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LG KS360 review

 Review: October 2008  

Last updated July 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The key feature of the LG KS360 is its slide-out keypad, which makes it a perfect phone for keen texters or emailers.

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Fancy an iPhone for about one tenth of the price? Step right up! OK, the KS360 isn't really like an iPhone, but it's a pretty snazzy phone nevertheless.

It's smaller than an iPhone, although quite heavy and chunky, with a thickness of 17mm. But that's because the phone has a full slide-out QWERTY keypad. If you like texting, then you're going to love this phone! Full QWERTY keypads normally come with business phones like BlackBerries, or the virtual touchscreens on high-end phones like the iPhone. But here it is on a budget PAYG phone - it's what keen texters have been waiting for! The KS360 has plenty of features tailored to texting in fact. The threaded SMS feature is a neat way of having text conversations. There's also a full range of emoticons to liven up your texts. As well as texting, the QWERTY keypad makes this a good platform for mobile email. Although the LG mail tool lacks the power and flexibility of a BlackBerry, it's easy to set up and use for personal email.

Like most LG phones, the KS360 has a touchscreen user interface, so you can dial directly from the touchscreen without needing to open up the slide. In fact the slide is really only used when texting or sending emails, so most of the time you can use it with the slide closed, just like a normal phone. In addition to the touchscreen, there's a full range of "normal" buttons for navigation, calling, ending calls, etc, so if you don't get on with touchscreens there's no need to worry.

In fact, this is such a great phone for texting and calling, and so cheap, we weren't expecting it to have any other features. But it does. It has a digital camera with video recording capabilities. The camera's about average for this price range, although it lacks a flash, so can only be used in good lighting conditions. The large 2.4 inch screen has one of the highest resolutions available, and is excellent. The phone has a built-in music player that supports MP3 and AAC formats. And an FM radio too. The built-in memory is not overly generous at 15 Mbytes, but you can add a microSD memory card up to 4 GB. This is enough to store around 1,000 MP3 tracks.

Connectivity appears to be via Bluetooth only, but the battery life is very good. The phone doesn't support 3G, but it does have triband GSM coverage.

To be honest, we're quite blown away by this little baby. We were expecting it to be a bit tacky, but it's really impressed us. The keypad is a big bonus for anyone who sends a lot of texts, and LG have been generous with the amount of stuff that's included in the phone. At this price, we think you'll be impressed too. And it's available in Blue or Pink, depending on which gender stereotyping appeals to you :) Some of our users have reported software glitches with this phone, but most seem happy and for the money it offers outstanding performance.

The new LG GW520 has a similar design with upgraded features.

LG KS360 features include:

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LG KS360 user reviews

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Average rating from 1288 reviews:

Reviewed by Francis from Kenya on 27th Jul 2014
Loved the product,at 1st wen i bought it,it used 2 download stuffs bt i really don know wat appened nao it dosn't

Reviewed by Emma from England on 16th Sep 2012
Well I got this phone a long time ago and since got a Galaxy Ace. However about a month ago I lost my new phone and after years of not being used I decided to re-use my LG KS360. It was very used, had a crack on the screen, slid the other way it was supposed to, all the buttons were worn away. However it was a trouper and served me well. I even managed to get facebook and it ran faster than my Samsung! now I have found my Galaxy Ace. Just wanted to say good job baby! I love you. R.I.P My LG KS360. <3

Reviewed by Lukas from England on 14th Aug 2012
I have this phone for a years now. Yes it does switch himself off sometimes but solution for that is to put memory card in it and try to save everything there, also keyboard is awesome, treat text view is an excellent idea. Internet settings are dead easy to set (call your provided in case of any issues) and it is easy to use. I am using it everytime when I am waiting for new handset to comeout and I am impressed so far.

Reviewed by Mallaidh from UK on 10th Jul 2012
I have had this phone for about three years now, I bought it, forgot about it and rediscovered it. It is a basic phone, but it is great for texters. Don't buy this phone expecting a huge number of apps, you'll be disapointed. When you get right down to it, think cheap blackberry minus BBM.

Reviewed by Madison from United States on 19th May 2012
This phone is so frustrating! It's way too small, & shuts down when you are texting. You constantly have to clear your inbox because the memory can't hold it & it has a short battery life. I would not suggest this phone to you.

Reviewed by tylar butcher from ?????? on 24th Apr 2012
this is the best phone ever i love it yaaaaaa!

Reviewed by Jay emmanuel from Nigeria on 21st Apr 2012
LG KS360 is a nice phone to use

Reviewed by ? from ??? on 16th Apr 2012
I HATE it.................its slogan might as well be :

Reviewed by bob from england on 13th Apr 2012
The KS3360 is an 'okay' phone but it didnt fullfill all of my phone needs.Without a memory card the memory has very little space and is quite slow at times (e.g. if your messages inbox is building up).Like some,im also clumsy and have dropped my phone a number of times, but unexpectedly,the phone's screen hast cracked.This is due to the fact that that the KS360 is quite solid and compact.Overall the LG KS360 is an okay buy.

Reviewed by Jimbob from UK on 31st Mar 2012
At first it seemed like the perfect phone, but then problems started arising like it turning itself on and off by its self, slowing down really badly, and goes onto the internet a lot by itself and wastes my credit. Althought i am quite clumsy and have dropped in on any possible surface and the screan has never cracked, and this could have also contributed to my problems

Reviewed by Wajid khattak from - on 18th Mar 2012
I like it

Reviewed by Sam from England on 27th Feb 2012
I've had this mobile for almost 2 years, it's a pretty good phone - for it's price anyway - obviously it has it's negatives and positives:
* Switches off A LOT! My friend has this phone too, and the same thing happened to hers.
* Battery life is v. bad! Especially if I you like listening to music and using the mobile internet.
* Camera is v. basic, but if you don't mind having a simple camera this phones for you!
* But the phone is stylish, and great for texting.

Overall it's an okay phone, but it is quite cheap...obviously LG products aren't v. good in the first place...I'm planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy Fit :)

Reviewed by spyro from England on 8th Feb 2012
I've had this phone for 2 yeard now. It's great for texting and that, but I can't even setup the email or internet on it! It sometimes restarts when I send texts, and watch my own recorded videos. I would recommend this phone to everyone, but after it gets to about 2, it starts to let you down.

All in all, it's a great phone!

Reply by nathan from bornemouth/kinson on 11th Feb 2012
Yes ive had that ive now had mine for 3 years now when u plug the charger in it phones someone u cant set up the network the touchscreen is not functioning propely and now its slower than it used to be also it cuts out when play vidios and sometimes when u play music another thing is that it sometimes wont turn on even though it has battery but now in 2012 the phone is still working and i think its a amazing phone to be honist its still realy good to use SO LG KS360 IS THE BEST PHONE IVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Reviewed by Ella from England on 20th Jan 2012
Do not get this phone. It might look nice at first and really cool but you'll get bored of it very quickly. To get anything out of this phone you will need a memory card as you can only take 10 pictures with the normal memory. I would recommend a blackberry as the are getting cheaper and are 1000000 x better than this phone.

Reviewed by Carly from England on 15th Jan 2012
I chose this phone for my 17th Birthday, and at first it was great. Took a while to get used to the keyboard but it was so much easier to text than phones without the qwerty keyboard. However, after a while it started to turn off randomly, and it started to lag when i turned the screen for the keyboard, sometimes it didn't turn at all and I would be looking at it the wrong way round. The final straw was when people called me and it began to ring but not show the screen so I did not know who it was, or people would ring and it would shut off. I treat my phones well but use them a lot. The battery life is not that great either so it isn't for someone who uses it a lot. Saying that, the text messaging was really great in layout, allowing you to see the full conversation on one page like an iphone. I will give a 3 star because it was great at first but not for me! Qwerty keyboard is great for text lovers, but the phone quality goes downhill very fast. I know others that have had the same problems with it turning off on its own randomly.

Reviewed by LouiseP from Scotland on 15th Jan 2012
this is a cute wee phone, with a decent sized keyboard that slides out BUT I have had no end of trouble with mine, switching itself off halfway through writing text messages or when trying to call, and when making phonecalls not connecting right away so you're going "Hello! Hello???" and they can hear you but you can't hear them, then it eventiually connects = bloody useless as a phone then!!! Maybe it was just my handset that was faulty, but that was a replacement one, so get at your owen risk!!! No free games, have to pay for them all too. Very little memory for photos, only had about 15 and memory full! ..and unable to email or download onto computer (unless I'm just technically inept, lol). Good for texting, when it worked. After 2 years of frustratiion have traded it in for a budget android at same price with much more for your money ..LG ...binned, kersplat!

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 19th Dec 2011
Got this phone 2 years ago, loved it at the time, not anymore! It doesnt store any files, the Internet is slow and rubbish, the damn thing turns itself off when it gets confused so I give this 2 stars out of 5 DON'T BUY get an android or blackberry, much betr

Reviewed by Charlie from australia on 15th Dec 2011
I am getting this phone for Christmas i have already looked at one and it is really cool! the qwerty keyboarde is perfect for my love for texting lol

Reviewed by Lulz from Malaysia on 14th Dec 2011
Ive been using it for more than 2 years now n not planning on getting a new one atm. I must say its pretty good considering the price lul

Reviewed by alan from england on 11th Dec 2011
well i don't have it yet but my friend has one. it is amazing it has everything i think it is better than my blackberry

Reviewed by love from uk on 5th Dec 2011
this phone is bad, trust mee! i brought this phone nd the week it started getting stuck nd kept on deleting my photos nd thing! i would never have got this phone if i was you! you can only have 500 message so if u get more than 500 message this message sine will start coming nd you wont be able to recive any more :@ i hate this phone! please dont get this phone!

Reviewed by Jibril mohamed from UK on 8th Nov 2011
It a very nice phone. But i wanted to know its security when i wana restore the phone memory

Reviewed by Isabella from UK on 2nd Nov 2011
hi i had this phone for my 10th birthday it is a great phone and i use it any time. its great for around my age because it is good for texting all your frends

Reviewed by loubiaman from UK on 26th Oct 2011
the only con in this phone is the lack of wi-fi otherwise i think it's pretty cool and especially fancy-lookung :D

Reviewed by Rhianna from UK on 25th Oct 2011
my mobile wont connect the internet

Reviewed by xox from UK on 25th Oct 2011
I've had this phone for about a year and a half. At the beginning it was working great and i was quite fond of the phone because of the stylish qwerty pad, i bought the phoone when many people had it. Unfortuanetly it doesn't last that long, it stopped working and constantly kept turning off, its out of fashion now and I cant wait until i can get rid of it.

Reviewed by patryk from UK on 17th Sep 2011
this phone is good

Reviewed by Tommy from UK on 13th Sep 2011
When I first bought this phone it was brilliant, but then after a few days it started freezing and switching itself off all the time. The internet connection is slow and most of the time you can't enter a site. It always freezes especially when you go to use the keypad. I've had it for less than a year and have decided to get a new phone.

Reviewed by jf96 from UK on 11th Sep 2011
Horrible phone, worst I've ever had.

Reviewed by lowri from UK on 11th Sep 2011
ive got this phone and it isnt very good it takes ages to turn on and it is slow after that as well!

Reviewed by Joseph Sammut from MALTA from UK on 30th Aug 2011
I bought this type of mobile LG Serial No 007KPDT336442 last March 2011.During these last five months, this mobile stopped working for three consecutive times. Sometimes I find this mobile switched off automatically or else on other occasions the mobile jammed. To start it again I had to remove the battery for a few seconds. I asked for my mobile to be replaced but the shop from where I b ought it is refusing to change it. This phone is totally RUBBISH.

Reviewed by orla from UK on 20th Aug 2011

Reviewed by Aaron from UK on 18th Aug 2011
I am in love with my phone but the only thing that does not impress me with is that,it doesn't read songs on my memory card anddoesn't want to download

Reviewed by Raphael Obafemi from UK on 18th Aug 2011
I like the phone, but the battery life is too bad.

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 16th Aug 2011
Excellent phone, lasted me almost two years before I decided it was about time to get a new one! Well worth the price, bought this when it was on sale for £50, and definately don't regret it. Was outstanding for the first couple of months, but slowly started to deteriorate after a while. Would freeze and turn off when two texts came through at the same time, and also turned off at other random times. Camera's good in daylight, but quality isnt so good in dim lighting - not bad for a 2 megapixel camera! Internet proved to be quite slow, but again, what can you expect for the price. Also, after a while the battery went from average to worse, leaving me charging it every night when I went to bed (however I am constantly texting throughout the day so not at all surprising!) would reccomend this phone, looks good and definately worth the money.

Reviewed by Flowers from UK on 12th Aug 2011
I had this mobile phone and when i got it i thought it was the best mobile ever as I got it for a cheap price, im quite young and i used my mobile quite alot for texts and pictures Without a memory card your lg is rubbish, you can at least hold 1 long song and a short one. And about 14 pictures. I had my mobile for a year and a bit and it started gettig really really slow, and kept turning off, I knew a couple other people who said the same i wouldnt recommend it

Reviewed by Chic from UK on 1st Aug 2011
I bought this phone as my second phobe. This phone only perform well about a year and a half. Then you will have problem the screen goes blank and sometimes it shut off by itself. And recently I had problem to turn it on. I had never dropped the phone or any other accident. Too bad, physically i love this phone. It's cute and mine is pink color which make me happy to own it. I love the sound when i open the qwerty slide. But the constant problem really turned me off. Now i had to find another cute pink phone to replace this one. My advice, don't buy it.

Reviewed by Linsay from UK on 1st Aug 2011
I got this phone from Tesco and about 6months after I bought it, it just started turning itself off, usually in the middle of writing texts (very annoying!). Sent it to get fixed 3 times then the third time (just before my guarantee ran out) Tesco seemed to fix it, although it started doing it again and I now have given up on it! Maybe this was a one off but I do not recommend buying a phone from Tesco anyway. Shame, because I quite liked the phone!

Reviewed by Cllr John from UK on 9th Jul 2011
Bought phone off internet.Would not have done so if I had seen it in shop first. Key pad is grey and the letters are light blue, so not easy for old codger to see. Worst, now phone has started to turn itself of - usually when I close the key pad. Won't buy LG again.

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 7th Jul 2011
I bought this phone yesterday. It was a very nice little thing, with a neat qwerty keyboard and great display. However. When i tried to make calls it kept ending them before i had said a word to anyone. Very frustrating and i had to send it back. Hopefully they will send me another one and it will work :)

Reviewed by Jenni from UK on 22nd Jun 2011
My review has to be a good one. I had this phone as a present last year and it has been really good. It's very loud and can store music on a memory card. I had trouble getting music from my computer to the phone but when I Bluetoothed a song it worked. When you have a lot of text's the phone takes a long time to load but it does come! The corners chip easily and you can't really see the screen when you are outside. I set an alarm bit it didn't go of at the time I told it to but at a different time. The camera is quite good it does take pictures and they do turn out well but the phone can't take a lot of pictures so you have to have a memory card. All in all i would say that there are better phones than this one but for what it is i would say it is good!

Reviewed by Lissy from UK on 18th Jun 2011
I supposed the phone is alright when it comes to texts but the mp3 systems songs are very expensive and usually take a very long time which is annoying because it never works downloading things the first time so you have to do it twice. Another thing which seriously bugs me is how if you have to about 15 texts it will slow your system down! The camera is really annoying because I'm only allowed 10 odd photo's I have to even delete my playlist to even get another 10.

Reviewed by Jnr from UK on 14th Jun 2011
Neva mek a mistake of buyn ths fone..its trash!!it completely turns itsef off and its very slow..wth time it tells u-u cnneva dowload anythn'..wht kinda fone does tht??? i wasted my money on it!!

Reviewed by Very Happy KS360 Buyer from UK on 12th Jun 2011
I bought a ks360 about 1 year ago and has had no problems from it. I am a keen texter and touch pad wizard.I love and recommened it to any buyer. I love it and would never break it. Hope you can find one soon to buyer it and have a many happy hours with it.

Reviewed by Jasmin Robinson from UK on 5th Jun 2011
I got this phone for my birthday in 2009, and it was great, for the first few months. Then it went downhill, it started turning off, going on the internet and stuff like that, un neccesaryily! I soon got fed up with this and gave up. I went out to the earphone warehouse and got a cheap Alcatel. Don't get this phone if its going to be a long term phone

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 5th Jun 2011
I only bought it because I thought it was touchscreen so when I got it, it was an anticlimax. And it won't let me get music on it. But the good thing is I can go on the Internet on it.

Reviewed by Natasha from UK on 5th Jun 2011
I have had the LG KS360 for just under half a year and so far am very pleased with it, i bought it as a replacement for my old phone thinking it was just a cheap phone, but i was wrong... The sound is good and with a memory card can fit lots onto it. It is very clever how it has a touch screen for certain features but normal keypad for everything else, the screen is a resonable size, but i am slightly disapointed with the camera as it doesn't have any flash.I am pleased with this phone and would recomend it to anyone.

Reviewed by sam from UK on 2nd Jun 2011
ok-looked good at first, but then paint scratched quickly, so did screen. has survived a few jobs but v. glitchy e.g. batterylife indicator varies, phone can cut out in the middle of a phone call. when charging, it dials random people on my contacts! These glitches are v. annoying as do the lack of decent internet, but it's an OK phone. This is all true no exaggerations!

Reviewed by KKGA from UK on 27th May 2011
LG KS360 is good and attractive,but it lack some features including 3D games.

Reviewed by Katie from UK on 27th May 2011
This phone is a good idea but not really value for money. I hadn't realised that you can only use the touch screen for dialing numbers and thats it. I would hev like to use the touch screen for more than just that. Also the keypad isn't the easiest thing to use as the buttons are rather hard to press if you are writing a text in a hurry and most of the time you end up with letters missing or extra letters. Overall, not a great phone and not the best value for money.

Reviewed by Emalie from UK on 26th May 2011
I have had this phone for about a year now i was happy when i first got it but now the glitches just keep coming for insetence switching itself of, the k on the keyboard is faulty and now half of the phones keys are freezing. To be honest i woukld not buy a LG phone again. My mum got the next model of this phone as the defects got to bad for her to use it LG claimed they had fixed the gliches but still no better. Do NOT buy !!!

Reviewed by William from UK on 23rd May 2011
Its a very good phone, its quick and easy to use! The texting on this phone is AMAZING!!!! So overall it is an amazing phone and i <3 it. But there are only a few problems, it scratches easily, it frrezes sometimes and it turns off on its own! But overall........ Amazing phone!:-)

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 22nd May 2011
this is the worst phone ever do not buy it it is soo slow and does not send mms msgs i am dissapointed with it and would not reccomed it it looks pretty buts thats about it

Reviewed by meganerd from UK on 21st May 2011
i'm disappointed because it lacks wi-fi but overall it's impressive

Reviewed by Ben ;) from UK on 18th May 2011
I bought this phone about 2 years ago and wish I never had , all of my friends have had the same experience like me ! It's a rubbish phone so please don't waste your money on something that you are going to regret buying ;) the only up is the tiny bit of touchscreen. The samsung chat is much better and is only £15 pounds chEaper ;) I hope you listen and maybe save your money <3

Reviewed by Nina from UK on 9th May 2011
Had this phone for about 1 year and a half..I'll get straight to the point..battery life absolutely sucks!!!! If use the internet or music player you would need to charge this phone everyday...It's stylish but texting can be a bit of a pain if you text really fast buttons kinda switch over to Fn...my friend has this phone she also had the same problems. Don't know if this is with every phone but if you close the slide to hard it can switch off...it does usually switch of randomly. It's a pretty good phone despite all those qualities..worth the price i paid for it...

Reviewed by Rosie from UK on 8th May 2011
DO not get this phone- it works fine for a couple of weeks then it gets all glitchy, takes texts out of threaded, says there's double the amount of texts, doesn't show up new texts screen and turns off like every 2 minutes! Everyone who has had this phone that I've spoken to has said exactly the same, I got it repaired but it didn't do anything and the repair centre said they had a lot of complaints about this phone as well. Save up a bit more for a phone that actually works.

Reviewed by hi from UK on 8th May 2011
This was my first phone and it is gr8! I <3 the keypad its so cool! lol

Reviewed by Maddie from UK on 6th May 2011

Reviewed by Rudy Asaan from UK on 3rd May 2011
This fone is one of the best works of lg mobile.am feeling it,but the badside its software probs but above all its mwaaaah.

Reviewed by DENIXY from UK on 28th Apr 2011
Well i like the phone but the only problems i have with it is the USB connectivity and the email service by the way is it just my phone or is it all KS360s that can only send 300k as an email

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 18th Apr 2011
I've had this phone about a year now and I really love the slide out QWERTY keyboard! I got used to it really easily and I can text messages really quick! Although after a while(maybe 3 months?) it started to randomly turn itself off sometimes during writing a text . The memory isn't that big so I suggest getting a memory card! The music player is okay however you can't send texts or look at pictures or anything else while the music is playing - unforch :( Buuut I like this phone! Great for non stop texters! Be careful in class though! The buttons can be loud when its quiet! This is a good phone however. Reliable because I've had it over a year :P x

Reviewed by andrew from UK on 12th Apr 2011
i had this fone for about a year or two nd it wrks well... cuts off randomly tho after a while which is annoyin signal is bad... battery life is ok qwerty keyboard is good yeahh nd dats all... get a bb instead y'all

Reviewed by d.... from UK on 10th Apr 2011
i think the phone is good for the price and the keypad is great because i am always texting. the camera could be better, and there should be a game instead of just trial games. but overall it is a great phone and i really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by henni from UK on 7th Apr 2011
i got this phone for my birth day and LOVED it but as it gets older it doesnt seem to work as well for instance the battery life goes down alot quicker than usual which is annoying and whenever i slid my phone up the screen went black just a few thecnical hitched but overall a good phone!

Reviewed by Khan from UK on 6th Apr 2011
This phone is rubbish. I have had it for 2 years and I regret everyday of having it! It turns off everytime I delete something, it freezes! Just the worst phone ever! They stop selling it because it is so bad.

Reviewed by shaky from UK on 6th Apr 2011
This is a good phone but for one thing it keeps turning itself off which is annoying when trying to text and i have to keep checking to see if it's still on

Reviewed by jay from UK on 31st Mar 2011
really good

Reviewed by Halz from UK on 30th Mar 2011
It's A Nice Phone BUT Here's The Ups And Downs: ~Good~ *Has Orange Messenger ( If You're On Orange ) *Cute Qwerty *Customisable *Easy Texting & Facebook ~Bad~ *No Flash *No 3G *No Wifi *Laggish. So Overall I'm Going To Award It With 4 Because I'd LOVE Wifi & Flash. If You're Looking For Something Better Then Get A BB Curve <333

Reviewed by Aoife from UK on 27th Mar 2011
For the first year and a half or so, its brilliant except for the camera. After that.... The battery goes everyday and it really annoys you.

Reviewed by olivia from UK on 19th Mar 2011
grrrrr this phone is great but mine has my dogs chew marks in it and has a crack everyone else has updated phones and i have this one my mum nor dad would ever get me a new phone i mean they bairly even buy me a pencil sharpener for instance at a gift shop let alone a phone i want the htc wild fire but i no i should stop dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Liz from UK on 16th Mar 2011
avoid! i did absalutly love this phone when i first got it and i was constantly playing on it. i absalutly LOVED it! but then it began going really dodgy. withing days if i got two texts at the same time, or if i got a text whilst deleting messages, it would completly freeze and be useless for the next 30 mins. so i had it swapped on carphone warehouse's 28 day policy. On this phone i had the same problem, and then if i made or recieved a call the first 30 seconds at least i heard nothing, whereas the caller could hear me, and it took my money for this! the memory was pathetically tiny, meaning inbox had to be deleted ever 3 days. not a problem if it didnt take 20 mins to get through 30%! unreal. i ended up having three swaps untill i had to start sending it away for repairs. got to the 2/3 before being given a new one and was told it was totally dead and there was nothing i could do. great. the text would lag and also annoyingly swap letters around if you typed to fast. not a texting phone!!!! such a shame! i think the best and only good feature is the chat stream allowing you to see all the messages to and from each person. but the picture allocation did not work either. i wasted 60 on this phone and it lasted 5 months. and that was with replacements and fixing. being completly honest and knowing the value of money, dont buy it, for the love of god dont. you will regret it and carphone warehouse dont do money back garuntee, unfortunatly. please please please dont get it! i recomend for the same price, or lower the lg cookie. may not be a looker but its lasted my sister 4 years, yes 4 without breaking or needing repair, and now i have it and have come quite attached if im honest. its lovely. get that instead.

Reviewed by Megann x from UK on 12th Mar 2011
I loved it for ages, it was christmas and I was stuck and bought the other one. Then I had a blackberry, but I want this now.

Reviewed by rockychick from UK on 4th Mar 2011
I have this phone and it always!! turns off by itself even if its not out of battery, its ok other than that

Reviewed by Halie from UK on 1st Mar 2011
I Love This Phone And Its Features And I'm Goin To Give It An 4, It's A Shame It Doesn't Have Wifi And The Camera Could Be A Bit Better. But That's Okay, And It Was Well Worth The Money :) I'm Gonna Buy LG Town Next Though. Amazing Phone :D

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 23rd Feb 2011
This is a very good phone. It is my 3rd/4th phone as I lost my first KS360 and was so pleased with it that I bought a second. Only two things I am not so pleased about which are ; When they say touch screen it isn't really and can only be used for dailing, and so to me it seems like it is there for the sake of it. he other thing is somtimes the background randomly changes to a live square. But a very good phone that I hope to use for a long time.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 15th Feb 2011
i think this phone is good mainly when it comes down to texting, however the video recording is poor and whilst recording the phone has to be held still or else alot of blur will ensure. the expandable memory of up to 4GB is really good for music lovers as well as the built in mp3-player. video playback is generally good, and so is the sound quality of the video. however when it comes down to downloading videos the fact that it dosnt support anyhting like Xvid is a let down, only being able to play MP4 or 3GPP format also means watching films on the KS360 is not the best. the battery life though (especially when listening to music) is great, i did a test continually playing a song and the battery lasted for 11hours!> it has some let downs but for the price it really offers alot more than most phones in the same price range.

Reviewed by bobbbbbb from UK on 9th Feb 2011
i had it for a month and ok dont work and every time i slide IT up/down quickly it turns off WORST FONE EVER DO NOT BUY!

Reviewed by Jim from UK on 8th Feb 2011
I have owned this phone for over a year, as has my boss, and both our phones have developed a malfunction whereby the keyboard seems to get keys confused, and when you call somebody the speaker refuses to work.

Reviewed by hhhheellllllllllooooooo from UK on 6th Feb 2011
gd but keeps on turning off its self and rubish memory :(

Reviewed by charlie from UK on 3rd Feb 2011
this phone is rubbish! i had it for a month and it already broke, the screen went black and it wont swich on, all that lights up is the key pad lights, just dont bother getting it!

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 28th Jan 2011
The lg ks360 is the worst phone I have ever bought it always turns of by it's self and always loses signal in areas where all my friends have signal i suggest you don't buy it. The phones a big dissapoinment

Reviewed by rakhee from UK on 24th Jan 2011
the best phone in the world i got mine tday i am so happy i got the blue one and i think its so amazing i love the phone it has good features :)

Reviewed by R.a from UK on 22nd Jan 2011
this Phone Is Brillaint....If you Want a Phone that turns itself off When your not even using it...Or When you are using it...The Phone works fine for about 4 months them Dies...Ive Replaced it Before now Because after 2 weeks the screen died and now after 5 months it randomly turns itself off...

Reviewed by Richard Bukenya from UK on 22nd Jan 2011
i love this phone. Ever since i got it life has been made easy for me via text and calling. Am not planning to sell it or replace it any time.

Reviewed by Ross from UK on 21st Jan 2011
Keeps crashing and turns off randomly. don't get it

Reviewed by Elisabeth from UK on 16th Jan 2011
Don't buy this phone! it's really awful because it always freezes and turns itself off!

Reviewed by ava touthy from UK on 11th Jan 2011
dis fone is rubbish DO NOT GET IT I REPEAT DO NOT GET I get de samsung champ first of all its cheaper better n does not smash to pieces when i fals i have had two of dis fone n thrust me i have had a lot of fones n dis has to b de worst i even had a poor nokia one ... it was WAY better than de lg ks360 i got it de first time n wit in two weeks i had to bring it bak to de shop so i said i would buy another 1 just to give it another go but i is rubbish

Reviewed by Shirleen from UK on 5th Jan 2011
rubbish phone. dont recommend it at all :( keeps switching itself off whenever texting :/ dont consider it because its clearly the phones fault.... 90% of the phones users find something wrong with it eventually (usually switiching off thing) yeah at first its great, looks great but wait a couple of months, even weeks and you will be disappointed.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 31st Dec 2010
A good phone but would help if it stayed on. when you are texting the phone cuts off thats the only really bad problem with it.

Reviewed by caren from UK on 29th Dec 2010
it just super for the price!

Reviewed by Kat from UK on 26th Dec 2010
nice phone, i have it.... but it getting old now !!

Reviewed by Anna from UK on 12th Dec 2010
I have had this phone for nearly two years and it has hardly given me any bother. It has froze a couple of times but only if you click to too many things and not giving it time to load. It is handy and is easy for quick texting. You have many choices of fonts, colours, design and layout. It is a perfect size for your pocket and is easy to use. It also included a touch pad which is usual when searching for a contact to ring.

Reviewed by Anonymous from UK on 10th Dec 2010
I got this phone last year and it worked fine, up until a few months ago, when it started to turn itself off automatically at the most irrelevant time possible. I thought at first that it was due to the fact that I dropped it a lot, but I was told that there was a fault in the phone. I found that the phone tends to need a full battery to stop it turning off. This tends to be quite hard as the phone loses charge very quickly.

Reviewed by hannahrose5 from UK on 7th Dec 2010
when I first got this phone, It was Amazing, then after a while, it started to work really slowly... If it ran out of battery and then I got it charged, it would take AGES to start working again! then sometimes I'm typing a really long text message, and then all the bars would go down to nothing! I would have to switch it off and then back on again and then I would have to wait for it to start to work properly AGAIN! though I like the key pad it is a good phone apart from the problems above...it doesn't last long thats all I'm saying

Reviewed by lol from UK on 6th Dec 2010
i love this phone i also love texting so this phone really helps me text fast this is 1 of my favourute phones

Reviewed by lgks360hater from UK on 4th Dec 2010
This phone is rubbish. After I had it for about 4 months it started turning off when i hadnt asked it to! The memory is rubbish but it does hold a memory card, the video is rubbish because the sound is a few seconds before the picture! DONT BUY IT IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!

Reviewed by tom osborne from UK on 4th Dec 2010
dont buy this phone...it switches itself off for no apparent reason, and there are issues with memory. We are now on the 3rd replacement and it is doing the same thing so clearly a production fault....finally going to get rid of it.

Reviewed by dissapointed from UK on 3rd Dec 2010
this phone is rubbish! it may seem good for the first few months but I had mine for the maximum of 4 months and it started randomly turning off! I decided to ignore this matter because I quite liked the phone ninth longer I left it the worse it became, by now whenever I went to text or do anything on this phone it turnt off! the battery use is not even worth talking about, the camara is ok but I never really used it for taking photos, the mp3 player is good, the phone scratches really easily and after a while of sliding the keypad up it starts to slide the other way sometimes. out of 5 I would give this phone a 2 because of all the things I listed above! if you are thinking of buying this phone, personaly I wouldn't waste my money on something that is only going to last 3 months!

Reviewed by rock76 from UK on 25th Nov 2010
i love the lg ks360 because of its slide out qwerty keyboard and its fun and easy ay oif touch screen dialing and its good mega pixel camera with a good pack of 2mega pixel camera which is quite good phone

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