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LG KG225 review

 Review: December 2006  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The LG KG225 is a featherweight entry-level clamshell phone.



The KG225 has a very basic camera that you can use to take pictures when the phone is opened. Photos can be matched to contacts from the phonebook, so that your friend's photo appears when they call you. There's no video camera, and the screen is rather poor too, with one of the lowest resolutions around. There's no external screen, so you have to open the phone to see who's calling. The phone does have good quality 40-voice polyphonic ringtones, but cannot handle MP3 ringtones. It does support Java games, which can be downloaded using the phone's WAP connection. Memory is very small, and connectivity is limited to a PC serial port, which can be used to transfer photos from the phone to a PC. Battery life is below average.

The KG225 is a very cheap phone, and its specification reflects that. It's acceptable as a first phone and has the advantages of being very lightweight and good looking, but functionality is really limited. The Sony Ericsson K310i may not have the looks of the KG225, but offers a lot more for your money.

LG KG225 features include:

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LG KG225 user reviews

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Average rating from 43 reviews:

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 16th Apr 2009
I had this phone when I was 11/12 and loved it. It was a handy size and stylish looking. I didn't really need a video camera, bluetooth or an MP3 setting so it was perfect.

Reviewed by Cee-Jay from Aussie on 10th Apr 2009
Worst phone you can possilbly have.Not only is it light in weight. Its light in features to. Barly any. Rubbish camera.Only Polyphonic Ringtones. Slow Internet Connention .Tiny screen. My buttons have already cracked and im only a light user of mobiles now because of the poor quality. In a call phone cuts out, can berly hear other person. Overall, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

Reviewed by Jordan_8642 from Aus on 29th Oct 2008
dont get this phone it is really bad

Reviewed by Sumayya aka Kiva from Pakistan on 12th Sep 2008
Well I think this phone works really good, and its really easy to carry it, or put it anywhere. Well, the drawback is that the screen quality isn't amazing, but overall, I'd say its good looking and easy to carry, which makes it quite suitable for me and for many people I know. ^^

Reviewed by mysstic from Australia on 20th Jun 2008
I wrote here already a review here, and gave 3 stars, what a mistake, 1 star from me, if I could, I would give even less. I had this phone now for over 2 yrs, and most of the time it works. But when it comes to the rainy season, here in Cairns, it just dies, no functions at all, no text msg, no calls, nothing works. Now I have figured it out, that it just can't handle the slightest humidity. When I left it in an airconditionned area, it did work again. I have complained many times to LG, they hopeless. I wouldn't recommend for any1 to buy this phone, or as a matter of fact any LG product

Reviewed by Phoebe from Britain on 20th May 2008
I've owned this phone for over a year now, and it basically does what it says on the tin. The features on the phone are not particularly good, the camera isn't great, and there's no way of getting the photos off of the phone anyway. But, you're buying a phone not a camera. What do you expect for an old, cheap phone? The ringtones are a bit lacking, and the message tone is irritating, but they do the job, and you notice them. It is hard to find downloadable ringtones, because of how old the model is, for starters. Using the phone is very easy. Everything is laid out in a easy to use layout, and phoning and texting couldn't be simpler. It's the easiest phone I've ever used for texting, as the keys are very responsive, so it can cope with even my quick fingers. The games aren't wonderful, in fact, I hated them, so it wasn't the phone I could use to relieve boredom on the bus journeys. The biggest problem with the phone, that I found, was that the battery life was appauling, and I had to charge it every night, and reception wasn't very good. In fact, the reason why I upgraded to an Samsung W200i, was because I could not get a reception at my work place. In all, a pleasent little phone in itself, very pretty looking, but there are better.

Reviewed by JOE WHEELER from ENGLAND on 19th Apr 2008

Reviewed by Elizabeth from Australia on 13th Mar 2008
I received this phone as a present in August 2007. Needless to say, I had no say in the actual phone I got. After having a Nokia 3315 or whatever for years, this was a HUGE upgrade. My original phone is so old that it's not even on the list anymore! I agree with what other people have said though, the phone lacks additional features that are now expected on just about every phone, but the price plays a huge factor. The phone's battery seems to empty really fast; it's a small model though, what do you expect? After the Nokia with a huge life span, this was a huge inconvenience. The ring tones are pretty horrible, along with the text/confirmation noise that it makes, which I have not been able to change. My final complaint (I've already accepted that it's camera is terrible and there's no bluetooth) is that I can't connect mine to a computer with a data cord (I even went out of my way to buy one!). This may be a fault in my phone itself though... I've given it 3 stars because it's great for a basic phone, but if you want additional features, you have to pay for them!

Reviewed by ruth from Australia on 8th Mar 2008
I wish I hadn't bought this phone, simply because of the battery. It lasts for hardly any length of time, and will say it's on 4 bars of battery, I'll make a 30 second call, and it's on 1 bar. The camera is a waste of time too, even on the highest setting it doesn't take ok pictures, but that's what I expected from a cheapy phone. At least it calls and sends text messages.

Reviewed by Hillary from UK on 27th Feb 2008
I don't like mobile phones, and have one out of necessity. This one I loved. It was a pleasure to handle, fitting into my hand like a pebble, all curves and speckly.So light and small one hardly felt it in one's pocket. So easy to whip off one's wine-stained trousers into the washing machine checking for coins and handkerchiefs and missing the phone. Which is why I am searching the internet for another...

Reviewed by rupert the bear from wales on 24th Dec 2007
FAB phone. Light as hell ! Poor camera though ! may aswell not have one ! but phones arent built for cameras and this phone is top dog !

Reviewed by James from UK on 30th Oct 2007
This phone has limited features but is probably the smallest and lightest phone on the market here in the UK. That's why I bought it. Goes in your pocket easier than any other. Neat. Cheap too. I have had mine for 18 months with no problems.

Reviewed by san from america on 20th Oct 2007
okay. these ratings on this phone is putrid!!!this phone is actually really goodand the phone does not contain only 0.3 megapixel!!!!trust me i haveowned this phone and it is really good.

Reviewed by Tizzy from New Zealand on 28th Sep 2007
HATE IT...HATE IT....HATE IT i tell you why the screen is th size of a post stamp the camera is terrible you cant even tell what you are taking a picture of to small ringtones well THEY ARE THE WORST and thats all i have to say about that it doesn't havean mp3 or loudspeaker so overall i would give it -10 but the the rating only goes down to 1 so to the take home message is DO NOT BUT THIS PHINE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Anifred from South Africa on 27th Jul 2007
Don't buy this phone... you can buy anything better for cheaper...

Reviewed by Lilian from Australia on 22nd Jul 2007
I had this phone for a while and no problem so far. I even dropped it, fell on tiles, still works fine. Basic, not many features, but if you just want calls & sms it's ok. Reasonable fone for that cheap price.

Reviewed by jess from uk on 18th Jul 2007
This is the worst fone EVER. There is never any signal, the battrys awful,the button fell off,often theres just a blank screen,it always fails to send messages(if i rairly find signal),when i call some one they have nothing on the other end,i cant hear if some one is talking to me when they call me and its takes on awerage 1 day to recive a message from some one who lives down the road. The worst buy ever. I was ripped off.

Reviewed by mysstic from Australia on 17th Jul 2007
I had this phone for about 1 year. Very basic, as per specification and everyone should read it be4 they buy it and not complein after. Never had any problem with this phone. Camera not so good though. Overall it does what it supposed to do, calls & sms. If you want more, this isn't 4 u.

Reviewed by anonymous from Aus on 15th Jul 2007

Reviewed by Graham from United Kingdom on 2nd Jul 2007
Bought this phone because my old Sony came to the end of it's life. Picked it out mainly because it was cheap, and I'm a low user. Plus side, it makes calls, sends texts ie the basics fairly well. However, there are a few downsides. The ergonomics are shocking. Using the keypad with one hand is a no-no (could just be my chunky thumbs), it doesn't sit well on your ear when calling (could just be my chunky ear), and the menu navigation is very frustrating to use (could just be my chunky brain!). I'm going back to Sony.

Reviewed by mirka from Czech Republic on 1st Jul 2007
I have this LG for one year and ... no problem. I love this phone

Reviewed by 0431 716 636 from australia on 12th Jun 2007
the lg 225 is a very small and non complicated fone.its good for its size,colour and price. at just (71) bucks you to can have a fone like this.it has the works like camera,polyphonic tones,internet n much more.if u bye this fone it wont let u down.....trust me buckie

Reviewed by Chris Slatter from England on 18th May 2007
I recieved this phone for christmas, what can i say, its the worst present ever!!!! There is never any signal, the battery is shocking, the keypad is small and fiddily, theres is no memory, the camera is shocking, the screeen is dull, the games are shocking, and for 60 you expect somthing better....There are other fones out there which are cheaper and better!

Reviewed by NEIL J from UK on 16th Apr 2007
This is a good fone becos of price, look and simplicity, yes LG make the chocolate aswell but that costs way more than this, if you want a mobile phone that is just what this is, if you want a multi media mobile pay more and stop complaing about the lack of features

Reviewed by ABZ from UK on 12th Apr 2007
The phone in simple terms is beutiful small, delicate,soft and best of all slides in to your pocket with ease but the main problem is its features no bluetooth or MP3 is the bad things about this phone but if thats not what you care about and its only about calling and style this phone is PERFECT!!!!

Reviewed by Emma from england on 31st Mar 2007
i think that this phone is good, i have the one underneath it, so i know what it is like. However it would be sooo much better if it had blue tooth, as i got this phone nearly a year ago, and most other phones do have it.

Reviewed by Jim from Australia on 30th Mar 2007
I bought this phone because I wanted a cheap phone ($71) that was pleasant to use and fit in my pocket. I don't really need the camera as I have a real digital camera - phone cameras can never measure up. I buy a phone to fit my needs. This phone fits my needs perfectly. Those who don't like it should buy to fit their needs.

Reviewed by cat from Britain on 23rd Mar 2007
i think the phone is a good relieble one, but i wish it had BLue-Tooth

Reviewed by Lisa from Australia on 22nd Feb 2007
I have one of these phones and think that it's great if all you want to use it for is messages and phone calls<< that - after all is what a phone's for.

Reviewed by Ellen from U.K on 21st Feb 2007
this phone is great but it would be better if it had bluetooth

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 19th Feb 2007
Does anyone actually look at the phone spec before they buy it or do they just buy it then slate it for not being a tv/camera/mp3/phone and bog roll holder all in one?? What is the problem with people? LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE BUYING FIRST KIDS!! Decent phone, basic, does what it's supposed to and looks good. End of.

Reviewed by Mo from UK on 12th Feb 2007
I think a lot of people here are expecting far too much from a phone which is relatively cheap. I think this phone does the job and much more , sound quality is very good , ringtones can be customised ,and i dont beleive photographers use mobile phones for front cover photos , but still the camera is more than adiquate . Most of all the design of the phone is VERY practical , it feels smooth and sexy . As for anything missing , i think a data cable and a pc will sort that out.

Reviewed by jane from uk on 8th Feb 2007
this phone is not that great it has a camera and thats about it theres a voice recorder i think the lg chocolate is sooooooooo much better.thats the one i have now

Reviewed by antony from england on 1st Feb 2007
it is sick

Reviewed by Mandy from England on 29th Jan 2007
I have this phone, and to be quite honest i think it is RUBBISH! You can have any mp3 songs on it and i can't record videos! Don't buy this phone...its Trash!

Reviewed by kimx from uk on 26th Jan 2007

Reviewed by Ellie from England on 24th Jan 2007
this phone is very disappointing. in the shop it looked great but i really regret buying it. i've had it for a few months, and and now looking around for a new phone. the camera is rubbish and the ringtones are very limited. dont buy this phone.. you'll wish you hadn;t.

Reviewed by xbabe82517 from UK on 14th Jan 2007
My friend has just bought this phone for her younger brother - he's 11 - and quite frankly, it does what it says on the tin. I can't understand all these people who are moaning about the rubbish camera, poor screen, etc when they should have known what they were buying in the first place! The clue's in the description, folks - 'entry-level' phone. It's not meant to be the smartest, most stylish piece of kit on the market. It's a basic phone for texting, calling and taking the odd photo. If you want a phone that plays music, go for the SE Walkman series. If you want a decent camera phone, go for the K800i - that's what I have, and if you want a phone with all the bells and whistles on, go for the Nokia N-series. Or if you just want style, go for the LG Chocolate. You can't go to McDonalds and expect the service and food from a first-class restaurant. Just like you can't expect to pay a few quid for this phone and have it all!

Reviewed by Brandon from USA on 8th Jan 2007
When I first bought this phone I loved it... it was the best talking device in the world.... but on the third day it sparked and nearly blew up an entire gas station... there was a bus full of nuns to boot.... needless to say I hate this phone... the camera sucks as well... and what is Polyphonic 40 anyway?

Reviewed by Robert from Wales on 6th Jan 2007
Ive just brought this phone on the 02/01/07 I swiched the phone on and used it for one day. it was perfect! then on the Second day i swiched it on and then it said, Phone Freezed.the next day i went back to the shop and brought the Nokia 6280. the phone is working fine. im just hopping that my new phone wont freeze!

Reviewed by lewis from england on 30th Dec 2006
i dont if its just me, but this phone is rubbish.i thought the LG phones were all good.......untill they made this.definatly DO NOT GO FOR THIS!! the picture quality is totally hopeless.trust me dont go for this phone..1star from me.

Reviewed by Orpheas Van Roy from Cyprus on 24th Dec 2006
It's a poor telephone because it has a VGA camera with only 0.3 megapixels and other bad thins. I put average only because it has 5x digital zoom.

Reviewed by josh from swindon on 22nd Dec 2006
this phone is a disapointment to lg they have the chocolate which is exelent and the neo which is exelent but this 1 is the ugly duck and its not turning pretty

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