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Motorola A830 review

 Review: July 2003  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Motorola A830 was Motorola's first 3G phone available in the UK.



Using the high-quality digital / video camera, you can record photos, video and audio to play back later or to send in a video or photo message. You can also use the built-in video player to download and play video and audio clips. Please note though, that unlike most other 3G phones, you cannot make video calls using the Motorola A830, a serious shortcoming in a 3G phone.

The Motorola A830 also has Java games, polyphonic ringtones, mp3 player, Bluetooth™ Infra-red & USB connectivity, and tri-band, making it usable worldwide.

Motorola A830 features include:

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Motorola A830 user reviews

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Average rating from 20 reviews:

Reviewed by Johnpall from UK on 23rd Jan 2010
I am love my mobile , my mobile is motorola A830 ,my every expectation is fully presented by my phone really i am enjoy with such as FM,WAP,..etc.once upon a time my phone required unlock code so,i get my mobile unlock code from www.prounlocking.com site at very low cost.still now i am using without any problem...

Reviewed by aderemi bambo .j from nigeria on 3rd Jul 2009
it is avery good phone concerning it enchanment buti am yet to be browsing on it

Reviewed by kolade Qazeem from Nigeria on 29th Mar 2008
I bought this fone last week believing it was a good fone but I find out that its a junk. the battery life is very short, the screen is dull when taking picture or making a video. you cannot recieve music or applications through blue tooth. It just something I regret in my life as I had use my whole saving for a year to buy this fone and at a time when I had no money or hope for another fone . If I'm opportuned to talk to motorola I would simply beg for a better fone. This fone is bad... Pls I will appreciate a kind gesture for a new fone.

Reviewed by PunkProne from The Great Country Called England on 29th Dec 2007
i dont have it, but its pretty lame(sorry if tis offensive) that it is a 3G fone without videocalls.if i could i'd give this phone a Zero.

Reviewed by paul o' grady from south africa on 11th Nov 2007

Reviewed by HAZ from UK on 27th Oct 2007
i say go and get this phone the camra is very good and the battery life is ok but not outstanding but if you whant a a hi spec 3g phone and good network coverege go no get it now yes now

Reviewed by Scary lady from UK on 7th Feb 2007

Reviewed by grace passoni from belgium on 29th Jun 2006
i had this phone for 3 years because i am so poor, and i felt poor holding this phone. it is unfashionable, skanky and doesnt work

Reviewed by Jason from Philippines on 4th Mar 2006
If there are zero starred rating i would have chosen that. I shelled up a considerable amount for this piece of junk believing that this was an A-okay phone than Nokia 3660 which i am considering at that point of time. Turns out that this phone has no pre-programmed status regarding mp3. It only accepts MIDI files UNLESS you undergo the hoollaballo of installing the junky CD user guide. It also has a low power performance. I had to recharge my battery 3TIMES A DAY to fit into my work schedule. And it always turns to an almost empty batt capacity AFTER A CALL which lasts only 20 minutes. IT DEFEATS THE PRINCIPLE OF MOBILE EFFICIENCY, fof you always have to bring the charger unless you are ready to be left behind the communication scene. It also has a really low performance on image quality. I FELT CHEATED AFTER A WEEK OF HAVING ACQUIRED THIS PHONE. IF I AM GIVEN THE CHANCE TO TALK TO THE MOTOROLA PEEPS, I ONLY HAVE TO SAY A SENTENCE: GIVE MY DARN MONEY BACK. I should've bought that Nokia.

Reviewed by michiganMICK from USA on 23rd Feb 2006
the worst phone ive ever seen with a colour screen and a camera..too big and bulky and extremely ugly i think...the A835 is much better cuase my friend has it and it is so much more outstanding than some terribly weird 3G phone...the camera on the top would put people off the most and considering the screen is junk...i currently own a Motorola A920, a smartphone.....so much better and its only at least 3 models up....but lets just say if you ever come across a chance to buy the A830...dont....just a waste of money and time. Plus since its 2006 i sure there are much better phones like my other phone the LG U8180...yeh the A830 is junk.

Reviewed by peter from England on 30th May 2005
This phone is fantstic so buy it

Reviewed by CJ from UK on 30th Mar 2005
Dis fone is ok-screen is rubbish for looking at photos and vids dnt play properly, the camera is really bad compared to the A835 and u cnt recive music via bluetooth or infa red coz it only has 2mb internall and u cnt save directly onto card but it does have good features like the card slot, mp3 playback is good and the speaker is clear. Would recomend getting the a835 its generally better in evry way and for only 30quid

Reviewed by fannie from france on 27th Feb 2005

Reviewed by A. Collins from England on 20th May 2004
This phone has a brilliant camera and video on it, alot better than some other phones i have seen.But it is very big and heavy and it is a struggle to transport in a small pocket or bag.It also eats battery power very fast.It does have great colour on it though.I would recommend this for its camera but not for its size

Reviewed by Tony from England on 25th Apr 2004
The motorola A830 is truly an atrocious phone. The battery life is no more then six hours with minimal use. It frequently loses its signal and you then have to restart the phone. I only ever managed to download one ringtone as the signal was never strong enough, despite numerous attempts and driving all over Poole and Bournmouth in an endeavour to get a full signal. The only thing going for it was the cheap monthly contract, but seeing as it was next to impossible to ever make a call this was false econmy. It was so bad I went back to my Nokia which is very reliable.

Reviewed by Erik from USA on 31st Mar 2004
I worked for Moto up until recently; now I work for another communications company. At Moto I worked across the hall from team that designed this phone, watched the entire R&D process from start to finish. It was an abortion that resulted in a real tank (very bulky) of a phone that is quite expensive and has rather unimpressive external surface and mechanial cosmetics (except for the display) compared to best-in-class. This phone ship date was substantially delayed due to numerous problems. I have one of these phones. This phone will be very challenging to sell into the market.

Reviewed by aj from uk on 17th Mar 2004
this phone is amazing and the mp3 player is really good. the rotating camera is really effective as well. the SD card allows it to be easy to put on songs, pictures or videoes. definately one phone to buy

Reviewed by Emmanuel from Australia on 29th Feb 2004
This phone has great specs... but the MP3 player empty the battery in less than 10 min, anyway the battery is empty after 1 day at the most. Also since I have it (Less than 1 year) it has broke twice and three had to replace it. Avoid this phone!! (and it's really big too)

Reviewed by Nick Livingstone from United Kingdom on 26th Aug 2003
I feel giving it 3/5 is a bit harsh but what good is a phone whose battery has the life of a stillborn calf? The phone's size is a far cry from the typical phones I used to have (Nokias) but the phones I used to have are no where near as complex as this one. It has pretty much everything (and more) I need from a mobile. I can send video messages (which I will do once it works - not managed yet), browse their 3G services for a load of actually useful stuff. I'm no real footy fan but the quality and download speed of their premiership goals package blew me away - glad I have it free for 3 months. The phone (something neither the manual or people in store mentioned) has a speaker on the back which means that you can view and hear the commentary without the need for headphones. This speaker also means that if you're at home or somewhere quiet (for obvious reasons) you can sit the phone down and use it without a headset or need to hold it. I'm over its size and weight but I'm ver y nervous about the battery life. I pulled it off the cradle fully charged this morning at 6:00am afetr two brief calls it went from having a full battery to half..and it's only 9:30am. Gas baggers and gossip queens steer clear. As one reviewer wrote, if you're organised and keep it charged when it's idle you may survive - easier said than done if you're on the go and call a lot. Seperate camera is a pain as it does add size and if you don't drag it out (along with the charged spare battery) you can't be spontaneous and click away. The expandable 32 MB card is handy for all the music, photos and those max. 15 sec videos. The speakers (on phone and on headset) are pretty weak and tend to rattle when the volume is a touch above whisper. I really like and want to continue liking the phone but if my calls need to be short and few and far between I'm not sure I'm so excited about my 750 minutes a month across any network as I might just manage to use 75 of them. Actually, maybe 3 /5 isn't so harsh after all.

Reviewed by John Scott from United Kingdom on 16th Jul 2003
The first thing that strikes you about the A830 is its sheer size and weight. This may be more noticable to me because my last phone was the petite Nokia 8310, but it is quite a bit larger than most phones currently on the market. It comes with a USB cradle for connection to a PC, two chargers and two batteries. The reason for this becomes evident when you start using the phone in anger as the battery life is dreadful. Typically, the A830 will require charging at least two times a day under normal use and I hve found it beneficial to turn the phone off overnight. When I switch it on in the morning this leaves just enough battery power to get the phone to my place of work for a recharge, using my second charger of course. These points aside, this is a great phone to use. It has the clearest screen I have ever seen on any mobile and the menu system is very easy to use when you consider the vast range of features included. I especially like the message centre, where Voicemail, Text messages, Faxes, e-mail etc. all arrive in one location. This is a bit tricky to configure but, it's well worth the effort. A separate camera is also included in the box. This is longer than the phone itself and it replaces the back cover. It seems a bit strange that the camera was not made an integral part of the phone as I can't imagine switching back to the original back cover for any reason other than to make the phone look slightly more attractive. The A830 camera attachment has a resolution up to 640x480 and the quality can be described as reasonable at best. You can also record movie clips up to 15 seconds long. Both pictures and movies can be saved to the 32Mb SDD card included and can be sent using MMS or e-mail or transferred to computer using a card reader. The A830, unlike it's competitors, has no video calling feature. This is not a major drawback for me as I don't know anyone else with a 3G phone for now. It's ambiguous whether the phone will be upgradable later to incorporate this feature. Much to my surprise, the A830 really turns heads as well. It's difficult to take it for granted as everyone I meet has a positive comment about it (especially the quality of the display). It won't make you more attractive to women ,but you'll never be stuck for conversation at the bar.

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