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What is MMS messaging?

User questions

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WhatsPp facebook?

Asked by pat montello from united states on 1st Nov 2018
was on what's app getting crazy messages saying nigeria phone number getting same messages from facebook how scammers doing this passing me off using other people identity I am shutting everything down have had it.

Can you have in coming messages go into another app or hide them in phone?

Asked by Jason from United states on 16th Oct 2018

Why can't get mms picture to download on sms?

Asked by Ricky Davis from United States on 18th Sep 2018

I sent a very long text message from CA where I live to Texas, where my sister lives. After I finished an " MMS " appeared at the bottom.of my message but I had not used different fonts or pictures or photos or colors. Just words. And there was no balloon around my text. What does this mean?

Asked by Susan from United States on 7th Sep 2018

Does a mms message automatically send to multiple contacts?

Asked by William from USA on 22nd Aug 2018
When I Send an MMS it went to several of my contacts I'm not sure why.

After i send a message,and it say mms,can the receiver read the message?

Asked by Cynthia from United States on 15th Aug 2018

How do I get to download MMS messages (videos) sent on Messenger?

Asked by Jan May from United Kingdom on 24th Jun 2018
I want to download some MMS format videos in MMS format on Messenger. My Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) android phone is set to receive SMS messages only, or so it seems. How do I get MMS messages?

Reply by Rita Kirkness from Canada on 12th Aug 2018
Put MMS on my phone

What is wrong with my ZTE2017 phone it doesn't send multi media messages?

Asked by segni from Ethiopia on 9th Jun 2018

Which phone has mms?

Asked by no name from pakistan on 1st Jun 2018

If they ask me to write MMS of itel 1508 and I dont no it what I my support to write teach me?

Asked by adeola from Nigeria on 2nd May 2018

How do I turn it on?

Asked by Carolyn Aguirre from United States on 30th Apr 2018

Reply by Patricia Botka from USA on 2nd May 2018
Would like to turn it on my phone.

How do I turn it off?

Asked by Leo from GB on 18th Apr 2018
Every time I turn my phone on,it comes up with failed to send attachment from multimedia.

My husband is cheating on me and somehow is toggling in between two different text messages. He is using google talk jabber AIM and his yahoo messenger. I was wondering how he is toggling in between the message accounts.

Asked by Donna from US on 6th Apr 2018

How can i get mms on my phone to send pictures?

Asked by Philip from United Kingdom on 3rd Apr 2018

Reply by Kathy from usc on 3rd Apr 2018
can't send my picture to my messager

I have an LG phone. when I send text to my daughter, it says multi media. Does this mean other people are seeing my text? I only want my daughter to see it.

Asked by kris from usa on 23rd Feb 2018

I have a Samsung S7. I switched my carrier to consumer cellular. I cannot receive or send a via tx. It is MMS. I get a message saying it cannot go thru at this time. It there something differently must do for Consumer Cellular?

Asked by Patsy from USA on 3rd Feb 2018

Why does my phone say can not send to media to many?

Asked by Pat from USA on 30th Jan 2018

Do you have to install mms message?

Asked by Cherise from Us on 10th Jan 2018

I'm unable to download messages?

Asked by Toba from Usa on 1st Jan 2018
Samsung 6

Reply by Diane from United States on 2nd Jan 2018
I had the same problem and Verizon told me to go to your settings and turn off your WiFi and then go back to your msgs and download the msg. Works everytime. I have to do the same with pictures all the time. After getting msg turn your WiFi back on. Hope it works.

How do I transfer recorded vocals from my Galaxy Ace 3 mobile to my desktop windows XP3?

Asked by Bryce from Australia on 2nd Dec 2017

Can't send mms.

Asked by Paul from Usa on 6th Nov 2017

I'm unable to send mms on my samsung s6.

Asked by Folly from Canada on 14th Oct 2017

I sent a long text to my son. At the bottom when I sent, it showed mms. Did my son ever receive the text?

Asked by Lynn from U.S.A. on 15th Sep 2017

My friend sends long MMS messages which are being charged to my mobile data allowance - this hasnt happened in the past so why is it happenibg now?

Asked by Julia from England on 8th Sep 2017

Reply by Limbrick from England on 20th Oct 2017
How Do I get MMS?

Advantages and disadvantages of multimedia messaging service?

Asked by shivanand from india on 5th Sep 2017

How do u cut off multimedia?

Asked by David Pinkston from Usa on 1st Sep 2017

MMS messaging.

Asked by Judy v from USA on 20th Aug 2017
Don't know what to do.

The message I am sending says: MMS messaging needs to be enabled to send an email address. What do I do to fix this?

Asked by SIDNEY from USA on 11th Aug 2017

I have a galaxy s5 mobile but can not download a mms text.

Asked by brian from england on 26th Jul 2017

What is the meaning of MMS?

Asked by mani from India on 23rd Jul 2017

What are the necessary things for enjoying mms messaging?

Asked by Rishabh Agrawal from India on 13th Jul 2017

How do I open or download an mms message?

Asked by Lesley Davis from United Kingdom on 7th Jun 2017

Reply by niel from Philippine on 27th Jun 2017
I can't open picktures sent to my mms.

Reply by Kay Godly from England on 10th Jul 2017
I cannot open pictures on MMS Sent to me from my son.

Can MMS be used to send bulk SMS ?

Asked by MARY from NIGERIA on 19th May 2017

Why don't my mom's do work Samsung Galaxy?

Asked by Linda from United states on 8th May 2017

How much are mms text?

Asked by lou from uk on 4th May 2017

How do u deactivate mms?

Asked by Shelley from Uk on 20th Apr 2017

If I get multimedia pic how can I find out who else received the mms?

Asked by Christie from Usa on 10th Apr 2017

What does "Always send and receive MMS" mean?

Asked by Lorraine from South Africa on 23rd Feb 2017

How can I delete undeliverable media messages sent ? I can't send. Pictures of my grandbabies with my honey.

Asked by Peggy from USA on 13th Feb 2017
Can't send photos of the grandbabies to my other half ! Says too many unsent multi media not sent !!! Help !!!plz

How can l activate in my cellphone the MMS. I can not send and receive pictures?

Asked by Carolina from Colorado on 9th Feb 2017

Reply by Linda Johnston from United States on 17th Feb 2017
I cant download any mms messages.

Reply by John from Canada on 26th Feb 2017
With my experience is that you will not be able to send it receive MMS unless you have done sort of a data plan attached to your phone.

Idont get my mms.

Asked by shivans vyas from india on 23rd Jan 2017

How do I get my messages?

Asked by Zachary from USA on 14th Jan 2017

How am I charged for an MMS message? Airtime or Data?

Asked by Mcdel from Nigeria on 9th Jan 2017

Reply by Def from UK on 9th Jan 2017
Probably an extra one-off charge. Check Ts and Cs of your network.

How can someone have a coppy of all my mms messages?

Asked by Randy from Us on 27th Dec 2016

How can I use MMS?

Asked by KEFAS from 08182358398 on 19th Dec 2016

How do you get out of mms and back to sms?

Asked by harry from usa on 19th Dec 2016

How can I get MMS on my phone I have a galaxy 7s edge?

Asked by s.kannan from india on 17th Dec 2016

How can I get mms on my phone I have a Galaxy 7s Edge?

Asked by Devin Draper from USA on 14th Dec 2016
I bought it at Best Buy and got it activated at Metro PCS and I can't get picture messages or send them.

Why wouldn't mms messages be included in my bundle?

Asked by Joyce from UK on 12th Dec 2016
I have unlimited texts and thought this would include mms messages.

Why did i just get a message from the MMS that said nothing ?

Asked by Taylah from Australia on 1st Dec 2016
Ask question states.

What is the difference between MMS and Bluetooth messaging?

Asked by Valeria from United States on 10th Nov 2016
I'm a fortysix her old that don't know much about the computer systems and I would like to know what the difference between Bluetooth and MMS maeesaging is thank you please respond to valeriacustis45@gmail.com

Why cannot i send MMS messages? I could beforehand.

Asked by Margot from UK on 4th Nov 2016

I sent a long message to somebody else. Will he receive it because it wrote MS?

Asked by Sharlene from South Africa on 29th Oct 2016

Can ordinary phones (non-smart phones) send or receive an MMS?

Asked by ASASIIRA RZRA from UGNDA on 25th Oct 2016

Does an emoji or a heart (for example ) constitute an mms message?

Asked by Bb from United Kingdom on 13th Oct 2016

Reply by Pippa from Yorkshire on 24th Oct 2016
It appears so.
My mum has a very basic phone. No data allowance, just pay as you go. She gets free unlimited texts messages, and can monitor her balance on her phone. She sent two messages with emojis one to my iPhone and one to my Samsung galaxy. Whilst she could see the emoji on her screen, they came through at :) to both my phones.
Her balance went down by 25p for the two. She sent one without an emoji and there was no deduction to her balance. Her phone is so basic she can't send picture messages (or so she says) but she was definitely charged for sending emojis.
We were trying this after seeing a warning article in the Saturday times.

How come I can't open my text?

Asked by WANDAVIS@HOTMAIL.COM from canada on 12th Oct 2016

Reply by Kelly terry from Wales on 22nd Oct 2016
I can't receive multimedia message s.

I can't send photos from one phone to another because I don't know how to enable mms. Is there an easy to enable it?

Asked by Alma mccormick from Us on 8th Oct 2016

What does MMS allowance 25 mean?

Asked by Gerald from U. K. on 28th Sep 2016

Does mms work between international locations as opposed to sms?

Asked by Ron from Australia on 21st Sep 2016
If I sent an ms to a friend in another country, will he pick it up on his text app, or only as an email?

How do I get mms on my phone?

Asked by Kathy Davis from uk on 20th Sep 2016

Reply by Carol Morris from United States on 25th Sep 2016
I lost my messages envelope in the trash by mistake.


Asked by Tanya from USA on 17th Sep 2016

Reply by lyndon from Australia on 7th Oct 2016
Paranoid question tanya but no.

Reply by James from usa .longbeach on 10th Oct 2016
yes you can . Tokyo be fun.

Reply by sue from Usa on 24th Oct 2016
only if you share the same phone service bill

Reply by sue from Usa on 24th Oct 2016
Group texting Can also see . SETTINGS

What percent of MMS messages consist of text v. image v. Audio v. video?

Asked by christian from Sweden on 12th Sep 2016
Just curious, is there a breakdown of the percent of MMS messages that are text only (long SMS message), images only, audio only, and video only?

If I send MMS message to someone will they be the only one able to read it it will not go public will it?

Asked by Robin from USA on 6th Sep 2016

Reply by Greg from Usa on 23rd Oct 2016
Paranoid. Ghosh busted :)

How to "enable" MMS messaging?

Asked by George Giere from united states on 1st Sep 2016

Reply by Google_Search_Answer from USA on 15th Sep 2016
You can turn the iMessage feature back on by heading to Settings > Messages and flipping the switch for iMessage from OFF to ON. Furthermore, you can also disable the Send As SMS feature off entirely so that future iMessages will not be sent as text messages if the iMessage service is unavailable.

If I send a picture message and it says MMS, can my husband see it if I didn't send it to him?

Asked by Lena R. Wyatt from USA on 13th Aug 2016

Reply by sue from Usa on 24th Oct 2016
if you share same cell bill

I need to instaling multimedia.

Asked by Mayra from Canada on 10th Aug 2016

Why is my MMS taking so long to send?

Asked by Gayle from Canada on 23rd Jul 2016

The contact number that shows up for me to contact someone on MMS, does that mean that's the mobile number?

Asked by Craig from Uk on 21st Jul 2016

How do I log in with my mms password to see a video or image?

Asked by carole from england on 20th Jul 2016

Reply by David from UK on 19th Aug 2016
If you are on Vodafone, you can login here: www.vodafone.co.uk/getmyphoto

How to send mms?

Asked by Fafur from Bangladesh on 19th Jul 2016

How do I switch on mms for iPad?

Asked by Clem from Uk on 29th Jun 2016

Reply by David from UK on 19th Aug 2016
1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Tap Messages.
3. Drag the MMS Messaging switch to ON.

How to send a MMS?

Asked by Noor from India on 17th Jun 2016
For android....

How does a person get registered to use MMS?

Asked by Cyril Boudreau from Canada on 14th Jun 2016

How can I send and receive photos?

Asked by Patty from USA on 11th Jun 2016

Reply by Frank Jones from United state i just wanted to know on 25th Jun 2016
I just wanted to know how to get the pitcher install.

I can't receive mms on iPhone se?

Asked by Keith from Usa on 9th Jun 2016

How do I enable MMS feature on my phone?

Asked by Jane from USA on 7th Jun 2016

What is media content?

Asked by David Carter from England on 1st Jun 2016

My text message was converted to a mmm I think because it was to long. will the recipient get the message ?

Asked by Lou from England on 27th May 2016

How do I cancel mms?

Asked by nancy from usa on 14th May 2016

Got a MMS message sent to me but dont know how to access it?

Asked by j beech from UK on 14th May 2016
Too old in the tooth to know all this stuff. Make it easy!

Reply by summer from canada on 29th May 2016
What do I do to get my phone to receive multimedia messages?

Failed to download attachment from multimedia message. Try again later.

Asked by Andrei from Romania on 9th May 2016
I have this error message on my samsung galaxy s7 edge.I've changed the default Messages App, I`ve conected on my Mobile Data, Auto-retrieve its OFF and same message over and over again. It only appears when im disconecting from Mobile Data.Any suggestions?

Where can I find the id of a mms sent to me?? It only shows me the password.

Asked by David from England on 5th May 2016

Can I whatsapp with mms does mms as works for whatsapp aldo?

Asked by bradley from south africa on 4th May 2016

How do I install MMS?

Asked by Nancy Jane from US on 25th Apr 2016

What does the meaning of mms it on my when my wife receive a text msg from phone?

Asked by Clarence melvin from Us on 18th Apr 2016
We both on the same net work and the same phone account. Please let me know.

Why does multi media messages come up when I text am I being charged for it?

Asked by Danette from usa on 14th Apr 2016

Reply by STepehn from Britain on 21st Apr 2016
SMS gets converted into MMS if you go over your character limit, or include characters like emojis, or if you send a group message. Your network may charge you extra for sending an MMS.

How do I retrieve a MMS message from my email?

Asked by Regeina from USA on 3rd Apr 2016
I have a S4 Samsung Thank you

What does URL mean?

Asked by Nate from USA on 2nd Apr 2016

How can I make sure that my message was sent successfully?

Asked by Sahar from USA on 24th Mar 2016
I sent a message, it showed at the bottom MMS 10:15 am.
Does the time on the sent message means sent successfully?

Can I open a multimedia msg with my computer?

Asked by Becky from USA on 24th Mar 2016
I received a multimedia msg on my LG cellphone yesterday from an e-mail adress and have been trying to download it all night. Can I open it somehow on my computer?

I been getting multimedia messages but when i click the messages to download it i dont get nothing. i contact the phone owner n they don't send any multimedia?

Asked by Joe from Usa on 12th Mar 2016
I have a lg tribute 5 boost mobile.i get this messages randomly.

Do all mobile phone providers charge for excess SMS text (over 160 characters) by charging as MMS or is it just o2?

Asked by Anne from UK on 3rd Mar 2016

Reply by Vicki from Uk on 9th Mar 2016
Hi anne, I'm with talkmobile and they also charge me for sending a text message over 160 characters as a MMS even though there is no picture involved. Very frustrating. Not sure if it's down to the type of phone too as I've just changed from a Nokia windows phone to a Samsung andriod. Only reason I say this is because I never got charged any extra on my windows phone for sending an extra long text over 160 characters but I'm getting charged now even though it's only my phone I've changed not my provider or tariff.

Will I be charged extra for sending mms?

Asked by Wainam from UK on 22nd Feb 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 23rd Feb 2016
Many networks will charge higher rates for MMS than text messages, and these are very often not included in any free allowance you may have.

Reply by Margaret from England on 25th Feb 2016
Can you turn mms off and still use phone?

Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Feb 2016
It is not easy to turn MMS off, and your phone may not always tell you that it is sending a message as MMS. Try to keep within your character limit, avoid emojis, and don't send group messages.

Can't receive text?

Asked by lori from Hillsbough on 21st Feb 2016
I can't get any text and I notice on my phone they have mms...which on one else has that under there name..just one is that the reason I can't get any of there text?

Do text messages that contain an emoji come across as an MMS or SMS?

Asked by tina from usa on 19th Feb 2016
Do smily faces attached count as a MMS or SMS?

Reply by S21 from UK on 23rd Feb 2016
Some operating systems and phones will automatically convert a text into a picture message for example, if it exceeds the character limit, contains an emoticon or emoji, or if you send a group text. This is something that can happen on any network. On Samsung Galaxy phones you may be able to switch this off. Go to Messaging > Settings > Text Messages > Input mode, and choose Unicode instead of Automatic.

Message says picture is too large?

Asked by William from us on 17th Feb 2016
Why can I not send my picture to friends it keeps saying it's to large what must I do?

How do you download a MMS message?

Asked by Karma from Canada on 16th Feb 2016

Will this be a free service?

Asked by Julie from Sct on 13th Dec 2015

Reply by John from U.K. on 29th Feb 2016
They are starting to charge for the use of emojis, picture messages! On iPhones you can turn off this by going to setting>messaging and turn off the mms messages and avoid using emojis in a text message!

How do I receive SMS/MMS on my phone?

Asked by Gregg Jackson from USA on 7th Dec 2015
Video messages appear as media downloads, but won't show.

Reply by Christine Sporing from Ohio on 19th Feb 2016
How do I get mms on my phone?

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