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LG U8330 review

 Review: September 2005  


In a nutshell: The LG U8330 is a 3G clamshell phone with a very similar design and specification to earlier LG models such as the U8130 and U8150.


The U8330 has a high quality 262,000 colour screen, which is better than that of the 8130, but other than that there is nothing very new here.

The U8330 is available on the 3 network and supports all of 3's video mobile services including video calling from its built-in video camera. An integrated speakerphone helps to make video calling easier. You can also record video clips to send to another phone, and download video from 3, for example news, music and sports clips. The phone's functionality includes a camera, video recorder, MP3 player and voioce recorder.

LG U8330 features include:

  • Supports all 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips
  • Internal display: 262,000 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • External display: black & white, 96 x 64 pixels
  • Built-in VGA camera (640 x 480 resolution) with 2x digital zoom and light
  • MP3 player
  • Voice recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Multimedia messaging
  • E-mail
  • Java games
  • Avatar address book – create cartoons of friends and family that pop-up on screen every time they call
  • Infrared and USB connectivity
  • Calendar, To Do List, Memos, Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Currency Converter
  • Memory: 27 Mbytes internal memory
  • Vibration alert
  • Weight: 124g
  • Size: 50 x 96 x 23 mm
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Video calling: 2.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 8 days

LG U8330 user reviews

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Average rating from 116 reviews:

Reviewed by kray from UK on 20th Jan 2011
it cannot download applications and games,it say 903 error.

Reviewed by haris zuberi from UK on 18th Oct 2010
this phone is big man big like a giant its wicked

Reviewed by angus mchenry from UK on 8th Jul 2009
i have had this phone for at least 5 years since it was thought to be a high quality phone. its great for getting the job done and 5 stars for toughness.

Reviewed by demelsa68 from UK on 12th May 2009
I have had my phone sitting unused for a year, due to it suddenly not powering up, brought another charger, no luck. Just brought another battery and third charger, no luck. Not impressed!! The phone has not been dropped or submerged in water so no idea why it suddenly won't work. For a new phone, that is just not good.

Reviewed by praveen from UK on 27th Nov 2008
its no java is working and ir is not suppotrted to other mobiles

Reviewed by Ian Forbes Essex from UK on 17th Jul 2008
I have owned two of these phones (one 8130 & one 8330) over teh last four years.Generally they are reasonable phones.I have had to have both replaced during their warranty period but they are now both still working.There is not much memory to store mp3 tracks so you can only put about 5 or 6 songs on.Geting them on is an art too.Trick is to have usb plugged in before you start the pc and make sure COM port is working .You can synchronise but better to just drag and drop.The real bugbear I found was I could never use as a phone because it would cut out or disconnect.I just used text facility which is excellent.Couldn't work out it it was the network or the phone but I have another make now and that seems ok so far.Cool thing is you can use any song in playlist as a ringtone.Song downloads were cheap too.Battery life seemed adequate but if not long enough for you buy a spare !

Reviewed by omar from UK on 9th May 2008
i hete this fone infrared dont even work worth about 10.00

Reviewed by Adam Da Man 2008 from UK on 27th Feb 2008
yeah it's a really goot phone i have 1 already i bought in like 2-3 years back it's really lasted.. since i dropped it in my pool for 2 mins then half melted it trying to dry it then hadit in the freezer... and u know what.. IT STILL WORKS :o good phone 5/5 :) when i first got mine it was like $90 in woolworths with $30 credit =] ~Adam Da Man 2008~

Reviewed by matt from UK on 5th Feb 2008
UTTERLY RUBBISH! i got that with a rental line and have had many problems with that.

Reviewed by Dennis the menace from UK on 7th Jan 2008
You get what you pay for with this phone. Good camera,good reception.video camera, connection to PC. If you can't connect to your PC get a PC with infrared on it cos it's not the phones fault.A bargain for the price you pay. If you want better , spend a bit more cos you only get what you pay for.

Reviewed by ash from UK on 14th Nov 2007
It is a real cool phne

Reviewed by Cosmos form Ghana Nkawkaw from UK on 24th Oct 2007
i like the phone soo mach! but i cant' use the infrared? with any ordy phone.any con hlep me to use my infrared??? this is email cosmosameyaw@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Sreejit Vinod from UK on 24th Aug 2007
Good Mobile. Sreves all my purposes.

Reviewed by Roy Chamberlain from Adelaide on 14th Aug 2007
FIRSTLY... it DOES last 8 hours on standby, it means when the phone is off/doing nothing. SECONDLY... the infra red DOES work. It is only for syncing with PC THIRDLY: The phone WILL sync to the pc with the usb cord just fine... you just need to know how to use the software properly Anyway,, not a baaad phone but it could be better, thing that annoys me is i cant picky my own message ringtone... stuck on those crummy polyphonic beeps....

Reviewed by Shelley from AUSTASRLIA on 13th Aug 2007
This phone, is one of the best i have had. I give it 100 outter 100. Tomorrow its a time for me to get a new one. And yet i have never been so attched. and im so proud of this phone Cuz it has been so good. It has beem my personal Jesus.

Reviewed by phil from uk on 7th Aug 2007
I have just up graded but had this phone and thought it was brill so thinking of just keeping it.

Reviewed by sam from uk on 30th Jul 2007
I ]lovd this ]ph]o]ne ]when] it first] ]c]am]e ou]t]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]. very in]tuitive and value for ]]money]]]]]]]].

Reviewed by peter from Queensland on 14th Jul 2007
really good and very hard to break

Reviewed by Ezzat Henary Fares from Egypt on 10th Jul 2007
LG u8330 goooooooooooooooood

Reviewed by sann from africa on 14th Jun 2007
i hate my phone

Reviewed by UDOY from BANGLADESH on 27th May 2007

Reviewed by tomas from lithuania on 22nd May 2007
nr 1 cooooool

Reviewed by sohail dar from pakistan on 20th May 2007
phone is good but its infra red doesnt connect with anyother phone. secondly the fone doesnt synchrinize with cptr.

Reviewed by MATEI from ROMANIA on 30th Apr 2007

Reviewed by Thug Angel from Australia on 20th Apr 2007

Reviewed by AT from Aust. on 12th Apr 2007
It's good, but it doesn't Synch with the laptop.

Reviewed by hanuni from iraq on 6th Apr 2007
its good...but yyyyyyyyyyy ther is no arabic in it and how can i get my arabic lang.......

Reviewed by naveed from uk on 29th Mar 2007
the features are good. u can do so much more den most phones.camera quality good too but cheap quality handset.breaks easily.mines snapped in two pieces so if u get cheap dis is wat u get.good luck to all hu av it and piece of advice;dnt let it drop more dan 50 times!;-)

Reviewed by Owen from Australia on 7th Mar 2007
Very cumbersome to use compared to the little Nokia I had although it does have more features. It all of a sudden just stopped working about 18 months after I got it. Not impressed at all.

Reviewed by abrar from india on 3rd Mar 2007
mobile phone is very good

Reviewed by moley from uk on 1st Mar 2007
rocks rocks rocks,would,nt be without it now.had this model now for two years,its a total dream boat.even allows you to record all conversation.fantastic!!!!

Reviewed by Crash from Romania on 25th Feb 2007
The phone is ok and infrared is WORKING!!!!!

Reviewed by Aaron from Australia on 24th Feb 2007
this is a VERY good phone!!..... Plenty of features, good camera picture quality. Plenty of internal memory (32mb). For the price, it's SUPER good value!...

Reviewed by mush from UK on 20th Feb 2007
this isnt very good.

Reviewed by amr gamal from maser on 14th Feb 2007
its very good

Reviewed by milan from serbia on 30th Jan 2007
the phone is ok but only problem is infrared

Reviewed by R.Death from Serbia on 18th Jan 2007
Me Again posting a review after 1 year of using this phone,its still good(altho lot of new phones came out u can still say that this phone can match 'em)after 1 year i had no probs with it,only thing that happened is the mask cracked a bit and new masks cost 30-50e so if u buy this phone take care of it so that it doesnt brake.if it brakes,get rdy to buy another one coz this one will be useless...he was very good servant for a whole year :))

Reviewed by Charlie Knicles from New Zealand on 14th Jan 2007
Great little number, reliable good with connectivity to pc and handy picture quality too. All in all a good Phone would recommend to friend.

Reviewed by Kathryn from N.Ireland on 2nd Jan 2007
Generally, not a bad phone but infared??? Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work and when i went to Turkey it wouldn't let me ring another mobile either at home or in Turkey also. Please email kathryn.pollock1@btopenworld.com with advice (If any) Ta

Reviewed by zilvinas from lithuania on 5th Dec 2006
i dont work innfrared!please write me how to work! my email trysbroliai@yahoo.com

Reviewed by Susie from UK on 28th Nov 2006
Brilliant phone.....but can you use bluetooth with it? If so, how?

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 28th Nov 2006
The U8330 is not compatible with Bluetooth.

Reviewed by cam from australia on 24th Nov 2006
i think this phone is awsome, simply the best phone, but if you know how to use the inferred thing email me at slipknot9609@hotmail.com. kthnx !!!! lol

Reviewed by TP from Australia on 18th Nov 2006
TWO WORDS - DON'T BOTHER! (It's not worth the grief - beleive me!)

Reviewed by petiar from UK on 18th Oct 2006
this handset is rubish. it looks poorly, the surface goes dowdy, sound is horrible(!!!) - I have real problems to understand even spelling, it is very slow - when I am typing text message, I am much faster than the handset - after pressing key for three times, usualy only the second letter is typed. it takes ages to write a text. nevermore LG!!! I am just going to nokia shop buy a proper handset, subsequently this will be smashed against the wall with pleasure!!!

Reviewed by Graham from Australia on 15th Oct 2006
this so called 3g phone is the biggest dung heap I have ever got. LG should be ashamed that it has made this phone. Never to buy a lg phone again. Stick with Nokia

Reviewed by steph from aus on 15th Oct 2006
wow what a cool phone i have had it for a week its great i LOVE it so handy sooo cool get it its great

Reviewed by kate from Australia on 7th Oct 2006
Oh my god this is the best phone i have ever had in my life. I am so excited but all its great features. I encourage people to buy this phone and trust me, you will be satisfied!! =D xx

Reviewed by Prashant Prabhakar from India on 5th Oct 2006
Well, you are fed up by holding your phone or using your hands free kit which might be little bit irritating for few of you but, oh god…you don’t want leave your mobile phone as it keep you connected to your beloved ones, simply try LG’s U8330, the latest innovation with speaker phone. Further this mobile phone have one camera but multiple views that means it take photos and videos from many angles using its 180 degree rotating digital camera using the built in flash light and 2 X digital zoom which capture 6 continuous picture. You can also send photo or video messages to friends and family as well as store photos and videos in the U8330’s photo album and video gallery. Having an enriching sound with 64 Polyphonic MIDI technology this phone has embedded Java technology and WAP 2.0 which enable you to internet related contents. so go for it!

Reviewed by ger from ireland on 28th Sep 2006
its alright like, the ceapest 3g phone out there and once ya use another phone like the nokia 6280 ya realise why the lg is so cheap, camera is no where near the 6280, its abit flimsy and well id recommend someone just save an extra 100e and get a better phone really, ul get better value for money, but if u just need a phone quick then its better then anythin on vodafone for that price

Reviewed by nick from uk on 11th Sep 2006
complete rubbish....dnt waste your good money..a cheap nokia is much better

Reviewed by glenda from UK on 23rd Aug 2006

Reviewed by Maddy from Australia on 13th Aug 2006
I currently baught this phone. It is good for its price but not excelent.. i have seen way better.. i baught this fhone bcoz it was cheep and had a camera.. i notices a few pplz problems i had but solved them.. infrared. can only send pix. nothing else.. uhh wen i look at the pix it lags a bit... there were other things bout it buh i cant memba.. so yer.. thats bout it lmao ... n no its not that good but its "fantastic" 4 tha price kk buh it if u a cheepo lyk me lol

Reviewed by Madviperboy from Romania on 7th Aug 2006
The infrared at this phone (LG U8330) can be used in case you don`t have an USB cable. The infrared is used only to comunicate with a computer equiped with infrared port!

Reviewed by Bob Carr from Australia on 5th Aug 2006
This LG phone is al right. It is too thick and keeps on freezing when I view my multimedia messages. However, I like the ability for the camera to be turned around.

Reviewed by paul from uk on 30th Jul 2006
i got this phone for free an i got ripped off, its the biggest piece of junk i've ever had, add a word to the text dictionary an 3 weeks later you gotta add it again, i kept having problems with people hearing me on it, i am easily annoyed an that done it for me so i smashed it into 2 bits, good riddens

Reviewed by Madviperboy from Romania on 27th Jul 2006
The phone is generally good but the infrared doesn`t work. If you know how to start the infrared contact me at madviperboy@yahoo.com.

Reviewed by bianca from switzerland on 17th Jul 2006
like, oh my god, this fone is like, ew. it looks alright on the outside, but then on the inside in the brain and stuff, it sucks. its doesnt remember much... u know? i had like some photos on there and i had to delte messages cos the fone couldn't read the messages. the camera is really bad too. my hair looked totaly hott, but then my mate took a foto of me and my looked frizzy. ew. not cool. totaly don't buy it.

Reviewed by Salman haider from Pakistan on 15th Jul 2006
this phone from lg has all the good feathers but it does not has a data communication from one mobile to another like bluetoth

Reviewed by Me from UK on 29th Jun 2006
Its an ok fone but annoyin since u dnt get infrared 2 send things 2 uva fones.. n u get no memory.. n ye canny close the fone if ur lisnin 2 music =| its ok wif evryhin else tho

Reviewed by Na from AUS on 27th Jun 2006
absolutely FABulous, dahling. This fone is the bomb. Mega memory, awesome camera- its not at all heavy and has excellent durability! I strongly recommend buying this fone, guys- it is the most phantasmagorical fone in da streets!!!

Reviewed by yoyo from romania on 19th Jun 2006
i have this phone for 3 months...i like it...but it has a lot of bugs (and a lot of minuses about standard features)...i didn't use it on 3G network,so i can't say that is good for that,but it has problems with IrDA port :it is not compatible with any other phone..not even with my PC. and it has a delay when u navigate in menu...and sometimes ,even i'm in a covered area and signal is full,my friends tell me that the can't call me. so , i don't recommand this phone for someone whith great exepectations from 3G phones! try Motorola V3x!!!

Reviewed by kal from uk on 17th Jun 2006
I should actually rate it as poor coz of the fact that infrared doesn't work. DO NOT pay more than £45 for this phone coz sharing files with your mates can be a real problem. Having said that there are a few positives like video recording + calling, camera quality is ok. Am not too happy with the 27mb memory but still not too bad.

Reviewed by t-lo from australia on 9th Jun 2006
dis is da best phone ever. all u people who disagree suck. works perfect and looks great. alot better than the 6280. that sucks

Reviewed by vili from aus on 8th Jun 2006
its ryt..but wots wif the infared..does it evan work or what???..if u know ne thing on it add me @ ripcurl1497@msn.com...

Reviewed by neniafe from philippines on 25th May 2006
This stuff is so cool. I never had this kind of phone my entire life. I am really thankful to those people behind the success of making this phone. 2 thumbs up to you! I just have this phone last week and I did have fun with it. Also, it really did more help in my everyday activity. Thanks again! So guys, why not try to have one and you'll say im telling the truth! More power to LG phone company!

Reviewed by ram from AUSTRALIA on 12th May 2006
its the most awesomeest fone that ever existed and its so cool and i love it and everyone should have one:D theres nothing wrong with it and its so cool i love mi fone

Reviewed by Harley from Australia on 10th May 2006
This phone is good for the price, I'm paying $10AU a month for 24 months. It does play .MP4 audio files, but doesn't seem to play .MP4 video files although the book does say it will play MPEG-4 video. Also when transfering files it only excepts video files in either the .MP4 format or .3GP format although this doesn't mean they'll play. It could do with more memory, it's only got about 27MB which sucks, but thats about 30 minutes of .MP4 audio using Nero HE-AAC 50-70kbps. Photos, it takes up to 640x480 which is ok. Videos are limited to 176x144 at 14.68fps with unlimited duration (well until you run out of memory). My opinion is that this phone is alright, it's easy to use and is cheap, the camera is fun and you can fit 5-10 songs on it. Enjoy.

Reviewed by sabotage from australia on 6th May 2006
my BIG problem is the infared. after pay'n $190 for the phone and finding out the thing don't work!!! That's from the company's own mouth. faulty product i say. maybe they could try better next time.

Reviewed by Rebecca from England on 1st May 2006
This is a Very good fone but I dunno how to get MP3 files on it. Does any1 else???

Reviewed by KARA from UK on 30th Apr 2006

Reviewed by Rach from Australia on 29th Apr 2006
I didn't like the look of it to begin with but now it is starting to look better! great Camera and Mp3 I recomend it!

Reviewed by dan from england on 26th Apr 2006
i personaly think this phone is excellent not the most stylish but it has very good picture and video quality, people have been moaning about the reception on this phone, if you knew anything about phones its your network provider thats responsible for your reception. one of the only real faults i found with this phone is the audio player, the fact that you cant close the phone to listen to music without the supplied earphones is rediculus. memory wise its poor but for the price its expected. 3G is also a bonus for music etc. ive personally had no problems with the infra red or the usb connection, the software included was also good and its all mapped out in the booklets making this a very user friendly phone.

Reviewed by makaveli from romania on 25th Apr 2006
foto & video quality are impecable but i was hoping for more

Reviewed by vicky from uk on 24th Apr 2006
I got this phone May 2005, and i thought it was everything that i ever wanted.... Well this phone is rubbish, the USB and then infered does not work. It's been back 3 times in the past 6 months because everytime i rang somebody it always said "service unavailable"....the internet does not work! its just a really rubbish phone. The phone i would recommend is probably the Nokia 6280. its the best phone ever.

Reviewed by Nic from England on 16th Apr 2006
It looks ok, but the design cud b a little bit more updated - mayb wit different colours. It aint as good as i expected coz dere is noooo bluetooth which i wud prefer to have on my phone. signal is rubbish takin it back after 1 weekk! - STICKIN' TO MY SONY ERICSSON W8OOi - its da best phone in da world - TOTALLY TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Reviewed by HANEN from TUNISIA on 15th Apr 2006
It's a good phone, it has an excelent quality of image but i can not find how to activate the MMS..?

Reviewed by rohan from india on 3rd Apr 2006
its a good phone,but the only prob is tht, theres no bluetooth,mb storage card slot.but now tht i have cme to india i cant use it can anyone give me the unlock code .my email id is singla_rohan@yahoo.co.in

Reviewed by CRISTi=9D= from romania on 2nd Apr 2006
the phone looks great..it's perfect for a man..i can't imagine a girl with it:P...anyway,it has great camera's and a big display ...i haven't use it's 3g yet....but...the camera's are amazing..i already tryed them...it has plenty of options...but i was dissapointed by the memory...for me...a 27 mb memory is not enough for a great video and foto camera and a mp3...right now...i am happy with it...try it..you won't regret it;)

Reviewed by Hayden from Australia on 4th Mar 2006
Stop your whinging, my god this phones rocks!! to that dude from france, it stores 32 MBS! you must have like 20 games on there to not save anything, and if the phone is full PUT IT ON THE SIMCARD DDDUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!! i love this phone, everything great about it (except for that HUGE anntenna)

Reviewed by rohan from italy on 26th Feb 2006
this phones good but there should be extra mb space,its only 27 which is very less and theres no space to insert an extra storage card

Reviewed by mr peter carrott from uk on 22nd Feb 2006
the reception is is rubbish

Reviewed by Micah from UK on 18th Feb 2006
This is a good phone but it iz a bit squarish in the shape its got good functions like mp3 player, video even though the video is 10 secs, voice recorder and camara the camara is blurry and not good at all. Its style doesnt look good so i will advice you to get a better phone rating out of 10 5/10

Reviewed by Deusdies from Serbia on 14th Feb 2006
Perfect phone, yes, the keypad is a little bit bad, but whatever...About the messages, capacity is 170 messages... + SIM card

Reviewed by Harry from France on 11th Feb 2006
This phone is rubbish, the keypad has cracked and i have had to buy a new keypad for it, i was very disapointed as i couldNT store phone numbers or send texts its rubbish phone. dont buy it!!!!!! i urge u!!!!!!! DONT!

Reviewed by Helen Howells from UK on 9th Feb 2006

Reviewed by R.Death from Serbia and Montenegro on 6th Feb 2006
This is a good phone,the only thing that bothers me is that this phone has no games,but considering the price(110E)its good!!!!!

Reviewed by anonymuz from ro on 29th Jan 2006
it's a very good phone

Reviewed by anonymous from U.K. on 18th Jan 2006
i dont know how anyone can say it's a outstanding phone, no phone is flawless, its got good feature's, user friendly, small and handy, get internet at the touch of a button and you can top-up from your handset, providing you got solo or switch.... but it ain't anywhere near outstanding....

Reviewed by Roxanne from England on 17th Jan 2006
I have never had a WORSE phone. Its ugly, bulky, and heavy. I hated using it. Video and camera quality is terrible and really disappointing. Rubbish features. A complete waste of money. I cannot emphasise strongly enough DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Cooler from Italy on 21st Dec 2005
Great phone, considering how much it costs this is one of the best phones, I can not understand others how can they say that this is a bad phone? I guess "they" say bad words only because they have different phone. ;)

Reviewed by tiesto from Romania on 18th Dec 2005
its a great phone but only when you have the original software for it the software can be changed with the software for the U8310 when u unlock it this sw is not good for the u8330 infrared port is not working the batery least 48h instead of 72 and many other problems

Reviewed by RG from UK on 12th Dec 2005
Quite easily the worst phone I've handled in recent times.

Reviewed by TROMFU from ROMANIA on 9th Dec 2005
THIS IS a bad telephone.i had one and it was broken after 2 month.i don't can repair it.don't buy this telephone.

Reviewed by Ovi from Romania on 8th Dec 2005
Best PHONE //Life`s good ... LG//

Reviewed by Peter from UK on 30th Nov 2005
Well for those who simply wants to make calls! fine i guess but the most disturbing aspect is the manual which fails to elaborate specific functions such as transfering data on Infra red port! or for that matter how the speakerphone works whilst making the call or upon receiving the call. It has excellent back up from 3g who have so far given excellent level of service and very friendly staff, to whom it matters what customer wants, unlike the likes of Orange or other networks(staff have uncaring attitude). I will definately stick with 3g and dont miss orange at all.

Reviewed by Mr.NoName from Serbia on 10th Nov 2005
Good phone for 110eur

Reviewed by kt from Romania on 9th Nov 2005
It is excellent..i had it for 3 days and it s the coolest i ever had!!!Good work LG

Reviewed by singh from uk on 25th Oct 2005
another lg clone...yawn get the U8360 much better specs

Reviewed by alin from ROMANIA on 21st Oct 2005
is the best thelephone

Reviewed by Danail from Bulgaria on 8th Oct 2005
i can say only this THE BEST

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