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LG U8138 review

 Review: August 2005  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The LG U8138 is an enhanced version of the LG U8130 3G clamshell.


 Most of the comments for the U8130 apply to the U8138 too. The U8138 supports all of 3's video mobile services including video calling. You can also record video clips to send to another phone, and download video from 3, for example news, music and sports clips. The camera is of VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) which is average for a camera phone these days. The internal display is a high quality TFT LCD with 65,536 colours and a good resolution.

The U8138 is pysically the same size as the 8130 and is 2g lighter at 124g. It's very similar in appearance but with a smart two-tone silver and blue design.

Minor improvements in the 8138 compared to the 8130 include an upgraded external screen. The 8138 has a 88 x 100 pixel screen with 65,536 colours, in contrast to the smaller black and white screen on the U8130. The MP3 player has been upgraded and now supports WMA format files. The battery life has also been improved, giving better performance when using the 3G functions.

LG U8138 features include:

  • Supports all 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips
  • Internal display: 65,536 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • External display: black & white, 96 x 64 pixels
  • Built-in VGA camera (640 x 480 resolution) with 2x digital zoom and light
  • MP3 player (supports MP3, AAC & WMA formats)
  • Voice recorder / video recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
  • Multimedia messaging
  • E-mail
  • Java games
  • Avatar address book – create cartoons of friends and family that pop-up on screen every time they call
  • Infrared and USB connectivity
  • Calendar, To Do List, Memos, Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Currency Converter
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes internal memory
  • Vibration alert
  • Weight: 126g
  • Size: 50 x 96 x 23 mm
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 5 days

LG U8138 user reviews

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Average rating from 70 reviews:

Reviewed by BINDHYACHAL UPADHYAY from INDIA on 5th Feb 2015
Good Look

Reviewed by sharon from england on 30th Aug 2010
i have one of these phones and it has a short video of my late father. It is the only video clip I have of him but I cannot seem to do anything with it other that view it. I would like to send it to another phone or attach it to my new phone which is still on 3 network. any ideas please anyone? thanks

Reviewed by Earthlingmind from England on 5th Oct 2009
The browser part of it is just awful, but you can use it to download Opera Mini from Opera.com... That will make all the difference!

Reviewed by Lianne Williams from Australia on 25th Feb 2008
Hi guys, Donot get this mobile phone u are wasting ur money. it has a shocking camera and video.They stuff up .the micro phone breaks in the phone and when people ring u they can hear like a scrunching paper sound in the background and u cannot hear them. decide for your self but its not a goo mobile phone.

Reviewed by Joey from Cole on 29th Jul 2007
Well i bought this phone about 2 years ago, the phone itself is not bad, and reception and camera are good but as it has not got bluetooth i got rid of it. people may prefer the lg u880 instead of this.

Reviewed by mike from uk on 19th Jul 2007
i think its lack of bluetooth makes it a waste of time

Reviewed by Paraic from IE on 10th Jul 2007
This phone is quite good apart from the front screen that went blank twice. However 3 fixed the phone within a week and it has worked fine ever since.

Reviewed by Andrew from Australia on 3rd Jul 2007
This phone is cool..the only proplem is the fact the data trasfer doesnt work..And ive thrown it around and it hasnt broken!!! im happy

Reviewed by customer from IL on 29th May 2007
The worst nightmare I ever had lasts since i bought the phone. Cracking noises all the time, people don't hear me, changed mic, but no improvement. Reception ubelievable - people call me and as they hear ringing, my phone plays dumb. Heats, even just sitting on cold table. Had to replace software, due to freezing screen symptoms - lost all data. Alarm clock absolutely not to be trusted, ask my boss. All that others here descibe... and more! Battery is OK, and it serves well as long as you just receive SMS's. there is no 0 stars here???!!!

Reviewed by mikey from australia on 29th May 2007
15 years old i hate this phone it doesnt have blue tooth or infa red doesnt work wont let me get ringtones that are those real ringtones this phone suks balls

Reviewed by MEBARKI Boumediene from algerie on 13th May 2007
its very good phon for me and the mark LG

Reviewed by Rhiannon from England on 16th Apr 2007
its a good phone ive had mine a year now and although i am now looking to upgrade it i have loved having its a good fun phone great first phone :> xx

Reviewed by Tom Illing from England on 12th Apr 2007
I got this phone from my Korean student on my 14th birthday. It took me quite a while to get used to it, probably because i couldn't find the menu button eventhough it was staring me straight in the face! But as i got used to it, i really got quite attached to my little phone. Yes, it is quite bulky, but the advantage of that is so you get a big screen, which i really prefer to some poxy ones you get on other phones. I looooove all the little extras, like the swivel camera (though i broke it within the first couple of weeks of getting it!) Also i love the fact that you can access 3 and that it is compatable because 3 has LOADS to offer. My only bad point is that it doesn't have games already on the phone itself and that you have to pay quite a bit to download them from 3 games. But hey, i think overall that this is a great phone, and recommend it to anyone that likes big screens and the 3 network. Have fun! :-)

Reviewed by tyson from australia on 13th Mar 2007
it is so stupid

Reviewed by msafifi from egypt on 4th Mar 2007
its very good for any 1 want good looking phone and more time of talking and ... any way I'm gonna change it soon

Reviewed by tavares from australia on 15th Jan 2007
my grandson gave me his phone. well first i couldnt hear the other party on the other end .i got that fixed and now the language has turned to german so now i cant read that and where do i buy a simple little USER MANUAL but otherwise its good

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 2nd Nov 2006
This phone was a really good phone for me until 6 months ago or so. The signal would cut off whilst trying to make a call in an area where the signal would usually be 100%. People would call me and it wouldn't ring, highly annoying. I thought it might've just been me until I read the reviews on it just now to see others have come across the same problems. On the face of it a good phone, with good features, easy to use handset but has technical problems with it, so do avoid as it will screw up eventually.

Reviewed by Penny from Australia on 31st Oct 2006
I got this phone at the start of 2005, it was okay then, but now it freezes, the buttons won't work properly, the camera is useless, it blacks out on me, its absolutely JUNK. I regret getting this phone, it was a waste of good money [$460]. DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by Pirzada Afridi from Peshawar(PAK) on 6th Aug 2006
i used this mobile set from the last 5 months. its very good and soft.its sounds are very nice clear display. all vedios are very good and too long have very huge memory.really i love it ..

Reviewed by joe oughton from england on 28th Jun 2006
this is good if you like playing around, which i do

Reviewed by Mr.Mohabbat Khan from Lahore on 1st Jun 2006
All i want to say is i upgraded to this phone from the u8120 and the u8110 and this phone is great.the outer screen is very clear and i must complement on the beutiful design. 5 stars all the way for this one. however the fetures are the same as the u8120, but looks wize its great.

Reviewed by Hannah from England ! =D on 10th Mar 2006
I got this phone in the summer holz (2005) n it was alrite but i'm now having problems with it . . . lyk the buttons dont work , it freezes and it started to play dixie horn non stop and i didnt kno why ! ! + i need help i got the cabel n everyfink but how do you get your photos from your phone to your computer ? it would b so cool if u could help! chrz xoxhannahxox!

Reviewed by PAUL from UK on 21st Feb 2006
If you are having problems hearing the other party or vice-versa, it is most likely a software problem. If the phone is under warrenty return it for a software upgrade. I think the lastest is V1.06 could be 1.07

Reviewed by Marty from Ireland on 15th Feb 2006
Have had this phone for a full year now. Have upgraded to a different phone manufacturer and I now realise how fantastic a phone the u8138 actually is! The only major downside is lack of bluetooth, but it makes up for this through its tons of other features. 1. It has a converter for currency, length (inches:centimetres), weights (lbs:grams), capacity, etc. I found this extremely useful 2. Loads more info can be put into the handset memory for each contact and its groupings are much better and easier to use. 3. A Calendar AND memo AND 'to do' section for reminders that allow large amount of text be put into each reminder and option for exactly when during the correct day to remind you. It also has a 'datulator' to count down days to a particular event. Obviously not necessary on phones, but is actually quite addictive for birthdays, holidays, etc. 4. Large selection of very good ringtones and text/MMS tones and alarm tones inbuilt. 5. Although there looks to be many buttons, they are actually laid out quite well and logically so your thumbs and fingers don't have to move too far when doing messages, setting alartms, etc. All in all, this is a great phone even more than one year on. Still looks good. Only bad things I find are already listed below: Camera is NOT good - colours are terrible. Lack of bluetooth. Build quality not the best. However, its not the worst either. Mine got dropped outside on average once a week, and nothing ever failed or dropped off. Well done to LG for a good looking phone with great software and loads of features. This was a phone before its time. Would other manufacturers PLEASE look at this phone and include some of its features in their own phones?????

Reviewed by pradeep.k from india on 15th Feb 2006
my lg u 8138 has derveloped a strange problem: some times i am able to hear the other party and some times vice versa.what could be the reason?

Reviewed by alok from india on 30th Jan 2006
it's too cool set foe each and everything but it's weak piont is not availaibilty of bluetooth.

Reviewed by anonymous from england on 29th Jan 2006
i got this phone about 2 months ago and i think its !!!GREAT!!! the mp3 player is great the camera is great i have had no problems with phone and have had other phones but none even compare to this one but the one bad thing is not enough memory for mp3s and no expandable memory so i would realy recomend ths phone but if you want alot of songs dont buy and the 3 network are too expensive

Reviewed by Rebecca from Australia on 27th Dec 2005
its an exellent mobile fone except it dosent have bluetooth with is pretty bad but otherwise its awesome i would highly recomment this mobile phone

Reviewed by Daniel K. from Ireland on 22nd Dec 2005
The phone is fine. There is one problem which might sound strange but the phone or the glass covering for the main screen is grabbing my beard hair! The glass edgy may be too sharp or it could be getting caught in the gap between the screen cover and the frame.

Reviewed by Mike from England UK on 23rd Nov 2005
Nice little phone with a few annoying traits. Noticed someones comment about the '3' network being the worst, this is far from true (unless using their pay-and-go system which in all honesty is poo). '3' isnt a bad network, problem is they are new unlike orange voda etc who have funds to use the bigger names in the industry. '3' are a complicated network with very advanced software which many of their phone simply cannot handle. I own the 8138 and like i said its a nice little phone but limited. Irritating traits are: Frozen screen, poor battery life, limited functions, vibrate mode freezing (so it freezes when u get an alert and wont stop till u rip battery out. which might be good for the ladies!!!!!) I also have the nokia 6680 on '3' (and i hate nokia phones) and the LG just cannot compete. Was a good early phone for the network but has served its due, move over for the premium handsets now, lets stop dwelling on this old phone now eh? thanks! :0)

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 21st Nov 2005
I got this phone a while back and I've had major problems with it, all credit to the model, its a great phone my my picraphone on it went all screwy and no one oculd hear me when they rang me..! but hey it was second hand, I'm taking it to be fixed and unlocked to virgin very soon (next friday) and this networks better than 3 in my opinion, 3's too expencive! but this slim clamshel design is very stylish, and suitable for all ages from teens to adults! its reception is genuraly very good also! cameras excellent especially with its 2x zoom and flash! my fave bit is the video recording! anyway c'ya! Josh

Reviewed by Lady Lou-Lou! from England on 15th Nov 2005
I'm getting the LG U8138 for xmas and I can't wait! Even though it's going to be second hand, I think its a great phone. 2 of my friends have got this phone, and say that it is a brick, but it's not! I think it's stylish and very easy to use. Its got a big screen which I think is exellent and the lettering and numbering is nice and bold. I also like the fact that you can change the colour of the screen to either; orange, green, blue or violet, and the numbers can be changed to any colour. I really can't wait to get this phone, I just know I'm going to using it all the time. I'm giving this phone 4 stars at the moment because I dont actually have it yet, but hopefully when I do, i'll be able to give it 5 stars! I think this is a great design and I would advise people to take a look at this phone coz it's quite good! :-D

Reviewed by james from uk on 27th Oct 2005
This phone has a nice desing good mp3 decent camera and loveable avtar images.But it does not have bluetooth so i will not give it a a five its not 2 expensive and quite strong so if u drop it not to much damaged done the only other thing 3 are da worst network.

Reviewed by Rachel.C from England on 17th Oct 2005
I've had nokias, panasonics, ericcsons and motorolas and this phone is the best yet. It may not look fantastic but it has everything except bluetooth and a radio. It's easy to use and the camera is excellent. But one warning- three are the worst network!

Reviewed by Big Dave from UK on 16th Oct 2005
Best phone I've ever had. Far Superior to any nokia or motorola. Very easy to use, excellent camera. I would highly recommend this handset.

Reviewed by iran from england on 11th Oct 2005
this fone is da worst fone ever i've still got it and keeps switching off and the screen goes mest it says it cums with a mp3 player and infared there woz no point in ever putin them on da fone they dnt work da mp3 player works but u cnt conenct it to da computer and who wants to pay £3 to but 1 song or £5 to buy a game this fone hasnt even got gd memory i could ave waisted dat sort of memory i 1 day it hasnt even gt a memory card or bluetooth as sn as ma contracts over im gettin a gd fon like da sony ericcson k750i, sony ericcson w800i or da samsung d600 trust me u dnt want dis fone is rubbish and if any1 buys it they'll regret it.

Reviewed by Jono from UK on 6th Oct 2005
Excellent Handset. I've had other 3G handsets before and this is by far the best. The camera is amazing (no like the older phones such as the NEC that was RUBBISH). I would highly recommend this handset..

Reviewed by cj from uk on 17th Sep 2005
this phone is awsome freat camera and video the usb installing i havent worked out yet but its so good the phone ;) ive had alot of phones but this one tops them all by far!! i like how the swivel camera makes it secretive so ppl dont know if you are taking photos of them or not :D 100% awsome value!!

Reviewed by ang from uk on 11th Sep 2005
Wouldn't recommend this phone or the 3 network, like previously mentioned my phone will switch to video at anytime including sitting on the table and wipe out the battery leaving me without a phone to use till charged back up, also couldn't ever get a good signal and if on the rare occasions i did it would lose the signal as soon as i dialled a number or ring be answered then lose the signal despite the signal strength where i live supposingly to be 100%. Have managed to use less than 10% of monthly price plan due to a non-existent connection or a flat battery, also having really bad difficulties contacting 3 and having no replies from complaints, and having trouble being understood by the call centre in India, now contacting Watchdog and Otelo to have this contract voided. Now have had to take out another contract to get back to a normal network provider and a phone that i can rely on.

Reviewed by Riad from Scotland on 30th Aug 2005
Well i have had this phone over a month now and i must admit it is a good phone. First of to navigate through the menus is fast, to scroll through the contacts list is pretty fast and best of all the t9-text input is brilliant. Even without the predictive text, messaging is easy as the buttons are a good size and do not require jabs to type with. The quality of the camera is good but i am sure you can get better at a lower price (i.e O2 X4), the video recording function is great however and the quality of the sound from the speaker is very impressive for a phone. Unfortunatly though there is a few downsides, that being, no bluetooth connectivity and the phone itself is a bit bulky for the features that it. has. Also i would recommend that if you do not like the three network you try getting the phone unlocked over a dealer in Ebay or somewhere nearby in a local phone shop as it can be done (my LG U8138 is unlcoked and i use it on O2). Overall though if you are looking for a phone that has all the latest features (bar bluetooth) and is stylish and fun to use, the LG U8138 is a very good choice.

Reviewed by sliders from UK on 16th Aug 2005
exellent, rien na dir

Reviewed by monty from australia on 25th Jul 2005
this phone is so anoying but is also good at the same time. for starters this particular modle is the only one out of all the LG U8*** that does not play music when it is closed and not even when you go into prfiles. i like the colour screens all round thats great but the music factor really anoys me...... the new one (LG U8180) is the best apart from the new navigation keys are smaller.

Reviewed by Sukaina from United Kingdom on 13th Jul 2005
This phone is quite good with the things it has to offer. its camera is good and games .Even though i don't have it .

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 12th Jul 2005
=In my opinion, this phone has teething problems= STAY WELL CLEAR, until LG come up with an updated model, at least. I feel shame to even give this phone 2*'s. I've had this for over a month now, and not a single day has it functioned properly. I previously had the 8120, which I can honestly say I had no major problems with, in the 8 months that I had it (other than the usual heating up, and once in every blue moon freezing!) - then the earpiece started crackling, and Three kindly offered to upgrade it to the 8138. And that's when the problems began! To make calls: I'd have to try at least 2 or 3 times before it actually decided to START dialling. To receive calls: People would call me, and it would either go straight to voicemail, or the caller would hear it ring, but the phone would not!!! (that was when I had full bars on the coverage-meter). After repairing it twice, and replacing it once, Three still couldn't fix it. Now they've offered to replace it for a different handset altogether. As far as functions go, this phone is average. I'd like to see more memory (or expandable memory) on it. Also Bluetooth would obviously would be good. Battery life is ok (if it doesn't overheat for no reason!!). The only pro over the 8120 (other than the full colour exterior screen) is that there's no longer a limit to how long you can record movies on it using the camera (other than how much space you have left on it).

Reviewed by gutza from UK on 12th Jul 2005
ys very good!

Reviewed by Leeya DABEST from UK on 6th Jul 2005
This phone is ok the only thing that I don't like about it is the battery life. by the way the Nokia 1100 is the worst phone eva and the Motorola E398 is da best fone eva.

Reviewed by Simon Peaty from UK on 28th Jun 2005
Avoid like the plague! I cannot stress how much I hate this phone, and “3” to boot! I have had no end of problems with Battery life, connections, service I could go on. 3 were absolutely useless and couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery. You can only speak to their Indian call centre, all of the employees are as much use as a chocolate tea pot. If you even consider going with this provider or manufacturer of phones you need your head examined

Reviewed by ashley bissell from england on 28th Jun 2005
this is an incredible phone.i will advise anyone who wants to get one to do so.at the moment i have a samsung d500 but the lg 8138 is an absolute incredible phone!GET ONE YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED I PROMISE

Reviewed by Dino from ENGLAND on 22nd Jun 2005
This is a fairly good phone, difficult to unlock as it needs software. Plus points are nice bright clear screen, good signal, trendy and compact, easy to navigate menu. More reliable than the U8120 (we get loads of 8120's for repair mainly due to bodged unlocking). Bad side, bluetooth is for headset only, camera not as good as on 8120...yes that's right..it is the same camera but the wiring on the colour front screen interferes very slightly with the camera, only noticeable when directly making a comparison with a 8120. Limited to 32mb memory with no memory slot for a card. Not very PC friendly. My son uses one of these and he loves it. for the moment I'll stay with my sony P900 and Motorola A1000

Reviewed by Kjay from England on 21st Jun 2005
Well i would have to say this fone is pretty good, the camera and videoing is brilliant and all the features are good too! I especially like the fact you can put on as many good games on the phone as you want (if you have the right software - Gthing) However the only reason why i gave the LG U8138 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is rather on the large side and also it doesnt have bluetooth which is included in many new phones! But on the whole if u are considering getting this phone and not bothered about bluetooth and having a large flip phone then get it its BRILLIANT!!!

Reviewed by Kiran from England on 18th Jun 2005
I bought this phone 2 weeks ago, and i found out it was excellent for about a week, then it kept crashing and turning itself off all the time, even when it was ringing, it doesnt even have bluetooth. i would recommend the motorola a1000, that phone it excellent with a 5 star rating. thank you :-)

Reviewed by corley from UK on 7th Jun 2005
this is the best phone, i brought mine as new off ebay for #120.00, which is dirt cheap for a phone of this quality. Would highly recommend with great vidoe recording which can go on for as long as you like and a voice recorder so that you can even record phone conversations. Probably not always the best thing for the person on the other end of the line! great download time and quality, i had heaps of mp3s, vidoes and pictures on my phone and still worked fast. Sadly i've only had my phone for 4/5 weeks but it got lost and thrown out in the trash so i sadly no longer have it any more. oh one more thing you can create little 'avatar' people, like sims so that you can create your friends and store the pictures with a frieds number in the phone book so that it is displayed instead of a picture when the phone rings. great phone highly recommend.

Reviewed by FC from England on 6th Jun 2005
Thoughtfully put together - apart from video button on outside of case (may resulting in unwanted videos of inside of trouser pocket. Only things misisng are bluetooth and memory expansion option, although 32 MB is pretty generous to start with. Really nice size and design (aerial can be replaced with something shorter) with "surprise and delight" menu structure. Well priced now too at some 3G outlets.

Reviewed by jane from UK on 6th Jun 2005
AT first, this phone was really great and cool.... after 5 months of having it the flaws started to appear..first it would just switch off by itself then everything would be jumbled(ie menus and contacts..after another month, my phone started causing the same problem again until finally, it wont work anymore. after 8 mths of using this handset, it did finally give up. whenever u tried to switch it on, the screen would just go white then off again. Sadly, ive lost all the information inside my sim coz no way that i could retrieve them anymore. really sad:(- my friends who happen to have the same handset are also having the same problem.. its really up to your judgement.

Reviewed by Amanda Simmons from London, England on 4th Jun 2005
My LG8120 died (along with countless others - don't get one if you want to have a hope of keeping videos, pics or your own phone address book) and I was promised by Three that the LG8138 was the top of the range LG phone and would have no such software issues. When it arrived, the internal screen displayed backwards and then the phone kept freezing (the latter being just like the original LG8120 problem)Trying to get another replacement from Three has been a two week nightmare. I would suggest steering well clear of any LG phones. (Shame as their features are really quite good)

Reviewed by puttu from uk on 20th May 2005
stupid phone... dosent have all the features that other nice 3g phones have... poor colour.. unfriendly to use.. go back to good nokia.. thats the best..

Reviewed by Tim from Australia on 7th May 2005
My problem with this phone is that every now and again it will flip into video camera mode while in my pocket and suck up the battery life. Has anyone else had this problem?

Reviewed by Mark from Australia on 17th Apr 2005
Overall a good phone. It's main fault is that playing audio through the headphones is very faint, yet ordinary phone calls are crystal clear.

Reviewed by Caomhan OConnor from Belfast on 12th Apr 2005
tis is a beill phone it has to be the best phone i have ever had i would suggest it to any one looking for a phone

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 12th Apr 2005
very nice phone, but would be beter with blue tooth. camra very good but vidio clip is only 5 sec. could not nind ring tones Sent the phone back.

Reviewed by moi from UK on 12th Apr 2005
well this phone is outstanding i just got it and i'm impressed and believe me its not that easy to impress me.So far theres been no problems only da sceens get dirty easily other than that its the phone from heaven.

Reviewed by Ormo from NORTHERN IRELAND on 11th Apr 2005

Reviewed by Little Boo from England on 3rd Apr 2005
I have had this phone for three days now and found it excellent. There are a few problems with it though. They are, on my old u8120 every now and again the screen would go blank. I put this down to the phone saving battery life but when i pushed a button i found that the phone had switched off. I tried taking the battery out of the phone and putting it back in but when i did the phones screen went white and then went of again. I took it back to the shop were i got it from and they said that they could give me another one but i am worried that it might happen again and my warrenty is running out fast. I got the LG U8138 because i thought that LG would have solved the problem by now but it doesnt look like they have because some of my friends say that it has happened to there U8138. But overall i find the phone great and like the colour screen on the front of the phone. I would rate this phone as a 4 star phone (Excellent).

Reviewed by tupac from uk on 30th Mar 2005
this is a good phone but the only thing i hate about it is the reception of this phone

Reviewed by Jamie Horton from United Kingdom on 26th Mar 2005
An excellent phone in my opinion. The only thing missing is the blue tooth and transfering video content in Windows media form to the phone seems impossible using the CD Rom software that comes with the phone. Apart from no bluetooth I think this is an excellent phone.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 18th Mar 2005
he best phone that i have ever had and seen, i would highly recommend this phone to all people!

Reviewed by nEIL from UK on 15th Mar 2005

Reviewed by tracy westwood from england on 12th Mar 2005
most of the phones functions are good but only had a week and the screen froze while making a call.hope doesnt keep happening otherwise good phone

Reviewed by Gillian from u.k on 9th Mar 2005
this is a good phone for a 3g phone. its not too big and heavy. it has some good features on it but the only thing missing is bluetooth, but i can live without it!!. its the best phone to get on three network. i would recommend this phone.

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