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LG F14A8YD5 review

 Review: February 2016  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The LG F14A8YD5 is a top-value washer dryer from a top make. Less expensive than LG's premium appliances, but built to the same high standards, this machine combines good looks with a large load capacity, plenty of wash programmes, and excellent all-round performance. It's one of our star recommendations.



LG doesn't make cheap washer dryers, but if it did, they would probably look like the LG F14A8YD5. This entry-level washer-dryer is certainly cheaper than the company's high-end models, and you can see that there have been some cost-savings in the design and build of the machine. The finish is grey plastic, and the model we tested had a slight stick in the door - although nothing that gave us any cause for concern. In fact the build quality is very good, and the look is smart and contemporary.

The controls consist of an easy-turn rotary dial to choose the programme, with push buttons to start and stop, and an LED display to show progress. There are various other controls on the display panel, making the machine tricky to use at first. But the controls are logically designed, and after a few sessions it becomes clear enough.

Washing and performance

The washing capacity of this machine is 8kg, and it can dry loads up to 6kg. That's smaller than most LG washer dryers, but by our reckoning it's plenty big enough for even a large family.

There are plenty of wash programmes on offer from this machine, including some special programmes such as Baby Care, Duvet, Hand Wash, and a Quick 30 wash that's very convenient for quick washing of lightly soiled laundry. You can select wash only, dry only, or wash and dry.

The spin speed is variable up to a maximum of 1400rpm, which ought to be fast enough to get most of the water out of your wash before drying. It's enough to give the machine an 'A' rating for spin performance.

Overall energy performance is also rated 'A', which is the highest possible rating for washer-dryers. This is in part due to LG's very efficient direct drive inverter motor.

The machine is reasonably quiet in both wash and dry modes, although most Bosch and AEG machines do better. There's a Silent Wash option if you really value peace and quiet.


In our experience, LG appliances are very reliable. The direct drive motor eliminates a lot of wear and tear, and comes with a ten year warranty. Although this model is cheaper than many other LG washer dryers, we feel confident that internally the same attention to detail has been given, and in fact with fewer features there's less to go wrong.

Like all of LG's current generation of laundry appliances, the LG F14A8YD5 incorporates a Smart Diagnosis feature, enabling any faults to be diagnosed with a compatible smartphone, for easy reporting and repair.

Conclusion - top value from a highly regarded make

We do like LG appliances, but they tend to be very pricey. This lower-end washer dryer feels like an excellent balance of price vs features. Of course, it's still an expensive machine compared to cheap brands, but £650 isn't really too much to pay for a reliable, efficient combined washer-dryer that looks good and performs well.

When you consider the 10 year warranty on the motor, we think this machine offers top value for money.

LG F14A8YD5 features include:

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Do todays washer dryers need a hot air outlet throught the wall?

Asked by Mick from England on 25th Sep 2016

LG F14A8YD5 user reviews

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Average rating from 1 review:

Reviewed by Kerry from UK on 31st Mar 2017
I have 2 LG F14A8YD5 washer dryers which are used about twice a day and were purchased in September 2015, so should be in warranty.

I have had problems with the door seals in both the machines - firstly the seals had to be replaced as they were cracked and burnt on one side causing the machine to leak water.

Now a couple of months later one machine has a door that will not stay shut during operation - you have to stand and hold it closed and the other machine was left running overnight and I have returned to find the laundry all tangled in the door seal which has been completely ripped off presumably during the spin cycle. LG's response to this is that this is 'accidental damage' due to the laundry becoming tangled in the door seal and therefore not covered by their warranty.

Would I buy another one - definitely not! I'll be going back to using Bosch machines which i previously used, lasted 15 years with no faults.

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