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Motorola A920 review

 Review: September 2004  

Last updated March 2009

Rating: 1 star

In a nutshell: The Motorola A920 is a high-spec 3G smartphone with a Symbian operating system.



As a 3G phone, the A920 supports all of 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips. It supports assisted GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for enhanced location-based services. It also benefits from high-speed data transfer whilst on the 3G network. The screen format supports widescreen video.

The integrated camera is rotating, so that you can use it for taking pictures or for video-calling. The camera quality is excellent.

The TFT screen on the A920 is excellent. It has 65k colours, and is large at 4cm x 6cm, with a high resolution of 208 x 320 pixels - the same as the Sony Ericsson P900.

An interesting feature of the A920 is that it has a touch screen and supports handwriting recognition - a feature that it shares with the Sony Ericsson P900. The screen is used for most data input, either by handwriting recognition or using the "virtual keyboard" on screen with the help of a stylus. This system works well, and makes text input and menu navigation simple and quick.

Messaging is well-supported, as you would expect, with SMS, EMS, MMS and e-mail fully supported. The phonebook is large and can handle many different fields, including email, fax, home, work and mobile numbers. You can assign different ringtones to each contact if you like.

The phone supports multi-tasking, so you can make calls whilst using other features of the phone.

The internal memory of the phone is only 8 Mbytes, so you'll need to make use of the memory card. A 32 Mbyte card is supplied, and this is expandable.

One thing to beware of is that this phone just eats batteries! If you're using the phone heavily for video calling and other functions, you'll only get 1 hour from it, and under normal circumstances you'll probably need to recharge every day. That's simply inevitable with a 3G phone and a screen this big. The phone does come with 2 chargers and 2 batteries though. You'll also need to learn to live with the size and weight of the beast - again this comes with the territory!

An obvious feature missing from the phone is support for Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity, but this is present in the Motorola A925. By comparison with the Sony Ericsson P900, the Motorola A920 fairs reasonably well. It has nearly all the features of the P900 (except Bluetooth & infrared), plus it has the added 3G functions. On the downside it is much larger and heavier and has very poor battery life. We have deducted two stars for these shortcomings.

Motorola A920 features include:

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I put my 3 sim in the a920 and when I try to put a number in to call it says replace usim only emergency calls please help me my sim works on my other phone.

Asked by Hassan from Uk on 21st Jul 2016

Motorola A920 user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Aeroplanino from Indonesia on 21st Oct 2008
My father bought this phone about 1 year ago from his friend.At the first time,i was so impressed with the features that is written in its review.But,actually when i tried to prove the feature,i was so dissapointed.Because it's so complicated phone.. Besides that,it's so difficult for this phone to install such an application.All application that i want to install is never get success,because some reasons that is ununderstanable.. And now,the battery is the biggest problem in this phone..Because all the battery that is given by this phone is getting so weak..Can you imagine,the battery getting empty in an hour,even if you are charge the battery before?? And when i try to buy another battery,i can't find it anywhere.. Now what should i do.. I don't care about bluetooth,etc.. The thing for me is how to install such an application,and also how to find batteries.Coz my batteries is die.. If there is someone who know to solve these problems,.I am verry thankfull..

Reply by Hassan from Uk on 21st Jul 2016
You can buy the battery from eBay for 2.50 simply writing Motorola A920 battery.

Reviewed by vipul sood from india on 22nd Jan 2008
i am using this phone from past 4years and without basic connectivities i.e. bluetooth, infrared it is somewhere lying down.. its batteries are really a task if u are travelling somewhere.. itz size and weight is bit heavy than other handsets.. according to me this handset motorola A920 is just a show off business..

Reviewed by peterpops@msn.com from england on 12th Dec 2007
Re cut off on charging. Bought correct charger 5.2V same problem. By mistake plugged in charger for motorola C975 which is 4.4V and I can talk for hours. Not sure if it charges properly cos it dont last long when it off. Hope sum elp. I keep getting No coverage and the ringtone advert, which of course works, but that is 3 or me not using it propper, not the phone. I would say everbody who has these phones now are hand me downs, because If you could afford it new, yoou have certainly got a better one by now.

Reviewed by maxwell raila from Kenya on 28th Nov 2007
the phone is a nice one though, the problem is with the batery as mentioned ealier and with the missing both bluetooth and the infrared, though one can always use the memory cardwhere by He must have a memery card reader to acesss the card in the computer where He can get the data kept in the card. Besides, i have a problem, my phone is locked accidentaly and i do not knw the pass word to this phone. motorola A920, how can you assist me coz at the momment am only alowed to recive call and not calling back. thanks and do reply yours Sincerely Raila

Reviewed by Eddy Muleme from Uganda on 15th Jun 2007
Well, it caught my eyes at first sight from a friend. I bought it from him only to go down at night that very day. It has nice applications but I really need to try it again.

Reviewed by fakhar from pakistan on 7th Feb 2007
brillant hand set

Reviewed by nAVNIT pATEL from uk on 9th Jan 2007
I fail to understand why when I put my phone on the charge I can not recive any phone calls or I can dial any calls. Does any one face the same problem if not can you advise how I can overcome this problem

Reviewed by Can from Denmark on 10th Aug 2006
In the beginning it was awesome. It had GPS, a 166mhz arm processor, a big nice screen and many other features. But just after 5-6 months the battery was just dying and I had to recharge it everyday. I also saw all the problems the UIQ had, I could not install anything because of the stupid 3 lock, no bluetooth in this case too. It was just a mess so I'm thinking of a A1000 or a M600 Sonyericsson. If I buy the 1000 I really don't hope to see same problems.

Reviewed by Shanrose from Spain on 9th Jun 2006
My friend gifted me A920, i like it very much for using in my business, appointments, reminders, etc etc. But my major need is to use GPS navigation. I tried to find this but could not find from anywhere. If some one can help me in this regard, i will be thankful to him. taurus_89@hotmail.com

Reviewed by ashwini from india on 4th Apr 2006
I was gifted this phone by a friend, and yes it performed well the first one year, now the screen calibiration is out and no way am i able to reach that menu to get it working right. The service centres in India and not equiped with the software and spares, so no way can i use it any more. Although i have no problem in using the big phone on daily basis. If you can assist please let me know on speedzmail@gmail.com

Reviewed by GHOSTDOG from ENGLAND on 12th Nov 2005

Reviewed by joe from china on 14th Sep 2005
so bad phone, I bought it only 3 month, it can not search the GSM station, I bring it to MOTOROLA service center, they refuse to repair it. do not try to buy it.

Reviewed by THOMAS OPPONG KYEREMEH from Ghana on 17th Aug 2005
As a guy who always goes in for better and quality things, i replaced my phone with A920 and i have to say i was very very impressed. and to my suprise, within two months i recieved this massage on my phone (all program closed, reason code3) then it will tell you to continue, if you enter continue you only see motorola on the screen. All effort to repair it has been failed, it has now become white-ellephant. I will not advice anyone to buy such phone

Reviewed by Bo Pedersen from Denmark on 13th Aug 2005
What a phone.Love it. It has everything i need.

Reviewed by ellie from england on 10th Jul 2005
this phone is mingin! i cant beleieve anyone woul want to buy it, or have it as their phone! i have a samsung D500, and its in a league of its own! DONT buy this phone! it will brake and course you nothing but trouble!

Reviewed by Susie from USA on 30th May 2005
I just recently replaced my Nokia 6620 with the A920 and I have to say I'm impressed. I think the people that don't like this phone are the same people who don't know how to use all the amazing features it offers. My A920 is unlocked and I use it with both T-Mobile USA & Cingular. Reception is excellent and I've never dropped a call. The screen is amazing, big and colorful, and makes watching video a pleasure! MP3's play loud & clear. The handwriting recognition makes texting and using the calendar a breeze! My phone's software has been upgraded & bluetooth and infrared are a snap. And the rotating camera lens is fabulous! If the phone is a little big... so what? I carry it in my purse anyway, and it feels nice and sturdy. The only thing disappointing is the battery life but I keep a couple of extras on hand... and all the other features make up for it. I'd recommend this phone to anyone looking to upgrade and who knows how to make the most out of it!

Reviewed by GRAHAM from ENGLAND on 12th Apr 2005

Reviewed by hardeep ghumman from canada on 25th Mar 2005
this phone is the worst phone i've ever used, whats the point of so many features if you cannot use it because the battery sucks big time, i bought it when i went to England and that was my worst decision on mobile phonen i ever made.

Reviewed by Wajid Furqan from UK on 24th Mar 2005
I truely love my handset but sometime I hate it most. The handset is really amazing but there are some very serious drawbacks like large size, heavy weight, and very short battery life. Overall its really one of the best but the problem is with the compatability of softwares and its poor desktop suite software....its not even close to Nokia PC Suite or might be I am not aware. The handset itself got excellent software and the most special feature is its touch screen which makes it easy to use...It would be amazing handset with good battery life, light weight and good software to use the handset with PC.

Reviewed by frank zah from england on 24th Jan 2005
this is one of the worst phone ive had the onlygood thing the WIRELESS bluetooth which always fails

Reviewed by Jim May from UK on 7th Dec 2004
This is a very versatile portable multi-media device, which also lets you phone people. Highlights for me were the large colour screen (I have a photo of my daughter as the wallpaper) and the mp3 player. I upgraded the SD card to 64 meg from PC World and was able to store a lot of video, pictures and music. The best for me was being able to use real music for the ring tone. Ultimately though, as a phone it is pretty cumbersome and not the sort of thing you can carry around in your pocket. After almost a year with 3 I am now upgrading to the LG U8120 as it appears to be a decent compromise between size (with a clamshell design) and reasonable screen to do justice to the 3G services. I have had no problems with 3 customer service, although when I called them to switch on roaming I remember thinking what hard work it would be if I ever had to report a problem. Don't be hard on the guys in India though, they're just trying to earn a crust - take it out on Mr 3 in London, that's where the buck stops.

Reviewed by scott from scotland on 6th Nov 2004
Do not get this phone!! The screen is quality, but doesnt make up for the size and weight of this phone. The battery is basically non-existant, when it is fully charged, the only way it will make it through the day without cutting out, is if you dont use it. You cannot download from anything other than the stuff they let you. The ringtones are so low in volume, you never know if your phone is ringing. Leave this phone on the shelf, trust me form experience, you will be laughed at by anyone who see's you using it. My contract is up next month........ CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jon P from UK on 27th Oct 2004
As an early adopter and techno geek I bought this sham of a handset from it's joke of a network over a year ago. The contacts details do not include fax details making it most difficult to use as a business tool. Battery life, what battery life? Totally shocking. The network is a joke. Customer service is no good unless you go in to a shop where it is actually rather good. The screen is good but the content that you can display and the games are all terrible. As a pda replacement the form factor is ok. With PDA functionality it would have been excellent. All together the phone and the a925 are both missed oportunities. Hang on till the a1000 arrives. It looks like a phone that might be what the a920/5 should have been.

Reviewed by Asther from Portugal on 18th Oct 2004
THE BEST MOBILE PHONE EVER MADE ON EARTH!! belive me, 4 band gsm, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA2000... you name it!! got it all!!! AND THE PIECE OF RESISTENCE GPS!!! it does have GPS!! I got it working!! and its better then a regular GpS, because it can be programable!! and IT IS POSSIBLE TO INSTAL APLICATIONS!!! the are information woh to do it in all web!!! just upgrade it to A925 and you will have blue tooth!!!! and it cames with 2 chargers, 2 batterys, usb cable, cradle, 32Mb SD card ...."ou seja, vem com bueda merdazzzz" Better than a p800 and equal to a p900 ... belive me!!!!

Reviewed by Ryan Henderson from UK on 16th Oct 2004
Has anyone ever experienced a problem with this phone "freezing" during the boot up phase ? It happened to mine and it's still stuck like that showing just the 3 logo,I can't get it to complete.When it was working properly,it was brilliant.There is generous video recording time of about 1 minute which is better than just 12 seconds on some handsets.I would have awarded it 5 stars but for the freezing fault.

Reviewed by Alex Hazlett from Northern Ireland on 17th Aug 2004
I have just bought Motorola A920 Mobile Phone the phone speaks for itself and all the features on the phone would take a long time to list it has large screen which is very good for the size of the phone also 3 service is the best so far and believe me I have had a few networks and 3 beats them all for their Top Ups.I have read some of the reviews and I don't agree with some of the comments made about the A835 I also am the proud owner of one and have no bother with phone which is in use all the time as well as my A920 but the comments made are people opinion and has to be respected. Certainly both Mobile Phones deserves 5 stars for the outstanding features on them,I do not like small mobile phones at all that is my opinion and no one else.

Reviewed by Droitwich Gooner from UK on 14th Jul 2004
This phone I have to say is the poorest piece of equipment I have ever used. I use mine for business and the amount of business I have lost - Well I dont want to think about it. It cuts out during calls - even though the battery is charged, I cannot access the address book because I get the message "usim not ready" whatever that means. I have just told 3G to take a run a jump as they offered to fix the phone free of charge but will not give me a replacement for the 3/4 days it will take. They did offer to upgrade my phone for only #199.00. I can only say stay clear of this phone. I have a mate who uses the LG u8110 on 3G and he does not have any problems whatsoever. If I could have given this a NO STAR rating I would.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 10th Jun 2004
Huh? what's all this complaining? I\'ve had a A920 for nearly a year and it's been the cheapest phone to run yet. the only downside is that 3 were originally sharing a network with O2 which meant dropped calls when travelling. BUT that's rectified in the NE now. It's half the price of Orange network to run, sure it looks like a brick but the very vain should stick to looking cool - and paying for it.

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 12th May 2004
I've had four phones in the last four years and even though the A920 is the most technologically advanced, it's also a terrible phone on the whole. Okay, so it's got some pretty cool features, like the flip-around camera, the ability to film and view movies and tell you where you are (handy in the middle of London... not), but the majority of features and functions are frustrating. Take the VoiceNotes feature - it distorts and sounds really brash and unclear. The camera is okay quality, but on the highest setting, I've had trouble sending the photos as picture messages. Every time you have to send a text message, you have to get out the stylus (I thought I was going to get used to this, but I haven't). Here's the best bad feature from my point of view - when the battery is at very low power, the phone vibrates to tell you this (using even more power). So you switch it off to conserve battery power... it switches itself back on and vibrates to tell you that the battery power is low!! And by the way, the 70 hours battery power on standby claim is a farce - you'll get 24-48 hours maximum if you're lucky. And 95 minutes talktime? Well, no. The handset heats up to almost plasma temperature and then starts warning you of low battery power after about 45 minutes. This has happened right after changing batteries before. On the plus side, Motorola supply a second battery and a second charger, but unless you're constantly near a plug socket when you're talking, it's useless. Also, if the phone is locked and you type in the unlock code and press on 'OK', it often comes up with a message saying "In use... Continue"... Yes, I know it's in use, I'm bloody well using it!! It brings this message up when it's loading the graphics on the front screen. Needless to say, I never had these problems or frustrations with my Nokia 3210.... if there had been a "0 - rubbish" rating, I would've selected that. Worst phone I've ever had the misfortune to use and now I'm tied to using it by Three until the contract is up (next Feb) or change it for #250.... sod that.

Reviewed by Warren Adam from UK on 18th Apr 2004
DO NOT TAKE ANY PHONE WITH 3 MOBILE.I have had my phone for 6 months now and over all I was pleased with it and the service, until it went wrong two weeks ago. Customer service is a joke in very bad taste. Like most people on here have stated, the call center is in India and all 5 people I have spoken to do no not understand simple English (e.g "Scaffolding? What is scaffolding", "Shattered what is shattered"?. E mails have not been repilied to and even after paying the 40 for a new hand set I have still not recieved it and NO ONE in customer service land can tell me what is going on. I have now cancelled my direct debit and will wait for them to phone me, (the last person in India said " We have you mobile phone number we will call you back", HOW CAN YOU DO THAT WHEN THE PHONE IS BROKEN, " Dont worry sir we will call you",:- must be magic!!!) When will these big companies realise that call centres in India do not work and will cost them business in the long run.I am now returning to Vodaphone.

Reviewed by mark from UK on 30th Mar 2004
anyone that says this phone and 3 mobile are any good must be using it as a doorstop, cos thats all it good for. this phone and 3 mobile are on the verge of putting me out of buisiness. im a mobile welder and i advertise in the yellow pages and buisness pages. believe it or not i have only had 1 call to my mobile from the above in 5 monthes, i have spent more than 15 hours on the phone to three and most times i get through to a call centre in mumbi (india)very pleasant these operators are but not a lot better than useless. before xmas i damaged my phone and it took nearly 3 weeks to get a replacement too me. the reason why i have only recieved 1 call from y/p and b/p they say is caused by what they called cell congestion (not enough transmitters, and i live in warrington, inbetween manchester and liverpool), because of this cell congestion my calls go to voicemail which i have to pay to retrieve them. icould go on but its making me angry thinking about it. don't bother it really isnt worth it. mark.

Reviewed by garry from UK on 8th Mar 2004
absolute rubbish too big battery lasted bout 10 hours no games no services sh1t signle lost connection about 2 metres from another phone constantly barred all calls and messages DO NOT BUY COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBISH CHEEP NETWORK CHEEP COVERAGE CHEEP SERVICES CHEEP PHONE DONT BUY !!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Scoot from UK on 8th Jan 2004
DO NOT BUY A 3 PHONE. Its seems a good deal which is why i joined three, but that was a fatal decision. The coverage is poor and the customer services is absurd, the call centre is in india and they cannot understand good english, and when they do they never reslove the problem or connect you to the wrong department. Make your own mind up but be warned!!!

Reviewed by craig bolton (crgmcphrsn@hotmail.com) from UK on 1st Jan 2004
This is my first video phone and the only bad thing to say about it is the size. Apart from that the mp3 player, pda,touch screen ect, also the amount of mins you get for 35 pound is realy good value for money so i can deal with the size. compared to my sharp gx10 this phone is like having a car instead of a bycicle.

Reviewed by Bswan from UK on 31st Dec 2003
I was first promised my two phones to be delivered by 3. Three days later it finally turns up on my doorstep. During the extra three day wait the customer service desk was useless with nothing but indian accents telling me how sorry they were, the rest I wasn\'t able to understand due to the strength of the accent which was frustrating for me. I was worried they were lost! Then to add insult to injury one of the phones keeps turning itself off. Won\'t recieve incoming calls and goes through the entire boot up sequence. Then it stays on for 30 second before turning itself off entirely. As for the customer service, where do I start? I work in a secure environment thus can not recieve direct calls at work, only via my mobile phone. 3 customer service do not transfer you to a technical assistant, instead they request that they call you. Since my phone is not working and due to my work environment I can\'t even dream how they\'re hoping to accomplish this. I\'ve rung to complain three times a day but of course it\'s useless, all they can say is they\'re sorry... Not sorry enough to actually help in a satisfactory manner though. In the begining I also specified NO voice mail. Sure enough both phone numbers have voice mail activated, so I rang the Customer Care area. The woman had such a strong accent that we couldn\'t understand each other, thus we both were extreamly frustrated with each other and got angry. I asked for them to turn it off at her end because it is not a feature I want at all. She flat out refused. Then I called back two days later to ask why they wont just do it at their end and I was told that they can, do and just did. I\'m sorry I ever joined 3 and wish every day that I hadn\'t of wasted my time and money. A big mistake that I regret greatly, and regret more each time I look at my useless phone lying on my desk while waiting for that call on it from the CUSTOMER CARE area...

Reviewed by paul from UK on 27th Oct 2003
software for pc does not run with xp

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 20th Oct 2003
My initial thoughts are that the phone (albeit a brick) is good, however the 3 cutomer cervices is shocking. It took me 11 days for the fone to be connected, and when it was i discovered that the batterylife is nothing short of ridiculus. I can only be thankful that i was foolish enough to keep my other contract running on my nokia as this phone is far from practical. My 1 other critism is that texting is very awkward, espectially if you are not used to the touchscreen because you have to very precise. On the upside though this does everything that you would never dream possible. Gprs, gps, mp3 player, touch screen, and the list goes on and on and on. As far as the priceplans go i think that they are totally amazing. Compared to t mobile for example......for the same price a month i get 550 extra mins on 3. I have heard alot of people complaining about the coverage but im afraid to say that i have hads no such problems. My coverage has always been good and when i cant get a signal on 3 then it automatically roams for a signal on o2. Overall this phone is good but not excellent, fantastic for a gadget, but far from practical as a fone

Reviewed by paul from UK on 20th Oct 2003
Totally faultless-BUY IT NOW!

Reviewed by Lee Barkshire from UK on 16th Oct 2003
Good overall service even in deepest darkest Dorset. The syncronisation with my pc is second to none, and it will update my calender and appointment folders in a matter of seconds. The camera and video format is easy to use and fairly simple to send to my pc. Downside ? The phone can get through a battery in about 45 mins of sending calls. Video calling is not availble in Dorset or most of Hampshire.But for #35.00 for 750 minutes I can live with that.

Reviewed by ram from UK on 9th Oct 2003
it is a great device

Reviewed by mark from UK on 3rd Oct 2003
I purchased my a920 recently and have had 2 replacements within 10 days, the phone refuses to connect to the browser and has only connected once since ive had it. another problem is the coverage, it loses reception far to easy leaving you unable to make a call for long periods of time, several times now ive been unable to call or receive calls for up to an hour!!! Another problem is the answerphone!!! I get a message saying \"you have voice mail\"" i listen to it to find several messages from the day before!!! this is not acceptable!!! Another problem is 3 services

Reviewed by Gary Wright from UK on 30th Sep 2003
Fantastic gadget - poor phone. Patchy service, voracious battery useage and weighs too much. Simply too cumbersome for a mobile phone. Mates who love gadgets thought it was great especially the video which plays on the biggest screen yet seen. But even they were more interested in 3\'s aggressive pricing than footie highlight downloads. But the A920 does not slip easily into a pocket or bag so it\'ll be useless as an only phone to most people. 3\'s price plan for calls is spectacularly good - so cheap that Orange refuses to match it under their OVP promise. But the A920 is not the answer some industry pundits predicted. Reception for video calls is patchy, even in south east. Phone software is simple and intuitive to use BUT 3 restrict use cleverly to their own services. There are no built in games - the only things easily available are games from 3\'s pay service most of which cost 50p and can only be used for 72 hours. They should chuck in a few Java games for free, there are loads about and it\'d cost 3 next to nothing. The video is impressive, really very good, but quickly drains the already feeble battery life. It was supplied with a spare anyway - but you need the second one just to get through a day if you use the phone for an hour or so making calls - which is its primary function surely. Texting is impossile to do with one hand using the screen and pointer supplied, though the screen-only phone pad is useable on the move. I can\'t comment on MMS service - failed dismally to make a connection during the first two days of ownership then gave up. I make around 12 hours of outgoing calls a month so 3\'s price plan seemed a bargain - my received calls double that. Unfortunately this phone is more suitable for gadget fans interested in playing music or watching videos. 3 are showing the way ahead. They will succeed - and deserve to - through aggressive marketing. In in two years I reckon we\'ll all have phones like this - they\'ll just be smaller. g.wright@people.co.uk

Reviewed by Christopher(imschris@hotmail.com) from UK on 28th Sep 2003
I waited with impatient anticipation, the release of this phone/pda, since downloading and studying the manual off the FCC web site in March. When it was finally released here in Australia in September, and even though I already had the NEC e606 3G phone, there was no hesitation on purchasing the a920 as well. Two weeks later, and I still love it. Off course two way video talk is great and it\'s something that the e606 does also, but the a920 has a much sharper picture in both still and video images, not to mention the larger screen, along with the ability to install an additional memory card of upto 128 MB. The internal memory is 32 MB. The PDA function was the main attraction for me as it will now do the combined function of the NEC e606 and my iPaq PDA, in one relatively compact unit. The handwriting recognition on the touch screen works better than expected, compared to other systems that I have tried, and is actually very quick and usable. The ability to receive emails from others, ie other than Three, is also available. Criticisms? well nothing is perfect and there are some anoyances. Firstly, although still pictures and videos can be viewed in widescreen, albeit with a reduction in resolution, this can\'t be done in typing or email mode. Secondly it takes a long time to boot up, timed at 54 seconds. My computer takes less time than that to boot up. Further, access to emails from other providers than Three, such as yahoo, ozemail etc are acessed via the browser messaging menu, where the viewing of the menu is almost impossible, due to blue writing on a blue background!!!! that practiccally hides the print of such things as \"view inbox\""

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