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LG Viewty Snap review

 Review: February 2011  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The LG Viewty Snap (or GM360) is an entry-level touchscreen phone with a great camera and a good-sized screen.

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LG Viewty Snap features include:

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LG GM360 Viewty Snap purple ...
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My phones screen goes dull and then locks it's self when I am using it, how do I stop it?

Asked by Caitlin from United kingdom on 14th Jun 2016
The phone is an LG COOKIE GM360.

LG Viewty Snap user reviews

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Average rating from 75 reviews:

Reviewed by Lyndon from uk on 25th May 2013
It has a good camera but that's about it. Read all the negative comments below and multiply them by ten,that's how bad I think it is! It's easier to use with a touch screen pen, but only just! It's the most infuriating piece of technology I have ever come across. It will be stamped into the ground when I get a replacement!!

Thank god it was a gift. I'd be truly gutted if I had spent more than 2.99 on its purchase.

Reviewed by Taran from india on 9th Sep 2012
i really hate this phone

Reviewed by Amelia from england on 26th Jun 2012
i have had this phone for almost 2 years now and it has not broken once. it has a great camera for all occasions and is great for a phone addict like myself. although it doesnt have an app store it still has facebook, twitter, myspace etc and you can download various apps from the phone itself. i have loved this phone since i got it but am now bored with toach screen :( . it is sleek and stylish and i would reccomend it to anyone. A*

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 25th Jun 2012
This is not the best phone. i have had it for less than 2 years and i am getting a new one.it is hard to text on as you have to press harder than usall to get the botton wanted.i am quite a heavy user of my phone (eg.text a lot and want to use the internet) so this phone wasnt great.the inter is teriibal .but would be good for some one wanting a phone that s not to expensive to just text and call on.the camrea is very good at 5mp but is slow to take the picture.great momory for pictures and especaly music.this phone is over all a good phone for light users

Reviewed by Jacob barnabas ajiere from Nigera on 5th Jun 2012
I like this lggm360 is a good phon

Reviewed by Charlie from England on 2nd May 2012
Just everything about it is beasty!

Reviewed by Paul Radke from Scotland on 29th Apr 2012
I have had this phone for a week...it has an excellent camera, so good in fact it has replaced my actual digital camera which I have since given away. The battery life isn't so hot (It has to be charged every day dependant on use), also the resistant touchscreen is often exactly that needing multiple presses before it complies. However its good points outweigh the bad...like I said the camera is top notch, the mp3 player has superb bass, it looks good and for the price (I paid 59 around $90US). My overall opinion? Well worth a shot.

Reviewed by Liam from Essex on 18th Apr 2012
Had this phone for 10 months now and has done well for me. It does everything a phone should do e.g. text, call, take photos, play music. Camera is excellent as it is 5MPX!!!! Music player is better quality than my friends phones (and some of them have BB's)Occasionally won't text some of my contacts which can be annoying. Battery life lasts about 48 hours. Calls are really clear and you can hear what the other person is saying very well. Only thing is rubbish games and none to download. On top of that internet costs alot unless it comes in your package. Qwerty keyboard is good. Wish radio could play without having to have headphones in. Overall great phone would definitely reccomend it but if you are not a fan of touchscreen then this is not for you as sometimes when you text the buttons are hard to press.

Reviewed by sydney from uk on 11th Apr 2012
This was my first touchscreen and has been a nightmare! I'm 63 and this thing isn't at all intuitive. The texting is impossible. Switching to numbers for no reason and then try to get back to letters not clear how. I finally found out that you can recalibrate touch but it still isn't as sensitive as a button on my old phone was. It'll only ring about three times before it goes to voicemail. The ring volume won't go high enough. How do you put it on speaker phone? How do you retrieve a number from contacts when you're on the phone? You have to press a million and one buttons to get to some obvious place. The instructions that come with it are useless. Using the net- you must be joking. My computer savvy friend spent hours trying to download pictures from this phone with limited or no success. I've just scratched the surface of my problems with this phone. The alarm only covers 24 hours- you can't have an alarm for weeks or months ahead. Theres things I can't do with this phone I could do with my 10 one before. And it locks constantly when you've got those press 1 if,press 2 if,etc and then you have to call up the numeric key board AGAIN! Then it locks AGAIN.

Reviewed by Lisa from England. on 10th Apr 2012
Battery lasts for 3 days/more
excellent camera/video.
the QWERTY keyboard is good if you type fast.
nice design
good sized too.
has a phone guide explaining how to use the phone.
overall good phone
minor slow internet
types random dials when you put it in your pocket
locks sometimes.

Reviewed by rick from scotland on 6th Apr 2012
Oh my goodness. I absolutely hate it!!!. I have a pay as you go oneon O2, and it's almost impossible to top up online.
If you top up with a debit card, the phone locks long before you have time to enter your details.Each time, you have to press the unlock key before entering numbers, and by the time you are asked to put in the next detail, the damn thing has locked again.Changing the time delay for the keyboard lock makes no difference. Changing the security settings makes no difference. This is possibly the very worst mobile phone ever. A truly awful piece of technological junk. Battery life is great if you keep the phone in your pocket but pathetic if you use it more than a couple of times a day. Don't ever use the radio!! Best used as a paperweight, or perhaps for throwing at the cat.

Reviewed by jimmy fulton from isle of wight on 3rd Apr 2012
very good phone

Reviewed by PAUL from UK on 1st Apr 2012
Bought this phone 7 months ago, from ASDA overall a good phone, the most annoying thing about it for me is, when i put the phone into my pocket, or a phone case, the screen goes into call mode.. i have lost over 10 in airtime. because the phone has dialled random numbers.. using the screen lock is a night-mare, cannot find a decent phone case which stops the sensitive screen from leaving the desktop... the back of the phone does come loose. and the battery life is about 3 days..
hope all future phones are not as annoying with the screen..

Reviewed by Jess from England on 24th Mar 2012
this is a rubbish phone. I bought it and within a year it had frozen more than 50 times!!! The touchscreen is completely inrepsonsive therefore making texting an almost impossible chore!!! I dread having to text and email on this phone as it is so hard! Don't waste your time buying it.

Reviewed by Ahmad Omer from Afghanistan on 16th Mar 2012
This phone is very high quality in fact i love this mobile....

Reviewed by Ste from UK on 14th Mar 2012
I now know why this phone comes with a year warranty. My 18 month old phone is now struggling to recharge itself even with a new battery. Back case falls off easily and build quality is not very good. I suppose that is why they are cheapish. Poor phone and service from the supermarket chain whom I have contract with has been inconsistent.
Never again

Reviewed by Sarah from England on 12th Mar 2012
My husband and I have both had this phone for 17 months now on the same 2yr contract. We both thing its a great phone and use them all the time for various things and have found it a very easy phone to use and never encountered any problems with the screen or any of the features. There is only one thing my husband is now finding wrong with the phone these last couple of months and that is that the battery life has really short, where as mine still seems fine and only need to charge it every few days. I would definately have another LG but my husband has now gone off them cos he's fed up with battery dieing on him.

Reviewed by whoevauwantme2b from jaaaa on 7th Mar 2012
good things i mentioned below.... bad things: NO wifi, slowish on internet, not as resistive touch, sometimes fm radio goes off if u use it ALOT and ALOT, not as much to offer as other phones. but anywazzz who cares itz an awesome phone apart frm tht. hope i helped

Reviewed by isabella from england on 6th Mar 2012
Had this phone 18 months now on contract and have never really grown to love it.. it was my 1st touch-screen and I have found it quite hard to use. It's currently in for repair as the touchscreen has seized up altogether.
Camera is good but at 5 megapixels, there are plenty of others that have caught up with it.
Would agree with previous comments about the short battery life and very slow internet/facebook etc. Don't get this phone if going online is important to you!

Reviewed by Phone from UK on 3rd Mar 2012
The LG GM360 is a good touch screen phone. It has an excellent 5mp camera and a large screen. The battery life is good. The phone is a bit slow and only has 31MB internal memory.
Overall a good phone.

Reviewed by ◑‿◑ lOL from ◑‿◑ lmao on 1st Mar 2012
overall awesome! Ino itz old buh who cares uless in looks gud and iz touch screen or similar! I <3 it! anywaz reasons why to buy it! (im tryin 2b helpful here!!!)
◑‿◑ is touch
◑‿◑ is good looking
◑‿◑ is LG (good phone is LG (-; ))))
◑‿◑ nice style
◑‿◑ awesome camera hitting the tick list and wiping the floor with all the blackberry's at a stunning.... 5MP! but, seems even better than tht!
◑‿◑ real simple
◑‿◑ good bluetooth
◑‿◑ real simple

Reviewed by Garcia from England on 26th Feb 2012
Well, I think the LG GM360 is a fantastic phone for the money I have one for 4 weeks now and I am verry happy with it, it does for me all I need and the camera and video are verry clear, so I am happy but if you are one who like the lateast tegnology then this phone is not for yo
Asta la vista.

Reviewed by amos from nigeria on 21st Feb 2012
lg gm360 is amachine if i must say

Reviewed by jay from UK on 19th Feb 2012
terrible battery life and no android and only babyish games like thomas and touch ands stupid music world but a good mobile

Reviewed by william from yorkshire on 16th Feb 2012
so good but a bit old now and it's got a good camera and touch and a pretty, simple ,touch phone!!!

Reviewed by stuart g ives from wales on 15th Feb 2012
I think everythingb about this phone is great. i have had plenty of phones in my time and i think this is the best

Reviewed by andrea from UK on 15th Feb 2012
this is a poor poor battery life but the mobile alltogether is a pretty, good, stylish and simple phone. -love it-

Reviewed by Faith from England on 13th Feb 2012
very good phone but i dont know how to listen to any of my voicemails!
outstanding camera and brilliant memory has been a very good phone

Reviewed by kate from uk on 4th Feb 2012
I do not reccomend this phone - the battery life is unbelievably poor - it lasts about two days at most. The back of the phone falls off very easily and that has been a really big irritation as you hardly have to touch it and it drops off - the back cover of mine is now lost.
Textong is slow and arduous task - the touch screen is not very responsive - it is quicker and easier to use my husband's 9.99 teco nokia. Internet is slow.......
It is good for photos and that is the only positive thing about this phone, although taking photos with it drains the battery life in seconds.
My husband is annoyed that i bought it, I'm annoyed that I bought it. Bad phone, steer clear

Reviewed by rose from suffolk on 29th Jan 2012
It's everything you'd expect from a 60.00 phone. The camera and the video is good and it allows you to do the basic features like texting ect. However, the facebook and twitter apps take ages to load and i found the touch screen wasn't very responsive compared to my friend's phones of the same money. Overall, the phone has a very stylish, modern look to it and it's perfect for somebody who wants to stay in fashion with touch screen phones. However, if i could choose again, i would've waited, saved up and got a htc as they are much faster and provide better social networking devices.

Reviewed by Anonymous from United Kingdom on 22nd Jan 2012
Amazing phone with long battery life, good camera, and easy to use touchscreen. Definately worth the money!

Reviewed by Randomiser from Living room on 14th Jan 2012
I've had my phone for a while now and I can say its not thy good. The camera is good but only for taking pictures not videos, and there is rubbish IM things Facebook and twitter take ages to load. There is no wifi or anything and texting is slow and hard. The touch screen is rubbish and there is no app sore and I wouldnt reccomend this phone to anyone, even if your not a computer person, it's just rubbish

Reviewed by Ann from england on 8th Jan 2012
I love it it does everything i need in a phone for the price i paid Im extreamly happy

Reviewed by Liam from UK on 2nd Jan 2012
Positives: camera is okay, battery lasts 3 days, Music and sound. Negatives: touch screen is shoddy, no app store, no wifi, so have to pay for internet use, my battery's lodged in, brothers doesn't charge unless in computer.

Reviewed by YO YO CHUM from England on 1st Jan 2012
YO, guys dis is some good ting... but actually get a BB if u want some good, long lasting type of fone yEaH .... PEACE SUCKERS...

Reviewed by Jacqueline from midlands on 13th Dec 2011
had this phone scince august 2010 and it is rubbish im now looking for a new phone cause the screen is going, the back of the phone comes of without knowing and without touching it and the battery life is rubbish only lasts only a day and a half.have to touch our hit the screen for it to respond it turns it self of when texting and sends blank messages automatically. SO PLEASE DONT BUY THIS PHONE OLY BUY IF YOU WANT A NEW PHONE IN ABOUT 8-9 MONTHS

Reviewed by billy from scotland on 9th Dec 2011
This phone is almost useless. Nothing is easy on it. Battery life is less than 1 day. At first glance, @ 5MP, the camera seems good, but the zoom can only be used at a resolution of 1280x960, little better than VGA. Dont touch it, buy something else.

Reviewed by LISA from scotland uk on 8th Dec 2011
Had this phone 2 days and am about to return it!! The back cover is very flimsy and falls off at the slightest touch!! Not sure if this is a faulty phone or not but its no use to me and is going BACK!! Not impressed :(

Reviewed by lily from United States on 7th Dec 2011
well, this phone is brilliant i love it best phone i have ever got i totally recomend it!

Reviewed by annie from uk on 5th Dec 2011
first of all, I only have a mobile for occasional use/emergencies so I dont use it that often, BUT he thing that really bugs me about this phone is the way it insists on locking after about 10 seconds, even though I have the lock set to 'off'. When I ring anywhere where I get a menu to choose from, it locks so I can't press the option I want. Also, if you take a video it will not play unless you change it to portrait view. I would not recommend this phone to anyone

Reviewed by chacha from uk on 5th Dec 2011
RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!! avoid.... the touch screen does not respond well,the phone is slow and difficult to use online... i REGRET buying this...never again.....

Reviewed by Thormabooniflexflex from birmingham on 2nd Dec 2011

Reviewed by Jayne from UK on 24th Nov 2011

Reviewed by sana nawaz from england on 16th Nov 2011
rubbish too expensive and not very good with very poor quality

Reviewed by Izzy from Englad on 14th Nov 2011
don't buy this phone its rubbish , it keeps freezing all the time , the battery doesnt last more than 1 day , and some days it doesnt pick up the charger when its pluged in :(

Reviewed by Terry from UK on 14th Nov 2011
I don't know why people are moaning about this phone. For 60 this is a fantastic phone, if you want a full on smartphone then pay the extra 100+ and get one. I find the battery life excellent, I only have to recharge it every few days, and the music player and camera are great. I've got a 4 Gig memory card in it which allows me to use it like a memory stick and even though it can't open certain types of file itself, it still saves them and when transferred to a PC the files are fine. People seem to expect too much from lower priced phones and if they're that bothered by 'friends' making fun of them, then pay more money and get a phone that they can show off. This phone is a bargain and I would recommend it to anyone who just wants a good phone with a good camera and music player.

Reviewed by geoooorgiaaaa from england on 13th Nov 2011
hi i have had this phone for a month its ok but battery life is bad you zoom on the camera with the volume buttons the button which usually turns music down is the one you press to zoom in and the one which turns up is the one that zooms out overall the internet is slow which i really use my phone for would be so much better if it had wifi

Reviewed by val from england on 12th Nov 2011
nice phone , texting can be diffcult. u need to be a calm person to use this phone lol.

Reviewed by Lizz from Uk on 7th Nov 2011
Not good do not buy :/ brought it with really good review and it's the worst phone I have ha so far :/

Reviewed by dylan from GB on 6th Nov 2011
the viewty is bull my friends really made fun of me when i had one it was very slow and its not as fun as other phones my friends have i phones and blackberries and know i am not ashamed taking my phone out know i have a htc wildfire

Reviewed by Alyn Line from England on 2nd Nov 2011
It's really difficult to do anything simple on this phone - I don't know how to transfer photos from it to my PC. Can someone help me?

Reviewed by Smileyyyy:) from USA on 2nd Nov 2011
I have had this phone for nearly a year, overall it is a very good phone with a very good touchscreen and a 5mp camera. It is basicly an updated version of the LG Cookie with some of the same features and loads of new better ones the touchscreen is very responsive and easy to text fast. I would definitly recommend this phone!:)

Reviewed by samu from England on 30th Oct 2011
Bad Points: Must charge every day. No zoom on camera.[volume buttons does not work] No games included. Also hardly any games on the internet which you could upload on your phone. Good Points: Has 5 megapixel camera. It is slim. Radio. Social Networking. Question:On homepage you can get a birthday icon by cliking the blue thing on the bottom-right..However wen u clik on it,it says no upcoming birthdays.How do u put birthdays on it????

Reviewed by Meenaz from Uk on 16th Oct 2011
I recommend this phone..! Its easy to use and great for taking pictues with! (To zoom in you press the volume buttons, for those who do not know) Couldn't ask for a better phone. Music station is exceptionaly great too :)

Reviewed by josh from england on 10th Oct 2011
it is not that good coz no one knows how to zoom in on the camera

Reviewed by Emma from Britain on 27th Sep 2011
I would recommend thhis fone!! the camera is really good and texting is pretty easy... lots of fun things to do but ive only had it like a month so i dont really know . .. lol x

Reviewed by Gina M from uk on 22nd Sep 2011
The Viewty Snap worked well for 5 or so months and then texting became impossible to do unless sending the text to multiple people....everyone who tried this phone disliked it - it is not easy to manage, not even for a very computer-literate person or the phone shop manager !

Reviewed by Snakebite from Southend on 4th Sep 2011
Mine wos rubish, the speeker sounded like a wasp traped in a jar, the screan wos very dim on the out, not no good wos the predicktive text, it allways got it wrong.

Reviewed by Tommy from Scotland on 1st Sep 2011
I've had this phone for a few months now. At first I was disappointed, but I've really grown to like it. Good, big screen to view pictures, easy texting and always a good, clear signal when phoning. Lots of apps on it too. I've read a couple of reviewers on here saying they can't send or receive pictures.....well it does !! You have to contact your provider ( T-Mobile or whatever ) and they will help you set the phone up for picture messaging ( MMS ). Gave it 4 stars as it's not a miracle phone ( no GPS ) but a really good phone for the money.

Reviewed by rockabilly guy from england on 13th Aug 2011
Do not buy this phone!!!. Unresponsive is an understatement. It is so user unfriendly it`s a joke. tried to download a video & some music from the t mobile app only to recieve neither, even though i was still charged for both!!. It also cannot handle clips from u tube & as for facebook.....i won`t even go there. PLEASE....stay well clear of this rubbish. :o)

Reviewed by Gummybeargirl from U.K on 12th Aug 2011
I have this phone on a 10 a month contract from tmobile. I get 100 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet and a free phone. I got it christmas 2010 so it is now 8 months old and I am looking into getting a new phone not because the LG Viewty Snap is bad (it's actually quite good) but because it doesnt match my needs. The battery is EXCELLENT, it lasts 2-3 days of constant texting, Internet searches but not much calling. It has quite slow Internet and I need 3G and Wifi so that's annoying it doesn't have them. The camera is pretty good (that was the main selling point for me) BUT takes a g e s to load and another couple of seconds to take a photo (usually to photo opportunity has gone by them). I don't know why others have had a problem sending/recieving picture/MMS messages I sucessfully send and receive several picture messages a day never had any problems. The email widget doesn't work so you have to do it in browser. The (resistive) touch screen is not very good you have to calibrate it often. You get what you are paying for with this phone it's not bad it's just not got the features I need. So I am forking out for either a HTC Desire S or a HTC Chacha which I can shove my contract sim in because I need 3G, I need email and I need APPS! Yeah, and a good touchscreen. Don't let me put you off this phone; it does what it says on the tin perfectly without fault so 4 stars.

Reviewed by kay from england on 30th Jul 2011
love this handset! it easy to use the battery life is very good the camera is EXCELLENT & textin&calls is quick and sharp The FEATURES are EXCELLENT if yue dnt like it dnt buy it

Reviewed by Ayasha Patel from england on 27th Jul 2011
I got this fone as a gift for my achievement and at first it was really excellent getting to know all the features, After a little while it gets a bit annoying as you have to press hard on the scren, the battery life is not that bad, i would reccomend it to children who waant a first fone as it has lots of fun features. The layout and settings are great but sometimes the connectivity is not to good. If youre looking for an ideal fone thats not to expensive but good then this is surely the rite one for you! hope this help anyone whos thinking of buying this fone!

Reviewed by MAZ from STOKE ON TRENT on 13th Jul 2011

Reviewed by yvonne thirkell from darlington on 25th Jun 2011
i would like this phone one of my sisters has got on so i would like on

Reviewed by susie pendle from england on 18th Jun 2011
I have this, I absolutely love it!!!! It's usable and it looks amazing :) would recommend this to anyone

Reviewed by jonthebus from wales on 13th Jun 2011
i think its a great little phone for the price,had a nokia mini n97(got 2 years +out of it before it bit the dust)due a new phone in november so got this to fill the gap,battery life is fine,its light,easy to use e.t.c, ok its no flagship phone,but a very good mid range mobile,yep lifes good.

Reviewed by RiRi and Iziz from EnglandOfTheTwins on 12th Jun 2011
RiRi: "This phone is brilliant I've had it for 2 yrs and the battery life lasts up to 3 days.I love it there is no buts its just brill wouldnt exchange it 4 the iphone4. LOVE IT" IzIz: "Uhh This Isn't My Phone But I've Tried It Ad It Seems Good I have Got A LG Cookie Lite-Fab!"

Reviewed by hannah from england on 23rd May 2011
this phone has an amazing camera (: i like everything on the phone and the lay out of it and stuff ! However all my mates have ' top ' phones and this phone isn't the most attractive !

Reviewed by Sym from England on 17th May 2011

Reviewed by Not Happy. from UK on 8th May 2011
well, I got the lg viewty snap late last year, and to be honest quite disappointed by it. Yes, the camera is good, but not much else. Social networking and internet is very slow. Cant recieve or sen picture messages- which is a piece of nonsense considering it specialises in pictures. I recommend you look for another phone, but this is only in my opinion. ( although have heard quite alot of complaints about it!!) I think its a joke and a rip off. Hope i have helped.:)

Reviewed by Dissapointed from UK on 27th Apr 2011
EXTREMELY SLOW CAMERA!!! ONE DAY BATTERY LIFE!!! I needed a new phone and wanted one with a decent camera. The viewty snap boasts a 5 megapixel camera so thats what I bought. The battery lasts on average about one day and thats simply recieving and sending about half a dozen texts per day. The camera is a complete joke as there is a THREE SECOND DELAY from when you press the button to the picture actualy being taken. I have dozens of pictures of the back of my grandsons head because of the time taken to actualy take the picture. Movies - dont even bother because anything that moves is recorded as a blur. Very very dissapointed. I wont be buying LG's anymore.

Reviewed by sophie! from England on 22nd Apr 2011
i got this phone for my birthday and i think it is really good but the only thing is that there is no wi-fi or GPS so it is hard to connect to the internet and makes it twice as slow to load up a page.Also the battery is very good i only have to charge it like after 3 days!!! the 5mp camera is very stylish where you can take brilliant photos and even zoom in without the picture going all blurry. but the touch screen can be very unresponsive so you have to press quite hard to click on what you want. also the phone has very good features although you cant download any games it still is a VERY good phone and i would recommend this phone to people like older children because it is simple and easy to get use to! but not for businness people who need to connect to the internet. thank you hope it helps :)

Reviewed by jill from uk on 3rd Mar 2011
this is a real disappointment i have to charge it every day and i dont go on the internet just make an average number of calls and it never conects first time to any phone and always shows as calling a different number to what i have, already taken it back to the shop as it's still only 8 weeks old and its had new software but after having back for 3 days its the same going to take it back saturday and get a differnt phone i wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone!!!!

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 16th Feb 2011
If you are phone user who likes your phone to work and respond quickly, I'd look elsewhere. The touchscreen is pretty slow and the phones ability to go through the motions are also...slow. The touchscreen is quite poor with fingers but if you use a pointed object is a lot better. This makes texting slow and wuite difficult unless you select the keyboard but this is also slow and slmost inpossible to use with your fingers. Despite the negatives above. On the plus side. If you are not a rapid user or texter and want a relativerly cheap phone you could do worse. It is yet to crash on me in 6 months and has proved very durable. I work in construction and my phones do not last long AT ALL!! Bit this has lived in my pocket with my keys and the screen and case are still in very good condition. It is quite a stylish phone as well and the best thing is the battery. I make a lot of calls during a day and I only charge it every 2 or 3 days and I never let it go below 2 bars. That said, it drops of quickly once the bars start dropping but I think it is a very good battery life. In conclusion, you largely get what you pay for. If you are a heavy phone user who flicks through things quickly, I'd give is a miss. If you are a bit of a 'plodder', I'd consider it for sure.

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