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Microsoft Xbox 360

 In a nutshell  

Last updated December 2012

7 years after its launch, the Xbox 360 may be the oldest of the current generation of games consoles, but thanks to a series of updates by Microsoft, it's still a gadget that you'd want to buy today. As well as its formidable gaming capability, it includes the Kinect motion control, DVD playback (but not Blu-Ray), on-demand TV and internet access.



The Xbox 360 is a lot more than just a games console. Movies, TV, music and the internet are all available through a single box, making the Xbox an all-round entertainment platform for the family.

Xbox Video and Netflix give you access to on-demand HD films and classic TV series. You can also watch DVDs and YouTube videos.

You can store music on your Xbox and stream it to and from connected devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Of course, the core functionality of the Xbox 360 is as a games console, where it excels. Classic Xbox games include immersive single player and multiplayer games like the Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War series.

The Nintendo Wii may have introduced the concept of motion gaming to the living room, but Microsoft quickly caught on to the concept, introducing the Kinect controller. The Kinect controller is a motion-sensitive device that lets you use your whole body as a controller. It knows if you kick or jump or just wave your hand, and you can use this to directly control gameplay. Popular games for Kinect include Dance Central and Kinect Sports Ultimate. Nike+ Kinect Training provides a personalised training programme to get you fit. Kinect also includes voice control, so you can control movies, TV and sports with your voice.

Xbox SmartGlass lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a second screen.

The Xbox is internet-enabled and includes Internet Explorer for browsing the web. Xbox Live is an online marketplace for games and Kinect Central is the place for Kinect games.

Microsoft Xbox 360 features include:

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Microsoft Xbox 360 user reviews

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Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by Hadi from UK on 11th Jun 2011
I own a 360 elite and a ps3 and i prefer the 360 to play games on, the only reason i give a ps3 a place in my home is because it has blu-ray, i have a couple of games for the ps3 but to be honest i prefer the x box, x box live is way better than the sony system that gets hacked into and your details stolen, so if i had to throw one system in the bin it would be the ps3.

Reviewed by Jack Ali from UK on 4th Apr 2010
XBOX 360 is The Worst Console EVER I Had 1 Wich The THE RROD So i got Rid of it & Got a Sony PS3 And Its WAY Better Than The 360,Blu-ray Games, Free Online, Charchable Controllers (instead of changing batteries) Ant The Controllers are easy to use not a brick like the Xbox Controllers. The Xbox 360 Gets a 1/5

Reviewed by tom from UK on 27th Jun 2009
I own all three consoles ( xbox 360 , PS3 , Wii ) and i honestley think that the xbox 360 is the best console for these reasons 1. It is cheap. You can buy this console from only 129.99, whitch is much cheaper than the PS3 and cheaper than the wii whitch has got PS2 graphics and childish controlls. 2. Great graphics. Why does sony keep saying that their graphics are so good when the xbox is on par or depending on some games xbox have supperior graphics compared to the PS3. i WON`T EVEN GET STARTED ON THE WII GRAPHICS LOL 3. The xbox 360 has got amazing first party games like forza, left 4 dead, halo just to name a few. I think the best games for PS3 re GT5 and Killzone 2. 4. Most game developers actually develop the games for the xbox first and port and modify them to the PS3 whitch means the PS3 has got more glitches in whitch might result in bad graphics. For one example Bethsida did this with fallout 3 and you can notice the difference with the screenshots for example the PS3 you can see that things have moved or no shadows on building or cars. Also the Xbox 360 is better online because it is less lagg when playing games like call of duty 4 or fifa 09. I suppose you could say this is because you pay for xbox live gold what is 34.99 - 39.99 a YEAR. But you can see what you pay for like more things to download and i can notice what when you are downloading demos the Xbox is nearley twice as quicker as PS3 network RIP PS3

Reviewed by Mark Niven from UK on 16th Mar 2009
had the core system for year and a half then got this. awesome all round entertainment system aswell as a console dont use my dvd player or hi hf anymore!!! you need a cable though to transfer data from your old hdd to the 120gb elite one an ive been chasing microsoft for 4months now an still dont have it!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by rock the rl from UK on 15th Dec 2008
so old style ps 3 is much much much much better than this boring console.

Reviewed by bryn from UK on 17th Oct 2008
this console is realy good but had alot of problems with reliabilty. i own a playstation 3 now which i think is much better, and worth the extra cash. who ever buys this console wont be dissapointed and it garanteed for 3 years so if it breaks you get it fixed for free, and you dont lose all your data because you remove the hard drive befor sending back, which you cant with the ps3. at the end of the day i would get the console which most of your mates have because i just play mine online, which is great fun and very competative. dont be drawn to the ps3 because of the blueray player because the picture isnt that much better than a dvd and isnt worth the extra money per disc. i play mine through a 42inch 1080p plasma so you must need a realy big tv to notice the difference.

Reviewed by thomas hardy from UK on 29th Aug 2008
best gaming console of all time. great games like CALL OF DUTY 4 , FORZA 2, HALO 3, GEARS OF WAR 2. it never crashes on my and has better online than playstation 5 out of 5

Reviewed by kamran from UK on 13th May 2008
BEST GAMEING EXPERIENCE EVER... XBOX LIVE!!!! GEARS OF WAR!!! CALL OF DUTY 4... FORZA MOTOR SPORT 2... GTA4... iv had mine repaird twice but i hav the latest mother board and no problems even when its hot... i think that they deigned a new motherboard...

Reviewed by ian from UK on 11th May 2008
I'm on my forth box because of overheating and i find it annoying that they are still selling these consoles fully aware that there is a major design fault that causes the 360 to fail at an alarming rate. when this one finally dies on me I'll buy a ps3, you should too

Reviewed by Alexander O'Connell from UK on 15th Jan 2008
I have 2 words: XBox Live! It is so fun to play online, no matter what the game is. One thing though, Mr. Gates, please od something about the UK servers, they bog down really bad around 22:00 to 01:00. Thanks. 4 Stars.

Reviewed by Pareick from UK on 14th Dec 2007
If anyone had the same experince of xbox 360 overheating just buy cooler things that connects on the back of your xbox 360 and when i got mini it stop overheating and it but the noise is louder than it use to but if you want to play more hours on your 360 buy a cooler things for your 360

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 16th Dec 2007
When i got my xbox 360 i though its gonna be a good console but not as good as the ps3 but when i played the ps3 with my friend i could see why manny people fell in love with the 360 and that's because (1st) - Its cheaper (2nd) - It has more game's that the ps3 (3rd) - The playsation is big and heavy (4th) - If you dont the 360, Wii allways come'ss in 2nd choose as its cheap 6th - the 360 has a better online gaming than the ps3 (5th) - most of the best games in the ps3 are in the 360 aswell e.g Devil May Cry 4 and Gta4

Reviewed by Ifan from UK on 18th Apr 2007
This console is very much like the playstation3. I would recommend buying this instead of the playstation3 because it's much cheaper and the graphics are nearly exactly the same.

Reviewed by iszy from UK on 12th Apr 2007
even thoug most of the thing are really good and so should get like 4/5 stars... after about 13/14months u get the three red lights, aka.. and internal hardware failure which costs loads to repare. it happens to all of them, just after the waranty has expired...

Reviewed by james from UK on 12th Dec 2006
I must say that this console is truely amazing. the graphics are out of this world. If you have a h.d television then buy gears of war. simply astonoshing.Something everybody should experience!

Reviewed by darren from UK on 6th Jun 2006
the 360 is a great gaming platform, i have had nearly every console that has been released and as the 360 goes it has everything in its favour. With great graphics and great sound, and some great games and its online ability i find at the momement it is the best console so far and it will take some beating

Reviewed by Virus from UK on 28th Apr 2006
Great system if you can get the games! PGR3 excellent, Perfect Dark not so. Oblivion great but 50 for a game this is robbery, Oblivion Xbox 360 - 49.99 Oblivion PC - &29.99 Think that lack of real original titles rather than crappy sequels is putting a lot of people off, and the real hardware challenging titles are a long way off (compare GTA3 to San Andreas for example) This console is the best on the market but I can't help but feel Microsoft are treading water and are losing their huge time advantage to Sony.

Reviewed by Danny Dickinson from UK on 18th Feb 2006
WAHOO!!!!!!!! Microsoft made something half decent!!!! Excellent console, great graphics, great features. Just ONE problem, it regularly overheats, which microsoft say they will correct with the new wave due in now. Not much use to me though is it, as i have just been told i am using too much. 1 and a half hours aint really long though is it????

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