 280$( around 10k RS) tat included Datacable , 3 Cd's frm motorola, PC suite needs , Sterophonic HEadset, i added 3d application to MEdia player and am getting 3d affect ( its Just OK , when compared to Motorola E390) any way i have to give 5*****

Reviewed by Davo from UK on 21st Sep 2005
Has anyone else managed to get this thing to play MP3's in Stereo? Motorola said it's designed to be only in one ear!?!?

Reviewed by kashan muhammad from UK on 20th Sep 2005
nice cell fone in the world

Reviewed by Edwin from Croatia on 21st Aug 2005
Install a W2003 on MPx200,make Hard Reset and You will see diferences!! I think that is The great Smartphone in any functions!!

Reviewed by Mark from USA on 26th Jul 2005
I like this phone people are talking bad about it that it doesnt have a camera or blue tooth but what they forget is that it was made in 2002 and they really didnt cameras on their phones and blue tooth its relitivly new so dont be hating on this phone

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 20th Jul 2005
Owned this phone for over 18 months now. Despite being a 'smart phone' it works very well as normal phone. Text messaging system is the best I've ever used. A lot better than Nokia,Sony,Samsung etc... The construction is solid, after 18 months the body work has held up well. Speaker phone is great, ability to playback wave files as a ring tone is also an added bonus. Having a full internet browser (not wap) is great, it makes you wonder why they bothered inventing wap in the first place. I thought nothing was going to beat the old Nokia 7110, but this phone has.

Reviewed by ZSX from UK on 23rd Jun 2005
If you don't know what a smartphone is, or are looking for a camera and bluetooth, then the MPx200 is not for you. Otherwise, I think this phone rates very well for a device which is now coming on three years old and costs around £50 on eBay. Good stuff: 1) Windows 2002 smartphone OS - easy to use, stable and expandable. 2003 upgrade available but in my view has few advantages unless you are desperate to use a progam which is 2002 incompatible. The increase in battery life was not experienced by me. Loads of software like games, media applications and document viewers available. 2) Hot swappable, upgradeable memory - I use a 1GB card on which I store videos, music and loads of work documents, with room to spare! 3) Looks great - still one of the smallest smartphones available and the black finish is beautiful. The internal screen is pretty standard nowadays but the colours are bright and clear. 4) Seamless sync with Outlook - now I can see all the fields in my address book. 5) Local sync is supported - I email a lot with the phone and really hate the way most phones force you to use over the air syncrhonisation to force you to use the operators expensive data plans. With this phone the emails get stored on the phone until connected to a computer with an internet connection. 6) Personalization - almost everything can be personalised from wallpapers to ring tones to font colours. Bad stuff 1) Battery life - lasts about 2 days with 15 minutes of talk, 10 texts and 2 hours of video/ music. Reasonable for a PDA, but you need to be near a power supply by the end of the second day. Buy a spare battery. 2) No camera or blutooth - which I can live without anyway. 3) OS can be rather laggy - but only when dealing with large files in an even larger card. More annoying than intolerable. 4) The only document editor which exists is for Excel files - there are doument viewers for Word, Powerpoint and PDFs, but no editors. 5) Ther 2002 version of Windows Media Player is rubbish - install another player. In summary, a smartphone as affordable as this is hard to find! Definitely recommended.

Reviewed by Andrew from Australia on 19th Jun 2005
you can install lots of apps on it, just google and you'll find em, so its a very versatile phone. battery life isnt great, mine tops at 3 days, and also pushing it too much may lead to a hard crash (though thats when i put 2003 OS to it... i reflashed it to 2002 and no probs). no camera, but lets face it how often do most people use their cameras for anything good? a great little phone, can easily play videos and mp3s with a decent SD card (not with the crappy 16meg one motorola gives) so im happy! but dont pay too much for it though - its outdated now. dont even consider it for over $600 AUD (around $350 US)

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 13th Jun 2005
DO NOT GET THIS MODEL!!!! Ease of use and some good features (some of which I've only just found after 11 months - should have read the 3 inch thik manual I suppose)means this should be a great phone. BUT - I can only say that there's not much point if it has no power. Have had the phone replaced once already and following a (thankfully minor)car accident last Friday I am at the end of my tether - how am I supposed to call for help with only 5 minutes talk time before the phone is dead; and that was after only 24 hours standby. A mobile phone is not mobile if you have to have it plugged in all the time - come to think of it I couldn't find a car charger either. Service provider was not much use either (despite snazzy new ads where the wise man advises looking after your existing customers), they will only replace my phone with an identical model. Why would I want to do that!? A learning experience and not one that I want to repeat.

Reviewed by Richard Avallon from Brasil on 6th Jun 2005
The phone is excelente, really a 4 stars. I've being a palm user for long time, and found that I really never used it to write on, just to consult info, and for that, the Mpx200 is just perfect, you can get all the info you want without the need of another gadged to carry with you. Most of people complain about problems that only appears when you push the limits of the phone, as, it will crash if you instaled a bad software, but thats your problem, not the phone. It really works nice, if you are a windows user, you will find that the MPx200 will be very confortable to use, also, you will find that in less than 5minutes of using it, looks like you know it all. Why not a 5 starts? Well, the battery is an issue, 3 days tops, also, no wireless nor camera, not that I use any of that, but I understand that many people will miss it.

Reviewed by K J Dinesh from India on 5th Jun 2005
I dont find MPX200 bad in anyway.Yup i too had the phone hanging up at times.. but i think its the user who handles..the phone more than phone.If u r litle patient u get good features. Pocket IE is really good for browsing.And signal reception is much better than my Nokia6220

Reviewed by Horta from UK on 4th Jun 2005
Ssssh, but the MPX 200 I have.....works (!). Poor signal reception in an "avearge" coverage area led to panic one night when an ambulance was urgently needed!! My old Ericsson R230S (yes still going!!) would have had no problem with it's excellent external ariel (and higher SAR rating?). One MPX crash caused by the insertion of another network's SIM card (weeell, if you will mess with it.....) but whilst it's "ok" It doesn't blaze a trail which is a shame as the Windows OS system / folders explorer is one you could get used to. What to get next though, Samsung D500?

Reviewed by Victoria Leigh from UK on 26th May 2005
The only erason I changed this phone was because I wanted a diiferent one! I found it REALLY easy to use - the windows style system is great! I've just read about the upgrade that would have made the battery last longer, but it wasn't a problem for me! Everyone admired it! It doesn't have a camera, but hey, I don't want evidence of my nights out!! My mum has it now, she loves it too!!

Reviewed by cate b from england on 1st May 2005
i know the people who reviewed this phone before must have had problems but i got mine about 1 1/2-2 years ago, so it uses the 2002 version and it has not broken down once it has been round the world lots of times, has my collection of 50 albums on it and is still perfect, i am buying a phone now because someone wants to buy mine of me because she thought it looked good and found it really easy to use.the only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is because it has no camera, but at the time i bought it most other phones didnt have cameras either.

Reviewed by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaal from uk on 25th Apr 2005
no good its all about trust and this phone dont have it

Reviewed by Jon from England on 24th Apr 2005
if you have a brain you will read the other reviews and STAY WELL AWAY from this phone. I think that the other reviews highlight the key areas which make it rubbish. So think very very hard before buying this phone as in a month or so you will be banging your head on the wall saying "why, why, why!!!" !!!!STAY AWAY!!!!

Reviewed by Graeme from UK on 23rd Apr 2005
A great little phone. Very stylish in the gloss black finish clear display. Shame there is no built in camera. Since upgrading to Windows 2003 (£1.50 on ebay for upgrade) the battery now lasts around 4 days and the reception is better. The phone hasn't crashed at all since the upgrade apart from on the odd occasion it indicates invalid SIM which is only resolved by switching the phone off and on again. The phone is easy to use and navigate. If you are planning to buy one just bear in mind that the design is a couple of years old and it won't match the latest phones in performance or features, but its still up there with somne of the best of them. You won't be dissapointed.

Reviewed by G Man from leeds on 17th Apr 2005
initial reaction was yeah good phone, but the more i use it the more the more i hate it, whats more a phone with windows built into it you would have thought they would a put a camera on it.

Reviewed by Mr. J. Peace from UNITED KINGDOM on 17th Apr 2005
Am happy to say that I disagree with many reviews previously posted here. I purchased the mobile telephone on EBay and it is amazing. Unfortunately, the fool of a previous owner upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003, which is my opinion is undesirable, as it disbands the MMS software. I have now returned it to its native operating system, Windows Mobile 2002, and it works perfectly. I have already initiated GPRS and MMS (picture messaging) services, and can browse almost any website (though websites may be subject to undesirable display due to the size of the mobile's screen). The texting software is very good - insert symbols by holding down HASH key for three seconds, switch cases by holding down * key, T9 text prediction is available if you find it easier, and the keys are nice and 'clicky' and so it is easy to enter text. I was delighted on hearing that the mobile has installed on it Windows Media Player, using which I can play audio and small video clips - this works prefectly and I think its amazing! The MSN Messenger facility is also great - amazing to be able to chat live with friends whilst on the train, and it works great with the high-speed GPRS connection. All the PDA Personal Information Management are good too - and synchronise with Microsoft Outlook. Mac Users can also synchronise information - using an addon for iSync (generic Mac sync software that comes with OSX). The addon is available commercially (around £16 GBP) at http://www.pocketmac.net. You can get also get last of freeware software for the MPx200, which installs quickly and easily - just search in google for 'Windows Mobile Freeware'. The mobile comes with four great games: Solitare, Slurp, Lemonade, and Tennis Addict. I love the FILE MANAGER - you can browse this mobile just as if it were a desktop PC - and it gives you more of a sense of control of your mobile, rather than just seeing a 'front' - all those simple menus on Nokias give me the creeps. The exterior of the mobile is also good - sleek slim black design, a clamshell structure, with an exterior screen for caller ID - at times when there is no info to display, this displays the date and time, as standard. The HOME key ensures you can always find your way back within one click - this is great! On these horrible Nokia models, you get lost in long trails of menus. The BACK key just take syou one step back - also a good addition. A jog dial against the side of the phone makes it easy to alter volume controls, and when the flap is closed, and a call is received: press it twice to reject - great feature as most clamshells don't let you reject calls without opening the phone - and if you set it to ANSWER ON OPEN which is extremely useful, then this would be useful - so that's another good feature. I did once experience a problem previously described - phone freezes on boot-up at "Hello Moto" screen. However this was easily solved - hard reset (by holding down BLUE button and on button at the same time when the phone is off) and then put my stuff back on with the Sync! And you can extend the memory up to 1GB with SD or MMC cards! Mine came with a 16MB card - which I can store music, pictures on! It also came with handsfree, USB cable, mains charger, leather case, and a CD with backups of the software and a free copy of Microsoft Outlook! You can even get a camera to plug into it, and take photos direct onto the phone - these are about £10-20 on EBay! A great model - I recommend it to anyone interested in a PDA that isn't massive - something compact but useful! Jo Peace jo.peace@wtsonline.co.uk

Reviewed by JohanB from South Africa on 15th Apr 2005
Until you start using the phone it looks OK. The flaws soon appear. It crashes often and you have to go as far as removing the battery to restart it. Battery life is pathetic. This phone is the reason why I will NEVER buy another Motorola product again. I'm counting the days to me next upgrade.

Reviewed by Chris from Blackpool UK on 14th Apr 2005
This phone looks good on first impressions - sturdy, good screen etc, but there are so many usability issues with it that I will be glad when I can upgrade again (I've had this for 11 months). Battery life: fine on standby, but one ten minute conversation and it needs charging. Keypad: often inserts extra characters when texting. Speed: Very slow to start up, further delay when selecting an application such as SMS. Like other Windows platforms, tends to pause for breath randomly. Reliability: I haven't had to have the phone swapped, but it does freeze occasionally. Bugs: made the mistake of setting the alarm, then noticing that the time wasn't quite right, so adjusted the clock. Alarm then went off at the same time every day until I found a workround on the internet. On the whole it's been an acceptable phone, but the PDA facilities are a useless gimmick and it suffers all the usual Windows glitches. I gave my old Nokia 5210 to my wife, and still regret it.

Reviewed by Dom from South Africa on 2nd Apr 2005
My dad got an MPx200 on his contract as an upgrade handset about 10 months ago. Because it didn't fit the carkit that came integrated with his car (carkit only fits oldish Nokia's), he offered me the phone. Well, at first it seemed quite decent, what with the pretty useful features it includes. After using it for a while, I quickly became aware of how buggy Windows SmartPhone 2002 is! The phone would need to be restarted every once in a while, until that is it just refused to start up the one day (the infamous hanging on the 'Hello Moto' screen). It has to date been for repair twice (Motorola currently have my handset). I don't know if the MPx220 or the MPx300 are any better, but I'm getting a Nokia or Samsung when my contract is due for an upgrade... STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE!

Reviewed by Rostron from UK on 1st Apr 2005
This mobile is utter toilet. Slow, constantly freezing, takes ages to switch off and back on again, short battery life, can't seem to get a signal when all around me people are chatting merrily away on their phones. The keypad's ropey - every other word gets misspelt when texting because it occasionally inserts two characters when I've only pushed the key once. I had to put up with the alarm going off at 8am every day for nearly a fortnight - I'd set it once when staying at a friend's house. Every time I tried to switch the alarm back off, the phone would freeze. Even WAP is laughable - I bought it to help me commute using the train info page - by the time it connects (1-2 minutes) and you've navigated to the page, and it's lost the connection and you've had to wait for it to reconnect again, the train's already arrived at the platform. Can't believe how stupid I was buying a Windows operated phone - never again. Just hope Apple get into the mobile phone market sometime soon. The iPhone - that would be something =0)

Reviewed by Tiger from USA on 31st Mar 2005
This phone is great. I couldn't ask for more. It has animated wallpapers/themes, great 3D games, many type of applications, mp3 player, watch videos and steaming videos off the web, speakerphone, etc. It doesn't have a camera, but I can live without that. The only thing that I dislike about this phone is that, it doesn't support Cingular(850mhz). but it works great on ATT Wireless.

Reviewed by mffinn from Netherlands on 31st Mar 2005
For 99 euro you get a very nice looking and solid feeling phone. The screen is good and syncing with Outlook works very well (as long as you only do it with one computer). What it does it does well, considering the price. Upgrading to Windows Mobile 2003 also improves the display quality and some of the software. For me being able to get all my Outlook contacts painlessly into a phone is a big benefit over slowly scrolling thru the SIM card's contents. I know this is the least one can expect from a smartphone but I'm comparing this to similarly-priced not-so-smart phones. The downsides are the lack of sync. with Outlook notes, the battery life of 4 days (at most) and the lack of bluetooth. Buy Smartphonenotes, carry a mini-USB cable and use infra-red to get around these problems somewhat.

Reviewed by Fazzazzy from Italy on 29th Mar 2005
Outstanding phone at it's 129 euro price tag. Extra big display, ultra nice design, it's so shiny and sleek. A bit slow when browsing menus, but for what it gives I don't care. You can add whatever you want, games, mp3 players, flash players, divx players, word excel compatibility (with proper software), programs with maps of your country when you are traveling. Absolutely outstanding, and far cheaper than an mpx220. Battery lasts for 2-3 days with low to normal use, switching off at night. 1 day if used often. I can live with that. Enjoy.

Reviewed by kate from uk on 6th Mar 2005
Absolute RUBBISH. I had this phone 2 weeks when it resorted to the old hello-moto-frozen-screen trick. After reading this site i tried the master reset option and reached 'airplane mode' and a request to insert my sim (which was already in there)...In short-dont bother-too hi-tech for its own good. Stick with Nokia...

Reviewed by Mark Edwardson from UK on 23rd Feb 2005
Second and last update from me and my MPx200. As promised contact renewal arrived and I tossed the Motorola in the canal. Now blissfully happy with a Nokia 6230 - no Windows nonsense, a proper MP3 player, Bluetooth, camera, excellent reception, sound ergonomics. I won't make the Motorola mistake again.

Reviewed by Chad from USA on 22nd Feb 2005
Bad reception, locks up like a computer once or twice a day and every so often decides it cannot read sim card. I know everyone wants to believe that this is a solution to have both a PDA and a cell phone, but it does neither job very well at all.

Reviewed by raja from india on 19th Feb 2005
this is the best phone i ever brought for such cheap rate , it has all features everything , superb biiggggg display . crystal clear . THE REASON FOR ITS FAILURE is it supports only FXGXX some like type SIM card , orange providers support 64K sim with slow signal S/r , but Motorola MPx200 it needs more k more fast i mean the baud rate.

Reviewed by flower from UK on 15th Feb 2005
don't buy this phone it's just awful :( the list of faults is too long to list but for starters how about poor reception, random switching off, phone freezes, screen goes all wrong, slow response. Trust me, it sounds great in theory with windows mobile and tons of apps, but the reality is just horrible. No camera either. What's that about then?

Reviewed by Rupesh from UK on 4th Feb 2005
I don't know if i'm qualified to review this phone but here it goes. i had a 10 minute play with this phone in the shop and was very tempted by the £70 price tag. the first 9 minutes were spent waiting for the thing to boot! however the overall look and feel of the phone is of quality. the screen is big, bright and clear. i was put off because a) the astounding amount of bad reviews on most sites. b) the fact that i coudnt return it for a refund. (in case it was pants) the two stars are therefore becasue i didnt buy it. # the lack of camera, # lack of bluetooth (perhaps - wasnt a deal breaker), # lack of headset/headphones in the box (for mp3 player) # and no faith in motorola (past experience) were all contributing factors.

Reviewed by jammy from uk on 25th Jan 2005
This is a great little phone if you are loking for something with pda capabilities and phone function, i've had this phone for a month now and no problem so far, so i have none of the problems listed here. And if you really want to show off you can get a great little software that allows you to watch full lenth dvd on your moble. i love being able to sync with outlook and all my contacts and tasks updated. i bought as pay as you go and inserted my work sim,I paid £69.00 for the phone at one uk's leading mobile retailers. Great phone can wait till MPX 220 is available

Reviewed by Jerry Fleming from Germany on 23rd Jan 2005
Hello, I got the mpx200 for approx $100 on eBay germany although so many people rated it bad. I had the chance to play around with the mpx200 of an business partner and want to give it a chance. First of all - they are two versions in the western world. The US version from AT&T and other are not equal to the european (in this case the german version). As I encounter it many times with audio & video hardware - the products for the german market are better in build quality because the germans are quite demanding in quality. So, my mpx200 came a few days ago and my colleague also bought one in the USA during a businesstrip - so I was able to compare. The german mpx200 came with the latest ROM fixes from motorola and so I didn't encounter almost 95% of the problems. It's an great phone with many features but maybe not usuable for mobile newbie because you have to deal with all of the functions. I watch videos, listen mp3s, use the calendar, syncronize with my pc and make calls - all without problems. Great!!! But they are some weak points with the phone: 1. short standby times. The battery holds only 2 days. 2. No Camera (it's only a minor problem for me) 3. No upgrades to windows mobile 2003 4. some minor bugs in functions & options. It's great but not perfect. At the moment the new MPx220 encounters the german market and maybe I will buy it in 6 months because at the moment the price of $400 is too high for me. But the MPx200 will make it for me until I will try the new model with camera, windows mobile 2003...........and unfortunately miniSD Port :-((( My Rating: 4 of 5 - a good phone, not perfect but with many options. The european version seems to be "better" in terms of Bugs, flaws, ROM updates and build quality.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 23rd Jan 2005
Had this phone over 6 months, its been absolutely flawless. It hasn't crashed (surprisingly). It syncs fine with outlook and basically does all I need it to. Also charging from USB is handy. Battery life isn't spectacular but I can usually get 2-3 days before recharge which I don't consider to be a burden. I'm on orange and the reception around where I live has been fine.

Reviewed by Steve from Scotland on 23rd Jan 2005
This handset is the pits! If you've read the other reviews before this you will have guessed that already. My handset was contracted to Orange and the first handset failed after just 3 days. A replacement failed after 4 weeks and then I had to suffer being sent faulty recon units for the remainder of my contract. All in all I had the pleasure of 9 different MPX200 handsets in a year and not one of them worked properly. If with orange and you take out Orange "Care" insurance check out the small print too. If you send the phone back and have it replaced you are sent a reconditioned unit - this eliminates your rights to demand a different make of handset. I've now changed back to using a Nokia and changed my service provider!!! In summary..."The Motorola MPX200...makes an expensive paperweight" "Orange...The futures not so bright if you continue to treat your customers badly...with the world's biggest business debt you should be bending over backwards"

Reviewed by grunger from england on 22nd Jan 2005
good value 4 money but where's the camera

Reviewed by Andrew from USA on 17th Jan 2005
First off I want to say DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. I have gone through 3 warrenty replacemants of this phone and still continue to have the same problems. Between the horrible reception, the phone having a mind of its own and shutting off by its self, the phone freezing and the screen going AWOL. Overall, the experiance with this phione for the last 11 monthes has been HORRIBLE.

Reviewed by peter from UK on 11th Jan 2005
its good in many ways, the shells build quality and looks are great, it has good features, linking to outlook is great, however its a shame the other features dont work, the internet, mms and email all fail to work, its already been back to be fixed because it wouldn't charge. the battery life is poor and my boss has the same phone and guess what he has just sent it back to fix the screen, all very dissapointing

Reviewed by Cleb from Czech republic on 10th Jan 2005
MPX200 is a GREAT phone, it runs a lot of cool apps and games, since it has windoze. Who cares about it has to be rebooted every day. I haven't had any problems with signal, don't know what all these people ar complaining about.

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 6th Jan 2005
This is the worst phone in the universe. No, scrub that, this is the single most irritating, useless, spangly piece of poo which I've ever had the misfortune to own. If it was a person I'd kill it. It's slow, it crashes, the software didn't work properly, I couldn't get mp3's to play/transfer, the battery life's rubbish, it takes an age to boot etc. etc. etc. I bought this phone because it has Windows on it, so I suppose that I only have myself to blame. Q: Why should a phone need Windows? Haven't we all learned that Windows is rubbish? And it crashes? Would Windows on a phone not overcomplicate things? A: It doesn't. Yes. Yes. And Yes Windows has brought to my mobile the infamous 'blue screen of death', an inability to boot, the loss of 200 phone numbers, and more than a few corresponding friends. Yeah I should have backed it up, but I couldn't get it to work. And my replacement has just died within 48 hours. I hate this phone. I hate myself. I wish I was dead.

Reviewed by Josh Judge from USA on 16th Dec 2004
First of all this phone has not only upset me with its service, but more importantly my friends and family are sick and tired of the run around they get everytime they need to get in touch with me. I live in New York and you would think that there has to be a good signal on Long Island being that I am 20 minutes away from one of the largest cities in the entire world. Nope the phone never has a signal and I repeatedly have to walk outside of my house in the freezing cold nowadays to get at least 2 bars of service. The MP3 features stink and so do all of the other features that got me to buy the phone. Cant ever send messages because I have no service and have found myself ready to throw the phone in the garbage after I waste tons of time trying to write out psuedo long text message to my girl (who has been in Australia) only to have my phone say the message never went through because i lost service! I can not deal with this phone much longer my contract is up in 2 months I would have gave the phone ZERO stars if that was an option. I advise strongly that you avoid buying this phone although it is a hot phone and looks great and has great features non of them work and when they do it is only a matter of time before your screen freezes. My battery surprisingly has never given me a problem either which is the main gripe by most of the reviews I have just read. Everything else about the phone has given me huge problems maybe the reason my battery is never a problem is because I never have service long enough to use my phone for more than 2 minutes.

Reviewed by julie from scotland on 8th Dec 2004
This is the worst phone I have ever used. The only reason I have given it one star is that your mobile phone bills will be very low with this phone as you rarely get a signal ( even in city centres) and the battery only allows you to make a couple of calls between charges. I am delighted to have come to the end of my twelve months with this phone. I have had to replace it twice as the screen froze and the alarm used to drone in a low drilling tone every morning and could only be turned off by removing the battery- not the best way to start off the day. Texting is difficult and takes ages because the screen blanks out. I dont get any signal in the office, although everyone else does. Orange say this is because of the transmitter??? Do Motorolla's have their own transmittors. I dont get any reception in the flat either so this cuts down in my overall use. I have had more rollover minutes in the last year than I can use. Would definately not get a Motorolla again and am going fo r the Sony Ericsson P910i. Fingers crossed this will be better.

Reviewed by Mark Edwardson from United Kingdom on 7th Dec 2004
Update to previous message. As winter is starting to bite and my bones are feeling the cold I've decided to take action. I can't upgrade the MPx 200 until February so I've purchased a new PAYG Sagem MyX2 for £30 and inserted my contract card. Guess what? I can now make calls from the comfort of my arm chair in front of my living flame Baxi. And there's a bonus - there's no silly Windows system so there's no freezing on the phone no matter how chilly it gets outside. Hurrah!

Reviewed by Nigel P from UK on 2nd Dec 2004
I like the features on the phone. However It has been sent back to Motorola twice (once for 9 weeks) with battery problems (not lasting more than 1 day), & freezing screen twice. Orange's customer care has been very poor. Asking for more money to replace the phone. All I want is a phone that works

Reviewed by Jonathan from UK on 1st Dec 2004
I was immediately disappointed by the signal reception. However, my phone crashed (software in think) in August and it was sent to Motorola for repairs. From what I was told by Orange shop Motorola are still waiting on a part. Really? Currently I have a courtesy phone from Orange, a 'old' Nokia 8210a which has better signal reception. I wish I had never ugraded my phone with the MPx200. I can't wait till February when I can upgrade again.

Reviewed by Coop from UK on 27th Nov 2004
Just an footnote to my earlier review; couldn't live with the battery running out after 8 (yes 8!!!) hours of everyday use - so I bought a brand new shiny battery from Motorola. Charged up the new battery, and have been using it for 3 weeks now. The battery lasts for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours! Why bother building a phone with all these functions and features if the batteries can't handle it??? I am ditching this heap of junk, and going to buy a Nokia - at least their batteries last for a day! This is a seriously, SERIOUSLY flawed phone, people. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by Mark Edwardson from United Kingdom on 26th Nov 2004
Giving this 'phone one star is exaggerating its abilities. It may have MP3 capability, dowloadable everything and a nice big colour screen but there are three BIG problems with mine. Firstly, like other contributors here I am forced to stand outside the house to use it. This is in stark contrast to my wife's brick (Sony j5) which she can use anywhere she likes. Puzzling this as we are both using the Orange network. Secondly, the build quality's awful and Orange have refused to do anything about it. Thirdly, it is slow and ergonomically poor - try texting and you'll know what I mean. The MPx 200 is so bad that I wish I'd never given up my Sharp GX1! Roll on contract renewal and it'll be the bin for the Motorola and Orange.

Reviewed by Jimbo from UK on 24th Nov 2004
At the time, I was looking for a phone that could; -manage my nutty schedule -play MP3's -some games -manage calls easily -workable interface -speaker phone -reasonable battery life/talk time/stand-by -Flip feature would be a bonus -Doesn't look like a brick or a hair-doo from the 80's. (not necessarily in this order) Currently, after using it for one full year. I have to say that this phone was a total disappointment. With a capital 'T'. Before I rant on about this phone further, allow me to explain to you all that I've bought this phone and signed a contract from Orange (UK service provider) because I thought this phone was the "One". Here are the reasons for my 1-Star/Poor rating. The mp3 feature is badly designed and you would eventually need to fork out more £££ ($$$-for US neighbors) to make due. That is of course if you have a soft spot for music. If not, you should. Open your mind fellas/gals! No self respecting human being would be caught listening to ABBA! The Microsoft software that comes built-in is at best at a 'Beta' stage. The software needs more operating power and battery but the phone doesn't have it. Ergo, you need more juice which equals battery life dropping faster than you can say 'I'm dialing customer service num....(phone dies).' The software that manages (or rather confuses) your already busy life (surfers skip to next paragraph), is like...no, one word discribes it best. "Blonde" The little supposed 'user friendly' icons are actually more confusing and disrupting to the naked eye, and god forbid if you have an over lapping schedule. Another thing, I have 'beef' with the phone designers/engineers is this. Why in the world did you guys/gals (I'm trying to be 'P.C' here) design something that is meant to be used once! Allow me to explain. When I left the store after filling the darn contract form. Opened to box like a kid opening the x-mas boxes I managed to plug in the charger, open the back cover, slide in the SIM card and placed the battery. Charged for the duration it suggested from the manual, then played the waiting game. Imagine my excitement when I pushed the power button and it didn't detect the SIM card. I thought, okay take a breather and check the connection. Which I did, but I realized that the SIM holder (the piece that actually holds the SIM into place, not the sliding mechanism that locks it in) was gone! What had happened was that that little piece was snapped off when I placed the battery in to charge it. I called the Orange care (the providers insurance) and explained that they said that since it is user related they will not cover it. Damn smurfs! Anyway, coming back to the point. It is just a damn poor design! Where did they get their degrees? On the net!?! Another, fault is the actual mic. That receives/records your voice let alone your bad breath and transmits it to the unsuspecting victim of your ever colorful banter. I recently found this 'bug' but rest assured a firm but light (oxy moron?) tap to it fixes it. In saying so the positives are simple. Aesthetically its pleasing to the eye, it is a flip phone, and it has a workable interface/software. As for battery life read above. In conclusion, I am lucky to have had this phone for a year without anymore problems. I made sure it stayed that way. Some people commented on the looks of the phone like I have found some elixir of life. I thought they were just judging the book by its cover. Hope this long winded review helped. Good luck in searching for the "soul mate."! Jimbo

Reviewed by Mark from USA on 22nd Nov 2004
This phone eats batteries. Not only does it have a short battery life but I am on my 3rd battery in 4 months. First died in 3 weeks after purchase, if only I had been more concerned and exchanged it then within the 30 day ex period. Second Battery gave up the ghost and have ordered warranty replacement from ATT but they claim they have none and Moto isn't filling thier order! Ordered direct from Motorola. Incredibly long waits for IE access and not very capable. Only positive is the outlook sync but would have stayed with 3 devices, good phone, good PDA, good MP3 if I knew I would be without a phone for a couple weeks every time I have to hunt done the increasingly hard to find inadequate battery.

Reviewed by Honest kev from UK on 12th Nov 2004
Very, very disappointed. I love the spec, and when it works the only downside is poor battery life. BUT, this has been the most unreliable piece of tech I have purchased for years. It has been back to the work shop 3 times in the last three months. Last time they swapped it out for a new unit. It lasted less than 3 hours and then was totally dead. I have now decided to call it a day, even though it will cost me dearly, and change. I will not be buying a phone with a windows op system.

Reviewed by Coop from UK on 11th Nov 2004
Basically a good idea, badly executed. Pros: good looks, neat, nice layout. Good colour screen. USB connectivity. Interface with Outlook Express to handle appointments is excellent; it also provides a great backup for all your contacts. Sound quality is good. Cons: Battery - rubbish! 12 hours maximum, after a full charge - sometimes it ges after 8 hours, and I am not a heavy user of the phone or its functions! Media player - rubbish! I bought this because it was an MP3 player, but it is half baked software - no pause button! No playlist function! No ability to sort tracks in play order! GPRS/WAP - rubbish! This is one of the most complicated, difficult and annoying setups I have EVER gone through, and I'm (fairly) computer literate. Technical support from my network (02) and Motorola was non-existant. When I did get WAP fired up, response time was hideous, hardly worthwhile; additionally, the software cannot handle many websites! Menus : badly laid out, badly thought out, no obvious clues to where key functions might be hidden - awful! Now we know what happened to the developers of Windows 95 - they designed the software for this! If you want this purely as a phone to talk and send text, then it does it very well - but its HIDEOUSLY expensive just for that. If you want it as a PDA, it have a lovely interface to Outlook - but thats about it. You;d e better off buying a Palm. If you want it as a media player - forget it. It will drive you crazy! This could have been SUCH a good idea - but instead, its a crock. Avoid.

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 10th Nov 2004
I feel sorry for anyone that has just bought this phone. I have had three replacements - all previous phones locked on the Hello Moto screen. Reaction to input was abysmal - if you receive a message whilst the phone is closed it can take up to a minute to get to it after opening the phone, which feels like a year when you're sat next to someone you're trying to offload this dog onto... Can it be that Microsoft released SmartPhone before it was ready? Surely not... SIM card now in my trusty Nokia 6310i and a Sony Ericsson 910i has been purchased on a new contract and ... it just works!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 29th Oct 2004
I have had this phone for nearly a year now lock ups are common battery life S*** if you could remove half the features you dont use you could save a hell of a lot of free memory guess what tried can't be done I'm nearing the end of my contract phone is deciding to stay on headset profile instead of reverting back to normal. originally bought for looks and mp3 facility one big pain would not recomend this phone to any one of my mates or family members smart phone yes seems to have its own brain and do what it wants most of the time. o and orange are no help asd they no jack S*** about this phone keep sending you to motorola who don't have much idea either.

Reviewed by stu clarke from uk on 1st Oct 2004
jeez! couldn't help but add a comment on the mpx200 after reading the reviews....got mine 3 months ago; it locked-up on the moto screen to;sent it back to motorola and it got fixed and back within a week - been ok since (touch wood..) bought mine as a sim free - don't know if this makes a difference as i use a orange payg card and a t-mobile on in it. agree, battery life is s***e - try gettin an emergency aa battery charger - impossible in uk - boxwave.com in us does one - got to ship it over though. its a great bit of technology though - but i think it was rush released - still love showing off to me mates with it though....pocket tv application from handango u.k. particularly good though

Reviewed by Terri Neilsen from USA on 24th Sep 2004
My company bought me this phone for the PDA functions (i need to have access to Outlook). The phone initially was great - although battery life and signal is awful (I could not get reception in my own home and had to call from outside). I then began to receive "Sim Card Failure" messages. I would take out the sim card and battery and then turn the phone back on. I began to get this message a great deal of the time and had to keep removing and resetting the sim card. Eventually thought it was linked to the phone overheating. I then got the message all the time and had the phone replaced through my insurance (one time only because they wrote the insurance in error). I did not go through warranty because I noticed the Sim holder prongs had broken. I got a new phone and less than one month later got the same "Sim Card Failure" message. I looked but the holder was intact. I called Motorola. They acknowledged the sim holder defect, but not the "sim card failure" defect. Has anyone else had the same problem? Will be getting phone number 3- am really sick of not having my phone when I need it!

Reviewed by Donna Lea from UK on 16th Sep 2004
I have sent my phone of 3 times to be fixed from an unrecoverable crash ... motorola still haven't acknowldeged it is a faulty handset. I am very upset with the phone and the service .. I am afraid I will never buy motorola again, and anyone else should do so at their own peril.

Reviewed by Red from UK on 23rd Aug 2004
I got this phone 6-8 weeks ago as a (free)long overdue Orange upgrade to my Ericsson R230s. Initially very impressed with the software, internet access, media player (but needed to get a 128 MB card to store a significant number of mp3's or WAV's). Photo/video function was interesting. Texting /emails a bit of a pain and the battery seemed to die early though. Due to the finish of the phone I decided to get a leather protective case for it to protect it from scratches (now the plastic screen cover has ripped, oh well). Last week we went on holiday to Burham on Sea near Western Super Mare (non-UK folk look it up, very interesting, nice place). I soon noticed a "No Service" message. Ok, this happens I thought, probably due to a radio blackspot. However after noticing other(Orange)users having no problems with their phones, which seemed to be Nokia's, I decided to phone Orange to check the situation. Problem was nearest public phones were out of order (that bit's important...) . I eventually managed to find a distant phone box and called "O". No, "no problem" they said probably just the particular model I had. No my Ericsson would not have performed any better despite having an external ariel after all it was encased in plastic - same as an internal ariel.(!!) Oh really??. At 2.30 a.m one morning we needed to call the emergency services due to a member of the holiday party having heart problems. (Remember the bit above about the out of order phone boxes? Only one other phone available a Samsung A300 with external ariel which just managed to hold a signal long enough to get through.... Moral of this story? The MPX200 is indeed a Smart phone, it's impressive....as a media player, internet surfer and phone in a major city.... NOT as a phone in any area where there isn't maximum signal reception from the nearest cellular transmitter. I have no doubt my Ericsson R230s would have worked far better. Getting confirmation of that from most dealers is impossible as they are all geared to selling phones and their tech departments are manned by 18-22 year olds who don't remember the Ericsson..... In fact as far as the UK is concerned I believe that if you have an older phone it probably has more TX power than the latest generation due to the fact that as there were less cell transmitters around the phones had further to reach. The newer models probably have weaker outputs due to the relatively smaller present day cell sites. All well and good unless you're on holiday in Burnham on Sea....

Reviewed by Lex Hallston from london, united kingdon on 22nd Aug 2004
i brought this phone on orange about 2 monthsa go and i cant say that it has been the ebst phone i have ever owned. (much better than the nokia i had before). on the downsides the phone has crashed a couple time when i was setting the time and date, and texting can be a bit difficult at times, however, the other features such as outlook express and instant messenger outweigh the cons of this phone. the only other bad thing is that THIS PHONE ATTRACTS FINGER PRINTS LIKE A MAGNET and it requires constant cleaning, apart from that this phone is a worth while investment.

Reviewed by Anne Petersen from USA on 14th Aug 2004
I love this phone/pocketPC for several reasons, but I also would not recommend it for most people. Although the power to sync your cell with Outlook is awesome, the graphics are great and keeps my life organized with the calendar, it tends to crash often and have a severe lack of memory. I have had my phone for 6 months now, and it has crashed twice now, however I was able to retrive my info via active sync. Currently my phone is on the cradle charging because it decided to quit working today without notice. I never notified me of the battery being low and it charged all last night. The battery sucks, but not usually THIS bad. The phone was completely un-responsive all day today whenever I plugged it in to charge. Now I have it charging but it still will not boot (wont go past mmode screen). Who knows if this damn this will be working by this time tomorrow or not. Currently I have put my SIM card back in my trusty nokia 3590 which I have abused and used hard and stil l works. Although I'm probably going to buy another smartphone after this one - I would definately NOT suggest this phone for most people. If you have any suggestions on what to do with this thing that wont boot please email me at bc219@bc219.com thanks!

Reviewed by Pete from UK on 10th Aug 2004
Love the phone, had no problems with battery life, although I do leave it charging in a craddle at work all day. Problem is with ORANGE, I have just crashed my second phone and have to pay again for a replacement even though I have ORANGE insurance, will definitely NOT go with these thieving unhelpful muthas again.

Reviewed by Ravi Nuguru from USA on 8th Aug 2004
This is a phone from hell. I fell for it looking at all the PDA features it comes with. Apart from battery life (which i can live with), the most frustrating part is the signal reception. I used the same (AT&T wireless) SIM card with my old phone sony-ericsson t68i and Nokia 3200, there is no problem with signal reception. But with this dud, it has a peculiar way of cutting you off 80% of the time. Sometimes the person at other end of conversation can hear you shouting Hello but i cannot hear them. Some times its vice versa. It's shame on the part of Motorola and service providers to dump such a underpeforming phone on the subscribers. I had a similar experince with another motorola phone prior. I vow never again to buy any motorola, ever again. I missed my 30 day return date, so will have to live with this piece of trash, if I do not dump it in the trash one of these days.

Reviewed by Davywavy from on 29th Jul 2004
Don't bother. it looks pretty. You can talk to peopl ein outerspace, check your email and do all kinds of other funky things with it. When it works. if you're lucky, this has a 24 hour battery life, meaning you can't take it on holiday without the charger and an adapter, windows for telephones crashes and freezes at least once every two days, it devours text mesages and tells you they were sent, the keyboard is temperameental to say the least (try writing a text without having to go back and edit it at least once), it sometimes drops off the network for no apparent reasona dn won't go back on unless you take the back off, re-insert the SIM and then turn it back on... I could go on. I often do.

Reviewed by andy from UK on 29th Jul 2004
stupid fran buy a nokia like all the other townies a motorola is not for your closed little mind

Reviewed by WELLS JULIEN from LONDON UK on 7th Jul 2004

Reviewed by James S from UK on 3rd Jul 2004
This is not a phone! It is a pocket computer with a communications ability. Users need to be computer literate and used to Windows little foibles. You must re boot it at least once a week like all windows o/s. It would be daft to run it without a backup to a pc. Mine currently backs up 330+ contacts to Outlook with full details and caller ID functioning. The calendar section likewise. Having this amount of information to hand at all times is extremely useful. Remember to set up security as your whole life is on there! The reception is not quite as good as a dedicated phone but I have managed to get GPRS Internet on a train. It has served me very well for 6 months now but only buy it for grown up use not as the latest gadget.

Reviewed by tony from uk on 30th Jun 2004
Avoid at all costs. I got one through Orange (after much diffculty) - 3 broken phones later and still no joy. Orange are completely useless and just send out returned models (with the faults still there). It's basically a new type of phone with many bugs that haven't been sorted but has been sold regardless. Orange repair centres are not trained to handle it either.

Reviewed bytgyygt from gfbgfb on 28th Jun 2004
beautiful beautiful

Reviewed by Fuster from UK (London) on 1st Jun 2004
Had the phone just under a month and have already had three major problems with it: 1. Battery life is rubbish Applications do not close unless you go to the task manager to kill them (Lemonade Tycoon seems to be a particular juice gobbler). Seems to have improved a little (charge once a day rather than twice) but not much. MORAL: Don't even think of leaving the house without your charger, kill pointless applications often. 2. Strange text message behaviour resulting in crash Haven't really got to the bottom of this one. Received a constant stream of blank texts which crashed the phone. When restarted the phone appeared to make a call to one person from my contacts without being told to and the network (Orange) would not allow calls to another number (my girlfriend's!). Seemed to shake itself out after a few hours. MORAL: Don't expect to be able to use the phone reliably as a phone - it will crash on you. 3. Corrupt data -> dead phone Over the weekend something happened which means the phone now shows an error message when turned on and won't load Contacts or Calendar. None of this data was backed up (no home PC) and now seems to be lost. Additionally I can't even type numbers into the phone to call out (as this automatically makes the phone check contacts). Looks like a hard reset will be needed. MORAL: Back up your data somewhere, somehow and regularly - it will keep crashing on you. I spent over an hour on the phone to Orange, getting progressive more annoyed. Bottom line is that the MPX200 is *horribly* buggy and no-one wants to be left holding the baby. Orange are out of stock for a replacement which is just as well really because I want out. This is a shiny plastic brick of a phone that will cause you constant hassle each time it screws up. If there were a zero star option in the ratings system, I'd have used it. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Reviewed by Massimo from Italy/Romania on 31st May 2004
One crush while accidentaly uninstalling File Manager by Motorola, I had to perform a Master Reset which take away all my phone numbers and contacts because I didn't find the way to backup all my data which is also difficult. You have to learn the operative system very well if you ant to perform well. Handsfree and Voice call functions are very difficult to use and I think are not performing well. Battery life is quite short, it is better to always close all application when you leave the telephone in standby. Better to install a Task Manager for Smarthphone to have an eye on all the running programs (including system programs). This telephone offer huge capabilities of performing program, application, customizing and data Storage. You can find many utilities and interesting program on the internet. The interface with the PC by USB cable is outstanding for its capability to add and remove programs. If you see in task manager that too many applications are running, I suggest to switch off/on your phone in order that they will quit and when your phone is on again, will not consume too much battery.

Reviewed by David from UK on 29th Apr 2004
Like the rest of the reviewers here I am going through Hello Moto hell! I am onto my third handset (which has just crashed). What a great phone, when it works! I has everything, except the ability to work for more than a month. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

Reviewed by Pat Gregory from England on 29th Apr 2004
I was sold this phone on the promise that it would be ideal for my requirements, as i was just starting a small business. I was also told that a full car hands-free kit was available almost immediately. The staff at The Link did a vey good sales job, however my last comment to them 'does it make phone calls' seemed like a joke at the time. I have exclusively used Nokia phones for the past 10 years and had absolutely no problems aside from some niggling problems trying to sync phone books with PCs via infrared. The Motorola started well, and the facility to upload from outlook seamlessly was very useful. I then started to notice niggling problems: the handsfree kit thing wouldn't make or receive calls via the small button thing. The standby time is about 24 hours (this is with a conditioned battery). The talk time is around 2-3 hours. The reception is dreadful, nothing like the service I'm used to. The phone has now taken to switching itself off for no reason, this is worrying as I'm starting a contract which requires 24hr standby. There is also a problem with call waiting, or possibly receiving calls with the phone open. If you press the accept button then the phone just freezes. I'm not sure if it's a problem with Motorola or Windows or both, but this phone's performance is completely unacceptable. I'm off to the Link now to argue about a replacement Nokia for it!!

Reviewed by Ric from UK on 29th Apr 2004
If this phone was a horse you would shoot it..........

Reviewed by Steve from England on 28th Mar 2004
After a few weeks use, battery life quickly deteriorated so that it wouldn't last the day ! I rang Orange, who said it was a faulty battery, but there were none in stock so what other phone did I want. After seeing the Samsung 700, rang back but was told they would send a new battery!? In the meantime (after reading this site) did a "Master Reset", and all is well - except have to reload everything! - and I now have a spare battery. Hoping for the best, but will check out the comment on CallerID.

Reviewed by Noose from UK on 21st Mar 2004
The phone was very, very good until it went to Hellomoto Hell. The voice dial is useless, which is a pity; there's an annoying squeal on the other end when you go off-hook by clicking it shut; and the reception is MUCH worse than I on my old v66 (which is what I'm using since the Lovely Flower replaced mobile telephony on this unit. I'm glad I read this site, 'cause the hard reboot worked (which Orange didn't tell me). Now I can use my pricey little phone to look at the Orange sunrise/sunset graphic too ... and a message telling me that I'm stuck in Airplane mode. (It always called it Aeroplane mode before). (It's a cool feature, Aeroplane Mode.) What Orange DID tell me was that they're out of stock of MPx200s, and would I take a Nokia 6600 BlobPhone instead ... no, the local Orange shop could only give me an MPx200 off the shelf if the manager himself was there, and he's on holiday ... and ... WHO sells a mobile with no car kit?

Reviewed by MJ from on 11th Mar 2004
The usual locking on the Hello Moto Screen, poor signal, poor GPRS connection, Cant view web pages due to the GPRS. Don't buy one there C***

Reviewed by Bruce from England on 2nd Mar 2004
Second phone and only three days after being fixed it has crashed again and won't work. The features are fantastic when it works but that seems to be only when you are not using it. Orange fail to meet the sale of goods act 1979 (ammened) and will use a loophole in it to insist on sending the phone back to the manufacture. Was told that if my phone went wrong for the same fault twice I could change modle. Will have to see what they say tomorrow when it goes back. Curently using my Nokia 5.1 (c1995) which has never gone wrong!!

Reviewed by anthony from uk on 23rd Feb 2004
ive just brought this phone and i think it is great,if you love the internet you'll love this phone.

Reviewed by Matt Gratton from UK on 21st Feb 2004
I got this phone on a free upgrade on vodafone last week, and so far I've had no problems at all. The windows software and expandable SD memory (up to 1GB at the moment) means I can play videos and mp3s, as well as check my pop3 email and synchronise outlook contacts. Also, photos of the phone just don't do it justice. This phone looks superb, with its quality glossy black finish, complemented by a gun metal finish around the screen and keys, it oozes quality. Basically this phone is a cut down PDA. If you can get it for free then it is a ridiculously good deal. The only drawbacks are its very short battery life - i find this needs recharging every day (although it can charge off your pc through the USB cable) and its lack of a camera or bluetooth.

Reviewed by Jon Mayes from UK on 19th Feb 2004
Love this phone, but shame that it keeps crashing :( have gone through two in 3 weeks and think i will switch to something else for my next handset. a real shame because has great features and customizability. to those of you reporting problems with battery life, remove the CallerID app and the battery performance will increase greatly!

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