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LG KC780 review

 Review: January 2009  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The LG KC780 is a slim mid-range phone with an amazing 8 megapixel camera.



The LG KC780 is described by LG as a "high–end feature phone available at an affordable price." The reality is that it's a mid-priced GSM phone with standard mid-range features, but with a high-end camera. This gives it a rather lopsided feature set and probably explains why hardly any of these phones are appearing in the shops. That and the fact that LG's advertising guys seem to have forgotten to tell anyone about it.

Don't get us wrong, it isn't a bad phone, but it isn't destined to be a big seller.

Look at the positives - it's free on mid-priced contracts, it's a slim slide phone with an amazing 8 megapixel camera, it has an MP3 player and FM radio, space for a memory card up to 8GB, and Bluetooth. If you want an 8MP camera phone but can't afford an LG Renoir, then look at this one by all means.

LG KC780 features include:

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LG KC780 user reviews

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Average rating from 20 reviews:

Reviewed by JOYCE from SCOTLAND on 20th Oct 2011

Reviewed by Andy from UK on 10th Apr 2011
Excellent fast txting.camera poor.flash disappointing.difficult to download fom pc.excellent bluetooth.mp3 average.headphones rubbish.easy to use.recommend if you dont like complicated touch screens.

Reviewed by steve from uk on 1st Mar 2010
fone is good works fine alex u must have a faulty 1 because for the price 89 its a very good phone, mine has never crashed turned off it sends messages fine battery lasts, camera is good yeah its not 3g but neither was the first iphone and that cost nearly 500

Reviewed by Nadir Shah from Afghanistan on 25th Jan 2010
Hi Everyone This is Nadir Shah From Afghanistan LG KC780 is Outstanding mobile 8 Mega best quality Camera Video Recording I like this mobile I use i-mate every kind of mobile blackberry but this is the best mobile phone I was changing my mobile every month every week but when i took this mobile is the best mobile I like this mobile and one best think is work excel PD F and much more things

Reviewed by Alex from United Kingdom on 13th Nov 2009
Can I just start by saying STOP! STOP RIGHT HERE! If you are thinking of buying this phone, STOP HERE AND SPARE YOURSELF MONTHS OF MISERY! Its rare that I find something so bad that I actually want to give it a negative star rating, but this is a real contender. Ok, the camera is good. Then the positives stop. The messaging tools are clumsy and slow. The calender is poor and also slow. The alarm switches itself off. Oh, and the damn thing crashes ALL THE TIME! But this isn't even getting started. The stupid thing will start only sending one pagers for no reason. Sometimes it doesnt even send messages at all! I have even known it to send a message to the person who last messaged me, and NOT THE NUMBER THAT I SPECIFY! And then the countless hours that I've sat with the thing apart in my lap, trying to work out why it won't read the sim card or just won't switch on (or even off, which is in a way more frustrating!)... Please, do not make the mistake that I did. If you're thinking of buying this phone, learn my lesson and get something else. I don't know if all LGs are this monumentally bad, but all I can say is that I for one have been put off for life.

Reviewed by daniel from italy on 4th Oct 2009
its nice phone cool

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 26th Jul 2009
Love my mobile :) x

Reviewed by ASKO from Bosnia on 29th Jun 2009
Phone is brilliant, good looking, practical. Menu is easy to use. Video is perfect for mobile. I can't find different between 8MP and 5 MP picture, but I'm satisfied with phone. For phone 5 stars. Horrible thing about this phone is LG technical support. I bought this phone and in box only manual was in Italian(unfortunately I don't speak Italian). I asked LG TS for sending manual(PDF or DJVU format) in some other languages including English. Idiots send me link to download some program for support. That program allowed me to download manual AGAIN in Italian( need IMEI to activate). In this moment I need manual to use some features of this phone

Reviewed by Rockie67 from uk on 20th Jun 2009
I think this phone is brilliant.Ok is has'nt got 3g but if you never use video calling then why pay the extra to have a phone with it on.The camera on this is spot on.8mp,face detection,smile shot,what more could you want.I would recommend this phone to anyone but if you want 3g then its not the one for you.

Reviewed by hattie-xoxo from wales on 6th Jun 2009
this phone is lush. i cant see how some people can say its not!!!! it is so easy and relible ++++ i got a deal because my lg cookie broke so they gave me this one free & threw in the first 3 months free. (Y) x

Reviewed by sonic310 from uk on 8th Apr 2009
chose this phone, because was offered on a 15 a month contract with the whole term being 1/2 price via redemption. making it just 7.50 for phone minutes etc!! I know it isn't supposed to have as much on it as other top 8 megapixal camera phones, but so far it hasn't diappointed me. Camera and MP3 player are both excellent. It may not be the slimmest or smallest phone I've ever had, but I find it great! would have preferred in silver, but black is ok if a little boring. Did take me a little while to work around the software. Disc provided loaded onto computer ok. But then when connected phone, computer didn't recognise it. Think it may just have been my fault (I'm definately no techno wizard!). I presume I was just connecting cables in incorrect order, because all up and running now. Games to download are limited from T-mobile at present, they say not compatible with handset. Have found great site www.mobilerated.com they offer free games to download and you can list by those compatible with your phone. All in all - great phone with plenty of features for the average person and available on some very affordable contracts.

Reviewed by Terri-Anne from Preston on 4th Apr 2009
I Like this phone. I got it yesterday and already love it. I do prefer sony ericsson but this one is neat and very cute. Love the camera on it and it's very loud. I'd recommend you buy one. There pretty cool. :)

Reviewed by Graham from New York on 26th Mar 2009
This Phone Is Alright Although I Prefer Sony Ericsson, Its A Good Lil Number :-)

Reviewed by Ruth from Scotland on 16th Mar 2009
My husband and I just got this phone tthree days ago and we both think it's great. Lots of features and takes great pictures although I would say it is a bit heavy on one side when opened but you can take pics when it's closed which is good. Also you can use the phone closed to phone and answer calls and really only need to slide it open when using text or email. I wouldn't give it 5 stars cause its not brilliant as there are better phones out there but for cost and what I need it for I give it 4*.

Reviewed by kate from england on 26th Dec 2008
i think this phone is lush. its really goodlookin and stylish. it is really easy to txt on and its really easy 2 work . i have took sum pics with the 8mega pixel cam it is good bt it can blur if its nt focused on the image bt still gettin the hang of it. the fm radio works really well and u can save ur fav channels. u can also send pics frm ur comp on2 ur phone . i would recommend this phone . its lush xand easy 2 work x

Reviewed by grant from england on 17th Dec 2008
don't touch, the phone is useless

Reviewed by Ahmad from Iran on 25th Nov 2008
I think this phone is a mediocre one because when i tested it i came to conclusion that its 8 megapixeled phone cant match 5 mp phones from se and nokia

Reviewed by katiebabes from england on 23rd Nov 2008
this phone is horrible dont get it.

Reviewed by sarah from england on 15th Nov 2008
this phone is da bombs !

Reviewed by Stacy from Miami on 7th Nov 2008
I h8 this fone I was so looking 4ward 2 havin it and it is so dissapointing I gave up my lg prada 4 it But i am now getting it back

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