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LG U890 review

 Review: July 2006  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: 3G slimline clamshell phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, video calling, music player, memory card & Bluetooth™.


Following on from the very popular LG U880 3G phone, comes the U890. The 890 weighs in a couple of grams heavier than u880, but is still just 17.5 mm thick, making it one of the thinnest and lightest 3G phones around. The U890 has been given an external makeover, giving it a "cool" appearance. It has a flat keypad which isn't the easiest to use, but is acceptable.

Inside, the U890 is virtually the same as the U880, with a good range of features - the kind of things you would expect from a high-spec 3G phone. Highlights include a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video camera, plus high quality internal and external displays. The U890 offers enhanced support for music playback. With support for MP3, AAC, Enhanced AAC+, AMR and WAV formats, dedicated exterior music buttons and plenty of memory in the form of a TransFlash memory card slot (expandable to 512 Mbytes), this is an excellent music player device. The U890 supports stereo music via Bluetooth, so you can listen to music wirelessly in full stereo with a pair of compatible headphones.

Battery life is relatively poor, but that's not unexpected for a 3G phone and comes with the territory. Overall a good, compact 3G phone, with only the keypad and poor battery life to detract from its appeal.

LG U890 features include:

LG U890 user reviews

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Average rating from 67 reviews:

Reviewed by Asha Rashid from uganda on 25th Jan 2014
i love it but whr can i get abattery for this phone

Reviewed by Sholaism from United Kingdom on 19th Apr 2012
I love this phone, its very portable and efficient. :)

Reviewed by awais from pakistan on 13th Feb 2012
good mobile. but i need a battery of this mobile

Reviewed by Fayemi from Nigeria on 21st Dec 2010
i have the phone presently and have being using it now for the past 4years now still working perfectly, but i need to get new ones and i cant find it in my coutry can somebody tells me how i can find this phone am in love with the phone, strong and reliable my phone number is +2348054350656,+2348068997963 thank anticipate your quick response

Reviewed by zeem from england on 29th Jul 2008
this fone iz not that bad, although the sound is pretty quiet when i try to play music freely. i have only got this phone temporerily, and its saisfied me so far (ime getting a new one in a month). But nowadays its a bit too chunky and big ( i wrote this tuesday 29th july 2008, a bit too old).

Reviewed by asif khan from pakistan on 19th Jul 2008
its pretty nice and its perfomance is very absutly good but here is some problem with me his code is not available in pak its give me some signel proble . his sound is also very good and camera is also given good risult most most its look very beautiful in hand and display is also very good i like lg softwear is very friendly very ealy . over all its compleat mobile . very good set

Reviewed by Hannah from Ireland on 3rd Apr 2008
its pretty good. the camera isnt really that good (1.3 mp) it gets a bit boring but that doesnt matter because i'd say nearly all phones are like that after a while. Its really big..way bigger than the phone i had before and the keypad isnt that easy to use but its pretty cheap =]

Reviewed by maoamo from england on 27th Mar 2008
this fone is pretty cool and the rotating camera is wicked! the keypad is weird at first but when you've texted quite a few times you get used to it and it becomes easy the battery doesn't last that long but if you just connect it to the charger every night or every other night you'll be fine i had this fone for a year and had no problems at all

Reviewed by Alex from Devon on 22nd Mar 2008
You will never get board of this phone there is always things you can do on it. The camera isn't great but you can play on all the great features it has like negative mode.When you put songs on it the sound quality is great.I would suggest that you buy a micro SD as it holds much more either 1 or 2Gb is great.The only downsides is that every time you submit something like renaming something there is an annoying ding sound, so if anyone can tell me how to stop that it would be great! , and also it has a few scratches on it but nothing major. I would defiantly recommend this phone if you want something cheap but still cool and sassy get this phone , it will blow you away!

Reviewed by Laura from En on 26th Jan 2008
just to answer a few questions about the mobile. 1. h8in dis fone - you can delete your messages more than one at a time, go into your messages,options,mark,choose the ones you want to mark, options, then delete, simple! 2. nandy - this phone does not come with a radio, so you cannot get a live stream radio. sorry i will jsut say that i used to have this phone ( for about a year) until it started to show signs of bad quality. i have already written two reviews on this phone , the first one outstanding (when i first got it) and the second one highlighting all its problems. in this review i would like to say how not all lgs are bad, all phones have faults although i WOULD say that this phone is getting a bit old now and should be ideal for someone who doesnt care what their phone looks like or what the camera is like. I suggest you get the sony ericsson k800i (i have it and it is very good although it is a bit of a brick) or the lg viewty ( for people that are willing to splash out and like phones with tough screens. thankyou

Reviewed by nandy from uk on 20th Jan 2008
the lg u890 is a brilliant mobile phone, as long as u are looking for a mob that has it all (tv, google and yahoo, music, mp3 player, unlimited internet access, the list is endless) but if ur after an up to the minute, sleek chic looking mob then u may be disappointed. I do have one prob tho, does anyone know how to get live stream radio? Cos its driving me nuts.

Reviewed by jamie from ustralia on 9th Jan 2008
battery life poor. 24 hours with only minimal use. i did buy it second hand though

Reviewed by h8in dis fone from uk on 17th Dec 2007
i hate this fone i got it 6 months ago and i want to get a new one it looks fabulous but if it falls once the surface of the phone is ruined, its all scratched. there is nothing much to do on this phone either. the camera is really bad and if you want to delete your messages, you have to delete them one by one. do not get this phone!!

Reviewed by ifi from u.k on 6th Dec 2007
this fone is great what that hek ar u on about

Reviewed by Laura (again) from England on 24th Nov 2007
I last reviewed this phone on the 14th April when i ahd first got it (check below for the review. Ive had it 7 months now and am not impressed. I have already sent it back t o3 because my games froze and it kept shutting itself down and they fixed it fine. Then, in September my up button decided it would pack up andnow does not work. As well as this the ok button has come off and my phone keeps freezing. All was well when i first got the phone but now it has had problem after problem and i am not happy with it. I would highly recommend that you DONT buy this phone. I must admit it was fantastic at first but PLEASE listen to me; dont get this phone, read the other poor reviews and you will see that this phone is completley rubbish. You would be much better off getting the sony ericsson k800i which you can get for around £80 now. It has much more features and doesnt break.

Reviewed by loyd from Ireland on 4th Nov 2007

Reviewed by Hannah from England on 12th Oct 2007
I've had this phone for a while now, and i'm still not bored! The rotating camera is a genius idea, and the pictures may not be as good as others, but hey, this phone isn't a digital camera! Or is it.... Anyway, I love the phone, and I can't get enough. I have a memory card and I can store LOADS of songs. BUY IT OR BUY A BRICK. Xx (trust me, its the best phone ive eva had)

Reviewed by Oxeney from Uk on 5th Oct 2007
Having problems with phone after a year can no longer send or recieve mms messages pretty hacked off

Reviewed by callistus from cameroon on 25th Sep 2007
LG U890 is the best mobile phone i have ever gotten.but just because this phone was brought from Italy and it is now in cameroon, it does not use any cameroon mobile sim card which implies this phone is of no use with me presently in cameroon.that iswhy i dont like the phone any more.

Reviewed by Rich from Australia on 30th Aug 2007
yeah it's a phone and it still sends me bills. I bought a 2 gb mem stick but even after formatting inphone 5 times it will only recognise 1 GB? Some one please explain.

Reviewed by Jane from Northern Ireland on 29th Aug 2007
I have now had my phone for a year and I think its a GR8 wee phone. Couldn't be without it, I have had many types of phones and always thought Nokia was great but this phone wins hands down!! It withstands alot of abuse, especially when a 14 month old dribbles over it! (my downloads of music is the only thing that settles him). Texting is so much easier and the battery life is super, music is played steady and the battery could go for a couple of days. My Motorola had to be charged everyday. This is my first LG and won't be my last ... Love It .... ;)

Reviewed by LISA from IRELAND on 25th Aug 2007
This is the best phone anyone could ever get. The camra all right but its still a great phone i would get another one.

Reviewed by amy from Ireland on 17th Aug 2007
i love this fone. i cant beleive some of you are complaning about the camera only being 1.3 megapics! if ur such a snob go off and blow ur money on a 500 euro/pounds/whatever phone cos im sick of it. its really great and budget price so please will u stop complaining. it feels like only yesterday when i was so excited on getting the nokia 3310i which had NO camera,mp3 player,voice recorder ect. you were too probley so please shut up cos it is BRILLIANT. P.S thanks Jenny from England who explained everything bout this fone. if it wasnt 4 u i might not have got it. (her review is down below-if u plan 2 get this read it)

Reviewed by hannah from uk on 17th Aug 2007
heya well im a 17 yr old gal n ive had da lg U890 4 about 3months now n i think it is a wicked fone.itz fashionable n it dus evrything i need 2 manage a busy lifestyle.its quick and easy 2 use n it is grate dat it is a flip fone as other fone of mine hav bin damaged due 2 scrathes 4rm other objects in my pocket or handbag.

Reviewed by davids from UK on 10th Jul 2007
I've never had so many dropped calls and the headphone volume on calls is so low I struggle to hear in a noisy environment. The keyboard and layout is abysmal, I've lost count of how many half text messages I've sent because the backspace is so close to the send. The Sim won't work in any of my backup phones even though they are unlocked. In all, great fashion accessory but hopeless for communication with anyone.

Reviewed by Scott - Race yachts for a living. from UK on 19th Jun 2007
I was given this phone to me by my partner as i had recently lost my other phone overboard. And she happened to choose the silver and pink one. Jokes aside i can happily say this LG phone for me has really made using my phone a job apposed to a task. Here me, all i do is talk, message, the occasional odd photo, and upload different ring tones and alarm ring (mp3's) and finally back up/add numbers each month. I read the review that the text button was small but luckily this phone you can click on MENU then OK and it goes straight to text. This phone is fast and easy with a flip allowing the screen to not get damaged with the car keeys or loose change. I have had this phone for 6 months now and i would not change it merely add to it. Battery is great a charge with normal use lasts 3-5 days with no problem. The camera is good enough to take the "odd" photo and the best thing for me is the LARGE number display, no squinting of the eyes here compared to the Nokia 5500 (awful phone) I have had it for a while and the only thing that really bugs me is the clock - i have not been able to find an option to have the clock on the inside the outside has the screen but sometimes its nice while texting or on a call to look at the time.

Reviewed by Dan from Australia on 8th Jun 2007
Dont buy the Motorola V3, V3i or the V3x. Buy the Lg U890 instead. Its way better than those. I had my Lg U890 for about a year now, and i still love it!! Now i have upgraded to the Lg U310.

Reviewed by BigAde from UK on 7th Jun 2007
I've had this phone for over a year (my second LG phone) and I absolutely love it! I agree with the review about the keyboard (not as good as the 8120 I had before). The styling is great, navigation is easy, The screen if big and bright, the battery life has been more than adequate (although now, a year on with the original battery, it isn't as good, but that it to be expected). The pics are fine (if I want a good picture, I'll use my fuji camera, not my phone). I was cautious about moving from Nokia's (the only handsets I'd had previously), but since changing to LG, I have never looked back - long may they reign!

Reviewed by Mark from U.K on 5th Jun 2007
Decent phone, very flimsy though. The hinge is the worst I've ever seen on a clamshell and will loosen within days! Camera is rubbish for 1.3mp, try the moto V3i to see what a 1.3 should look like. Apart from that the phone has done everything I've needed it to.

Reviewed by for the love of god from Uk on 1st Jun 2007
The phone is slim but MASSIVE when talking a call, Flip phones have been around for ages but this one seems to be HUGE when opened. But if you can bare that then this phone lies comfortably in the pocket unlike my previous K800i which is a fantastic Brick. USING THE PHONE And yes the important keypad is quite refreshing to use as the buttons are nice and frim and it feels well built but the centre circle "shortcut" buttons are better operated with nails. THE CAMERA - a gimmic I have a 10m mega pix camera and quite frankly even the K800i was not as good as i had hoped (in my opinion until phones have optical zoom then i see no reason to choose a camera phone over a digi cam. So i do not think i will be using this phones camera as compared to the my Samsung NV10 i would just get upset. And with Facebook, photos are better shared online. The MP3 player. Well i have a 30gb Vision M which plays my movies i have converted to Xvid and has alot of my music on. So i wont be splashing out more money to get better Data cards for a phone that well its a phone, i would be majorly gutted had i been on a train listening to music on my phone to find the battery low when i need to make phone calls. Battery life Well compared to the C975 it is GREAT that phone lasted 2 ten minute phone calls and then it was dead. This phone would be good for the person who goes out to a party on Friday and then by sunday evening would be thinking dam wheres my charger. The only phone i have ever owned that i got genuine battery life from was my Nokia 8810 To conlcude As this phone for me was a refurbished phone from 3G network for only £45 i cant complain too much. As it had pink specs on it i am not overjoyed withit, But compared to alot of phones out there this is a nice and easy phone to operate the text message button could be bigger but if you can live with that then the phone for the standard user (text and call) is great. For the outdoor get an LG OEM case from Ebay about £3 total. I think this phone will have 3 stars. Battery life has moved backwards since the lifelong Nokia 8810's. The camera is not a challenger to the K800i.

Reviewed by Angelo from U.K on 25th May 2007
I hav had mi LG for about 3months i am ver pleased with out it is easy and simple and the memory is gd. I only have a cpuple of problems with it The Battery is very bad And inserting the charger it always pops out! Its looks SOOO nice and every1 comments on it, altrhough it large it git a big screen and i am pleased with out, o and also the buttons are a bit squashed 2gether! BUR I AM HAPPY =D! ***WARNIING*** DONT PURACHASE it if u ahv fat fingers lol!!

Reviewed by Kelly. from England on 23rd May 2007
I've had this phone on contract for 7 months. It's got great interior but i think its too big with all the new lil' phones coming out with good stuff too. I dunno why everyone is complaining about the battery life, mine lasts like for ages. Like 5 days The camera's abit rubbish though I dunno how to get msn on it like other people have lawl!

Reviewed by person from Australia on 13th May 2007
I have had this phone for almost a year and it is excellent! I bought this phone from 3 on the $69 cap. I have the good looking silver blue Lg U890 :) and its an affordable phone. The 1.3 megapixel camera takes very good pictures, and i like it how its a rotating camera which comes handy. The display of both screens, front and back are so good! Its nice and clear and easy to see. With the battery life, the battery lasts for about 3 days! Thats the best that ive had so far. The keypad is a nice shiny silver colour, but i dont realy care about how you have to press it very hard, at least it works! The phone has lots of bells & whistles, and i am a addict when it comes to bells & whistles as ringtones. The sound quality is great, but they should of made a separate loud speaker on the back of the phone though... It has something i have never seen in a phone... The battery is stuck to the phones back cover!!! I have never seen this in my other mobiles or is it just LG that makes them like that? So anyway i highly reccomend this phone! 5 Stars!!!

Reviewed by Juni from UK on 9th May 2007
I think this phone is wonderful, the design is wonderful the memory is wonderful, and even the battery. Anyone out therer who wants to buy a new phone i recommend this one ois is totally not a waste of your money!Well done LG i hope you produce more phones like this in the future

Reviewed by Peter from Australia on 23rd Apr 2007
I have made small videos, using the camera, then have emailed them as multimedia msg, after this they seem to go out, but then if you try and play them it using your out box, it says unsupported format, but i made this video? very strange. If you have just purchased your phone, please refrain from putting your glowing remarks until you have had it 6 months plus.... because as good as this phone looks, it does have some major problems.

Reviewed by Laura from England on 17th Apr 2007
All i can say is THIS PHONE IS AMAZING. i totally recommend that if you are searching for a phone with all the latest gadgetrs on it, this is the one. Not only does it operate as a normal phone but you can have access to msn messanger for free, watch tv, for 50p for 24 hours, download things off free to browse (though i would not recommend this as you can not send them by bluetooth) and the graphics are brilliant! I feel that the memory is plenty big enough and if you want external memory, you can purchase a 2 gb memory card for only £20 which is what i have done. The phone looks stunning and is very hard to scratch and has a small camera on it which can twist round to change the view of the shot. I find this very efficiant as two cameras looks a bit stupid. Overall i think this phone has access to everything you would want and i'll say that all my friends that own phones like the smasung D600 and the Sony ericsson k800i are jealous of MY PHONE!

Reviewed by Al from Cornwall on 14th Apr 2007
Wow, this phones battery actually works!! After having previous experience with LG`s truely hideous battery lives this one breaks the curse. I could just be the lucky one here but it seems to last almost a full week with normal use. Its a good little phone and my only gripe would be of the keys, i aim to press one and end up hitting 5 at once. But all in : a tidy phone that is above average.

Reviewed by Eileen from Ireland on 10th Apr 2007
This is my third and last LG phone. They start off great but the battery does not last more than 36 hours after a couple of months. Now I am charging the phone every day and it's such a pain. I know 3G phone have a much shorter battery life but this is very bad. I'm not on my phone all the time downloading, texting or even talking every day and cannot wait to change back to a nokia.

Reviewed by Mike from Australia on 29th Mar 2007
After having the phone nearly 12 months, I can say the phone size and screen is great, however given its problems I would not try a LG ever again. Very poor network reception, No Radio, Although the camera is 1.3 megs you get very poor images. Cant play MGP or AVI video, cant read text files, cant download and do anything else while waiting, when you use the software to send text messages out it does not add them to your sent mailbox, Does not use external memory to store messages etc, so when the internal memory fills up your stuffed no matter how large your external memory is. No firmware upgrade available. Would people that have only had the phone for a very short time stop saying how really good the phone is when they have not had the opportunity to really understand it. Oh and for all those poeple who cant work out how to get the speaker phone going hold down the c< button (top right) for 5 sec ish while playing music or talking.

Reviewed by sophie from ireland on 14th Mar 2007
i tinks its de best fone eva!

Reviewed by Zara from UK on 9th Mar 2007
I got this phone 2 days ago, and so far its been great, but the camera is a little poor. Ah well! Its a phone not a camera, which I think some people have forgotten. Love the kayboard, one or two mishaps at first but all fine now. BEAUTIFUL in every single way, but is also efficient, unlike the LG Chocolate. I fought for my one which was one of the last, and now I have its so worth it! Buy it or miss out on the best phone you will ever own!!

Reviewed by lucy from england on 23rd Feb 2007
like this phone and it's also got a memory card slot. but it's too big. does anyone know any mobile phone which is small and 3G (the 3 network)

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 23rd Feb 2007
Try the Samsung Z720 or the Sony Ericsson K610i if you want a small 3G phone. Actually, the LG U890 is pretty small too!

Reviewed by John from UK on 18th Feb 2007
Bought 20 of this phone for my taxi drivers and not one of them has had a bad word to say about them. They have proved reliable and easy to use and the blutooth is the most dependable bluetooth we have ever used. Good looking and lasts well on a full battery charge.

Reviewed by saj from england on 14th Feb 2007
i had it for 5 months it was great. but the key pads a bit sensative

Reviewed by car from UK on 14th Feb 2007
the phone is out standin

Reviewed by somali soilder from england on 12th Feb 2007
i think this fone is bad but the prob is that the battery lyf short and the volume is a bit low so this fone is is not good trust me

Reviewed by Rhya from England on 7th Feb 2007
Ma cuzzin has this phone an i am sooo jealous of er! Luvvin da rotatin camera, an even for 1.3 megapixels pix r gr8! Easy to use an looks sexy. I am sooo jealous!! BUY IT NOW YOU FOOLS!!

Reviewed by Mia from Englang on 12th Jan 2007
this phone is amazibg, the only problem is the camera is only 1.3 megapixel. its is sexy, fun and exciting LOVE IT!!!!

Reviewed by junaid from pakistan on 10th Jan 2007
good phone but camera is not too good

Reviewed by yoyo from uk on 10th Jan 2007
sik phone

Reviewed by Fred from England on 19th Dec 2006
This phone is outstanding with a whole host of excellent features including 1.3 megapixel rotating camera and external music controls. It is on the '3' network which is better than any other network i have ever used. This phone is absolutley a excellent 3G handset and i would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Mole from England on 13th Dec 2006
When I first got this phone I thought it was rubbish, but now I have got used to it, I think it is very good. The keypad is strange to get used to, but the text entry is very similar to my old Nokia, so that wasn't too bad. One slight thing with it that i don't really like is the swivel camera because it feels like it is about to break all the time. I prefer the twin camera phones. You can't intstall 3player on it either. The battery life is amazing for a 3G phone though. And the only other thing I can find wrong with it is that the cover for where you plug the charger in gets in the way of the charger even when it looks nowhere near it, the end where it is attached always makes it awkward.

Reviewed by Jenny from England on 19th Nov 2006
This is the most amazing phone i have ever had. first of all with the network service, the network is 3 and many people complain that 3 has a bad signal. I live in an area which suggests this but i have had no problems so dont be put off becasue it is a 3 phone. Now down to the phone, i have the pink version and it is the most extrordinary colour along with the silver. The electric blue is beautful too. When the phone is closed it can act as an mp3 player with or without headphones and even while it is charging and there are buttons on the front which allow you to choose your song. Once the phone is open you have your normal numberpad but you also have a video call button, a menu button and a download button and of couse the back and ok buttons you also have shortcut buttons to the tv, messages, customised ringtones and contacts. The download service is incredible with lots of choices of songs, videos and games and much more. On the menu button you have 12 choices you have: screen, profiles, settings, my stuff, messages, browser, multimedia, contacts, applications, calling, tools and organiser. With the screen you can do all of your normal features such as set a theme and choose a menu style and choose your main and front screen pictures and the duration the screen is on for plus a greeting message and even your own personal font style. Profile can choose what settings you want your ringtones to be and you can put it on silence or vibrate to etc. Setting has date, time, network info, access points and security, language, handset info and of course your memory on your phone and the memory card (if you have one) My stuff holds all of your videos and pictures and sounds including mp3 songs anf ringtones and your bluetooth files and playlists. Messages has inbox and outbox and writing messages and video messages etc. Browswe has settings, security, URLs, saved pages and bookmarks and home so its like the internet and WAP. Multimedia has voide recorder, video recorder and camera. You can have options for the voice such as how long you record for and under cmaera and video recoder you can have a light on, a certain sound when taking, zoom and special effects eg negative or sepia etc and you have special conditions eg at night or sunny. The videos and voice recordings can each last up to an hour. Contacts ahs your contacts which you can edit and have a picture of them when they call etc. Applications ahd games, downloaded games and downloadables and bluetooth etc. Calling has call times, costs, duration and history and fixed dial numbers etc. tools has quick menu, alarm clock, connectivity, calculator, unit convertor and world time. Organiser has calender, to do, memo, secret memo, date finder, dateulator, settings etc. I have only just covered the basics here and this phone can do a lot more than it seems. I figured it out straight away wtihout reading the instructions as there is so much to do but its so easy. I forgot to mention, the phone has a swivel camera so tyou can turn it to point at you or away from the phone and altohugh the camera quality is only 1.3 megapixel it does turn out really well. Aslo you can upload vdieos, pics and sounds to the comp or phone using a usb port. So thats all i can expalin without writing a 1000 page essay but it is a really unique and ultra slim phone so i give it 5 stars. (Btw the memory cards work fine too)

Reviewed by Unknown from Australia on 8th Nov 2006
I just got this phone about 2 weeks ago. Its very slim and the camera is so good! I got it on the $49 cap from 3. I used to have the motorola razr v3 but that phone broke. No regrets getting this phone! I absolutely love this phone!

Reviewed by Andy C from ESSEX UK on 18th Oct 2006

Reviewed by Anon from England on 13th Sep 2006
I used to have the U880, and was upgraded to the U890 as part of my mobile phone contract. I am so glad I decided to stay with the same make/design of phone! THis phone is easy to use, small, and has a great screen, inside and out. Only down sides are that the key pad could take some getting used to, as the buttons are hard to press, and also, as with the previous model, I can't find a way of deleting multiple text messages! That gets very frustrating!

Reviewed by tilly from england on 11th Sep 2006
what a pity such a nice looking phone should be spoiled by such a short battery life

Reviewed by mo from uk on 1st Aug 2006
Love it except for the fiddly keys as another reviewer stated. Its a big let down, i go to write a message and if you dont keep your fingers completly still you end up on another page.

Reviewed by Puco from UK on 21st Jul 2006
I just got this phone last month and absolutely love it!! This is my first 3G phone and no complaint so far. It's neatly designed, compact and stylist phone with a good speaker for playing your music. Nicely designed menu and easy to use functions. Fantasic camera with 180 degree rotation. This is really helpful when making video calls. You can actually get the a speaker dock and share your music with friends. The speaker dock is very good and wont cost a fortune. Portable and can use alkaline batteries while on move or attach to the mains. The only hick-ups are the battery life isnt that great and back cover is actually the battery itself. So it will be a bit difficult to get the replacement product once the battery run down. Overall, it is an excellent phone.

Reviewed by slim from Uk on 15th Jul 2006
Top Phone would recommend

Reviewed by moni from bangladesh on 3rd Jul 2006

Reviewed by jack from Australia on 2nd Jul 2006
i just got this mobile today. got it from 3, free on the $49 cap. it is working perfectly so far. only one little hick-up with connecting to my account on planet 3. rung customer support and was told it may take 24 working hours to activate my account. music player is good. nice photo quality. very responsive keypad. nice menu layout. this is the 1st 3 phone i have owned. and so far the coverage seems good. i have a micro sd card aswell. so i have a heap of pics, vids and music on there. feels good in your hand. and on your ear. only downside. is that it is rather long, which is hardly a problem anyway, as it doesnt effect the performance of the phone.

Reviewed by Rachel from United Kingdom on 27th Jun 2006
This phone was such a disappointment, I took it back. The keypad is fiddly and when I try to press a key I often end up hitting all the ones around it too.. Worst of all, the maximum volume you get when listening to the person on the other end of a call is so quiet. Such a shame because its such a good looking, neat phone

Reviewed by Soooz from England on 27th Jun 2006
Love it!!!!! Absolutely Love it!!!! Lightweight... easy to use... great handset!!!!!! Keypad is flat, which took a bit of getting used to compared to my old LG handset... but now I'm flying on it!!!! My only criticism would be that the volume control when on hands free could do with being everso slightly louder... but hey, if that's the only thing to find fault with... can't be bad eh? Recommend this handset... I love mine!!

Reviewed by andy from U.K on 21st May 2006
THis is the best phone i have ever had.. OMG It is so cool.

Reviewed by pat from australia on 16th May 2006
THIS FONE IS SO KOOL!!! my friends have the older lg u 8360 nd this fone isnt as bulky as it plus it dos'nt have an antena, it has a bigger screen by about 1.5 cm, a louder speaker,a metal key pad, its alot faster than the older version nd just looks so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by abdi from somalia on 29th Apr 2006
dis fone is OK 1 prob is da battery life i am probably da 1st person 2 get it i got november 2005

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