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iPhone 5 rumours

By S21, last updated 13 Sep 2012

Yeah, we know, this site is supposed to be all about unbiased and authoritative reviews of released products. But we enjoy gossip and speculation as much as the next site, so we've collected together the top rumours about the next iPhone for you to ponder and comment on. Please feel free to add your own rumours and comments, especially if you know someone who knows someone who works for Apple.

Update (13 Sep 2012): The iPhone 5 has now been announced, so we've updated this page. This is also now the place to comment on your reactions to Apple's announcement.

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Rumour 1: The next iPhone won't be called the iPhone 5

First there was the iPhone, then the iPhone 3G, then the 3G S, the 4 and the 4S. Unpredictability is the rule. Besides, when the replacement for the iPad 2 is named the new iPad, anything is possible. We'll bet that the next iPhone still contains the letter "i" and the word "Phone", but that's as far as we're willing to go.

Update: OK, Apple did the sensible thing and called it the iPhone 5. Phew!

Rumour 2: It will be released in October 2012

The 4S was released in October 2011, so it seems right that at least a year should elapse before the next release. Although, technology is accelerating and the 4S wasn't the big step forward that's lots of people expected, so an earlier release is not impossible. A June release has been suggested by some.

Update: Well, it will be in the shops at the end of September, so this prediction was uncannily close to the truth.

Rumour 3: It will have a 4.7 inch screen

iPhone's are cute, but they have very dinky screens. Hold your iPhone with its 3.5 inch screen next to the Samsung Galaxy SIII with a massive 4.8 inch HD display and the difference is almost embarrassing. Size isn't everything, but if the next iPhone doesn't have at least 4 inches of screen real estate, it'll look like someone at Apple just hasn't been paying attention.

Update: So Apple got away with the minimum size increase possible. Another 3.5 inch screen and Apple's share price would surely have crumbled. 4 inches will be a big step up for existing iPhone users - mustn't frighten the horses, after all. Matching the Galaxy S3 might have seemed logical to many, but that would have meant admitting that the screen size of previous iPhones was ridiculously small.

Rumour 4: It will have a quad-core processor

Fairly predictable, since the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII both have quad-core. Then again, Microsoft recently argued that multi-core processors in mobiles are a waste of time. Mind you, some people once said the same thing about putting cameras into mobile phones.

Update: Well, nothing official yet from Apple on this. You'd think if the new A6 chip was quad-core they'd be telling everyone all about it.

Rumour 5: It will be 4G

Like the new iPad. But since we don't have 4G in the UK yet, that's not such a big deal, at least in the short term.

Update: Well, yes it is, and surprisingly the regulator Ofcom has stopped blocking T-Mobile & Orange from launching a 4G service in the UK in 2012. So that's a big first for UK consumers.

Rumour 6: Siri will work in the UK

Well, it already does, of course. Unless you have a Scottish accent. Or Welsh or something. But if you speak properly, Siri will understand you perfectly. "Where can I buy a hamburger, Siri?" "California." "Anywhere nearer?" "Nope." Maybe things will change for the better with the release of iOS 6. Hey - let's ask Siri!

Rumour 7: It will use NFC "mobile wallet" technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new technology that enables NFC devices to exchange data. One possible application is to enable cashless transactions. Some high-end Android smartphones already have NFC, so maybe this will become a reality soon. There is surely a huge demand for this amongst consumers.

Update: Well, no, actually.

Rumour 8: Price

It'll be expensive! iPhones always retail at the top of the price pyramid. That means £500+ or £30 to £40 a month on contract. Better start saving!

Update: Hey, we were right!

Rumour 9: The new iPhone will contain a secret microchip

When activated, this will direct all iPhone users to converge on city centres where they will take control of key infrastructure and await further orders from Siri. OK, we made that one up, but isn't that how all rumours get started?

Now that the iPhone 5 has been announced, why not add your own thoughts and opinions?

By the way, NewMobileMedia.com has a great funny cartoon showing what new apps the iPhone 5 may have :)

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Comment by Fozzy from Uk on 30th Oct 2012
Shouldn't really be on the best phone home page with all the 5 star phones. You've rated it a 4 and the users a 3. Every other phone there is 5 star rated by yourselves. And yes I do have one. Even your link to the phone reviews from your main home page shows an IPhone.

Reply by S21 from UK on 31st Oct 2012
Hi Fozzy, our mobile phones page shows the current most popular phones, not the highest-rated.

Reply by fozzy from UK on 31st Oct 2012
Ok. Fair enough. I thought it was based on your reviews. Sorry.

Comment by Bob from UK on 24th Sep 2012
Rumour 10
It will be exactly the same and sad old Jobsworth fogies will buy it and get lost.

Comment by russ bracey from manc on 20th Sep 2012
all i phones are borin now all the same ooooooh larger screen! oooooh slightly thiner ur hard!!!!! borin!!!!! need a change jesus!!!!!!

Comment by Bfd from Uk on 17th Sep 2012
Waste Of Money Looks Awful Just Bigger And Uglyer I Advise U Not To Buy

Reply by KDM from UK on 18th Sep 2012
Wow! Thanks for that in depth and well written review. I shall certainly give your review some serious thought.... (about .05 seconds worth) Isn't it horrible when the Green Eyed Monster rears it's ugly head!

Comment by perry from england on 16th Sep 2012
what a rip off of the samsung galaxy 3 apple have realy scraped the barrel with this pile of manure why didnt they put a 10 mega pixel camera on it and make it better than the galaxxy no we'll just rip the galaxy and the punters off again oh whens thre iphone 6,7,8,9 coming out?

Comment by Inzls from UK on 15th Sep 2012
Ordered iphone 5 Direct from Apple to be delivered on 21st I would advice those who would like to have there iPhone 5 unlcoked to buy direct from apple and if you are in a contract already you may be happy to buy iPhone 5 and use the existing plan apple also doing 24 months plans on finance works out 25 a month .. I had terrible time with 4s getting it unlocked so this time apple direct hassle free :) enjoy your phone soon peeps .. good luck

Comment by Antonio from U.K on 15th Sep 2012
Why are there so many haters of apple products..... constant slating.... Yes i have an iPhone but i dont take the 'p' out of android phones.... my preference... well i prefer design and quality materials than a plastic feel phone or a big screen which need two hands to operate aswell as a phone that slips into a pocket quite easily.

All are great phones and thats why theres such a big selection out there... so YOU can choose what YOU want to your OWN personal preference. Most of the guys who post on here are cussing like B...(female dogs). Get a life!!!!..... or change your phone!

Comment by Steve from South Africa on 14th Sep 2012
Disagree with the 5-star rating. Should be 4.
Insanely high price, small screen, no NFC. And there's the lingering problem of weak reception on iPhone, in same locations where other phones are sending/receiving clear audio. I'm refering to better phone performance by Samsungs.

Comment by Richard from WALES! on 9th Aug 2012
Welsh and scottish people do "speak properly"! Just saying!

Reply by Mobile Phones UK from UK on 9th Aug 2012
Yes, please see comments below.

Comment by lee from England on 20th Jul 2012
And people buy into this organisation, shelling out astronomical amounts of money at that to enjoy a product that locked into a paradigm that is severely limiting to say the least - throw me the lucre instead..it's charity.

Comment by Anoniemouse from UK on 19th Jul 2012
Apple will open up their ios & emulate android (in most peoples dreams that is)

Comment by hedley from uk on 11th Jul 2012
as an OAP/SC; I just want a phone that phones from almost everywhere, emails and texts, GPS (for when I forget the way) and a battery that lasts long enough for me to remember to plug it in again (more than 72 hours ?) Oh, and will play through my music station.

So, must I really pay an arm and a leg, being on a fixed income. I would like something that will be, as my tailor once put it, my "terminal" phone.

Reply by Mr Goat from UK on 18th Jul 2012
Exactly! Every £500 dool core processed, billet machined smart phone is useless without 2G/3G signals and a dead battery. Simple. As far as your "terminal" phone goes, I think the mid range Samsungs would possibly fit the bill. The Galaxy Ace (or the son to be released Ace 2) do most things well, perhaps just not as fast as the top end machines. Battery life will still be rubbish though, the trend for thin phones sees to that!

Reply by Craig from UK on 9th Aug 2012
You can't be that poor if you have a tailor.

Reply by Grattus from England on 9th Oct 2012
Just a note to suggest my phone as your "exit" phone. The Motorola Razr Maxx fits the bill for all your requirements. most new phones will do texts, emails etc but the Razr Maxx has an enormous battery so will last at least 72 hours. I have had mine for six months and charge it every 4 days. Better than any other smartphone in that respect. Hope that helps. Mobile-phones-uk.org.uk have done a review so see for yourself.

Comment by adrianeds from Wales on 3rd Jul 2012
Just a short comment I always look to this website when buying anew phone & I always believe you're one of the best Review Websites. But I do not like your comment in your iPhone 5 Rumours.

Rumour 6:Siri Will Work in the UK.
Well it already does unless you speak with a Scottish accent. Or Welsh or something.

Now if we were coloured that would be a racist comment yet we Welsh & Scottish are supposed to take it but that's wrong & I know that you probably say it as a joke but think, please don't treat us like second class citizens that's way out of order.

Reply by Mobile Phones UK Editor from UK on 4th Jul 2012
adrianeds, very sorry if you found that in any way offensive. I'm actually Welsh myself, so it certainly wasn't intended to be anti-Welsh or anti-Scottish. We were actually having a dig at the California-centric world view of Apple.

Reply by KDM from UK on 4th Jul 2012
Oh please.... surely you must realise that it was a tongue in cheek comment by Mobile Phones?! We iphone users on here have the android crowd on our case all the time but we know it is just rivalry banter and nothing to get annoyed about. Even the Yanks take the michael about people with speech impediments and the use of Siri. It's called fun! Barry Kripke vs Siri Check it out on You Tube... you will laugh ;)

Reply by woteva from wales on 24th Jul 2012
???? Its people like you that make people take the pee out of us! Lighten up or take a leek pill!

Comment by Paul from UK on 27th Jun 2012
I read last week that it will have a new style connector pin on the bottom. Now that will REALLY hack people off! Do yourself a favour lemmings and buy an android phone, they are much better.

Comment by J from UK on 25th Jun 2012
The Iphone as always will play catch up but apple will claim their quad core, larger screen and other features to be better, smarter than anything on earth and why shouldn’t they do it, they have people who will buy anything from them even air, no wonder why apple has $70b in the bank. Apple is a marketing organization no more no less, rather than a true innovator, they copy and buy technologies, it’s all hype. Apple has only 1 mobile to concentrate all their resources on, and still is a pathetic device.

Comment by tazza from uk on 20th Jun 2012
lol i bet it will be rubbish as all iphones are tiny and have knaff screen sizes. AND NO FLASH SUPPORT!!!!!

though the app store will be good.

btw i have SE xperia arc s

Reply by KDM from UK on 5th Jul 2012
All I can say is.... HA! Adobe's decision to wind down Flash on Android is not surprising. The company said in November that it would switch to Adobe AIR as the cross-platform runtime environment for mobile applications. Adobe believes AIR is the better option as Web developers move to HTML5, the latest version of the markup language used for presenting content on the Web. Apple doesn't use Flash in the iPhone or iPad. In 2010, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, bashed Flash as too slow and a battery hog, arguing that HTML5 would become the better platform for showing video and other multimedia content.

Comment by Mr Goat from UK on 18th Jun 2012
To everyone involved in mobile communications technology:
PLEASE stop developing phones with bigger screens, more pixels, faster processors, more pixels in the cameras, stupid talking functions, bison coated glass, Egyptian tau tau tree sap infused microphones and concentrate on what actually matters: A BRILLIANT 3G INTERNET AND MOBILE CALLING SIGNAL THAT COVERS EVERY CORNER OF THE UK. AND BATTERIES THAT LAST 36 HOURS. Just stop developing the phones for a year or two. The current top of the range ones are all amazing. We are all so grateful for them. But we need brilliant 3G and calling signals to actually use them. It is sooooooooooooo simple, is it not? For once, actually develop what the BUYING CONSUMERS want. Please do it and we will all love you forever.

Comment by mark from england on 15th Jun 2012
The iphone is a triumph of marketing over actual product, its bought by people that "think" it makes them look cool, iPhone users tend to think "hey its an iPhone so it must be the best" err.... Wrong! Apple are very clever, they take a function other phones have been able to do for years then just rename it and make out its the only phone in the world that can do it (face time for example), its laughable that people actually fall for it all! It's so far behind top end Android devices and totally over priced, has a tiny screen, restricted os, no flash player, no blue tooth to other makes of phone, tied into iTunes ect. How long can Apple go on selling average phones at premium prices remains to be seen, I doubt the iphone 5 will be any better than last year's Android models never mind the likes of the s3 or one x

Reply by KDM from UK on 21st Jun 2012
I don't think my iphone makes me look "cool" and I know it's not the best mobile out there but.... I need a mobile that fits in my pocket, has a good camera, a great OS and is easy to use, good loud sound, good signal and good battery life, but most of all it has to be reliable....unlike my last android phone. I hope the iphone 5 will not deviate from that course too much. I have seen first hand how Siri works in the US and it is very good. Hopefully we will have that here in the UK soon... and that will make my iphone pretty much perfect, for me.

Comment by Johnny 5 from UK on 15th Jun 2012
Rumour 9, I thought Tesco had that one covered

Comment by Chris Winterburn from UK on 15th Jun 2012
Fact 1: it won't be anywhere near as good as the HTC One X

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