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Date: April 2017

Iresa is a new energy company supplying electricity and gas to UK consumers. At present Iresa does not install smart meters, and treats existing smart meters as traditional credit meters. Customers are required to submit meter readings every month online.


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Iresa user reviews

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Average rating from 13 reviews:

Reviewed by John & Jacqueline Lane from UK on 23rd Jul 2018
Having read poor reviews together with similar comments from acquaintances, we approached IRESA with some trepidation concerning the repayment of a large credit balance on our monthly direct debit for the communal electricity supply to a block of residential apartments in a Listed Building that we manage.

We were however delighted with their response. It was fair, courteous and efficient. We were 100% satisfied with the final outcome. Thanks Charlotte ( Customer Support ) and WELL DONE IRESA !

Reviewed by Norman from Uk on 21st Jun 2018
Avoid like the plague! A bunch of dozy incompetents, they pushed for me to have smart meters fitted, they were, then they don’t take readings! They state the smart meters aren’t supported yet! They want me to read the meters and send in readings, muppets! The display unit has default settings cos iresa can’t update them, what a useless shower...

Reviewed by Stephen from United Kingdom on 25th Apr 2018
Well, mixed bag really. Issues caused by switching to a 'Smart?' meter. I had little instruction regarding which of the many displays to record. Inevitably I made mistakes so my account was completely out of kilter. Called Customer services. 12th in queue. Down to 3 within minutes. Waited another 5mins for connection. Customer Service agent 'Ellie' was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING. Sorted issues dating back to October 2017 and corrected both Gas and Electric accounts.

Reviewed by Raph from United Kingdom on 27th Mar 2018
I like the online portal - it’s easy enough to see bills and submit readings. Electricity readings are reflected, but gas still doesn’t reflect even though I take the reading every time I take the electricity reading - so gas bills are based on marginally high estimates. I’m in credit and have been told my Direct Debit amount is increasing after their review. I’ve cancelled payment until my account is no longer in credit. Gas and electricity are still flowing at market beating prices. Auto response promises email replies in 5 days, though haven’t responded in 12 calendar days. Not tried contacting them by phone.

Reviewed by Robert from United Kingdom on 23rd Feb 2018
I moved from Iresa to another supplier 18 moths ago and have been trying to close my account since then without success. I have had tens of e-mail exchanges with them but on every occasion they have failed to resolve the issue.They have alternated between refunding me and then subsequently deciding I owe them money. In my most recent exchange I presuaded them to take what they say I owe from my account, but they have allocated the money incorrectly to my gas and electiricity account. So I am now in credit on one and in debit on the other to the same amount. Their processes are hopelessly inadequate. Stay away from this shambolic company.

Reviewed by Paul Williams from United Kingdom on 27th Jan 2018
Avoid!!!!! A very small company,impossible to contact - must be run by someone from their bedroom.They owe me hundreds of pounds as I have now left them.Wont be long before they close or are closed down.

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 7th Jan 2018
Iresa have super prices, regularly cheapest on the market, but their customer service is appalling.

It is impossible to talk to staff on the phone.

The online help desk ticketing system is woeful with replies from Iresa regularly taking days or weeks to appear rather than hours.

Their 'read your own meter' system is like other providers, but readings need to be 'approved'. For the first 6 months of my contract my gas readings were not approved. They were guessing my usage while I was telling them accurate meter readings.

A question via their helpdesk oin what was wrong with my readings has not be responded to in 7 months!

Price good, service appalling!

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 28th Dec 2017
I signed up for a 12 month contract but there was no penalty for leaving early. Paying by direct debit with a reasonable and appropriate amount. Then, after twelve months they emailed me to say they had reviewed my account and were going to increase my direct debit by £270 per year! This was despite my account only being £20 in debit after 12 months. A call to customer service to complain led to 60 minutes on hold only to be told there was nothing they could do as they had reviewed my account based on previous usage. What a load of rubbish. Beware - IRESA might save you money initially but they will make a tidy profit investing your excessive monthly payment if you remain loyal to them. Ditch and switch after 12 months.

Reviewed by Brian from UK on 7th Oct 2017
Well, although the customer service is probably the worst since Attila the Hun started his nursing and care agency, they are cheap and the gas and electricity continues to flow through my pipes and cables. I am greatly in credit with them, and, thus, I am providing them with working capital, which, at the present time, is diminishing from their balance sheet at a rate of knots.

I sincerely hope IRESA can survive, but, if they don't, I believe the Regulator will pick up the pieces on behalf of all their customers, including me. I understand their difficulties, and I am sympathetic to what they are aiming to achieve. Like all new businesses which are under capitalised, the early years are fraught with difficulties. As they have been more or less ordered to suspend new business by OFGEM, I guess their capitalisation will continue to suffer. Ostensibly, the real capitalisation, as a limited company is practically nil, and their effective capital is via unsecured borrowing from customers.

However, as we, the lenders, are apparently being underwritten by the state, all we should be concerned about is the security which we seem to enjoy via the guarantee. As taxpayers, though, perhaps we should all be concerned.

Reply by Henry from UK on 21st Feb 2018
If a supplier fails, then under Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort procedures, your supply is guaranteed. Consumer credits are now fully protected by what is known as the Consumer Levy. The Consumer Levy is not State Protection: it is Ofgem passing on the cost of a default to ALL energy consumers in the form of higher energy bills. The failure of GBEnergy has resulted in a Consumer Levy payment to the Coop of over £10M.

Reviewed by Don from England on 26th Jun 2017
Avoid like the plague . But saying that I believe IRESA is not allowed to take on new customers so your safe.

They don't answer support questions. My bill is wrong but I can't contact them to sort it out. I think it's because they entered one of my meters incorrectly.

Customer service is non existent from a practicality point of view. My personal experience since April is it just doesn't exist .

Like others it's cheap but if I left would I get a refund? No sure ........ I will let it plod on till I get to a value which I am owed then cut my losses.


Reviewed by Stephen from UK on 23rd Jun 2017
Switched to IRESA this year. They are OK, but the website is very slow and unreliable, so entering meter readings and so on can be a hassle. On balance, it's worth it for the savings.

Reviewed by Sarah from Lancashire on 9th May 2017
I switched to Iresa back in February, a few mistakes were made earlier on in the switch but now the direct debits are being taken every month with no problems. My meter readings are a bit sporadic though and sometimes do not appear on the website. Time will tell although at least i am not tied into a contract and i can switch whenever I like. Finding a cheaper supplier would be hard though as at the moment IRESA are the cheapest.

Reviewed by Steve from UK on 1st Apr 2017
I just switched my supplier to IRESA online. They offered the cheapest electricity for my expected annual usage (economy 7). So far, so good. Switching was easy, and I have logged into my account and submitted my initial meter reading. The first monthly direct debit has been taken, and I am saving a significant amount compared with staying with my old electricity supplier. Hopefully the smooth service will continue!

Reply by sas from uk on 6th Oct 2017
Hello are you still happy with Iresa?


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