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LG Chocolate review

 Review: June 2006  

Last updated September 2007


In a nutshell: The LG Chocolate is a beautiful phone with touch-sensitive keys that definitely scores 10 out of 10 when it comes to looks!

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From time to time a phenomenonally original phone is released. The LG KG800 (nicknamed the LG Chocolate) is one such phone. In an age when pink seems to be the "in" colour, the LG is brown (very dark - almost black) with a beautiful gloss finish and sliver detailing. The idea that it looks like a bar of chocolate is tenuous, but it's definitely an eye-catcher, and the more that you see the cooler it gets.

A sliding phone, when closed the Chocolate just looks mysterious. It's dark, with a dark LCD screen, and just an LG logo and a silver OK button to give any clue about what to do with it. The hidden keypad is touch sensitive and glows red when in use. When opened, the full keypad is available. There are also buttons around the edge for volume control and multimedia - MP3, camera and video. The design works well and looks fantastic, although the touch-sensitive keys are quite sensitive and take a little getting used to.

Feature-wise, the Chocolate comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera (with flash) and a video camera. The display is high quality. The Chocolate has an MP3 player that can handle a wide range of formats. Music can be controlled from the touch pad or with the inline remote control supplied with the handset. A headset is included and this plugs into the charging port. MP3 ringtones are supported, and there's 128 Mbytes of memory which is pretty good, although a memory card option would have been nice to have. Both wireless Bluetooth connectivity and USB are supported. Interestingly the Chocolate can function as a mass storage device with software to enable photos, videos and music tracks to be dragged and dropped between phone and PC.

The Chocolate is quite slim and compact and weighs just 83g, making it an ideal handbag companion. Equally it will easily fit into a jeans pocket. The keypad is sensitive to touch and heat, so it won't be activated when in a bag. Battery life is below average and the phone will need charging every few days.

The Chocolate is definitely a cool phone to be seen with but it does have its problems. The touch sensitive buttons look fantastic, but have been known to drive people insane! The Chocolate is also not the most reliable phone ever, and suffers from poor battery life. Before buying, also consider the Samsung E900 and the newer LG Shine. If you decide to buy the Chocolate you'll find some incredible deals online.

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LG Chocolate features include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and flash
  • Video camera
  • Display: TFT, 256,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
  • Music player (supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++ and WMA file formats)
  • MP3 ringtones (64 voice polyphonic)
  • Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email
  • Java games
  • Memory: 128 Mbytes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2, USB
  • WAP 2.0
  • Triband
  • Size: 95 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Battery standby: 200 hours

LG Chocolate user reviews

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Average rating from 2166 reviews:

Reviewed by TechnoBoy from Zambia on 2nd Jun 2012
I like it!

Reviewed by kelly from uk on 7th Jan 2012
had my phone 4 or 5 yrs now,but it is now not workin well,really love this phone really want another x

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 23rd Dec 2011
Hmm,this phone is okay,however I am beginning to get really tierd...

Reviewed by punithkumar nagaraj from india on 26th Nov 2011
my mobile offenly go off and my batter back up is also less. pls give me a ideya . to get redy of this problem

Reviewed by janith from UK on 26th Sep 2011
excelent loock

Reviewed by frankie smales from UK on 30th Jun 2011
the original idea was to have a slender mobile phone with a concealed keypad which you have to slide up the screen to reveal the keys it was mainly designed for women to put in thier handbag for a night out on the ritz but the pitfall about the lg chocolate phones was viewing wap video content from youtube with its poor capabilitie but the phone is great to have fun with but the other pittfall was doing short videos the quality is so poor so i would not bother just use it for making calls and sending text messages but the main pitfall about them were listening to mp3s and viewing video content because it drains the batterie but a hit for the ladies it's not realy a gents phone . frankie smales (frankie smales tv and movie review uk)

Reviewed by zhao from UK on 3rd Jun 2011
good phones

Reviewed by Ann from UK on 3rd Dec 2010
I have had this phone for three years ..please anyone even considering buying it . DON'T it has a terrible battery and you have to leave it for a day just to be able to charge it properly !

Reviewed by elaine from UK on 2nd Dec 2010
have had this phone for 4 years now and i would not change it for the world!! sound of the music is excellent. Have had a look at the new phones and nothing comes close. its such a sexy looking handset it does every thing i need it to, totally smitten with my phone!!!!!!

Reviewed by Ro from UK on 20th Nov 2010
This phone looks great but eventually wears off, the reception is terrible. it sometimes goes from 1 bar to searching, WTF. the battery life is terrible and the phone is very over rated. has no speaker phone and freezes do not buy this phone, don't think you can now anyway.

Reviewed by T from UK on 14th Nov 2010
Never ever buy an LG Phone ever..everyone i no hates them and would never ever get one ever again. Dont make the same mistake i did. The battery is so unreliable,the touch screen sometimes does stuff without even touching it

Reviewed by Robert from UK on 30th Sep 2010
3 small text messages and the battery is flat. Frankly...rubbish!

Reviewed by smithy from UK on 27th Aug 2010
the battery on my lg runs out really quick

Reviewed by sophie from UK on 23rd Aug 2010
mine has scratched louds and i have only had it for a month and although it can hold loads of pictures i am realy unhappy with it.

Reviewed by Freya Chambers from UK on 8th Aug 2010
I've had the LG Chocolate for 3 years and I love it. However it has it's floors. The internet, lets face it, is absolutely useless. I've never got it to work. The camera is poor and runs the battery down really quick. The phone told me it had 3 bars, I switched the camera on for about 2 seconds and then my phone switcjed its self off cus it had no power left. Thats another things, you can't tell when it's out of power. I was once texting my friend with 4 bars battery, I stopped texting and it told me I had 2 bars. I put it in my pocket to consevre the power and took it out moments later to find it had 3 bars. I texted 'Sorry got 2 go' to my mate and then it had 4 bars. I then thought 'yay' and switched on some music. I was half way through beyonce when it told me I had no power and turned itself off. Charge it every night. Seriously. It's really a big fault the battery. If you play music for over 2 minutes or keep the low resolution camera on for more than 5, it'll turn it self off. Some things I've never got to work, like pictures for my contact book and the clock, but I still love this phone. I don't know what it is I actually love it! It has all these terrible faults but I still love it! It does ages though. I have to now text with a pencil end cuz the keypad doesn't work and I have to keep my fingers on the touch screen buttons for atleast 4 seconds for it to do anything. My advice is if you want a long lasting phone DON'T BUY IT If you want good internet DON'T BUY IT If you don't give FOR GODS SAKE BUY IT!!

Reviewed by connor from UK on 22nd Jun 2010
i have had 2 and both of them had broke within a few months one of them kept freezing and then wouldent turn on and the other one the screen went blank and and then never had colour again so i couldent see what was on the screen they are a load of rubbish!!!

Reviewed by Ali Saqlain Hashmi from UK on 10th Jun 2010
love your mobile

Reviewed by Alisha from UK on 8th Jun 2010
I LOVEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! GET DIS FONEE NOW !!!!!!!! X

Reviewed by mnkmkjk from UK on 4th Jun 2010
it is just awesome and the memory is amazing

Reviewed by jacob from UK on 12th May 2010
this phone is amazing it holds up to 30 songs and when left the key pad gose dark and makes it look like a chocolat bar so i would get if i was you

Reviewed by chloe murphy from UK on 6th May 2010
i think its a good phone but its needs longer battery coz my ipod shuffle lasts long then the lg kg800 sorry but its also free games all ready on the phone coz i get bored

Reviewed by kira from UK on 6th May 2010
that is such agood phone i wish i could buy it but the price is huge but still it is resneball becasuse it is the best my friend has one it is asome.

Reviewed by ben tate from UK on 25th Apr 2010
i just got one recently and really loved it

Reviewed by Laura from UK on 3rd Apr 2010
I think this phone was good. When it came out. :| Now phones have improved and this is not good at all. You cannot use a memory card. And the camera? There is 12 mp cameras now.. and this is 1.2mp. thats bad. (N) I would NOT recomend it. :)

Reviewed by Zhao from UK on 25th Mar 2010
good phone

Reviewed by Matej from UK on 9th Mar 2010
every thing is amazing and all, but it wont let me have any songs. i still have lots of memory left. please help.

Reviewed by uwais from UK on 9th Mar 2010
i hate the lg choclolate ok it is rubbish any 1 who is dissing me tell me

Reviewed by Lozzy from UK on 6th Mar 2010
I have had my LG Chocolate for almost 2 years now which was its guarentee span. Only now has the battery life been getting shorter and the touch buttons aren't working that well. It does have a small memory but it is a very reliable phone on the whole.

Reviewed by hugo mendes from UK on 2nd Mar 2010
I recently bought this phone, it soon started acting up within 7 days of purchase! The volume of the ring tone is too low, signal is poor 90% of the time so you cannot recieve calls, unless the other phone is right next to you or is in the same location which makes this phone pretty pointless. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, buy any other phone just not this one!!!!!!!! As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I sure did.

Reviewed by becky from UK on 16th Feb 2010
ive had this phone before and i hink it is brileont well done

Reviewed by Rachel from UK on 15th Feb 2010
I have had this phone for nearlly 2 years and i would give it 3 stars. This is not because of its reliability i just think that the features arent very good, the battery life isnt long and you dont get speakerphone. Also the mms doesnt seem to work eventhough it is meant to. Despite all of this it is reliable but i thinkk you should get the new one which is alot better. I have had no problems with this phone for freezing or any of that.

Reviewed by Why waste your time. from UK on 9th Feb 2010
Absolutely rubbish, poor construction, 30 songs? why even bother. How much more infinitely better is the iPhone.

Reviewed by nokia 6303 classic from UK on 17th Jan 2010
yo yo yo i got nokia 6303 it is a really good phone because it has a good battery life and it is a brilliant phone to use for music it is loud. also it has good features.

Reviewed by Anonamus from UK on 15th Jan 2010
Its a good phone. The only thing is the battery life on my kg800 I found a way around it. If you leave the slide down for 20 mins then it goes up some battery so I dont need to charge it. With the mp3 it has good sound but there is one problem with it. When you listen to music your battery life goes down easily. Yes I do get alot of finger marks but I guess I just have to clean them off. But I dont use the mp3 player cuz of battery so I buyed an ipod!.

Reviewed by St*r from UK on 21st Dec 2009
~*~ This is admittedly quite a long review, but it's all true, based on experience, and not aiming to criticise anyone for their views on this phone (though some of the previous reviews are a bit on the incomprehensible side as they appear to have been posted by people who write like lolcats... ;-) ) ~*~ OK, maybe I'm behind the times (retro-chic ;-) ) here, but I have an LG Chocolate [KG800] and it's nearly 2010...I've had my phone since Feb 2007, and it's not broken or unusable despite being dropped on several occasions, and it only has barely-visible scratches (to be fair, I do keep it in a case most of the time, which is slightly thicker than the pouch that came with the phone, which I've never actually used). I'm not enough of a phone addict to need a new mobile every five minutes (metaphorically), so I don't mind that it perhaps doesn't have all the latest features that an iPhone for instance might have - I'm quite content with the Hangman game I downloaded after the included Sudoku got boring as it was pretty easy. I'm also not one of those people who's constantly glued to their mobile like it's a life support machine, which is perhaps why it seems to have lasted so well...and also why I can't comment on the quality of predictive text because despite only being 25 I'm obviously not down-with-the-kids enough to feel comfortable using it, so I barely ever have. I don't fully agree with those who say the ringtones are too quiet; in fact, with the volume up to 5 (the maximum), the default tunes included in the phone's Sounds folder play at a practically ear-splitting volume. (The first one, Etude, sounds especially piercing at full volume so I tend to avoid accessing that folder...) I have all of my phone's sounds turned right up because this particular phone is quite small and has a habit of vanishing into the depths of my bag (where the sounds may not be as clear as the manufacturers intended), and my hearing can be a bit rubbish sometimes. Occasionally this means that by the time I've unearthed my phone, it's stopped ringing - it would be useful if there was a way of making it ring for longer before stopping (and going to voicemail) - and in case anyone's about to suggest using a longer song as a ringtone, I suspect that wouldn't make any difference. Some of the sounds seem a lot louder than others - for instance, the 'message sent' and 'low battery' noises aren't especially subtle if you're in a fairly quiet place (like at work, perhaps), but the sound when you slide the phone open/closed seems much more gentle. Maybe it's just due to my choices of sounds/alerts, or some fluke of my hearing, though. With my MP3 ringtone, I was able to make it extra-loud by converting it into a wav on my laptop, increasing the volume several times, and turning it back into an MP3 again - a bit fiddly, but fairly easy if you have the software and know-how. Another thing regarding ringtones...if you set an MP3 as your ringtone but the phone keeps playing something else when you're called, you need to go into the Contacts menu, go down to Caller groups, and set the MP3 [or several different MP3s if you prefer] as the ringtone for each group. This either wasn't mentioned in the instructions, or wasn't obvious - I only found out via Yahoo! Answers(!) I agree with some of the down-sides of this phone - for instance, the battery always seems to have run out while I wasn't looking just as I want to take a picture or make a call, and sometimes seems to go from one 'bar' of charge back up to two or three, then down to one again all of a sudden for no obvious reason. I don't leave my phone switched on all the time, and it seems to run out more quickly than I'd expect, which is frustrating. I can't remember whether the battery used to hold the charge for longer when the phone was new, so I don't know if this is normal for a roughly three-year-old battery. Some people on eBay sell (supposedly) higher capacity batteries that are compatible but not made by LG, which sound like a good idea but I don't know if they'd work as well as the sellers claim. I also agree that the shiny surface is an absolute stain-magnet. Things like fingerprints, tears, sweat or make-up that accidentally find their way onto the phone's glossy surface tend to cling to it rather more readily than I'd like. (However, one of my younger cousins once had great fun polishing my phone with the little cleaner thing that came with it, so it's not all bad :-) ) Additionally, I agree with whoever said about the camera being slow - it's annoying for taking pictures of things like animals that aren't good at staying still because it takes ages to open in the first place, then ages to save the picture. Another issue that nobody here has mentioned (so maybe it's just my phone being quirky) is that photos don't seem to be in any particular order in the photo album (especially if you've just taken them and haven't got round to giving them proper titles yet)...they're in a roughly chronological order but with a few recent pics thrown in amongst the older ones, then some new-ish ones, then a few I took last Autumn. It just doesn't make sense. I also wish the voice recorder could record longer and louder clips. To anyone who's still insistent that this is a chav phone, the chavs must have moved on because in all honesty I've barely noticed anyone - chav or otherwise - with a phone the same as mine in the time since I bought my one. A couple of my sister's friends used to have them (in different colours, I think) but they weren't overly chavvy people. I'm about as un-chav as they come, being an individualistic Trekkie with an honours degree, who sometimes gets mistaken for a Goth and uses accurate punctuation in text messages whenever possible...! I didn't buy this phone as a status symbol, or because my favourite celebrity has one (to be honest my favourite celeb probably has a really basic phone as she's not too great with technology!) - I bought it because I'm a chocoholic and therefore liked the name, and the slide-opening and the red lights of the touch-sensitive controls struck me as vaguely Star Trek. I also think it's a nice touch that the packaging resembles a chocolate box...my phone's named Bourneville because it's a dark Chocolate. ;-) Summary: Main bad point(s) - the Chocolate loses a star because the battery life seems annoyingly short (doesn't help that I sometimes forget to charge it!) Main good point(s) - does what I need it to do [as long as the battery's charged], and is still in virtually as-new condition (if you overlook the smudges that typically adorn its casing) after almost three years so is obviously more substantial than its reputation suggests.

Reviewed by jess from UK on 6th Dec 2009
i have had TWO lg kg800 and both broke the charger packs ups then you try and charge it on pc it soons breaks lol mine packed up l;ast nite and now will not charge at all so all i'm saying is beware and go careful with it i had the 1 phone for 2 yrs 4 yrs today then the other i gt on my birthday and that broken already and i had tht for a year!!!!

Reviewed by :) from UK on 2nd Dec 2009
cant store that many songs, bad memory. camera is shocking. but easy to text with and will not break down after a long time.

Reviewed by Camellia from UK on 28th Nov 2009
This phone is nice-but you get your finger print stands out and I hate it when I'm texting and I have to wait for about 3sec before I can press the same button (eg typing monopoly takes ages) and I don't like it where you have to go back to the list to see the pictures(you can't just go next picture by pressing the side button)

Reviewed by |Blah| from UK on 28th Nov 2009
The Phone is good and reliable but the battery is very poor! You can't charge it fully and then spend a few mins constantly doing something, without it running out! I would not reccomend this phone at all!

Reviewed by Cutegirl from UK on 23rd Nov 2009
I got this phne sencond hand and i can officially say it is the most annoying phone i have ever been unfortunate enough to come across. The touch screen is very sensative and even though i have had it for a year, still havent mastered it. And it just doesnt make sense when you use it! If you blutooth a song over, it goes into extras, not songs. And you cant move them! Whats more, the battery life is rubbish, and you have to pay a fortune for games (no apps!). I never use it, and i am looking forward to getting a new phone, not an LG. Incredibly annoying.

Reviewed by Bethany from UK on 14th Nov 2009
It's a good phone while it lasts. Almost everyone i know who has this phone has had glitches with it or has broken entirely. My battery is glitching, which makes it turn off randomly at annoying times like when I'm texting or calling someone. It likes to pick it's moments. It also scratches easily. Other than that it is quite a decent phone, I especially like its touch buttons. :)

Reviewed by jay from UK on 3rd Nov 2009
the lg chocolate is a great phone it has got its falts but its a great phone to have its not loud and u only have limited text ring tones what are not loude its not very good go fore an lg cookie

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 30th Oct 2009
I'm not going to say its a bad phone, because its not, it just has its faults. Lets just say, its good points outweigh the badpoints. Yeah, sometimes the battery can be a bother and yeah, the bluetooth is pretty slow but thats all i can say. The memory could be better i suppose but mine can hold 200 pictures and currently has 25 songs all aroung 4mins long, the cameras not that bad, and the features are all really usefull. I would recommend it. dont be put off by the bad things about it.

Reviewed by rebecca from UK on 24th Oct 2009
this phone is soooooooooooooo ugly!! if u want a nice phone then look at the brand new LG chocolate! u can c it by goin on 2 www.lge/chocolate.com get it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) they only give u 5-1 if they had 0 i,d give this phone 0 1 million times but it would still b 0 because it,s rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the new lg chocolate it looks great n' it sooooooooooooooooooo it:)Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thats how much i LOVE the new 1 this phone jst gets a big fat ugly 00000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by phoebe from UK on 19th Oct 2009
rubbish. i broke it by dropping it. i can only hold TWO songs, both under 4 mins. the camera freezes all the time and it isnt very good. I think I may have a faulty one because the rest seem to be good but it is still not good enough.

Reviewed by Amna from UK on 14th Oct 2009
this phone is all right but the mp3 is amazing i've got 32 song on it and i'm going to put loads more on it .

Reviewed by Cheryl from UK on 10th Oct 2009
No, I certainly do not recommend this phone. I had to get rid of it after a month. It has pushy little menus that Always come up and you can't stop it. the buttons are horrid. It looks lovely but the actual phone is disagraceful and it has put me off LG phones for life

Reviewed by Jake billmore from UK on 8th Oct 2009
i love this phone it a definate got the wow and the look factor in it it look stunning. I also love the touch pad it is beautiful although it douse break easily :( but out of ten i would rate it 8 to 9 out of ten

Reviewed by mike from UK on 28th Sep 2009
i recommend this phone isnt worth buying as i have nothing but problems with the touch buttons, they have a mind of their own and NOT forgetting it frezers

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 26th Sep 2009
I have got the chocolate and have had it for nearly 12 months now, it has seved me well but only as a phone, not a nusic phone or a camera as those aspects of the phone are very poor. the mempry is tiny and screen also not very big, the sound is poor quality etc etc... but a good thing about this phone is that it is indestructable, i have dropped it, thrown it accros the room, dropped it in he bath, stood on it and more and it still works, but having said that the phone scratches very easily. the touch sensitive keys take a bit of getting used to and can be very iresponsive which is very annoying! i would not really recomned this phone for anything other that a normal phone for calling and texting people - and even that really isnt great... a bit of a dissapoinment to be honest.

Reviewed by DL from UK on 25th Sep 2009
Neat phone, a bit on the feminine side. Colour's great. I've had no prob with message tones or dropped calls. However, reception is a challenge, the buttons don't work if the battery is low (which is every 24 or so hours), and you can't answer calls if the headset is plugged in. The biggest disappointment for me, and I think this is pretty dumb for a phone, the number pad has no backlight. That means... YOU CAN'T SEE TO MAKE CALLS IN THE DARK!!!! I'm glad I got that out! It's the dumbmest way to spoil a neat phone. That affects the rating big time in my opinion.

Reviewed by Hannah from UK on 24th Sep 2009
Ive had this phone for over a year now and when i got it everyone said it would melt into my coffee table or explode well it hasnt done anything so drastic but to put it kidly this phone IS RUBBISH !!!! the touch screen is either over sensItive or wont work !! the camera is so rubbish !! you cant press the okay button to take a photo coz the touchscreen is so bad !! it stores photo badly !! its really bad and i wouldnt get it !!!

Reviewed by Ghazi from UK on 21st Sep 2009
I got this phone for 25 quid. it doesn't have loudspeaker. its an average phone, your only paying 25 quid. very small petite cute. i've had it for a year now, still going strong. i only use it for call and texts. Battery life is great. DONT EXPECT ANYTHINK FANCY FOR A PHONE THIS PRICE. but for what its worth its gr8

Reviewed by George Tempest from UK on 18th Sep 2009
After having bought a KG800 as a backup I found out that you cannot apply mp3 tunes as ringtones. You can listen to them on the player but I can't get away from the annoying polyphonic ringtones! I like to listen to MY music and not what LG wants you to! Unless someone comes up with a solution to this now well known problem, this cheap chocolate bar goes back on eBay!

Reviewed by jemma from UK on 14th Sep 2009
this phone is oritee not the best though x

Reviewed by Mark Smith from UK on 13th Sep 2009
I have had this phone for 2 years and it has been good but now it is pretty bad to be honest. The batterey is poor and the screen always goes white so i ahve to always turin it on and off continously it is extremely annoying! But it is of for a temp phone. But all i can say is don't be fooled by it's looks it may look nice but it don't last for long!

Reviewed by bobby from UK on 12th Sep 2009
it's rubbish it's not loud enough for my music!!

Reviewed by Sian from UK on 6th Sep 2009
I bought the LG Chocolate about a year and a half ago, and at first I loved it - but, I've found that the phone doesn't have much memory, my battery runs out really quickly and its quite unreliable. Sometimes the battery won't even last a day! But that could just be my battery. I've also found that it's quite slow to work most of the time. However, I've still found it a good phone, with a suitable camera and I still love the look of it! I also think the applications are pretty cool and the mp3 player is fairly good. Calls are easy to make and receive. I can overlook most of the little problems, but my main complaint is the battery life, it's really unreliable.

Reviewed by adam from UK on 5th Sep 2009
dude outsandin phone i love it cuz everything is so sick and plus the phone is slim but however the flex ribion goes after 3years.. however you can get it for 1 on ebay dude this phone is the best i ever had plus the battery life last for over 4days for me and i keep my bluetooth on aswell i have got over 30 and over 100 picz and i still got lost of space left

Reviewed by Beth from UK on 29th Aug 2009
Ive had this phone for ages, I love how it looks, but, it has a small memory, i can only have 14 songs on it, anymore, it crashes, and i have to get the phone wiped (done that 3 times already), it aslo freezes when i use the camra, wich is really bad anyway, it takes over 10 mins for it to load when i turn it on, the batrie is rubbish, one moment its on full, the next it needs to charge, then my phone decides it has half a batrie. On the plus side, i have droped it about 7 times onto concrete, and it only has minor scratches and chips. The speaker is really good on 1-4, but when you turn it up to 5, it doesnt sound as good. I would not recomend this phone to anyone.

Reviewed by bob from UK on 21st Aug 2009
this phone was amazing and i have it here in my hands so thesound is perfect and the picture is brillient so i want a another 1 right now and i dont care but i still want one

Reviewed by yarz-09 from UK on 17th Aug 2009
i love the lg chocolate :) its a great phone

Reviewed by Michelle from UK on 15th Aug 2009
Good Phone lasted me a year!but a bit boring now! But still worth the money!!!!!

Reviewed by Nomiie from UK on 15th Aug 2009
i have this phone at the moment currently searching for a new one. it is a good fone but is easily scratched. ive had it for almost 2 years and the keypad plays up. it does its own thing. the camera quality and become worse since it was first bought and the music memory is poor. it holds lots of pictures though.The sound quality is not fantasic but it is a decent phone.

Reviewed by Amy from UK on 14th Aug 2009
I've had the LG chocolate for about 1 and a half, and i had to get it repaired after about 6 months. The battery life isn't great, and after taking a video or a few pictures, the battery is nearly drained. The same with listening to a few songs. It is good looking but the screen scratches very easily and the touch buttons are very sensitive. Despite these flaws, it is a good size and i got a good price for it, 39 :)

Reviewed by bodger from UK on 12th Aug 2009
everyone wanted it when it first came out, but this phone isnt as amazing as eveyone thought. average phone i think, but still, it's good compared to a lot of other mobile phones out there.

Reviewed by Trina from UK on 9th Aug 2009
If you are on a contract for more than a year, don't get this phone! I was really excited when I first got this phone; I though it was great. Boy was i wrong... Camera: This phone only holds around 20 pictures- yes you heard me, 20!! Not only that, but it doesn't even have a memory card so you cant transfer the pics to the computer. Continuing on about the camera, it does have flash which is good but there are only a few editing options like colour tones(4: Normal,Sepia,b&w,negative) You can't put text on the pics or funny hats or frames so im not loving the camera part. As for the video, if you're filming somthing that's still then it would be a great recorder. The videos come out blurry and you cant hear what people are saying when you play back the movie. And I can't figure out zoom. Texting: Texting is quite easy on this phone. I love how easy it is to move your fingers on the slick keys. Though they are small, you can quickly get your message across. Of course it's not full qwerty but I easliy picked up the t9word method of texting. Calls: "WHAT?? MOM I CAN"T HEAR YOU!!" Horrible call quality. I also found that beacause it is touch sensitive i have hung up on people by "touching" 'end call' with my cheek when I'm speaking. When it goes into a call the keys go off so you can't touch them, but because i have to use the volume rocker at the side of the phone to always higher the volume, the touch sensitve keys light up so I touch them with my cheek there for ending calls (After like 2 mins of talking to my self then wondering why no one answered I look at the screen and it's the screen saver! Ugggh) One cool thing is i love that you can coutomize the pic for each person and it will pop up when it rings ( remember you can only store 20 photos) Design: Clearly this phone is gorgous,untill you scratch the screen and you can't see anything beacuse the scratches and finger prints.It has a great slide out key board and over sensitive keys. Sadly this phone is not durable :( The back where my battery pack is just broke an no longer snaps in (this happened like 45 mins ago that's why im writing this) I take really good care of my electroics and yet the phone still gets chipped on the side! Music: I don't use the music player beause my phone isnt detected by the computer! So thats all i have to say about that. Overall: A pretty no-customizable cute annoying ok phone which i almost gartuteee u will hate within a year. Any ways i can go on forever about this but the phone isnt good so why would i want to?? xoxoxo Trina

Reviewed by Joe from UK on 8th Aug 2009
Hmm... yes... An ok phone with ok features... does what it says on the tin. Pros: Easy to use interface, ok camera, good looking. Cons: Annoying little sounds that you really don't need, Annoyng touch buttons.

Reviewed by ryan baldry from UK on 8th Aug 2009
this phone is great!!.....at being the most rubbish phone ever.breaks with 1 drop,poor battery life and its old.

Reviewed by Danielle from UK on 1st Aug 2009
I got this phone a year and 3 months ago and it has lasted but the touch has gone quite poor. when i got it it was good but it got worse as time has gone on.

Reviewed by trancy from UK on 1st Aug 2009
I have this phone but i want a new one now because this ones really rubbish the memorys really bad and i cant get loads of songs.Its ok if you don't want a really good phone but its ok.

Reviewed by Alice from UK on 31st Jul 2009
its so annoing this phone mine kept on playing up ! its got a bad speaker i got lots of songs on it. its got a good memory !

Reviewed by Euan from UK on 29th Jul 2009
the phone is good overall although I dropped it in water and had to put it in rice to even allow it to turn on again ! its turning on although its touch pad isnt working. Can anyone help ?

Reviewed by baliy from UK on 28th Jul 2009
my friend has the same phone. my friend says it's cool. i what to get an lg phone but they are really cool. so far i like this one and the kf600

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 27th Jul 2009
have never been able to get the mp3 function to work,battery died after 6 months, slide gets full of grit apart from that I love it

Reviewed by Chloe from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I'm sorry, but this was definantly the worst phone I've ever had, and I bought a phone for 15.00. The camera never worked, and it was rubbish, I had to take it back 5 times, no kidding. It kept on breaking. And the guy I sent it back to said that these phones always break. It scratches REALLY easily, and the buttons are was to over sencored. I could just miss the OK button, an it would press ring, kind of thing. It looks nice, but it isn't what it seems

Reviewed by Josh from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I've had this phone for about three years now, I've managed to go through four of them, all of them breaking from simple things such as falling off my bedside table. The battery life is quite poor after about a year and will only last for about three days, which can get annoying. If you're wanting a camera phone this is not the phone for you with its 1.3 magapixel camera, and the videocamera is nearly useless. Also it only stores 300 texts which gets very annoying. The touch buttons are too sensitive, I often find myself hanging up on people if I put the phone to my ear or calling people y accident when I've just got the phone in my hand. but it is a cheap little phone so not too bad as a temporary phone or something along those lines

Reviewed by Sally from UK on 26th Jul 2009
I thought this phone was attractive, good value for money and easy to use at first - so i thought this would last me for a long time but after only having it for a week i dropped it for the first time from a very low distance and it is now completely broke so all in all i think this is a very unrelyable phone as all the other phones i have had i have dropped them atleast ten times from a very high distance and they have never broke. So i definitley wouldnt recommend this phone as it is not a very practicle phone at all. I have been well and truly ripped off :(.

Reviewed by yaz from UK on 23rd Jul 2009
it sumtymz freezes and it dnt work properly!

Reviewed by JOJO from UK on 18th Jul 2009
Had mine for around 18 mths now- I lurveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my chocolate!!!!! Never wana lose it- phone for life!!

Reviewed by Danielle from UK on 17th Jul 2009
It is a goood fone just blue tooth is bit slow

Reviewed by hey ho! from UK on 16th Jul 2009
ive had this phone for a couple of months and it is terrible, the phone dies every now and then for no reason, when i make phone calls it dies halfway through at about 1 minute into the call even if the battery had been fully charged. I knwo there is somethign wrong with the phone and its battery, but it was sold to me brand new and i cannot take it back i need a new phone

Reviewed by Rhia from UK on 6th Jul 2009
i had my phone 4 my birthday and it is brill

Reviewed by louise christina seed from UK on 5th Jul 2009
this fone is the worst !!!! so annoying man !!!!xxxx love all the sxii boys out there

Reviewed by Anuf from UK on 27th Jun 2009
I've had it for 6 months and it has bad signal but the screen quility is brilliant the memorys quite low it depends what ure using it more for. If calling than no!

Reviewed by Bobbi from UK on 27th Jun 2009
the lg chocolate is very good it has good memory you can actually hold round 60 songs and you can hold 1000 pictures which is very good i am 10 years old and i think every should use this phone x

Reviewed by chelsea from UK on 27th Jun 2009
i hate this phone it scratches cant store music very unreliable with battery life :(

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 23rd Jun 2009
This was the worst phone I have ever bought. The battery was terrible, had to charge it every night and I am not a heavy user. It froze countless times, and would switch itself off. I threw it in the bin and everyone else should do the same

Reviewed by nick from UK on 23rd Jun 2009

Reviewed by tom b from UK on 20th Jun 2009
Pure junk. Avoid. Touch buttons are irratating, camera quality is weak, flimsy design. Do yourself a favour and put your money towards a sony E,

Reviewed by Alex from UK on 19th Jun 2009
This has to be the coolest phone ever but it does suffer from reliabilty problems after a week had to send it back because the touch buttons were faulty

Reviewed by aleena wilson from UK on 18th Jun 2009
this phone is allright but after a while it doesnt work right :( not happy.

Reviewed by beth from UK on 16th Jun 2009
nice looking phone but my friend has it and andsaid the charger is rubbish

Reviewed by ?? from UK on 15th Jun 2009
I thought it was good when i got it but now i wish i had got another phones

Reviewed by Martha from UK on 14th Jun 2009
I got this phone a few months ago and I loved it. Everybody warned me not to get it as they said that they always break but I got it anyway. Found it easy to use, the touch sensitive buttons were fine, got about 30 songs on there and the battery wasn't a noticable problem. However within 6 weeks it broke. I took it back and got a replacement. Again, loved it, thought it was beautiful and just amazing for the price. But it broke again, this time within the first 2 months. Wish I'd listened to everyone. They always break apparantly. Bad Times.

Reviewed by ben from UK on 14th Jun 2009
this phone is realy slow and has hardly any memory the camara has no zoom and the picture and vidio quality is rubbish!!!!!!!! the sound quality is so bad to!!!! the touch screen is miles to sesitive. really bad phone dont buy it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by alex battleday from UK on 13th Jun 2009
i have had this phone since it came out a nice little phone,not the best camera of memory. looks good,its touchy not too senstive, i recomend it to someone who is looking for a cheap stylish phone

Reviewed by phone lover from UK on 12th Jun 2009
Had it,not inpressed!! DONT BUY IT!

Reviewed by Krys from UK on 10th Jun 2009
I have had this phone for almost two years and it is the worse phone I have EVER had. My first phone, Fido's Mitsubishi - a large, old school chunky phone - was so much better. NEVER BUY THE LG CHOCOLATE!!

Reviewed by Bella from UK on 9th Jun 2009
Ok i noe everything about this fone.................Trust dnt waste ur monry and buy it yh it holds alot of songs and da camers aint bad 4 1.3 megapixel nut u get bored of it so quick and watch wen its starts onin and offin by it self its jarrin............the features r rubbish it dnt even have loudspeaker or a stopwatch wen 10.00 fones have these features soooooooooooooo................DNT BUY IT IM WARNIN U GETTIN KS360 NOW ANYWAIII OF VEIWTY BANG BANG

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