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Motorola A925 review

 Review: October 2004  

Last updated March 2009


In a nutshell: The Motorola A925 adds Bluetooth™ and Infrared wireless connectivity to the A920 3G smartphone.


With a Symbian 7 operating system, the range of software available for the A925 is extensive. The phone will sync with Outlook and Lotus Notes, and can be connected to a PC wirelessly by Bluetooth™ or Infrared or by using via a USB cable.

As a 3G phone, the A925 supports all of 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips. It supports assisted GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for enhanced location-based services. It also benefits from high-speed data transfer whilst on the 3G network. The screen format supports widescreen video.

The integrated camera is rotating, so that you can use it for taking pictures or for video-calling. The camera quality is excellent.

The TFT screen on the A925 is excellent. It has 65k colours, and is large at 4cm x 6cm, with a high resolution of 208 x 320 pixels - the same as the Sony Ericsson P900.

An interesting feature of the A925 is that it has a touch screen and supports handwriting recognition - a feature that it shares with the Sony Ericsson P900. The screen is used for most data input, either by handwriting recognition or using the "virtual keyboard" on screen with the help of a stylus. This system works well, and makes text input and menu navigation simple and quick.

Messaging is well-supported, as you would expect, with SMS, EMS, MMS and e-mail fully supported. The phonebook is large and can handle many different fields, including email, fax, home, work and mobile numbers. You can assign different ringtones to each contact if you like.

The phone supports multi-tasking, so you can make calls whilst using other features of the phone.

The internal memory of the phone is only 8 Mbytes, so you'll need to make use of the memory card. A 32 Mbyte card is supplied, and this is expandable.

One thing to beware of is that this phone just eats batteries! If you're using the phone heavily for video calling and other functions, you'll only get 1 hour from it, and under normal circumstances you'll probably need to recharge every day. That's simply inevitable with a 3G phone and a screen this big. The phone does come with 2 chargers and 2 batteries though. You'll also need to learn to live with the size and weight of the beast - again this comes with the territory!

The A925 compares quite well with the Sony Ericsson P900, having virtually the same features as the P900 plus the added 3G functions. On the downside it is much larger and heavier and has very poor battery life.

Motorola A925 features include:

  • Wide screen display - TFT, 65k colours, 208 x 320 pixels
  • Integrated VGA camera (640 x 480 resolution) & video camera
  • Video calling
  • Touch screen & handwriting recognition
  • Media player: video, MP3 player
  • Voice recorder
  • MP3 ringtones
  • Integrated stereo headset jack
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Voice activated dialling
  • MMS - video and photo messaging
  • E-mail (POP3 support)
  • Downloadable Java™ gamses & applications
  • Downloadable Themes (Ringtones, Wallpaper & Screensavers)
  • Multi-tasking – make calls while accessing other 3 services
  • Assisted GPS for enhanced location based services
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth™, Infrared, USB
  • PIM functionality (Calendar, Contacts and Address Book, Task List, Notes, Date / Time with alarms)
  • Picture phonebook
  • Vibration alert
  • Memory: 8 Mbytes internal, plus 32 Mbyte SD card (expandable)
  • Tri-band capability
  • Size: 149 x 60 x 24 mm
  • Weight: 212g
  • Talktime: 95 minutes
  • Video calling: 55 minutes
  • Battery standby: up to 3 days

Motorola A925 user reviews

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Average rating from 99 reviews:

Reviewed by olanrewaju aduroja from nigeria on 29th Dec 2010
I've tried to download app and games but it won't install. I've also not been able to configure it for internet in nigeria. To me, the phone is nothing to write home about except for the gps.

Reviewed by daniel macharia from kenya on 23rd Apr 2010
your phone is good ,, i like soo much but please can you reduce the size of it,,, also send us the batteries we dont have them in kenya,,

Reviewed by thaayu from India on 27th Jan 2010
I am using this phone really nice.

Reviewed by kairos from indonesia on 5th Jan 2010
this phone is good, but mine is not good signal, the signal have max 3 bar, even no have bar. most of features no function in indonesia, thanx GB all

Reviewed by Gul Kakar from Pakistan on 5th Jul 2009
A wonderful best Mobile Like Motorola A925, used by my self was a great inspiration for me. Now my sweet Motorola screen is not functioning I think the screen is locked or something els, I dont know why, so please I want to know how can it will be work.Please i really need help with my sweet A925. gulkakar@yahoo.co.uk

Reviewed by krishna from India on 28th Jun 2009
Fine with the features but problem with the battery, Please help me find out the batteries in india, where are they available else how can i go for it if available out of india. Thank You krishna.mrlg@gmail.com

Reviewed by ramadhan komba from Tanzania on 12th Mar 2009
i use this for many time ,i agree

Reviewed by Chapatama Ngaba from Zambia on 1st Mar 2009
Wonderful fone so far am the only one who has it plus it has great features

Reviewed by Samuel Mulenga from Zambia on 11th Nov 2008

Reviewed by Neti from Lao on 25th Sep 2008

Reviewed by UmeshDesai from INDIA on 24th Sep 2008
Unique Cellular Phone And Hence Battery Life is of 90 minutes i admire this phone as Great Phone.Top most Rank Given by me. if anyof you have this phlne plz. contact me at umeshdesai2004@yahoo.com as i wanted it again. UmeshDesak

Reviewed by MANH from VIETNAM on 28th May 2008

Reviewed by alsayed from egypt on 21st May 2008
press the shortcut followed by the game b key to unlock

Reviewed by R Young from cameroon on 10th May 2008
Well,i most say congratulations to Motorola for a great inspiration on the motorola A925. I love the phone so much, but cannot really enjoy the functionality of the phone perfectly.IT switches off during charging,the batery does not charge while using the phone with my Pc connected with the usb cable.And i don,t know if i am using the right batery at all. I fine it difficult configuring the phone with my local internet porviders. Please i really need help with my sweet A925.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 10th May 2008
Are you sure that 5 stars is the correct rating, given your terrible experiences with this phone?]

Reviewed by devansuthan from INDIA on 7th May 2008

Reviewed by micheal short from wales on 15th Mar 2008
this is 1 excellent phone easy 2 use sat-nav everything a phone should do simly the best 100% excellent

Reviewed by Mon Carlo Alasco from Philippines on 25th Feb 2008
Quite innovative the only problem is i cant change the pre installed 3 services so i can used our gprs services

Reviewed by blaz from slovenia on 22nd Feb 2008
hi this mobile fone is goood but hes to big. but anyway is oki.

Reviewed by Omar from Egypt on 12th Jan 2008
nice things about the phone it can takes nasty falls if you drop it accidently, :) and the bad things are bulky size the one I have is hardware locked monopoly why just leave the stupid thing open and make life easiar there no WiFi so I am not sure what the WAP features comming from I'd love to have that ;) mine made in germany but the charger stop charging without any abvious reason. I think from poor design ;) the software sopport is not great you have to be a programmer to do get strange thing like UIQ actually another bad thing is when you change battery you lose date and time nokia has solved this for quite a time wake up motorola! I guess this is enough to rate this as poor

Reviewed by david tipler from england on 21st Dec 2007
the a925 is a great phone but the battery life run down very quickly

Reviewed by sutajaya from Indonesia on 20th Dec 2007
Hand Set is in excellent feature, memorizing text as a note, video, audio.The best PDA ever seen.Hello Moto is the best. Could any body sign me how to set up the web feature ???

Reviewed by edem k mahatma from Ghana on 30th Jul 2007
i use the A925. i love every bit of it. it is a loaded PDA-phone device, with room for more 3rd party software. however, one big letdown is the remarkably low baterry power it has. i charge my fon daily, else. it is as as if Motorola built a powerful SUV, WITH A POWERFUL ENGINE, with most of the luxury specs,....and then decided to add a very very small fuel tank!!. Hello MOTO, DO BETTER NEXT TIME!!

Reviewed by john fagan from ireland on 26th Jul 2007
Hand set is good but wont log on to internet in ireland

Reviewed by kid from Nigeria on 13th Jul 2007
The Motorola A925 is an excellent machine for smart guys on the move with its power features which allows you to use it with ease is nice.I want to say is a perfect machine once again.

Reviewed by michael from nigeria on 5th Jul 2007
it nice but the funtion can't desplay my phone book

Reviewed by Chika Nwanja from Nigeria on 11th Jun 2007
Motorola A925 is a lovily piece. though heavy with short battery life, its other features more than compensate. The manufacturer however needs to proffer immediate solution to stiffness or none response of the touch screen. I've used mine for about 2 years now and the touch screen made me abandon it as I've not been able to fix it.

Reviewed by chenar from slemany on 26th Apr 2007
best hand phone

Reviewed by APURAV from INDIA on 10th Feb 2007

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 9th Feb 2007
Original, easy to use and has camera, mp3, voice recorder and blootooth. What more could you want?

Reviewed by mayank from india on 21st Jan 2007
in India many of features are not usable.still the maintenance is very high.evry week you are required to visit to the shop.

Reviewed by M. Emin ÖNER from Turkey on 25th Dec 2006
Cool phone. A bought it due to internal GPS, i'm using it when flying my hangglider. Battery is a problem, espacially at the terrain or hangglider flight. I'm planning to extend battery life by attaching a 6500mAh Li-Poly or Li-Ion back to the phone. I tried supply phone in the charger port but it's going to sleep. I'll try to weld new 6500mAh cell to it's original spare battery cell. So original battery has 4 pins. I need to weld li-ion cells before the PBC circuit. Screen calibration is can be done in the "control panel/screen/calibrate". for the first it's not easy to find touching points for the buttons but not much hard. for any other general failure you can re install flash data to the phone by yourself, without putting it to service. I'll describe, Reflashing A925: Download flash files, http://www.lokalen.org/~facio/ generix/REL_35.80.61_full_SHX.rar http://www.lokalen.org/~facio /generix/REL_35.80.61_small_SHX.rar small flash will only clear A and Z drives, phone settings and contacts will not be go away. full flash will make a complete cleaning process and probably exact solution for any software related problems. After downloading flash files, download RSD Lite 2.5 from here: http://upload.dvhk.pl/files/2006-02-17/RSD_Lite_2.5_Release.zip you need p2k drivers also: http://storage.e398mod.com/soft/p2Kdrivers.zip you also need a USB Data cable. if links broken you can search at google. easy to find. now install all drivers and rsd software to you pc. remove battery from phone, connect cable to you phone and pc. press and hold two game buttons top of the phone and insert battery. after 2 seconds release buttons. phone will connect to pc. if you asked for driver show p2k driver folder to windows. open RSD software and open *.SHX file from harddisk. click start and wait until it's done. Don't touch the phone and pc until it's done. don't loo at phone too :) (it will be seeming awful :P ) now the phone software renewed. *** Thess files and method has been tried in Turkey and there is no problem with it. Anyway use at your own risk. i just didn't want to pay to service for this easy operation. *** EDITOR'S NOTE: WE INCLUDE THIS LINK FOR INFORMATION. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT MOBILE-PHONES-UK.ORG.UK HAS NOT TESTED THIS LINK AND YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE CONTENT OF EXTERNAL WEBSITES IS NOT SUBJECT TO OUR CONTROL AND WE ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR THEIR USE. ***

Reviewed by aziz from india on 28th Nov 2006
a fantastic phone with state of the art tectonology

Reviewed by Wilco from UK on 17th Aug 2006
Great idea, bad implementation. The battery life and form factor make it very impractical, but... As a GPS (it has a GPS chip built in, that you can use with software from NHGPS) it is not bad. It's about the cheapest GPS I ever had (paid 40£ for the phone, 18£ for the software). I downloaded the speedcam database for UK on it, and now it saves me £££ by avoiding those speed tickets :) But as a phone it is simply terrible. I used to get about 4-6 hours out of it between charges, with only moderate use. But in terms of hardware & OS design this phone was far ahead of its time when it came out.

Reviewed by mayowa ade, mj from nigeria on 12th Aug 2006
it's a nice phone, oppressive!, easy to use...great performance etc quite a fefw lapses though- size and volume, and 1 more thing, if u can download any games, pls lemme know!

Reviewed by James from England on 19th Jul 2006
This phone is ok as I have previously owned one. I would advise you to never buy a 3 phone as the network is use less. This phone is to bid but is a very, very smart phone.

Reviewed by Ted Olwasegun from Nigeria on 14th Jul 2006
Generally I dont think much of the phone.But it is a good PDA, I cannot configure it to browse on Vmobile Nigeria,The ringer is not loud, there are no games to pass time,it's big, heavy etc.

Reviewed by Apocalypse from Bulgaria on 13th Jul 2006
The Phone is excellent, forget what those idiots with 1-2 stars are saying. The only backs of it are the short battery life in heavy usage (normal for EVERY smartphone), little bluetooth trouble, and the need to search a little more in google :)

Reviewed by Russell from Goa-India on 15th Jun 2006
A very nice phone after such a log time it's got everything i mean what a person can wish for , but the only problem is that it consumes oo muh battery life and the volume is a bit low othewrise it's realy good.The good thing about it is it's got GPS which i can use on ships for navigation way to go MOTO.

Reviewed by RICKY from SINGAPORE on 6th Jun 2006

Reviewed by mudashiru Abdel maleeq from NIGERIA on 9th May 2006
A925 is very good

Reviewed by Stojan Malesev from Serbija on 30th Apr 2006
I had Motorola acomplli 008, a good machine for it's time. Sadly technology moved on so I needed an upgrade. Man in Motorola shop told me "I got the thing for you". He was right. This is the future how I imagine it. Every thing works beautifully as long as you understand that all breakthroughs come at a price. Regarding the battery life, neither Ferrari comes with a small tank nor do you ask about fuel economy. Maybe if Motorola realized that this all in one device could be every thing man needs in his car, just maybe they would offer some kind of device that resembles car radio and is connected to headset thus providing us with GPS, MP3, Phone and FM. Please do not mistake this idea for ordinary car stereo with Bluetooth and such. As technology moves on those things will achieve greater battery life and will reduce in weight, but till then this is best that there is and of course there is price factor. All in all this is "Beam us up Scottie" device and probably just early spring bird of what's to come in a few years. To girls and boys of Motorola I can say only "Keep integrating" and to you who read this lines I can say that I did not regret a second carrying this "machine" around

Reviewed by Srinnivasa Reddy from India on 27th Mar 2006
Good phone with very Interesting features.

Reviewed by Mortaza Doulaty from Iran on 28th Dec 2005
no that bad! if you get used to it's short battery life, you can olerate it,other features may overcome to that. It's size is somehow too big! you may have problems in carrying, I think A1000 is much better than this. (a generic problem that I overcome to it is: the problem of truing off, let the phone have free space too much. it should work...

Reviewed by Olivier from Australia on 17th Dec 2005
i had this phone 4 7 mouths and one day it fell lightly on the floor and now it dose not turn on and it cannot be fixed to i say dont spend ur money on this phone i am now getting a motorola e1 rokr with evrything i need

Reviewed by SINGH from UK on 24th Nov 2005
overall good phone..restarts once or twice but thats what you expect from a smartphone a bit big and out of date..get the a1000 if you want a good smart phone on 3 but this is just as good

Reviewed by nick ball from England on 18th Nov 2005
this phone is alright it has some faultys like the screen is big and you can not use all of it because there is not that much on this phone. so i would recomend this phone but not in few years time

Reviewed by Kedge from United Kingdom on 17th Nov 2005
Well what can I say about this phone. Decided I wanted a smart phone (pda) so opted for the A925 *coughs* if I knew I was getting a brick and a brick that uses 2 batteries in normal day use and the fact the thing cant and wont accept calls whilst in the cradle charging even more batteries!! The good points are the phone itslef is easy enough to use thats if you are not wearing jeans out or you will never find a pocket big enough to fit it in. So I just leave my next to my pc (off charge) or else cant get calls and just play around for 20 mins each morning trying to get it to be reconised by the PC a bit hit and miss there, as for the blue tooth well allow atleast 30 mins a day to configure this and then dont move the phone out of range normally about 10 feetor else you will have to run through the whole set up process again. My advice if you want a brick with ok graphics some cool applications that sometimes crash then this is the phone for you. My phone will be on e-bay very soon if anyone wants to buy it

Reviewed by Hans from Sweden on 2nd Nov 2005
Part of the positive aspect of this phone were the price and the amount of peripherals one got with it. Admittedly I'm a bit of a technophile, but even so there are no serious usability issues. However, that's about it on the positive side. Aside form the rotten battery life, the phone is extraordianrily sensitive. I haven't seen such moisture sensitivity since the early 90s. I have already had mine in for service twice and am considering requesting a new phone next time. Moisture problems cause the reported turning off problem (very annoying, especially since it doesn't restart quickly). Placing the phone in the cradle or attaching a power cable can also casue it to turn off suddenly.

Reviewed by Mikael from Sweden on 31st Oct 2005
This phone really didn't left the buyer with much more demands, it had it all. i used this for about 4 months and then sold it, but those four months was incredible. Since i am a real Gadget geek i loved this phone like a girlfriend. Since i used it in Sweden i had 3G cover even in my house out on the country. COUNTRY!!! It had so many features i could swim in them. The thing i liked most about it must be the fact that you could install any kind of software on it. I for example had an Office package and a Gameboy emulator on it (I played Pokemon on my cell-phone :P). There was also a lot of programs that was to exploit the GPS funktion in this phone, but they weren't funktional. Most of the software though was made for the P900 Sony-Ericsson, but if you just downloaded one little program all P900 programs worked on this phone too. everything else was working superb. Phone, video-phone, SMS, MMS and everything. The batteries lasted more than one hour in hard use, i can tell you. I had always the two batteries with me just in case. It could take about 5-6 hours of intense usage before i had to change them. well, thats my thougt :D

Reviewed by grego from yugoslavia on 24th Oct 2005
heeeeeej......motorola a925,best model of the world,space,universe....ok...best...

Reviewed by Dr.MOHIB from Libya on 21st Oct 2005
Very Smart

Reviewed by Rob from Canada on 1st Oct 2005
This is a very colorful phone. But I have problems with the device driver. Cannot be connected to the PC. Desktop Suite cannot locate it. So Now I can't see any different between this or any "regular phone".But I like it! If somebody has any good idea how can I install the programs for "file transfering"or has a good setup cd for this phone /maybe my cd is does'nt fit.. I'll be very happy.I try since 2 months! Please contact me! bognarca@yahoo.com Thanks Rob

Reviewed by joe from china on 14th Sep 2005
so bad phone, I bought only 2 month, it was burn out, I bring it to MOTOROLA service center, they refuse to repire. up to now my A925 still died on my desk. and I also have a A920 I bought only 3 month, it can not serch and GSM station.

Reviewed by ashruf ben aoun from libya on 12th Sep 2005
very very easy and simple used, hi tech and soooooooo gooood

Reviewed by Vlad from Romania on 11th Sep 2005
The Motorola a925 is one of the best phones y ever saw, and i had a lot! The batterye life really enoys me, but i have leard to get over it! I have instaled programs on it, but i have 1 problem, i don't know how 2 install a game on it!So i'm asking you, pls, make the time and try 2 explain me! don_freak_1988@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Wojtek from Poland/UK on 7th Sep 2005
Here's the tip: DON'T buy it.... guys writing those good reviews had to be really lucky to get some flawless examples of this phone... Apart from low battery life, frequent rebooting and loads of other annoying issues i came across one thing that totally eliminates this piece of equipement as a phone... It tends to ring much later than an actual call is coming.. sometimes it is seconds, but once or twice my phone started ringing a couple of HOURS later than the call!! It is not incommon that my wife pickups a call on her phone at the same time as my A925 starts ringing... a call incoming from the same phone number... I tested the phone in Poland as well as in UK... Poland has advantage of not present 3G network - which saves alot of battery life - i can use the phone even for 3 days on one battery in poland while in UK i had to take the spare one to work to survive the day... the only use of this phone i can think of is as a solely car phone. use it with some good BT headset and car charger and you have a fairly good GPS/phone - as long as you keep the GPS on, because finding a fix takes terribly long sometimes

Reviewed by bb from texas on 30th Aug 2005
neva gt this phone i mean its rubbish cause my mom brought this 1 and she flipped i mean only ppl without hardly any money wld buy this

Reviewed by Dennis from UK on 14th Aug 2005
This is not a phone.... It is a little computer with a built-in GPS that can be used with commercial or free GPS software, such as MapViewGPS (which is excellent BTW. I have just bought a 512MB SD card from ebay for about £18 with shipping included and now I it holds in excess of 100 MP3's on it and listen to music all day long. So it's an ipod as well. To bad about the battery life but i consider this phone was made for geeks like me but not for the mainstream crowd, who constantly complain about battery life and its size. I Love it!

Reviewed by Wilco from Sweden on 21st Jul 2005
Ok, let's start by saying I'm a gadget geek & programmer. So I loved this phone for it's features. The GPS chip is ok, and with a 25 euro program www.nhgps.com you have an awesome GPS, that can make calls as well. This is basically how I consider the usability of the phone. It almost seems to have been an afterthought to add the phone functionality. I use it to synch with outlook via bluetooth, when my girlfriend monopolizes the PC (=works) I surf via the bluetooth and read the news etc. The MP3 player is quite decent, as are some of the games (try Legacy, or Doom1). Now the bad. Yes the battery life is hard to bear. People have been begging me to get another phone, so they can call me after 4pm when my battery is dead and I forgot to take the spare... So if you like the functionality, buy it as a PIM+GPS with which you can make the occasional call.

Reviewed by Tik0 from Slovenia on 15th Jul 2005
This fone is the best fone y ever see!You can do a lot of things on it!It's simpli the best!

Reviewed by Kale from UK on 7th Jul 2005
I must admire the patience of all the people who find the phone useful. I have used it for about ten months now but I cannot take it anymore. I have just called for help and am getting a Nokia from Orange tomorrow. The A925 is awful. I have to keep one of its batteries to charge and the other one in use. If its used heavily, both of its batteries get used up, and thats just for tha calls. If you plan to use video calling regularly then I believe you would use up three in a day atleast. One cannot get out of the 3 services an d connect to the internet. When I got this phone, I was prepared to use all the functions of the phone for the simple reason that if I had to put up with a phone of this size then I'd rather do something with it. Hard luck though. You cannot do anything other than browse the contents that 3 has to offer. At this point in time, if I try to access camera, the phone just shuts off and reboots on its own ( which puts me off to sleep). Its a huge problem taking it with you anywhere and if you are wearing jeans you wuold have to hold it in your hands or use a shoulder sack like I do. There have been many instances when I have forgotten to take my mobile phone with me for the simple reason that it is too bulky. PLease think twice before you buy it. Better still.... dont think about it, just dont buy it

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 7th Jul 2005
I've had this phone now for 1year, sent it back recently for a routine OS upgrade and can say it is a fantastic phone. Pity about the Network provider (won't say who but its a NUMBER between 2&4!). They are pants, this is the only thing letting down the A925 & A1000. Motorola do yourselves a favour and DUMP 3!!!! Their customer services are diabolical. I posted my letter cancelling my contract today and it took A FULL A4 SHEET! Definately 5/5 for the phone & 0/5 for 3s terrible customer services!!!!!

Reviewed by Chacha from Australia on 29th Jun 2005
Very poor functionality. Poor audio quality, poor picture quality, very weak battery....just got trouble since bought it !!!! Feeling very dissapointed with this one!!!!

Reviewed by samwel from USA on 8th Jun 2005
i bought this phone and i just love it.apart from the style it is amazingly easy to use holds a tonne of info.it is handy, has a classy leather case and i just got a car charger for it and i now can talk endlessly.everyone is asking where i got the phone from.

Reviewed by betty from wales on 1st Jun 2005
this is a nifty gadget for all ages. WOW!!!

Reviewed by ben from england on 18th May 2005
i got this phone 3 weeks ago and i hate it! i have now gave it back and i have a v3 thats is great.

Reviewed by insy from Germany on 9th May 2005
I bought this cell phone by coincidence and now I must admit that I like it. At the beginning it was kind of strange because I wasn't used to have a mobile without keys. But after a period of training I'm really content and I can handle it now. ;) There's still the protection foil on it, because I do not want to scratch the display. I'm really careful with it. But there's one thing I have trouble with: the battery gets low very soon. That's not that hard, because I'm not a hardcore cell-phone user, but when I think of my predecessor Nokia 3330 it's a big difference when it comes to the battery. I had to load the battery once a week, now I have to load it after 2 days. So when when I'm away from home longer than a few hours, I'll always have to take a look, if the battery is still strong enough.

Reviewed by Adam from Canada on 6th May 2005
This is an amazing phone. My previous phone was a Motorola V220 and the reception alone is night and day. my v220 always had trouble finding a signal near my house and had no signal at al in my basement... well with this phone, i get full reception almost everywhere... with the exception of my basement because down there i get 3-4 bars. The features are crazy too with the ability to use GPS and have bluetooth cabability. This phone also multitasks quite well. the v220 was horrible for trying to enter in a phone # while talking to someone, no problems with the phone... heck, u can be talkin on speaker phone and be playing Doom1 at the same time! The only downside that i can think of is the battery life... but thats no biggy considering the docking bay it comes with and the extra battery so u can always be charging a battery while using the other one. This phone rox.

Reviewed by reinhard quinonez from UK on 24th Apr 2005
for the people tha lives in the states this phone is junk the gps doesnt work no video calling and to set it up is a pain in the butt otherwise the phone reminds me in size and weigth to the phone of zack morris in saved by the bell its big as hell the software doesnt works with windows xp im very disapointed with this phone if somebody can help me setting the internet account and the picture messaging please email me at reinhardq@hotmail.com i will aprecciatte the help

Reviewed by Emyr from UK on 20th Apr 2005
Thought it was me, but after reading these forums I have exactly the same problems as other users. This phone is fully featured, but to get most of it to work you've got to be quite IT liteate. GPS, a fab feature, but the phone needs aditional software like "find the place" (free) for it to work. It's a money grabbing ploy by 3G to use their own pay to use program which is rubbish anyway. Apart from being the size and weight of a house brick, it's worth it for the features. If someone has been able to get the modem working for use with a PC then please let me know how :-) Thanks

Reviewed by Not too happy from UK on 20th Apr 2005
Thought it was me, but after reading these forums I have exactly the same problems as other users. This phone is fully featured, but to get most of it to work you've got to be quite IT liteate. GPS, a fab feature, but the phone needs aditional software like "find the place" (free) for it to work. It's a money grabbing ploy by 3G to use their own pay to use program which is rubbish anyway. Apart from being the size and weight of a house brick, it's worth it for the features. If someone has been able to get the modem working for use with a PC then please let me know how :-) Thanks

Reviewed by david from england on 11th Apr 2005
This phone is good because of it's features but i say it could include some more things like real music or mp4 players aswell as mp3 or mabye that should have been included in the upgrade that i have

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 22nd Mar 2005
I bought this phone based on its impressive feature list; but after 7 months of infuriating ownership I have now smashed it (stabbed it with its own stylus) through sheer frustration. Here is why: Motorola & 3 is a marriage made in hell. Poor network coverage and service coupled with temperamental phone - not good news. It turns itself off at will and takes a geological epoch to re-boot. I found it nearly impossible to get it to work abroad. The reception is terrible and teases you by showing a healthy reception and dying as soon as you pick it up. Ironically it usually turns itself off when you try to adjust the network settings to resolve the problem. The 3 call centre in Mumbai is shocking. I have had 2 replacement phones and they have all had glitches. If you can fit the damn thing in your pocket you will invariably miss calls because of the quiet polyphonic ringtones. I now own a Nokia 8910i on the Orange network - which is practically featureless - and I love it! Excellent phone reliability, network coverage and customer service - makes you realise that all those extras are totally unnecessary and I would take reliability every time, over loads of crappy kids extras. Summary: Avoid 3 and Motorola like the plague!

Reviewed by Frank A from UK on 17th Feb 2005
I really hate this phone. Unlike the other reviewers on this site, I have had nothing but trouble with this phone. It won't sync with my PC, I get dropped calls, battery life is non-existent, software is dreadful, customer service from 3 is the worst I've ever experienced. If I could give this phone a negative rating then I would - it doesn't deserve even one star.

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 1st Feb 2005
What a fantastic phone. Easy to use. I use mine to listen to mp3's, watch movies in mpeg4, read e-books,send sms and make calls. Yes its big but its got widescreen feature when watching Star wars on. Yes it eats the battery, but when i'm playing Doom on it for an hour in work its better than any other mobile phone I've had before. Its the only phone I've had where I'm not counting the days for my 12 month upgrade. Well done Motorola Five stars.

Reviewed by ao_76 from france on 1st Feb 2005
Hello, I have a 925 motorola. The screen is alwyas illuminated. I can not see any think on the screen. please help a.ouertani@free.fr

Reviewed by - from Australia on 28th Jan 2005
Have problems with the device driver. Cannot be connected to the PC. M router says connected but Desktop Suite cannot locate it. Have spent more ringing India rather than using the phone.

Reviewed by Tim O Keeffe from UK on 22nd Jan 2005
Call quality average to dreadful (apparently attributed to sotware versus call conflicts) - in any 5 min telephone conversation you will get dead time. Terrific functionality with ability to link and backup to your PC. Dreadful battery life - you will use both batteries in a typical day. Software to connect to your PC difficult to use. Phone locks about once a week and has to be rebooted. Some menus not intuitive. Big phone but commensurate with functionality. For a big company, the overall quality of the phone is remarkably bad. Contract expires in 7 months and will just have to change it - largely due to poor call quality

Reviewed by from sweden on 7th Jan 2005
Really good phone, if you could accept the poor standby time.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 21st Dec 2004
The A925 has everything you could possibly want in a phone. The camera was of great quality, the email service it provides is free, you could download games and the expansion slot was brilliant for storing MP3s. This phone to me has the edge on most if not all the PDAs on the market. However my only criticism of the phone is its size and inability to read MS Word documents

Reviewed by Andy65 from uk on 10th Dec 2004
Apart from eating batteries, the A925 is the business.i only wish 3 hadnt locked the wap system up so i could make full use of its potential, what a dumb idea of 3s that is.


Reviewed by Bahtiyor from Sweden on 4th Dec 2004
Don't get even for free, it is perfect headache. You have to carry it in your bag, no pocket fittable. I could not found belt-bag for this phone, no hanging is possible. Battary dies in 12 hours, even if you don't use. Always have conflicts in programmes. It is big as three normal phone and you don't need to go to gym, if you are carrying it.

Reviewed by Phillip from England on 12th Nov 2004
I have read in alot of forums of this phone having a bad battery life. well i have been using it for a week now and it really isn't as much as an issue as you might think.as for the phones features there great! and i orderd mines with a free bluetooth! all in all this is a good phone but is your looking for perfect go for the A1000!

Reviewed by Sarah from United Kingdom on 12th Nov 2004
this phone is just like a remote control in ur pocket a long remote control its horrible look how big it is ITS A BRICK my step dad bought it and when he was gettin it he was like its the best phone around i thught so too until i saw it and had a go on it its just wack! they should stop insulting the mobile phone company and make some good phones for a change instead of their bricks they make if they want to make some bricks go to a building yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by liam lennon from england on 3rd Nov 2004
this phone is the biggest load of **** i have ever used.it has nothing and shuts down all the time . dont buy it

Reviewed by Georges from united Kingdom on 31st Oct 2004
I wanted a mobile phone that I can really use without fiddling with the small keys. I wanted a mobile phone that I can read my emails from (any pop3 email). I wanted a mobile phone that I can keep large amount of contacts, alarms, notes, decent pictures, occasional videos and occasional MP3 files. I bought the A925 despite the reviews because I believe it will le tme ditch my PDA and phone and jsu tuse one device. The touch screen is excellent and quick to respond and I can dial a number without using the the provided pen or the virtual keyboard or the hand recognition. Yes it is damn as fast as using the small keys on a small mobile and I don't do any mistakes (I have large thumbs :-) ). Yes it is large but it fits neatly in my palm, and it is larger than average but I got used to it. Setting email accounts to get it from my POP3 email was a breeze, setting my 3mail account took next to nothing other than providing user name and password. its excellent for taking down notes too using the hand recognition, the word completion is a time saver and once you get used ot it (just a couple of usage) it is a breeze and quick to send messages or notes. Or you can use the virtual keyboard, I did not know I can input texts so fast with just a pen and a virtual keyboard. It comes with a headset, and believe me you will amazed at the quality of the stereo sound coming out form Ringtones, MP3 files or recorded videos. Try the examples on the supplied CD, it is outstanding. Use the control panel and you can setup anything from borwser to calculator to calendar, camera, video, sychrnoization etc.. Click ont he contacts icon at the top and you have an alphabetically tabbed contact manager. Click the mail icon at the top and you can access yoru 3mail accounts. The browser icon will only take you to the "walled garden" of 3. I thas ntohing to do with the device. It is powerfull and fully featured to allow you to use the full internet if only 3 allows you. Click o n the phone icon at the top again and you have the virtual phone keyboard and from a host of applications from monitoring your calls to adjusting the tones. All highly and easily configurable. Finally click on the hoem icon top left corner and you immediately have access to 3 netwoprk, such as personalising your ahndset, do a content search or a quick map. You can also at a galnce see your emails, voicemails, multimedia messages, text messages, appointments etc.. all on a large colorfull, clear screen. Athe bootom of the screen you can configure the most used three applications to always display their icons jsut above the status bar. synchronizing with a PC is maater of installing the supplied software on the PC, attach the supplied motorola cable to yoru handset and the USB end to the PC, go to control panel, choose desktop suite and choose connect and voila yoru PC can see the handset as drive C (and if you installed the memory card) as Drive D. From there just use Microso ft explorer to add, delete, create files etc.. Or you canuse the supplied software to synchronize your handset with outlook etc... Or you can buy a US-bluetooh dongle and do the same thing, just the tell the handset which method are you using through control panel. Same goes for infradred too. Try the speakerphone, it is loud and clear, volume can be adjusted ont eh side of the handset as well as the voice calls if you attached voice to your contacts. You get two batteries, I drained them over three nights and recharged them for at least twelve hours (as recommended). The cradle if very useful is recharging your phone and the additional battery at the same time, and you can even synchronise through it. I liked the fact the at the camera can be easily swiveled (with yoru thumb) to face forward or backward. At the back there are sockets for GPS antenna, but i haven't been able to find any info about it, and sadly the manual does not mention them. All in all, the OS is fast and responsive with excellent features and configurations, the screen is large, crisp and colorfull and the device is a speed demon, if only 3 allows more of the internet then you will see its true power. So to summarise, the handset is larger than average and it is not targeted or desgined for games addicts or text messaging addicts although I found it quite reasonable. It is slightly large than my palm but i got used to it, and now I can easily use it and navigate without the need for the pen. It has never dropped a call or switched itself off ever, even though I shoved in my pocket almost all day while driving around my children,a dn getting in and out of the car all day. I admit I am not a heavy user, I do make a lot of calls a month and I do finish my 500 minutes, I do few texts (don't have time for this). I take a lot of pictures and few videos of my 2 year old son. I do keep a lot of contacts, lot of emails, lot of appointments and lots of notes,a dn this handset does it all. As for the battery, doing all the above, I need to recharge it late night before I go to bed but then again I have spare ready. i dont find it any better or worse than my previous mobile phone. if you are using the video calls then its usage of battery is heavier so prepared to buy a better battery that last longer. i live in Swindon and the signal is very good for calls all the time, but for videos you will have to move around. But then again ti has nothign to do with the device, it is 3 that should be blamed for this. All in all, excellent and I will buy the next version. Large, but I got used to it. Battery does not last as logn as a small mobile phone (without the sophisticated applications :-) ) but it does last me all day and I have a spare. ***** stars definitely.

Reviewed by Cam from UK on 20th Oct 2004
The service at 3 in Australia would be the same as my British cousins - we all end up in Denpasar!! Seriously 3 - get your act together and get local support for local users. I have few favourable things to say re service. On the bright side, I had an A920 for a year which was generally good. The A925 is an improvement in several areas. It has infra red, not just an empty window. It has blue tooth for free, the A920 required a firmware upgrade an a purchase of blue tooth headset. I said no thanks and waited for the A925. Very happy with the new phone. Battery life is dependant on on how bright you set the screen - adjust it to the minimum in bright sunlight.. it is still a low setting. Have the screen switch off after minimum period - 30 seconds. These seem to greatly affect battery standby and talk time. Still glad to have the second battery. Many features - web browsing is fast for a phone - 384 kbps. Would benefit from having java inside the symbian o/s. Doesn't handle scripted pages well. Very easy to use interface. Synchronises well - but the software is ambiguous when setting synchro options. I want it to synchro time with the PC and adjust contacts according to the latest edit on either pc or phone. For reliable synchro - you need to set one as authoritative and ... well.. I always get duplicates somewhere. Overall, I laugh at other people's bills. I divert all calls to my home phone rather than messaging... the diverts are free. Home messaging is free. Therefore, divert to avoid additional charges on the phone. 3 have set the billing standard, but there are lessons to be learned about service.

Reviewed by TrojanCB. from UK on 11th Oct 2004
I have had my new motorola a925 for about 2 weeks and i am very impressed with it. Its got friendly software on board making it easy to use. I got a free second battery and free blue tooth handset with my phone, free desk charger unit, and a free carrying case! I can't stop playing with it as its so addictive to use =)

Reviewed by Chris R from United Kingdom on 23rd Sep 2004
To all the people giving this phone 2 Stars. You have to realise that this phone is not really built for being trendy or for a quick game. Most peole probally saw the touch screen feature as cool and went for it. It's a business phone, pure and simple. The organisers and email functions are best suited for PC Docking and I find them very useful, as I didn't really fancy carring a PDA and a phone around as well as a laptop It's excellent and copnsidering I got free on my contact I think it's the ultimate in mobile organisation. True the 3G network is limited to the content they specify, but with Stuff like Map Finder and Video news I find it quite handy, all without having to turn on my laptop! And when I docked it with my pc I found I got a better Modem connection than most of the 'Modem' phones I have tried (My Old GX10 oly gave me 8kps) I have since moved on to Openzone Cards, but I know its there should I find myself out of an Openzone area. The large screen and better than most camera are handy when out on call and the sketchpad is a neat little addition that most PDAs lack. The Symbian OS is quick to respond and I have yet to encounter the 'Random Death' power problem I read on these pages. If you are looking for games I would suggest you download game made FOR the A925 as the arrow keys then to 'Repeat' when held down. I have downloaded an MegaDrive Emulator and stored ROMS on an SD card which are interchangeable. and if youre bored you can have MP3 stored to the phone as well. Most menus a laid out in a kind of Outlook style with easy to read menus and each is easy to read, and zoomable fom about 8pt to about 16pt so if you find most phones hard to read it's handy. Video Calls are the Meat and two Veg of any 3G phone and the A925 doesn't fail to deliver, a nice large picture that is clear as most with a nifty picture in picture showing you your cameras view, quick to connect and a smooth video stream are the phones strong points. The speakerphone is better than most but I have compliants at the other end that it can be a little quiet when behind the wheel and the touch screen makes dialing and hanging up a breeze. Summing up. - Exceptional business phone, if you want that WOW factor though, buy a 'Trendy' Nokia or Sony. If you need to keep yourself organised on the move with a clear and easy to use interfaces, get one of these.

Reviewed by MidNight Mapper from Australia on 19th Sep 2004
I provide a 4-Star rating for this UIQ "smartphone". I have been using the A925 for better than a week. I received it as a test platform for a UIQ Symbian application in developement. UIQ is the next step for Symbian and large screen formated "smart phones". I have many hundreds of hours of direct experience with several versions of WinCE/PocketPC as well as years of pocketing Treo and Sony PalmOS PDAs. I hate the PocketPC solution but use it due to applications and have praise for the KISS PalmOS. The PocketPCs have endlessly croaked and jammed but you can always get an almost fixed update. The PalmOS SONYs I have used are worn and scrached because they have remained reliable despite hard use on the farm. My impression of the UIQ interface on the A925 suggests that it has an easy to use Palm-like feel and so far without WinCE/PocketPC lockups and resets. As far as the Motorola A925 package I like it. I wanted a "smart phone" and I am using it via Telstra here in Australia. It orginally was a "3" phone and still contains locked features for internet and email - a pain/induced limitation I intend to over come soon. Operationally the device is capable. It has daily maintained Bluetooth connection to GPS, has flawlessley handled switching back and forth to the camera, as well as allow me to make phone calls. As far as compatabilty to UIQ standards I have had good success with several popular mapping solutions, the most powerful being Power Navigator. Since I have not as yet over come the locked features for MMS and email from "3" to Telstra I can not confirm that side. This is not to say I have not explored the writting pad (it works well but slightly different from my PalmOS skill) and the build emails and add attachments easy to use and intuitive. I have stacked up over thirty only waiting the "3" work-arounds. My exporations on the email side suggests that a number of the Symbian 60 design faults faced in my Nokia 3650 are eliminated and far better organized in the UIQ design. Overall I like my first "smartphone". Motorola has been very helpful as has Telstra in attempting to get all the 2.5G features connected while I await Telstra's pending 3G trun-on. I have discovered that there is a pending upgrade in the works that I can get loaded by Motorola when it goes commercial in a couple of weeks. Yes, it is a large mobile but then again after having to suff pocketes with a Nokia, a Bluetooth GPS, and a digital camera for most of the last 18 months, I like the idea of one device. And once the network is ready, the A925 also has on-board a 12-channel "aGPS" chip set from Sirf. MidNight Mapper midnight@midnightmapper.com aka neil havermale

Reviewed by 0121 459 8877 from England on 16th Sep 2004
Naff! anyone who gives this phone more than 2 stars needs shooting! as said before this phone likes nothing more than to turn itself off. Even in my pocket while locked it does this! Bluetooth does not work well. When my headset is turned off and then on again the phone cannot see the device and has to be repaired with it! So in other words you have to leave the B/tooth headset on and when you want to use the handset to make a call you need to put the headset out of range to use the phone! My father owns the same headset and has a Sony Ericsson T610 both his and my own headset worked fine with his phone. So it has to be the A925 that has the issue. Battery life is awful! i have to charge it each night! Sometimes with minimal use i'm lucky if i get 18 hours! The size and weight are also awful!

Reviewed by Neil Holton from UK on 11th Sep 2004
This is a terrible peice of equipment. Turns itself off at will, although somehow, it manages to synchronise this groovy feature with the times when you need it most urgently, it then takes a full four minutes just to get it booted up and running again, whereupon it may well switch off one more time just for the kick. The charge held on the battery is so inadequate that some days I have to charge it in the morning and again before I go out. The screen is ok, but text recognition, even good text recognition, is slow and fussy. The games you can download form 3 are terrible, you might as well poke yourself in the eye for fun. It also has problems with network coverage, when it re-enters 3 coverage from O2, O2 locks the phone to the network so no calls can be made, even though it may well be in reception for either network. Overall: bad design, bad size, bad features, bad battery Redeeming features: quite hard to smash

Reviewed by Ed Greenhalgh from UK on 27th Aug 2004
I have had this phone for a few months and I have got used to the weight and the poor battery life. Reception on the 3 network is sometimes a problem, but generally it's fine. These are the negative points. The positive points massively outwiegh these, IMHO. The A925 is one of the most fully featured phones around, and the 3 network also offers a vast range of services. The graphical user interface is great, I could never go back to a clunky old-style phone menu. HUGE screen, video downloads, video calling, bluetooth and infrared connections, email, excellent PDA-like functions and synchronisation of data with laptop, etc, etc. I could go on. For me this has become an indespensible part of my daily routine, and I would recommende it to anyone who is looking for more than just another phone.

Reviewed by Frankie from UK on 16th Aug 2004
I got my Motorola A925 as a replacement when my A920 decided to die just 1 week after buying it. Not obvious exactly what the differences are between the A920 and the A925. Both are excellent phones. There are so many features in this phone, too many to list in fact, but some of the best things are the large colour screen, video calling, PDA-style functions. On the negative side, the phone does sometimes freeze and battery life is below average, but that's hardly surprising when you consider what it can do, and the fact that it's 3G. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, and willing to overlook the slight niggles with the phone.

Reviewed by MThomson from Australia on 6th Aug 2004
Had this phone for approx 7 months, It took hours to get it to work on the provided software to sync with a PC, I tried 2 desk tops and 2 laptops!! Phone would & still does reboot when put into charger, screen freezes and reboots when it wants. Has been re flashed and upgraded, now Infra-Red works...yiiipeee (no charge either) Doesn't work when in tall 20 plus floors buildings ( carrier issue) I have a Nokia Blu-Tooth car kit, in the car I have had a Nokia 6210, Sony-Ericcson, a NEC and a Motorola A835 all work beautifully...the A925 (one of the reasons I bout the thing) can't make or recieve a call, screen shows it has joined the carkit...that's all it does. Even after upgrade first few seconds of me making a call I hear a hi pitched sqealing noise before ring tone. The memory some times refuses to allow data to be added to the contacts etc...push reset inside cover and reboot usually fixes it!!!...have given up talking the Arpoo's in Bombay pretending to be Steve or Dave or Bruce (couldn't stop laughing when he told me his name with hint of Punjab accent) they are polite, well drilled and totally usless technically......why is this sooo hard!!! $780.00 bucks wasted, lost business and worn out customer!!! mthomson@three.com.au for more tales of woe.

Reviewed by Daiel Ashtiany from England on 31st Jul 2004
If it had games,it would get 5.

Reviewed by Alfred S from Australia on 12th Jan 2004
INTRO The Motorola A920 is a good device, and it is very much underrated. The A925 and the A920 are almost the same and the A920 software is upgradeable to the A925. Actual hardware differenced are shrouded in mystery. It's the best featured phone around. People buy mostly Nokias, because that's the "in" thing, but I had Ericssons which had better performance and were of more solid build, LG with better battery life and smaller size and of course Motorola with more extensive features than the equivalent Nokias. Talking about the A920: STRENGTHS Features galore too long to list and they actually do work well. It's got a few features which even if you find other phones, they will miss some of the other things the A920 can do. Easy to use user interface, great hand writing recognition, large screen. WEAKNESSES Poor screen protection, the size of phones of yesteryear, the life on one charge is so-so, you need gorilla arms to be able to get more than the middle of your face on the screen for pictures or video call and have to hold it at a funny angle, no 0-9 number keys. SUMMARY Overall, it's a really likable phone and the size and battery life are not such a big deal as you might think. Most complaints relating to this phone are more to do with the service provider than the A920 itself (like disabled features, wobbly network). Still, if you are after the perfect phone, wait a few months - when the successor arives. It should be a real treat.

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