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LG Cookie review

 Review: July 2009  

Last updated June 2011

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The LG KP500 is a touchscreen phone for those on a budget. It's a compact device with a touchscreen display that's easy and fun to use. It's not always the most reliable phone however.

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The LG KP500 is nicknamed the Cookie. It's billed as an affordable touchscreen phone and in fact there are some amazing deals out there to tempt you. But before you rush off to buy one, join us in a tour of the Cookie, and let's find out what's missing compared to more expensive rival touchscreen phones.

Let's start by looking at what you do get. You get a genuine touchscreen-driven phone (not just one with touch-sensitive buttons) that is controlled by pressing virtual buttons and icons with your finger or the stylus that's supplied with the phone. Pioneered by the iPhone (and others), touchscreen is the hottest trend in mobile phones, and it's hard to underestimate the amount of fun that you can have pressing virtual buttons on a screen. Especially for people like us, who don't get out enough. In the early days touchscreen phones were often tricky to use, but these days they're all pretty easy once you've got used to them. We don't think that the Cookie will pose any trouble, although some may find the stylus a nuisance. Anyway, great fun to use! The KP500 also has a built-in accelerometer, which simply means that it senses which way is up and automatically rotates the display. The virtual QWERTY keyboard slides into view when you turn the phone to landscape mode, which looks very cool. The accelerometer is also used when playing games, so you can tilt and turn the phone Wii-style to control movement. You can shake and flip the phone at other times to control various functions. It's all great fun, as long as you don't mind being stared at by passers-by.

The Cookie is more compact than most touchphones. And weighing just 89g, it's one of the lightest touchscreen phones ever. But, and this bit is important, LG have cleverly made the phone smaller without reducing the size of the screen. When it comes to touchscreen, size really does matter! A bigger screen makes it easier to use, and the Cookie is definitely an easy phone to use with its 3 inch screen.

So, the ergonomics are good, and the screen is good. What else is good? Well, it has a media player that plays most popular digital music formats. It also has a stereo FM radio. It's got a good web browser. It supports email and has a document viewer installed. Connectivity includes USB and Bluetooth, and the operating frequency is quadband GSM, so you should be able to use the phone anywhere in the world.

Now let's take a look at what's missing.

The camera is not as good as the 5 or 8 megapixel cameras seen in high-end phones. It's limited to 3.2 megapixels, and there's no autofocus but this is reasonable when you consider the price. The memory is also more limited at 48 MB, although you can add a microSD memory card to bring this up to 8GB. It's not 3G and there's no WiFi, so web browsing probably isn't a good option, despite the big screen, which is a shame.

Inevitably there are trade-offs between price and features. We feel that LG have got the balance just right with the Cookie. By removing the features that many people won't miss, and by installing an average camera, they've not only slashed the cost, but have also made the phone more compact and easier to use in many ways. As long as you won't miss high speed web browsing or the camera quality, you can have all the benefits of the latest touchscreen phones for a fraction of the cost.

The Samsung Tocco Lite is an almost exact copy of the Cookie - there's little to choose between the two phones, except that our users seem to feel that the Tocco Lite is a more robust phone - the Cookie seems to annoy a few people with reported software glitches.

LG Cookie features include:

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LG Cookie user reviews

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Average rating from 2087 reviews:

Reviewed by osuman adams from uganda on 7th Nov 2013
doesn't play on internet


Reviewed by Smiffy from England on 18th Sep 2013
Speaker is AMAZING! otherwise pretty meh

Reviewed by sanjay punjabb from Bangaladesh on 18th Sep 2012
no good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by paige from wales on 9th Sep 2012
just got one its a great little handy phone for all ages <3

Reviewed by joe from UK on 1st Jul 2012
bought this second hand for 20. Seems to be a few years old but it works perfectly still. The touchscreen is great so I disagree with those saying it loses sensitivity. Its a good size and easy to use. I find it better to carry around than my iphone which is a clumsy size and a worry to drop. Its a secondary phone but I love the feel of it. Not for internet use though coz I only use wifi on phones and even then only for essentilas like email. 8/10

Reviewed by Leigh from Scotland on 23rd May 2012
Phone is pretty good overall. Got it around 2009, worked well for me. The touch annoyed me its pretty slow, rubbish camera and rubbish internet. It would make noises when low battery even though its on silent which didn't go well in school. Was pretty good for my first touch screen phone: i thought it was amazing then! Now I've replaced it with an iPhone 4 :) makes my hate the cookie. But seeking as my iPhone got put in the washing machine I'm temporarily back to the cookie. Its slow and pretty annoying but even so i still love my little cookie ;)

Reviewed by Marianne from Cornwall, England on 22nd May 2012
I love my cookie. I have had a number of phones and always go back to my dear old cookie. Just bought a new plastic cover and it looks brilliant. I don't use my phone for the internet, too expensive on pay as you go, so don't know what its like for that but for texting and calling, I have no problems at all. It is easy to find names in the contacts and I have my 6 most used on the front on speed dial so even easier. Overall I think this phone is a good budget phone and should be rated as 5*

Reviewed by Arpita from India on 21st May 2012
This is the worst mobile phone...

Reviewed by someone from dunfermline on 5th May 2012
I had this phone for not even three days and the battery was already broken (due to not right sizing) !!!!

Reviewed by Peter Appiagyei from Ghana on 30th Apr 2012
My phone's bluetooth and radio has never function since the i bought it. I once tried flashing it but still not working.

Reviewed by marium hussain from england on 24th Apr 2012
i think the lg ccokie is not a very good phone beacause its touch sensitivity is bad and web is too slow!!!

Reviewed by Georgia from Wales on 22nd Apr 2012
I got the lg cookie for Xmas 09 and loved it! Bought the blackberry curve last year but have since gone back onto the cookie!

Reviewed by beth cotton from england on 18th Apr 2012
i thing that the lg cookie is a absoloute brilliand phone so what you lot are saying is juse stupid

Reviewed by Kaylen from England on 30th Mar 2012
Good touch screen but is slow and I've had many problems during the 6 months ive had it.

Reviewed by John from England on 14th Mar 2012
Had the phone 2 years and all phone, text, touch screen features work very well.

However the web is sooo slow. I hardly use it. tried to update phone but the USB cable does not connect me to my PC.

Reviewed by Sammy Smiuth from England on 8th Mar 2012
Read some of the comments, I bought this off e bay for 22, couldn't be happier with it, great, easy to use (I'm 58 years old!). The touchscreen is brilliant, someone reported battery lasting only 4 hours, mine lasts a week! Even at brand new price this is definitely a great little phone.

Reviewed by Hi from Hi on 25th Feb 2012
It's ok for a phone but it's not a smartphone not a wifi phone not a 'cool phone'.

Reviewed by AMPOFO from GHANA on 18th Feb 2012
geees....this fone is way tooo much n good bt de battery does not last for even 4 hours,bt i luv it except for de battery life.

Reviewed by michael from zimbabwe on 16th Feb 2012
very gud fon. i would buy exactly the same fon if lose this one. been with it for a year nw and dont have any problem with it. thank you LG.

Reviewed by Ananda from Bangladesh on 6th Feb 2012
Its a awesome touchscreen phone. It is stylish. The camera is good too. And its in my budget...

Reviewed by shami from pakistan on 30th Jan 2012
very very nice cell phone

Reviewed by Eliza-Rose Elizibeth from ENGLAND on 26th Jan 2012
well I have had this phone for about 3 to 4 years and the camera is fab,strong signal finder basically it is a fantastic phone.

Reviewed by Emily Scruton from England on 17th Jan 2012
Were do I start? First of all, the touch sceen; It's TOTALLY out of calibration, and no, I cant recalibrate it, and when I could, it wouldnt work. I'm now looking for a new phone, and getting the Samsung Ch@t 335. I can't send texts, read texts, ANYTHING. I can only make and reviece calls. VERY poor phone. Wouldn't recommend iy to anyone ever. I'd rather have a rio, than an LG. Awful phone, always has been from the week I got it in 2010. Sorry, but you've lost a loyal customer, think before you bring out rubbish phone LG.

Reply by Lolo from England on 7th Mar 2012
It is a really good phone, my sisters wouldn't work so we took it back and replaced it and we love them. Sorry yours didn't work

Reviewed by Aimee from UK on 16th Jan 2012
This is the worst phone ever! Bought this in 2009 & yes it has lasted long but my my, where shall i start?? Phone freezes every other day, the phone rings random people even if it is in my bag fully locked, have to charge it every night...completely unreliable...oh and another thing is if it is low battery and its on silent it'll beep 3 times loudly every 5 minutes!! Beware of this! LG, you have just lost a loyal customer. Bad luck.

Reviewed by agata from uk on 14th Jan 2012
i really like my lg cookie, and iv dropped it, spilled stuff on it other stuff but it still works perectly, i love it! i would recommend it! btw iv had it for 1 year and before that it was my moms for 2 to 3 years lol

Reviewed by RAVI from INDIA on 12th Jan 2012

Reviewed by lol from lol on 8th Jan 2012
do not buy mine scrached within 7 days

Reviewed by aka d king from India on 6th Jan 2012
it is the best one///// u can use it roughly and in u feel that its performance is never changed...i love it

Reviewed by ric flair from Uk on 6th Jan 2012
i have a lgkp500 phone and when i try to send a video to some one it will not allow me to and it ticks me off and kettles my swede making me annoyed it does not perform for reasons un known to me.ric flair.

Reviewed by Antoine Johnson from United States on 4th Jan 2012
OMG!!!!! THIS PHONE!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by QWERTY999 from india on 23rd Dec 2011
this is the worst phone ever!!!!! the touch sucks!!! it types the wrong letters after only half a year!!! never buy it!!

Reviewed by santosh dahal from nepal on 23rd Dec 2011
The products of LG(Life's Good)is really a amazing and life guaranteed product. Its features are surprising and its look-up also increases its beauty. I am sure one who buys LG products will always effort for its product. However, i think that LG company must reduce its product price so, that all one wants to use the product can do soo....

Reviewed by katie from england on 19th Dec 2011
I bought the LG cookie, it is simple and easy to use but the touch screen often needs calabrating. its a really nice phone though but somtimes a bit annoying!

Reviewed by Guardianz from United Kingdom on 17th Dec 2011
I have a 16gb SD card in mine and I have loads of stuff on it :-)

Reviewed by Zoe from Mexico on 12th Dec 2011
This phone is terrible. Its touch screen loses its sensitivity, there is not enough memory on it to have even 5 songs on it without a memory card that still only holds 8GB so you might as well buy a IPod that can have eight times the amount of memeroy on it. I could go on forever about this phone. So do not buy it, as it is a waste of money.

Reviewed by bob from Ireland on 9th Dec 2011
Don't buy this phone. The touchscreen looses all sensitivity after a few months and after a year it will be so bad that it will take ages just to send a short text because it keeps pressing the wrong letters. This phone has put me off touch screens.

Reviewed by shahvir from switzerland on 9th Dec 2011
well i have this phone and i am only ten but so far its the best phone i have ever seen

Reviewed by Lawrence from South Africa on 8th Dec 2011
I lve my cookie i've bin using it since 2010. Wel theres sumthng whch mks me to stick wd my cookie, web browser. I lyk livng online on enternet, so my cookie do al dat easy 4me. Thnx.

Reviewed by Broy from Nebraska on 6th Dec 2011
This phone absolutely sucks its the worse phone iv ever owned its touchscreen lags atleast 3x every text its camera sucks its battery charge last about a day or less i freaking hate it this is currently my second one and they both act the same it has almost no useful apps the games are terrible the it never recognizes the profiles its just a terrible phone and if there was an option for no stars i click it in a heartbeat....terrible!

Reviewed by prashant from india on 5th Dec 2011
don't bye this phone . this is wastage of money ., its touch sensitivity is very poor .

Reviewed by James from England on 3rd Dec 2011
I think the LG Cookie is a good phone. Very reliable. When you have a screen protecter on then the touch isn't a sensitive.

Reviewed by Chloe from Scotland on 2nd Dec 2011
I absoloutely HATE my lg phone. I've payed 160 for it to be fixed 4 times, and it breaks on its own whenever it feels like it. Pathetic.

Reviewed by lara selden from UK on 1st Dec 2011
I was in love with my phone unlike what some people say, it DOES come with a styles. I have had my loverly phonio for nearly 2 years and it has survived: SWIMMING IN WATER even the sim card was wet when i took it out! what i did was i pulled it apart and dried it off and hey presto, the touch screen started working again! CRASHED WITH A ROCK! (my fault! I had it in a bag with a heavy stone, it got a large scratch but IT STILL LIVES!) It is gr8 coz: good sound quality brilliant headphpnes strong sturdy touch screen that is not too sensitive good value good camera settings plus photo morphing tec (i had so much fun with it!) BAD battery power if music is being listened to charger/head phone port sooooooooo fragile. It has worn off now and i cant even charge it! still, it has lasted 23 months soooooooo I LUV IT!

Reviewed by Chloe from England on 22nd Nov 2011
My mum got me an LG cookie almost 2yrs ago and I had it for about 18mths before buying a HTC wildfire S. I really liked it at the time because it was a relatively new phone and it was a touch screen and PINK! I like the stylus (which I lots on a plane!)which you can use to text and draw on the drawing panel but the sensitivity is not the best lets say. The internet is rubbish but it's not a smartphone so isn't designed for that to be fair. The camera is a satisfactory quality. Overall I give it 5.5/10

Reviewed by Natalie Nicole from Singapore on 16th Nov 2011
Hi all I just felt that Samsung phones are so much better than LG phones. I've got a LG Cookie but the newer version and I was completely disappointed with it. At first I found it alright, but after a while, I felt that the touch was very unsensitive and the phone has quite a small touch screen...more over the functions are lacking. A normal Samsung Galaxy Mini which cost relatively even lesser(I feel) is better since my brother is using it. Of course, you can try optimus 7 and others who are better. Love #NATALIE NICOLE

Reviewed by Ibrahim from England on 14th Nov 2011
I've had one for around 2 years, hasn't given me any problems. EXELLENT phone.

Reviewed by linsy from england on 11th Nov 2011
The handwriting is cool

Reviewed by Edgar Kulemeka from UK on 1st Nov 2011
3 weeks ago... it was love at first sight with the COOKIE LG KP500 and i paid for it. loved the features. PROBLEM 1: it generates heat when browsing or music playback which reduces battery power to less than 12 hours. PROBLEM 2: video formats is limited to .3gp.... no avi, mpeg, mp4. i love the phone but this sucks.

Reviewed by pareekshith from UK on 30th Oct 2011
such a nice phone

Reviewed by Rosie Smith from UK on 29th Oct 2011
I have the LG Cookie in Purple. Its really good fun to use but, like they said, the Camera isn't so good. But, 2 things I really enjoy about the Phone is, when you text, you have a decision whether you want the keyboard portait or landsacape, that is so much easier than an actual keyboard. The other thing I enjoy so much is the Games, they feel so real, You can actually move it around and click to spin. Out of 5 I would give it a 4.

Reviewed by ggg from UK on 23rd Oct 2011
its the best

Reviewed by kenneth m. akahoho from UK on 18th Oct 2011
i like this phone butam having problems with my email set up

Reviewed by sarah from UK on 15th Oct 2011
haha this phone has literally got the worst silent mode ever and got my friend into detention for going off and guess what? THE TEXTS WERE FROM OVER 4 MONTHS AGO THAT HAD ONLY JUST CAME THROUGH!!!

Reviewed by sumeet from UK on 13th Oct 2011
hangy mob

Reviewed by April from UK on 10th Oct 2011
I "upgraded" to an LG Cookie in May 2011. This phone has been back to Telus for repairs more often than it's been in my possession. The space bar for the text messaging stops working...I can't make or receive calls lots of times even with full service bars. I have had my mother (who also has a cookie) standing next to me in my kitchen trying to call me and getting a message that I am not avilable. I try to call her (while standing in the same spot) and it dials once and the call ends. I sometimes have to turn my phone off and on up to 4 times to be able to use it. It is the most unreliable phone I have ever had. I can certianly tell everyone that it wasn't an "upgrade". I will NEVER purchase another LG Cookine phone. I even had to go and buy a cheap Pay as You Go phone so that I would have something reliable while the Cookie is back to Telus to be fixed.

Reviewed by Kate from UK on 10th Oct 2011
Bad things: Only had it for about a year but the battery is terrible! The USB cable has stopped working. You can't see it in the sun. The touch screen is really slow. Takes ages to charge (around 3/4 hours) Doesn't have good internet connection. It is very slow. Good things: Not heavy. Doesn't break easily. Comes with earphones and USB cable. Music goes quite loud.

Reviewed by Sabrina from UK on 26th Sep 2011
I have a lg cookie pink it's gorgeous the camera is really good i just ? the stylus is great it's the best phone i ever had!!!!!??!!!!!??!!!!???????

Reviewed by Bobby from UK on 20th Sep 2011
Touchscreen is terrible, you have to punch the screen for it to pick up the touch. accelerometer is also on the dodgy side. gets extremely laggy when you use a decent amount of its memory. worst part however for me was that my ariel broke so the phone never picked up signal, not much point in having a phone if it doesn't pick up signal. the phone was looked after well only one small crack in the screen from when a three year old found it and threw it at the ground, still only lasted just under a year, went back to an old black and green screen nokia, as a phone it's imperial in every way

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 17th Sep 2011
I got the LG Cookie a year ago, and it was fine, not so great touch screen and camera. Its just recently started to freeze and keep having to take the battery out and in again. My phone is now dead, as to the charger not working. Good phone for people who dont want to spend much but im not getting a LG again as to whats happened. I recomend a HTC which im getting in a few months.

Reviewed by freddy from UK on 13th Sep 2011
this phone isnt great. so if you want a phone that is good for the internet good camera and doesnt freeze, then this is not for you, it's rubbish and doesnt have a stylus dispite what every1 says and i suppose that it is good value for money, you can get it for 40 in most places so if you had to pay any more than 50 then you've been ripped off!!!! +mine didn't come with a usb lead. The phone is also vey slow and it's hard to text. Don't buy this phone!!!!

Reviewed by Deirdre from UK on 6th Sep 2011
i love the phone but i cant seem to get WAP to work at all I really need help!

Reviewed by Sivakumar from UK on 29th Aug 2011
It can't shows the youtube videos

Reviewed by ????? from UK on 26th Aug 2011
I got a LG cookie 1 year this October. No problem with it works well and has a cool music store. It's light it's no complicated to use and I like it. If anybody is thinking to get one I recommend it!!

Reviewed by anon from UK on 24th Aug 2011
this phone is the worst phone ive ever had, dont buy it, is has a really rubbish touchscreen and a really small memory space you can only take about 50 pictures uses the whole memory space without songs or anything, and when you type, it randomly deletes the words and its really annoying so my advise get something else

Reviewed by parwez from UK on 24th Aug 2011
its worst phone of this category compare to others..... there are alots of problem like hanging...

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 16th Aug 2011
I got this phone with my birthday money three years ago, for around 120. For the first year I used a screen protector, and gave up after that, as it kept falling off. Considering the amount of times it's been dropped, and put in my bag or pocket with keys and other sharp objects, the screen is in very good condition. The only bad thing I have to say about this phone is the video recording, as the longest video my phone has ever been able to take is about twenty seconds, and I even tried using a memory card and deleting things, but couldn't fix the problem. Also there is no flash on the camera (I'd only have used this as a torch anyway), however the screen is usually bright enough. There are only two other problems that I've had with it. The first, is that it sometimes freezes when displaying balance after sending a message, which I think might partly be due to the fact that I ALWAYS leave it on vibrate, and this only started to happen in the second year of use anyway. The other problem is that it has started to switch itself off. However, I think after two and a half years of abuse, it's allowed to get a little tired. I absolutely love this phone, and think if I really wanted to, I could get another year (a total of four years) or use out of it, but I think it's got to the point where it should be a phone to take away on holidays. <3

Reviewed by kathy from UK on 13th Aug 2011
i would rather have instruction book not on screen instructions it is easier to refer to

Reviewed by KAYODE from UK on 11th Aug 2011

Reviewed by jj from UK on 9th Aug 2011
listen most reviews if not all that are 5 stars are ppl who had it for a short time.i had mine for a while it re starts it fails the touch screen is painfully slow after awhile and wen i tried to repare it it read as a CD on my computer PS this is windows 7!!!!!!!!!!!! dont buy it i have warned you............

Reviewed by H xxxx from UK on 8th Aug 2011
Well I have had this phone fr about a year it's a standard phone i guess for the price but it does have some glitches o managed to sort out but with all the recent android phones it's rubbish in cparison battery life is rubbish handset memory is rubbish n camerA is poor gna buy a samsung galaxy ace sn hope this one is better. Xxx p.s buy if you r on a budget

Reviewed by Cool phone from UK on 7th Aug 2011
The one is one of the best out there with many features. when i got it for the first time and looked at it, the touchscreen was cool making it look like a smartphone which it is. I think the features are excellent phone with Bluetooth and also 3.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and also Memory card slot which is up to 8GB and the music player. I love the shortcuts as it makes your life a bit easier and also makes it cool so WELL DONE LG!

Reviewed by Louisacg from UK on 6th Aug 2011
I;ve had this phone about a year and it' great as I love touch screen phones but I have realised that you can end up clicking buttons in your pocket which runs up a huge bill overall a good phone

Reviewed by steve from UK on 6th Aug 2011
give me hell when browsing and does what it wants to do.

Reviewed by Jaynie from UK on 4th Aug 2011
I've had this phone for nearly 18 months now, and it still works, which is a testament to its toughness, as I can be a little careless with my phones. It isn't without its glitches, in fact I've never known an LG Cookie not to have some kind of glitch somewhere, but mine is easy enough to work around. It's looking a little battered by now, and the 'end call' button is close to packing in, but having survived 18 months of battering is an achievement for any phone. For the price, it's excellent. It's important to remember that it is one of the cheaper touch-screen phones out there, so can't be expected to perform as well as the higher-end phones, but overall it is a pretty good phone.

Reviewed by Stefano from UK on 3rd Aug 2011
It's a wonderful mobile phone, very simple but complete at very low price ! I suggest it to everyone ;-)

Reviewed by Clarissa bullard from UK on 2nd Aug 2011
This phone is rubbish I brought this phone 4 weeks ago and the screens gone already plus you can't hear people when they call you I don't recommend this phone at all

Reviewed by Kimberly from UK on 1st Aug 2011
This phone is not worth the money I paid for it. It frequently tells me that I have too many applications open when I attempt to do anything with it, when I have none other open. My messages all come from 2 hours in the future and I know other people who have the same problems with this phone. The touch screen has a very slow response time as well. There are very few things about this phone I would consider positive.

Reviewed by k from UK on 30th Jul 2011

Reviewed by harold from UK on 29th Jul 2011
Its touch screen doesn't do

Reviewed by shaan from UK on 22nd Jul 2011
The LG Cookie is one of the worst phones i have ever had. The only good thing is the battery life it lasts at least 3 days but the main flaw that i see with this phone is that every minute in idle mode the phone automatically becomes on(lights up) when it is not in use and that is very annoying also the touch sensitive key pad is very, very sensitive not to my liking. even in my handbag when i go shopping i somehow manage to call home from my handbag, when i check the phone once i get home i have made numerous amount of calls to my home number so i have to switch off now when i go out which is silly. i hate my lg cookie. Now I'd like to own an Iphone 4 white. I know that it will not disappoint me.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 18th Jul 2011
hate it. Hard work to use. Slow in receiving txts. Screen not very responsive. Chore to use. Not a pleasant phone and couldn't wait to finish contract and get rid of it. Camera takes photos slightly after pressing button, so most of my grandson's sports day pics captured him with his head turned away, looking down, or completely out of the picture.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 13th Jul 2011
This is the worst phone I ever owned. Put it in your pocket and it will randomly ring people in your address book. Browsing? forget it - totally useless. It used to switch itself off for no good reason although this feature now seems to have gone. The battery life indicator always showed full until about 10 minutes before it expired. Stopped typing in while you look up a number? - the screen locks up and you have to go through a rigmarole to get it back. The software seems to have been designed by these childish idiots who expect you to react at lightning speed (probably trained on games machines!) But it is cheap. You can't plug in your own headphones there is no 3.5mm jack socket only an LG supplied headset with an LG proprietary connector with ear thingys that keep falling out of my ears. Need I go on?

Reviewed by Moody from UK on 13th Jul 2011
I Used to Have One A Year or so Ago And i Loved It. There Was Never A Problem, The Camera Wasnt The Best But Everything Else Was Top Notch, It Was The Best Moblie Ive had In My Life And Im 14:P

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 10th Jul 2011
Don't even think about it. lg phones usually break after a year especially the old ones which are not smart phones. All with similiar faults. But they're fine beforehand.

Reviewed by emma from UK on 4th Jul 2011
this phone is alright i am getting fed up of it now as it has a bed battery life. i loved it at first but now i hate it, the camera is quite good. i find the phone quite boring and not very fun anymore

Reviewed by Richard Murton from UK on 1st Jul 2011
I've had the LG Cookie 501 on a deal from Orange for over 12 months now and it has mostly driven me mad! It had had to go back for repair as it completely stopped once, but that side is working again. The speed of use is the really annoying thing as it takes much to long to react to the commands... which if you are in a bit of a hurry is infuriating. Also there seems to be no logic in the way it stores contacts. If you have someone on the phone and the sim, (for backup) it will receive two messages from that contact. I dont like it, or trust it, the battery life is appaulingly short, and I'm jealous of those with an iphone!

Reviewed by chris from UK on 30th Jun 2011
this phone is great it may not be like the iPhone or the galaxy but for its price its amazing the battery life is great it could last for 3 days but what's weird about it i was using it on a school trip and it ran out of battery 10mins later it turned itself back on and had 2 bars out of 3 battery the only down side is tht u cant download apps for cheap prises theres an app for a vuvezala sound and it coasts 5 overall i love this phone

Reviewed by kiki from UK on 15th Jun 2011
Got this for xmas 2009 & loved it!!I got the blackberry curve about a month and a half ago and have started using this again because it is so simple to use and so light!!!! <3 it!

Reviewed by Doug from UK on 14th Jun 2011
Not a bad phone Im not going to decribe its features only to say it works well as a phone and I think the camera is fine however, and heres the glitch that practically ruins the phone, the LG supplied software will not allow phone connection to a PC so any photos taken cannot be downloaded. Ive tried a number of places to get this problem sorted, including the carphone warehouse where I puchased the phone and no one can help. So if anyone can help me please get in touch - heartsdowndoug@googlemail.com

Reviewed by Jose Amany from UK on 10th Jun 2011
just bought my cookie, its Excellent... yet to say more as i go through it..

Reviewed by pepa from UK on 10th Jun 2011
esta muy bien

Reviewed by megan from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
i loooove this phone!!!! i had it in silver but that one broke now im thinkin of gettin this one!!!!!

Reviewed by Katarina from UK on 28th May 2011
Awful phone. Slow, easy for the screen to smash, unresponsive, small battery life, wipes everything off the phone when you turn it off, the silent profile doesnt work - and when it goes off in an important meeting its not really good, there is NO vibration alert! There is barley any memory to keep more than 10 messages in the phone! My friend has the exact same phone and she's having the same problems too. Would NOT recommend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by Patrick from UK on 24th May 2011
10 years ago I had an LG phone-it was excellent, so was the computer software that came with it. This thing is appalling. The touch screen needs a hammer & the sliders do not work properly. Neither the phone or the software is intuitive. The last LG I shall buy, an awful piece of kit. Style over function I guess.

Reviewed by Millie from UK on 23rd May 2011
I really enjoy useing the Lg Cookie, it is fun and realible whenever I need to find out info i can use the internet app and whenever i need to take a quick snap shot i can and then lode it up into my computar usng the charger that has a USB cable on it :) I really love using the Lg cookie :) I is GREAT :)

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 19th May 2011
Amazing phone! Though the camera lacks quality and there is NO Wi-Fi. Which is kind of sad. Love everything else about it! :D

Reviewed by Meg from UK on 15th May 2011
I bought the LG kp500 quite recently and I must say I am very impressed! Its good quality for its price, and its a very affordable touch screen. I got mine second hand off ebay for 30, its a very practical phone. The battery life is longer than any other phone I have had, and its perfect for someone like me who doesn't use the internet.

Reviewed by Jodie from UK on 14th May 2011
I have one and Its okay. Its very out of fashion now though!!!

Reviewed by Mark Smith from UK on 13th May 2011
Awesome phone it has lots of features to use.

Reviewed by Daisy from UK on 8th May 2011
RUBISH. Freezes all the time, screens broke, battries loose, dull colours on menue. RUBISH DONT BUY IT

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