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What is MMS messaging?

By S21

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard in mobile messaging. Like SMS (Short Messaging Service), MMS messaging is a way to send a message from one mobile to another. The difference is that MMS can include not just text, but also sound, images and video. It is also possible to send an MMS message from a mobile phone to an email address.

Features of MMS

Formats that can be embedded within MMS include:

MMS is an extension of the SMS protocol, making its usage familiar to existing SMS users. An MMS message is a single entity, not a collection of attachments. One of the main practical differences between MMS and SMS is that whilst SMS messages are limited to 160 bytes, an MMS message has no size limit and could be many Kbytes in size, or even larger. MMS requires a third generation (3G) network to enable such large messages to be delivered, although smaller messages can be sent even with second generation networks using GPRS.

Whilst mobile phone users can create and send their own MMS messages, perhaps the biggest use of MMS is likely to be companies sending MMS messages to subscribers, enquirers or customers. For example, a company could send visitors an MMS map to help them find their office. Other possible applications include weather reports, news & sport bulletins, etc.

The first MMS capable phones started to appear in 2002, and the standard looks set to become very widely used in the years ahead. Different manufacturers are introducing MMS technologies in different ways. Some are introducing MMS directly into their phones, whilst others are introducing phones that have EMS (Enhanced messaging Service). EMS is a halfway house between SMS and MMS, providing some of the features of MMS (e.g. formatted text, simple pictures, simple audio such as ringtones, and even some animation). EMS is a technology that is designed to work with existing networks, but will ultimately be made obsolete by MMS.

User questions

Sorry - questions and comments on this page are now closed.

WhatsPp facebook?

Asked by pat montello from united states on 1st Nov 2018
was on what's app getting crazy messages saying nigeria phone number getting same messages from facebook how scammers doing this passing me off using other people identity I am shutting everything down have had it.

Can you have in coming messages go into another app or hide them in phone?

Asked by Jason from United states on 16th Oct 2018

Why can't get mms picture to download on sms?

Asked by Ricky Davis from United States on 18th Sep 2018

See all 99 questions

User comments

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Comment by Bren from US on 3rd Nov 2018
Very helpful!!

Comment by Carolyn from Usa on 5th Aug 2018
I need mms messages from dec 2016.
At all possible? The messages contain pics and text of my grandsons abuse and I need it to show proof. Att
Says they only have outside contents. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Comment by alchemyst from UK on 28th Jul 2018
Well my phone cannot receive the stuff.

So they send you a weblink and they send you a password.

you put all of this into the computer and it gets rejected.

IT IS A waste of time.

Comment by Sylvia from United States on 26th May 2018
How to use mms country is. Name Sylvia?

Comment by philip Lameck from Tanzania on 11th Dec 2017
How can i set my Microsoft account in order to access point name to support my phone to work properly?

Comment by tina from cummings on 21st Sep 2017
If i send a picture to someone and it says mms messaging is he the only one who will receive it or does all my contacts too?

Comment by pam cobb from Switzerland on 3rd Aug 2017
I have a Lumia 650 phone with Windows 10 but I cannot send or receive MMS . According to my provider everything is set up correctly yet it simply doesn't work! Is is absolutely essential to have Data Connection on to send/receive MMS?
My previous phone (Apple) did NOT require Data connection so I am very confused!

Reply by Cindy from USA on 1st Dec 2017
I had this problem with my Lumia 525 and MS Lumia 950 when I kept on Battery Saver which turns off services to conserve the battery life. I believe Data Saver does the same thing.

Comment by Barbara from USA on 6th Jul 2017
How can I turn on mms messaging?

Comment by Nora from Texas on 20th Jun 2017
What age do you consider a senior? And I would like to send mess to friends on my contacts list with out issues, I have a iPad is that the problem I get message but it's difficult to send message to people who haven't sent me messages.

Comment by Marilyn Paul from Uk on 15th Apr 2017
When my text message becomes lengthy an MMS message comes up, but the receiver of the message cannot always access it. what should they do to download it? Thanks.

Comment by ANANDKRSINHA from NAWADA on 3rd Apr 2017
How to Oraina?

Comment by Robin Hatfield from United States on 7th Mar 2017
Why can't i get mms?

Comment by Ali Ahmed from somalia on 6th Mar 2017
Please iam requesting phone multimidea backup thanks helping.

Comment by Joan from Canada on 31st Jan 2017
My MMS messages look different when I send them to one of my contacts. They appear on her phone as if they are written on a piece of note paper with the top left corner bent. MMS affects only one contact.

Comment by Sarah from Australia on 9th Jan 2017
How can I find out the phone number an
MMS has been sent to ? Phone with Telstra
And on a plan, however phone bill only
Details - date, time & If standard or video
MMS. I believe i am being charged for MMS
that i have not sent however I am unable to
To clarify this without knowing where or who
MMS has been sent to on phone bill.
Please assist if can?

Comment by john from uk on 6th Jan 2017
I just cant send mms st all.

Comment by Julia from USA on 20th Dec 2016
I get MMS messages from my family...and a notice comes up to me to DOWNLOAD MMS. Where do I find that...on an LG phone... HELP, PLEASE!!

Comment by steven from UK on 29th Nov 2016
I have O2 as my provider on an Android phone . I have unlimited texts. However if my SMS text is too long ,it converts it to MMS for which I am charged. How long can a SMS text be before it reverts to MSS?

Comment by emerlinda don from Philippines bicol on 12th Nov 2016
How to registered mmk?

Comment by s m Jahid Uddin from Bangladesh on 26th Oct 2016
How to see receved my Own mms. Please send me , How to the do it .

Comment by Hussaini from Nigeria on 14th Aug 2016
If i send images, that means is mms? Or i well send a big messages first ? and each is mms hawmoch.

Reply by Lillian from South Africa on 27th May 2017
How much does it cost to send a photo and can I send it without a memory card?

Comment by E from Oklahoma on 12th Aug 2016
What would be causing mms if I am not sending pictures videos or big messages?

Comment by Merdene from USA on 9th Aug 2016
I received a mms picture and text of my boyfriend on my old cell phone but he did not send it could a third party have gotten the number and sent it?

Comment by Shelly Robinson from Mecklenburg on 3rd Aug 2016
Hello i have an Android HTC phone and i was sent a MMS message on Messenger this morning, but when i clicked on it, it just says downloading. it will not open or let me see the message or pictures if that is what he sent. Please help me open this so i can see what he sent and respond. Thank You, Very Much.

Reply by Kelly terry from Wales on 22nd Oct 2016
It's down loading go to eee I do that and still nothing.

Comment by leah from USA on 31st Jul 2016
When the text is quite long it takes hours sometimes to send. If the time is excessive delete the text and resend with fewer characters.

Reply by Graham from England on 27th Sep 2016
Hi there ,when you send a MMS message
you must turn on mobile data, then it will send it.

Comment by sue from England on 28th Jul 2016
I start to write a text (SMS) and if I write a lot it becomes a MMS. When I press send the message comes up as, 'failed to send'. I don't understand why!

Can anybody help please?<b

Comment by Sandy from Usa on 14th Jul 2016
Does it cost to use?

Comment by Cezar Benitez from California on 13th Jul 2016
I can't send or recieve multimedia messages why is that can you please help me out?

Comment by belva from usa on 12th Jul 2016
I am unable to send pictures. It tells me I have too many unsent multimedia.

Reply by Janie sandate from United States on 22nd Jul 2016
Why can't I send pictures on my phone? My galaxy 6 edge most won't let me what do I do...

Comment by Kathie mayhew from USA on 6th Jul 2016
If I write a long message the other person is not able to get it. It says,it can't download the message, is that because it's to long??

Comment by BRENDA from UK on 30th Jun 2016
My Nokia previously changed messages to mms when they became too long but that has now stopped, I can't get the internet as the settings are wrong, can anyone help?

Comment by Ed from US on 17th May 2016
Trying to send an MMS message from my tracfone to a Sprint customer. The pics have gone through in the past, but suddenly stopped working recently. Any idea on what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

Comment by hedar elatassi from usa on 7th May 2016
I could not open message receive service center 16366388487 from 18326878428.

Comment by Lee,Jim from USA on 10th Apr 2016
I am trying to send photo on my IPad thru "Message " and was told that I need to set up MMS in order to send photo & texts. How do I set up MMS?

Reply by Immaculate from US on 3rd Jan 2017
Unable to send mms.

Comment by Sammy from North America on 28th Feb 2016
I'm getting mms messages to a link for mms website with a photo? And someone is sending it to me every minute.

Comment by gboyega amoboye from nigeria on 30th Oct 2015
I have been receing messages that I should update my MMS how can I so so pls Moreover I speak and read English but always receive MMS in a very srange language thereby making the message useless I wanr this error corrected so that future messages could be received in English Language. Dor long I been unable to receivle e.mails on yahoo why pls and kindly rectifypls. thanks.

Comment by William from USA on 20th Oct 2015
I'm concerned that i can see multi media messages on my Boost LG cell phone.

Comment by Rhonda Terry from prince. george on 16th Jul 2015
The resason why i want to use multimedia message because it is my first time and i want to use multimedia service thank you. (240)605-6160

Comment by OWORI JOSEPH from UGANDA on 13th Jul 2015

Comment by sphesihle gwala from south africa on 21st Jun 2015
I use blackberry 9320, it does not have mms function only email and text msg. How to find mms services?


Comment by sabine from new zealand on 16th Jun 2015
I have my lg A-33o and was realy happy with my mms played on my phone and I lost mms to message which is not realy working to send photos to.

Comment by glenda from united states on 28th May 2015
My mms will not open in a text. It sends a mestage. Unable to download. Try again later. Please help.

Comment by j irvine from u. k. on 23rd May 2015
i'm with bt and if i send a photo with my mobile they charge me 40 pence.

Comment by john from usa on 5th May 2015
cant figure out why my network interprets a picture message as a multimedia that i cant download, is their a way i ccan get the messages?

Comment by varun from India on 16th Jan 2015
I want to knw tht when we send mms on frnd mobile number he will receive the mms on his phne test msg or on email id

Comment by David Eaton from united states on 13th Jan 2015
Cannot send muti media pictures from my phone to another does not send multi media whatsoever. Can you give me some advice on how?

Comment by Lisa from Canada on 12th Jan 2015
Trying to send a photo & short message from USA to my son from my pho

Comment by joy from canada on 17th Sep 2014
would the messages still send and received by the person your sending.

Comment by trevorm from uk on 15th Sep 2014
why are MMS messages to a phone being diverted to a web address?

Comment by Obadiah from Nigeria on 10th Sep 2014
I have 10 free mms to send. But i still need more knowledge on who i am going to send the mms to(recipient). Could it be; to the recipient phone number or his email address.

Comment by sara from england on 31st Aug 2014

Comment by Sarah from USA on 30th Jul 2014
Thank you. This was very helpful in that the information was simple, brief and easy to understand.

Comment by lizzi from england on 23rd Jul 2014
How can I change the settings so it doesn't automatically changing sms to mms on a HTC one m8 thanks

Comment by Bello from Nigeria on 18th Jul 2014
Does it simply means that phones that are not 3G can not receive and sent MMS ? Tanx.

Comment by Emma from Kenya on 7th May 2014
I have an Ideos phone and I received an MMS but am unable to retrieve it. please help me.

Comment by Welcome Mapetese from Zimbabwe on 1st Mar 2014
l figured out that mms is fast

Comment by Nora from Scotland on 5th Feb 2014
I discovered an MMS voicemail message on my partners phone asking him to call them. Is it possible for mms to call you and leave messages by phone?

Comment by Mtendere Eric Mlongoti from Malawi on 5th Feb 2014

Comment by Thabani . Richard from South Africa on 26th Dec 2013
I have Laptop where I want to use mms because I am USING modem to get Internet so there's a simcad there the card have number

Comment by Pamela from USA on 12th Dec 2013
How do you forward or email mms from Samsung galaxy phones? It's not giving me that option.

Comment by susanta dhara from india on 27th Nov 2013
i am a student of master in jurnalism & masscommunication from noida masscomedia. i am having problem reciving and sending picture. what would be the problem with this.

Comment by Pat from USA on 26th Nov 2013
I have an LG Optimus Dynamic phone from straight talk. I am having problems receiving and sending pictures. What would be the problem with this

Comment by ISA from Dubai on 30th Sep 2013
thank you this was helpful in my gcse revision

Comment by dave from uk on 1st May 2013
I am on a contract mobile phone, I get an allowance every month but still get charged for mms messages, I do not send any large messages two or three words cant understand My provider is talktalk

Comment by tony from uk on 22nd Aug 2012
can you mms on zest 2 t mobile phone?

Comment by martin from uk on 17th Jun 2012
i lost my phone and quite a few contacts i used 3g mms How can i find the numbers i sent them to as o2 my provider say on your bill it only says 3g text but on my bill it shows all sms numbers i have text

Comment by sunny from pakistan on 11th May 2012
Hay i wana know that as you know that mms sent via internet so will my previous mms will be saved on my mobile sevice provider's server?

Comment by nigel peter wilby from englandwhe on 1st May 2012
When sending a lengthy text it converts itself into mms and my friends have not received the message, why should this be?

Comment by Nikki from UK on 18th Apr 2012
MMS is more interesting however it can hip wrong kind of gossip!

Comment by Lamido from Nigeria on 22nd Mar 2012
MMS is more interesting & satisfyng than SMS, so use it wisely.

Comment by Peter Batchelor from UK on 15th Mar 2012
Question: does MMS include Predictive texting?

Comment by kia from scotland on 16th Feb 2012
coud you please tell me how to open mms message on my galaxey y

Reply by Felix clarin from Canada on 17th Aug 2016
I need answer to that question as my problem the same. Need your answer thank.you.

Comment by rohit kumar,sambalghad from india on 3rd Feb 2012

Comment by Shubratta from Bangladesh on 1st Feb 2012
If describe how to open a MMS Message then it will be very helpfull for simple & general men.

Reply by resa from Iran on 11th Jun 2012
My son, who lives in Australia insisting on me to use MMS. I don't know how to start anyway. i live in Iran

Comment by NADIA from USA on 25th Jan 2012

Comment by faraaz from india on 24th Jan 2012
thanks for information

Comment by sejal from india on 21st Jan 2012
myn problem is that i had been sent an MMS from my relative on my mobile. i recieve the sms but i dont know how it is open and how i can view the photo

Comment by Soloblue from Abia state,Nigeria. on 18th Jan 2012
with a heart full of great delight & immence pleasure that I 4mali want 2 appreciate u 4 d great job u guys are doing. I will b more greatful , if u will make d page 4 Nokia's phone mms available. Tanx & remain bless.

Comment by sam from india on 17th Jan 2012
thanx 4 giving information

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