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Microsoft Xbox 360

 In a nutshell  

Last updated December 2012

7 years after its launch, the Xbox 360 may be the oldest of the current generation of games consoles, but thanks to a series of updates by Microsoft, it's still a gadget that you'd want to buy today. As well as its formidable gaming capability, it includes the Kinect motion control, DVD playback (but not Blu-Ray), on-demand TV and internet access.



The Xbox 360 is a lot more than just a games console. Movies, TV, music and the internet are all available through a single box, making the Xbox an all-round entertainment platform for the family.

Xbox Video and Netflix give you access to on-demand HD films and classic TV series. You can also watch DVDs and YouTube videos.

You can store music on your Xbox and stream it to and from connected devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Of course, the core functionality of the Xbox 360 is as a games console, where it excels. Classic Xbox games include immersive single player and multiplayer games like the Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War series.

The Nintendo Wii may have introduced the concept of motion gaming to the living room, but Microsoft quickly caught on to the concept, introducing the Kinect controller. The Kinect controller is a motion-sensitive device that lets you use your whole body as a controller. It knows if you kick or jump or just wave your hand, and you can use this to directly control gameplay. Popular games for Kinect include Dance Central and Kinect Sports Ultimate. Nike+ Kinect Training provides a personalised training programme to get you fit. Kinect also includes voice control, so you can control movies, TV and sports with your voice.

Xbox SmartGlass lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a second screen.

The Xbox is internet-enabled and includes Internet Explorer for browsing the web. Xbox Live is an online marketplace for games and Kinect Central is the place for Kinect games.

Microsoft Xbox 360 features include:

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