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Loveit Coverit

 In a nutshell  

Date: January 2016

Loveit Coverit is a supplier of mobile phone and tablet insurance, providing cover against mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, theft, loss and liquid damage.


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Loveit Coverit user reviews

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Average rating from 12 reviews:

Reviewed by Chris J from UK on 16th Mar 2017
Never had to claim but after a year they claim they sent a renewal notice to my daughters email address, which there is no trace of. I originally paid the first year up front via Paypal which apparently then sets up something that they can just take any amount of money at anytime??? They duly took out another years insurance despite my daughter no longer having a phone and no agreement from me to take the money.

I contacted them and they agreed to refund the money as the policy wasn't even due for renewal for another month, 3 - 5 days for the refund I was told.. 7 days later I contact them again after no refund.. oh it will be 3 - 5 days I am told.. well its already been more than that.. so they are quick enough to take your money, even when its not due, but getting your money back for an "administrative error" seems a little more difficult.

I would either not use them, or make sure that when you pay them it is done by a means that they cannot then take further money without your agreement.

Reviewed by Edward from England on 27th Jan 2017
Do not use this company. I made a claim for my water damaged phone on 2.1.17 its now 26.1.17 i still dont have my phone. Everytime i speak to someone there im told a different story, this is ridicilous for a supposed good company, they never call you back and whoever you want to speak to is not available. Shambolic bunch of charlatans dont have the first clue. Told to take phone to Samsung tp get repair/loss report when sent to LoveIt then told price given is too much im to send handset in, once received i will get a cash offer, on my calling was told technician has phone and needs to check it. What for as phone has been written off by Samsung. Again told i will get an email by close of play with offer Grade A offer, no call no email nothing.And this was after requesting to sleak to the complaints department Dreadful appauling service. Take your business elsewhere. If you pay peanuts you will always get Monkeys. All i wanted was for someone to do as it says on the tin obviously too hard to expect from these waste of space individuals.
KEEP WELL CLEAR PEOPLE now im going trading standards Watchdog Martin Lewis.

Reviewed by Paula from UK on 5th Jan 2017
Do NOT use this company they are a waste of time and don't deal with the issues.

Reviewed by Jan from United Kingdom on 1st Jan 2017
It has been nearly 2 months since the claim process started and still no phone. What a joke. We paid the policy excess straight away but have had to chase all the way to get anywhere. They never seem to answer the phones and when they do you just get the same story 'sorry your phone isn't in stock'. The staff are very polite but the service is completely ineffective. I will never insure anything with this company again and would urge anyone to avoid it.

Reviewed by Shauna from UK on 13th Dec 2016
Initial policy documents were not sent out, meaning I had to phone up twice to get this resolved, I had also sent an email to them to see if they could send these out and I still haven't received a reply.

Within the claims form is says 'We will assess your returned claim form within two hours of receipt' which is also a lie as I had to phone up 2 hours after submitting my claim only to be told it would be 48 hours. I was also told I would receive a confirmation email once my claim had been accessed which I still have not received.

Was told the VIP service meant I could get my phone replaced the next day this is also a lie even though my claim had been approved and my excess was paid prior to 4. I had spoken to a member of the team who confirmed my phone would be sent out that day and would be received tomorrow, meaning I phoned up the next day as I had not received a tracking number only to be told that the team hadn't even started to look for a replacement phone, and they wouldn't of been able to send one out yesterday regardless, as they have to be sent out by 2:30 not 4:00 as this is when DPD collects their deliveries. This meant I would have to wait for my phone for a further 2 days as they 'don't do Saturday delivery'

I have now received my phone in the incorrect colour, I do understand that this is within their policy but after asking them if I could swap the phones over once my old phone had been fixed or a new one became available as a gesture of goodwill after all the issue's I have had, I was told ' The handset that has been issued is our full and final settlement of your claim. '

And now to top it off I have just seen that they have taken their monthly charge earlier than the arranged date.

The lack of communication within this company is appalling, and the fact they can lie to their customer's regarding key selling points of the service is disguising.

Reviewed by Sadia from United kingdom on 13th Dec 2016
Worst company ever cheap for nothing made claim 3 weeks ago provide them all the information after 2 weeks they saying claim rejected if u wana appeal guna take up to 8 weeks if the phone lost they should provide the phone next day like the way other company do but this is worst company ever ive seen dont ever go with this cheap company.

Reviewed by Craig from UK on 30th Nov 2016
AVOID AT ALL COST, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. When I took out the policy it made a big song and dance about what was covered and it looked great. They highlight the good bits but do not highlight significant points such as the phone MUST be less than 3 years old and MUST have been bought from a VAT registered UK company (so forget any eBay purchase as I got stung on this point). I purchased insurance for the family devices and one broke. I put in a claim which I had to chase and chase, eventually told the device was more than 3 years old. Checked and it was NOT over 3 years old but there definition was that it was! Continued to challenge them - they then decided it WAS less than 3 years old but now....... there was no proof of purchase so claim was rejected. Told them provided proof of purchase (from eBay) and provided it again....... came back and said yes that was proof of purchase but as I did not but from a UK VAT registered company it was not covered! LOOKED FOR ANY EXCUSE TO REJECT CLAIM, DO NOT USE IF 1) DEVICE WAS BOUGHT FROM AN INDIVIDUAL OR ANYONE OVERSEAS, 2) DEVICE IS OVER 3 YEARS OLD (MINE WASN'T BUT THEY STILL MESSED ME AROUND). The old saying "If it's to good to be true, it probably is" fits this mob perfectly, don't waste your money. I am complaining to the ombudsman but doubt I'll get anywhere.

Reviewed by Ārnie from Northern Ireland on 30th Nov 2016
Loveit coverit is the worst company around . Two weeks later from placing a claim new phone still not received no one not even the managers want to help by the sounds of things it will take another two weeks which will be a month from the cliam was placed . My claim has been granted and the access paid . No matter what i suggest to them they dont do is the reply i get will be seeking legal advice my advice is do not go near this company one star is far to much of a standard for tis rubbish company.

Reviewed by S.mirza from United Kingdom on 11th Nov 2016
Completely rubbish, very very disappointing service and processes is really slow, after two weeks finally they approved my application and asked me to pay Ģ75 for excess fee, I payed same day but received an email that phone is not in stock and will be available after seven working days, now it's two weeks but no phone and no communication, no updates, if they can't handle then close this so called fake insurance company, requesting to all please don't go with this company.

Reviewed by colin mackay from United Kingdom on 31st Oct 2016
Absoluteley shocking company.. provided everything.. nothing done 13 days later. never mind 24 hours.

Reviewed by Tracey from Englnad on 25th Oct 2016

My claim went in 14th September and today being the 25th October and still no phone.

Email sent to CEO OF Fone sure who hasn't even had the decentcy to responded!!

Now in contact with the FCA

Stay clear at all lengths.

Reviewed by Ieva from P on 18th Oct 2016
This company is a complete joke! I made a claim almost 2 months ago and still did not receive my handset! Paid 50 pounds, sent phone to repairs centre and now they are telling me that repairs centre is in shortage of samsung 7 parts! They say you have to wait until we get parts in! Never respond to emails and never call. Always have to chase! I will seek for legal advise!

Reply by Tracey from England on 25th Oct 2016
I am in exactly the same place however I have the iPhone 6!!

I have also emailed the CEO no response!

I am also seeking legal advise and reporting them to the FCA.

Reply by Payla from United Kingdom on 5th Jan 2017
I'm having the same problem. I told them cancel my policy. Took my phone to Apple to fix cracked screen. This company is a rip off...!!!!!


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