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LG KF700 review

 Review: May 2008  

Last updated March 2009

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The KF700 offers the best of both worlds: a large touchscreen and a slide-out conventional keypad.



LG have enjoyed a massive hit in 2008 with the LG Viewty iPhone-killer, and now here comes the KF700 that seems to be a better-looking version of the Viewty, but with a slide-out conventional keypad. So is the KF700 an improved Viewty? Mobile Phones UK checks it out!

LG boast that the KF700 is the world's first phone with three separate input methods. Don't think so! Whilst it's true that the KF700 does have three input methods (touchscreen, alphanumeric keypad and shortcuts), it's not the first (this was probably the Sony Ericsson P800 back in 2003!) Anyway, let's take a look at the three input methods and see how well they work. Firstly, the Viewty has proved that a touchscreen user interface can work well for everything except texting. The KF700 clearly builds on the Viewty's success, delivering a polished touchscreen UI with the benefit of a conventional keypad for fast texting. When sending texts, you can use the keypad for entering letters, with frequently used symbols available on the touchscreen. It's a strong combination and should please most people. The touchscreen is big (at 3 inches diagonally), which is essential for making a user friendly UI. The shortcut dial isn't a huge innovation, but provides a quick way into various applications.

When it comes to features, it becomes obvious that the KF700 can't match the Viewty. It's clearly a mid-range phone, rather than a high-end one. Still, the specification is excellent when you consider the price. The camera has 3 megapixels, autofocus, zoom and a flash. The low-light setting uses ISO 800 to capture images in low light, but like most camera phones it's a challenge to get good quality images when it's dark. As this is a 3G phone, video calling is available too.

The phone comes with both an FM radio and an MP3 player. Audio quality is high, and with 90 Mbytes of onboard memory and a microSD memory card slot, there's plenty of memory available for storing music. In fact, the 90 Mbyte memory vastly exceeds what's on offer from any competitor phones in this price range and is very useful. We'd like to see more manufacturers increasing built-in memory like this. Connectivity is via Bluetooth and USB, in common with most other phones. Internet access is fast, with high-speed 3G (HSDPA) offering download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps.

One problem with this phone is the battery life, which is below average. This is common with touchscreen phones - the huge displays eat power!

Overall, we recommend the KF700. It's an excellent mid-range 3G phone, offering a combination of good features and a good user interface. Just don't buy it under the impression that it's an upgraded Viewty!

LG KF700 features include:

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LG KF700 user reviews

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Average rating from 34 reviews:

Reviewed by hani from makhlouf on 14th Nov 2011
thanks lg is phone

Reviewed by dave from uk on 14th Feb 2011
I find it very good

Reviewed by Jo from England on 16th Jun 2010
AVOID LG & AVOID CARPHONE WAREHOUSE!!!! I got the LG GD900 on a two year contract when it first came out and have had nothing but problems... It's been repaired more times than I can count, they exchanged it like for like and that phone broke too - now they are offering another exchange!! Each time the phone is away for roughly a week so I have been without my phone cumulatively for over 2 months now!! Not happy!! Do yourself a favour - avoid LG and CPW!! If you want an easy mobile life.

Reviewed by Roslyn from Australia on 9th Nov 2009
Had phone for just over a year. Battery life has suddenly dropped substantially within the last month. Usually the phone will last about 3 days without charge. Now it lasts under 24 hours. Not the best touch phone out there, it's okay if you want in on the whole touch screen fad but I find that the touch functions are not significantly value-adding.

Reviewed by Denny from middle java on 30th Oct 2009
it's a nice phone, i've had it for 3 months.but sometimes messages come up without its ringtone though it's not in silent or vibrating profile.beside that when i open the music menu it takes so long to get in the menu. when i open the pic gallery it does as well.the battery doesn't last long enough.i use it for sending sms but it just last for 2 days only.but i like its desain

Reviewed by emily from spain on 18th Aug 2009
i have had the phone for about half a year now and i love it but yesterday the touch screen froze and so i turned it off and turned it back on but it still wont work! its happened to me before but the next day it worked again! can anyone help me...?

Reviewed by darnetta from US on 7th Aug 2009
I've had the K700 for 4 months. I liked it except for the horrible ring tones. Last week my touchscreen stopped working. I can make outgoing calls IF i know the number by heart but I can't get to any of my contacts or check text messages. I've put my SIM card in a different phone but my contacts are still stuck in the K700. Can anyone help?

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 28th Jun 2009
I've had this phone since october 2008 and I love it although I have to agree about the wallpapers and the freezing of the screen after playing music but all you have to do is wait a little bit and it resolves itself. Another problem I experience with it is the signal, whether this is the phone or O2 I do not know. But its rather annoying at times. Also I set my own songs as ringtones and then it resets itself back to the one it originally was before I even got the phone. But either way I love the uniquity of this phone and the little flaws don't really bother me that much. I don't really feel it worthy of a 5 star but deffinately a 4.

Reviewed by lydia from uk on 24th May 2009
my battery didn't last long but then i went on to ebay and bought a battery that cost about 99p or less. it really made a huge difference on the battery life. i love my kf700 it is a really good phone. hope that advice helped you.

Reviewed by KEVIN from CALAFONIA on 12th Apr 2009

Reviewed by Emma from England on 3rd Mar 2009
Does anyone else have the same problem that the batteries fine and has the full 3 bars but then a few hours later after hardly using it the low battery beep comes on? Its happened twice to me in the past few days. My friend just got the LG Cookie and although its got similar features and what not it looks like a much better phone. However I do love my little KF700. even though it can be a little slow sometimes and freezes on me and can only be resolved by turning it off then on again. In my opinion there a much better touch screen phones nowadays but if you dont like the idea of typing out a message using the touch pad then this is the phone for you.

Reviewed by Mykel from Philippines on 12th Feb 2009
In my expirience LG KF700 is awesome but few days later the touch screen suddenly don`t work even turning off & on or removing the battery it`s still malfunctioning, it only work when I blow an air gun between the the slide space, but the malfunction is frequent & without the touch screen this mobile phone is a crop! & limited download of themes.

Reviewed by Damon from United States on 2nd Jan 2009
I bought this phone on ebay new and I must say it is the most nifty phone I have played with. I use T-Mobile with it here in the US and it works great. The camera is Decent but lacks a zoom(but the video camera has a zoom?)but other functions on the phone make up for it. The music player is very loud and it shows album artwork. Call volume is great. The wallpaper on the homescreen doesn't fit the whole screen its got this white bar on top where the Service bars, time, and status logos are(kinda annoying) but white wallpapers look good. Overall I give this phone a 9/10 only because of the white bar on the top of the homescreen and the lack of a zoom camera.

Reviewed by Emily from UK on 17th Oct 2008
Hi i got this phone today i really wanted it but i was worried because i heard awful reviews about it but my friend has 1 and she loves it so far the only downside is the size bit bigger than expect but other than that gr8!!!

Reviewed by jonathan ferris from liverpool on 18th Sep 2008
i bought my girlfriend the lg kf700 4 her birthday and i luv this phones the touch screen even though the phone has short battery life

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 18th Sep 2008
okay, LG are getting annoyyed, i am getting annoyyed, this is a direct copy of the samsung F700, exept without the pad. LG, please start making your own phones, and stop ripping other companies off! Gosh. This is a very poor phone and LG know this...

Reviewed by Royce from Singapore on 7th Sep 2008
Just got the phone today and it's great! Hope i won't experience all those problems others had. Oh and by the way Phil (from Sussex), there is a zoom function! Just spin the wheel =)

Reviewed by jEni from UK on 4th Aug 2008
i love this phone mate

Reviewed by charlotte stones from lincolnshire on 3rd Aug 2008
this is the most greatest phone ever you wouldnt want any better so go for this phone it has everything you want on it

Reviewed by Marius from Norway on 31st Jul 2008
I've used this phone for a couple of weeks and i simply love it. The only problem i have is that i cant find any new applications for it. Anoyone who has a webpage where i can get it?

Reviewed by Darius from London, UK on 24th Jul 2008
I chose this over the iPhone because of pricing and i HATE typing via touchscreen as i text very fast, so this phone was perfect for my needs, with the touchscreen and the keypad that slides. I think its amazing!! The camera and music player are fantastic. Granted the slide mechanism is a bit cheap but look at it, it is so small and practical, its all i really need. The screen is crystal clear and the operating system is very classy. Today, i went to the British Motor Show, and was snapping away and took about 300 pictures, before my battery went, i have noticed the battery life is pretty rubbish and i have it on the power save mode, it will struggle to last a working day, but the pictures were great for something so small. The touchscreen works a treat, but is a bit laggy. Top notch phone.

Reviewed by hannah from scotland on 27th Jun 2008
love this phone it does everything you tell it to do .i have had it for 2-3weeks now and i already know all the buttons.:) if you have a problem with it then i dont understand why? it is the best phone ive had, it has a great screen size so i give it 5stars

Reviewed by hannah from UK on 27th Jun 2008
this is an amazing phone it does exactly everything you tell it do do.so i give it the thumbs up(y)lol it is a gorguss phone as you can see and a great screen size.

Reviewed by bob from uk on 25th Jun 2008
well ive had this phone for around a week and a half now, the music player and camera are decent. the only problems ive had is the fact that the slide mechanism seems a little shabby? Ive returned the first one i had and the second one is starting to do it aswell, will send it back for a non slider (this is my first slide phone) or a SE / Samsung. will not go will LG again as i have mates who say they are bad aswell - shame they didnt tell me before i brought it eh?

Reviewed by Ian Marchant from UK on 6th Jun 2008
I was about to upgrade to the viewty, then saw this which is a great mixture of touchscreen and keys. At first I was very dissappointed with the battery life, only lasting a couple of days! then while exploring the menus I found a 'power save' setting. since selecting this there has been a tremendouse improvement, only noticable difference is the screen saver comes on much quicker, usually lasting 4-5 days now. Only thing I can slightly fault is that sometimes the touch screen fails to select first time (but I do have big fingers). Also I can't find an easy way to select a mid point of a sms when you make an error and want to correct it. Again possibly due to having big fingers? But overall an excellent phone and very pleased. It's a personal view of course but I can't say I agree that the phone looks cheap!

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 28th May 2008
HELP!i got this phone today and love it only problem i have is with text messaging- i can write the message fine and receiving isn't a problem but they won't send! they jst save to my outbox for hours and say 'waiting' and then 'failed'. Can anyone help?

Reviewed by jon from england on 28th May 2008
Tested this phone oday. pretty good, except it looks really, really cheap. kf600 looks so much better...

Reviewed by Julie from UK on 26th May 2008
I have just upgraded to KF700 and first impression is very good - so much so my husband is about to cancel his existing contract so he can get one with O2. It seems easy to use although I am not a total geek who uses every function available. Text messaging is easy as well.

Reviewed by anna from uk on 20th May 2008
i got this phone 2wks ago and have 2 send it back because the sound was bad i could never here my phone ring! even with the volume 2 the max! recieved a new one yesterday only to find the back does not fit on to hold the battery in! (could not find predicitive text found it difficult to text!) also it makes it hard 2 see the screen outside! so now have 2 send this phone back and wait for them 2 recieve it to ring up and get another phone (i had 2 put up a fight to get a different phone am now looking at a nokia as my k800i does not hold charge!

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 19th May 2008
This is probably the best phone I've had. I started with a Nokia in 1992 and have had a new phone every year (Ericson, Philips, Sony, Samsung +). The battery is good for about 4 days depending on use, the touch screen works a treat and the camera is okay. If you want good quality pics use a proper camera.

Reviewed by emma from england on 18th May 2008
this phone is the worst phone you will ever get, you will look at it and cry. i got one i got it out the book and it snapped i had for about 1 minuite, i took it strait back and i didnt even get my money back because they had to many of them brought back!

Reviewed by charlie from uk on 17th May 2008
well i got the KF700 yesterday, so far so good. i like touch screens phone, its got a good memory but the camera was a bit dissapointing

Reviewed by Phil from Sussex on 15th May 2008
Got the KF700 as an upgrade on O2, its a good phone, looks great and I'm impressed with the responsiveness and ease of use the touch screen has. I had to replace my first handset as the battery would not hold its charge for more than a few hours with litle or no use. The replacement is much better, and I am more than happy with it. I chose it over the Viewty as I like the idea of having the traditional keypad for texting. One little gripe I do have is the the camera has no zoom function when capturing photos, but is present when viewing them in an album. This is a little disappointing but not worthy enough to hold it against the phone's performace overall.

Reviewed by Shelley from Lancashire on 14th May 2008
Just got the K700 today. So far so good. Looks great, Easy to work, Memory isnt bad but the camera is a little dissapointing. I like the fact that its touch screen but can text using the buttons. Nice neat little phone.

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