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LG Optimus Me review

 Review: May 2011  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The LG Optimus Me P350 is a budget Android phone. But there are too many compromises, especially the small screen, underpowered processor and limited memory.



The LG Optimus Me is another budget phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) with features almost the same as the LG Optimus One, and you wonder why we need one so similar.

LG Optimus Me features include:

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LG Optimus Me user reviews

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Average rating from 13 reviews:

Reviewed by Teen from UK on 14th May 2012
I can say that this is a nice looking phone, but that's the only good thing I can say. It's slower than a really slow thing, unresponsive - unless you want to go online or make a call unintentionally in which case it's your phone! - any more than 3 apps and a snail would be quicker. Sound quality is shocking - from the music player and making/receiving calls. You cannot change the message notification tones, most settings are complicated to amend or update. Took me an age to get any software for it, unable to update the software either so the apps aren't working too well. Rubbish internal memory, processor just not powerful enough. Just a poor phone all round, I know it's one of the cheaper android models but I don't think this excuses the poor all round performance

Reviewed by tony from india on 4th May 2012
Im impressed with the image quality of this phone considering its a 3mp, but only when there is plenty of light... the speed of this phone tends to decrease dramatically with the number of apps i installed. the display of this phone is the brightest and the sharpest i hav seen... the touch keyboard takes sm time to get used to but once u get used to it typing becomes effortless.... the only negative about this phone is that the processor is a bit underpowerd... but i love this phone!!

Reviewed by ns from india on 31st Mar 2012
Just one word........* Super....!! *

Reviewed by Moky from Philippines on 24th Mar 2012
Now I see what is LG Optimus Me, thanks LG Company i hope it will good cellphone and easy to used. :)

Reviewed by RAHUL from INDIA on 8th Mar 2012
It's the best divice. Thanks lg for its usser friendly interface. A superb low cost android phone that u must cosider.

Reviewed by mountain rover from UK on 26th Feb 2012
Cheap and great for sudoku but in terms of phone it's tricky to use and the quality is terrible. Not compatible with Mac. Battery life poor when using apps. I like using gadgets such as maps and the odd dip into facebook but those things really use the battery up. You should be able to go out for the day and use maps but you can't so what's the point. Phone directory rubbish too. Hard to forgive Tesco for selling me this. Love the andoku app though!

Reviewed by Payge from Not telling :P on 27th Jan 2012
I got this phone for christmas 2011 , and im 12 i use this phone heaps of facebook , skype ect. i tend to find it slows down but i thinks thats just from facebook . its a quite slow phone now and the call quality isnt the best but i still love it ! the phone charge lifetime is the best but sometimes i find it hard to get over the fact there is only a camera at the back and not the front , since im very photogenic so thats not the best for me but i guess its okay with the timer on . Its a good phone but i think its not the best phone to have when u just wanna lie in bed and check facey instead of going to ur desk and onto ur computer .

Reviewed by Ramesh patil from India on 23rd Oct 2011
I am using this phone from past 4 months, this is the best android phone with good speed, sound clarity, and with low budget. I rarely use my laptop after i had LG optimus p350. The battery life is superb and it takes just 30 mins to get charged. I love this phone awesome

Reviewed by naveen from India on 11th Sep 2011
This doesn't have autofocus camera. x-(

Reviewed by Martyn McCarthy from England on 5th Sep 2011
I got this phone on a special deal from Tesco's as my previous phone, an old fashioned, though solid, trusty, reliable & user friendly Nokia N95 had finally died as a result of dropping it in a dyke whils't rescuing a horse (long story!!) & we needed a phone to go on holiday with in case of emergencies...anyway i have to say that so far I've not been impressed in any way. it's taking me a while to get used to so will continue to give it a chance but already i'm disappointed in so much about the phone compared with the nokia. The main difference is the picture quality of the camera/video..I'm not really interested in downloading apps or social networkig or internet use or even gps navigation on the phone, I'm mainly interested in using it as a phone & for messaging though the fact the Nokia N95 has an excellent camera & video capabalities has been a real bonus & have recorded & published many video's on YouTube/Facebook with it....Sadly the optimus has none of the capabilities of the Nokia despite being several years newer, other things that make it vastly inferior to the Nokia include...totally non user friendly (ended up making several unintentional calls & texts, microscopic font sizes & on screen keyboards & notification messages (even when rotated 90 degrees)meaning it takes far too long to input any data, Far too easy to connect to the internet & not so easy to disconnect (in fact I'm still not sure when I have disconnected so am worried about getting a massive phone bill!!) A totally user unfriendly instruction manual, poorly translated into english that doesn't really tell you how to do anything or explain some of the symbols etc......but the worst thing has to be the online software & customer support from LG. I downloaded the LG PC suite (4) to syncronise my contacts with outlook (as due to the small keyboard etc it would take far too long to due it manually (& there's little point also 'cos as soon as I get another Nokia from o2's insu rance company it's going back!!) needless to say the software simply doesn't work even trying all the options presented by the website. so basically in a netshell, compared with the Nokia N95 (which is over 5 years older, therefore might be considered by many to be out of date)..poor picture quality, poor video quality, poor call quality, non user freindly, too easy to run up a big bill, poor sound qulity, poor customer support, poor ease of use due to microscopic font sizes & small buttons & totally rubbish software. Would I recommend it? Not in a million years (though my wife likes it better than her phone- though I think that says more about her phone, a very basic Samsung!

Reviewed by Megan stripton from UK on 24th Aug 2011
Great phone I would recomend it, it has everything I need for my busy life and the camera is very good the only thing is, it doesn't have enough memory as I wwould like but it's fine because I still have the memory card from my last phone

Reviewed by ersin gumus from Turkey on 6th Jul 2011
love my optimus me..i ve been using it for 2 weeks and no cons so far..battery lasts more than 48 hours.. can be easily carried in my jean pocket..if you want to try an android phone without paying a fortune and do not care about suberb pic or screen resolution quality (resolution is OK for me by the way) this is the one you should consider to buy..

Reviewed by tony wright from UK on 6th Jul 2011
got it saturday...taking it back today. compared to my last non android LG this is a step back. yes it has a lot of xtras, but sound quality of calls is abysmal. i did'nt recognise my wife or my sister when they called. had to look at the number to check, and they said it didn't sound clear. where is the txt log? even the bloke at Tesco couldn't find it?

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