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Motorola C450 review

 Review: September 2004  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Motorola C450 lets you download and remix your own polyphonic ringtones.



Available in a choice of light blue or dark pearl grey, the Motorola C450 is based on the popular C350 and comes with full MMS (multimedia messaging) for sending messages with photos and sound as well as text. Other additions include improved audio quality and battery life, Java games and a photo phone book. Motorola's MotoMixer lets you download and remix your own polyphonic ringtones.

Motorola C450 features include:

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Motorola C450 user reviews

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by olcay from Turkey on 17th Jun 2011
I have bought this phone at 2004. Now I am using another mark but my old Motorola is still usefull and sometimes in urgence I use that phone. I really like Motorola C450 and I think that is a very good product according to 7 years and it is still perfectly working including battery. If I have to decide again than I definetely buy Motorola C450 again.

Reviewed by roger from sweden on 31st May 2008
a good phone, but have some problems to get the mms-function to work but thatīs because some operators donīt care about it, but at least it works with one operator here in sweden and thatīs Telenor. small colour-screen and it canīt handle some of the gprs start-pages that are too big to download.works nicely to sms and phone people up with.

Reviewed by Kamran from England on 4th Jul 2006
It's A decent phone, reliable, reasonable price, perfect phone for beginners, might not have the high-tech features but is a good phone

Reviewed by okunade sikiru from nigeria on 6th Mar 2006
well, 2 me the fone is good, but there are some function i don't understand becos , it was writting in spanish language.

Reviewed by xXRachelXx from UK on 26th Nov 2005
Colour screen however small and poor quality. no extra features such as a camera and video messaging. a few rubbish games. i bought this phone for eighty pounds, but it can now be bought for fifteen pounds. not worth the eighty! good if all you want to do with your phone is call and text people. battery life is appauling. doesnt last more than 1 day if on all the time. small buttons however does have interchangable covers. inconclution a great first phone, however no good for an experienced phone user. hope this review was of help xxx

Reviewed by TeddyX from romania on 18th Nov 2005
A very reliable phone. The lack of a photo camera isn't a minus, while the main purpose of a phone is to make calls. The USB conectivity is well implemented, and so the java support. The menus are easy to find/use/understand. The MotoMixer is a cool adition too. That's it. **** (With at least 8 MB, it would get *****. imo)

Reviewed by AYODEJI from NIGERIA on 10th Sep 2005

Reviewed by Leeya da best from UK on 31st Jul 2005
This phone is not that bad the light blue cover is good but if you ar5e looking for a advanced phone this is not da 1

Reviewed by Rob from England on 11th Jun 2005
This phone is great because it does what a phone should and ring and text people without being brakable and unreliable. I ve had this phone for a year and it has survived all the drops i often do. The phone is easy to use and isnt over loaded with gadgets which could be a let down. The phone looks and sounds great and is a great size. Not 1 4 people who r used to camera phones with all the gadgets on but a great phone all the same!

Reviewed by john from romania on 24th Mar 2005
teh phone is verry good and the usb connectivity is extra simple i can put java games picture and other things like ringtones mms i can update software and

Reviewed by Steven Blakeman from Australia on 12th Mar 2005
I test phones as a living and get paid quite alot, and i see this phone as an absolute aste of my work time. The features are not very good. There is no camera, and i don't really enjoy the games. However, the battery life impressed me alot. If you want a fancy high tech fone don't bother with this, but if you just want a cute little phone to make texts and phone calls then by all means get this phone.

Reviewed by Gohar Rehman from Pakistan on 10th Mar 2005
I am using this phone from last one year. I am totally satisfied with its features. and also congradulate Motorola which have introduced a remarkable mobile set in this price range.

Reviewed by Al-Amin from Tanzania on 27th Jan 2005
Its a great phone especially with the ring tones. But the display is letting it down, the battery meter has got only three bars and therefore misleading, the large sound on switching on and off is a problem, it does not have auto switch on and off and its a shame really that the alarm works only when the phone is switched on

Reviewed by loo from uk on 2nd Jan 2005
pretty bad!

Reviewed by bobby from uk on 26th Nov 2004
a like the fone but when u put it on or off it makes this big noise and it can be annoying in class a turned it off once and a got a punny

Reviewed by Christopher from Hong Kong on 24th Nov 2004
This phone is alright to me, it is user friendly, the games are good. But the style looks a bit toylike though. The only thing that lets it down is the display.

Reviewed by jorj from romania on 20th Sep 2004
it's a nice fon. I'm think this fon aren't more games (maybe I can't find games convenable to me for this mobile)

Reviewed by sangeeth Ibrahim from United Arab Emirates on 4th Sep 2004
The visual appeal is good. Is quite user friendly. The ring tones (polyphonic)are not loud enough though. Has a satisfied customer in me.

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