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Motorola MAXX V6 review

 Review: January 2007  

Last updated June 2009


In a nutshell: 3G RAZR phone with 2.0 megapixel camera, video calling, music player, memory card, Bluetooth™ & HSDPA (3.5G).


The Motorola MAXX V6 is an updated version of the RAZR V3X. It's an ultra-slim and lightweight 3G handset featuring touch sensitive music keys on the front of the clamshell that light up when in use. It's also the big brother of the Motorola V3XX. In fact the RAZR MAXX is very similar to the V3XX. The only real differences are the appearance of the phones and the fact that the MAXX has a better camera. Both are slimline clamshells, but the MAXX has a more futuristic look, with its combination of metal and glass and the cool touch sensitive music keys. We'd like to point out that touch sensitive keys, while they look fantastic, can be annoying to use (the LG Chocolate and Samsung E900 have annoyed a fair number of users). However, when used sparingly, for non-critical functions like music, we don't think that they'll be a problem. And they do look fantastic with the blue lighting!

Like the V3XX, the RAZR MAXX introduces a new technology called HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) which enables data to be downloaded at speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps - that's 10x faster than conventional 3G - and has been dubbed 3.5G. This means that you can make maximum use of 3G network services, such as high resolution video calling at 15 frames per second, super-fast music downloading and streaming and live TV on your phone. The MAXX and the V3XX are the first UK handsets to feature this new technology, so this is a cutting edge device.

The MAXX has two cameras: a 2.0 megapixel camera for still photography, and a VGA camera for video calling. Both are good. The video camera is high resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and supports a frame rate of 15 frames per second. The main display is also excellent, with 256K colours and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

Music is definitely one of the core features of the MAXX. The stereo MP3 player supports the most common digital music formats (MP3, AAC & AAC+) and you can plug in either a USB headset or a wireless stereo Bluetooth headset (both optional extras). Sound quality is excellent. 64-voice MP3 ringtones are also supported. The useable memory is just 50 Mbytes, which is enough to store around 10 songs, but you can expand the memory using a microSD™ memory card. No memory card is supplied with the phone, but you can buy these relatively cheaply now, and the microSD™ format cards are available at up to 2 Gbytes.

The battery life of the MAXX has been improved compared with the V3X. Bluetooth and USB 2.0 connectivity are supported, and all the standard features that you'd expect from a modern phone (MMS, email, web browser, etc) are present. Although it's very slighter thicker than the V3XX, we prefer the RAZR MAXX because of its improved camera and cool appearance.

Motorola MAXX V6 features include:

  • 3G video calling
  • 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
  • Video camera (640 x 480 pixels, 15 frames/second, MPEG4 format)
  • Main display: 256,000 colours, 320 x 240 pixels (2.2 inches)
  • External display: 120 x 160 pixels, 64,000 colours
  • Stereo MP3 player (MP3/AAC/AAC+ formats)
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Java games
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP)
  • Phonebook (1,000 entries)
  • Memory: 50 Mbytes plus microSD™ memory card slot (expandable to 2 Gbytes)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • WAP 2.0, EDGE Class 10, GPRS Class 10, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
  • Opera web browser
  • Vibration alert
  • Triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) plus 3G (WCDMA 2100)
  • Size: 105 x 53 x 15.5 mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Talktime: 175 minutes (120 minutes when video calling)
  • Battery standby: 350 hours

Motorola MAXX V6 user reviews

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Average rating from 110 reviews:

Reviewed by Roger from UK on 3rd Sep 2010
Bought this model last 2008 in the Philippines and was able to use it for only 8 months because of software problem. Although its still under warranty, I was not able to have it repaired because I went to Dubai. Would you believe that Motorola Dubai doesn't have the components needed to repair my phone? Crazy! The problem with my Razr V6 was that everytime I turn it on the keypads would only work for a few minutes and then everything freezes. The only button that functions afterwards is the ON/OFF switch. I have a new phone now but IT IS NOT MOTOROLA!

Reviewed by Gen from UK on 11th Dec 2009
this phone is amazing, it stood up to the 200km head on collision with a bus, that killed my son in August 2007, I found the phone in the wreck and it had been forced under the drivers seat of the car, I was allowed to retrieve it I took it home charged it up and it still worked,and it had all my sons photos, music etc, and worked well for 16 months after the crash, before it stopped working, took it into get fixed it needed another board in it, had it fixed and it is still going strong, I have not got much left from my sons life but his much loved Motorola MAXX V6 is very important to me very reliable.

Reviewed by BJORDI from UK on 29th Apr 2009
i love my v 6!so sexy!

Reviewed by UMESHKUMAR.C.H from UK on 17th Apr 2009

Reviewed by Hanna from UK on 27th Mar 2009
well .. its a pretty good phne .. black and glass make 4 a stylish cover .. however the 'black' is scratchin off nw .. after 13mnths .. It's rubbish .. coz the phne was rili cool .. :S

Reviewed by Paul Of Tas from UK on 14th Jan 2009
My wife and I have 2 of these awful phones and regret ever purchasing them. The glass on one "thermo-shattered" (no warranty but $160 to replace). One was Dead on Arrival from the shop and now (after only 18 months) I've had a catastrophic failure because of a stuck keypad (only the on/off button works). The internet is replete with examples of Motorola V3 and V6 Kedpad failures so I will never purchase one again.

Reviewed by stan from UK on 3rd Dec 2008
I like this phone very much.

Reviewed by jopette from philippines on 10th Nov 2008
this unit is junk thats all i can say after 8months of usage it just died on me consulted a repair center told me its not repairable.

Reviewed by Sophie from Australi on 4th Oct 2008
I brought this phone and within the 6 months i have had too send it back to get fixed because off faults including, key pads not workin only the hang up button (turning phone on and off), screen cutting out and turning black with all front lights turned on and the camara flash continusle flickering on and off, music changing 30 secounds into the song but still says it play the other, photos automaticly turning into white thumb nails so then turned phone off and back on then all photos turned into the same image then i got out of media and back in then the photos became currupt(lost a heap off memories that can never be replaced), and more so i honislty think that the $250 i payed for this phone was very poor although i do know some one with the same phone and has had it for a year and has not seen one single fault.

Reviewed by shiplu from Bangladesh on 5th Sep 2008
its a nice phone.....its much more stylish.....looks are gorgeous............its features are also attractive...camera resolution is good as well as sound..i love the ringing display of this set am using it without no hesitation

Reviewed by riv from india on 28th Aug 2008
i am a gr8 man of razr....d razr 2 was bit disappointing.......so i thought i wud never buy another razr...untill i found this.....it ws all gud in the begening...but d velvet coating faded too soon n d cell now luks over a yr old(thiugh its been only 4 months!!).....i am reallyvery upset wid this.....honestly finishing is really poor...i bought this waste for 2,500RS!!!....man i could hav gone for other high end cell phones...pls look for other alternatives.i guess i wont go for motorola again.....nokia is better.

Reviewed by Case from UK on 29th Jul 2008
I've had this phone for 18mths now and it's never let me down. I bought a hard crystal case for it when I first had it, which has protected the glass front and stopped it getting scratched. The camera is only 2 mgp but takes amazing photo's, I've been more than pleased with the quality, as good if not better than my digital camera. Easy to use, good signal strength, audio is good, I can't fault it. It was my first Moto and I'm loathe to stop using now I've upgraded to a Viewty. I dont think the Viewty will match my Maxx for ease of use and hard wearing. This phone has been in my bag, thrown in the dash of my car, dropped several times, and used daily, and has never ever let me down once. I can only highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 15th May 2008
I do like Motorolas and this was a great phone initially but I did have problems with the keypad freezing, this was after 8 months or so - with no warning. The only button that would work was the power button. I took it back but it did the same thing after being fixed. So far, the replacement has been working fine. It is easy to use, has a good camera and is stylish. So due to the freezing only 3 stars for me.

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 13th May 2008
I had this phone for almost a year - and loved it. It did everything I could possibly want to it to do, and got a lot of satsfaction from it, although the software could freeze frm time to time, and scrolling thorugh phone book entries could be slow. One day I was about to use it and it had inexplicably gone dead. (Battery was fully charged and had not provided problems. I was unable to get a replacement. A great phone while it worked, but the fact it died even before the warranty was gone was dissapointing. - I havce been informed the sluggish behaviour and the sudden death of the handset were probably software problems.

Reviewed by Tal from Israel on 25th Apr 2008
I think that this phone so good and worth buy!!

Reviewed by jake from England on 29th Mar 2008
Ive had this phone for a year now and it gets banged around in my pockets everyday with keys and stuff and mines hardly got a scrath on it. The battery is great but varies as once it stayed charged for a 2 week period without needing a recharge. The music player is a beauty and everything is easy to access. It has got a great camera seen as though its a 2 megapixel. Ill be sorry to see it go as im upgrading to an LG VIEWTY in 3 days but i recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a reliable phone which is also a great multimedia phone. :)

Reviewed by Saf from england on 26th Mar 2008
I have had this motorola for 2 months now, before this I had a sony erricson k50i, I have found this mobile phone to be a very easy to use excellent everyday tool... An excellent choice for those who want stlye, practicallity and an simple phone packed all in one! I'll give it an excellent!

Reviewed by Glynis from Australia on 3rd Feb 2008
I think this phone is very poorly designed. I used it for a week before I took it out of my bag to find the glass cover cracked. It hadn't been dropped or knocked against anything. Three weeks later I'm still waiting for it to be repaired but Motorola keep arguing its my fault. I'm pretty upset with being accused of damaging the phone. Why design a phone with a glass cover that can't stand up to being carried around in your handbag?

Reviewed by Jake from Australia on 29th Jan 2008
ive recently bought the v6 maxx at first the buttens wouldnt work, they swaped it for enougher one, 2-3 months later, i put a gif n v6 maxx then suddenly it resseted its self and continued to....strange if u ask me its not worth buying!!!!!

Reviewed by Sword from Singapore on 15th Jan 2008
had this phone close to a year.. spoilt 3 times all over the same problem the phone cannot be turned on. First time they change the board inside second mange to get one replace out of them and third time, got a board replaced again.. And jus recently the phone hang.. went to the service center was told it was my memory card fault but hey its a Kingston so wats wrong with it? not saying that this phone sucks. but depend on ur luck if u get a gd one gd for u if u get a faulty one faulty, gd luck to u..

Reviewed by Amro from Egypt on 4th Jan 2008
i had this mobile 6 months ago.... well it's a cool and stylish and futursistic mobile... the touch keys are very kool.. and the lighting lines are kool however... the only disadvantage in this mobile is the camera...it;s very bad in taking videos but the pictures are pure... it's sound is not very loud but very pure and clear.... i advise for this phone...

Reviewed by Elizabeth from England on 27th Dec 2007
i love this phone so much . i have had many mototolars and this is deffently the best phone i have had yet . i would not change it for the worls

Reviewed by Cleave from uk on 8th Dec 2007
I have 2 of these phone & never had any problems with them for the 6 month time frame. They always last for at least 4 days & thats making quite a fair amount of calls. Personally i can't understand why anyone has any problems with these phones

Reviewed by mike from uk on 6th Dec 2007
What a piece of garbage! It has totally different operations systmes to my old V3.poor battery life(recharge twice a day!) and extremly poor reception and calling.Probably great for music or photos but as a phone rubbish

Reviewed by Natalie from United States on 21st Nov 2007
i love my phone, just it always tells me to rebuild the media finder catalog and i don't know how to do that. any help?

Reviewed by dave from philppines on 25th Oct 2007
i just had this phone like a week ago after i dumped v3i..i had problem with how to send pictures ,nor getting mms from others is a headache..it wont download pictures..mms and gprs are already activated though but still..when i tired browsing it would just say access denied! damn! anyone knows how?

Reviewed by Graham from Australia on 24th Oct 2007
I've got one, my son's got one - they're around 6 months old and both have cracked screens (admittedly the dog chewed one - and he is a big dog!). But I've done nothing harsh with mine, it developed one crack last week, the others came yesterday. I'm just wondering how long it will last before it falls apart! Other than that, it's a great phone....

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 16th Oct 2007
Ace phone, great camera. sometimes the screen freezes but it's easily fixed and the battery life could do with being a bit longer but overall it is a really good phone

Reviewed by Oleg from Lithuania on 14th Oct 2007
I love this phone. I use MAXX 6 months any problems, great soud,really fast,cool appearance. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Sarah from Australia on 11th Oct 2007
Excellent phone. My first phone died within the first month, but had the replacement for more than six months and has not skipped a beat. Picture quality is quite reasonable for a 2 Megapixel camera. Have primarily used Nokias other than this and a Panasonic X700, and am very happy with this phone.

Reviewed by Harry Taylor from UK on 2nd Oct 2007
Great phone one of the best i have ver had. it puts nokia to shame well done motorola. I love rhis phone!!

Reviewed by SomeChick from UK on 18th Sep 2007
My bro has this phone and after 3 days the screen cracked! Without even being dropped or mishandled. I told him he should stick to nokia. The only other brand worse than motorola is sony ericsson!

Reviewed by Maggie Schneider from USA on 17th Sep 2007
I love this phone except for the camera. I don't think the quality of the pictures is all that good. When i take a picture is not clear. I wish the pictures were better.

Reviewed by Connor from UK on 15th Sep 2007
I have two of these phones, and on both of them have cracked the front screen, and then for no apparent reason they just stopped working. I use'd to use only Nokia's, but i thought i would have a change. I now wish i would of stuck with nokia.

Reviewed by jojo from uk on 14th Sep 2007
wick never had nofin so good before!!!!

Reviewed by Joy from Philippines on 11th Sep 2007
I totally love this phone. This is my 2nd Motorola phone. I used to have the L7 Silver and I was very happy with it. Based on my experience with Motorola, I've decided to buy another one (Maxx V6). So far, I have no regrets. But I'm quite concerned about the battery life. It's almost everyday that I need to charge. I'm thinking of buying another one even if it's from my own pocket. I've never had a better phone. Apparently, this is the best.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 7th Sep 2007
Had the phone less than 6 months, I am currently waiting for my 5th replacement as it is dead. The previous 4 phones were swapped out within 2 weeks of getting the 'upgrade'. Dodgy software when texting and keys stick when dying. Battery life absolutely appalling especially if you use it for business as well as pleasure and need to use the phone throughout the day. Nowhere near as good as the V3 range. Orange are completely useless, they keep swapping it out and will only offer me alternatives of the worst phones out there that are huge, heavy and totally unappealing so I am stuck with the useless MAXX for another 8 months until my business contract runs out.

Reviewed by Karen from uk on 3rd Sep 2007
Loved the fone,had it for a year and woke up this morning to find it had died. Totally dead without reason. Gutted!

Reviewed by Allan from Zambia on 24th Aug 2007
I'm back ,this time I'm checking out battery power and video camera.The first time I used the phone a day and a half the second charge I almost made 2 days.I discovered the blue tooth was on the whole time so turned it off.My third charge lasted me almost 4 days.Now the videeo camera; I went to the video camera setup and I knew from that moment that you can take a video of high quality if you want to , simply by selecting your preferred settings.All I'm Saying is know your phone well and then USE IT TO THE MAXX!!!

Reviewed by Chan from malaysia on 22nd Aug 2007
Check it out bro!i recomended to anyone who wants to switch to a flip phone should try this MAXX V6,i was currently using V3XX and maybe may change my phone to the new stuff!!!!!

Reviewed by Allan from Zambia on 20th Aug 2007
Hey I'm not sayin' this because I'm a Moto fan but this phone is excellent I've had it for a week and I don't see any problem.If you don't look after any phone nicely ,the screen will scratch e.t.c I had a v3 for 2 years and it was almost as good as new the time I replaced it.I can't decide tmy next phone .... a Q9h or a razr2 v8 or a z8.

Reviewed by Anthony from United States on 19th Aug 2007
This phone is aight. I can tell u that the camera is good for a 2.0 mega pixel and recording a video is so horrible. It looks choopy. I also have the samsung E730, that has a 1.3 mega pixel camera and i can tell u that phone records wayyyyy much better then this one. Anyways, the mp3 player is also great and loud. Louder then the V3x. I have a 2gb memory card for this phone with about about 300 songs. I hate when u upload a song to the phone and to play the song u just uploaded u have to go through so many other songs on the list. While on the V3x when u upload a song, the song is currently the 1st mp3 on the list. The speaker is so loud when playin mp3's but when talking its low. I also like how fast u can go through the menu and stuff very fast compared to the v3x, its freezes alot. Last but not least the battery life on this phone is horrible. U can be on the phone for 45 mins and by the time u check their's only 1 bar left. Crazy!

Reviewed by John from United States on 19th Aug 2007
Do not buy this phone i repeat do not buy this phone. The phone died and it won't come on. I was thinking maybe the battery drain out and its now time to buy a new one. Well just before i went to buy anything, i tried my battery in my friends's V3t and it works. Fully charged and everything. But on my phone it doesnt even works. Called motorola and they basically said they can't do notthing about it cuz its not a U.S phone. According to them U.S motorola phones and japanese motorola phones (like this one) are built with diffrent versions in it. So there go my 1 yr warranty. Wat a waste.... Like i said i do not recommend this phone to anybody. It may or may not have happen too other people who has this phone yet but it will.

Reviewed by david griffiths from wales on 19th Aug 2007
this phone was really good when i first bought it! seriusly fast and decent specs however after 3 months the phone got damaged by water. they took the fone for a month...which i had to pay for! and they brought it back saying there is nothing they can do about it! its not covered in the warrenty and now i hav to pay for a top range contract (£35) wid my old nokia! waitin for the upgrade day i guess! phone is incredeble! orange are awful! 0 stars for them sort it out:*

Reviewed by Susan from UK on 17th Aug 2007
I've had this phone for about 6 weeks now. I previously had the V3x and V3i both were nice phones. For me this phone does not live up to the expectations I had, having owned V3 models. I find connecting to the internet and downloading problematic and basic functions deemed no longer necessary. All round a smart looking phone but pretty useless functionally.

Reviewed by John from Australia on 2nd Aug 2007
The first model I bought would not tune to a network so back it went. The second lasted about 6 weeks before the earpiece speaker died in the middle of a call Back it went for repair via Harvey Norman from whom I bought it. Now 4 weeks later the earpiece speaker died AGAIN!! What rubbish this phone has been for me! Going to buy a Sony instead and send this turkey back.

Reviewed by darren from uk on 26th Jul 2007
never get this phone its so rubbish its screen gets scratched so easy had problems with my phone non stop brother the camera not working buttons not working the usual stuff my brother bought the new sony ericsson k810i i wished i boght tht its so brillant tht phone

Reviewed by moose from england on 8th Jul 2007
This phone is one of the best looking phones currently available and being a motorolo you wont get the protection of a nokia or the music capabilities of a sony ericson, but as a general phone, (remember it is a phone -not an mp3 or camera - they are bonuses), being more stylish and cheaper than some of the heavyweights makes it a good choice, plus not many people have them so you can show of to the masses of D900 owners a cheaper better looking phone. Mine works fine ive never had a problem and i see the battery as acceptable 4-5 days i can get out of an overnight change had 6 months nothing gone wrong. Doesnt sratch unless your careless, like ANY phone. NOTE Please dont say this phone is fragile, its a flip and therefor has a hinge, all flips are the same. The phone is sturdy enough you realy shouldnt damage a phone i mean how can you the worst thing that could happen is it fall of a table about 4 feet hardly going to break. Scratches are a result on careless owners not a manurfacture. thanks for reading the mini review

Reviewed by Max from uk on 29th Jun 2007
rubbish full stop

Reviewed by Azim Zimmer from Malaysia on 27th Jun 2007
I am now using Motorola MaXX V6 for 2 months now. Its a really great phone with everything you need. A good camera, 3G and a sleek design. But i have a bad experience with this phone. THE SECOND DAY i got this phone, i set an alarm in the morning and the whole day, the alarm sign wont go off. i tried restarting the phone and everything but the alarm sign is still there. And the phone's flip feels oddly loose as if its going to fall off. i send the phone to the nearest MOTOROLA SERVICE CENTRE and i had to leave my phone day for a day to get the alarm problem fixed. But the loose flip..they said, they cant do anything. (in a rude way) and i said its ok. THE SECOND WEEK, i charged my phone overnight (that is what ususally people do) and the next morning, i got a blank screen. When back to the SERVICE CENTRE and they said they have to get it check.left the phone there for 3 days. when i got it back, the changed the whole flip. A MONTH using this phone, suddenly this phone doesnt read my memory card and so do other memory cards. Went back to the SERVICE CENTRE and they get it check and gave me a new memory card after arguing with a formatted phone..AGAIN. (3 times. Imagine the hasle of transferring phone book contacts) Oh yeah.. and at the same time, some menu was in the MALAY LANGUAGE when i select the English language. Now, everything is ok and i hope nothing will happen. i will not recommend this phone to anyone due to the SERVICE from MOTOROLA and the trouble fixing this phone. i was suppose to get the NOKIA 8800 SIROCCO.

Reviewed by Nick Radley from England on 27th Jun 2007
this phone is exelent i cant wait untill i get it because at the momont i have got a motarola v3 and it has got shockingly bad memory round about 5900 kb but this phone is a beauty and is a work of art.

Reviewed by Barrie from Australia on 25th Jun 2007
love my new V6 slim,....etc just awesome allround

Reviewed by Silviu from Romania on 25th Jun 2007
Like all Motorola phones, the menu structure is technically logic, pragmatic. Regarding opinion of Truly from Helsinki(suppose), I'm asking myself if exists one Finnish citizen wich can say something good about Motorola. Ofcourse this is a joke. Best regards.

Reviewed by anna from uk on 25th Jun 2007
i have had a number of problems with the phone inc battery (im on the 3rd replacement) i was having to charge every night/day and then the phone was getting stuck whilst i was trying to text or make a phone call. also the camera would not let me take pics finaly when the battery was changed it started working again iv had two replacement phones this one seems to be ok at the moment. there are still a few things that i have not used on the phone. but what i will say is that the video's last for ever not like many phones. and the pic quality is really good!! iv put 3 stars but was going to be 2 stars the other week! lol

Reviewed by Md. Ruhul Kuddus Mondol from Bangladesh on 11th Jun 2007
This is fine mobile set. I like it most because of its slimness and also the smartness.

Reviewed by DandyMelgo from Philippines on 5th Jun 2007
i got this fone 5 days ago =) with a mindset that unconventional is better =) in the philippines 73% of the cell phone users prefer nokia for its elegant design and the notion that its the most user friendly phone. This fone is really sexy for us guys, black color combined with glass is very classy, Its a James Bond fone, mysterious and smart. With the features, the camera, the bluetooth, the interface and the HSDPA are superb. One down side is the THEMES, it only comes with three themes, and in order to add more themes u need to download a p2ktool from modmy moto.com to flash the firmware of the fone. This is not only a hassle to users, it can definitely damage the fone. Im an electronics engineer and i know the nitty gritty effects of flashing a firmware, when the firmware is messed up? u myt as well throw the fone away. Design wise, the fone is superb, accesibility wise, its good, Functionality, its excellent.

Reviewed by Andrew from Philippines on 31st May 2007

Reviewed by merry lowen from philippines on 29th May 2007
very very very nice phone

Reviewed by truly from helsiki on 28th May 2007
i thought this phone was RUBBISH. please burn it.

Reviewed by bob from jamica on 27th May 2007
i found this phone top quality and love it to bits, would recomend to anyone!!

Reviewed by Amr from Egypt on 24th May 2007
it's a bretty cool mobile phone .... so sylish... woowww

Reviewed by jamie hall from egland on 21st May 2007

Reviewed by Carolyn from Australia on 13th May 2007
First time user,still trying to work out how it operates, phone instructions could be set out easier, last phone had shortcuts etc, not sure about this one. Like the phone,would be even better if i could find my way round it. Can anyone help with an easy list of instructions on all operations and shortcuts

Reviewed by Mark from Scotland on 10th May 2007
i really do like this phone, it's perfect in everyway. almost. all the user things are ok, like camera etc. the music player especially is really great. it's the phone itself that lets it down. it feels slightly flimsy around the flipping bit, and it's forzen on me once, and switched itself off. please dear lord don't let this put you off buying the phone, but i dont even use my phone that much. it's also fab to have a phone like noone else has.

Reviewed by Eugene from Singapore on 8th May 2007
Aesthetically, this phone is a blast. As many of the reviews would already have told you, it is a head-turner and being my first motorola phone, I absolutely enjoy using its programme. One point to note is that the manufacturers installed the speakers at the back of the phone, so when you decide to broadcast music and settle the phone on the table, the sound gets muffled. That is one major design flaw. Besides that little glitch, it is one excellent choice as a phone and the ITAP is growing on me.

Reviewed by Muthoni from Kenya on 6th May 2007
its fabuluos

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 3rd May 2007
I loved this phone (notice loved)... I've had it for 2 months... it's a bit scratched which is annoying as I really try to keep it away from keys etc. But the main problem is I have an intermittent mystery of not getting text messages!!! This is VERY annoying. I'm with Ornage, but have never had a problem with them or my previous motorolas. It happens when sent from other Orange and O2 users. Nobody seems to know why this is happening but if orange don't sort it out i'll have to revert to my trusty old slvr!!! The rest of it is great though... the blue neons flashing on the cool glass front! Camera is excellent especially with the light! Would be great but text messages are rather important to me! And when they don't come and your mates get annoyed because you've not replied it's even more annoying.

Reviewed by Dennis from Netherlands on 27th Apr 2007
I have the Maxx now for a couple of weeks after I wapped it for my old V3 (The silver one). This phone is so much better!! Cool lights on the front of the phone for when you have your phone on silence (when in a meeting). Good sound when calling and for listening to mp3. The camera is also very good. Useful is the light on the back, which you can use continously.

Reviewed by George from Australia on 26th Apr 2007
Speaker stopped working after 3 months,disappointing

Reviewed by Fergus Carty from United Kingdom,Kent on 25th Apr 2007
this fone was alrite but my friend showed me some tricks and now its bad. Its protection is horrible

Reviewed by Madsen from Denmark on 25th Apr 2007
I love the MAXX V6.. My model is a little loose when closed, that why only 4 stars.

Reviewed by Kirst from Australia on 22nd Apr 2007
What a phone!!! Im a motorola fan....I had a v3 which I wore into the ground...it had a hard life..after two years it decided to longer let me use the keys...such a sad day!! I used my mates Nokia...it was kinda like sleeping with a whole new partner....things weren't where they should have been!! Then I brought the MAXX V6...Im rapt as....great phone, style and features...and my mates are all so jealous!! Well done motorola you guys are legends!!!

Reviewed by rada from israel on 17th Apr 2007
i just adore my nwe motorola:)))))))

Reviewed by mike from england on 16th Apr 2007
this fone is really really annoying because of the the touch keys on the fron but the main display is pretty crisp and clear i think this phone is exactly like the V3x but slightly thinner and better looks.

Reviewed by fana from south africa on 13th Apr 2007
the very best

Reviewed by Mick from UK on 12th Apr 2007
I am from up North hard to please all I can say is BUY THE THING WELL PLEASED

Reviewed by rob from England on 10th Apr 2007
Had this phone since it had first come out on orange.previously i had the moto krzr k1 but i was not gettin on with i so i took it back and had the maxx. the maxx is sooooooooooo much better defo recommend this hone to anyone. the battery life is excelent and so are all the other pictures defonetly buy 1!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Kristian from UK on 5th Apr 2007
Had this phone about a week now and i'm very impressed with it. Looks fantastic and both screens are excellent. Camera is fine, not the best i've ever seen but perfectly acceptable for fun snaps when out and about which is the only thing I ever use a phone camera for. I've always been a big lover of Samsungs and I was worried about deviating to another brand but I have no regrets. The menu system isnt quite as simple as Samsungs, but it certainly isnt complicated! I do find that Motorola ITAP texting system is so so much better than T9 once you get used to it! Overall i'm very impressed with this phone!

Reviewed by Muhammad Zaini from UK on 1st Apr 2007
I had used this phone for 3G and the clarity is good. However It lacks of FM radio application. The Max volume is too too low compare to Nokia and Samsung

Reviewed by Jayne from England on 30th Mar 2007
Terrible phone. Ive had to swap mine three times since January of this year!! First time, the battery went after one 2 minute telephone call! (it had been on charge for 18 hours!!) -- declared faulty. Second time, the camera function stopped working, destorted all of my stored photos and froze my phone --- declared fauly! Third time, the vibrate doesnt vibrate anymore ---phone currently being "repaired". DO NOT BUT THIS PHONE!! IT IS TERRIBLE!!

Reviewed by Maninderpal from India on 26th Mar 2007
wonderful phone, it has amazing software, i love it, it is a slick phone that turns me on in all the right specifications.

Reviewed by Dex from UK on 25th Mar 2007
I've had a few Moto flips now. V3 - then the V3i - both nice looking fashion phones. The MAXX walks the line between fashion and features. I noticed straight away that the MAXX is much faster when texting and blasting through menus than the V3i ever was. The rubber / metal / glass combo has a nice feel to it. The front glass looks nice, but can be easily scratched if you're not careful! Nice phone though, Moto fans shouldn't hesistate to buy!

Reviewed by azmy from u s a on 25th Mar 2007
it is vry ba mobil i hav this mobil an is vry poor thanks

Reviewed by jack harrison from uk on 25th Mar 2007
this is a mint phone i have 1 !!!!! muuuuuaaaa

Reviewed by Grace from Uk on 22nd Mar 2007
Poo poo...terrible phone. Feels cheap, it's way too fussy on the front, and is basically an utter pain in the backside to operate. It's cumbersome, unappealing and way too masculine. What a total disappointment from Motorola, seen as though the V3i and the Krzr were so good. This is going straight back and i'm swopping to the LG Shine. One word of advice...DON'T BUY IT.

Reviewed by scott kelsey from england on 21st Mar 2007
super suyperrr

Reviewed by tabish from India on 15th Mar 2007
very sexy.

Reviewed by volty from england on 12th Mar 2007
Okay I've had this phone for about two weeks now. Previously I had the V3 and the V3X so I am no stranger to Motorola or the Razr style phones. It's pretty good. Certinaly an improvement in a few key ways. The internet browser is far superior and finally you can browse any web-sites (not just restricted to mobile phone friendly ones). The interface is a bit fiddly to browse, but it's not a blackburry and if you wanted one then get one. Music-wise - pretty good. Playlists can be created, and the soft-touch screen makes it into a reasonable MP3 player. The speaker is way better than either of the previous models. It is now possible to hear what is coming out of it without having to sit in a really quiet room and hold the back of the phone close to your head. Were I to drive and put the phone on speaker phone (not something I'd do in the UK as it may be against the law) then it would be easy to hear messages or hold a conversation even with road-noise. However I have to say the styling is nowhere near as good as the original V3. The V3X wasn't as good-looking either. To be honest I think the metal look and feel of the first phone was half of what was so cool about it. Shame really.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 11th Mar 2007
Possibly the worst the phone I have ever had, the top part of the flip feels like it could come off at any time!! Will be going straight back to Orange tomorrow.

Reviewed by HC from UK on 6th Mar 2007
So sorry to rain on your Samsung parade there Ivor but you are misinformed with the details,Motorola are the first to feature HSDPA 3.6Mbps (10 x conventional 3G )in their phones. Samsung however only have the inferior older standard of HSDPA 1.8Mbps thats HALF THE SPEED of the technology this phone uses!!! As for the phone itself it looks like the team is back to its usual classic acievements ie a phone that is actually easy on the eye, as opposed to a grotesque lump of metal and/ or plastic a la Nokia Samsung or Sony E., while also importantly at the same time carrying out its stated functions in an effective, competent mannor ie in direct contrast to the LG 'style "phones" '( allegedly phones but completely unrecognisable as such among the functional characteristics of present day mobiles) ENJOY!

Reviewed by kool dude from blackburn on 6th Mar 2007
rubish thats all i can say im takin it bck!

Reviewed by Unity from Estonia on 1st Mar 2007
Yeah - love this phone, but upcoming Z8 Looks eaven better!

Reviewed by nick from greece on 28th Feb 2007
it is good

Reviewed by dra from england on 25th Feb 2007
Only 1 word to describe it AMAZING!

Reviewed by david mcleod from england on 24th Feb 2007
i love this phone

Reviewed by Matt from England on 23rd Feb 2007
I've had this phone a couple of days now, and for a first time motorola user I've been pleasantly surprised. I was reluctant to get the phone but so far its proved to be a good decision. The menu is very easy to understand, although I had to check the instructions a few times, nothing major though. The text messaging if you haven't used motorola before is a little different but after a couple goes at it I'm pretty much used to it. It's very well made, especially compared to the V3, especially at the hinge. Both displays are very impressive, big and bright. The music player is very well thought out and easy to use, and the touch sensitive controls on the front is very good. The camera isn't as good as my last phone, SE K750i, which had autofocus, etc, but it's good quality none-the-less, it is, after all, a mobile phone! I was worried about the 'solidness' and durability of it, having seen my friends V3s break easily, but so far I can't see any problems with it. In my opinion, its a very good phone. I wanted a change from the conventional SE or Nokia phones, and also the Samsung phones which everyone seems to have, and I think I've made a good choice. Hope this helps.

Reviewed by Ivor from UK on 16th Feb 2007
This is not the first phone to feature HSDPA. The Samsung Z560 has it and has been out for ages.

Reviewed by arun babu from england on 15th Feb 2007
this thing is just waste for me plz..... i beg you dont buy it

Reviewed by dave from england on 15th Feb 2007

Reviewed by Fiona from england on 13th Feb 2007
The Motorola maxx phone is so cool & its got bluetooth so you can download decent songs and games

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