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LG 43UJ635V review

 Review: September 2017  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The LG 43UJ635V is a low cost 43-inch TV with UHD and HDR. Images on this TV are sharp and clear, with natural-looking colours and wide viewing angles, although mid-range tones tend to come out too dark. With access to content from Freeview HD, BBC iPlayer, Amazon and Netflix, there's plenty available to watch.


Design & looks

The UJ635V site near the bottom of LG's UHD 2017 range of TVs. We're not expecting designer looks at this level, and true to form the UJ635V is heavy on the plastic. The relatively thick black surround and thick screen aren't too unattractive however, and the matching black stand is perfectly okay for a low-cost model.

A remote control is included in the sales package.

Picture quality

The UJ635V boasts 4K screen resolution, but unless you sit about 3 feet in front of it, you won't notice the difference on a screen this size. The screen is sharp and clear, with wide viewing angles and good motion control. Blacks are satisfyingly dark and colours are natural. The only weak point is that mid-range tones and shadow detail tend to be crushed and show up black.

Watching HDR content, the situation improves a little, but if you tend to watch mainly broadcast TV, you'd be better off buying a non-UHD model like the Samsung M5500.

Audio quality

The twin speaker system packs in 20W of audio power, and produces sound quality very typical of a low- to mid-range TV. Dialogue is clear, but the deep bass rumble you might expect from action films is weak. Still, for a small TV we're not complaining.

Smart TV

The 2017 version of LG's WebOS 3.5 Smart TV system gives you a full range of content options. As well as accessing broadcast channels via Freeview or Freesat, you can catch up with the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 or Demand 5, and stream content from Netflix, Amazon or YouTube.

You'll also find a web browser, social media apps, and access to more apps from the LG Store.

In addition you can control devices such as a Blu-Ray player or home cinema system from within the WebOS user interface.


When it comes to connectivity, the UJ635V has most bases covered. You can connect to the internet and your home network with built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet. Miracast supports mobile to TV mirroring, and there are two USB ports for plugging in devices via cable.

For connecting other AV devices such as a games console or Blu-Ray player, you'll find 3 HDMI connections, ARC support, an optical audio output and a combined component/composite connection.

Both satellite and Freeview inputs are available too.


The LG 43UJ635V gives you a lot for your money. 43 inches is a good size for a small space, and with a price tag of well under £500, you can be confident that you're getting value for money. Picture quality isn't bad, and it gets even better with access to 4K HDR content from Netflix and Amazon.

Our one caveat is that if you watch mainly broadcast channels (Freeview or Freesat), you might be better off with the Samsung M5500.

LG 43UJ635V features include:

User questions

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LG tv 43uj635v?

Asked by David from United Kingdom on 28th Sep 2018
Game mode hdr when I’m playing game Go bark my play around with the picture setting but no luck some help appreciate.

Is there a difference in latency between the uj630v and uj635v thank you.

Asked by Glynn from England on 8th Mar 2018

Is freesat built into this tv?

Asked by Kay Zaki from England on 20th Jan 2018

Reply by Craig R from UK on 29th Jan 2018
Yes. I have this TV and Freesat and Freeview is available.

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LG 43UJ635V user reviews

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