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LG Chocolate BL40 review

 Review: September 2009  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The new LG Chocolate is simply stunning. Looking more than ever like a bar of chocolate, the touchscreen Chocolate BL40 stands out from the iPhone clones with a massive widescreen cinematic display and a uniquely stylish look and feel. It also packs in all the features that you could want, including a 5 megapixel camera, media player, FM radio, GPS and WiFi. Add in 1.1 GB of built-in memory with support for up to 32GB memory cards and the bonus of an FM transmitter, and you appreciate that the phone's beauty is more than just skin deep.

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The original Chocolate phone caused a sensation in the phone world. It was a glossy black slide phone with hidden touch-sensitive buttons that glowed red when in use, and was probably the coolest phone of 2006. Fast forward three years. It's 2009 and sliders are oh so 2006. Classic-shaped phones with huge touchscreens displays and fast internet connections are everywhere. It's not a phone any more, it's a portable communications device. Enter the Chocolate version 2 ...

The new LG Chocolate is the fourth in LG's Black Label Series. In a world of near-identical touchscreen slabs, the new Chocolate stands out from the crowd with its unusually long form, enormous display and general air of coolness and mystery. Pick the phone up and hold it. The phone radiates quality with its solid weighty feel and tempered glass screen. With its slender form and sleek piano-black cover with red accents it looks more like a bar of chocolate than ever. Resist the temptation to eat it. Turn the phone on and marvel at the fabulous HD display with its unusual cinematic aspect ratio. It's a bright TFT display with 16 million colours and a monster resolution of 800 x 345 pixels, and measures a full 4 inches diagonally. It comes into its own when viewing HD videos or full screen web pages.

The phone uses the S-Class user interface that appears on LG's other touchscreen phones. In some modes the screen splits into two, providing a dual screen interface, that works very well. In portrait mode a virtual alphanumeric keypad is used for text entry, and when the phone is turned to landscape mode, a full virtual QWERTY keyboard is available. Multi-tap zooming is available when browsing web pages. You can also copy and paste with a single touch. It's an intuitive UI, although not really up to iPhone ease of use. The huge screen should have made for a simple touchscreen interface, but LG have instead used the screen real estate to cram in more features and icons, making the whole thing more confusing than it needs to be. Still, its fun and colourful and shouldn't prevent anyone with half a brain from using the phone.

The Chocolate BL40 is an expensive phone, and when you spend this kind of money it's nice to feel that you're buying more than simply style. Fortunately, the new Chocolate packs in pretty much all of the features that you could ask for. To start with the camera is excellent. It has a 5 megapixel sensor with an LED flash and autofocus. Using the camera is very easy indeed via the touchscreen. It may not have the 8 megapixels of a Cyber-Shot or Nseries phone, but it will take excellent pictures under good lighting conditions, although slightly grainy ones in poor light. Video recording is impressive, with full VGA-resolution recording at 30 frames per second, for good quality videos. You can edit videos with the built-in video editor and view them directly on a TV if you buy the optional TV-Out cable. Video calling is also available.

The music player is excellent, with good sound quality, and there's a 3.5mm headphone jack so can plug in your own headphones, or use a wireless Bluetooth headset. The music player controls are very easy to use and the music player is fully featured. The new Chocolate also comes with an FM radio, and there's the added bonus of an FM transmitter that lets you stream music to a compatible hi-fi system or car stereo. We'll mention here too that the media player supports playback of DivX and Xvid movies.

Other features that you'd expect from a high-end handset such as email support and GPS are also present. The Chocolate may not benefit from a huge range of downloadable apps, but at least it has all the essentials built into the S-Class interface, and you can download Java apps to add to the 7 built-in games. Connectivity is outstanding, with USB, Bluetooth and WiFi present, as well as TV-Out and the FM transmitter. Not only is the phone dual band 3G with HSDPA for fast data downloads of up to 7.2 Mbps, but it also supports quadband GSM making it usable globally.

The memory is excellent too, with 1.1 GB of built-in memory and the option to augment this with a microSD card - cards up to 32GB are supported, providing a huge amount of storage for photos, music and videos. Battery life is surprisingly good. In fact, an ultraslim 3G phone with a huge display is a recipe for abysmal battery life, but in fact the BL40 performs better than a lot of modern high-end phones.

We've been looking forward to reviewing the new Chocolate since it was first announced. Now that it's released, it lives up to our expectations. LG are always pushing into new design territory and the Chocolate BL40 pushes the touchscreen phone into a stunning and original form factor. This is a phone that not only looks amazing, but it feels great to hold and use too. Sure, it's expensive and the user interface isn't as intuitive as it could be, but the combination of looks and features makes this phone really stand out - and in a good way.

LG Chocolate BL40 features include:

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LG Chocolate BL40 user reviews

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Average rating from 59 reviews:

Reviewed by marie from cameroon on 17th Oct 2015
phone looks so good and super sleek but i can't use it cus its got no port for a sim or cdma card(or does it? if it does please tell me where to locate it). plus, mine wont permit me access into it. it keeps displaying a demo of its features. Even if i cant make calls with it, at least i'd love to play some games and take photos. how does this phone work please? i don't wanna see the demo of its features anymore. i wanna use it!!!
thank you

Reviewed by Adam from Wales on 9th Oct 2012
Phone looks good, I don't need to tell you that, you can see from the pictures. But it's dog slow. REALLY slow. You try and access a track and it takes between 5 and 10 seconds to play, which sounds petty, but is an age in these modern times. Music player is solid and the camera and video player is above par. Browsing on the net is fine, but a little hard, ironically due to the widescreen making everything small.

Reviewed by Ali from Jordan on 6th Sep 2011
first time i used this phone i found it perfect but really lg bl40 has many problems... my phone always turns off and stuck in that also software problems ... and poor system defender( from virus ) also the camera is useless at night and snap shots... no recording calls.. facebook look like 80`s ... no themes... its too sensitive when write notes...worst thing : no application store in my country...i was on of the most fans of lg phones and used to buy these ones but thank God because google had buy this company...

Reviewed by Nathan from UK, England on 5th Aug 2011
This phone is great. You guys must be doing something wrong because mine never freezes and has no errors.My battery life is amazing ... with a single charge it lasts about a week if im constantly watching videos or listening to music.Ive dropped my phone many a times but the screen is not smashed, nor even scratched for that matter. I think the size is a good thing; its hard to misplace, I can always feel it in my pocket so i know its there.It dishes out great videos and quality so i have no idea what your complaining about. I recommend this phone to anyone. The only way this phone could be better is if it was android,and i think they should base more phones on this design. BUY THIS PHONE IT IS GREAT!!!

Reviewed by Rakesh from Dubai on 24th May 2011
Worst phone I bought in my life. I bought this one in December 2009. Since May 2010, it starts getting hanged on its own sometimes during important calls it huts down and does not start for few minutes. Since November 2010, the screen disappears ... nothing is visible and the phone is working if it is not hanged.Since last week I cannot charge it even if it is in shut down mode. It is good that LG discontinued this phone ... I think they should not manufacture any mobile phones ... or they should give one mobile phone free (Nokia or Sony) when you buy LG handsets!!!!

Reviewed by Peter from Canada on 1st May 2011
Pretty phone....but screen breaks very easily., mine on the third day.... not covered under warrenty - $169.00. You don'y have to hit the screen just put it in your front pocket and sit down, just a slight twist to teh phone will crack teh screen. Battery may last a day if you use the phone at all, even if you do all the things you are suppose to do to extend it, so plug in every night. The music system sound ok but has limited capabilities for creating play lists. I actually like the phone but it isn't built to take day to day use. If you have a crack screen and send it in to have something else fixed LG may tell you that the phone was abused, so it is not covered under warrenty.

Reviewed by Emma from UK on 16th Jan 2011
i have the bl40.. and it is a really good phone but it breaks very easily the screen just shatters.. on the other hand it is amazing to work with it has the option (if you have the software upgrade)to have a push button or slide up for the lock screen. you can edit your photos so they are the size of the 4inch screen. its very easy to clean. lg don't provide very good apps for it from lg applications but it does have cool games on it already. the internet browser is decent.. but i dont know if its just my lg bl40 or not but if you search on google then click on a link. it takes you to a white page with hyperlinks nothing like a link on a computer. downsides are the battery life; 1-2 days mines lasts for but it does depend on how much you use it. the back doesnt prevent scratches so you may get alot of them.. it doesnt fit into most of my pockets so it falls out and the screen cracks-then have to get it fixed over and over. upsides are it is very easy to use and has everything you could want on a phone. it even includes a scientific calculater.you can plug your own headphones in it. and the music libary is awesome. the price is a little on the deer side but if you love this phone it is worth it. :)x

Reviewed by Chris Jordan from canada on 26th Dec 2010
This is the worse phone for battery life ever. I feel that LG have deceived the public by saying it has a minimum standby of 370 hours that is in excess of 6-days - I cannot get it to standby for more than 24-hours at a time without re-charging. This is not a small error it is a gross mis statement and I am reporting them to Consumer Affairs Canada to take corrective action - LG seem to not want to do anything about this fault. Be warned do not buy this phone at any price!

Reviewed by Jordi from Cuba on 2nd Nov 2010
For a phone costing over 300 euros is really not that bad. Actually Divx gives great video quality, conversion to divx is a bit slow, but the results are great, the only problems with the Phone are battery and the loading screen, which i see more than whats really neccesary, but in a market dominated by the Iphone is really a great buy.

Reviewed by shamaila from uk on 29th Oct 2010
my problem is not been able to youtube through wifi :(

Reviewed by babygurl from coventry on 8th Oct 2010
i love it it is wicked i will recamend it to buyers and other people if u ant got this phone u are just a weirdo because i cant live with out this phone how could u ...xx

Reviewed by gwapotakon from Philippines on 29th Sep 2010
Hi all,i have this LG Chocolate BL40 in few 6 months ago..very good phone easy to use and nice.but in one month of using it i hardly got problem with it.it will shut off down automatically every time im connected to the internet or playing games, and now my big problem is my LG Chocolate BL40 got a Power problem and useless now.so anyone who have problem like this.or plss give me some advice to my problem..thanks

Reviewed by Shri from Canada on 12th Aug 2010
The Phone is really good looking. i like it. but its not the best. does not have GPS software. Google maps are there but they will cost you data charge. Does not have Flash when you are browsing the internet. Everything else is amazing. Only buy it if you are going for looks and just basic stuff.

Reviewed by Niamh from England on 8th Aug 2010
I love this phone it is the best phone i have ever had!

Reviewed by Zoe from UK on 8th Aug 2010
Amazing phone always get lots of compliments for it, just gutted that Ive got some scratches on the back :(

Reviewed by Gaby from UK on 6th Aug 2010
I would never recogmend it. Mine has gone faulty 4 times since oct2009. I got a brand new one last week and already its broken.

Reviewed by Phalla from Cambodia (Phnom Penh city) on 5th Aug 2010
I think this phone is good, but it should have one more speaker for music-player behind the phone because when I play music, it sounds not that loud.

Reviewed by logan from u.s.a. on 3rd Aug 2010
great review. love my bl40. easy to use, practical, huge screen. favorite unlocked mobile phones this year. my wife got hers for the recorder and camera to catch family moments but come to find out itís great for my business and company as well, email and gps are very nice. much better than our old unlocked sprint phones. i really like how easy it is to manuever around the web browser and email. the phone is a little hard to fit in my pocket being so long but thatís alright. processor is faster, apps are great, our family loves our new unlocked cell phones. facebook is fun on there too itís like going on my computer. also the battery life is long enough to last all day too which is really practical. I can keep up on my fantasy team really easily too which is nice. very impressed. 2 thumbs way up

Reviewed by Ter from Laos on 31st Jul 2010
In my perspective, I think that this phone is very good for everyone...

Reviewed by christina chandler from england on 21st Jul 2010
i like this phone

Reviewed by tracy from wales on 21st Jul 2010
the lg bl40 is the worst phone i have ever had....everytime i want to go onto the internet, it switches off completely!! Orange sent me a new phone but after a couple of weeks, it just done the same thing!! Now im stuck with this piece of junk for another year!! Absolutely gutted and would definately NOT reccommend this phone to anyone or anything!!

Reviewed by Renee from UK on 10th Jun 2010
its so great no problems at all

Reviewed by David Clement from England on 3rd Jun 2010
This phones GPS was removed by O2 yet they still advertise the phone with it, this is first of all false advertising and a massive dissapointment. the touch screen is more a novelty, i would still prefer buttons for texting, and the screen is alot less developed than apples feat of engeneering the ipod.

Reviewed by Elle from England on 22nd May 2010
This phone will break, break then break again! Awful phone, ALWAYS freezing. My sister got the LG Crystal and is a much betetr phone.

Reviewed by Jason Northrop from England on 28th Apr 2010
got this phone sim free from play.com,put in my vodafone sim card,but cant get the internet or vodafone live to work or send MMS,spoke to vodafone about this and they say they dont have the settings for it,so they cant send me them.they sugested me putting in some settings which they emailed me which was a nightmare and it still didnt work.Has anyone else had this problem if yes did they get it sorted.

Reviewed by NANOO from India on 2nd Apr 2010
I think its a very stylish phone....especially for girls who are freak for gizmos....rest I am planning to buy one...i think its best suited for those who want style with economy.

Reviewed by Andrius from Lithuania on 25th Mar 2010
Bought as a xmas present for my girlfriend. One and only good thing about this phone is design. Functioality is absolutely terrible. The main dawns are: 1. For that high price it's just a java phone (no worthy useable soft such as skype, which would be useful in combination with WiFi 2. GPS is completley useless (can't install gps navigation soft - again, thanks for java platform). 3. Battery life max. 10 hrs. after very light phone using. 4. Heavy 5. Have lot's of bugs - restarts randomly or gives unexpected errors (seems like it's hereditary disease for all chocos LOL :) )

Reviewed by Brad G from GB on 20th Feb 2010
had this phone for 3 months now,, had the origional chocolatr also,, seems to have exactly the same problems,1, restarts randomly, battery life sucks, screen freezes randomly, goes unresponsive during calls ( have to get the person on the other side to hang up for the phone to recover ). apart from thse problems the phone is amazing ... But it is basically a tarted up cookie, not worth the 400£

Reviewed by John from UK on 14th Feb 2010
Brilliant phone. highly recommend it. I got this phone from phones 4 U a week ago. I was lucky to get it unlocked and on an orange contract. My friend has an I phone and is asking me to swap. Yes it is a bit long but you get used to that and it makes it brilliant for texting on the virtual qwerty keyboard. Can use my phone at home on WIFI and it doesnt miss a beat. You wont regret getting this.

Reviewed by Russ from Wales on 14th Feb 2010
Hi Everyone. Thought I would do a follow up review after having this phone for a few weeks. After all it's easy to like a phone when you first have it.....But, as most of us know the shine can soon wear off! So, how does the new BL40 manage after a few weeks of everyday use? To be honest after first bying this phone I began to have second thoughts on whether I shoud have gone for the iphone instead, but I can asure you at this moment in time I have no such reservations. (Though LG does need an app store) I love this phone. Everytime I use it, it brings a smile to my face. From the S-Class opperating system to the fantastic screen and yes the battery power. (every battery need time to be conditioned and this phone is no exception.... after a few weeks of running down and recharging there is a marked improvement) There are a couple of minor issues to note. Firstly YouTube. On my phone as soon as I enter the connectivity screen YouTube refuses to play...... Just a screen saying ''change profile'' I have sent a request to LG to see if there is a problem with other users phones....But have yet to hear from them. secondley.Secondly when I download a software update all information from the phone is purged (you can make a backup on the supplied software) including the games and ringtones downloaded from the LG site. So if you do update the software remember to transfer all data to your external memory card. It'll save you a lot of grief later...... On the subject of software updates. Since I've had the phone there have been two. One to install Avitar pictures and trailers and update some of the icons on the interface to 3D And the second seems to have improved the volume of the speakers..... by a huge margine and a new racing game. All I would like now is an update to make the whole operating system just a shade faster but other than that no problems at all. So in conclusion. If your thinking of getting this phone and have any concerns.....Don't. Just buy it, take the time to understand it.....and enjoy. Oh, almost forgot.... Having the ability to put a large chunk of my music collection onto a 16GB card and play it via the car stereo using the FM transmitter function is brilliant.... No more CD's rattling around..... This function alone should convince you to buy this phone. Anyhow, I will write another update in another month or so...by then I should have stumbled upon most if not all of the glitches this phone may have.

Reviewed by Sheila from England on 11th Feb 2010
Great Phone, just got it, 3 days ago. Stylish, slim, and trendy, and easy to use. Quite long, for a phone, with slim design. Great features, and great funtionality. You can use the phone sidewards also. Nice Phone. Everything is good, just that t phone is too long. I recommend this phone for gadget lovers, and 4 pple who love multimedia applications...

Reviewed by Lambo from GB on 29th Jan 2010
fantastic phone, let down by issues. my biggest problem is texting, without the use or predictive the touchscreen is slow and dim-witted i make countless errors and deleting a letter in the middle or a word is painful as the only way is to touch the screen several times in a hope it levels with the right letter to correct your mistake, another as previously mentioned is the phonebook takes an age to find a contact to ring unless you know the first 4 or 5 digits of every number, on the other side though a fantastic phone with gd features and effortless class looks at home in your bedroom as it does in the ritz hotel! internet browsing is easy and videos look fantastic although converting vids to widescreen ratio is nearly impossible. overall a gd phone let down by minor flaws but for me ruin an otherwise perfect phone.

Reviewed by YumYum from Canada on 27th Jan 2010
Just bought LG BL40. Everything is awesome about this phone. Amazing sound and video. Very user friendly. I have few problems with this phone. 1) should have a memory slot outside the phone (minor problem) 2) little heavy for a phone (but most use headset to talk) 3) battery life is poor, charge almost twice a day (extreme problem) I wish LG comeup with better battery right away for this phone 4) can't get lot of apps (iPhone got tons of apps)

Reviewed by ndubz rule from GB on 25th Jan 2010

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 20th Jan 2010

Reviewed by James from England on 15th Jan 2010
Initially I was sceptical as it can take a day to tweak to your preferences and get used to the operating system. However once set-up it really does the job, it is easy to navigate the screen graphics are excellent and copying movies/music over is simple. There are nice touches everywhere including camera, music, and dual screen. With regards to battery it may take a couple of charges to get the maximum out of it but for all the bells and whistles it is good. I usually get bored easy of new phones but this certainly is a cut above (barring IPHONE) and you will be rewarded with patience. The interface is not as slow as people have commented in the press yes there is a slight delay but not to the detriment of use. Note that for O2 users the google apps have been replaced with a Yahoo Search and apps like Opera and google maps are not full screen which is the only blemish on what is a great phone. Overall a well built and stylish phone a few gremlins but nothing that can't be fixed if LG release an update.

Reviewed by Russ from Wales on 31st Dec 2009
Had this phone for a couple of days now. But after owning both Sony and Samsung phones in the past, I have to say the BL40 blows them out of the water. Easy and logical to use and if bought from the Carphone Warehouse you get two films free to show the stunning screens full potential. Yes, it is a bit on the long side, but please don't let that put you off, it really isn't that bad. And as for the battery life........as long as you charge it fully before you start to play with it,you should have no problems. Like I said, I have had it for two day's now and still on the first charge and that's after a lot of playing around. I had the Samsung Tocco before.........Now that did have poor battery life for the size of the phone! Connecting to the Internet was as easy as it get's via my router(WiFi) and the speed......Stunning! Overall if your looking for something a little different and want an item of quality then look no further.

Reviewed by Andrew from UK on 30th Dec 2009
Best phone I've had - my wife has the Iphone & the BL40 beats it hands down. Especially love the FM transmitter so I can listen to the music from the phone in the car. The video quality playback is stunning so you can watch videos if your away from home. The only gripe I have is that there is not a lot of apps yet so I'm busy searching for them.

Reviewed by Ali from England on 17th Dec 2009
I got this phone with my contract, as i was due for an upgrade, and I exchanged it with 2 days, as it was the worst fone ive ever had. The battery life doesnt last longer than 8 hours, and its already down to one bar, after i have barely used it all day. the handset is too long to text if you like texting vertical, its too hard to as its too long to reach the top. I hate this phone!! The screen has froze within about 1 hour of getting it, also you have to buy a memory card with the phone if you take alot of photos or video's because it just wont hold many at all, including texts aswell. Wouldnt recommended this phone to anyone at at all. I have only ever had LG phones, and they have all been great. But this is just horrible compared to all the ones ive had.

Reviewed by Ryan from England on 8th Dec 2009
No doubt about it, this phone is a stunner! It looks beutiful,and the screen is amazing for watching you tube clips (which are streamed perfectly from the super fast web). The only downside is that it is REALLY long. I cold only recomend this phone if you have a carrying alternatenative to a pocket.

Reviewed by andy from mars on 23rd Nov 2009
neverthought i'd say this, but the screens actually too big, but still, amazing pone though.

Reviewed by sarah from uk on 15th Nov 2009
this phone is 1st class it has everything a owrking woman needs and anyone else who is also on a go

Reviewed by JOHN from NORTHERN IRELAND on 10th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Dan from Devon on 9th Nov 2009
Further to my comments last month.. i went back the Carphone Warehouse and they changed the battery without any issues. Now I'm gettin 2 or 3 days which is much better (also better than my mates iPhone). I still agree that the main fault with this phone is the size, a case of design over function i suppose. Oh and i'm far too protetive of it.. still using my old Samsung Soul for work!

Reviewed by Jay from England on 7th Nov 2009
My friend has this phone. It is FAR too long. The features are awesome, but the shape just puts me off. When I was looking after it for him, only half of it fit in my pocket. The camera is awesome, it make your photos look cool and the slide shows are cool.

Reviewed by Nick from England on 6th Nov 2009
Great phone. My issue is with O2. Why have they taken off the ,supposedly pre-installed by LG, Google applications? Or is it just my phone? Otherwise, I love it. Mind you, I do use an iPod for my music :-) No problems texting at all, and the browser is fine. And it's proper touch sensitive like the i Phone and unlike the Samsungs.

Reviewed by Chris from England on 3rd Nov 2009
The phone is awesome. Enough said.

Reviewed by Lizzie from UK on 1st Nov 2009

Reviewed by Jovis from England on 30th Oct 2009
This phone is HUGE! It's way too long, if you have it in your pocket and sit down I get the feeling it's going to snap! The looks however are fantastic and the widescreen web browser is a hit!

Reviewed by Nammy from England on 21st Oct 2009
A great phone if you're unconcerned with video quality. Feels really solid and has a great widescreen display totally wasted by the fact that recorded video doesn't display at full widescreen resolution and is in crappy 3gp quality. Why didn't LG stick with the video recording capability of the viewty giving the capability to shoot great quality widescreen - a case of shooting themselves in the foot I suspect. I have small fingers but texting on this phone is infuriatingly slow and awkward and the flash on the camera doesn't work. I like the programmable shortcuts to unlock the phone but if you want to quickly redial well then that's impossible and you have to waste time jumping through hoops - I agree with previous contributors in that the touchscreen is a bit temperamental and another retrograde step is to have the address book not broken down from A-D, E-H etc - it can take ages to access contacts by scrolling down alphabetically and almost as much if you use the infuriatingly slow search function. Although it looks beautiful - just like the monolith from 2001 - user-friendliness is poor and I'm fuming about the video quality having also rejected the Viewty Smart, Arena and GT505 on the same grounds - Can't find a Renoir anywhere so I'm gonna return this and try the Samsung 8910HD instead. (PS - I had no problem connecting to wi-fi with my Orange Livebox - just remember to hit the pairing button"1" on the front of the Livebox before hitting "OK" on the phone and after entering the WEP key with no spaces)

Reviewed by Dan from England on 18th Oct 2009
I've only had this phone for a few days but I love it. The screen is amazing and makes your photos and videos look awesome. Normally I go for the smallest phone I can find so yes this does feel a bit large, but it still fits into my trouser pocket. I have to admit that the interface isn't as fast as my mates Samsung Jet, but its still quick enough. I'm not keen on the 'drop-down' menu to change words during texting.. but thats down to my fat fingers not the phone! The only issue I do have is the battery life. I am only getting about 36hrs from a full charge. Granted I am playing with the phone all the time so I'll have to see if this improves when I use it normally. What sort of battery life are other people getting? Overall though this is the best phone I've had since my faithful old SE K800i

Reviewed by Alan from UK on 14th Oct 2009
Had this phone for a couple of days now and am completely taken with it. The touchscreen may be a bit laggy at times but in the main not a problem with it. Loaded a few films and MP3's onto it, all played well. (Adam, try loading your SD card with your music without going thru LG's less than brilliant software, and Ashling, keep the phone .. ditch Orange instead)

Reviewed by Ashling from UK on 8th Oct 2009
Great phone to look at. Touch screen is a bit tempermental and unfortuntely I cannot get access to our WiFi - on my 2nd phone from Orange within a week and still cannot connect. orange have now said it is uncompatible with LG!!!

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 6th Oct 2009
Lets not beat around the bush, the main reason to buy this phone is because of the looks, and it does look as stunning as the pics show. If you want a phonee with gizmos then stick to the iphone, hero or n97, the s-class ui is a major drawback, what you get on the phone is more or less all you will ever have. That said its not such a bad phone. The camera is decidely average, the flash is just freaking insane though and close ups in the dark are just impossible because of its power, however its unmatched for lighting up midrange shots. The music to my picky ears is easily on par with the iphone and the included earphones are more than you would expect. I did have a better set of earbuds which really show what the MP3 player is capable of but most people would be more than happy with the standard set. However to get MP3s on to the phone takes way too much fiddling and most people would give up. MP3s greater than 192 kbps simply cannot be copied onto the phone requiring me to reconvert alot of my MP3s, as well as certain tags (track number, album artist, etc) causing the same problem. requiring you to overwrite your tags (use a freeware program like Tagscanner). Organising playlists are also a major pain in the a*se and the LG sync tool is probably the worst I've come across. The end result is great but I'm warning you now its too much unneccesary hassle. The browser is awesome, especially when you have it in landscape, not seen any problems and flash sites work perfectly. General lag people were complaining about is there ever so slightly but not to the level of annoying and the hapctic response (slight vibrate when you perform an action on the screen) makes it easier to live with. There are alot of flaws with the UI though simply in terms of ease of use, theres so many things that could have been made simpler and more intuitive, it can beautiful at times but just as often it seems like its an initial alpha version and nobody bothered to refine it. Battery life is as much as youd expect from the brightest and most vibrant screen I've ever seen, never in danger of running out in a single day but 2-3 days of charge would only come about from less than 30 minutes use. It also fits neatly into all my trousers and jeans and doesn't ever seem to bulky, the small width makes it excellent for one handed use which I dont think is possible with some of the other touchscreen phones, for women however it might not be doable. Would I recommend it? If you're looking to use your phone as a mobile computer thingamijing with loads of apps then no it sucks, if you want an excellent camera then dont bother, if you have any problems with technical stuff and want to transfer any apps/files to your phone then the lg sync program will make you tear your hair out. But if you just want the baddest looking phone that can take decent pictures and has excellent mp3/vid/email/web capabilities and nothing more then go for it. Just accept that you're paying a premium for the cool.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 26th Sep 2009
I have just received my BL40. It is without doubt the coolest phone out there - it is much, much more sylish than any of the pics or video's I have been looking at over the last few weeks. I took it to the pub last night and my pals didin't believe it was a phone; when the tried it they flipped and ALL said they have to ahve one!

Reviewed by adrian from england on 22nd Sep 2009
The best phone I have ever owned barr none a stunning piece of kit!!

Reviewed by big jake from scotland on 22nd Sep 2009
for a phone costing over 400 quid it should have at least a 8 meg camera it is also to long to fit most pockets more suited to girls handbags

Reviewed by soniya from India on 22nd Sep 2009
utstanding. very stylis mobile with more feature and also good luking i m so glad

Reviewed by darren from england on 18th Sep 2009
best phone ever it a little expensive but once you brought it it will be worth it

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