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Motorola L2 review

 Review: July 2006  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Motorola L2 is a superslim budget phone.



Physically the L2 is the same size as the Motorola L6, making it jointly the thinnest mobile in the UK at the time of launch. The L2 has a different keypad from Motorola's L6 - instead of the flat keypad used in the RAZR, L6 and SLVR, the L2 has an easier-to-use keypad with contoured buttons. Much like the L6 in other respects, except that it has no camera, the L2 seems to be aimed more at the style-conscious business user looking for an inexpensive and super-slim mobile with all the essential features.

The screen is unremarkable, but since there are no multimedia capabilities, this ought not to be a problem, except in bright sunlight. The L2 offers essential business tools such as a handsfree speaker, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, good battery life and quadband. There is no support for POP3 email, but apart from that, the L2 is well equipped. The memory is perfectly adequate for a phone of this type.

Teenagers and multimedia fans look elsewhere, but for those looking for a good inexpensive non-camera phone (rather a niche area these days) the L2 is a good choice. A comparable phone is the Nokia 6030, although the Nokia has more bulk and is only dual band.

Motorola L2 features include:

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Motorola L2 user reviews

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Average rating from 42 reviews:

Reviewed by chester from USA on 21st Jan 2010
I love the Motorla L2. It sells on ebay in Jan. 2010 for around $20 and is one of the best phones I have ever owned. The pluses: Works with the MAC OS application Isync to sync your contacts! Thin and light. You never feel it in your pockets or on a hike or bike ride. Buttons are rounded. Makes finding buttons easier by feel. Predictive texting. Minuses: Screen is glass and cracked on my first L2. I used it for over a year with clear packing tape and was fine. After 1 year, I wanted and excuse for a new phone so I tried to break this phone. It was impossible until I bent it in half and the screen still worked as well as the keypad. I had to twist the phone while bent in half to kill it. After looking at new phones with all the new extras (camera, data plans), I realized I only wanted my L2 back. So, I have a gently used L2 from Ebay for less than $20 with shipping and a bright clean new screen.

Reviewed by Logan Brown from United States on 21st Mar 2009
i wouldnt recommend buying the l2 because they have been known for the buttons to stop working then you cant text make calls or anything

Reviewed by laelyn from USA on 11th Oct 2008
ive had this phone since it came out...granted it dont have a camera...but if you have text messaging this phone does good...whats especially cool is that you can set different tones for different ppl. it aint that bad.

Reviewed by Sam from UK on 30th Aug 2008
Just bought one today for 14.99 with 5 free credit! A great, cheap, simple, easy to use phone. Suitable for anyone who just wants a simple phone with no need for any extras. I'm using it as a backup.

Reviewed by Colin from UK on 27th Jun 2008
Got this for 15 new, and it is everything I want from a phone. It has no camera, but that's fine because I wanted a phone. The battery lasts for ages, and the voice quality is excellent. Also it uses a standard mini-USB connector, rather than the proprietary junk you get with Nokia.

Reviewed by David from Canada on 13th Apr 2008
This phone is a text-messaging dud. The buttons are very firm, making texting a bit cumbersome at times.

Reviewed by Christopher Hague from England on 18th Mar 2008
I bought this phone to use as a 2nd phone to carry an international sim for use when I'm working overseas. The phone is perfect for me. It is a lovely size and looks very modern for a no frills phone.

Reviewed by Susie from U.K on 14th Mar 2008
I know people have given this phone a really tough time, but for a simplle cheap and affordable phone its actually not that bad. Granted its not got a camera, but thats why I bought it, personally i can not fault this mobile, it does all I need it to do and is just perfect, I can customise it as much as i want to and really love the way it has the real tones music. So all in all if you want a no frills slim line phone with no fancy gadgets then this one is perfect.

Reviewed by Stephen from England on 3rd Jan 2008
Just got an L2 today as a replacement mobile from work. No charger! Mini USB only works with special software (extra cost). Result - utterly useless. Motorola and Orange (supplier) are both big enough to know better than this. Neither will be getting my business in future. 1 star rating is a lie - minus five would be the truth

Reviewed by Simon from England on 19th Dec 2007
Great simple to use phone, didn't want the bells & whistles, perfect

Reviewed by som from new york on 6th Nov 2007
ithenk it good

Reviewed by june from american on 28th Oct 2007
i thenk it good

Reviewed by Luka from BH on 7th Oct 2007
Great phone, Have it myself. Can anyone tell me what is this option for: Menu > Settings > Network > Network Setup > Speed? Under speed there are four values: Slow, Medium, Fast, Continuous. What is this option for? User guide downloaded from Motorolas web site says...

Reviewed by Ashley from USA on 3rd Oct 2007
this phone is great as long as you don't need a camera or mp3 player like if you already have an iPod and digital camera like me and you just want a phone to TALK on. all of these people you hate that it doesn't have a camera or mp3 player should buy a SLVR not an L2 that's common sense don't buy a phone that doesn't have what you want and the ncomplain about it. it's worked great for me and i love my pink one!

Reviewed by Yahya Naveed from Pakistan on 8th Aug 2007
Nice Entry Level Phone from MOTO..........

Reviewed by David from U.K. on 14th Jun 2007
I never understand people who buy a phone that quite clearly doesnt have a camera or mp3 player then give it 1-star reviews because it doesnt. Duh! You dont see me giving a Ferrari a 1-star review because it doesnt fly! This is a great basic phone, and if you shop around on ebay you can get one brand new unlocked for less than 40. The only thing that was a little underwhelming for me are the screen - which is big and bright but is too low resolution. Other than that its very usuable. Bluetooth support is great. Data/charge cables are cheap as chips - 3 - and because it's USB you can charge the phone from your PC which is handy. The phone has quad band support but in the UK its "locked" to Triband. You need to search on google for Motorola L2/L6 SEEM editing and get the software that allows you to unlock the firmware for quadband. If you travel to the USA and want good service you *need* quadband. The days when triband was all you needed are long gone.

Reviewed by ashley humphrey from iom on 29th May 2007
this phone is rubbish it has no good features and has only 4mb built in and u cant get a memory card.4 old grannys who want a simple phone(rubbish basically)BUY IT but 4 people who want mp3 and all that stuff,dont get it because its flimzy and easy 2 loose.this phone IS not good

Reviewed by tero from Romania on 7th Apr 2007
i have this phone for 4 months and until now i am pleased with it. it's slim, quality case and keypad. it is ideal for people who want a simple yet elegant mobile phone. no camera but this is not a problem for me. good sound quality and an extremely simple to use menu.

Reviewed by kylie from UK on 29th Mar 2007
WOW! THE mobile that LG try to but can never make successfully - aswell as being beautiful + stylish to look at, it is fully functional + efficient at its communication role.The sound is crystal clear. PS.I would suggest that if you don't notice the microphone hole, UNSUPRISINGLY found in the area of the phone that can be positioned closest to the mouth,you invest in a pair of Xtra strength glasses and/or learn about ramifications of sophistication,subtley and style!!

Reviewed by Kimberly from USA on 20th Mar 2007
I absolutely abhor the L2! I got this phone as a free upgrade and it has been nothing but headaches. People claim they cannot understand me when I talk and when I inquired the Cingular store about this issue they explained to me where the microphone was. Well it is a tiny microphone the size of a pinhead, so how could someone be expected to understand me. Sure it has a sleek design and appealing to the eye, but don't judge a book by its cover if you want the person on the other line to hear you I suggest you do NOT but the L2.

Reviewed by Sarah from USA on 17th Mar 2007
I've had this phone for a couple of months now, and I absolutely love it. I was looking for a phone that did not have a camera, yet was still stylish and easy to use. When I started to use it, it was a little hard to get used to. I was used to the menu formats of my old samsung phone. It's very easy to download ringtones, graphics, even mp3's through bluetooth, usb, or WAP. The speaker phone works a thousand times better than any other phone I've used. This is a simple phone, but for the price (I got it for free), it can't be beat.

Reviewed by Yeebok from Australia on 31st Jan 2007
It's a *phone*. Just a phone. Finally. No camera. No flip. Am I happy ? Yes. I wanna know though, can I use a standard USB cable with the same plug like my cameras use or do I have to buy the "special" one ?

Reviewed by John from Scotland on 5th Jan 2007
This fone sucks motorola L6 is better than this fone... My advice to all buyers is avoid dis fone

Reviewed by DANIEL from PERTH on 19th Dec 2006
Hey i reckon the motarola l2 is a good phone and the people out there that said it wasdnt good YOU ?? watch ?? OUT ???

Reviewed by Duffman from usa on 27th Aug 2006
Ive had the phone for a week now and love it. I cant have a camera at work so i checked this phone out. I use the usb hook up to make wallpapers, video, and ringtones. Just an awsome phone.

Reviewed by Jacqui from England on 1st Jul 2006
ITS BRILLIANT! a wicked phone that you could never imagine

Reviewed by james pearson from denmark on 29th Jun 2006
it looks like a good phone, and it mainly is, i have only had it for a few days but i still think it is pretty good at the moment

Reviewed by nasty girl from england on 27th Jun 2006
This is an attractive handset and good value for money, way better than the l6.

Reviewed by sheikh nasir miraj from pakistan on 26th Jun 2006

Reviewed by Muhammad Imran from Pakistan on 21st Jun 2006
this is a excellent model from Motorola

Reviewed by james matthews from france on 20th Jun 2006
my name is james and im from fance this fone is brill

Reviewed by ryan anderson from UK on 19th Jun 2006
This is a good phone for people who want a mobile phone without a camera (example: because cameras are forbidden at work) or people who want a simple phone that is modern and stylish. People who want a camera should buy the Motorola L6 instead. People who want a camera and iTunes support should buy the Motorola SLVR L7 instead. The L2, L6, and L7 are very very similar -- they differ only in whether iTunes is supported or includes a camera or not. Good features include: - Quad-band GSM, so it should work most places around the world - 500 contacts in the phone address book + 250 contacts in the SIM card - nice colour display - very thin and stylish - has mini-USB connector, so one can use a standard miniUSB cable to connect this phone to a Mac or PC - uses mini-USB connector for power when recharging, so one can recharge using the dedicated power widget (supplied) or via a PC with USB cable - internal battery is user-replacable, so one could get additional batteries or could replace an old battery if it wears down. Sad items include: - icons for signal-strength, GPRS, battery status are much too small; these are important, but are hard to read on this handset - Apple iSync does not support this phone yet (as of 19 Jun 2006), though support for this phone is supposedly coming soon. - Motorola has no RAZR type phone without a camera; so people who need a no-camera phone for workplace reasons have no good RAZR (clam-shell type) options from Motorola.

Reviewed by jord from uk on 3rd Jun 2006
i have had this 4 a week now n it has no good quality features atall if ur looking for a decent mobile that is simple this is your phone bu if you want flashy wid good features keep looking it shuts itself down n it is so easy to loose my advice is keep lookin!

Reviewed by Frank Lucker from Ireland on 31st May 2006
Simple...yet effective

Reviewed by Waqar Asghar from Pakistan on 31st May 2006
It is very nice phone,if u r looking for slim and smart camera phone havin all important features,it is the best one.

Reviewed by x x x x x x xx from x x x c c c x x x x on 14th May 2006
it is very very very good bay 1 if u can

Reviewed by James from Canada on 13th May 2006
If you are looking for a simple phone , just go for it !!!!!!!!!! , this phone is amazing

Reviewed by bob from Africs on 9th May 2006
cool as man

Reviewed by bayth from usa on 8th May 2006
this has no good quality things trust me it is wrong and only 3 days after gettin it it completely broke by shutting itself down. dont by it!

Reviewed by ili from englnd on 7th May 2006

Reviewed by aaron Doherty from england on 3rd May 2006
omg amazing

Reviewed by waff from pakistan on 3rd May 2006

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