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LG U8130 review

 Review: February 2005  


In a nutshell: The LG U8130 is a minor update to LG's popular 3G clamshell, the U8120.


The U8130 is almost identical to the U8120, so most of our review comments apply here. The only noticeable difference, apart from some minor styling changes, is that roaming between 3G and 2.5G networks has been improved, so that the U8130 should drop fewer calls than the older model when in marginal 3G coverage areas.

The LG U8130 is a clamshell style 3G phone available on the 3 network. It supports all of 3's video mobile services including video calling from its built-in video camera. An integrated speakerphone helps to make video calling easier. You can also record video clips to send to another phone, and download video from 3, for example news, music and sports clips.

The camera is of VGA resolution, which is standard amongst current camera phones. The high-resolution display is clear and sharp with 65k colours - ideal for viewing videos and photos.

Functionally, the phone includes features like an MP3 player, voice recorder, Java applications, e-mail and MMS. The only features missing are Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) features available in the NEC e616 for example. It does have both infrared and USB connections though, which are a welcome addition. A memory card is also missing, although 32 Mbytes is quite acceptable.

Physically the phone is compact, very attractive, and is better styled than many 3G phones. Being 3G it's larger than most clamshells, but no heavier than most other 3G phones. Battery life is good compared with most other 3G phones, which is a key advantage, although most users will find that they need to recharge every few days.

In summary, the 8130 is a good all-round performer and a good mid-range 3G clamshell. It is no longer available, but a suitable alternative is the LG U880.

LG U8130 features include:

  • Supports all 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips
  • Internal display: 65,536 colours, 220 x 176 pixels
  • External display: black & white, 96 x 64 pixels
  • Built-in VGA camera (640 x 480 resolution) with 2x digital zoom and light
  • MP3 player
  • Voice recorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Multimedia messaging
  • E-mail
  • Java games
  • Avatar address book – create cartoons of friends and family that pop-up on screen every time they call
  • Infrared and USB connectivity
  • Calendar, To Do List, Memos, Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Currency Converter
  • Memory: 32 Mbytes internal memory
  • Vibration alert
  • Weight: 126g
  • Size: 50 x 96 x 23 mm
  • Talktime: 3.5 hours
  • Battery standby: 5 days

LG U8130 user reviews

Love this product? Hate it? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them. Please do not review this product if you have not used it. This is a review site, not a forum, so please don't just ask questions. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

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Average rating from 86 reviews:

Reviewed by koketso from south africa on 22nd Nov 2011
okay the phone is good looking but then again the boring thing is that it has no card slot and bluetooth

Reviewed by viraj from sri lanka on 5th Jul 2010
it,s nice.

Reviewed by rahul from india on 4th Feb 2010
nice phone Ilike it

Reviewed by Jude from Accra,Ghana on 20th Jan 2010
The phone is very good with all the features you can find in it.

Reviewed by Ijudai from Nigeria on 30th Dec 2008
Why did LG made such a dummy of a phone? Its as good as useless. I plan to give out the phone to sombody I dont like!

Reviewed by sumeet from india on 2nd Sep 2008
i realy love this phone , i have this from 5 years without any defect

Reviewed by Júlio from Brasil on 7th May 2008
I loved this phone bat , i have trouble my phone no power . i m live in brasil , poosible help me . thanks . julio

Reviewed by Kenny from abuja on 27th Feb 2008
The phones good, its very affordabl for a 3G phone, my fellow countrypeople should stop complaining about its 3g functions because we are yet to have a functional 3g network in Nigeria, so until we have that we can assess the 3G capabilites of the phone .

Reviewed by antony from india on 20th Feb 2008
display good but dont working the display......... sound good but cant acceess its very bad..

Reviewed by emmanuel from nigeria on 9th Feb 2008
i can't make video call, and also i can't use the infrared to collect application from other phones. how am i going to do all these pls. especially the video calling pls mail me on gunners4life2008@yahoo.com

Reviewed by hossny from egypt on 8th Feb 2008

Reviewed by Nemek from Nigeria on 28th Jan 2008
I have used a lot of phones from different companies and there is one yet that can be compared with this. why? to answer that question, i will say because this is the most useless phone that has been made and can only be compared to none. Nothing works. Infrared, USB...nothing. The battery is also problematic and the flip screen is another problem that will take a whole day to discuss. My suggestion is that LG should settle for TV's and other electronics we no them for and leave phones for the likes of Nokia. very soon they will go and do one stupid car. Please, leave phone and concentate on your known services.

Reviewed by Antipas from South Africa on 14th Jan 2008
This phone is not available in my country, i think thats a Good thing because this is utter nonsense of a phone. I mean how can u design a phone without a Bluetooth, No memory card slot and very small on board memory!! The phone is user friendly but it can do with some major improvements

Reviewed by Catalin from Romania on 9th Aug 2007

Reviewed by EHAB from EGYPT on 21st May 2007
u8130 is the best mobail i have seen

Reviewed by EMMA from GHANA on 15th May 2007

Reviewed by Lawrence findaz from Nigeria on 14th May 2007
Applications,mms and infra red is not working.

Reviewed by AYHAN from TURKEY on 14th Mar 2007
this cellphone screen not work.

Reviewed by Abubakar Alhassan from Nigeria on 9th Mar 2007
LG U8130 infrade is not work.

Reviewed by imran from pakistan on 13th Feb 2007
nice phone

Reviewed by boby from austria on 1st Feb 2007
i think this foon is very good .because its sound is very clear and its shape is very nice.but its have a problum infrod is not worked and camera result is very bad.

Reviewed by yey from romania on 22nd Jan 2007
excelent mobile phone .. the irda has nothing wrong its just made to connect only with ur computer . won`t connect with other mobile phones but thats not a problem the mobile phone was made like that

Reviewed by ahmad samir from egypt on 10th Jan 2007
I think it is a very good mobile, his sound is so clear,but the infrared doesn't work all the time.

Reviewed by awais from pakistain on 9th Nov 2006
i think in this cel phone is excellent and is good for daily life it's sound is so clear and loud vedio calling also good

Reviewed by jules from nz on 2nd Nov 2006
it was real good and yeah cuz all ma m8z luv it

Reviewed by bashar from syria on 23rd Oct 2006
this phone is a very bad phone have much problems 1.the microphone doesent work sometimes 2.it sometimes restart when you go to the recording 3.the infrared dosnot work and no data are sent to it it still and still connecting and no transforming 4.the usb doesnot work also 5.the record is so bad when you record songs 6.you just have some stuped rings 7.if it fall just one time it will be alot of peices 8.the signal is terrible i advice donot buy this stupped phone it is waste of money i just want to ask the lg company why they made infrared in this phone.. have not they tried it it is better thet the didnot pot in it bluetooth coz it will cost us more money and for nothing lg is a loser company for phones so let the phones for another companies

Reviewed by Tom from England on 31st Aug 2006
The IRDA Doesnt Work, Poor Display And The Camra Quality Is rubbish!! Dont Waste Your Money On It, Buy A D500 or D600 Instead.

Reviewed by hassan ali from uk on 2nd Jun 2006
well i hav had this phone 4 only 3 dayz n the usb or irda dont wrk n well the mp3 omg there is none just say u can only record songs wich are unclear ow will the mp3 work if its got no bluetooth because the usb or irda dont work this 1 comlicated phone when it cumz 2 connested with computer even i can make a better phone than this stupid company haha lol lmao!!!!!1

Reviewed by Goni from Albania on 7th May 2006
This phone is excellent lol!!! Photos and Videos are okay!!!

Reviewed by M from England on 19th Apr 2006
Had the phone nearly a year. Not had too many problems with it. Video camera isn't that good indoors, but quality of camera was okay, though this is my first camera phone so don't have much to compare it with. Main problem has been that the phone has completely frozen on several occasions, meaning I had to take the battery out whilst the phone was still switched on in order to get it to do anything. And the camera totally jibbed out once - you could see the picture in the gallery, but the preview on screen was just gibberish! Pretty sturdy phone, though clunky and not too good to look at. I don't think it's that bad, though to be honest I haven't tried to do anything with it other than make calls, send texts and take a few photos!

Reviewed by Chigozirim from Nigeria on 18th Apr 2006
Well the phone is okay but my greatest issues are that my phone has refused or is it by design that i can only connect to my PC and check only mail on my phone. Can't view pictures can't or edit movies and the Infra is not working cos it keeps showing connecting and never recieves data. Pls i need urgent resolution of this problems to move forward in using the beautiful but complex Phone

Reviewed by emy_the_gigi from romania on 21st Mar 2006
BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by ceri from cardiff,wales on 13th Mar 2006
I have had this phone for a year now, I haven't had any problems what so ever, I'm just lookin forward to my upgrade lol !!!

Reviewed by matt from england on 12th Mar 2006

Reviewed by Winkler Matthias from Italy on 10th Mar 2006
Microphone is not working well. It's a big waste of money. Company should be sued for it.

Reviewed by adrian from romania on 7th Mar 2006
i have this phone for four months already and im not pleased with the results:when i record a video clip the sound is terrible ,has no blu tuth althou you find it in the script , no infrared etc.there are some good things about the phone :i like the shape and wide screen and the pictures are very sharp ;if you ask me this phone must be returned to the work shop and get some improvements

Reviewed by krissy from australia on 6th Mar 2006
this phone is a bit 2 chunky, the MP3 quality is really bad, the video quality is really bad, cant even see whats happenin that well, USB dusnt even work, not much memory, overall bad phone

Reviewed by yaz from uk on 2nd Mar 2006
rubbish phone,,, alwaiz needs a software reflash,, waste ov money

Reviewed by Laci from Romania on 28th Feb 2006
OK so here it goes the phone is a medium one video/audio capture is pretty bad but still the mp3 songs are goodly played the size shape are great like the battery to (best li-polymer battery i ever had).i did not had any big problems with it ...ecept 1 factory resert ...witch is quite simple to perform and takes like 5 sec ^.^

Reviewed by david from uk on 4th Feb 2006
The LG u8130 is a decent phone it beats most other 3g phones due to its style and features, the phone looks exciting which is a far cry from the boring look of the NEC mobiles avalable and it has many features including rotating camera,iRda and usb connectivity, 32mb internal memory,tools and accesories etc, on the downside there is no bluetooth but the usb software is very good and no memory card slot, the screen is very good and the video recording is only limited by the memory avalable it will support all of 3's current services altho i have myself disconnected it from 3 and put it onto 02 uk where after settin up the 02 3g services it works very well all in all its a very good phone.

Reviewed by toxicJC from UK on 1st Feb 2006
Rubbish - only good thing 3g for viewing Goals lol

Reviewed by mark from UK on 25th Jan 2006
best phone ever video record for as long as u ike. get it its 3g

Reviewed by MARK from IRELAND on 22nd Jan 2006
i got this fone a couple of days ago and i tink its brilliant. the camera is excellent and da mp3 player is fab. i would give this fone 5 stars because its brilliant and everyone should try it out.

Reviewed by Darren from Stoke on Trent, UK on 16th Jan 2006
Video capture is awful. Sort of defeats the whole point of having a 3G VIDEO-phone eh?! Even using the camera for still image capture is no better. Absolute toss!

Reviewed by lucy from australia on 12th Jan 2006
i've had the phone now for 18 months, i've had a number of problems with it, the microphone no longer seems to work so people can't hear me when i'm on a call, the loud speaker doesn't work, the phone turns off randomly. i wouldn't really recommend anyone to get an this particular lg phone. I'd say lg's better off sticking to tv, dvd players etc. dissapointed!

Reviewed by Malin Gurung from Nepal on 7th Jan 2006
I bought this phone from 3here in hong kong. I only got to use it on a 3g network for a week because i had to return to Kathmandu.Now here in Kathmandu I use it on a 2.5g network(Mero Mobile).Its pretty good in terms of functionalities but lacks a better camera and blue tooth.Moreover the screen freezes constantly when closing java apps.The browser is not good,but you could always use opera.

Reviewed by sally watts from england on 26th Dec 2005
i have had this phone for a while now but i think that it is boring,no games, the mp3 is ok,but not loud enough, and you cant put it on loudspeaker. also the network 3 is rubbish. the reception is terriable,and the battery life lasts about 3 days.

Reviewed by jasmin from england on 13th Dec 2005
this phone has gd features on it and is v. stylish but i had to have it taken to be repaired 5 times. and after the 5th time they told me that the phone had been brung out too quickly and wasnt ready. so dontget this phone unless u want to have to have repared how ever many times!!!

Reviewed by flaw2less from the north pole on 19th Nov 2005
great fone from damien jones i luv dis fone luv it luv it luv it i wanna marry it

Reviewed by sanna from sweden on 17th Nov 2005
Very VERY bad! Problrms with infrared, problems with display... :-(

Reviewed by Zlate Jovanov from Macedonia on 9th Nov 2005
I have LG phone but i have problems whit Infrared.Enyway a love this Pfone.

Reviewed by aSsaSin from Roumania on 19th Oct 2005
Nice and great !

Reviewed by Catalana from UK on 12th Sep 2005
Bought 2 phones with network Three - one for me, other for my husband. Both had problems with not being able to hear anything in the middle of a conversation. Sent them for repair. Came back the same. Asked for replacements & all was fine until mine crashed completely. Got another replacement. Since then, we have had them for more than 6 months & i have to say we have come to like them a lot. Think it must have just been a bad batch. They are very easy to use, with big keys & large screens. Great for first time users like my husband!

Reviewed by ddd from UK on 11th Sep 2005

Reviewed by Briana from UK on 6th Sep 2005

Reviewed by johnnyUK from scotland on 3rd Aug 2005
I`ve had this phone over 2 months and it`s been excellent,reception is the same as my 02 phone where ever you go(including the highlands). Battery lasts the same as my 02 nokia(lots of calls,charge it about every 3 days,still half its charge left in the phone). So much more advanced than the nokia 6820. Bought a bluetooth kit with it but don`t use it,it comes with a superior headset (compared to other phones) and i use that. The big question is- has anybody experienced difficulty claiming their cashback ?

Reviewed by Luar from PHILIPPINES on 2nd Aug 2005

Reviewed by Prasad from India on 28th Jul 2005
Hi..I bought this phone wherein i end up paying only 5 pounds a month for 500 minutes 100 texts plus 20 minutes of video phone too. Plus offers lots of downloads free..this phone really rocks..go and grab it and do not waste 25 pounds a month on a similar phones from other networks

Reviewed by jayne from uk on 27th Jul 2005
i have had this phone 4 about 2 months & i hate it i tried to video my daughters music play last week. when i tried to play it back the quailty was horried and i couldnt make her out. Also the ring tone volume is very low that i sometimes miss calls

Reviewed by roisin from ireland on 26th Jul 2005
this fone is brillant you couldnt buy a better fone!!!!!!

Reviewed by dave from uk on 20th Jul 2005
only had the phone a week , i think it is great. reception is good , camera ok. i have used software to put mp3s onto phone and transfer pics onto pc.

Reviewed by jack from lomas on 7th Jul 2005
This phone is an average phone on the good side of it,it is a smart,stylish looking phone but it has no bluetuth which is a big letdown and wheres the mp3!

Reviewed by Nabz from England on 6th Jul 2005
This phone is good i have just 1 question: why cant you use the zoom or the multishot when you take the picture?!

Reviewed by Carl Harding from UK on 21st Jun 2005
How anyone can knock this phone is beyond me, If like me your looking for a easy to use phone that does the lot then this is it,all in all the phone is very reliable, the camera is superb the only drawback if i'm on knive edge is the fact it could do with a bit more memory, but hey all in all its the dogz nutz

Reviewed by ronny from uk on 11th Jun 2005
shockingly bad phone - i have had 2 replacements in 6 months, the screen freezes more than occasionally, and the reception (with 3) is the worst I've ever experienced. What's the point of all these free minutes each month if you can't get any reception with which to use them?

Reviewed by faysal from Uk on 8th Jun 2005
The Phone has a lot of good features but it also has some disadvantages for people that are mad about much.. first of all it comes with 32MB which isn't a lot... it hasn't got bluetooth. above that, i been straggling with sending some MP3 file.... other than the memmory size and lacking bluetooth i think this phone is an average phone...

Reviewed by Paulius - Lirthuania from UK on 5th Jun 2005
Great phone, enough memory and so on, but some bad points: no bluetooth, a bit annoing sound while talking (clamshell sounds like plastic-to-plastic), not able to put mp3 as sms sound, finally i dont know what about uk and other countries, but wap through gprs breaks down every minute and old siemens c55 works great in the same place at the same time. maybe it 8130 is too good for wap, because it opens full-size google page, someimes it breaks down because of too many pictures or size of page. thats it. have questions? bivas@one.lt(paul)

Reviewed by Joanna from UK on 28th May 2005
what a phone, had it for a month now and has been really cool, what more you say BUY IT. all the features are really good and it is a really easy phone to us. Although havent quite worked out how to transfer mp3 to the phone.

Reviewed by anda from romania on 19th May 2005
it is the best i ever had... it`s really smart, and i fell like having my PC in my hands...the colours are so intense and it`s cool being able to record so much on it.i still haven`t discovered how to play jawa games ore use the mp3 player.i can`t find these things in its menu...why?

Reviewed by peter from Ireland on 17th May 2005
Don't buy it! it's terrible, everyone i know that has one has had problems. They are forever freezing and breaking down, i have had two replacements. Don't beleive all these other reviews, give it a few months and you'll regret buying it. Also with the three network and these phones the signal is terrible.

Reviewed by <-Ugly-> from Denmark on 13th May 2005
This is a new age. its all more than a phone. Excellent!

Reviewed by Catalin from Romania on 10th May 2005
This an excelent phone i am very happy with it!

Reviewed by WAVE from WAVES on 9th May 2005
it is good

Reviewed by sexy beast from UK on 9th May 2005
I lke dis fone cause its canny small!! not a brick!!!!

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 29th Apr 2005
I'm a long time mobile phone user, and maybe because of that I'm not really into video calls, sending picture messages, the web and MP3; I've a very good digital camera and e-mail, a PC and wicked MP3 for that. But I want a quality phone to make and receive calls, and send a text or two. The phone has to be easy to use - I refuse to read handbooks. If I make a call, I'm too dim to remember numbers so I want to get to the contacts and dial quickly. I want to hear the phone if it rings, and to know it's mine (so good and varied ringtones). Guess what this phone does all that, and it's first class. It does a load more too, camera, video, etc, etc- but I use them too little, I'll let someone else comment on them. Only down side is lack of built in Bluetooth (you need a small adapter). I'm 5 stars happy with this phone - it does all I want and more. So why have I only given 4 stars - well I know al lot of people like bluetooth, so bowing to popular demand.

Reviewed by Sergiu from Romania on 26th Apr 2005
WoooooW ... Its All I Can Say !!! :)

Reviewed by smithy from u.k on 25th Apr 2005
A lot of the problems people are experiencing with their phones are network problems NOT handset problems! People get confused with the difference and blame the phone unnecessarily!

Reviewed by Marco from Italy on 22nd Apr 2005
It's a great phone. It has the best display I've ever seen, the camera is ok, the polyphonic sounds are great (72 ch.) It's a little bulky, but you won't find a smaller 3G for now.

Reviewed by JuNIoR from Romania on 27th Mar 2005
Until now i had many phones and i was a Nokia fan, but i bought the Lg U8130 from a friend. It was brand new. It is amasing. The camera and the display are excelent. I made 350 pictures in 2 days and i recorded video for abou 1 hour. The pholyfony is also very good. It is to bad that in Romania 3G is just a dream and I have to use the phone on a GSM900 network that stinks, named Connex. Anyway I am impressed by its performance. If I fiind something new about it I'll write a new review!! For the ones that whant too talk to me ..... Yahoo Messanger: juniorx88/e-mail: juniorx88@yahoo.com. P.S. I cand send you pictures made with the phone for the ones that whant to buy it!

Reviewed by Monica from Romania on 25th Mar 2005
hey...it is a gift for my birthday,and... is smarter than me!!!!!!!!!I don't discover yet,but if it makes pop-corn than I'll marry "him" :-)) Is the best.Really.

Reviewed by Nestene Consciousness from GB on 23rd Mar 2005
Yeah, this phone is ok.The camera is the best I've had and the display is great. I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for three's appaling network coverage. Can other reviewers please start writing their reviews in English rather in inane TXT SPK, as it's quite hard to read some of your reviews and makes you sound like you're retarded.

Reviewed by cipriani from italy on 8th Mar 2005
the best phone i had till now and i had 14 phones ...whit cam and this is the bestttttt

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 4th Mar 2005
Thought I'd keep this review company - is a fabulous phone with many amazing features!! A thoroughly good make and an excellent buy!!!! BUY THIS PHONE, IT'S GR8!!!!

Reviewed by LADY LYRICAL from LUTON on 2nd Mar 2005

Reviewed by Rachel from - on 19th Feb 2006
won this phone about 6months ago, was pretty damn pleased and loved the phone. everything went well for about 4months and then the microphone messed up and sometimes when making calls the person on the other end couldnt hear me. kind of put up with this, but a few weeks later it went even more wrong. the camera didnt work - i just got a lime green haze when trying to use it, the main screen went blue and the whole image was reversed making it incredibly hard to read meassages etc. before actually recieving the phone, id read some of these rewiews so i was kind of expecting it to go wrong. im just glad i hadnt paid for it like most other people. would have been a massive waste of money.

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