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iD Mobile

 In a nutshell  

Last updated April 2016

iD Mobile is a virtual mobile network from the Carphone Warehouse and operating on the Three network.

Best buy: Sim Only £5 a month - 1.5GB 4G data, 250 minutes, 5000 texts from iD Mobile (£5.00)



Carphone Warehouse launched the iD Mobile network on 12 May 2015. It's a virtual network running on the Three network, and offers the following benefits:

The 2016 Which? mobile customer satisfaction survey found that 8 out of 10 customers would happily recommend iD Mobile.

Best buys
Sim Only £5 a month - 1.5GB 4G data, 250 minutes, 5000 texts
Click for details
iD Mobile
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Why can I not use my phone in my home , if I try to dial anyone it just keeps coming up not registered with network ?

Asked by Denise gransbury from Uk on 25th Feb 2017

Additional Data charges?

Asked by Sharon from Uk on 24th Feb 2017
Hi I received my bill and much to my complete amazement there is £75 extra data charges....which i have since found is for using only 1gb of data over allowance ..slightly confused as website says additional charges capped at £41, also can you confirm that you charge 10 p per additional mb? Thank you.

Oh and just as a note....customer service centre is appalling, never ever have I received such patronising, blood boiling customer service...you won't sustain a business for long with that service...coupled with what appears to be ripping customers off....avoid!!!

Mobile data use on iD app?

Asked by Nazz from England on 22nd Feb 2017
Hi. I recently joined your network on december and ever since then whenever i get a text saying i have used 100% of my mobile data i check the iD app and it says i have like 50 mb left and sometimes everytime i check it from now and then it goes up instead of down. HELP! Due to this, i get bills from £18-£19 when my monthly bills is £13.50!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 24th Feb 2017
Hi Nazz, we send texts when 80% and 100% of data is used. The app should reflect this accurately. If you've using data at a fast rate sometimes the allowance can be exceeded and cause extra charges before the text is received. We'd recommend being cautious when your data allowance is almost used up.
You can buy add-ons to give you more data and avoid extra charges.

iD Mobile.

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iD Mobile user reviews

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Average rating from 450 reviews:

Reviewed by Kelly from Uk on 19th Feb 2017
I chose this phone for my daughter who has learning disabilities and anxiety disorder, i wanted to Cap the phone but i was told this is not allowed and i now get a bill of £75 PLUS the original £23 which happens every month. I called and explained this is my daughters only link to the outside world and she would have a huge episode if i took it from her, but i am really worried as i can not afford the £98 EVERY month. I checked out Trust pilot and i have discovered this is a regular thing with I.D. I am a well known blogger, that has a wide audience and my fellow blogging friends also have a huge audience !!!
I think this is a great story to share with the trusting public !

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 24th Feb 2017
Hi Kelly, how did you make your purchase as it does not seem that you've chosen a ShockProof plan which offers a capping feature.
We'd like to help you find a solution that can help you with your daughter's phone.
If you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter we can investigate what can be done.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Elaine Thomas from Uk on 19th Feb 2017
I have had no network for 6 days says my number is not recognised had to buy a new simply and use that number as my phone is paramount for my work is am currently on my sisters phone.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 24th Feb 2017
Hi Elaine, have you tried to port a number into our network? If you can provide some details through Facebook or Twitter then we can work to find out what has caused the delay and try to fix it for you.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by colin@hotmail.co.uk from england on 17th Feb 2017
Absolutley useless coverage even though i was told it was very good and better than my previous network, Talk Talk. I have to leave my house and walk some 3 hundreds yards in the cold/rain to make a call or send a text and this has acconted for me losing countless work and even turning up to a job where i have send a confirmation text only to be told they have not or did not receive the text so again losing me money not only for the job but my time and deiseland lowering my reputation and professionalismn.
I have called the care team today on the 0870 number which i was informed was NOT part of my inclusive minutes ????? Profiteering !!!!!
They asked me to go through a setting procedure of which seeing as im not an I.T expert could not even comprehend so after another day of lost buisness calls i now have to make a round trip of some 40 miles to the nearest store to try and resolve...I am dissapointed as now i will have to give up my Satuday that i have my son to try and solve a problem.
I am one very angry customer who wishes i never entered into this 24 month contract. if there was an option for minus stars i would give-10

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 24th Feb 2017
Hi Colin, sorry to hear that you don't have good coverage, we offer a 14 day returns period for situations such as this. We provide contact numbers, 7777 (from mobile) or 0333 003 7777 which are included in your allowance.

If you are able to contact us via Facebook or Twitter then we are willing to investigate what can be done to help.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Emily Elias from UK on 14th Feb 2017
I had an issue with a contract that I believed I had cancelled, not having been cancelled. I have contacted them on 3 or 4 separate occasions to try to resolve it, and each time they say they will get back to me and in each case fail to do so. I have never used any of their services (the SIM didn't work in my phone), but have had to endure hours of pathetic customer service and I now owe them money. They really don't care. Stay well clear.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 17th Feb 2017
Hi Emily, sorry to hear that you've not been given a response when you've made contact about this issue, can you let us know how you originally requested to cancel your SIM.
We can find out what has happened on the occasions that you've made contact and how this can be sorted for you.

Get in touch with us through either Facebook or Twitter please so we can help.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Leyton Fowle from United Kingdom on 12th Feb 2017
WARNING. .... Nobody go near carphone warehouse's own line "ID" I've had little to no service from day one (almost 5 months) I've complained and complained for months and all I get told on a weekly basis is that they are carrying out maintenance work or head office is still reviewing the matter. If I cancel my contract they will charge me over £280 ....today's latest was... Mr fowle maintenance will be carried out on the 16th and if not resolved by the 19th head office will review. ABSOLUTELY FUMING. ...the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. All I want is a phone that can make and receive calls / texts. Is this so much to ask?? #carphonewarehouse # rubbish service DO NOT GET A CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 14th Feb 2017
Hi Leyton. We offer a 14 day returns period for any coverage issues so we would have been able to return your contract at that time.
If this issue has been going on for such a long period and you have been unable to use the service throughout that period then we can investigate your case and provide a resolution.

We're aware that you've contacted us via Facebook so we'll continue to work with you to resolve this matter. iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Tim from UK. on 8th Feb 2017
I have also tried cancelling my ID mobile contract with very similar problems. 30 day notice period was given , was advised to get a PAC code to keep number. PAC code did not work after several attempts. after several phone calls to ID mobile I have been told different things , all very unhelpful ranging from a garuntee that ID mobile technical team will contact me in 3-5 days ( didn't happen ) , a confirmation from one of the customer service reps that it had all been resolved and the PAC code will now work ( it didn't ) to just a downright lack of care for the fact they have issued a PAC code that doesn't work and will not accept any responsibility. I have sent a detailed email to them and had no reply whatsoever.

They are basically trying to tell me that despite the fact that their PAC code does not work, i have to start again and give them yet another months notice! this is completely unacceptable by anyones standards. I look forward to the supposedly concerned replies i will get to this message, ID mobile are still trying to charge me for this contract beyond my cancellation date. very stressful and not the way for any reputable company to do business.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 8th Feb 2017
Hi Tim, did your new provider give you any information on why the PAC did not work?

We are able to investigate why you've had this problem and if you have previously requested to cancel your service we can proceed with this for you.

Please get in touch with us through either Facebook or Twitter to advance with this.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Tug from UK on 6th Feb 2017
Ordered a "January sale" sim @ £5 per month . Received it after a couple of days. Installed it and it connected OK. Made one phone call. Next day no service. Contacted the help desk via landline and told there was a fault and new sim would be supplied. That same evening the sim connected to EE and I was able to make and receive calls. EE!!! Still showing connection to EE. Any ideas?

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 8th Feb 2017
Hi Tug, in some circumstances where you don't get good 3G coverage the SIM may display EE whilst being connected- this does not affect your service.
If you find this happens frequently please contact us via Facebook or Twitter so we can check the coverage in your area.

iD Mobile

Reviewed by scooby.71 from UK on 4th Feb 2017
After all my issues with being ripped off and messed around by iD and their ridiculous South African call centre I took matters to an extreme level.

I emailed every one of Carphone Warehouse's partner companies, their head of marketing. the head of the company that does their advertising and so on.

Well what do you know, I had a response in 24hrs and after about 2 weeks of discussions and negotiations I got my contracts cancelled (had to give handsets back obviously) AND I was refunded every penny OVER the contract amount plus extra for goodwill.

You want results? email these guys below, they are good to deal with and don't mess about:


Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 8th Feb 2017
Hi scooby.71
We're glad to hear this issue was resolved for you in the end.

Our social media team is available to address any problems such as this and can be found here:


iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Ceirion from Wales on 3rd Feb 2017
AVOID this company! They billed me twice in one month and Apparently I used £59 worth of data in one day while my data was turned off and my wifi was on. I then refused to pay any of the bills so they gave me the £750 bill for the contract and they can shove it where the sun don't shine. I ain't paying a penny!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 6th Feb 2017
Hi Ceirion, we'd like to find out more about this as you would only be billed once per month. Possibly if a direct debit payment failed and was re attempted at a later date, this could cause 2 payments to fall in one month.

We can also investigate your claims regarding the data use if you don't think this has been billed correctly. Please can you get in touch with us via facebook.com/idmobileuk or twitter.com/id_mobile_uk so we can get some details to start.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Mehdi from United Kingdom on 31st Jan 2017
I singed up for a contract with ID 10 days ago and they sent me 2 devices and SIM cards by mistake. So I contacted them and was advised to return one to the car phone warehouse store which I did. However, the unprofessional store manager said they won't accept it and I need to post the device myself. Called the customer service and the said no store should accept returns and I need to go back and if any problem I should call them ( something you normally won't see with other companies as store manager or staff would happily do for you). So went to another store across the city and was told the same, so asked him to call customer service and as he did, they were arguing who should accept returns. So customer service said will call me today to arrange caurier service to pick up ( that's what I insisted they should do), but as expected no one contacted me. Contacted them again for the fifth time today and all the manager was telling me was that they will investigate this and it can take up to 5 working days. Obviously after 14 days they'll start charging me even though the sim is not open neither the device. I don't know what's the deal between ID and carphone warehouse but I can assure you that customer service is as awful as you can't even imagine. So take my advice and AVOID!!!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 3rd Feb 2017
Hi Mehdi,

We are disappointed to see you have had issues with the Store Manager accepting your return, are you able to contact our Facebook or Twitter teams? They will be able to look into this for you.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Lucy from UK on 30th Jan 2017
Sadly been very disappointed. Have one year of my contract left and am counting the days. The places without reception seem to be increasing for me including my own home. It is not even as if I live in a rural area.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 31st Jan 2017
Hi Lucy, how long have you had a problem with coverage? Have you ever tested your SIM in a different phone since you've experienced a drop in reception?
If you can contact us with your details and the area you're having this problem we can investigate.

iD Mobile.

Reply by Janet Barker from UK on 31st Jan 2017
Thank you for your prompt reply. It is greatly appreciated as it gives me no pleasure to complain.

I live in the BH23 3SL area and work in the BH6 3QX area and have friends in BH7 where there is no signal at all

I have tried everything as to your suggestion regarding the SIM card.

I did read that maintenance was taking place in the area last Wednesday and was hoping for an improvement, but sadly no.

Reviewed by Steven from UK on 27th Jan 2017
Thinking of joining ID Mobile, don't!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 31st Jan 2017
Hi Steven
Can you provide more information on what makes you feel this way?
iD Mobile

Reviewed by karen from uk on 27th Jan 2017
Shocking - will never use them again and tell everyone I know not to.

My Mum has died and I cancelled her contract with her death certificate. Received debt collection letters. today another Bill. Phoned MyiD - no-one answers the phone. Carphone Warehouse aren't interested.

My son (10 at the time) got a phone just after mum got hers so he could walk home from school with his friend and be safe. The phone wouldn't work, the text message he sent to say he was on his way came through nearly two hours later. This happened a few times, its simply not fit for purpose. He doesn't use it anymore but we are stuck with the contract until it ends as MyId wouldn't let us cancel even though it isn't fit for purpose as mentioned before. After the letter arriving today demanding money from my deceased mother I have had enough of their shocking customer service/admin. I will be telling everyone I know to steer clear and spend their money with companies who do actually provide a service/process their admin and deal with their customers fairly.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 31st Jan 2017
Hi Karen, we've recently responded to your question on this site regarding this issue.

We are very sorry that the problem has been ongoing for some time and if you are able to get in touch with us via www.facebook.com/idmobileuk or twitter.com/id_mobile_uk then we will ensure the account is closed.

We will also be able to investigate and address the issues you've described with your Son's service.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Jacque from UK on 21st Jan 2017
Customer service is rubbish. My job depends on my phone and I have a network problem making it unusable. There is no phone number to contact them and my emails are acknowledged but not replied to. Disgraceful level of service - I'd give zero stars if possible.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 24th Jan 2017
Hi Jacque, the customer services number is 0333 003 7777 and can be found on our site, https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/contact-us. Please get in touch so we can try to help and also look into why you've not received a response to your emails.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by G T Ibbs from UK on 19th Jan 2017
Now in NZ, totally unable to pick up any ID links. The phone both mine and my wife's are pretty useless in the UK as they are usually unable to connect due lack of signal.
The inability to actually communicate is similar to our experiences with Talktalk.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 20th Jan 2017
Hi G T, We’re not sure we understand the nature of your issue, if you are in New Zealand trying to use your iD Mobile connection you should be able to connect to Spark or NZ Communications to use your services, if you need further assistance please get in contact with us here:
We hope this helps – iD Mobile

Reviewed by Sophie from England on 17th Jan 2017
We ordered a SIM card a few weeks ago and it said it was coming in 3-5 working days. It's now been a week or two and it's still not here. Bad...

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 20th Jan 2017
Hi Sophie, this sounds odd, the Sim card would normally arrive within this period. Please contact us here https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-abd-advice/contact-us or on Facebook where we can look into this for you. - iD Mobile

Reviewed by Jon Shorter from England on 17th Jan 2017
I took my contract out in October and never had a signal where I live so only used it twice, I cancelled my contract in December because of this, I have now not been able to use my phone for over a month as it is locked to ID still, week after week they keep telling me they will unlock it but I'm still waiting and am being fobbed off, it should take less than a day to do but that's too hard for them.
A £400 phone may as well be a brick.
I'd never use them again.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 17th Jan 2017
Hi Jon, this should only take up to 7 working days to unlock a phone, thank you for taking the time to feed this back to us, if this has been over 7 working days, please contact us again so that we can chase this up for you: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/contact-us

Reviewed by Agron Mjekiqi from UK on 17th Jan 2017
I called in October 2016 and terminated my contract, agreeing to pay additional month, as apparently i had to. Following that i discontinued my direct debit to them.
Now i find out that my contract has not been terminated and i owe them for all the months gone by, furthermore i have debt collectors on my back!!!

What  is this company? How are they able to operate in the UK?

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 17th Jan 2017
Hi Agron, we do require a 30 day notice period if you do wish to leave iD Mobile, this will be why you will have agreed to pay an additional month after the disconnection request. If the account was not cancelled after the 30 day notice period, please contact us so we can have a look into this for you: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/contact-us

Reviewed by Corinne Ellis from Britain on 16th Jan 2017
ID mobile used to be great when it first came out. However now my phone connection barely lasts 10 minutes and my internet is next to non existent. Hoping this is only temporary but it's been weeks like this now. Not happy.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 17th Jan 2017
Hi Corinne, you can check to see if there is any work being carried out in your area, by visiting our coverage checker page via our website: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/uk-coverage-checker

Reviewed by Mark Seager from UK on 13th Jan 2017
ID Mobile account is completely incomprehensible and when you try to contact them it won't let you because it wants you to fill in the details you can't do in the first place which is why you are trying to contact them. Spent an hour trying to sort out my sons phone and will be cancelling as soon as contract runs out.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 16th Jan 2017
Hi Mark,

If you're unable to get in touch with us via the contact form, you can speak to us via Social Media: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/social-media

Reviewed by Sara from United Kingdom on 10th Jan 2017
Beware, ID offer you a sim deal and then deny all knowledge of it. I purchased a sim when there was a double data deal but they denied all knowledge of it. They said they would investigate but no one ever got back to me. I tried to cancel my sim but of course they didn't do it and denied I ever cancelled it. They said they would go back and listen to the call and someone would call me back. Again no call back. I have called again today and they said they will cancel my sim but I won't hold my breath. They just keep taking my money for a sim that I don't want and haven't even used.

They are cheaper than the large mobile providers for a reason, they are awful. Customer services are useless too. I am so please that I didn't sign up for a 12 month contract.

Reading the review, it looks like no one has anything good to say about ID Mobile.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 11th Jan 2017
Hi Sara, did you order your SIM online? You would normally receive email confirmation of what you’ve purchased.
If you can provide some details we would like to investigate times when you’ve called us to discuss this matter.
iD Mobile

Reply by Sam from Uk on 15th Jan 2017
We got a sim only deal in sept 2015, we the received an email saying it had been cancelled, we rang to enquirer and was told this was fraud and they cancelled the sim while investigating, we didn't hear anything back from them so assumed that was that and went about our lives, fast forward a year and we receive a debt collection letter saying we owe 178, rang them and they cannot explain why we wasn't told about any money owed, they also reckon they reinstated the sim but yet again we had no communication on this, I have made an official complaint but they still can't provide me with the answers I have asked for, just waiting until 8 weeks is up as the ombudsman will soon deal with this! Incompetent company with no communication skills.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 16th Jan 2017
Hi Sam, That’s strange; we’re willing to get this sorted for you so that you don’t need to wait for 8 weeks.

You can contact us via social media to get this looked into: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/social-media

Reviewed by Sienna from United Kingdom on 9th Jan 2017
I'm tied into a 2 year contract which is finally coming to a end! Yay! I've had a awful experience with Id mobile. I bought my phone in July 2015 in a 24month contact and by November 2015 my data just stopped working. If I went into the App Store ( using my data ) it would just say mobile data network not activated or something like that so we rang up through the customer service line and it was awful. You couldn't hear what they were saying and they said they would ring us back during the week. Which as you can imagine- never happened. So we rang again in January 2016 and the first time we got hung up on. The second time they said they would send a sim- and that sim wasn't any better. We left it until about July when we went to the store I bought it from and obviously it decided to work. So we went home and it didn't work again. We rang up and got another sim which didn't work so we tried to cancel it. We could only cancel it if we paid the rest of the contact which was over £100 at the moment ( which didn't seem like a lot but we are paying for nothing ) so we left it. In November 2016 my phone said no sim and since then I haven't had the chance to get a new sim and we didn't really want to see the customer service again. So now it's January 2017 and I'm debating leaving my contract. I hope this helps and I defiantly do not reccomend Id mobile-it is awful. Your better off getting a more expensive phone from somewhere else.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 10th Jan 2017
Hi Sienna, this sounds like it may potentially be a fault with the handset itself. If possible we would advise to try your sim in a different handset to see if the problem persists. If it seems to work in a different phone, take the handset that you are experiencing the issues with, to your local Carphone Warehouse store, to have it checked over for any faults, and potentially sent for repair. iD Mobile

Reviewed by David Howell from Uk on 9th Jan 2017
Absolutely awful admin from South Africa ca.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 10th Jan 2017
Hi David, can you please provide us with some more information regarding your experience? iD Mobile

Reviewed by Scott Miller from UK on 7th Jan 2017
Why do iD staff keep coming on here to offer excuses and misleading attempts at helping?

They keep saying contact us at blah, blah but when we do contact them we get no help whatsoever from the South African customer service (that's a joke right there) staff who are nothing short of rude.

You see the problem is that Carphone Warehouse staff are only "agents" for iD, and don't work for or with them, very much like if you had a problem with EE you wouldn't go to Carphone Warehouse and complain to them.

And that is the kicker, Carphone Warehouse staff are ordered to push iD mobile as they are both owned by the same "parent" company but since they are run separately iD will simply ignore what you signed with Carphone Warehouse and charge you whatever they like and then say go back into the store and complain to them as they sold you the deal.

But alas it's all digital with no hard paper copies with iD contracts, surprise surprise, so no hard evidence and digital can easily be edited later.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 10th Jan 2017
Hi Scott, if you would like to provide us with some more information about your specific issue, and the response you have received, we can try to help you. iD Mobile

Reply by Scott Miller from UK on 11th Jan 2017
I was mis-sold TWO contracts (technically 3 as one was set up in error, which was cancelled after the store admitted the mistake), I should have had "shockproof" contracts but was put on "Go To" contracts and have been complaining from 18th Nov 2016 to get it investigated.

But alas every time I speak to the "customer service" they keep saying they will escalate it. Escalate it to who?, god?

iD won't let me "upgrade" to shockproof contracts plus to cancel they want £275 which is more than the total worth of the contract remaining which is £256????????

Not to mention all the huge bills already paid, in total since August 2016 I have been charged over £400 for both contracts because I keep getting hit with "domestic charge" costs even though I can prove no data was used during the supposed times iD say it was.

Look, the bottom line is that if I'm still waiting on a resolution after 2 months then your so called help is worthless.

iD say it was Carphone Warehouse who mis-sold so they need to accept the costs for cancellation but they say it's iD's fault for mis-billing and they need to either cancel or upgrade the contracts.

So basically just passing the buck and hoping that eventually I'll give up or the 2 years will eventually pass.

Considering that up until this, I and my partner were 10 year customers of Carphone plus always having contracts for the kids, so basically 4 customers in total. I am disgusted at the blatant dishonesty and will NEVER set foot in a Carphone Warehouse again.

If you want, you can look up my name in your data base, the contract was sold at Braehead Glasgow and the handset was a Microsoft Lumia 650.

Reply by Scott Miller from UK on 15th Jan 2017
I see that the iD Mobile Support have had nothing to say regarding my comments, obviously they can't handle someone telling the facts as they are.

I have also noticed that at the start of this article they state that "all GoTo plans come with a free data rollover feature", well they don't, if they did I would not have been hit with a £75 fee for my son going 248mb "over" his allowance.

Has anyone else noticed that iD Mobile Support are awfully sorry to hear about your problem and that there's nothing they can do but you should contact them on the generic email address?

Yeah well that's to fob you off as when you do your email just hits a non-reply account and may never get read.

They do this so that when OFCOM come calling they can say with plausibility that they have offered assistance.

Look folks, the ONLY way to beat iD is to suck it up, run out your contract (as difficult as that may be) and then leave and never set foot in a Carphone Warehouse store again.


Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 16th Jan 2017
Hi Scott, thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. If you have been miss-sold a contract in a Carphone Warehouse store, this will be why you have been advised to go back into the store, so that it can be investigated internally.

A GoTo plan does include data rollover, however if you are exceeding your data allowance, there won’t be any data from your previous month to rollover to your next month’s allowance.

Reply by Scott Miller from UK on 5th Feb 2017
There is no such thing as data rollover on any "Go to" contract, why is this and why am I so certain?

Because if there was data rollover then why was I hit with a £75 charge for going over limit by 248mb if the near 500mb of data that was left unused from the previous month had indeed rolled over?

Reviewed by Glynis Yeardley from uk on 5th Jan 2017
My phone internet never works when I'm out of my house for maps or bus apps. Have to ask strangers who have coverage on their mobiles. Also often get can't send message when home in SE London when texting. Will be glad when contract ends. Carphone staff always helpful ID rubbish.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 6th Jan 2017
Hi Glynis, your internet issue sounds like it could be resolved by changing the settings on your phone, please take a look on our site to ensure you have the correct APN settings.

Carphone Warehouse store staff should be able to help you with this.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Martin Daly from UK on 4th Jan 2017
I signed up with ID Mobile right at the begining of December and obtained a PAC code to port my number from Tesco Mobile. There were problems from the start. Firstly, I could not receive incoming calls or texts for about two weeks. Secondly, the mobile signal in my area was so weak that once I did start getting incoming calls the signal was either so poor or non existent that it was almost impossible to sustain a conversation. Thirdly, ID customer care has been so poor that I am now trying to end my contract and take my old Tesco number with me but ID are not replying to my emails in a way that directly answers the points I have raised. It appears that the customer services reps are reading from a script which does not allow the customer to have his or her say as they talk fast and just keep talking.I am now one month into the ID contract and still don't have a PAC code from them for my old Tesco number. When I went in to a Carphone Warehouse shop for help they told me that ID Mobile was a completely separate organisation and to contact them directly. I could go on but I've already lost the will to live.......Avoid this company at all costs!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 6th Jan 2017
Hi Martin, sorry to hear about the issue that you had bringing your number to us from Tesco mobile, we always work with other providers to resolve problems like this as swiftly as possible. In regards to your coverage issue, we do provide a 14 day returns window so that coverage can be tested before committing to a long term contract. Ideally this test would have been done before porting your number in however we understand this advice is no longer helpful to your situation.
Assuming your number is now fully ported into iD Mobile, we will be able to provide you with a PAC.
Please contact us on 0333 003 7777 to discuss this matter further.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Jenn from UK on 31st Dec 2016
Shocking service...do not take out a contract with this company...I repeat- DO NOT! I called up today to change my direct debit date- to be told that they do not have that service! This is appalling... I now have to return my sons christmas present and cancel the contract....NEVER AGAIN !!!! I am irate to say the least!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Jenn, as we can’t change the billing date on your account we are not able to change when the direct debit is due. You can however make a manual payment on the account any time within 14 days after the bill has been generated or credit your account prior to the billing date to avoid any issues.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Andy from England on 30th Dec 2016
I had a £5 per month SIM only contract for my son. I ported his old number to it all was well no extra charges we were happy. Then he (son) broke his phone so my wife got new 24 month contract with a phone from ID for Xmas so that he had a new working phone. When I tried to port his number from the ID monthly SIM only deal to the new 24 month contract I was told they cannot do it and if they tried I would lose the number; even if I ported it out to another network and ported it back in. Then I suggested that I could upgrade the £5 PM contract to include a phone and we cancel the 24 month one. Yes we can but we get hit with early closure charges on the 24M contract and the upgrade deal is much more expensive! So they have us captive - so they thought. Did another deal with plusnet to get a new SIM only deal, ported Son's monthly SIM number back out to that and put SIM in new phone and then cancelled monthly SIM only deal with ID. Son's number preserved and safely out of ID. Ported another SIM only deal number for me onto the ID 24 month deal (turned off all data and roaming etc so they can't over charge this contract) and now just need to wait out the 24 months. The rubbish ID's sales and service staff spout is unreal. If I get any surprise bills I will see them in court!! - Do not let these jerks mess you around, there are plenty of cheap SIM only deals that will allow you to get your number off their system where it is patently no safe. If you have friends or family working for this mob ask them if they really feel comfortable working for ID? Like many others my one star is really a minus 10 stars.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Andy, we understand the frustration that we were not able to move the number across from SIM only to the contract and that you have had to take these steps to reach a solution.
If you do not use the service outside of your allowances then you will not receive any additional charges, you can use our app to monitor usage.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Phillips from UK on 30th Dec 2016
I ordered an attractive 10-pound monthly bundle plan last month. Promptly the sim arrived. After few weeks, I started receiving data add-ons emails, which I ignored thinking it is just a promotion requesting an add on for more data usage. However, my recent bill shows that I have added several data add-ons and received an unbelievable bill of 120 pounds this month. The bill shows that I have used those data add-ons.

I am surprised how this can happen without my knowledge and approval. Looking at the previous reviews, it seems that this is a recurring problem and I strongly believe that there is a serious software problem/issue/glitch in the ID billing program. I have come to realise that secondary service providers like ID do not invest a lot on services and hence can maintain their profit at the expense of customers like me. I have now discontinued my direct debit through my bank so that I am not ripped off any further and stopped their services. I strongly recommend others never to own or endorse ID services to anyone. They are unsympathetic and get money from their customers in innovative ways!

I have called and informed the customer service manager to discontinue the services and have sent an email requesting an explanation of how the add-ons have been activated and details of the charges.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Phillips, it sounds unusual that add-ons would be purchased without you taking action to do this. Have you given access to your account to anyone else?
The emails sent to you would confirm when the purchases took place.
This will be investigated by customer services and an explanation issued.
iD Mobile.

Reply by Phillips from UK on 9th Feb 2017
My issue was not resolved and hence sent another email today - with the following contents. The complaint emails are copied to us and hence I am compelled to post it here again -

To the concerned person,

09 Feb 2017

Re: Complaint against ID Mobile Bills

I have been charged the incorrect amount for my data usage. My contract states I have an allowance per month, and I also had a set shockproof for 5 GBP, but I was charged for extra add on bolts of 1 GB @ of 7 GBP on multiple occasions, without my consent. Moreover, it would be foolish on my part to take several add-ons at this high cost rather if I had a need for a higher usage; I would have rather changed the plan which would have been more cost effective. Hence, I would like to say that although you claim it was done manually, I would like you to provide me with sufficient proof. As mentioned earlier I had set a shockproof for 5 pounds ( why would I do that, knowing that the minimum data package would cost 7 pounds). Nobody else has access to the login id to make those extra add-on actions manually.

If there is any bill pending besides the added bolts ( with my consent). Please let me know, and I will be happy to pay them at the earliest.

Please, can you send me a revised bill and explain why I have been charged extra in this way, without my consent and manually requesting the add-ons.

I first contacted you about this on 30th December 2016 by email and posted a complaint elsewhere (details posted below) and at least four calls to the customer service agents.

I would appreciate if could resolve my issues at the earliest. I am anxious that this email will go unnoticed as I do not get a copy of this email to my email address to follow it up again.

Yours sincerely,

Prasad Phillips

Reviewed by Lauren from England on 30th Dec 2016
I find this network provide absolutely awful. Everything about it, customer service down to their billing. I tried to make a complaint about rude service I recieved from customer service I was told I would recieve a call back.... I never. I rang again and was told to allow 3 working days. Still no call back. Staff are rude, unhelpful and don't have a clue what they are on about! Always seem to incur extra charges for no apparent reason! Would definitely warn others against using!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Lauren, we are sorry to hear about your experience and that you were not called back when expected.
If you would like an explanation of any items on your bill please contact us using https://www.idmobile.co.uk/email-us
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Henry from England on 29th Dec 2016
Stay away from these at all costs !!!!!! Got a 25pm bill ends up charging me at least £140 a month in hidden costs etc !
The online app is terrible and hard to use and they are just out to get you. Put me in my overdraft and left me in a load of trouble I'm personally taking this all a lot further.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Henry, this sounds strange as we do not have hidden costs, only charges for usage.
Did you exceed your allowances, purchase add-ons or use premium services?
You can also see a full break down of charges on our website to help.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Dean from UK on 29th Dec 2016
My previous suppler said i used one gig a month for the last three months, and with this provider i am now using loads more data, what they say i am using and what i am using dont match up, i am supposed to have used nearly half a gig in a week....pfttttt... the phone is going back....AVOID AVOID AVOID

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Dean, you can monitor your data usage using our app and this can be correlated with the data usage recorded by your handset. If you’re concerned that the information is not correct try testing this with a different handset.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Duncan from UK on 27th Dec 2016
I was sold an ID phone tariff I wanted for my daughter on the impression it was the 'shock tree's terrify (£15/ month) got charged £90 for the first 2 months. I bought the phone on July 4th 2016 and have called more times than I can remember to a call centre that couldn't help. Requested every time to be called back. Someone called back today, 27th December 2016, to tell me that the charges were valid and weren't going to do anything about it. Misold a tariff and shocking customer service. Seriously, stsy away from this lot, garbage.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 2nd Jan 2017
Hi Duncan, where did you purchase the phone from and how were you advised that you were on a ShockProof plan?
We can look into this if there is a difference between what was ordered and what was provided.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Cornelius from UK on 24th Dec 2016
ID mobile, I vote the worst most nightmare provider of 2016, please leave your vote ! -10 score

Reply by Sienna from United Kingdom on 9th Jan 2017
Id is awful! The customer survice is so bad! I get no signal anywhere and no data anywhere either!

Reviewed by Paul from Englanf on 22nd Dec 2016
They have taken nearly £1000.00 in 9 months for a £15.50 pm contract.
I have never gone over limit.
Taking them to court !!!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 22nd Dec 2016
Hi Paul, have you been able to check your bills to determine what you've been charged for? Have you used the phone abroad or made any premium calls or texts.
You can see your bills on my.idmobile.co.uk.
iD Mobile

Reply by Duncan from UK on 27th Dec 2016
Paul, same thing happened to me. Sold a 'shock proof' tariff for my 12 year old and been charged a fortune. Turns out the tarif was set up not add I had been sold. Customer service is non existant. Took them 6 months to call me back just to tell me they wouldn't help. Didn't think these companies could exist in this day and age.

Reply by Scott Miller from UK on 15th Jan 2017
Same here, was sold two "shock proof" contracts that turned out to be GoTo.

Look mate, best thing to do is chuck the sims away and put the monthly cost down to paying off the handset (hard I know but makes it easier to think about), then never go back to Carphone Warehouse again.

They will not help, this much is obvious by all the people on here with similar issues.

I was a 10 year customer, at least 2 contracts every 24 months and for the last four years 4 contracts, but that means nothing to them, they don't care about loyalty to long standing customers.

Once Carphone Warehouse eventually go bust the networks will have no choice but to be competitive as they will be fighting for your business directly with each other and not through 3rd parties.

Reviewed by ross from uk on 22nd Dec 2016
Signal on id mobile is very bad i have sent a email about 2 weeks ago with no reply i gave all my info needed and got nothing back. Now im stuck in a 2year contract.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 22nd Dec 2016
Hi Ross, sorry to hear if you didn't get a response to your email. Did you make contact within the first 14 days of making your purchase as we do offer this period to return phones if the coverage is not good.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Gloria from Uk on 18th Dec 2016
Another complaint from me. Bought the contract at Carphone warehouse in August 16 for £9.50 per month ask for it be caped as it is for my son. No problem then. I had the first 2 direct debit for £9.50, then in Octonet and in November for for £14.50. When I called them, they said I had an £5.00 allowance on the account!! I asked them to remove it , they say they can't. Explain to them that I can't afford it, not their problem. So now they are bulling me to £14.50 contract. I can'restrict the data usage on the phone. CarPhone Warehouse is saying they can't see what is on the contract.
The thing is as well, the credit check came up with £12.00 limit on mobile phone.
They should no star for this type of business.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 20th Dec 2016
Hi Gloria, do you have access to our iD app or https://my.idmobile.co.uk ?
You can use this service to monitor your son’s usage and disable the data on his phone if the allowance is almost used up.
iD Mobile

Reply by Dean from UK on 29th Dec 2016
I have just got a contract with them, i used no more than 1 gig a month with my last provider, so far i have used nearly half a gig in a few days, i am only paying for two gigs a month, so i know i am going to get charged the add ons, the rate they say i am using is wrong, good job i have only had it a week, i am taking it back pronto under their 14 day return policy.

Reviewed by A welch from Uk on 17th Dec 2016
I reported a mobile account having been set up in my name in January 2016. Upon receipt of a dept recovery letter for an account fraudulently set up in my name in June 2015 . It is now December 2016 I have contacted I'd mobile on numerous occasions they have no interest in removing this warrant against me. I have contacted them so many times wasted my money and time. I can now not get any credit due to this warrant id mobile still has not withdrawn or revoked their claim I am innocent this is fraud!! This company should not be allowed to continue trading they are a joke!! Their fraud team you cannot contact the customer services are inept in this day and age this is unbelievable!! Please do not use this company they have no ethics!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 20th Dec 2016
Hi, we’re sorry that you have been a victim of fraud and also that it has taken this time to resolve the matter. If you can provide some details on our form, https://www.idmobile.co.uk/email-us we can check that your account is cleared of any record of this fraud. iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Maria Finnegan from England on 15th Dec 2016
Got my contract with id 1year ago have repeatedly had contact with them as like many others can't get signal in my home,all to no avail I am a 72year old lady that has multiple health issues and am repeatedly told it's not their fault has mobile with different firm in here for 18 years till went to Carphone Warehouse, warn anybody do not go to this network worst firm everso am handing mine back to shop and hope it goes to court as I have several people who have same problem Carphone Warehouse/id you are the worst.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 20th Dec 2016
Hi Maria, we understand that coverage issues can occur which is why we provide 14 days for customers to return their phones/ SIM cards after purchase if the service is not good in their home. iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Gonzo from UK NOT AFRICA on 11th Dec 2016
ID MOBILE. Read below. you come on here with your flannel. nothing changes.

Beverley and many others are right, all the time someone is answering a continent away nothing will change. Worst network on the planet. _5 SCORE

Reviewed by Beverley from United Kingdom on 10th Dec 2016
This company is dire. Carphone warehouse sell you the contract and tell you one thing and iD mobile (same company) tell you something else and both blame the other. Customer services is appalling. You can't speak to anyone who can help and end up being put on hold, listening to the same 2 songs over and over, for 20 minutes until the operative comes back and says they can't find a manager. Promised call backs do not materialise. Emails are ignored, and don't even bother with the online complaint form as, when you've completed it you won't be allowed to submit it.

Would never deal with them again.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi Beverly, if a connection is sold in a Carphone Warehouse store we would set up the account using the information provided. If there is any issue, that’s why we’d advise this to be discussed with the store directly.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Ali from United Kingdom on 10th Dec 2016
Hi Guys,
I have two ID mobile phones and one sim only plan in my household. We have recently moved to a new place and the signals are very weak or no signals at all. Its been a month we are not able to use the phones much. I contacted ID support and the lady straight forward told me that there is nothing ID can do about it because the original coverage searches were done on my previous address (when I took the contracts) and if I have signal issues then I should cancel the contracts, pay early cancellation fee and switch provider.
I got really angry with this reply and I asked her if ID reserves the rights that I cannot move on with my life because I use an ID phone? So She transferred me to her colleague who told me that my problem would be resolved in 3-4 working days.
Nothing happened.
Since then I am exchanging emails with their complaint department and all I have been told is that I should turn off 4G and use 3G only, whereas I consider myself lucky if I even get 3 bars, forget 3G or 4G!
I requested them to provide me with a signal booster or void my contract so I can go to another provider but they don't seem to give me anything.

Bottom line: I am stuck with them for the next year, would have to pay for the services that I won't get and play candy crush on the two contract iPhones, which are otherwise useless.

Advice: Don't see 50 pence or a pound difference in monthly charges, select a reputed provider.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi Ali, it’s unfortunate that your new property doesn't receive good coverage on our network however as you’ve been informed, we’d be unable to release you from the contract due to this change in your circumstances that we have no control over. Apologise that we can’t provide signal boosters or WiFi calling at this time.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Mark tipper from uk on 9th Dec 2016
Took out contract for my child he keeps going over data allowance charges outrageous £40 for less than a gig of data.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi Mark, if your son has incurred these extra charges without you being aware then it may be an option to install the app on your phone so you can monitor his usage and purchase an add-on to provide extra data when required.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Lorna Graham from Uk on 9th Dec 2016
Avoid this company data charges amount to extortion and won't allow me to cap the account. Avoid at all costs.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi Lorna, if you are not on a ShockProof plan then we recommend using our app to monitor your allowances and then control your usage to avoid any extra data charges.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Dave from UK on 8th Dec 2016
Moved to ID all perfect for 3 months then no signal in most places beware !!!!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi Dave, have you tried your SIM in a different phone to test if the SIM or phone is damaged? This could be the case if you don’t get good signal anymore.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by AJ Veidt from UK on 7th Dec 2016
ID Mobile will tell you that you have used all your data when you actually have plenty left! Because of the constant data warnings i turned off mobile data then discovered days later that the text warnings they sent about going over data use limits were incorrect.

Their customer service in general is a shambles and completely useless. Their only redeeming feature is somewhat competitive pricing, but considering spotty coverage and bad service i questions the value.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 15th Dec 2016
Hi AJ, in some circumstances with double data plans you may receive warning messages when your standard data allowance is used up. We recommend using our app or website which will show all the available data.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Peter Wright from United Kingdom on 6th Dec 2016
Do not get a contract with ID mobile.
Whilst ID contracts claim to be great value for money, the company will gradually extract enormous quantities of money from your account in extra charges. If you wish to know the vague details of these extra charges, they can be found after reasonable difficulty within this basic app. I would especially watch out for what they like to call "domestic charges", a term the call centre worker I spoke to could not even explain. Despite all this, and the fact that the problems I have faced with ID mobile are commonly shared over the internet, the company will not refund me any money or offer me any sort of apology, which I find completely unacceptable.
Overall, I have been bitterly disappointed with my ID mobile contract and ID mobile's atrocious customer care and service.

Why does ID mobile exploit its users by charging them large amounts of money in extra charges. Why is ID mobile so unsympathetic to this problem? Why has ID mobile, if they do claim to care for their customers (not solely for their profits), not allow or use provisions to reduce these very excessive costs and prevent the exploitation of their customers.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 7th Dec 2016
Hi Peter, any charges that have been incurred during the month will be itemised once your bill is produced at the end of each billing period.

Charges for exceeding your allowances are displayed on our site, www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/call-charges.
If you wish to avoid any extra charges please use our app to monitor your allowances and do not exceed them.

You can also use our site, my.idmobile.co.uk.
We do also provide ShockProof plans for customers who need to cap their plans to limit the additional usage that would be chargeable. iD Mobile

Reply by scooby71 from Scotland on 9th Dec 2016
iD Mobile Support are talking absolute rubbish!

I tried to get my TWO contracts changed over to "shockproof" after being mis-sold in the first place and they refused saying once you sign up you're tied for the whole contract.

If you want to cancel they charge MORE than the total value of the 24 months (even if you have paid several months already) because they add "exit fees" and I have PROOF of this in emails from them.

Their iD "app" on the phone is useless and gives inaccurate billing info, again I have screen shot proof of this but never the less all they say is complain to the store that dealt with you, who in turn say complain to iD as they bill you.

I also have proof that one of my sim cards was NOT used for an entire month as I removed it from the handset in favour of another payg sim yet somehow it managed to generate a £50 plus bill in "domestic" data charges???


Absolute disgrace of a company and it's little wonder they are now partnered with Dixons.

In the hands of OFCOM and my lawyer now.

Reviewed by Pete from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2016
Bought this phone for my son, the contract says I have a £50 call spend limit. I then get notified of a charge of £75 for extra data usage. So I ring the customer service line and the automated message says I have a £50 spend limit!! Still trying to sort this out with the useless contact centre. Most of the time when I ring they have technical issues!!! Total rubbish and I feel ripped off!!

Reply by Kris from United Kingdom on 7th Dec 2016
Totally agree with you Pete. The contact centre is a shambles. I've been trying to remove a false claim from them for 6 months. I get no help from the call centre, they just send it around in circles to someone else. I'm writing to ombudsman now.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 7th Dec 2016
Hi Pete, we can look into this matter and confirm the correct charges. Please can you use www.idmobile.co.uk/email-us to provide all the details so this can be checked. iD Mobile

Reviewed by Gonzo from UK on 4th Dec 2016
To Id mobile, in reply to your reply by the way which is standard to all the complainants all people sing the same song, how bad the customer service is and how you by fair means or foul keep cheating people.

If you have not learned by now that you have hoardes of unhappy customer you never will or want too.

The people that work for you on the other side of the world (no doubt for peanuts) do not and do not want to resolve problems !

Do not bother to give your standard answer, I strongly advise that has been done is to seek legal advise and fight them !

How can Carphone warehouse put their name to a shambles like this ?

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 7th Dec 2016
Hi Gonzo, as you've advised that you've been unable to get the problem resolved we are willing to try to help.
You can also make contact via www.facebook.com/idmobileuk if preferable. iD Mobile

Reviewed by Megan from England on 4th Dec 2016
Shocking contract, regret signing up with them and as soon as as my contract is up I will be finding some where else to go. My phone bill a month is normally £31.50 and recently at home my wifi had been cut off for 2/3 weeks. So I spent £32.00 on 'add-on' data. Which I was fine about, and fine with paying £63.. But as I've just checked my bill, it's £113. I am fuming!!!! £50 on unbilled domestic charges!?' What is this!? I was never told about this and do not understand it at all. I will pay the £63 which is right but not the £50 for nothing!!!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 7th Dec 2016
Hi Megan, did you use the app to purchase the add ons?
The app will show how much data is remaining of your allowance or add ons. Data used outside of your allowance is charged at £0.1024/Mb so you may have incurred extra costs this way. All usage will be itemised when your bill is produced. iD Mobile

Reviewed by kc from uk on 3rd Dec 2016
Took out a on monthly contract on Sunday for £5 with 1.5Gb which only turned out to be 500Mb.
Cancelled on Wednesday.
But iD will not confirm cancelation by email, text or phone.
There is no customer service at all!!
Stay away!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 7th Dec 2016
Hi KC, some plans have extra data included which may not show on your purchase confirmation, we can provide confirmation of your plan and cancellation if required.
Please use www.idmobile.co.uk/email-us to get in touch. iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 2nd Dec 2016
This has got to be the worst company for customer service that I've ever come across.
I signed up for a sim only plan about 6 weeks ago which was £5 for mins, texts and 1.5Gb data per month.
Everything on the site said that the plan was for 1Gb of data per month with a bonus 500Mb each month for the first 12 months.
I've actually been put on a plan with 500Mb of data with a bonus 1Gb for the first 12 months.
I've provided screenshots of the order but they still won't correct my plan. They also don't respond when they say they will - the last email I had from them was on Saturday and promised a response in 24-48 hours.
I chased on Wednesday. It's now Friday and I've still not heard anything from them.
Thankfully it's only a 30 day contract so at least I can move to a company which gives you what it advertises!

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 6th Dec 2016
Hi Martin, if you've chosen a plan that provides 1.5Gb of monthly data for 12 months then the breakdown between standard data and bonus data is not relevant. After 12 months we would be able to offer you a new plan from a selection of deals at the time to ensure you remain on the best plan available.
iD mobile

Reviewed by Dawn from Scotland on 1st Dec 2016
Not even started with this company and already I am so angry. I called as I got an email to say my bill will come out on the 15th of each month and I can not have payments coming out on this date and wanted to change it. I was advised that there is no way at all that a payment due date can be changed. I told the advisor that I know this is rubbish and they said it is not and that I agreed to this. Which I did not. I asked to speak to a manager and they told me they only had 2 managers and they were in a mmeeting and could not come to the phone. At this point I put the advsisor on hold and started to record the call. I made the advisor aware that I was recording the call and asked her to re confirm what she had told me. She did this and still refused to let me speak to a manager. I am not even on the network yet and I want nothing to do with them they are so rude and not customer focused at all. I asked to cancel it and they said I just need to refuse delivery which I told her I do not trust and that I wanted it cancelled on the phone with an email confirmation and again I was told this is not possible. Such a nightmare to deal with and not worth the hassle. I await a manager calling me with baited breathe.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 6th Dec 2016
Hi Dawn, we are not able to change the date for direct debit payments as this is set by the connection date. You are however able to make a payment using our app or my.idmobile.co.uk at any point during the month if the direct debit date is not convenient.
Your account will be cancelled when the phone is returned to us.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Hayley from Uk on 30th Nov 2016
Just ported number today and instead of 7.50 a month it is saying I ordered 25 GB of data no calls or texts for £25 a month. on phone to them for 45 mins and the woman said she could not help me and to go into carphone warehouse. i cannot even receive calls on my phone now. this is the pits.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 1st Dec 2016
Hi Hayley, this sounds strange. Have you checked any paperwork you have if you ordered in store or email confirmation if you ordered online?
Please send your details via our site so we can help find out what’s happened and get it put right.
iD Mobile

Reviewed by paul hobson from uk on 29th Nov 2016
We have been trying to resolve a problem with ID for 15 weeks now . They never ring back but one time they did they agreed to cancel contract without cancelation fee . But now despite giving them time and date of that call they have tried four times but cant find it . DO NOT USE. ID. Cant put lower than one star !

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 1st Dec 2016
Hi Paul, what is the issue that has caused your complaint?
Can you please use our contact form so we can follow up on what is being done for you.
iD mobile.

Reviewed by Gonzo from UK on 29th Nov 2016
Perhaps if you had some one in UK answering calls/ e mails instead of people on the other side of the world, who have no concept of politeness or how to deal with customers...with no interest in helping or listening to problems, it may be possible to get some customer satisfaction.

At least on this site most feedback is negative.

Reply by paul hobson from uk on 29th Nov 2016
Absolutly same problem that we had.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 29th Nov 2016
Hi Gonzo, sorry to hear that you feel you've not been listened to. What was the issue that you were not able to get resolved? iD Mobile

Reviewed by fjen from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2016
They suck money from you.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 28th Nov 2016
Hi fJen, can you offer any more information on what’s occurred to make to feel this way?
iD Mobile

Reviewed by Tyrone from UK on 26th Nov 2016
The 4G speed in the South is poor on iD: can be 1 -2 Mbps (0.6 this morning). However, receive 5 - 20 Mbps (14 this morning) when on 3G only. Dependent on location I wouldn't depend on receiving good 4G coverage on iD, but for the price they charge, 3G coverage appears good.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 28th Nov 2016
Hi Tyrone, thank you for your review, we hope you receive higher speeds more often however this can vary greatly due to location as you've advised.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Anon from UK on 24th Nov 2016
I am writing with reference to my contacting you customer complaints department on numerous occasions, with my issue not having being correctly rectified:
• I have not and will never hold a ID Mobile account according to my credit report an account was opened on the 21.06.2015
• The account in my name was set up fraudulently – this has been reported on numerous occasions and to my information follow a call today accepted as being fraudulent in JANUARY 2016
• It is my opinion NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE by ID mobile to clear this fraudulent account, furthermore ID mobile are now damaging my credit score by claiming for money which ARE NOT OWED.
• This has negatively affected my credit rating – leaving my unable to get credit, plus causing any credit to be offered to me at a higher interest rate.
• This issue was reported to the ID customer services team over 11 months ago – and still no action has been taken to clear my record, further more irrespective of this claim being fraudulent – further delinquent charges have been enforced.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 25th Nov 2016
Hi, sorry to hear that you have been a victim of fraud and that it is still having an impact on you.
We can investigate this for you and confirm what action has been taken to resolve this matter and should anything more be required to amend your credit file we will take action.

Please can you contact us to provide your details so we can help.
iD Mobile.

Reply by Sam from Uk on 15th Jan 2017
Make a formal complaint, they legally have to investigate and if within 8 weeks you have no answers then you can go through the ombudsman who will investigate based on facts, I did this with npower and got compensation as they were proved to be incompetent, I am now doing the same with regards to a 30 day sim only deal I had with I'd.

Reviewed by Radek from United Kingdom on 23rd Nov 2016
I ordered iD sim card in July 2016. When I put the sim card to my phone I realized there is no signal inside my house. I did try to get signal outside of my house but iD signal is very bad in my area.
I phoned help line three weeks later and cancel my contract. I did explain the reason and I've been assured all is done and I am going to be charged only one month because of late cancelation.
Last month I found out that they charged me twice in Aug 2016 and Sep 2016. I phoned helpline again and asked for refund and cancellation of my contract. I have been again assured all is done.
What was a surprice that I got an email saying my bill is ready on Monady 14 Novemver 2016. I have checked my bank acount and found out I was charged again.
I have phoned help line again today. I am not quiet sure I understood the man I spoke to. I have been told my cancellation or disconnection failed. How is that even possible. I've been told the cancelation proces starts now again and will be done in 30 days. It is unacceptable. I have done it twice already.
I did ask to get a confirmation email but the man told me '' I'll see what I can do''. Excuse me?
I am very unhappy with the helpline and with the service. I haven't used the sim card once, never sent a message or use it for a call.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 25th Nov 2016
Hi Radek, sorry to hear that your account has not been disconnected as you originally requested. If you can provide some details to us we can confirm the account status and provide any refund that is due.

iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Mahmudur from United Kingdom on 17th Nov 2016
I have been mis-sold a contract by mobile ID. I was told it will be a 12 months contract and I have to pay £11.50 a month. No paperwork provided by the sales rep even after asking twice, I was told the contract will be emailed to me but never happened. After paying for a rubbish network service I went to cancel the contract and now I have been told its a 24 months contract and I have to pay £135 if I want to terminate the contract. I asked for paperwork several times from in store and from ID customer service, still did not receive anything. I refused to pay any longer and cancelled the direct debit and now they have appointed debt collectors to collect this payment from me. Truly brilliant.... Carphone warehouse and mobile ID network.. not a chance in world again.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 25th Nov 2016
Hi Mahmudur, have you recently tried to speak with the manager of the Carphone Warehouse store where the purchase took place?
If you have been mis informed in store then iD Mobile would be unable to help you directly however we are willing to investigate how we can assist.
You can contact us on our site, https://www.idmobile.co.uk/email-us.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Yas from Uk on 15th Nov 2016
I,ve been taking for a fool by Id mobile ripping me off by over ocuring charges which are non existent.

Reply by iD Mobile Support from UK on 25th Nov 2016
Hi Yas, can you provide some more information on the charges that you are disputing so we can help explain your bills and payments.
iD Mobile.

Reviewed by Jane Freeman from United kingdom on 15th Nov 2016
Since taking out contract with ID mobile I have NO SERVICE in my own home, I have rung them over 30 times, they know All about the problems and I ended up writing a complaint letter!!! I am still awaiting the courtesy of a response so I can cancel my account and go back to talk mobile!! Oh, and I'm disabled and they want to charge me £250 to cancel the service that I don't get!!!

Reviewed by ANon from Scotland on 14th Nov 2016
Don't take a id contract, total rip off, huge bills, terrible customer services and hidden charges. Go to a reputable mobile phone dealer, avoid car phone warehouse at all costs.

Reviewed by Maria from Scotland on 9th Nov 2016
Id mobile is overcharging me every month. I'm under my allowed data. I have complained and nothing ever changes. What can I do about it?

Reviewed by Nic G from UK on 31st Oct 2016
The service was good for a little while a couple of months before the 12 month contract ended the service dropped off completely...no call signal & no data. The customer service team denied a fault existed until I sent them a link to 3s own webpage showing major fault in my area....will no be renewing. Tempted to go old school and not have contract at all...just PAYT on GifGaf with no ties.

Reviewed by Keith from Uk on 28th Oct 2016
I got a contract phones from carphone warehouse/id and had problem after problem I called and told them I can not call out or incoming calls the man told me I won't have to pay my contact to its fix but thaye still tuck casher out of my bank of £9.50 I called them back and told them and theye told me they will phone me back but no call yet when I told them I keep called them they told me I not phoned them so they are (calling me a lyer) I sent when a letter but still not ad a replay and I went in to carphone warehouse and ask them for help to fix the problem and all they sed if u ad your contact 14 days and I get to phone Id and tell them I'm so frustrated with it.

Reviewed by Gemma from England on 27th Oct 2016
Disgusting network. No idea could not cap and was not informed, now my son has gone over his data plan and have a huge bill. I can't believe a network this day and age doesn't let you cap, it's a disgrace.

Reviewed by Katie Hall from United Kingdom on 24th Oct 2016
I am extremely unsatisfied from this company and advice everyone to not take a contact with them. I applied for a contact in march 2016 of which the sim did not work. They then sent out another to then realise that my iPhone was locked to tescos, the original phone provider.

When I tried to contact them it seemed near impossible to be able to get through to customer service as you needed the sims phone number to enter into on the dial pad of the mobile to get through security which I did not have access as my phone was unable to unlock with that sim (ID mobile). After months of trying to contact them, and cancelling bank payments I got a letter through today 24th Oct 2016 that I now owe them £65 for an unused, unactivated sim.

Basically said there is nothing that they can do and that I have to pay or it can be taken further. Feel completely ripped off for something I haven't even used.

Reviewed by JAMAL from ENGLAND on 23rd Oct 2016
ID is horrible, worse provider I ever been on. I took a monthly £5 contract Sim only as they providing 1.5GB of data and 250 min free. But every month they were taking £10, £12 and sometime £14. I was furious and I made enquiry why my bills double suddenly. ID mobile told me I subscribe to some premium txt message which I had no knowledge of. I asked for refund which they never paid me back when I wanted to cancel my contract by giving by giving 30 days notice I found my contract was still running and direct debit the amount of £15 £20 was being taken out from my account. So I stopped the direct debit through my bank. IB mobile then threaten me via email to put the direct debit back as it was before. I informed them I already gave notice to you and you still continue my contract. So I was not going to put ID mobile back on the direct debit. I then receive a final bill through the post the amount of £12 in which I ignored. Two month later I received a letter from Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions a Debt Collection Agency that ID mobile refer to claim back the money. I then decided to pay the remaining money.

Reply by abraham from uk on 28th Oct 2016
This is ridiculous, I have cancelled my contract and have received conformation. However I have not received my final invoice in anyway and its been 2 weeks do I owe money?

Reviewed by Louise from United Kingdom on 21st Oct 2016
I was a bit wary before signing up to ID after reading some bad reviews but my experience has been great! Much better coverage than I had with EE plus a better phone and twice as much data as I had before for £4 a month less! I spoke to the chap in the Carphone warehouse about all the rubbish reviews I'd read and he said 'well people only write reviews when they are complaining about something', so I thought I'd buck the trend. I also love that the app let's me see exactly how much of my plan I've used and how much my bill will be.

Reviewed by Mrs. M from UK on 21st Oct 2016
October 2016 and all ID services are still not operational. I have a problem with my phone not ringing for long enough. With other networks turning off the voice mail option rectifies this. I've just been in touch with Customer Services and have been told that they still haven't got the option to do this yet but are hoping to get it in the future. Such a simple thing and they can't help!!! Beware before signing up with ID as they may not inform you that previous options you've had and need cannot be offered by them.

Reply by Ed from UK on 6th Nov 2016
Have you tried the following? Dial *#61#,make a note of the voicemail number, which will begin +44. Then, key in **61*, followed by the voicemail number ,then **30#-no spaces or gaps .Press send/dial-this means the phone is set to ring for thirty seconds-the maximum time in the protocol. Has nobody suggested this at ID?

Reviewed by Nadia from England on 21st Oct 2016
I got a contract for youngest child, I explains to the customer rep at the Carphone store that I just wanted something cheap and basic and also I require a cap so he cannot go over his limit. I was given a contract for £11 a month and was told it had a cap in place. First six months they charged me that amount then all of a sudden I was being charged £16:50 a month. I called ID mobile and they were no help at all, so rude and unprofessional. I was told that I did it through the store and have to go speak to them. Went to the store and got same response, told to contact ID mobile directly. This has to be the worst company ever and I am amazed that a reputable company like Carphone Warehouse is associated with them. In future will avoid both.

Reviewed by wag from uk on 21st Oct 2016
Can't pay the bill through your phone, can never get through to speak to anyone, now have a late payment notice on my credit rating !!!! after signing up they advised no roaming I purchased the phone for my parents who reside abroad for 4 months of the year !!
I'am now paying off the contract to get away from this provider...

Reviewed by Linda from Ireland on 21st Oct 2016
Id mobile is the worst network around. Don't even consider it. Very bad signal in Ireland. And when you do have a complaint the tech team don't know how to help. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Nick from Uk on 19th Oct 2016
Thought I'd look up this company and see what's its about...sounded like it had some cheap deals. First port of call was Wikipedia and then some reviews.....well thank goodness I did.
They piggy back on the three network who obviously aren't going to give them a better service than they offer which would probably explain the coverage.
I think the moral of the story is (and we all know it) if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
As for car phone warehouse saying it's a different company...huh...its entirely owned by them.

Reviewed by Chrissie from UK on 18th Oct 2016
I would not recommend these to my worst enemy. In February 2016, I took out a data only sim for my IPad on a 1 month contract until I was able to arrange broadband at my new address. I explained this to Carphone Warehouse at the time and was assured this was the right deal for me and it would be very easy to cancel the contract - WRONG! After I cancelled the contract, I then noticed 2 month's later that ID had removed from my bank account nearly £80. I went back to Carphone Warehouse, was told that ID Mobile was a completely different company and I need to contact them direct. Easier said than done! I did eventually manage to speak to someone in customer services who was less than helpful but did tell me that this charge was for data roaming. Quite an achievement really as I had not left the country and the sim had been removed from my I Pad before these charges were supposed to have occurred! Since then, I have written two letters to ID Mobile. The first response I received came from Three stating how sorry they were that they could not access my account and suggesting I get in touch with ID mobile (which I thought I was doing). A further visit to Carphone Warehouse who gave me an alternative address for them and another letter sent in July stating my case and my disappointment that they could treat customers in this way. Surprise, surprise still no response!! Well ID mobile you can keep my money, you obviously need it more than me!!!! To anyone thinking of taking out a contract with ID mobile - don't, you'll only get ripped off. I have decided after reading all these reviews, it is probably a waste of my time writing any further letters to them but just writing this here helps to get rid of some of my anger!!!!

Reply by Devon Barthorpe from London on 11th Nov 2016
I got outstanding of £172 then it recently went up by &2odd pound and which ain't fair trying my best pay it but it's not going down it going up every month. Can't get though to speak to someone and now can't use the app or the phone at all not sure in what to do as it 2years.

Reviewed by Al Stankard from USA on 15th Oct 2016
I'm an online freelancer currently in Galway, Ireland. I thought Carphone Mobile was a sort of third-party vendor, so walked in and asked them to recommend a good prepid data SIM. They give me iD. 17 euros. The data doesn't work at checkout, but the guy tells me to just come back if it still doesn't work. Looking back on it, he probably knew that they were selling faulty services. I come back in the next day and they still fail to "get the APN settings" right. Oh, and apparently there is some network problem. They refuse to give me are refund, tell me to call iD. Of course, iD throws me through the loop, pretending that they're able to fix my phone. The woman on the phone is very strategic about mentioning that the network is down, basically telling me it's down if my connection isn't working.

17 euros down the drain, plus all time and mental energy wasted on trying to get it working. As somebody who depends on internet connectivity for work (and having paid up front for a hostel with rock-bottom internet connectivity), I'd say they owe me about $1000.

Reviewed by Catherine from UK on 15th Oct 2016
It's pathetic if I'm being perfectly honest. Can't get signal anywhere. Can't receive OR send messages anywhere either. It's ridiculous. SORT IT OUT.

Reviewed by Gill from Uk on 13th Oct 2016
Terrible company would not recommend to anyone cannot add an authorised user to speak my husband took out the contact with my phone as an addition was told I coukd be added on to speak on his behalf 6 months later still coukd not and he works away I miss calls and txt as can't get a signal in my house unless I stand in a certain room can't wait to leave do not go with this company very frustrated!!!!

Reviewed by David from United Kingdom on 13th Oct 2016
I had an appalling time with ID Mobile I spent nearly 3 days trying to activate a sim then I gave up and instructed them to cancel everything and they told me to throw the sims away. Then about 3 months later I got a bill from them for 2 months unpaid usage. I wrote to them but they didn't even acknowledge the letter or even reply. Another 2 months and I get a letter from a debt recovery agency saying I now owed £50. I would not recommend these, the support is hopeless and as stated they do not even reply to letters, if you go into carphone warehouse they can only give you the number of ID's useless support.

Reviewed by David from U.k on 13th Oct 2016
ID mobiles are a terrible company that rip you off on your bills and when you try to leave by writing al letter and sending an email they still keep charging you and don't close the account.
If you think it's a cheap deal, trust me it doesn't end up as one and the customer service is very poor.
I've been with Vodaphone for 20 years and took a £10 a month sim only from ID mobile to put in a spare phone for the just in case scenario. After 6 months of never using the phone and then miss laying it I decided it was time to cancel it, so as I had no idea of the number (as never used it) I wrote a letter to the listed office address and sent an email but they still kept billing me.
This is just a £10 a month rolling contract but they dig their heels in and make it so hard to leave costing me £51.37. What a joke company that you should stay clear off.

Reviewed by Agnes from GB on 12th Oct 2016
If I could I would not give iD Mobile any stars if I could. They certainly do not deserve any.
I sent them the following complaint via email:

I wish to complain about service I have received after signing contract
with your iD Mobile.
I am complaining because I am not receiving text messages sent from the
abroad and I was not able send/receive text message and made/receive
phone calls when I was on my holidays. I am very dissatisfied
with the customer service and lack of understanding from your side. To
resolve this problem I would like you to cancel my contract free of
charge with immediate effect.
When I first learned of the problem, I contacted your Customer Service
Department on the 11th May 2016. Then I was asked to give some more
information and example of the most recent example. And then the same
happen around 5 times more. Every time I have asked you for an update
you asked again for another example and more information. I have given
you plenty of different examples from different mobile numbers as you
have claimed that it is sender's fault not yours. I have been using
different phone providers for the last 10 years and never had this
problem. I am 100% sure that problem is at your side, as the same people
from abroad could send text messages to two other people based in UK.
In addition those people could send me messages for the last 10 years until
April this year, when I have joined your network. It is insult to send
me a message claiming that it is not your fault! How you can say that
"this would likely be a fault at the sender's end"!
Secondly when I went on my holiday this August I couldn’t use your
service at all. I have turned on all the roaming services but wasn't
able to send or receive ANY text messaged and make or receive ANY phone
call. I went for almost three weeks on holidays and didn't
have any form on contact. I am very disappointed and I feel that you are
a company that you can't rely on at all. You have got all screenshots
attached, look into them and explain why I couldn't use service I am
paying for!
After 3 months of investigation, someone from your support team have
sent me an email saying that " i have sent sms to customer and no error
message appeared." When I have asked for a prof of this message as I
didn't get any text message from you have asked me to provide you
following documents:
• Full name
• Full address
• Contact details
• 'ID' account number
• Proof of Identity (a photocopy of one of the following)
• Passport
• Driver's licence
• Proof of Address (a photocopy of one of the following). This
must not be more than 3 months and must have the same name
address as
the iD mobile account.
• Credit or debit card statement (transaction history can be
• Utility bill (gas, electricity, or water)
• Please include a cheque of £10.00 (administrative charge) made
to ‘iD Mobile Limited’. iD account number must be written on the
back of
the cheque."

Why do you need all those documents to send me a screenshot of the
message? Again it is ridiculous! When you have asked me for an examples
you have trusted me that I am myself but now you don't. Why do you need
£ 10.00 from me? Sending emails is free. When you needed something from
me it was fine to ask but when I ask you for a proof you need hundred
confirmations and money?! And in addition it will take you 40 days to do
I have contacted your company so many times and it took you 3 months to
tell me that nothing could be done about my problem. I believe that this
response is unfair because I pay each month for a service I am not
receiving. I would like a written statement explaining your company's
position and what you will do about my complaint.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this
problem. If I do not hear from you within 7 days I will file complaints
with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal
alternatives. I am enclosing whole email communication and screenshots.
I may be contacted at the above address and phone number.

Reviewed by Sophie from Britain on 12th Oct 2016
Completely horrific company.
ID have no good communication process. Their staff all tell you different things. There is no support, no reply to emails.
I was on the phone to a customer service person who told me they would ring me back when possible. I never received a call and now being told my issue was being passed on to debit collectors!

Absolutely outraged with this company - Avoid at all costs!

Its a shame they don't offer NO STARS on this website.

Reviewed by Pete from Uk on 11th Oct 2016
Well first year has been OK, until I moved jobs and can't get a signal.
They told me its my fault for moving jobs !!

They say they've never offered service in the area I now work but when you put the postcode in their website it says they offer good coverage but they have an ongoing problem in the area for the last 2 months.

Customer service is shocking when you ring. Sounds like a south African call centre got nowhere after 10 calls.

Trying to get out their contract via the ombudsman but I need a deadlock letter which these idiots say is in the process of senior management decision, although I suspect their lying.

Don't go with this company they seem to be a law to themselves and completely unregulated.

Reviewed by Al from Uk on 11th Oct 2016
Same as all below. Useless. No signal and won't do anything about it. Have had to wander round man airport to get signal for this. Anyone had any joy in getting out mid contract?

Reviewed by Selina from United Kingdom on 10th Oct 2016
I always get Un expected bills that don't show up on the app. And they don't take the direct debit so my phone is always suspended though I have money in my account.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 8th Oct 2016
Terrible. They sent me a sim card which does not work I have rung them many times with no result. They promise to ring back they never do. Don't touch them and don't enter in to a Direct Debit.

Reviewed by Kieran from England Liverpool on 8th Oct 2016
Worst nextwork ever appaulling customer service worst network ever would strongly advise no one to open a contract with id mobile.

Reviewed by Jennie from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2016
I tried to buy an ad on for my grandfather as he could not navigate how to do this at all. It was impossible for me too. There is no customer service whatsoever, just an automated telephone line that is no help. This is the most atrocious service I have ever encountered and I thought EE was pretty bad!!!!!!

Reviewed by Diana from United Kingdom on 1st Oct 2016
Horrible experience! I have tried it for a month, rubbish network! Got gray hairs trying to use it, got really frustrated. Calling to cancel it they made me pay for another month even though I did not use it. I have tried it a month, hated it but was forced to pay an extra month after making them aware of the fact that their network is bad and could not use it. Instead of an apology I got charged extra...Thanks ID mobile...never again, will be sure to spread the word!

Reviewed by William from Uk on 29th Sep 2016
One of the worst networks on the market yer great deals but if something gos wrong thay r usless the call center run out of a shed take money out of ur account then barr ur phone say a full ivestigation has to take place while ur phone is barred (5days) as to speak to manager thay refuse tell u tough and then u get thourgh to a manager that tell u the incorrect info 1 out 10 people in the office nows how to run it still with out a phone then just to top it off thay wont a back statement prove u paid (with senstive info on it as we all been told give no one ur details) so frud could happen on this plz some needs eculate this further.

Reviewed by Andrew from United Kingdom on 28th Sep 2016
Cannot find a deal as good as this one with iD Mobile anywhere for novice smartphone light users like myself. For £13.50/month - and £0 upfront fee - I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 which is an excellent phone, easy to use with good camera. The only issue I found was that they will not allow users to buy a package for sending MMS texts - I often want to converse with my partner sending a photo attached to my text message - I thought this would be included in my monthly allowance, but no they want 30p for each text message with photo attached, and they will not sell me an add on package to allow say 500 MMS messages a month for £5 like Vodafone do. So the workaround is to install WhatsApp for sending photo messages to my partner via my household wifi connection for FREE and avoid using MMS messages via iD Mobile's network. Worth 5 ***** in my book.

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 24th Sep 2016
Just wanted to add to the negative reviews to purge some of my anger. I ordered a sim only deal and had some problems with sim compatibility and ended up over the 14 days cooling off period. In the end I cancelled and I was told that the account was closed and I wouldn't be charged any more. I was a bit miffed having paid £12.50 for the first month and a service I hadn't used, but thought that was my tough luck and the end of it.

Half a year or so later I was shocked, disgusted and angry to discover a debt on my credit file. I was told it was closed with nothing owing, but found 3 months of arrears which were damaging my credit score. I rang them and went nuts, especially when they had the cheek to say all I had to do was clear the £2.88 debt. After a 5 minute rant asking them why I was told it was closed, why I was never told about any outstanding amount and how they can justify taking any more money when I'd already paid them for a month I didn't use they agreed to remove the debt and correct my file. I'm not holding my breath, but I'll be checking and ready to take it to the ombudsman if it isn't resolved satisfactorily.

You shouldn't have to, but if you ever close an account with them, check and double check the account is actually closed.

Reply by tim from uk on 26th Sep 2016
I have just discovered that I have a negative entry on my credit rating because I'm "seriously in arrears" with ID. I bought one of their phones earlier this year but the network coverage was completely useless. Even in areas where their website claimed signal strength was excellent it was ridiculous - both for internet access and normal phone use (I frequently couldn't even send a text either in the city of London or in Surbiton - hardly the back of beyond). So I cancelled my contract and switched to EE within the cooling off period - so I never owed them any money! Nor have they ever asked me for any money or told me I was in arrears - they just start adding negative entries on my credit rating!

Apart from the fact that when I told them I wanted to cancel because their coverage was so poor they didn't seem in the least bit surprised or try and persuade me to stay I have nothing good to say about any aspect of the way ID does business.

Reply by Gonzo from uk on 30th Sep 2016
Wit till they kipper you on the bills..........you won't be so full of praise then ! These have to be the worlds worse network !

Reply by Martin F from England on 10th Oct 2016
My wife had EXACTLY the same thing happen to her as you tim. The worst company we have ever dealt with. Even the Carphone Warehouse staff phoned them within the cooling off period and they ignored his call.

Reviewed by Becky from UK on 22nd Sep 2016
Just had a bill for £102 for going 20mb over my 1Gb data limit! Awful awful awful contract!! Never ever again!

Reviewed by nisha from england on 22nd Sep 2016
This is really a poor network. It's hard to get access to the customer care, they overcharge the bills, poor advice from them. I can't wait going to another network.

Reviewed by Ana from UK on 20th Sep 2016
Do not use this company!
Overcharging a lot. Customer service is appalling! They refuse to reimburse, even with the proof of the itemised bill in front of them showing clearly that they started to charge before I reached my allowance. They kept repeating that the numbers have been added incorrectly! Well, my computer added the minutes used and matched the numbers shown on the bill: they charged me well before reaching my allowance of 500 minutes. In three months they took the money for the whole year!
Less than one stars, a horrendous company.

Reviewed by Jodie from Uk on 12th Sep 2016
Total rubbish !!!!! Got a dongle at 20 pounds a months had no problems for couple of months then had nothing but problems with signal loss and being over charged on 2 random months when there was no increase in usage!! They couldn't explain why this was the case just keep threatening with debit collectors! They are the worst customer service Iv ever dealt with and they are hard to get hold of if you actually get through!! I only payed so my credit rating wasn't affected! They are absolute rip of merchants! Don't deserve a single star!!

Reviewed by Gavin from United Kindom on 10th Sep 2016
Good network, but was some times getting intermittent slow speeds data. Like traffic shapping, but can't be certain. What I mean by traffic shapping is the internet would work fine on my phone for 5 mins then would just become unreliable, with web pages not loading or taking a along time.

The final straw was, they said I would have to port my number out to another network, and then back. So I could change from a plain with a phone to SIM only plain. I cancelled my phone plain and transferred my number out to Three, but could not be bothered to transfer back to ID Mobile. Three also offered me the same deal any way.

I personally think Three is a lot faster, web pages load quicker and hardly time out. I regularly get 100Meg at work on 4g and get about 10Meg on 3g at home.

Reviewed by Frank from Devon on 4th Sep 2016
Why is it that even though I haven't used my phone for a month you are still sending me bills of £100 + when I haven't come close to using my allowance since I've had my contract. If you answered your phone you might have noticed I'm not the only one whose trying to get hold of you or is it you've given yourselves stupid bills which has not been paid so you've cut yourselves OFF.See you in court.

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