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Huawei Ascend Y330 review

 Review: January 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: Is this the cheapest smartphone in Britain? The Huawei Ascend Y330 is certainly incredibly cheap, and it's a good basic product for very little money. The phone looks and feels nice, and has a good-sized screen and a dual-core processor too. Battery life isn't too shabby either.

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Dinky design

Although it costs much less than almost every other smartphone (less than £50 on PAYG), the Y330 doesn't betray its low-cost nature at first glance. It's bigger than many other budget phones, and with a smart-looking design. It's heavier than expected, giving it more of a quality feel, but it's not too big to slot into a pocket. Build quality seems to be up to the mark, and it comes in a variety of colours too.

The 4 inch screen is a very good size, giving plenty of space for working with menus and apps and looking at pictures, web pages, etc. With a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, it's not the sharpest screen around, nor is it the brightest. But to be honest it beats some of Samsung's budget Galaxy smartphones.

Android - Huawei style

The Y330 is loaded with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, with some customisation from Huawei. The manufacturer's Emotion UI overlay isn't the best implementation of Android we've seen and we'd prefer a cleaner interface, but it's not the end of the world.

Entry-level hardware

For this amount of money, you won't be expecting a high-end handset, but you'll be hoping for one that doesn't struggle with everyday tasks. The Y330 gives you this. The processor is a dual-core 1.3GHz effort, and it's powerful enough to run most common apps without annoying lag. The device struggles with complex websites and demanding apps, but for basic web browsing, emails, and so on, it's OK.

There's a minimal amount of memory on board. The built-in ROM is 4GB, but you can add a microSD card up to 32GB capacity for storing music and photos. The RAM is a lowly 512MB.

The camera is just 3 megapixels, with fixed focus and no flash. It's as basic as can be, and is useful for quick snaps only.


The phone handles 2G and 3G networks and covers the basics - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. You'll also find a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery life

The Y330 doesn't have a big battery, and would need charging every day if you used it heavily. However, it's probably not the kind of phone that will get such heavy use, and light users should expect 2-3 days between charges. It actually has a larger battery life than most user entry-level phones.

Conclusion - not bad

The Ascend Y330 could easily have been a complete failure. It's very hard to produce an entry-level smartphone that isn't terrible. Huawei has cut back ruthlessly on the camera and the memory, but has given the Y330 a decent screen, a dual-core processor, a bigger battery than most rivals, and produced a phone that looks nice and feels like a quality product.

You'd have to spend close to £100 to find anything better.

Huawei Ascend Y330 features include:

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Asked by john g from england on 2nd Aug 2017
Ive looked on the website and the four icons on my phone don't match anything.

My qn is know i cant dial or use My contact and my phone And My phone is not full.

Asked by Moureen from Tanzania on 26th Mar 2017

What is the cost of Huawei 330 in Kakamega county?

Asked by Binasta Rasmaih from Kakamega on 16th Mar 2017

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Huawei Ascend Y330 user reviews

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Average rating from 15 reviews:

Reviewed by Nicola from England on 27th Jul 2018
Excellent phone, I recommend it but the screen scratches easily, comfortable to hold but kinda chunky, hasn't got an inner camera.

Reviewed by Simon from Uganda on 5th Jul 2016
I love this phone it will never break its screen.

Reviewed by GEOFFREY from UK on 12th Feb 2016
MY Y330 15 MONTHS OLD, TOTALLY FAILED. First, keeps switching on/off. then display but no input possible. now no display. only battery out to reset. CARPHONE WAREHOUSE at CASTLEPOINT refuse to do anything for us. disgusting!!

Reviewed by john Hendrix from Indonesian on 21st Jan 2016
Very impressive phone I ever had, only with price 600.000 rupiah we have a cute 4" with 16 M colours, 233ppi. Iam speechless to continue the comment.

Reviewed by Enock from Kenya on 31st Dec 2015
Its a wonderful phone. I really love it!

Reviewed by tim cahill from london on 15th Dec 2015
Best phone for the money by far a bit slow and no flash. But 50 Inc 15 credit. cant go WRONG.

Reviewed by lucy wambui from kenya on 27th Nov 2015
Owesome phone.

Reviewed by Tahmid Islam from UK on 21st Nov 2015
The y330 was my first smartphone and I got it when I was 12 to replace my hated Nokia 106 which I hated like hell. The phone only cost 25 on pay as you go upgrade at carphone warehouse. The Pros:Amazing screen for the price (233ppi) other phones at this price have hideous screens under 200ppi such as the lg l20 which has 133ppi!? It was quite thin and had quite a nice design. Could handle simple games like jetpack joyride and pou.The cons: extremely slow nearly all the time , 512mb ram was way too less. Sooo many apps were slow on this phone and couldn't be handled. The storage space was way too less and only 2.18gb4gb was available so had to get a 8gb micro SD card. The wallpapers weren't that good and there wasn't a wide variety so had to download CM locker to enhance the UI. The camera was horrendous indoors but was good outdoors but for the price you can't go wrong. After 7 months I got a new phone and my brother took the huawei. Overall its a good phone if u have a tight budget or as a starter smartphone or for a kid who wants a smartphone. At the moment I have Motorola Moto E 2nd gen which is an amazing phone which has a good screen ,water resistance , gorilla glass 3, decent 5mp camera and VGA front camera and lightening fast speeds , 4g lte and much more for only 40 on PAYG or around 100 sim free its a great phone if u have a little bigger budget.

Reviewed by Felix from Ghana on 28th Sep 2015
it's a quality phone.

Reviewed by Brian Green from UK on 17th Sep 2015
First step into Android smartphone and got this sim free for 37.50on Ebay UK - like that the charger cable I also the usb cable. Good looking phone with right weight and size - Menus simple and easily accessible. Like the camera very easy to use with easy editing options at finger tips - the menus on this phone is very well lsid out - Takes better pictures than Nokia Lumia 535. Memory is tiny though and comes with alot of bloateare most of which I disabled to save on memory battery life is also not great - did couples items in 3 menus and lost 2%!!!- which is concerning. I would get and extra battery and keep with as spare as concerned battery would not last even 1 day with very basic call, text and adjust settings on phone far less basic browsing.

Reviewed by George Murdoch from N. Ireland on 21st Aug 2015
Value from Carphone Warehouse, upgraded via my 'o2 Pay as you' go for 14.99. Now having got to use the unit, I should have got Carphone Warehouse's own network deal for under 8 & no upfront cost. The phone manual via website very comprehensive with all the info. you need to navigate the phone's abilities.

Reviewed by ALLY KITEMBA from Tanzania on 19th Aug 2015
No comment, but satisfied.

Reviewed by Deryck from UK on 20th Jun 2015
Got this for 19.95 (EE PAYG upgrade). A basic smart phone for the phone user who wants a bit more than the feature phones provide, it is tremendous value for money. Seems to be a regular Android implementation with a very light Huawei skin. The 'Emotion' user interface is optional, and seems OK anyway. The phone feels good (right size, right weight, nice build quality, well balanced), looks good (nice display, smooth glossy back) and seems fast enough for the 'non-game' applications. A bargain, I'd say. If the camera isn't up to much I can spend the 280 I've saved (by not buying today's must-have phone) on a good bridge camera, or even a cheap SLR.

Reviewed by Tahmid from UK on 2nd May 2015
This phone is really good for the price , I got it for 25 on t mobile pay as you go upgrade. The screen is OK , however the camera could have been way better. It brighter conditions the photos are fine. The 4gb is not enough. The phone gets really laggy on a lot of apps and games such as dead trigger 2.overall the phone is OK if you don't want to spend lots of money on a smartphone.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 23rd Mar 2015
Absolutely incredible for the money. I picked the Y330 up for only 30 on P&G. All I needed was a dedicated MP3 player (to replace a broken Ipod). Unexpectedly, it offered so much more - consequently replaced my blackberry as a main handset. I'm a light smartphone user, only use a handful of basic apps regularly, so this device suited me perfectly. I was also really surprised at the quality out of the box. I expected an awful Chinese device with rough unfinished injection moulding. In reality it's very polished styling and has a reassuring weight to it. My main usage are media applications and as a general use phone. Bonafide bargain and reliable.

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