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Miele KFN 12924SD-1 review

 Review: October 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Miele's KFN 12924SD1 fridge-freezer has a distinctive, slightly retro look. It's very tall, and packs in a lot of storage space, especially in the freezer section. Built to last, and with effortless door opening, it's undoubtedly a quality product that justifies its high purchase price.


Design & features

The Miele KFN12924SD-1 certainly has a distinctive look. At just over 2 metres in height, it's a very tall appliance. It definitely makes the most of the available floor space, but it might be a little too tall for some people. Its boxy retro feel might not be to everyone's taste either, but there's no denying that this is an extremely well-built appliance, and one that's been made to last.

Miele's secret weapon is its unique EasyOpen handle design. A gentle pull on the handle of the fridge or freezer operates a mechanism that releases the door seal, so there's no resistance to the door opening. You can quite literally open the door with your little finger.

The solid but plain styling continues inside. The extra height of the appliance means that there's plenty of storage space, and the freezer is particularly big. The fridge shelving is fully adjustable, and there's a generous amount of storage space in the door, including an egg rack. The door shelves are dishwasher-proof for easy cleaning.

The controls are mounted at the top of the fridge, on the inside, and are very easy to operate. This fridge-freezer is totally frost free, and a fan circulates air around the interior, maintaining a uniform temperature and preventing any build-up of ice.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

The KFN 12924SD-1 isn't a particularly energy-efficient appliance. Rated A+, it's one of the highest energy users of all the 60cm fridge-freezers we've reviewed. In part, this is because of its extra-large capacity, but features like the internal fan probably don't help with energy efficiency either. It's not a particularly quiet fridge-freezer either. In fact, the background hum from the compressor is louder than average.

Where it does score very highly indeed is in reliability. Miele's reputation for making reliable fridge-freezers is legendary, and it's clear from spending some time with this appliance that it's been built to be bulletproof (not literally - please refrain from handling firearms in your kitchen.)

Conclusion - a high-quality product

The Miele KFN12924SD-1 won't be to everyone's taste. Its retro look is at odds with the futuristic look common in many high-end kitchen appliances, and it doesn't score highly for energy efficiency or silent running either. It's also priced right at the top-end of the price range for a standard 60cm fridge-freezer.

But it still offers excellent value for money and has some unique and attractive features. First up must be Miele's unrivalled reputation for reliability. This timeless appliance might last twenty years or more, making it extremely good value. The effortless door opening is worth a lot, particularly for anyone who might struggle with a more tricky door. Its storage capacity is large and flexible, and it's a very easy appliance to live with, being well laid-out and almost maintenance-free. For anyone who values these qualities, the Miele is an obvious choice.

Miele KFN 12924SD-1 features include:

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