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Humax HDR-2000T review

 Review: November 2013  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Humax HDR-2000T is a well-featured Freeview+ box with 500GB of recording capacity, twin tuners and the ability to function as a media player on a home network.


Setup & design

The Humax HDR-2000T is a fully-featured Freeview+ box that has most of the features of the more expensive DTR-T1000 Youview system at a much lower price.

The HDR-2000T uses an aerial to receive Freeview channels and can connect to the internet to access the BBC iPlayer and other online services including YouTube.

To connect to the internet, you'll need to plug the box into your home router via an ethernet cable. Don't worry too much if your router is located in another room, as you can now run broadband via your electrical sockets using HomePlug adapters. An optional Humax wireless dongle can be used to enable Wi-Fi.

A HDMI cable (included in the sales package) is used to connect the box to your TV.

The box is compact and stylish in appearance, with a rectangular two-tone design that gives it a high-end look and feel. The remote is smart too, and more importantly, easy to use.

Pause, rewind & record live TV

In addition to watching live TV, the box also functions as a PVR (personal video recorder), so you can pause and rewind live TV and also record programmes on the hard disk. There are two inputs from the aerial, so you can watch one programme while recording another, or record two programmes simultaneously (while also watching a recorded programme). The PVR is easy to use with a simple option to record a whole series.

The capacity of the hard disk is 500GB, which is enough to record 300 hours of standard definition content and 125 hours of HD.

Home networking

The HDR-2000T also has a USB port that enables you to connect any USB device such as a camera or memory stick. You can then play digital content such as photos, videos and music on your TV. The box can also be used as a media player, streaming DLNA content from PCs or laptops on your home network via the ethernet connection.

Other connections include a SCART for connection to older TVs and a digital optical audio output for hooking up to a home cinema system.

Conclusion - excellent value for money

The Humax HDR-2000T is an excellent option for anyone on a budget who wants more than an entry-level Freeview PVR. It performs its core functions of watching and recording TV very well, with the benefit of a 500GB disk and twin tuners. While the box misses out on the catch-up TV services of the more expensive Youview boxes, it does have the BBC iPlayer, and the ability to operate as a media player.

Humax HDR-2000T features include:

User questions

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Does this machine play dvds?

Asked by Brian from Uk on 1st Nov 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 1st Nov 2016

Why do i have to keep turning my Humax2000T and tv on and off several times to get a picture?

Asked by Chris from UK on 26th Mar 2016
Its a real pain having to keep switching both on and off before a picture appears.

How do I retune? It asks for code.

Asked by Martin Barnes from UK on 23rd Mar 2016

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Humax HDR-2000T user reviews

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