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LG Cookie Lite review

 Review: September 2010  

Last updated April 2012

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Cookie Lite is a tiny touchscreen phone with entry-level features. Undoubtedly cute, it's available in black and pink, and would make a great first phone.

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The LG Cookie Lite is a cute little phone that's great as an entry-level product. It's a miniaturised Cookie, with a smaller resistive touchscreen and a camera with only 1.3 megapixels and no flash. It's got half the memory of the original Cookie, although it does have an MP3 player, FM radio and a 3.5mm audio jack. The Cookie Lite makes sense if you're looking for a tiny, lightweight and very cheap phone for a young teenager. If you want more, consider the Orange Rio II or the Samsung Tocco Lite.

LG Cookie Lite features include:

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LG T300 Cookie Lite black/ti ...
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LG Cookie Lite user reviews

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Average rating from 63 reviews:

Reviewed by Will from England on 22nd Jul 2012
Bounces Well.

Have to punch it to get screen to actually respond to anything,
VERY sssllloooowwww Have timed it in the past took no less than 8mins 23secs to load my pictures
Can't listen to music while texting
VERY Hard to break
I own it, and by the look of things, so do many other unfortunate people.

Reviewed by alex ward from england on 22nd Apr 2012

Reviewed by Evie from England on 2nd Apr 2012
This phone is not a very good buy. When I got this phone thought it looked quite good for the price but it wasn't. The screen is very small and quite hard to control, which is a big problem. Also when I had this phone in my bag, when it banged against the other items it started to ring people and waste all my credit. It doesn't have a very efficient lock pad.
I don't think this phone is very good, and I would save up for a better one because it is just a waste of money.
I don't recommend this phone to anyone- even my worst enemy.

Reviewed by Daniel from indonesia on 20th Mar 2012
i like it

Reviewed by pavan from india on 13th Mar 2012
Its a good phone and looks smarter and small but this phone has lot of problems with touch,internet,online videos not supported,
camera clarity is marvellous compared to his price on listening songs we cant do anything else totally its very slow working phone

Reviewed by ◑‿◑ lmao from ◑‿◑ lmao on 1st Mar 2012
good things now! ◑‿◑
read my sorry lips>>>0: NOTHING!!!

Reviewed by Someone from Someplace on 26th Feb 2012
Good things about this phone:
Like my old Nokia,impossible to break
And has a screen

Bad things about this phone:
Speed dials
Everything else

This is a phone that suits 7 or 8 year olds,so if you are 10 or over you need something like a Samsung galaxy ace,htc desire,iPhone,blackberry or a custom phone

Reply by AlastairG from UK on 30th Apr 2012
I'm over 10 and don't need a Samsung galaxy ace, htc, desire etc. I carry on my business very successfully without any of the above - we're being conned into thinking we need these toys!!!

Reviewed by lauren from uk on 11th Feb 2012
this is the worst phone i have had in my whole life ever !!!!!

Reviewed by derek from scotland on 7th Feb 2012
My brother gave me this as a spare. Resistive touchscreen so not as responsive as a Samsung or iPhone - what do you expect for the price? You can calibrate the screen which will improve touch accuracy. Keyboard is a pain but I find all touchscreen keybpards a pain.
Camera ok outside in bright daylight, not for anything else.
Biggest negative is the pc link software: not bundled and once you've trawled the internet for the program it is utterly useless. Worse than useless, a total timewaster that simply does not work. A major criticism of LG here and I've had the same problem with every LG I've ever had, from the pre-iPhone Prada to this.
Buy a microSD along with the phone if you want to keep sound and vision files. I use it as an mp3 player while travelling, with the occasional call or text. For that it's fine.

Reviewed by Bernhard from South Africa on 28th Jan 2012
This phone's touch screen is basically defective. Typing a text is a tedious and frustrating experience, since the phone always reads the wrong buttons. When buying a phone in this price range I would rather recommend a phone with good ol' reliable hard keys.

Reviewed by Tash from England on 21st Dec 2011
LG cookie lite is a good phone but it can be really slow sometimes. the camera is really good though-never blurs.Sometimes the touch calibration is dodgy and sometimes if you touch the screen it dosen't respond. apart from that it was a very good buy ☻

Reviewed by Jeena Get With It from TERRIBLE PHONE on 19th Dec 2011
Rubbish like my b-day prezzie 6 months later want a new phone. GET WITH IT.

Reviewed by Amy from Uk on 26th Nov 2011
Do not get an Lg cookie litr it's awful no memory And u cannot lock it!

Reviewed by Amy from Britain on 23rd Nov 2011
Its a terrible phone don't gt it I want a new one already

Reviewed by Cristian from Romania on 14th Nov 2011
i hate the lg t300 model! no flash

Reviewed by Thilakshan from Sri Lanka on 8th Nov 2011
theres both good and bad of this small phone.For the price it's ok. cos it's touchscreen but i think it should hav Auto focus cam with flash. Good Sound Quality with 3.5mm jack.Memory is not enough, hav to buy micro SD. small and lightweight.good for a starter.

Reviewed by Ed Ryan from England on 5th Nov 2011
Ok this is a cheap phone good as a basic but is really basic! You can barely fit 1 song on if you delete everything else. Unless you get a memory expand which I suggest you should. I loved this phone when I first got it but now hate it even though I'm 12 it does not reach my standards.

Reviewed by Natalia from Colombia on 15th Oct 2011
I love it! so happy with it...

Reviewed by Kesha from UK on 10th Oct 2011
This is an ok phone, the main problems are that when it says touchscreen, you have to press really hard onto the screen as it is not sensitive or responsive, the camera is relatively good, but the responsive is appauling. for its price however it is ok

Reviewed by Duke from UK on 9th Oct 2011
Atrocious phone. Does not come with any way of connecting to a PC to transfer files and, if you somehow manage to get hold of a USB cable, you have to manually seek out and download an equally atrocious piece of software which still doesn't work, despite apparently supporting the phone. The phone itself has an incredibly glitchy touchscreen, the text input for text messages is about as functional as a chocolate fireguard and its (in)ability to multi-task makes your average bloke look like a multi-tasking king. I honestly cannot understand how LG have even marketed this phone. It is absolute tosh and infuriating to use.

Reviewed by Neekz from England on 1st Oct 2011
BAD POINTS :- The memory was a major disappointment. I was only able to take a few pictures and download a few songs before I couldn't open any files... Also, the if you like taking pictures, the quality is poor. GOOD POINTS:- It is small and lightweight, cheap, good sound quality, good for internet browsing, has radio, and mp3. The widgets look bright and cool.

Reviewed by rahul from india on 24th Sep 2011
believe of this is a awesome phone. only drawback is it doesnt support multi tasking

Reviewed by mollie from england on 19th Sep 2011
the phone is good for texting and calling as its easy to use, but the phone does have its down sides like its really really bad for the internet and they crash easily but it would be good as a first time phone

Reviewed by jonathan from Philippines on 19th Sep 2011
I got mine last August and I am enjoying this phone. I love watching videos in it. It has a good sound quality, excellent camera, fast response and very cheap. It is pretty handy and lightweight as well.

Reviewed by esak from JAPAN on 1st Sep 2011

Reviewed by calum from england on 27th Aug 2011
great phone!always have it on me great touch screen!great price! texting is easy and calling is easy! a great phone too have get it while its cheap!!!

Reviewed by Neglected from UK on 26th Aug 2011
Dropped my phone 2 ft from the ground onto the carpet by accident and now the touch screen won't respond.

Reviewed by tiana from england on 25th Aug 2011
vey good phone i never part with it for all the world

Reviewed by Leroy from UK on 23rd Aug 2011
I recieved this phone last week for my 12th birthday, It really is rather good, music player is astonishing, the call quality is excellent, the screen is of the highest standard, but the rassclot camera is really rather useless especially when one is indoors.

Reviewed by Oliver Bentham from Spain on 18th Aug 2011
THIS PHONE IS AMAZING! i got it for my 16th birthday and it has never failed me yet. Even thought the camera is 1.3MP, it takes great pictures, they look the same as my sony cybershot pictures. The touchscreen is really responsive. Buy this phone while it is so cheap.

Reviewed by arvind from india on 16th Aug 2011
i dint like the phone we dont hv any game that supports it

Reviewed by sophie from united Kingdom on 9th Aug 2011
amazing!!!!!!!!!! i just got it and i the touch screen is amazing the qwerty is cool and all the features are cool!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Desiree from Philippines on 9th Aug 2011
I just recently got my new cute phone and I love it!It's cute, compact, and light. Super handy. Never mind that it doesn't have wifi(I don't really use wifi that much) because it has all the features I would need in a phone. It's super affordable too. I love the features and the camera takes really good pictures. It's really, super great for a tiny gadget you just have to check it out.

Reviewed by rakesh kumar from india on 27th Jul 2011
i am having this cuty,it's a perfect device at low price, and best for me and this review is written through it.

Reviewed by yogesh from india on 23rd Jun 2011
Lg T-300 lite is the best one

Reviewed by raj from uk on 20th Jun 2011
Just got this phone for 40 on pay as you g0 -my first phone of this type and got on fine with it. PROS - layout of menu etc is very intuitive - snazzy touchscreen with full qwerty on-screen or handwriting recognition - screen lock and unlock system is the best i have used - very stylish and understated in black/grey, generally feels of excellent quality despite not being heavy (77g) - was surprised at how good speaker is - joy to have a 3.5mm jack on it :) even sounds tight on big sennheiser headphones + can connect to anything if you have the right lead - calls are clear and rich on phone and on speakerphone - i lke the fact that its tiny - astonishing value - upto 4gb micro SD (not supplied) CONS - not for people who use t'internet a lot i think given the size (under 4" by 2" by 12mm) - would like more options during music playback and the full title of track on screen - although photos seem fairly clear it is only a 1.3-megapixel camera so dont expect miracles and there is no flash - no headphones or or USB cable for PC SUMMARY A well equipped and no-fuss entry level touchscreen mobile, pleasing to the eye and pleasant to use for what i thought was a great price and could even have got it for 30 in another store apparently! Just need to buy a cable,memory card and some headphones if you dont have any already.

Reviewed by JJ from England on 30th May 2011
Any1 who says this phone is bad are wrong. Great little phone. Really rugged, fallen out of my pocket on my bike and still not broken. The back does come off it just hard when brand new. I love the qwerty keyboard in touch form. Had mine since just before Christmas 2010 and never froze, never has since. Perfect phone for me.

Reviewed by Yozza from Liverpool on 24th May 2011
Rubbish phone, what a waste of my giro

Reviewed by Melissa from England on 8th May 2011
I luv dis phone ! Good screen , quaility , games, camera , internet ! I jus luv it sooo much ! Lol . . .

Reviewed by kiki from England on 7th May 2011
Absolutely brilliant if u want a phone this is where you should start!!!

Reviewed by Nakita from Chatham on 2nd May 2011
Rubbish innit

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 1st May 2011
This phone is rubbish. The screen is not very sensitive, storage space on it is tiny, nothing will save on a memory card and it keeps turning itself off. I would never recommend this phone to anyone as well as never recommending any other lg phones because every single lg phone i have had turns itself off just after the 1st month.

Reviewed by Tara-Lou from Sourfend on 28th Apr 2011
Loveley innit, nice screen, good call quality, pleasing to the eye, I goes to Shanece she soud gettet an'all.

Reviewed by Franky from SCOTLAND on 27th Apr 2011
Super. Hi class. Incredable. Terrific.

Reviewed by Tinkabellea from Chavton on 14th Apr 2011
To small, to quiet and to boring.

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 12th Apr 2011
Dis phone is way cool ! But sumtimes whn i use da animals , like Dolphin or Monkey or others it's way confusing ! I do want one in purple though ! :D ! Dis phone is soooo good i'll like more and more ! Btw : I think Black berrys r way cooler ! But i still luv my cookie ! xD

Reviewed by Liya from GB IN ENGLAND on 23rd Feb 2011
I got this phone for christmas and i was really looking forward to seeing it. When it arrived i was amzed bythe size i thought it would loomuch bigger. After i started looking for the pen. Then was when i saw on the cover it wa the LG cookie lite. I was hoping for the LG cookie!!!!! But i am vey happy as this is my first phone!!!! xxxx :-)Good camera but bad memory!! :-)

Reviewed by Jake from Ireland on 15th Feb 2011
A boring phone as it is, but I am going to install S60v5 on it at the weekend then I will post another review.

Reviewed by libby from england on 13th Feb 2011
love it really good phone :)

Reviewed by david beckham from d on 9th Feb 2011
right im a professional u shaould go out and buy that phone and ull get a free kiss from me xxxxxxx

Reviewed by chloe from britain on 7th Feb 2011
I got a new one today a black one cause i lost my pink one on the bus but the black ones are way better than the pink one. I love this phone! if you havent got one go out and buy one NOW there FANTASTIC!!!

Reviewed by Martin from England on 7th Feb 2011

Reviewed by Dalaman from Britan on 24th Jan 2011
Well. Yeah. An OK phone but..boring. Incredibly boring. 'Young Teeenages phone? Pah.

Reviewed by Jaine from England on 26th Dec 2010
My parents bought me one for my birthday .I have taken electronics in univerosty so i know what i am talking bout.Great camera ,bad memory,everythibg else great

Reviewed by R from E on 19th Dec 2010
Hate it! It's boring, boring, boring! Nothing good on it, and it's like a basic phone but just touch screen instead. It's all hype! DON'T BUY IT! WASTE OF MONEY!

Reviewed by george from englaned on 13th Dec 2010
love the phone got it today

Reviewed by sugumar from india on 12th Dec 2010
yaeh its nice and cute phone. i like the camera clarity. nice one.

Reviewed by Tozyy from UK on 23rd Nov 2010
love this phone

Reviewed by cyril from gb on 10th Nov 2010
do not bye the phone had it a day took it back and changed it half the settings are missing so you carnt txt

Reviewed by sg from UK on 30th Oct 2010
not bad- screen is actually amazing

Reviewed by Ryan from Manchester, UK on 25th Oct 2010
Bought the pink version as a present for my wife, at first it seemed the perfect phone for her all girly and easy to use and a really good screen.....then it froze..battery out restart fine again for few mins...then it froze....battery out then it stuck on vibrate....then it froze......battery out, freeze, battery out....freeze.....all in all terrible and avoid ! Its going back to the shop and very disapointed it promised so much and massively failed, seriously avoid it you will be let down its pointless reviewing what it did well because itlll just freeze.

Reviewed by jessica from america on 13th Oct 2010
its the best phone ever i love it

Reviewed by Dawn from England on 5th Oct 2010
Do not buy this phone. i brought it today in pink and its froze already and the back wont come off i am taking it straight back to the shop ist thing in the morning!Dont waste your money.

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